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The U.S. Economy Grew by an Astonishing 33% in the Third Quarter. That's Still Not Enough To Reverse COVID-19's Damage.

Plus: Trump's best work was done by others, how that Carrier deal is looking four years later, and more...


Data released Thursday morning show that the U.S. economy has experienced record-breaking growth during the past three months, but also reveal that the country has a long way to go to get out of the hole created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Department of Commerce's preliminary estimate of third-quarter gross domestic product growth, the last major economic report to be released before the presidential election on Nov. 3, estimates that the economy grew by 33.1 percent from July through September. That comes after a stunning 31.4 percent contraction in the previous three months—during which much of the country was paralyzed by coronavirus-related economic shutdowns.

Both those figures are a bit misleading. Because the federal government reports GDP figures in "annualized" terms, outlier quarterly numbers end up being exaggerated. "What actually happened was that activity in April–June was 9% lower than in January–March, which in turn was about 1% lower than in October–December of 2019," explains Barron's. "To be clear, the coronavirus contraction was catastrophic and without precedent in its combination of speed or severity. But it wasn't equivalent to losing a third of the economy for months at a time."

The same thing is happening in reverse now. There's no doubt that the economy has bounced back as lockdowns have lifted and businesses have reopened in recent months, but the data does not indicate a full recovery.

Economists for JPMorgan, an investment bank, note that the economy remains about 3 percent smaller than it was at the end of last year. And while the unemployment rate is falling after hitting a peak of 14.7 percent earlier this year, there are millions of Americans still out of work due to the pandemic.

Thursday's report will serve as fodder for both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden as they make their closing pitches to voters in the presidential campaign's final week.

Trump has been talking for weeks about "turning the corner" in the fight against COVID-19, and will likely use Thursday's grandiose topline number to press that case. Biden will be able to point to the fact that, even after such a strong quarter of growth, the economy remains smaller than it was earlier this year.

And with COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations on the rise—as well as renewed lockdowns taking place in Europe and some U.S. states—it is clear that the pandemic is not yet done wreaking havoc with the economy. Thursday's data release contains undeniably good news, but we're not out of the woods yet.


Kevin D. Williamson, National Review's libertarian-sympathizing curmudgeon, interrogates the case for reelecting Trump and finds it wanting. The best parts of the Trump administration, for conservatives, have been the things the president has had the least to do with, he argues:

Trump's principal success has been as a rubber stamp to the very "establishment" at which Trump and his admirers like to sneer. In the matter of judges, that establishment is instantiated by the Heritage Foundation — which simply gave Trump a list of good judicial candidates, while Trump, always happy to let someone else do his homework for him, has stuck with it. …

Trump signed off on a tax plan that has some good elements, but the so-called Trump tax cuts were largely the work of Mr. Establishment, Paul Ryan — and they ran contrary to the personal preferences and rhetoric of the president, who spent much of the campaign bellyaching about Wall Street fat cats not paying as much in taxes as he thinks they should.  Trump's regulatory reform efforts have been designed and implemented by Bushies such as Neomi Rao (now a federal judge) and her former deputies.

Which is to say, the Trump administration has succeeded most where Trump has the least to do with it. The nat-pops may turn up their noses at "Conservative Inc." but that is who has delivered such benefits as we have received from the Trump administration. All Peter Navarro and the rest of those crackpots has done is bankrupt a lot of farmers and drive up the expenses of beer brewers and manufacturers.

Patriotism, Williamson concludes, means not merely voting for "one pack of jackals because it looks a little less hungry and vicious than the other pack of jackals," but demanding "that the free and self-governing men and women of this struggling republic deserve better than what is on offer."


Days after winning the 2016 election, the president-elect persuaded air conditioning manufacturer Carrier not to close an Indiana plant. This was made possible by $7 million in state-level subsidies.

Four years later, how are things working out? The Washington Post takes a look:

This year alone, Indiana employers have sent more jobs to Mexico, China, India and other foreign countries than were saved at Carrier. Without headlines or presidential notice, at least 17 companies — names like Vibracoustic, Molnlycke Health Care, Allura, Altex, Stanley Black & Decker, Dometic, Johnson Controls and Horizon Terra — have closed plants or otherwise reduced employment in Indiana and moved jobs abroad, according to U.S. Department of Labor filings.

As I wrote back in January 2017, it wasn't a lack of presidential attention that was driving Carrier to relocate jobs to other countries—it was onerous and expensive regulations. "Those same regulations could push other companies to do the same—the 'deal' that saved those 1,000 [Carrier] jobs in Indianapolis did nothing to make life easier for other, similar businesses." Indeed, it seems they have.


Are dead people going to swing the election by voting with mail-in ballots? Probably not.


  • The Girl Scouts of America tweeted—and then quickly deleted—a supposedly anodyne statement congratulating Amy Coney Barrett on her Supreme Court confirmation. Of course, now right-wingers want to cancel the Girl Scouts for caving to silly left-wing criticism of an inoffensive tweet, because there is no bottom to the ridiculousness of the culture wars.

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  1. That’s Still Not Enough To Reverse COVID-19’s Damage.

    You know who else’s economy didn’t grow after devastation as quickly as it should have?

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    3. Hello.

      OSHA experts on masks.

      I will take it to my grave. You’re an idiot if you wear a mask willingly thinking it does anything.

      You may as well fuck a unicorn while wearing an amulet and garlic at this point. You’re hopeless.

        1. “Doctors don’t know what they’re talking about, government bureaucrats do” is not a great opener

      1. But what if it’s a +2 amulet?

        1. You still have to roll a 15 or better to avoid the evil Kung Flu. 14 if you have a 16 or better constitution.

          1. If you roll a 1 you fumble the “entry” and the unicorn takes a shit on you.

            1. Unicorn shit is cursed. You will never get that smell off you.

              1. On the plus side, it smells like french toast.

              2. And the glitter gets everywhere

    4. The Supreme Court declined to hear a case that sought to shorten the window of time that North Carolina voters had for submitting mail-in absentee ballots from nine days to three days.visit this site for full details……….USA PART TIME JOB.

    5. Tropico?

    6. Pompeii?

    7. Atlantis?

    8. Carthage?

  2. <i.Are dead people going to swing the election by voting with mail-in ballots? Probably not.

    Not with that attitude.


      1. Because it was manufactured in Communist China, and you are not on a socialist site?

        1. “you are not on a socialist site?”


        2. Not so sure..

      2. You pound it daily without its consent

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    2. I’m not sure if a state that has been conducting mail in elections for a long time is a good model for what’s going to happen in states that are conducting one for the first time, under emergency setup conditions, with no time to plan. I suspect that WA didn’t decide to go to all mail elections and then conduct them six months later, with no prior planning on how to accomplish such a thing.

      1. Luckily, most of the states that went hysterical with all mail in ballots are Blue and were likely going for Biden anyway.

        1. It would be funny though if retarded Lefties mess up elections in Blue states like WA so bad that they cannot give their Electoral College pick by the December federal deadline and are left off the total EC count by Congress.

          1. I’d say there’s more than a simple non-zero chance this actually happens.

  3. That’s Still Not Enough To Reverse COVID-19the Government‘s Damage.

    1. ^This. Times 1000.

    2. Also,

      it is clear that government’s panicked, capricious and ham-fisted response to the pandemic is not yet done wreaking havoc with the economy


    3. Blue state government’s damage.

  4. “The last major economic report to be released before the presidential election on Nov. 3, estimates that the economy grew by 33.1 percent from July through September. That comes after a stunning 31.4 percent contraction in the previous three months—during which much of the country was paralyzed by coronavirus-related economic shutdowns.”

    The primary message here isn’t that it wasn’t enough to make up for all the damage to the economy in previous quarter.

    The primary message from a libertarian capitalist perspective is that there was no need for a stimulus–like the one the Democrats tried to impose on us. The primary message is that President Trump and the senate Republicans were right to refuse to sign on to a bad stimulus bill–because no stimulus was needed.

    Meanwhile, unemployment claims also came in, and they’re lower than they’ve been since March.

    P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. The recession was not caused by a dip in the business cycle. It was caused by states making illegal for people to work. We don’t need a stimulus. We need a massive restriction to the public health powers of the states.

      The other thing about this recession is that since it was caused by the states making living your life effectively illegal, it created a tremendous amount of pent up demand as people sat in their homes with money and no way to spend it. Unleashing that pent up demand alone is better than any government stimulus.

      1. Sone sectors likely did have Pent up demand for the products/services, but one shouldn’t think that those who were largely unaffected financially by lockdown orders had no way to spend money.

        I definitely found plenty of ways to spend it.

  5. Wednesday’s Senate hearing with the heads of Facebook, Google, and Twitter was a predictable disaster, as lawmakers pursued petty grievances and inconsistent criticisms of the platforms.

    Why do you think tech giants should get from politicians treatment different than anyone else?

  6. The best parts are things that wouldn’t have happened had Trump not been President and would be undone should the Democrats take power. But since Trump didn’t actually write the things himself, that is somehow no reason to re-elect him.

