Election 2020

A Federal Judge Just Blocked a Republican Effort To Disqualify 127,000 Votes in Texas

There was nothing remotely fraudulent about the 127,000 votes cast in Harris County's drive-thru voting station.


A nakedly political legal manuever that sought to invalidate about 127,000 votes in a deep blue part of Texas was blocked by a federal judge on Monday evening.

The ruling should put an end to an attempt by a group of Republican lawmakers and candidates to block Harris County, which includes Houston, from counting votes cast at a drive-thru voting station. The lawsuit claimed that the drive-thru voting station was illegal under Texas law, which allows so-called "curbside voting" only for individuals with disabilities. Harris County contended that the drive-thru voting station met all the requirements to be a standard polling place under state law: individuals had their IDs checked and voted within the privacy of a temporary tent erected for the purpose.

Republicans had asked both state and federal courts to reject those ballots. The state Supreme Court rejected that request on Sunday night and federal Judge Andrew Hanan followed suit on Monday.

Monday's emergency hearing in federal court had drawn national attention because the case landed before Hanan, a George W. Bush appointee with a history of controversial rulings. Liberals and voting rights activists worried that he might rubberstamp a GOP plot to invalidate hundreds of votes on the eve of Election Day.

But Hanan's ruling turned out to be a thorough rebuke of the Republican challenge. The judge dismissed the case on a technicality—the plaintiffs did not have standing in the lawsuit—but went on to say that he would not have invalidated the already-cast ballots even if the lawsuit had been judged on its merits.

In all ways, that seems like the right outcome. As I wrote yesterday, there was little reason to think those voters should have their ballots tossed out since they were not doing anything wrong. The legal challenge argued that Harris County had overstepped its authority by setting up the drive-thru voting station, but voters using it had merely been complying with the instructions they were given by local election authorities.

There was nothing remotely fraudulent about the 127,000 votes cast in Harris County's drive-thru voting station. Republican efforts to disqualify those votes were nothing more than partisan gamesmanship. The courts are right to have dismissed these lawsuits.

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  1. Someone asked if Boehm would lie.

    Here’s his headline

    “There was nothing remotely fraudulent about the 127,000 votes cast in Harris County’s drive-thru voting station”

    Here’s the actual legal claim

    “The lawsuit claimed that the drive-thru voting station was illegal under Texas law, which allows so-called “curbside voting” only for individuals with disabilities”

    Decide for yourself how often and egregioualy he will lie.

    1. “The legal challenge argued that Harris County had overstepped its authority by setting up the drive-thru voting station,”

      So, not alleging fraud at all.

      JFC you’re a clown Boehm.

      1. In 2024, the following came to pass: The Republican State Legislature of Kansas passed new laws regulating the precise rules for the design, components-contents, and manufacture of electronic voting devices for Kansas. A Kansan legislator by the name of Ima Krook (being related to various semi-distant relatives employed by the “Harlots PorkHard”, AKA “HP”, a manufacturer of electronic devices, and also receiving bribes, Ooops, I mean, campaign contributions from said “HP” as well) mandated that all DC-power-stabilizing ceramic capacitors in these voting machine circuits boards had to be colored “gray”. Gray capacitors were made by HP, while “beige” capacitors were made by HP archrival “Giggles Corporation”. Ima Krook’s fellow legislators had a good laugh at this clever, sly little trick, but then they forgot to insist that this utterly irrelevant (and corrupt) language be stripped OUT of the bill! This oversight was easy enough to make, the legislation running 7,823 pages in length. The law was passed.

        Contracts were placed, components were gathered, and electronic voting machines were assembled. The best laid plans of mice and men (as they do from time to time) failed! Some BEIGE capacitors snuck into some voting machines in a heavily Republican district of Kansas!!! Holy shit, Toto, we are NOT in Republican Kansas any moah!

        SOME evil Republicans want to plot and scheme, and disregard the UTTERLY SACRED LAWS OF THE LAND, and count the nefarious, evil, fraudulent Republican votes anyway!!!

