Video: Arkansas Cop Casually Shoots a 9-pound Dog

"OK, I'm going to come to you, and if your dog gets aggressive, I'm going to shoot it."


Update: the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office announced in a Facebook post Saturday night that, although he did not appear to violate any department policies, the deputy responsible for the shooting has been fired.

Graphic video released Friday show's a sheriff's deputy in Faulkner County, Arkansas casually shooting a small dog after the owner refused to walk outside of his yard to talk to the deputy, in what the owner says was an act of retaliation.

According to local news outlet NEA Report, the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of an aggressive dog in the town of Conway. When deputy Keenan Wallace arrived outside of Conway resident Doug Canady's house, Canady refused to walk out to the sidewalk to talk to him.

"OK, I'm going to come to you, and if your dog gets aggressive, I'm going to shoot it," Wallace responds in cell phone video captured by Canady.

The dog in question was more chihuahua than pit bull, but nevertheless, Wallace strode onto the lawn, and when the small animal started yapping at him from several feet away, he shot it in the face.

Watch the video below:

The dog, somewhat miraculously, survived with a shattered jaw. A GoFundMe page to raise money for the animal's veterinary bills has already exceeded its goal.

Arkansas outlet KATV reports the deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave while the sheriff's office investigates the shooting. The deputy is a K-9 handler.

Reason has been reporting on egregious incidents of police shooting dogs for years now. As I wrote last September, reporting on a new pilot program to train officers how to read dog behavior and avoid shooting them:

[T]he proliferation of video technology and social media has led to local stories of dog shootings going viral and ricocheting around the country. There's a whole category of stories on Reason's website called "puppycide." For example, there was the time last year that a Louisiana cop shot a 12-pound dog and then allegedly told the family it was a "shame" he "had to waste that bullet because it's a really expensive bullet." Or the NYPD officer who shot a woman's dog seconds after it slipped through the door and walked toward him wagging its tail. Or the Oklahoma cop who used a high-power rifle to shoot a dog through a fence during a five-year-old's birthday party. Or there was the time in 2012 that a SWAT team in St. Paul executed a wrong-door raid, shot the family dog, and then allegedly forced three handcuffed children to sit next to their dead pet.

Just how many dogs a year are shot by police is not known or tracked in any systematic way. A Justice Department official speculated in a 2012 interview with Police magazine that the number could be as high as 10,000 a year, calling it "an epidemic," but that figure is little more than a guess. A 2012 study by the National Canine Research Council estimated that half of all intentional police shootings involved dogs. Public records obtained by Reason showed Detroit police shot 54 dogs last year. Chicago police shot or shot at 700 dogs over the last decade, according to the Chicago Tribune.

But the above video might be one of the most malicious and inexcusable instances caught on camera, besides maybe the time a Detroit cop was caught on dashcam video executing a dog while it was chained to a fence.

To the extent that the dog posed any threat to the sheriff's deputy, there was no attempt, at least in the video, to resolve the situation with anything other than lethal force. The deputy didn't ask the Canady to restrain the dog. He didn't attempt to use a less-than-lethal alternative, like the taser he was armed with and which he subsequently drew on Canady. He simply pulled his gun and shot to kill.

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  1. “That’s not my dog”….. the only good part of that video. The rest is bullshit. That deputy should at least be fired for shooting a fucking chihuahua. If you can’t take care of a chihuahua with out using lethal force you have ABSOLUTELY no business being in law enforcement.

    1. I don’t think it’s cowardice on the part of these assholes, so much as being malicious motherfuckers.

      1. Of course it is. Ever hear of a mailman shooting a dog?

        It’s, actually happened, however. Here are the consequences:

        Mailman Faces 3 Felony Counts in Dog’s Shooting…..ny-charges

        Don’t hold your breath waiting for Deputy Wallace’s arrest.

        1. Look, the guy obviously didn’t buy that copy of National Lampoon, so the dog got what was coming to her. Ain’t a judge in Arkansas gonna see it any different. Libertarians got 2.4% of the vote there and God’s Own Prohibitionists beat the Carbon Tax Warmunists by over ten times that many votes Your Libertarian spoiler votes ain’t puttin’ the fear into them anytime soon. Go ahead, swagger into George Wallace’s Dixiecrat-Trumpista territory and start barkin’ ’bout your rights and the initiation of force and watch what happens.

        2. Now that this turd has been fired, he isn’t technically a police officer at the moment. So any savage beatings he might hypothetically receive from some brave souls locally wouldn’t involve assaultimg a cop.