    Williamson is such an asshole. Last week he was busy defending Jeffrey Toobin jerking off in front of his colleagues. This week, he is telling us that actual results don’t really matter and in fact matter so little it is okay to allow Democrats the power to undo them.

    I have more respect for the Antifa retards than I do for Williamson. At least they actually believe in the crazy shit they say. Williamson clearly doesn’t believe in anything other than being an asshole. He is just a fat, worthless sack of puss. If there is a bigger waste of oxygen on the planet than than that fat fuck, I am at a lose to think of who it would be.

    1. Popular cruise ship host Bill Kristol?

    2. Now…tell us what you really think. 🙂

    3. Yeah, “Trump didn’t actually do all this stuff, he just allowed it to happen through delegation.” isn’t the criticism he thinks it is.

    4. I have more respect for the Antifa retards than I do for Williamson. At least they actually believe in the crazy shit they say. Williamson clearly doesn’t believe in anything other than being an asshole. He is just a fat, worthless sack of puss. If there is a bigger waste of oxygen on the planet than than that fat fuck, I am at a lose to think of who it would be.

      If you could convince the retards that it would serve their ends to rebuild and patronize the businesses they destroyed you’d have a more revolutionary democratic force than we’ve seen in generations. If you convinced Williamson that it would serve his ends better to support administrative changes even if he opposed the administration’s leader, you’d still have pretty much the same amount of hot air.

    5. Better stated than i could John its rediuclas to think the good thing would have happened in a vacumme. If Hillary was president we know nothing good would have happened and we would probably be at war with Russia and N. Korea since she did say she would shoot down Russian planes over Syria and she would premtively strike N. Korea

  7. Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, and Texas are imposing new restrictions on schools and businesses as well as limiting the size of public gatherings.


  8. Tucker Carlson Says He Had ‘Authentic, Damning’ New Hunter Biden Documents—But It Got Lost in the Mail
    Christina Zhao 10 hrs ago

    Carlson said the company immediately launched an investigation into the incident, searching planes, trucks and interviewing every employee involved in transporting the package.

    “But they found nothing,” the host added. “Those documents have vanished.”

    “As of tonight, the company has no idea and no working theory about what happened to this trove of materials, documents that are directly relevant to the presidential campaign just six days out,” he continued.

    A good ratfucker is getting harder for the GOP to find.

    1. He had Biden’s business partner on who described the operations of the Biden crime family.

      Do your talking points come directly from Beijing these days or do they still bother with some domestic intermediary? If they come directly from Beijing, the Chicoms are likely to notice how retarded you are and not be as tolerant of it as your usual Soros handlers are. So good luck with that.

      1. “Lost in the mail” Hilarious.

        You Trump-Tards actually believe Tucker Carlson and he loses the evidence in the mail.

        And you wonder why the real media won’t run this “story”.

        1. I really don’t care. It is not like there isn’t enough evidence to show that Joe Biden is on the Chinese payroll. How much more incriminating could it be?

          1. There is no evidence China paid Joe Biden a penny.

            And Hunter Biden was a partner in a VC firm. Him getting paid is par for the course.

            1. No evidence at all; just tens of millions of dollars the Chinese government gave to Biden’s deadbeat son.

              1. Its totally normal to get a 5 million unsecured, forgivable loan from China.


              Explain the 9 million he got the year he left. His book sales and speeches don’t get close to adding up to what his shell corp claimed.

            3. So little evidence that Biden was forced to quit campaigning and hide in his basement.

              1. Big Basements Matter.

            4. “”There is no evidence China paid Joe Biden a penny.””

              There is plenty of evidence if you accept the standard of evidence used in the Trump impeachment

            5. There’s no evidence that Al Capone was guilty of anything other than miscalculating his taxes.

    2. Do you think that reflects badly on Tucker? His show has been beating cable tv records, which means the many many people who watch him believe him when he says he had those documents. Too bad for you.

      1. The business partner was very compelling and credible. The best part of the whole thing though was when the guy said he had a Q clearance (which is the top secret clearance for information about the US nuclear stockpile) and a whole bunch of blue check morons thought he was talking about Q Anon. You really can’t make up how stupid the media actually is.

        1. I didn’t watch it, so thanks for the tidbit. That is hilarious

        2. “Those documents have vanished.”

          Like Rick W Perry said – Whoops!

          1. The documents whatever they are have nothing to do with the business partner. The guy spilled the goods on Biden and his crime family.

            1. Yeah, but he lost his laundry list and therefore….

        3. If one of Trump’s former business partners had anything like this on him he’d be on every channel 24/7 until the election.

          1. And described as extremely credible.

      2. Still has them. This theft thing was an attempt to see how far people would go to stop those documents from being disseminated.

        Up to and including federal mail tampering felonies, evidently.

        1. Obvious simple sting operation.

          Tucker can still spill the beans while giving them greater credence due to nefarious attempts to stop them from being revealed. The Bidens are idiots.

    3. This strikes me as a big PR event. I have no doubt that these documents went missing (It could be to cover for Biden, but also could be someone looking for a quick sale of Hunter dick picks to TMZ or Enquirer). But so what?

      If those were the ONLY documents that Fox News has- i.e. they sent the originals with no copies- then the news is “Tucker Carlson’s Staff Dumber than a bag of Defective Bricks”. Otherwise, meh. Stop crying about the materials and get started releasing them. Why the fuck do they need to go to LA anyways?

      1. It strikes me that way as well. What do you want to bet they will be mysteriously found by the weekend. When they are, then the interest for seeing what they are is even greater.

        1. They won’t be mysteriously found. Tucker’s still got them. No doubt a set of copies got stolen. BTW, Tucker never said he no longer has copies of the information. He only said the set he mailed to L.A. got stolen.

          1. Ah, okay. My mistake.



            You Trump-Fools are as gullible as can be.

              1. And that’s how you circumvent the 13th to pwn a progressive.

              2. The best was watching the pedo claim yesterday he hated both candidates as he rushes to defend biden.

              3. There is no evidence.

                All they have are vague emails that reference a “big guy”.

                You can start with a financial transaction if you have one (which you don’t).

                I know a ratfucker when I see one.

                1. So little evidence that Biden ran away and hid!

                2. And multiple emails that make it clear that the “big guy” is Joe Biden. And of course there is no other person it could be. Moreover, there is no other explanation for why he would have been paid that money other than because it was given as a payment to his father.

                  Everyone believes their lying eyes asshole. Biden is a fucking crook.

                3. Except the emails that explicitly ask him to not mention Joe’s involvement, sure.

            1. “You Trump-Fools are as gullible as can be.”

              And they still didn’t believe you paid your bet.

          3. Yeah, I hate to throw shade on Tucker, who I generally find interesting and credible, but this little segment seemed “off” to me and really not sure how to read it.

            Primarily for me is, why are you mailing copies when scanned emails seems much more effective and timely?

            In a vacuum, the story almost seems worthy of mention, but without more to it, other than “this is weird”, it comes off as conspiracy theory level hype when combined with the aforementioned oddity.

            1. The whole thing is weird in that regard. But the fact remains the business partner told a compelling and credible story. The rest is just background noise.

    4. What kind of damn fool would NOT use a human courier to transport documents of that importance?
      Well, we can be use that they not only made copies, but also have photos and a video of the copying to prove it is authentic, right?

    5. Joe Biden is a crook.

  9. United Airlines will debut in-flight coronavirus testing for international flights between Newark and London.

    Do passengers on flights that get turned around mid-Atlantic get refunds?

    1. Having sat through the miserable experience of a trans-US, 5 hour flight to nowhere before, the answer is Yes, but you have to bitch, moan, and whine a bit.

      Fuck Continental Airlines. I hope they all got fired after their merger.

    2. “We get halfway across-a da ocean, and we run outta gas. So we gotta go back.

      So, we took-a da boat. And that’s how we fly across-a da ocean.”

    3. Also coming soon from UA, ejection chutes attached to the bottom of airline seats.

      “This is your captain speaking. One of you has failed their COVID test. For the last time.”

    4. Do people who test positive at least get a parachute?

      1. Why? They’re dead anyway, right Fauci?

  10. Miles Taylor is no longer anonymous.


    1. He’s a lifelong Republican who wanted McCain to win but donated to Obama.

      1. He is a gifted. Would fit in at the Lincoln project.

    2. This is one of the most hilarious things ever. Even liberals are pissed at the NYT now. This guy was a literal nobody. Now any claim of high level anonymous (last 5 years if trump coverage) is tarnished.

      1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

        unreason hardest hit!

      2. Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell:
        “I can’t stop laughing. What a bust.
        Everyone is like “who?”

      3. I know. The media thought it was actually some bigwig like Kellyanne Conway or Mattis. Turns out it was the government equivalent of Bill Lumbergh’s assistant manager.

        1. “The media thought pretended it was actually some bigwig like Kellyanne Conway or Mattis.”

          Fixed. You’re right, but of course they knew what they were doing.