        But the GOOD and PRINCIPLED Republicans won the day! They said, “Recall that case in Houston 4 years ago? We argued then, that the letter of the law is UTTERLY SACRED!!! If we do this OTHER thing now, we will look like utter buffoons, clowns, and hypocrites”! Republicans are NEVER shitweasel hypocrites, and so, all of these votes were thrown OUT! After all, the Law is the Law is THE SACRED LAW!!!

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    2. The claim by Boehm is a deliberate obfuscation. The county was even warned by the DA that allowing non-invalids to vote in their cars was just asking to be sued because it does not conform to the law and they did it anyway.

      Personally I think fear of COVID counts as mentally impaired, but it is not something that would keep you from walking into the polling site.

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    3. According to the story. Harris County got permission from the Texas State Secretary of State.

      1. Who also does not have authority to change election laws.

        1. He was wrong anyways.

      2. Umm… just wrong.

        “This letter serves as a notice and reminder that the Election Code provides curbside voting as an option only to those who meet a certain, narrow set of criteria,” Paxton wrote in an opinion issued on Friday. “Curbside voting is not, as some have asserted contrary to Texas law, an option for any and all voters who simply wish to vote from the comfort of their cars when they are physically able to enter the polling place.”


        1. Back to Vox for Mr. Noonan.

    4. Boehm is a lying media whore.

      1. A whore gets paid because someone is desirous of their services. Boehm is more a fluffer.

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  2. https://www.npr.org/2020/11/02/930365888/federal-judge-dismisses-effort-to-throw-out-drive-through-votes-in-houston

    Federal Judge Dismisses Effort To Throw Out Drive-Through Votes In Houston
    November 2, 20203:27 PM ET

    Common sense and decency prevails! Woo-Hoo!!!

    “The voters exist to serve the system’s nit-picking rules” folks lose! Government Almighty exists to serve the people (not vice versa) wins!!! Need MORE of this PRETTY PLEASE!!!!

    1. Lol he ordered the votes sequestered. They will be thrown out along with the illegally cast mail-in ballots in PA. Not that it will matter you’ll be curled up in the fetal position crying by 10PM tomorrow. Keep losing baby bitch.

      1. From my link above, yes, the judge… “He also ordered that records of votes cast in the drive-through facilities be maintained in case his decision is reversed on appeal.”

        The statists MIGHT appeal, and Government Almighty (the SCROTUS in this case) MIGHT decide that the voters exist to serve every last nit-picking rule of “the system”, and that the “system” does NOT exist to serve the voters! More broadly, the citizens exist to serve the State, and NOT vice versa! Will that make statists like you cum their pants?

        1. “voters exist to serve every last nit-picking rule of “the system””

          LeT ThE WHoLE WoRLd VoTe In EvErY ElEctIoN!!!

        2. Fetal position dude.

        3. I like how sqrsly is fully on board with local election officials deciding means and manner of elections and making sure there aren’t uniform rules in place.

          This is because he has shit for brains.

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            1. So you agree you have shit for brains?

      2. If you are referring to the videos at the drop boxes I don’t think it will go far. According to this report no laws were violated.


        1. Oh ok some fucking guy reported something.

      3. Lmao. How’s that crow taste? Biden is your President now! Get that Cheeto out of the White House!

  3. Once Upon a Time, in a Land Too Near to Here, the Republican Party, in a manner totally unbiased and data-driven, did perform an analysis upon Past Times and Other Places, to determine the efficacy of One-Party Rule v/s Multi-Party Rule. And Lo and Behold, in an impartial manner, the Republican Party did determine that Yea Verily, the performance of One-Party States IS Superior!

    So, being the impartial actors that they were, the Republican Party prepared to flippeth a coin-eth, to determine whether the One True Party shalt be the Republicans, or the Democrats?

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    Then there was a Trumpian Pestilence upon the land. But the Words of The Lord Government Almighty were obeyed, and there was much suppression of the baskets of undesirable votes!

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            1. That’s a lot of words when “I drink Mary’s period” would suffice.