          And hypothetically, that’s exactly what some hypothetical local residents ought to do to him.

          Hypothetically, of course.

          1. Good call.

    2. That deputy should at least be fired for shooting a fucking chihuahua

      I know, right? What is that dog going to do, nibble his ankle off?

      1. More like bark his ear off. My dad’s twelve pound chiweenie barks up a storm when I go visit them. It would never occur to me to be threatened. Maybe this punk ass bitch is afraid of newborn kittens too.

        1. Probably wouldn’t shoot kittens though. Stomp them instead.

      1. That was awesome. That is not my dog.

    3. Part of taking care of a dog is controlling it. A minimum of responsible conduct — in the form of a leash — would have avoided all problems.

      1. Are you saying you would keep a dog on a leash *in its own yard*? Only someone who has never had a dog would think that’s not inhuman cruelty.

        1. If the dog is bothering people on a public sidewalk, yes.

          In this case, Mr. Canady disclaimed ownership of the dog, at least originally.

          1. Only a worthless cunt like you would be backing the cop in this scenario Arty. You really are a repugnant piece of shit.

            Although it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

            1. And only disaffected, downscale right-wing malcontents would defend Mr. Canady in this context. The dog suffered because Canady is such a chronic jerk he might be one of the faux libertarian Trump fans who comments as reason.

              1. Is there anyone Kirkland doesn’t want to see shot in the face?

              2. Yeah Arty, it’s all about politics.


                1. Please, do not insult dumbasses by associating them with Rev. Kirkland. Thank you.

                  1. Disaffected right-wingers who still can’t figure how they lost America’s culture war are among my favorite faux libertarians.

                    1. “…how they lost America’s culture war…”

                      Has it been lost? If anything, they were outbred.

          2. Artie Baby, that’s the trouble with you lefties – you’ll do anything to justify absolute government power, because that’s what you worship.

          3. The dog wasn’t on the sidewalk.

      2. Yes, the proportional response to violating leash laws is execution.

        1. Mr. Canady could have helped the officer defuse the situation. He declined. He also appears to have lied to the officer with respect to the dog’s provenance.

          Sometimes, being a dick has consequences.

          1. I agree. Assholes all around.

          2. That much is true. And that should make you very afraid Arty.

            1. Afraid of whom? The all-talk clingers who have been increasingly obeying my liberal-libertarian preferences throughout my lifetime as America improves against their wishes?

              1. Arty if we you were in my presence, and I found you sufficiently vexatious, all it would take is the blink of an eye to snap your puny neck. So yes, fear your conservative amd libertarian betters.

                You truly are an ant among gods.

                1. You’re as tough as you are libertarian, much like any wall-licking, obedient-to-others’-preferences right-wing bigot..

                  1. Speaking of all talk, you’re the guy who only uses ad hominem to derisively and superciliously chastise and lambaste those who disagree with him. No substance, no reason, no arguments. Just insults.

                    1. You had me at “you’re the guy.”

                      You seem to be a fan of the ostensibly reasoned arguments advanced by self-proclaimed libertarians at this site. Backwater religious schooling? Lost your job to an educated woman? Homeschooled by uneducated parents?

          3. So, what consequences have you experienced for being a dick, Art?

          4. When he said he didn’t want to talk to them znd ordeted them off of his property, the cops should have complied. They had no reasonable articulable suspicion.

          5. When he said he didn’t want to talk to them and ordered them off of his property, the cops should have complied. They had no reasonable articulable suspicion.

      3. The chihuahua was asking for it? You really are a insufferable cocksucker, aren’t you?

        No need to reply. Everyone here already knows the answer.

        1. Mr. Canady should have controlled the dog. He was an insufferable cocksucker, however, after causing a problem that precipitated police involvement. The problems here could have been solved by any responsible, decent adult long before the police officer arrived.

          1. Well since your Democrapic unindicted co-conspirators don’t claim Antifa, it’s really ok if the police shoot them then?

          2. Too bad the policeman wasn’t an adult instead of a sociopath.

      4. Agreed. I find it difficult to sympathize with anyone who clearly defies basic LE orders just out of spite.

        1. It sounded more like the cop was eager to shoot the dog put of spite. The cop disobeyed an order to stay off the property so as to have an excuse to shoot the dog.

      5. “Reverend”? Kirkland. Really. Doctorate of Divinity? Or Doctorate of Moronity?

      6. You are not allowed to leash someone else’s animal no mater it’s breed.

      7. Not hiring a psychopath for a police officer would help too.

        Dis-arm the cops.