    3. Are we sure he isn’t still anonymous? I mean, his name is out there but who the fuck knows who he is.

  11. “The U.S. Economy Grew by an Astonishing 33% in the Third Quarter.”


    Koch / Reason libertarianism isn’t really concerned with such metrics. Our philosophy strives to create an economy that works best for billionaires — especially our benefactor Charles Koch. And Drumpf has been absolutely disastrous by that standard. In fact things have gotten so desperate for Mr. Koch that he has fallen out of the top 20 richest people on the planet.


    1. Quel désastre. Il se peut qu’il doive vendre l’un de ses yachts pour payer ENB.

  12. The U.S. Economy Grew by an Astonishing 33% in the Third Quarter. That’s Still Not Enough To Reverse COVID-19’s Damage.

    You can blame Democrats and their media Propagandists for trying to nuke the economy.

    You can give credit to Donald Trump for deregulating the economy so it recovers based on market forces not government force. The US economy was the strongest economy in US History before Lefties tried to nuke it.

    1. it recovers based on market forces not government force.

      You mispelled “$7 trillion in deficit spending” by Trump and the Fed but of course you are that big of a dumbass.

      1. Yes, root against recovery, let the hate flow!

        1. No pal, I am just giving the credit where it is due – $7 trillion in government stimulus.


          2. And if not for trump it would be $11 Trillion or more. wasn’t someone asking for another $14T or was that just for reparations, its hard to keep track of who is spending what these days

      2. “”You mispelled “$7 trillion in deficit spending” by Trump””

        You you really understood what you were talking about you would know that the President doesn’t control the purse. The democrats in the house are doing everything they can to spend more. Pelosi wanted over 3 trillion more spending this years.

        1. If you…

          The want of an edit button

  13. The pandemic did not create any “holes” in the economy. Irrational media fearmongering and government overreach did.

  14. Of course, now right-wingers want to cancel the Girl Scouts for caving to silly left-wing criticism of an inoffensive tweet, because there is no bottom to the ridiculousness of the culture wars.

    I can’t tell who I’m supposed to see as the villain here.

    1. The villain is always the right. If they stand up to leftist totalitarians, they are in the wrong and just as bad as the left. If they don’t stand up, then they clearly agree with the leftists and the leftists must be right.

      Don’t you understand how reason works?

    2. Didn’t the Boy Scouts already cancel

      1. Godsdamnit.

        Didn’t the Boy Scouts already cancel the Girl Scouts when they started accepting girls and everyone who didn’t just want to sell cookies jumped ship?

        1. The jury’s out on that one because COVID-19 lockdowns are doing more damage to both organizations than Boy Scouts is doing to Girl Scouts.

        2. Didn’t the American Boy Scouts just go bankrupt over kiddie diddling lawsuits?

          1. Yes, they did. And along with losing a lot of the Boy Scouts’ LDS members, the need to bolster membership is one of the reasons they started accepting troops of girls.

            1. I just checked, because I have to assume you are always lying, and of course the LDS pullout and the bankruptcy happened almost two years after they announced they were accepting girls.
              Unless they had a crystal ball they couldn’t be the reasons they started accepting troops of girls.

              Why do you do this WK?

              1. I was going purely by memory, not from reading about everything in the news, but my own kids’ involvement in Boy Scouts. One thing you might not have gotten from merely reading news stories is that it was known for a long time before it happened that LDS were planning to pull their kids, and that the lawsuit was coming.

              2. White Supremacist Knight
                October.28.2020 at 5:53 pm
                I’m gonna cry about it!

                The White Knight
                October.28.2020 at 7:04 pm
                I did.

                1. Tulpa quoting R Mac bot quoted Tulpa.

              3. The LDS leaving the Boy Scouts was announced years ago, when they started developing their own program to replace Scouting.

    3. Both sides who participate in and perpetuate the Red vs. Blue Team culture war.

      1. At least Lefties admit that it’s a WAR.

        1. How do “Lefties” admit there is a culture war any more or less than the Right does?

      2. b0Th sIdEs

        But it seriously is a war, or at least needs to be.

        1. Says the guy who is sitting on the sidelines in Canada, and would face none of the horror if the United States actually has another civil war.

          1. The war is currently everywhere in the Western world you stupid, xenophobic fuck.
            Do you actually think critical theory and Woke is restricted by your borders?

            You’re such an insane shithead.

            1. You are not distinguishing in your comment between a metaphorical war and a literal war. If an actual, real civil war breaks out in the US, it is very likely it would not expose you to real violence and destruction.

              1. Yeah civil has never effected a neighboring country throughout history.

                This is one of those times you should take a break for a few.

                1. Yeah, I remember all those stories from history class about Grant and Lee battling it out near the Canadian border.

                  1. You obviously didn’t pay too much attention or you would have learned about all the times various American state militias invaded Canada.


                    1. Seriously. Why is the American left so ignorant about anything that happened before WW2?

                    2. I’ll excuse you, because you are Canadian, for not knowing the huge difference between the War of 1812 and the Civil War.

                    3. I won’t excuse you, because you’re mendacious.
                      The War of 1812 was predicated by and flowed from the American Revolution, which was a civil war.

                      But if you want to talk about the impact on Canada from the war with the Confederacy specifically then it’s the Fenian Raids.

                      But really this is immaterial. R Mac’s point was that things that happen in the States affect its neighbors, which you tried to handwave away in your usual dishonest manner.

                      Of course you don’t actually give a shit about whether a Canadian should be given permission to comment on American happenings.
                      You’re just a lazy debater who, if you can’t distract by having everyone chasing down citations you don’t really want, distracts by attacking nationality.
                      What a piece of shit you are.

                    4. Dee is so fucking stupid she thinks the American Civil War of the 1860’s is the only civil war that ever happened throughout history.

                  2. If only there were no other civil wars besides that one.

                2. “… is a war, or at least needs to be.”

                  If you don’t want to be affected by a second American civil war, maybe you shouldn’t cheer for one.

                  1. What a dishonest piece of shit you are.

  15. have closed plants or otherwise reduced employment in Indiana and moved jobs abroad,


    1. Did the FBI shut down your child porn connection again?

    2. In spite of your apparent reputation around here, those seem to be two accurate statements. On the other hand, you also seem to be implying they’re mutually exclusive statements…which would be stupid.

      Giving you the benefit of doubt, you must have a point – what is it?

      Like, I get it. You like to rub anti-trump points in the face of his supporters here and so highlighting the quote from the article makes sense. Stating the following sentence is where you lose me, unless you somehow think the second disproves the first?

      That’s just silly, though.

      1. *Rather, the first disproves the second.*

  16. Trump Campaign Suffers North Carolina Setback as Supreme Court Rejects Mall-In Ballot Case

    The Supreme Court declined to hear a case that sought to shorten the window of time that North Carolina voters had for submitting mail-in absentee ballots from nine days to three days.

    Roberts pulled another Lefty save because “Barrett did not have enough time to review both filings”. I bet Roberts made sure Barrett could not render a vote.

    Barrett is going to make Robert’s desire to help Lefties really difficult.

    1. North Carolina Early Voting Statistics

      852,013 of 1,451,941 requested ballots have been returned already.

      There is a pretty even mix of Democrat vs Republican and unaffiliated ballots requested.

      1. There is no such thing as an unaffiliated ballot. It contains a vote for someone.

        1. Nevada ballots include “None of the above” . . .

    2. The interesting thing is Kavanaugh sided with Roberts on this one. Maybe the law did allow NC to run their elections that way?

      1. Nine days. WTF. Is the mail being delivered by lame mule?

        1. it’s 17 days in California

      2. This was done by the state leguslature and not the courts. It also still requires a post date stamp.

      3. Under the constitution, states do NOT get final say with federal election law. Article I, Section 4.

        Much of this wont be a big deal because so many state residents voted very early and the ballots can be counted weeks before election day.

        IMHO, all absentee/mail in ballots should be submitted by election day so they can be counted early. This frees up election officials to count voting day ballots in a timely manner.

    1. LOL and these guys are “anti-fascist” no matter how closely they imitate the real Nazis.

      1. Someone needs to go on the Antifa boards and declare a “Night of the Broken Glass”. Ten to one the retards would do it.

        1. Haven’t they already been doing that?

      2. “We call ourselves the Good Guys and call everyone who disagrees with us “Nazis” and “Racists”.
        How can people not understand this? We can never do anything wrong because we’re opposing Nazis and Racists.
        It’s so simple to understand.
        Everything we do is justified because we’re the Good Guys and they’re Nazis and Racists.”

      3. If they were black, they probably weren’t Antifa. Those idiots are mostly white kids.

        1. Good point. They were BLM.

          1. BLM is also mostly white. Only the Proud Boys are colored.

            1. Really…I can hardly tell BLM and Antifa apart, partly because most of them are white middle-class brats.

    2. City of Brotherly violence against JUDEN!

  17. ‘The U.S. Economy Grew by an Astonishing 33% in the Third Quarter. That’s Still Not Enough To Reverse COVID-19’s Damage.”