              1. Does he get more racist when hangry?

                1. Yes I do.

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      1. It’s the ravings of a lunatic.

  4. This just proves you can trust Republican judges more than democrats. Dems project their ethics while Republican nominees follow the law.

    He rejected the plaintiffs for lack of standing which was the obvious outcome from the start.

    He’s also someone who has rejected late objections to DACA on the argument that people had relied on the policy for too long. Which is consistent with his editorializing here. Even if the poll were illegal, Voters acted in good faith.

    1. RINO judges are just as bad.

      There is no good faith exemption to breaking the constitution.

  5. Again who gives a shit, Harris county is blue and those votes wouldnt’t matter anyway. Boehm cannot figure out this simple fact.

    1. Texas is teetering on the edge… It is colored “pink” (only slightly “R”). So this COULD make a difference! Texas is NOT one of the FEW states that split the electoral votes… It is all or nothing!

      Wantonly lusting after discarding votes (without any evidence of fraud) is bad is bad is BAD, “Bad is Bad”! Are you lusting after a one-party state, or what?

      1. Stop smoking crack.

        1. He doesn’t smoke crack. He dries out shit, then smokes that.

    2. Trump is still winning Texas as he won by 800,000 votes in 2016. Trump has only gotten more popular since 2016.

    3. Down ticket races, Sometimes. Though there’ve been enough election fraud stories coming out of Harris—in addition to the absolutely redonkulous number of early voters this election—that I wonder if they actually thought they might have been able to cheat it for Biden?

    4. Again who gives a shit […]

      That would be the plaintiffs, who think those votes do matter, and the people who voted, who were in danger of being disenfranchised.

      Sometimes Bad Is Bad cannot figure out this simple fact.

  6. And this is what my beloved Republican Party has become! The Republican Party ceased to exist after 2016, fuck them assholes!

    1. I didn’t leave the Republican party, it left me.

      1. No we kicked your ass off the team and your parents had to move across town so you could even make the JV team.

        1. WTF is your problem, dicksock? Personal attacks out of nowhere?

          1. The problem is that nobody likes you and you’re a creep. That’s why the GOP left you…they didn’t want you and were fine with leaving you as a fucksock for the socialists,

    2. The Republican Supreme Court judges told the plaintiffs to fuck off.

      1. The SCOTUS will tell the incorrect district court judge to fuck off.

  7. Progtards everywhere: “hooray for the independent federal judiciary! (until they do something we don’t like, then it’s back to the usual bitching and whining about impeaching justices)”

  8. I would be teed off if election officials urged me to vote contrary to the laws. The citizen is of course expected to know the law, but there is (or ought to be) an exception when he gets a formal explanation of the law from an official responsible for that law. The conscientious citizen should not be punished for the official’s advice.

  9. I’m pleased with this ruling. The Judge made the right call.

    1. No he didnt and will get reversed.

      It wont matter because Trump is getting reelected.

      1. And the tears will be delicious!

  10. There was nothing remotely fraudulent about the 127,000 votes cast in Harris County’s drive-thru voting station.

    *Technically*, while there was nothing fraudulent, every vote cast was cast illegally.

    1. If they don’t like the consequence of the laws they’ve chosen to live under, they can vote to have them changed, right guys?

    2. The Texas Supreme Court said No. so what was illegal about it.

      1. The Texas Supreme Court said No.

        A federal judge said ‘I’m skeptical, segregate the ballots.’

        so what was illegal about it.

        No doubt a sincere question from an informed citizen.

  11. Thorough rebuke huh?

    Judge Andrew Hanen is skeptical, however, about the legality of the procedure and has urged voters not to use it anymore. He also granted the plaintiffs’ request to preserve all records indicating which ballots were cast by the procedure in the event there is further litigation, including appeals, challenging the ballots.


    Can we get some honest writers at reason?

    1. Keep complaining and I’ll dox you peasant.

      1. I’ll just change the word dox to mean make me a sandwich.

        1. Jokes on you. I just changed the definition of “sandwich” to include the label “offensive”.

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        We must be actively anti-pedophile.