        You would think “liberals” would be on board with that.

      8. Wow. Kirkland sneaks over to the non-VC reason comments to engage in authoritarian masturbation over a dead chihuahua. I feel like I just caught a televangelist with a transvestite hooker.

    4. What would have made me laugh until I peed is if right after the cop shot the dog, someone unleashed a 12 gauge round of #4 buckshot from the house right into the pig’s face.

      I’m not inherently pro-chihuahua (I think they’re irritating little shits),
      nor am I inherently anti-cop (though I think 5%-10% are crooked, and the rest cover for them).

      It would have been instant justice.

      The defense against the homicide charge, of course, is that the shotgunner was defending the homeowner against a violent lunatic who had just shot a dog without provocation and was advancing on the homeowner. (Case dismissed).

      1. Despite your drummed up fantasy faerie ending, It wouldn’t have been justice because the person doing it would have gone to jail for life. How is that justice?

    5. We have animal cruelty laws for this. If the locals won’t arrest him and throw him in jail for a few years then the state police should.

  2. I have wanted to shoot the neighbor’s 9-pound dog. 2 AM on a warm July night with the windows open when we had an old house with no AC.

    1. Why didn’t you?

    2. I DID shoot the neighbor’s cat. Same deal. 2 AM. Two tomcats decided to have a yowling contest right under my bedroom window.

      BB hit its leg and ran up along the bone to the elbow. It was maybe 3/4″ away from a heart shot.

      Next morning, my neighbor asked me if, “I’d seen any kids shooting BB guns”. I asked why. He said someone had shot their cat. I said it was probably me. I offered to pay half the vet bill. And told him that now I knew it was his cat, “Next time I’ll shoot the OTHER cat.”

      Word apparently spread quickly and the neighbor across the street came to me and asked about the shooting. They asked, “Was the other cat black?” It was. They said it was their cat. They also said it had gone feral and they’d consider it a favor if I’d just shoot it.

      Neither cat ever gave me another reason to dispatch them.

      Haven’t shot a cat in a long time. These days, I just set up a trap in the back yard, and when the cat’s secure, I call animal control. They take the cat in about 5 days, they suck all the air out of its lungs and it’s just as dead.

      1. Big man killing animals 1/30th your size.

  3. Poor thing.

  4. The deputy is a K-9 handler.

    They must have gone through a lot of dogs before they found one that didn’t make him shit his pants.

    1. The dogs could probably sense his evil so it took them a while to find a dog that didn’t try to bite him.

    2. Training animals to attack humans is the same as dog fighting in my book. One wonders what would have happened to anyone defending himself against getting mauled by this guy’s K9 partner.

    3. The Marvel hero Deadpool wears red so his enemies can’t see him bleed.

      Ever wonder why sheriffs deputies wear brown pants?

  5. God damn i’m angry. That upsets me in a way I can’t describe. The only fix is prison time for cops. 30 years sounds good. I know. I know. Immunity.

    1. “The only fix is prison time for cops. 30 years sounds good. I know. I know. Immunity.”

      I agree, but how are we going to trick Congress into passing a law making being a cop a federal felony?

    2. The only fix is prison time for cops.

      For shooting an uncontrolled dog after a complaint from a citizen who is entitled to walk along a public sidewalk?

      Do you wonder why society disregards your preferences?

      1. If you can’t deal with the ‘aggression’ of a 9 pound chihuahua . . . there’s really no hope for you.

        1. A reasonable argument could be made that he should have arrested Mr. Canady, or at least declared an intention to arrest him, in an effort to arrange proper control of that dog.

          1. A reasonable argument is that the deputy shouldn’t have been an evil faggoty little pussy when confronted with a nine pound dog that dared bark at him. But since you’re the same kind of shitbag you can’t really understand that.

            1. Do you figure the officer should have told that woman to walk elsewhere? Disregarded the problem caused by the dogs on Mr. Canady’s property?

              He probably should have called animal control agents and let them put the dog down.

              1. It’s a nine pound chihuahua. I know you are a weak, stupid bitch/cunt, but are you really this worthless?

                If so, then you should die. You have no business living. Certainly no one could ever love a thing so loathsome as you.

                1. It is easy to understand why you identify with this Canady loser. Anti-social, disaffected, all-mouth right-winger who talks big but ends up the loser every time because he’s too dumb to understand, despite a lifetime of evidence, how counterproductive and ineffectual he is.