    The Virus has had a negligible economic effect.

    However, collective suicide …..

  18. These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Do Nothing To Stop COVID

    Great graphs on international nations and Texas vs Georgia where Georgia never had a mask mandate.

    1. good link clearly wearing a mask that continues to be infected is not good for the wearer. I had a client in my office who wore his mask I could hardly look at him, his mask was filthy.

  19. The Supreme Court declined to hear a case that sought to shorten the window of time that North Carolina voters had for submitting mail-in absentee ballots from nine days to three days.visit this site for full details……….USA PART TIME JOB.

  20. “The Girl Scouts of America tweeted—and then quickly deleted”

    I love the lessons being taught to our young girl scouts.

    At the first sign of resistance, quit. Also, renounce your heroes.

    1. and now they can’t tweet to congratulate Kamala Harris for being the first US President, because of this precedent.

    2. And yet she persisted. Or not.

  21. EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Suspends U.S. Border Chief For Celebrating Wall’s Protection From Illegal Aliens

    Whoever said walls dont work? It worked to limit illegals AND expose Lefties at Twatter for complete hypocrisy.

    Trump cant block followers because Twatter is some official record but Trump’s department chief accounts get blocked because Lefties don’t like the message.

    1. Every time they shut down one of these accounts, the account holder absolutely must start a new account on another platform, like Parler or something else. The NY Post needs to do so immediately.

  22. “Super Bowl winning defensive end Russell Okung gets it”

    Too bad REASON doesn’t.

    1. Don’t they deserve some amount of credit for being able to recognize it though. Maybe there’s hope?

    2. Russell Okung is a left tackle, not defensive end…

    3. World Series winning Justin Turner getting a lot of left wing shade for celebrating with his teammates after being pulled from Game 6 for a positive test result earlier in the day.

      1. “Like plenty of players, Saints receiver Emmanuel Sanders has tested positive for COVID-19. Unlike many players, Sanders has developed symptoms of the disease.

        He also has a nagging concern that his situation could deteriorate at any time.

        “Every night I go to sleep I’m like, ‘Lord, please, let me like wake up in the morning feeling good,’” Sanders said on the latest episode of Uninterrrupted’s 17 Weeks podcast on SiriusXM/Pandora. “Like, I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and like, can’t breathe. And like, shit just goes south, right? That’s like my biggest fear in watching that shit, it intensifies my fears, right? Because people can say whatever you want and everybody could say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m not scared to get COVID.’ But in the back of your head, and you may think you’re healthy but in the back of your head, you don’t know this virus. Nobody knows anything about this virus. You don’t know how your body’s gonna react and you don’t know at any moment, like if shit will go south, right?”

        Sanders tested positive last Thursday after developing symptoms while at work.

        “Showed up to practice,” Sanders said. “I wasn’t feeling well. It was just weird. And my wife, you know, she told me like the day before she was like, I can’t taste or smell anything. So that kind of like threw me off a little bit. So then the next day I show up to work and I’m running routes, but I’m just like, I just don’t feel good. So I ended up telling the trainers. I told the trainers I wasn’t feeling well. And then they start asking me questions. And then I told them about my wife. And after that they took me to get tested and I got tested and that test came back positive. And then they sent me to another doctor and that came back positive and I was just like, what the hell?

        “Because truthfully, you know, I don’t really go anywhere. And the only places I’ve been was to take my son to go train for basketball and for football. And so I don’t know, that’s the only place that I possibly could have contracted it unless you know, me and my wife, we went and had dinner one night as well. So it’s a situation that sucks. I’m missing two games. But, you know, it is what it is. ootball is a game. And sometimes I think about it way too much over situations that could be, you know, deadly. And so I was upset about the two games at first, but then once I realized, damn, like I got COVID-19 and it’s way bigger than football. I just thank God that obviously I’m still in good health right now and that my wife’s still in good health.””

        This shit is ridiculous. Working healthy people into a panic over a mild respiratory virus is a crime against humanity, and actively harms this dude’s health.

  23. More confirmation of the fundamental point I’ve been making for years.

    NEW: Wall Street will finish the 2020 election spending just over $74 million backing Joe Biden’s run for president, topping the amount toward President Trump. It’s more than what President Obama saw from the securities and investment industry.

    When Democrats talk tough about “Wall Street” or “the rich” or “the 1%,” they don’t really mean it. It’s just a leftover habit from decades ago, before the party totally abandoned its working class roots to embrace billionaire-friendly policies like open borders.


  24. A Day In The Life Of An Anonymous Resistance Member Inside The Trump Administration

    I can’t wait for Trump to go back to reducing bureaucrats in Washington after he is reelected.

  25. Democrats’ Lurch Into Socialism Is Driving Young Cuban American Support For Trump

    I have been assured that young Americans vote Democrat. Hmm…must be something wrong with the Lefty polling.

    1. Having relatives who lived through communism does wonders to make socialism look like a bad idea. One of my coworkers is cuban, and actually changed his mothers vote by just reminding her of what her mother would have thought if she’d voted that way.

      1. For those that have never been to Communist nations, especially those controlled by the USSR…

        I went to Romania in 1996. There was a long line of people waiting to fill their propane tanks for cooking.

        Many Americans don’t understand what poor really is or what not having capitalist businesses fulfill your every whim is like.

    2. hell even just spending the first 25 years of my life in the people’s republic of NJ was enough to make sure i never vote for the blue clowns again.

      i imagine it’d be stronger if i hailed from Cuba or the former USSR

  26. If Big Business Cares About Social Justice, Why Isn’t It Saying Anything About China?

    I sure hope that Kungflu is not a biological weapon by China.

    unreason and the MSM could sell America out in a heartbeat for some Commie assurances.

    1. Because they are on China’s payroll. They know enough to not bite the hand that feeds them.

      1. (Because the other hand holds a gun)

      2. I wish they would realize the same thing about the middle class tax cattle that funds all of their statist fever dreams. I guess you can only bite the hand when you have a gun to the hand’s head.

  27. Twitter, Facebook Confess There Is No Evidence Of Russian Disinformation Behind Hunter Biden Story

    Poor Lefties. All their deflection attempts fail.

    Trump winning reelection is really going to send Lefties to the Looney Bin.

    1. Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. The left is criminal

    2. But it had all the hallmarks….

      1. Yeah, they don’t like it, therefore…

    1. French Embassy in Saudi also got attacked by some knife-wielding jibber-jabbering about Moe.

      Really needs more bombings though. Or something Bataclan-like. They ever catch the guys who bankrolled that? Hell, did they ever catch all of the shooters?

    2. US Drone Strike Kills 17 Jihadists in NW Syria

      But the Britain-based Observatory said the operation, which targeted a dinner meeting of jihadists in the village of Jakara in the Salqin area, killed at least 17 jihadists including 11 leaders.

      Last supper?

      Remember unreason screamed about US killing Soleimani and we dont hear much from Iran these days?

      1. Amazing how quickly World War 3 ended and how nobody brings it up anymore.

    3. Charles Martel spinning in his grave.

    4. Religion of Peace strikes again? W hardest hit…well, except for the dead people…

  28. Kevin D. Williamson, National Review’s libertarian-sympathizing curmudgeon, interrogates the case for reelecting Trump and finds it wanting.

    From the article:
    The case against Trump in 2020 is a lot like the case against Trump in 2016 but bolstered by the accumulation of evidence and experience. Any hope that he might mature in office and come to appreciate the gravity of his responsibility has been dissolved. He is, if anything, a less serious candidate in 2020 than he was in 2016, and even more the game-show host.

    It always boils down to style with the NeverTrumpers.
    Forget about the USMCA, the Abraham Accords, the Judges, the Peace Deal with the Taliban, the First Step Act, Trump isn’t fancy like we are.

    Fucking snooty NRO fops with their affected mid-Atlantic accents and their little magazines, waffling about shit like “protocol” that doesn’t matter and never will, all the while ignoring the stuff that does.
    Fuck them, and fuck their enablers.

    1. The funny thing about it is that Williamson is apparently from the worst sort of white trash family and was adopted out. It seems like his entire career is one long attempt to deal with whatever self hatred he has because his biological family was such garbage.

      The other thing about Williamson is that he is not qualified to speak about anything. The guy has a masters in comparative literature. He has literally never had a job in his life that wasn’t getting paid to talk out of his ass about subjects he knew just enough to be dangerous about. Yet, he constantly pontificates on every subject like he is some kind of expert. Williamson is a big slovenly example of everything that is wrong with the establishment conservative media.

      1. All media in general.

      2. What exactly do you think pundits are?

      3. “The funny thing about it is that Williamson is apparently from the worst sort of white trash family and was adopted out. It seems like his entire career is one long attempt to deal with whatever self hatred he has because his biological family was such garbage.”

        Your statement about Williamson’s background puts his infamous story, about poor white communities needing to die, in some perspective. Even four and a half years later, I still can’t believe NR printed that. Derbyshire was a step too far, but that evil garbage was fine.