    2. “Can we get some honest writers at reason?”

      JesseSPAZ wants honesty! Now THAT is rich indeed!

      Readers, beware! Do not be deceived by JesseAZ! JesseAZ does NOT believe that LIES are bad in ANY way! Only ACTIONS matter, ethically or morally! See https://reason.com/2020/01/01/trumps-inartful-dodges/#comment-8068480
      “Words are words dumbfuck. Actions are where morals and ethics lie.”, says JesseAZ. When confronted with offers of hush money, illegal commands (from a commanding military officer), offers of murder for hire, libel, slander, lies in court, yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, inciting riots, fighting words, forged signatures, threatening to kill elected officials, false representations concerning products or services for sale… these are all “merely” cases of “using words”. Just like the Evil One (AKA “Father of Lies”), Jesse says lies are all A-OK and utterly harmless! So do NOT believe ANYTHING that you hear from JesseAZ!

      Also according to the same source, JesseAZ is TOTALLY on board with dictatorship (presumably so long as it is an “R” dictator that we are talking of).
      With reference to Trump, JesseAZ says…
      “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

      I say again, this is important…
      “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
      We need a BRILLIANTLY persuasive new movie from JesseAZ to “Wake Up, America!”, to flesh out the concept that “The Triumph of The Will of The Trump, Trumps All”! Including the USA Constitution. In fact, USA military personnel should start swearing allegiance to Trump, NOT to some stupid, moldering old piece of paper!
      Previous Powerful People have blazed a path for us to follow here, slackers!!!

      1. Damn, smell the shit emanating off you from here.

      2. That’s a lot of words when “poo poo ka ka” would have sufficed.

    3. I’d settle for funny or smart.

  12. I can’t believe anyone even tried to disqualify those ballots. What’s next, disqualifying people for dropping off their ballot at a blue mailbox from their car?

    1. Except thats not what happened. The law is specific. It is there so there are uniform rules in place so everyone’s votes count equally. There is a reason for this. Ussc already ruled on this in Bush vs Gore. Having disparate rules for counting ballots is what lead to their decision. Here is another example of disparate treatment of the laws for voting.

      This is not good. Arbitrary compliance leads to questions on the fairness of the election. Full stop.

      1. In the pictures I saw, there weren’t any curbs, therefore now curbside voting took place.

        1. Except they don’t call it curbside, they specify voting from cars.

      2. The law is specific.

        So specific, the Secretary of State gave the go-ahead months ago and the Texas Supreme Court (you know, the court actually responsible for interpreting state law in Texas) denied the plaintiffs twice.

  13. It seems the election officials open flouting of instructions from above and the law should open him up to civil liability. He was not operating within his granted powers and had received official notice he wasn’t. So every single person who voted curbside should be able to sue him for attempted voter disenfranchisement. He took actions that he knew could get each of those voters votes disqualified through no fault of their own.

  14. A Federal Judge! Dammit, we need Trump to put a HALT to the damned Federal Government! Who’s in charge of that place anyway? How the hell is Texas able to fuck the vote if the Federal Government keeps getting in the way?!?!?

    1. Maybe Republicans should stop filing frivolous lawsuits in a desperate attempt to disenfranchise people.

  15. > the drive-thru voting station met all the requirements to be a standard polling place under state law: individuals had their IDs checked and voted within the privacy of a temporary tent erected for the purpose.

    Apparently Republicans are opposed to tents, and demand brick and mortar polling places. Or wooden polling places, it’s so hard to keep up. Never mind the law, can’t have people in a blue county encompassing most of a blue city being allowed to cast votes for anyone except Dear Leader! Damn the law, the fate of the Kultur hangs in the balance!

    Never mind that we’re talking about Houston, not generally known as a blue city. Never mind that Houston went Trump in 2016. If there’s a chance it won’t vote the way they’re told then the vote has to be suppressed. Otherwise Biden will tear down the statue of Sam Houston! Stop Houston voting or there will be no more Sam Houston!

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