                  He’s probably half-drunk at the gun club, claiming victory in this episode and yelling about a wall, uppity women, Muslims, and Obama’s Kenyan scam.

              2. What’s the bigger loss to society – that the complaining woman cross the street/tough out the little dog’s noise or that the dog owner be forced to grovel/leash his dog for Deputy Cowardly?

                1. You seem to have a remarkably limited view of that woman’s rights to use a public sidewalk peacefully. Have you ever met a libertarian? Check it out. You might learn something.

              3. Yeah, he should have called animal control to deal with it. But I think he wanted the opportunity to shoot it, himself.

      2. From the public outcry, it would seem that society does, indeed, agree with our preferences.

        1. Yeah, people who don’t spare a thought regarding the slaughter of hundreds of millions of chickens and cattle, or the killing of birds and deer for sport, get emotionally unhinged when a stray dog gets shot.

          Occasionally, a cat in the tree makes the local news, too.

          1. Arty, I really hope you die. You are a soulless thing that has no value. Just pure malignant trash.

            1. You get to live the rest of your life complying with my preferences. That’s the price of being a disaffected right-winger who spends an entire life on the losing side in the culture war.

              Enjoy your lifetime of obedience to your betters.

              1. Arty, you and your faggot friends are all going to be tossed in a landfill the mi Ute the rest of us have had enough of your shit. You’re all pussies who can’t fight to save your lives and we have all the people who can fight.

                1. You’ve been barking all your life. Keep yapping if it makes you feel better as society marginalizes you.

              2. “Enjoy your lifetime of obedience to your betters.”

                Spoken like a true authoritarian. Hypocrite.

                1. Not getting one’s wish for a bigoted wall is no infringement of liberty.

            2. Arty is somewhat irritating, but that kind of talk is not justified. It’s best to avoid personal attacks even if they are deserved.

      3. And yet you defend Antifa after a citizen complains exactly the same way when trying to walk along a public sidewalk. Oh the irony.

      4. I’ve been living by my own preferences my whole life and I’m just fine. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

      5. I ride my bike. My dog runs along side. One woman I used to encounter from time to time on the trail would literally cower whenever my 40-pound female pointer was in sight. The dog never even paid any attention to her. Didn’t go over to be “petted” – just ran past her.

        Another was cursing me for my dog being off-the-leash after HER dog nearly dislocated her shoulder trying to chase my dog. Another called the cops after her dog wrapped its leash around her legs trying to chase my dog. (The cops actually came, and when I told my dog “down and stay” while stopping, the cop said, “That’s all I needed to know. She’s under your supervision and control.” End of story.)

        We just turned up 9000 miles on the trail. Not a single incident of anyone bitten, barked at or otherwise threatened… by the dog. One buffoon was trying to zero in his quart-size pepper spray can on the dog from 20 feet out (again, the dog just running past), when I told him that if he sprayed my dog I would make him EAT the pepper spray can.

        But you get the idea. Those making the complaints are often the unhinged. Anyone who can’t handle a 9-pound chihuahua shouldn’t be allowed to go outside without supervision. Like this cop. He ought to be supervised for a long time.

      6. Yeah, the answer to all of life’s problems is just for the cop to shoot it.

        Gawd you are scary.

    3. That and training baboons in the initiation of force specifically to violate rights, then unleashing them with deadly firepower on the disarmed populace, their children and pets. But, hey. I’m not suggesting anything radical like voting for a libertarian candidate–not with all those violent looters to choose from.

  6. What a couragious hero. This must be that thin blue line I keep hearing about.

  7. That POS cop is a fucking pussy and should have all his teeth extracted with rusty pliers while naked.

    1. I hope a bunch of his neighbors go vigilante on him. He needs some street justice.

      1. Did your birther wishes come true?

  8. Take the dog’s vet bills out of this asshole’s pension.

  9. I’m sure the Faulkner County, Arkansas sheriffs department attracts only the highest quality of officer.

    1. I do give them credit for shitcanning him. I’m guessing the boss might be a dog lover. If I ever found anyone working for me did something like this they would be fired, at a minimum.

  10. “although he did not appear to violate any department policies”

    What precisely does this mean? That they already have comprehensive policies pertaining to the shooting of dogs, and they’re so lenient as to be meaningless? Or is that their policies don’t cover every possible psychotic action?

    If the cop had inserted a bottle rocket into the dog’s ass would he still claim that no policies had been violated because there wasn’t a specific line item prohibiting that?