        1. Neither can I. NR printing that did show why the post Reagan conservative movement was such a failure. It was a failure because it was made up of people who were not conservative. No conservative would ever say that people’s communities and ways of life dying is somehow deserved and desirable.

          1. Ironically, the Democrats of the time who made the effort to keep the industrial jobs in those places from being shipped abroad and outsourced were more conservative in that regard than the supposed “conservatives.”

      4. Most career politicians share this trait as well.

    2. “Any hope that he might mature in office and come to appreciate the gravity of his responsibility has been dissolved. He is, if anything, a less serious candidate in 2020 than he was in 2016, and even more the game-show host.”

      I abhorred 2016 Trump’s immaturity and lack of control.

      He has clearly and significantly improved in this area in the last 3 years, so the writer is just a liar.

      There are a number of issues where he is clearly more serious about his Presidential responsibilities than his predecessor.

    3. Also:
      “Trump’s principal success has been as a rubber stamp to the very “establishment” at which Trump and his admirers like to sneer. In the matter of judges, that establishment is instantiated by the Heritage Foundation — which simply gave Trump a list of good judicial candidates, while Trump, always happy to let someone else do his homework for him, has stuck with it. …
      Trump signed off on a tax plan that has some good elements (But was first thought up by the speaker’s office…)”

      So Williamson (and Boehm’s) big “conservative” case against Trump is that he implemented plans already in the works by Republicans?
      How fucking stupid are they? Only “real” presidents do it all themselves?

      1. Yes. Their complaint is that Trump put into place Republican policies. Since he didn’t write them himself, that justifies electing Biden who would undo all of them.

        How stupid are they? Really fucking stupid.

        1. Do you think years from now, when Trump is just an old memory, Boehm or Williamson will ever have a moment of introspection where they wonder “What the hell was I even fighting against?”

          1. That is a good question. I think one of two things will happen. They will either live in total denial for the rest of their lives and claim Trump was everything they said he was against all evidence or they will pretend they were never against him and agreed with him all along. My money is on the latter.

            1. It will probably come when the people whose asses they’ve been kissing the last five years, so they don’t get kicked out of the Kool Kids Klub, line them up against the wall for whatever arbitrary thoughtcrime they committed.

              1. It will come whenever Trump leaves public life, be that this January or January of 25. When that happens, the Never Trump right will no longer be useful to the left to concern troll against Trump. So, they will immediately be kicked out of the kool kids klub. At that point, with Trump gone, they will come crawling back to the Republican party hoping they can be important again. The story will be something along the lines of “we always supported what Trump wanted to do and just criticized him in hopes it would make him better”. It will be pathetic and transparent and my guess is none of the rank and file Republicans will buy it or stop holing a grudge.

                1. It will be pathetic and transparent and my guess is none of the rank and file Republicans will buy it or stop holing a grudge.

                  I’ll honestly be surprised if they do try to worm their way back in, but I do think you’re right that if they try it, the base will tell them to fuck off, considering they’ve spent the last four years actively supporting Democrats to gain power and trashing people who voted for Trump.

                  At this point, they really need to just drop whatever pretenses to conservatism they supposedly hold and join the Democrats full time. The only real principle these grifters have ever had is their hard-on for conflict with Russia and Middle Eastern countries. It’s why the Democrats are sounding a lot more like hawks these days.

            2. They will be like the people who like to think everything bad now can be traced back to Reagan. they will never look at facts

    4. “Any hope that he might mature in office and come to appreciate the gravity of his responsibility has been dissolved.”

      The issue with the Never Trumpers is almost always his foreign policy.

      Being mature means mounting a full scale invasion of Syria when the opportunity presents itself in their minds. Being mature means refusing to negotiate a peace deal with the Taliban and maintaining an American presence there forever.

      Trump won’t do that.

      America first spits in the face of neoconservatism.

      1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      2. That’s a good point. Nevertrumping is, in it’s bowels, angry globalist Neocons.
        The Democratic party has always been their real home.

      3. neocons gotta neocons

        can’t resupply those bombs if we don’t use them

        can’t spread America’s greatness at the point of a gun without boots on the ground

    5. The economy, general. Don’t forget the economy.

  29. There is one massive upside to the economy draining the way it has–the government is getting smaller. That horrible unnecessary stimulus bill that President Trump annihilated was meant to bail out the states by almost $1 trillion. Without that $1 trillion, the states are being forced to slash government employment, and seriously consider slashing their pension programs.

    State government workforces shrank 5% across the country from February to September to 4.9 million, fewer people than at any point during or after the 2008 recession, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Local government workforces cut 6%, or nearly a million people, and local revenue shortfalls are adding pressure to states’ budgets.

    . . . .

    Mr. McConnell suggested in April that states should be allowed to file for bankruptcy to address their pension debt. Mr. Trump asked in a tweet that month: “Why should the people and taxpayers be bailing out poorly run states like Illinois?”

    Illinois, with the worst finances of any state, has been banking on billions in federal funding. The state has a $230 billion pension liability after years of putting off payments, according to an estimate by Moody’s Investors Service, and faces an additional $8 billion backlog of unpaid bills.

    —-WSJ, October 28, 2020

    That, my small-state libertarian friends, is the sound of the government getting smaller–and it isn’t happening by accident. The pandemic may have been an accident, but the lockdowns and the steadfast refusal to sign off on a stimulus package that bailed out the states to the tune of $1 trillion was not an accident. It was a hard won political battle, won in the face of a crisis and in the weeks before an election.

    There will never be a time when the states are so flush with cash that they decide to cut spending. Refusing to bail out states in the midst of an economic downturn may be the only way we’ll ever see state governments get smaller, and if we don’t reward President Trump and the senate Republicans for standing up to the pressure and leaving the states to cut spending in a crisis, then what’s the point of being fiscally conservative?

    McConnell saying that maybe the states should be allowed file for bankruptcy is the closest we’ll ever get to a Republican leader saying, “Fuck you, cut spending”. Isn’t leaving the states with no choice but to cut spending even better? How tragic if when Republican politicians do the most libertarian thing that can be reasonably hoped for, libertarians won’t even bother voting for the Republicans anyway because of . . . other shit they didn’t do?!

    If Donald Trump is reelected, there won’t be a bailout for the states. He wouldn’t bail them out ahead of an election, so there is no good reason to think he’ll sign off on bailing them out when the election is over.

    1. Does anyone imagine Joe Biden doing this?!

      Those of you out there who are always arguing that the Republicans are no different from the Democrats because neither of them are libertarians–I dare you to imagine a scenario where Joe Biden or Kamala Harris refuses to bail out the state employees on principle.

      The economy has tanked, there’s an election looming, but Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris) is so steadfast in their refusal to bail out the terrible overspending of the states, that they refuse to bail them out.

      If libertarians won’t reward the Republicans at the ballot box for leaving the states with no choice but to cut their budgets and get smaller, then the Republicans would be stupid to try and impress us with anything ever again.

      P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. It is pretty clear that the blue states are shutting down their economies in hopes that it will help Biden win and get the bailouts they desperately need. If they don’t get bailouts, the entire blue state model goes bankrupt and fiscal sanity forces these states to lower taxes and spending.

        1. The progressives won’t cut spending until they have no other choice, and reelecting Donald Trump gives them no other choice but to cut spending.

          Democrats and Republicans in California, Illinois, and New York should rejoice if President Trump is reelected. If the federal government bails them out, they’ll just keep spending.

          Conversely, IF IF IF Biden is elected, he will bail out the states–and that should provoke a bigger reaction against him than TARP provoked a reaction against Obama and the RINOs by way of the Tea Party.

          If there’s anything more unpopular than using our future paychecks to bail out Wall Street, it could only be using our paychecks to bail out California and New York. People in flyover country already hate those states now–how much more will they hate them if Joe Biden forces them to pay for California’s bullet train to nowhere? How much more will they hate New York City when they’re being forced to pay for New York’s progressive AOC approved programs–when they don’t even get to vote in New York?

          P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

          1. It is absolutely imperative that New York, California, and Illinois go bankrupt. Those states have become an enormous drag on the economy. Bailing them out will just make it worse.

            1. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

          2. Ken, “Let them hate, so long as they fear.”

            Our relationship between rulers and ruled is rapidly leaving behind consideration of the other side’s goodwill.

    2. To me Ken, the first task of a re-elected POTUS Trump is to immediately stop hiring in Federal government bureaucracy in the DC area. Let the bureaucracy shrink by attrition, and force the government into having a smaller footprint.

      POTUS Reagan wanted to do that, shrink the size of government. The most important thing a POTUS Trump could do for the Republic is shrink the size of the federal bureaucracy.

      Provided he has a Senate majority to work with, continue to fill the judiciary with exceptional nominees.

      After that…cut spending, and get government out of the way.

      1. At the very least, we need to deprive the states of a bailout.

        There is no reason why people in Texas, Colorado, and Ohio should be forced to bail out a $230 billion unfunded pension liability in Illinois. No taxation without representation!

        And think of the moral hazard.