    1. For some reason, police departments think that ‘not violating policy; or ‘following all applicable policies’ excuses the inexcusable. It apparently never occurs to them that many people’s gut reaction to such an announcement is “Fine. Then you need to fire the officer involved AND the imbecile who wrote the policies.”.

  11. Being a K9 handler, former deputy Wallace should very well have that held against him.
    He would know full well that by the body language of the dog, he was at no risk.

    It absolutely appears as though he shot the dog out of sheer vindictiveness toward Mr. Canady.

    And all this as response to some woman apparently brandishing a firearm in front of Mr. Canady’s house. The fact that she called the authorities instead of Mr. Canady I believe went to setting the tone for his interactions with the officers.

    It is unfortunate but true, if you are involved in a potentially violent situation (even if it was defused) where the authorities should be contacted – be the first to contact them. If someone brandishes a gun at you, but they leave and nothing happens – but they call the police and claim you pointed a gun at them, you can be arrested. This has happened.

    I don’t blame Mr. Canady and I don’t believe he did anything wrong, but if he had been the first to call the authorities, I believe the entire situation would be different. That fact doesn’t do him much good, but it can be a teachable moment for us.

    As for Faulkner County Sherriff’s Office, I suspect that the problems run deeper than just one mental deputy.

    1. He should have called first. The cop shows up and shoots the bitchy neighbor.

  12. Cops are like a box of chocolates.

    They will kill your dog.

    1. I may be a bad person for laughing at that.

      1. No, you aren’t.

    2. That was good.

  13. Cops are like a box of chocolates.

    They will kill your dog.

    1. It was funnier the first time. The second time it was just beating a dead horse. Or shooting a dog in the face.

      1. Too soon!

  14. So he was “fired.” Big deal. Within a month he’ll be employed as a cop again somewhere else and be back on the streets with a gun harassing citizens and their pets. Cops are worse than the Catholic church for shifting their problematic personnel around to other unsuspecting areas instead of actually doing anything about them.

    1. That part is anti-narrative.

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  16. Police are every bit as dangerous or even more dangerous than drug dealers or local criminals. Thugs with guns and badges.

  17. That’s awful! We need our police force and I disapprove of the Left’s and BLM’s anti police attitudes, but if course they must be held accoutable and have transparency in their actions… If the dog wasn’t going to bite them, or it was easily overpowered and small, then shooting seems like an excesive use of force!

      1. I apologize for misspellings and typos, I wrote the above comment on my phone!

        1. You should get a phone that has spell check or at least puts the squiggly red lines under misspelled words. It’s really handy.

        2. Do you appligize for spamming your blog everywhere here with a token comment, or do you just do that brazenly?

          1. She’s recently learned how to include a link in the text and picked random words to link to a general website. At first I thought maybe she absolutely knew that what she was doing was spamming but now I wonder if she is really that clueless.

  18. I have hunted or fished almost 100 different farms in my life. Ran into many different types of dogs. Never been bit. I’ve trained my own hunting labs for years too,so I guess I know how to deal with a strange dog

    1. Dogs bite — and hurt, or kill — people all the time. Some people don’t seem to mind, even to the point of proposing a “one free bite” rule at times. Those people have poor judgment with respect to dogs.

      1. 39 dog bites last year in the US resulting in death; not “all the time”. ZERO were from a chihuahua.

        1. Hey now, keep in mind you’re talking to Arty. He is a stupid piece of shit.

        2. You argue like a fourth-grader, techgump.

          Hillsdale? Ouchachita Baptist? Liberty? Regent?

  19. One tablespoon of narcissism

    Two tablespoons of sadomasochism

    Third cup of dishonesty and deceit

    Half cup of totalitarianism

    One cup of bully

    Two cups of amorality

    One quart of cowardice

    And there?.is your perfect recruit for American copping.

  20. Removing Donald Trump from office will not be easy, but it’s not as unlikely as it may sometimes seem, writes @DLeonhardt

    2019 will be the year Robert Mueller announces the findings of his exhaustive investigation into Drumpf’s Russian collusion. Working with Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic House, they will finally save our country ? and the planet ? from this nightmare. And not a moment too soon, as Orange Hitler’s reckless announcements on Syria and Afghanistan should remove all doubt over whose interest he serves. (That would be Putin, for those not paying attention.)

    1. Actually with the US gone Putin will have to choose between Turkey and Syria/Iran. He’ll be in quite a pickle.

      1. I disagree. Whenever President Drumpf does something President Clinton II wouldn’t have done, you can be sure it’s wrong for America and right for Russia. This is especially true with respect to foreign policy.


        1. You are skirting the limits of satire in your second sentence. You should tone it down just a little. I am sure Clinton II would not perform fellatio, on a man. That can’t be wrong for America.

        2. I think this article is about other things.


        3. There is one thing President Trump is doing that Hillary wouldn’t have done – avoiding a nuclear war with Russia.

    2. What’s that got to do with the story above regarding the cop shooting the dog? More wishful thinking Trump derangement syndrome.

    3. You want he U.S. in Syria and Afghanistan for how long? All the liberals have turned into born-again war hawks.

  21. More terrible economic news.

    Restaurants Are Scrambling for Cheap Labor in 2019

    The holiday hiring crunch may be over, but finding workers won’t be much easier this year.

    You know what would fix this problem? You know how we can ensure restaurants and other employers have all the cheap labor they need? By implementing a Koch / Reason open borders policy. That’s how.


    1. #JobsAmericansWontDo

      1. #ShittyPayAmericansWontWorkFor

    2. Nicely done

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  23. Solution: Shoot the cop and hang his corpse next to the main road, in full uniform, with a sign hanging from his neck that says “dog murderer”

    1. Sounds good.

  24. Too local

  25. What a fucken piece of shit.

    I’m sick of reading about cops shooting animals like this.

    1. This. Can we get some more stories about pigs taking the dirt nap?

    2. Mr. Canady should have had the dog on a leash. That failure to be a responsible adult precipitated the problem.

      1. It wasn’t his dog, asshole

        1. Some reports indicate it was his dog. Others indicate it was not, and suggest a longstanding reason this jerk might have been boorish enough to lie about it.. Other than being based on a lack of relevant information, however, your comment was great.

      2. You’re a degenerate. If your weren’t already one before this confirms it.

      3. Doesn’t justify what happened. But carry on, clinger.

        1. The officer probably should have called animal control agents to have the dog taken down professionally. But being a jerk sometimes has consequences, as Mr. Canady ought to have learned by now. If it was his dog, he should have controlled the animal, refraining from lying about its provenance, and cooperated toward defusing the problem. Instead, he escalated it, but didn’t like the ride. If it wasn’t his dog, he should quit whimpering about something that is none of his business.

  26. If the dog was not Mr. Canady’s (as he appears to have claimed, although other reports indicate he lied to the officer about ownership of the dog), the shooting (which he did nothing to prevent, and involved nothing more than an uncontrolled dog) was none of Mr. Canady’s business.

    If Mr. Canady had an uncontrolled dog on his property and that dog was menacing anyone, he should have solved that problem or expected someone else to solve that problem for him (which is what occurred).

    It appears an uncontrolled dog — whether a stray running loose or someone’s dog that was unleashed — was menacing a person on a public sidewalk, perhaps with other dogs, precipitating police involvement. Perhaps the relevant woman should have started and finished this by shooting the dog as it bothered her rather calling police, although I sense Mr. Canady, an apparent malcontent, likely would have whined about that, too.

    1. The cop should have shot ’em both, the uncontrolled clinger and his uncontrolled chihuahua!

      Am I right, Rev?

      1. Yeah those little chihuahuas are for some reason totally absent any fear response gene. They will go after anything, bears, snakes, cars… ya don’t need to kill them.

        Currently the two dogs we got. One is a male full grown Labrador. The other is an adopted dog female mutt about 1/3 the size. Guess which one is the better watchdog?

        Dog in the night. We know that story.

        This cop killed the doggie for no good reason.

      2. I’m a malcontent for unnecessary violence against an animal?

        You’re political views are your political views.

        But you’re not only a smug prick who needs to get your smirk smacked off your face but ou’re an awful human being.

        1. The officer was informed the dog was bothering a person who was entitled to use a sidewalk without being bothered by uncontrolled dogs. The officer’s duty was to solve that problem. Perhaps he should have merely arrested the jerk on whose property the uncontrolled dog was found. Perhaps he should have called animal control agents and had the dog confiscated. Or perhaps Mr. Canady shouldn’t be such a disaffected jerk and should have controlled that dog. When he says the dog isn’t his, the dog becomes a stray. Stray dogs gets put down every day, sometimes without the precipitate of being a nuisance.

          1. Agree to disagree.

            Move on.

            1. P

            2. I agree some overly aggressive cop should pistol whip Arty, make him beg for his life, then execute him anyway. Then have the cop exonerated by a grand jury.

              That would be hilarious.