        If the states can promise their government employees pension benefits that are so lavish that they can accumulate $230 billion worth–only to have the federal government bail them out–then where does it end? As long as the federal government can keep “printing” money, the government employee unions can keep making outrageous demands–and getting them?

        Refusing to bail out the states needs to be the line we hold, and President Trump and the Republicans in the senate did the most libertarian thing possible when they refused to sign off on any stimulus that bailed out the states.

        1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      2. PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF!

  30. Desperate voters book last-minute flights to the polls

    Lefties are just admitting now that they vote in two locations. Residency rules and enforcement are such a joke that this is ONE WAY Lefties commit voter fraud.

    I see tons of Commifornia license plates in Georgia. (1) They are passing thru and not residents (2) they work here and would need to follow Georgia rules of residency in 30 days (3) They live here and would need to follow Georgia rules on residency in 30 days.

    1. Strange, considering California has to be more expensive to register a car in than Georgia. At least that was the case when I lived in CA, a bunch of years ago.

      1. Normally that would be the case, but Georgia switched to a lump sum vehicle tax policy a few years ago.

        In other words, once you register your vehicle in Georgia, there is a lump sum sales tax payment due to get Georgia tags. Georgia used to space vehicle tax over years you owned the vehicle.

        Our yearly tag renewals are $20 now.

        1. The fuck? You have to pay sales tax on something you already bought? Are there set offs from sales tax you paid when you initially purchased the vehicle?

          1. In Massachusetts they call it excise tax. It is a tax paid every year with your car registration based on the valuation of your car. It goes down yearly on some sort of depreciation schedule but it never ends. If you keep your car long enough it gets to be about $25 a year.

        2. Our lack of sales tax in Montana (and back to back Democratic Governors spending priorities) have resulted in huge vehicle registration costs that hit rural areas the hardest. And now Bullock’s COVID virtue signalling to placate his progressive base in Bozeman, Missoula and Helena have further stressed our revenues.
          I am not happy with Gianforte but I voted for him (the LP gubernatorial candidate had no shot) because we need to change the executive branch in Helena. I would love to see a lowering of vehicle registration, and lower income tax in exchange for a moderate sales tax.

    2. Is that all the Hollywood film industry fuckheads that work in the Georgia film studios?

      1. I do see some Teslas with Commifornia plates but most vehicles are older models and trucks. I suspect average working people who fled Commifornia for work in Georgia but are not ready to move here for whatever reason.

        My wife hates that they make movies here in Georgia, especially Ms. Milano. She knew it would bring Lefty dipshits to try to influence Georgia politics.

        1. Money talks. There’s a reason Michigan and New Mexico give the industry massive tax incentives to film in those states–the tentpoles cost over $200 million to make, and the state governments want a piece of that pie because they figure whatever spending the actors and crews do there will outweigh on the back end what the states aren’t getting on the front end.

  31. NFL plans to hold fan capacity to 20% for Super Bowl, with masks mandatory

    And because of this Lefty Kungflu hysteria, the NFL will see a 75% reduction in viewership, attendance, and revenue from all sources.

    1. Ironically, the Florida government gave teams the go-ahead for full capacity, but last I checked none of them were actually doing it.

      Don’t these companies know they are only supposed to care about money? Why on earth would they do something voluntarily?

  32. Anti-Communist ex-Cuban in exile endorses Biden as true friend of liberty.

    “Sometimes I vote with the Republicans and sometimes with the Democrats. I have dedicated my life and I have written several books against socialists and communists. But in this election, I want to say emphatically that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are neither socialists nor communists,” says Montaner looking at the camera. “I have been in exile for many years, and I know the friends of freedom perfectly. They are.”

    Con Man is slipping in Florida.


    1. Fuck off and die, turd.

      1. Angry Sevo bot is angry.

        1. Aren’t you the guy who got run off then had to slink back and deny he was actualy the guy who got run off?

          1. Yes. For posting child pornography.

            1. Making shit up bot is making shit up.

              1. My mistake White Knight, I scrolled too fast and thought The Pot was replying to dildo.

                1. Apology accepted.

    2. Anti-Communist ex-Cuban

      “Montaner, 77, has received multiple journalism awards, worked as a university professor and has been a columnist for various Latin American and United States media outlets, including el Nuevo Herald.”

      Sounds exactly like a Communist to me.

      1. Anti-communist, but pro-socialist.

  33. Democrats Dream of Flipping Texas With Early Vote Exploding

    Democrats 17,926,549
    Republicans 11,283,183
    Minor 238,540
    No Party Affiliation 8,658,517
    78 million Americans (dead and alive) have early voted.

    I would be willing to bet that most Biden voters are registered Democrats. Most registered Republicans vote for the Republican. As we found out from 2016, those No Party affiliation vote Trump in large numbers.

    1. They’ll do it eventually, if existing trends hold. Just not this year.

      1. Sure, it might happen…someday.

        Texas was a Blue state. California was a Red state.

        What Lefties wont admit is that if Texas turns Blue, there will be Blue states that turn Red.

        Even the Boomer Generation turned more conservative as they got older.

        1. Progressivism is a failure because Socialism is a failure.

          People don’t want change for change’s sake.

          Conservatism has change when its massively popular. Not just when some elites thing America should change… project that day.

    2. People’s Pundit Daily polling is suggesting that an overwhelming majority of Republicans this year (something close to 80% depending on area) don’t plan to vote until the day of the election so who knows how things will actually play out.

  34. View from the dentist waiting room:
    Joe the ho can no longer do TV ads; they’ve got his wife shilling for him.

  35. Russell Okung is talking about sound money? Seems like he’s been listening to Ron Paul. Wait, didn’t someone from Reason say that Ron Paul and the people he attracts are baddies? Did I get that right? Any further comment from Reason? We wouldn’t want to be associated with the baddies, after all.

    1. Isn’t Russell Okung a very large black man who had a long career as a left tackle in the NFL? Or is this a different Russell Okung?

      1. It’s written above:

        “Super Bowl winning defensive end Russell Okung gets it”

        It’s ok, everybody jumps straight to the comments (except Fist)

        1. He wasn’t a defensive end. He was a left tackle.

          1. I don’t know the guy but according to his bio, he has played OFFENSIVE tackle his whole career.

            1. Correct.
              Defensive ends are his enemies

              1. Because they come from the Right?

    2. “ didn’t someone from Reason say that Ron Paul and the people he attracts are baddies? ”

      Yes, and then she got demoted.

      1. Did she?!
        Wow, I would laugh like a maniac if that were true.

        1. Guess we’ll see next Monday.

  36. Chris Cuomo defends infamous Q-tip skit: ‘The country needed comfort’

    Remember when Chris Cuomo threatened to throw that guy down stairs and nothing happened to Cuomo?

  37. Delta has added 460 people to its no-fly list since April for refusing wear masks

    I hope these fucking airlines get no bailouts. They have a horrible business strategy to succumb to Lefty hysteria and are failing financially.

    Delta even banned the Navy Seal that shot Bin Laden for not wearing a mask.

    1. Good thing we have manly men like you who refuse to wear a mask and who go around coughing on people just to be a dick.

      1. According to drunkard Sarcasmic, not wearing a mask means that you cough on people and are a dick in public.

        Poor sarcasmic.

        If only he lived in a place where people dont wear masks, hold doors open for people, and people are generally courteous to each other.

        1. Another laughable Lefty virtue signalling is that people who masks are suddenly good people no matter how they act or what tyranny they want to force on others.

          TRUMP is gonna win sarcasmic. You poor guy.

          1. I hope you’re right, 1789.

            The question for me isn’t whether Trump wins, really. It’s whether libertarian capitalism loses.

            Libertarian capitalism loses if Biden wins. It’ll be the biggest blow to both libertarianism and capitalism in generations.

            It may be as bad as FDR. It might be worse. FDR only threatened to pack the Supreme Court and sewed the seeds of the destruction of capitalism. Biden will almost certainly try to pack the Supreme Court and both put the Green New Deal in place and come after our gun rights. Biden has the potential to be far worse than FDR.

            1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

            2. Anything could happen but I see the same reasons why Trump won in 2016 happening today. Add in riots and violence that was not there in 2016, so I predict more people will vote for Trump this time.

              I worry more about 2024 because Trump is only one person to fight these Lefties and not many people can do what Trump does to keep the Lefties at bay.

        2. You take great pride in being an inconsiderate dick. I could never imagine you being courteous to anyone.

          1. I can think of few things more inconsiderate than being an asshole who berates people for not agreeing with the New Normal of wearing a social symbol to stoke fear and panic in people, fear and panic that was used to justify destroying millions of people’s lives, just because you’re an emotionally broken hypochondriac.

            1. Sarcasmic’s whole self admitted schtick is going into threads with terrible strawman arguments to try to make fun of his perceived opponents… yet he is talking courteousness here. Odd.

            2. Haha. Yeah, Sarcs a pussy, but at least Xe isn’t “inconsiderate”.

          2. I’m a dick to YOU sarcasmic because you’re a dick to people just because you hate yourself.

            I have a funny story about a New Yorker in a Georgia restaurant who got upset because I wasnt wearing a mask. She wouldnt enter the restaurant even when I held the door open for her.

            I was grabbing some lunch to go and she walked behind me and made a big deal about waiting around the large wood bar. She approached some people she thought were from NY and began to passively aggressively talk about me while I stood 2 feet away waiting for my food. How there is one in every crowd and in NY not wearing masks is not tolerated.

            I said to her that people from NY people who demand mask wearing are lunatics and she is in Georgia. Georgians like our freedoms. She called me a White Supremacist, so I corrected her that I am AmerIndian. I asked if was a Democrat and knew that the Democrat Party is the Party of slavery.

            This Black guy sitting at the bar looked at her. HE WASNT WEARING A MASK EITHER. She called me an asshole and walked to the other side of the bar.

            She parked in a handicapped spot but didnt openly appear handicapped. But wearing masks makes you virtuous.

            Lefties are being seen by apolitical people for the true tyrants that Democrats are.

          3. I hear he’s very courteous to your mom.

      2. “who go around coughing on people just to be a dick”

        Yes, because that’s exactly what they all were doing.
        I can’t even…

      3. “Good thing we have manly men like you who refuse to wear a mask and who go around coughing on people just to be a dick.”

        Bad that we have lying pieces of lefty shit like you.

      4. Yeah, everyone knows that catching BatAIDS is an insta-kill. The nerve!

      5. Good thing we have men like you who are subservient to virtue signaling to the crowd. A true libertarian.

  38. Of course, now right-wingers want to cancel the Girl Scouts for caving to silly left-wing criticism of an inoffensive tweet, because there is no bottom to the ridiculousness of the culture wars.

    Because caving to Lefties nonsense is no longer acceptable to non-Lefty Americans.

    Eric Boehm caves to Lefty nonsense on a daily basis, so he has no idea what principles are.

    1. Sarah Day O’Connor was the FIRST WOMAN SCOTUS Justice…thanks to Republicans.

    2. That really is a genius version of spin.

      “How dare you complain that the other political team successfully pressured someone into deleting an “inoffensive tweet!?!”

      At least they are consistent….. “How dare you complain that the other political team has successfully cowed all of the primary providers of communications capabilities into blocking any information that is derogatory about them?!?!”

      1. I love to bring up how they used to call Trump stupid.

        That “stupid” Trump has defeated nearly every Lefty attempt to get rid of him, Lefty propaganda campaign, and nuking the economy.

        Trump really is the Kryptonite to Lefty nonsense.

      2. Essentially the Boehm version of “Republicans Pounce” then.

        Attacking the complaint about the assault, rather than the assault.

    3. Fuck it, I’m still buying their cookies. I see the Thin Mints and start tweaking out.

      1. You can buy the cookies at the grocery store. Keebler makes a lot of the GS cookies anyway. They have thin mints, Samoas, and I think the peanut butter ones at the grocery store. AND you can have them all year round.

        1. This. I can’t remember what they’re called, but I was at the in-laws and they had some cookies that seemed to be exactly the same as thin mints.

  39. “The U.S. Economy Grew by an Astonishing 33% in the Third Quarter. That’s Still Not Enough To Reverse COVID-19’s Damage.”

    An accurate and objective headline is:
    “The U.S. Economy Grew by an Astonishing 33% in the Third Quarter. That’s Still Not Enough To Reverse Democrat’s Lockdown Damage.”

    Earth to Reason: The lockdowns caused the damage, not Covid.

    1. The stimulus bill, that Trump and the senate Republicans killed, was unnecessary.

  40. Spin, baby spin!

  41. A: I don’t believe those government growth figures.
    2: Can we stop calling it Coronavirus damage and instead call it coronavirus policy damage?

  42. math…. if you lose 36% and you gain back 33% of that you’re still like 15% short of where you were. The damage that is going to unfold over the next 6 months is going to shock a ton of the branch covidians and others. The level of economic ignorance on display here and hubris with regards to these lock downs is just incredible. This is going to be the worst recession of our lifetimes and you people don’t seem to appreciate it. You can’t get time back.

    1. The US economy shrank by 31.4% in quarter 2. It then grew by 33.1% in quarter 3. If you consider the size of the economy at the end of Q1 to be 100, that means it shrank to 68.6 in Q2. It then grew 33.1% from it’s new base of 68.6 in Q3. That means it is 91.3% of it’s starting point at the end of Q1. So, the economy is 8.7% smaller than before the KungFlu panic.

      If the economy grows about 9.5% from it’s current base in Q3, it will be back to the size it was when the kung flu started. I don’t think that is unrealistic for Q4. And if that happens, it means the economy would start 2021 where it ended Q1 of 2020. All and all, that would be pretty remarkable when you consider all that happened.

      1. That would be absolutely miraculous.

        I just had a tangentially related conversation: Someone was asking about a bag of Lay’s potato chips that had a big green stripe across the entire bottom of the package. A guy from coke explained that it was the end of roll warning for the packaging material. Normally they would remove it, but with all the shortages due to covid lockdowns, they sell every bag they can these days.

        He said he used to stock some 40 different flavors. Today, he only does 15. He said everyone in the industry is in a similar situation.

        This version of our economy is going to have long-lasting effects, some of which might actually turn out for the better as companies learn a bunch of things about their market and supply chain that they never would have learned otherwise.

      2. Consumer spending and business spending shrank by 8% each at the same time. In 2009 business spending shrank at 10% and consumer spending shrank by 2% the wreckage didn’t fully materialize till 2012 for most of mainstreet. This is going to be so much worse and immediate. You can’t get time back, whole sectors of the economy are going to go tits up and it’s going to happen sooner than later. Flights, hotels, conferences, entertainment and everything that comes with it aren’t coming back for two years. Not to mention commercial real estate going tits up. I don’t think people fully appreciate what that means. Look it’s not going to be the great depression noone is going to starve to death, but this is going to hurt real bad.

        1. people are burning so much cash right now business wise just to stay afloat for demand that really isn’t going to come and you have massive supply chain disruptions. I’ve never seen anything like this.

          1. You have. Its Socialism. Just a Kungflu hysteria brand.

            Blue states controlling the economy and creating faux market indicators.

            Georgia was not as affected by these lies, so builders are building businesses, traffic is almost back to normal, and most of our businesses weathered the Lefty nonsense.

        2. Maybe. But the numbers speak for themselves. Unless there is a big contraction in the fourth quarter, the overall economy is going to be back pretty close to what it was.

          1. that’s irrelevant. Not too many business’s can take a 30% haircut for any amount of time. We can’t get those sales back. The bankruptcies that are going to come are going to shock people. I’m honestly not trying to scare people it is what it is but it’s pretty grim imho. Consumer spending is a lagging indicator noone has any operating cash left.

            1. And there is not really any end in sight.

            2. Also I’d love to be wrong.

            3. If the economy is the same size, that means that any business that goes bankrupt’s production will be assumed by someone else. The whole thing becomes a great reshuffling rather than a recession or depression.

              Along those lines, if there is one thing that is a real problem, it is how this totally fucked small businesses to the benefit of large corporations. Overall that doesn’t hurt us in the short term. It is however a problem in the long term I think and most certainly an outrageous injustice.

              1. well yes this is going to be the largest transfer of wealth since reconstruction. This is on purpose. Mainstreet hasn’t bottomed out yet. Look I run a construction business we had work for 6 months of the lockdown, we had no plans come across our desk for the last 6 months till this one that’s the first time I’ve seen something like that since 2012, I live and work in nova a place replete and sheltered by gov money this is going to be bad. My industry is looking at a lean 6 months that has just started so is everyone else. We are on the back of a train that has derailed eventually it will filter down to the rest of the cars, noone’s talking about this because of the election but they will. like I said the damage isn’t done yet we haven’t settled at the bottom yet we will have another drop off in consumer spending shortly, the recovery will be w shaped not v.

                1. Some of that pain is not bad. The fact is that a lot of people really can work from home and we had way over invested in commercial real estate. It is a lot more efficient for some people to work from home. They just were not because businesses refused to believe it. This speeded up that process. That is bad for the construction industry and some short term pain, but long term we end up with a more efficient economy and will be better off for it.

                2. Interesting i’m in California and I’ve been drafting houses like crazy and have had to turn several jobs away. but i do believe a lot of it is people fleeing the big towns for smaller towns. house prices have gone through the roof.

        3. “Not to mention commercial real estate going tits up. I don’t think people fully appreciate what that means. Look it’s not going to be the great depression noone is going to starve to death, but this is going to hurt real bad.”

          A lot of this is just an acceleration of trends that were already ongoing.

          What we would do with all that retail space was already a mystery before the pandemic. People were already fleeing the big cities for the suburbs and smaller towns inland, to the south, and to the west. No doubt, the acceleration of office vacancies is a big deal–but if that sticks, it’ll be because the technology was taking us in that direction anyway.