              1. Open wider, clinger. Your betters have more progress for you to swallow — obediently, as always.

                1. Get ready for the landfill cunt.

    2. “I hate all life”

  27. Update: the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office announced in a Facebook post Saturday night that, although he did not appear to violate any department policies, the deputy responsible for the shooting has been fired.

    While that’s good, we know that come Monday the arbitration case will have been filed, inside of a month he’ll be working at another cop shop the next county over, and within 6 months the arbitrator will declare that he never should have been fired and the Sheriff owes him 6 months of backpay.

    1. Let’s hope the police officer learned a lesson, such as ‘call animal control first.’ And let’s hope Mr. Canady learned that being a jerk sometimes is counterproductive.

      1. Yeah, controlling a dog like this is so hard……


  28. how is it that pizza delivery drivers are able to do their jobs all over the country without having to murder dogs all the time?

    1. Because sadistic psychopaths aren’t generally attracted to the pizza delivery profession.

    2. A UPS driver was mauled brutally by dogs that weren’t controlled by the owner of the property to whom the driver was attempting to deliver a package recently. It’s a pity those dogs weren’t shot before they could hurt her. People who enable their dogs to hurt others are substandard people.

      1. This only shows that primitive superstitious laws against nunchaku also need to be repealed. The right to bear arms extends from nuclear antiballistic missile defenses to millennial asian fighting sticks, and it’s high time for a rollback of infringements that have left ordinary citizens defenseless against mundane hazards.

        1. “nuclear antiballistic missiles” are not “arms” (as used in the 2A).

          Arms, as defined at the time of the adoption of the 2A meant weapons one would CARRY and use for self-defense.

          All “fire”arms are “arms”, but Stinger missiles, tanks, warships etc etc are not.

      2. Substandard people are also those that shoot 9 lbs dogs, as well as those whom defend such violence as normal or necessary.

      3. How many of those dogs were 9 lb. chihuahuas?

      4. Hey Arty, you stupid faggot cunt. I’ll bet those dogs weren’t nine pound chihuahuas.

        Really, how are you this stupid? No wonder you dropped out of high school.

      5. Were those dogs Chihuahuas?

    3. I delivered pizzas for a few years during college. I had an aggressive mastiff get in my face one time. It was almost the size of a pony. Somehow I handled the situation without hurting the dog, or being injured myself

      But then I’m not a stupid high school dropout, like Arty, or an idiot with a badge.

      1. You are one tough-talking, fringe-dwelling malcontent.

        1. Arty, you are one stupid bitch. If we met, you would cower before me and beg me for mercy.

          Now shut up, baby dick.

          1. If we met, I’d be telling my friends ‘pizza’s here’ and telling you to keep the change.

  29. Hey, lighten up! These are highly trained First Responders? to whom God’s Own Prohibitionists dedicated their platform in televangelistic girl-bullying and blacks and hippies busting–not to mention dee-pour-tay-shun of all non-hillbillies. And nobody can touch them because the other half of the looter kleptocracy will let them kill every dog, child and hillbilly in Arkansas–in cold blood if that’s what it takes to get a carbon tax passed or double your electric bill.

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  32. Sheriff’s Facebook Post

    Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office

    January 5 at 6:26 PM ?

    Good Evening,

    Since taking office in 2017, I have been an advocate of integrity, professionalism and transparency. I hold my Deputies to the highest of standards to protect and serve the residents of our community. Unfortunately, a Deputy fell short to those standards.

    I was notified Friday of an incident involving Deputy Keenan Wallace. Deputy Wallace fired his service weapon that injured an animal while in close proximity to a citizen. I believe there were numerous opportunities to de-escalate the incident.

    Over the last 24 hours, at my request, Faulkner County Investigators have been working diligently to investigate whether Deputy Wallace violated any state law or our agency’s policies and procedures. While it appears no policies or laws were violated, I hold every employee within our agency to the highest of standards and will be forwarding the investigation to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for further review.

    1. /cont’d/

      As a result of the incident that occurred on January 4, 2019, in the Shiloh Estates Subdivision, Deputy Keenan Wallace has been relieved of his duties at the Faulkner County Sheriff’ Office.

      We in Law Enforcement answer calls every day that require split second life and death decisions. We strive to be right 100 percent of the time.

      Our Department is sadden about this incident and apologize for any distress and disappointment this incident has caused anyone who was affected by this disheartening event. We will keep Reeses in our thoughts through the recovery process.

      Sheriff Tim Ryals

      2.4K Likes 3K Comments 1.9K Shares

      1. Maybe Rev Arthur L. Kirkland ought to lecture the Sheriff.

        1. Maybe the sheriff should do a better job when hiring and training employees. Or find a job in a better jurisdiction.

  33. Buried in this is the fact that Officer Barney was less than 6 feet away from the dog and still couldn’t hit center of mass to kill it. Geez.

    1. Right? Watching the poor thing flailing around and yipping after he shot it was the worst fucking part.

  34. If I’m ever called for jury duty, and it’s a murder case in which someone killed this officer, my vote is “not guilty.”

    1. Jury nullification is as effective as spoiler votes. One changes laws through the courts, the other by getting the worse of two evil kleptocrats fired. And both are cheap and legal ways to bring about change.

  35. A few points to note: 1. The officer asked the dog owner to step to the sidewalk and the owner refused. He was warned that the dog might be harmed if it acted aggressively (which the owner knew it would do). He still refused. He was asked again and refused. At that point, the officer has every right to step onto the property. The fact that he gave any warning at all was unusual consideration. 2. Officers cannot argue with dogs. They have the right to not be attacked. I was attacked by a dog this size and kicked it away before retreating behind a fence. If the officer had kicked the dog, people would still be complaining. And that wouldn’t have necessarily stopped the dog. The officer didn’t have the option of retreating behind a fence. 3. What size/breed of dog would you be okay with shooting? A 120lb. rottweiler? A 35lb. pitbull? I feel bad for the dog because this is the owner’s fault. Fence your yard and don’t be a d-bag.

    1. Technically you’re kind of correct… And in cases where humans get themselves fucked up by not responding to reasonable requests I am totally with ya.

      However, there IS a material difference between a fucking rat dog, and a dog that can actually hurt you.

      The reality is that little thing couldn’t even bite him through his pants enough to hurt him IF it bit him in the first place. Which it probably wasn’t. If it were a 100 pound dog, or even a 50 pound dog, coming at him aggressively I don’t think many people would have nearly the problem with it. I wouldn’t, provided the dog was actually being threatening. Not if a decent sized dog happily walked up to you.

      An analogy might be: It’s okay for a cop to shoot a 200 pound adult man who says “I’m going to hit you!” and then starts walking towards him… BUT it would obviously NOT be acceptable for a cop to shoot a 40 pound 4 year old who said “I’m going to hit you!” and started walking towards him.

      These things matter. This was not a real or credible threat that anybody should be concerned with. Just as a 4 year old wouldn’t be either. But a Pitt Bull, or Rottweiler, or even an angsty Golden Retriever would be.

    2. Words cannot adequately express what a colossal POS you are.

  36. I just wanted to post that I am a worthless human that lives government soooo much that I support when they murder dogs a woman could fit in her purse. I’m a man (maybe) with an IQ of 64. I am Aurthur Kirkland and I love child molestrs too.

  37. If I were judge I would make the deputy pull an Ol’ Yeller on his K-9, and then send him to the big house for shooting a police officer.

  38. If someone capped that motherfucker’s ass, nobody would shed a tear. The pig needs to pay.

  39. WTF is wrong with some people. 100 pound beast dog barreling at you while snarling? Sure, I can get shooting that. A dog that a 7 year old shouldn’t be scared of… WTF.

  40. Dis-arm the cops.

    Arm the teachers.

    Not a small number of innocent people, quite a few minor criminals, and a slew of family pets will get to live.

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  42. Who cares when a cop is short in the face? I sure don’t

  43. There neefs to be a 4th branch of goverrnment charged with investigating, proseciting and imprisoning or executing membets of the other three. It would have no power to prosecute private individuals, only employees of and contractors to government. It should have the power to prosecute them for “doing their jobs” and for their wrongful votes in the legislatures and executive actions.

  44. There needs to be a 4th branch of goverrnment charged with investigating, prosecuting and imprisoning or executing members of the other three. It would have no power to prosecute private individuals, only employees of and contractors to government. It should have the power to prosecute them for “doing their jobs” and for their wrongful votes in the legislatures and executive actions.

  45. Faulkner County does not have an animal shelter or animal control. We try desperately to help as many as we can but have very limited resources. Even if the court works on an #animalshelter it will still take a few years to get it built and running. In the meantime the animals still need a place to go. We have revived our GoFundMe campaign to possibly secure funding to expand our housing capacity. Always a quick fill up even with rescue transfers because of waiting list and constant pleas for help. Rescue is the only option in Faulkner County for the immediate future. Please help.

    1. I didn’t realize Faulkner County had no animal shelter or animal control. Thank you for the information and I’ll be glad to donate.

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