          I’ve seen commercial real estate go tits up four times. Once in the aftermath of the S&L crisis, once in the aftermath of the dotcom bust, once in the aftermath of the mortgage crisis, and now in the aftermath of the coronavirus.

          Don’t discount the realization that the seeds of the next boom are planted by the last disaster. Fortunes were made by people well capitalized people who were there to take advantage of each and every one of those crises. This time isn’t different. It’s sometimes better when failing, outdated models are crushed sooner rather than later–then all their assets are redeployed for growth by someone else.

          The people who bought department store and movie theater based shopping centers will never make the profits they expected to make when they paid a premium market cap to get their hands on all those rising rents. But now that they’re forced to sell, they don’t need to perform like retail anymore. Retail is typically parked at eight spaces per thousand feet–there’s more land per thousand square feet of retail and all that parking may not be necessary in a mixed use or residential use. And that’s infill space! How many of those department stores and movie theaters can be gutted and converted to luxury lofts with restaurants and walking space where the smaller retailers used to be? The next developer doesn’t need to make the rents the bankrupt seller was counting on. When you buy it at firesale prices, that property gets a clean slate–and the sale prices take current market conditions into account.

          We don’t use the word “problem” in our office. The receptionist doesn’t even use the word. Just use the word “opportunity” instead. Commercial real estate is full of opportunities right now. They may not be the same places they were before, and they may be different than they were before, but people will make fortunes redeveloping empty retail spaces into different uses than they were before. We’re talking about creative destruction here. It’s a good thing.

          1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

          2. Your not wrong about the acceleration of ongoing trends. Though I think the leap to telecommuting would have taken another decade without the external pressure. It’s only recently become truly feasible for most white collar employees to work from home effectively (both for having finally gotten databases off paper products, and for white collar employees at all levels to become comfortable enough with computers.)

        4. “…commercial real estate going tits up.”

          This especially. REIT bailouts coming in 3, 2, 1…

        5. I’m in the trucking business and 2nd and 3rd quarter 2020 may be as good as 2018 which was our best year ever. My son sells chemistry testing services and he’s making money hand over fist. The residential real estate business is off the charts. The guys I know in residential construction and remodeling are doing better than ever. At the same time, dining, car rentals, hotel/motel, tourism, conventions, airlines and a whole lot more are almost completely decimated. We currently have 2 economies. One is growing and the other has practically disappeared. I do not see any way that this is sustainable. This is not creative destruction. Sooner or later the whole thing will collapse.

    2. We’re already seeing glimpses. But wait. The carnage is going to be shocking. It won’t the fault of a virus. You’re myopic if you think this. No the blame will be on all public officials, media, virologists and doctors, and people who stupidly supported lockdowns and masks because they’re gutless self-absorbed maniacs who ignored science and embraced dogma.

      1. In a few years when we see the number of people who will die of cancer and other such things because they couldn’t get medical care and early detection because of this lunacy, I hope there will be hell to pay.

        1. Only if Trump is re-elected. Then it will be the one and only story.

          In fact, either way that will be the narrative…. Trump murdered 2.2 million people from covid, and another 137 million from the lockdowns.

          1. It doesn’t matter who wins. The damage is done and in the pipe. But at least with trump recovery will be faster and the muni’s probably won’t get bailed out.

            1. It matters who wins. It always matters. Just how much.

              There might be a recession and Trump will get the blame by Democrats. Democrats nuked certain state economies but the MSM will cover for them.

              I would still rather have that than any more Democrats as President. Luckily, Democrats are not nationally competitive anymore.

  43. Eric, put it though your head. Don’t make us be mean with you.

    Covid did shit. It was OUR REACTIONS that did it. ALL SELF-INDUCED.

    What happened to ENB?

    1. Eric Boehm is the new Cunt.

    2. ENB just posted another shit article, so she’s still at unreason.

  44. The Girl Scouts put up a tweet congratulating Amy Coney Barrett for being confirmed to the Supreme Court. Girls can do anything if they put their minds to it!

    I’d link to the tweet, but it didn’t last long. The Twitter mobs don’t want girls to think of Amy Coney Barrett as a role model, apparently, because after Amy Cony Barrett . . . um . . . was appointed by a Republican?

    I’ll defend the free speech rights of Scientology, neo-nazi propagandists, and the Westboro Baptist Church–even though I despite all three groups and everything they stand for–and that’s the way I feel about Twitter itself. Twitter itself–the whole platform–is a stain on society. Twitter should be tolerated, but no one should think of the platform as any better than Scientology, neo-nazis propagandists, and the Westboro Baptist Church. And of the three, they’re more like the Westboro Baptist Church than the others.

    Twitter mobs are not an unfortunate unforeseen consequence of the platform. The platform is designed to create Twitter mobs of SJWs. If you brought the brightest minds in the world together to design a social media system to create SJW twitter mobs, what they’d design is Twitter. Twitter is the enemy of rationality, persuasion, and civil society. I’ll stand up for their right to be a feces covered blood stain on society, but for goodness’ sake, we should never forget that we’re standing up for the First Amendment rather than the feces covered blood stain on society that is Twitter.

    P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. “Girl” is just a social construct anyway.

      So moving on…

      1. I was just thinking that as I read the article. Didn’t they all want to join the boy scouts anyway?

        Oh well anyway another reason not to buy an overpriced box of cookies.

    2. Reader NinaBR comments:

      I agree that you shouldn’t buy their cookies. As a former Girl Scout leader, I was shocked at how little of the money the girls make actually goes to the local troop. Most of it goes straight to the GSUSA national office. When one of those cute kids asks if you want to buy cookies in January, give them a cash donation to their troop instead. Yes, GSUSA national office is caving to wokeness, but they do not represent many of the leaders, parents, volunteers, and girls who are in their program–and it is still a good program, on the local level. MANY Girl Scout families are not happy with the direction the GSUSA has taken in the past 10 or so years. When I was a leader, I was part of several FB groups of others leaders who are at wits’ end with all of this.

      Cookies are a fun part of Girl Scouts, but believe me, they’ll be just as happy when you hand them a crisp $20 bill that their troop can keep for themselves.

      As a Cub/Boy Scout leader, this can’t be stated loudly enough. The Scouts do a majority of the work in order for top level bureaucrats who may not even have kids or haven’t had kids in Scouting for 30 yrs. to take the majority share and tell the kids how they’re supposed to treat the transgender kids should one ever decide to join the Pack/Troop.

      There’s very little that divisive, retconning woke politics can’t ruin.

      1. Amy Farrah Fowler’s mother had it right; she didn’t let her daughter join the Girl Scouts because she didn’t want her daughter out on a street corner selling cookies like a whore.

      2. I stopped liking them when they banned the girls from selling cookies outside the weed shops. That’s just solid business sense, they found a market of people who were likely to want their products and they focused on it.

        They send these girls out to make money, and then stop them when they actually get good at it.

  45. In the matter of judges, that establishment is instantiated by the Heritage Foundation — which simply gave Trump a list of good judicial candidates, while Trump, always happy to let someone else do his homework for him, has stuck with it.

    I’ve been seeing a lot of Bush/neocon-wing Republicans make this argument lately, and it’s a hilariously disingenuous one. Does anyone really believe that Dubya went through some exhaustive investigative process on his own before he nominated Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court? Or that Obama had a hand-selected list of names for judicial appointments lined up and ready to go when he took office?

    The whole point of working with these partisan lobbying groups is to aggregate names for future appointment considerations. For someone like Trump, who hadn’t been toiling around the DC cocktail circuit for his entire career and thus wouldn’t be familiar with the Who’s Who, relying on the advice of a tradcon group like Heritage would be a requirement, in order to nominate judges that the base would support.

    Williamson shows yet again how petty, bitchy, and resentful the NeverTrumpers became after the populist wing of the party kicked their ass to the curb.

    1. How dare a chief executive properly delegate to get good results!?!!

      1. I understand he also relies on other people to clean the white house toilets.

    2. And even if Bush did do such a thing, what the fuck difference would it make? The point is to get the right judges on the bench. Whether that is done by some ideal President who magically knows who to pick or by a President who doesn’t but goes to the people who do for advice makes no difference.

      I am really dumfounded that they would make such a stupid argument. Remember, during the primaries the claim Williamson and others made was that Trump was a secret Democrat in league with the Clintons who would sell out conservatives if elected. So, Trump does the exact opposite and let’s conservatives have their pick of judges and Williamson says Trump is still wrong because he didn’t pick them himself.

      I find it hard to believe that Williamson is so stupid that he thinks anyone would find that argument persuasive. That fact makes me wonder if he doesn’t actually believe it. That he really does believe in some kind of magical thinking where by the right judge chosen for the wrong reason is somehow just as bad as picking the wrong judge. In other words, that Williamson really does live in a world where words matter and results don’t.

    3. “Does anyone really believe that Dubya went through some exhaustive investigative process on his own before he nominated Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court?”

      At one point, Caligula meant to make Incitatus a consul of Rome.

      Incitatus was Caligula’s horse.

      In some ways, Caligula wanting to name Incitatus consul was a lot like Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers.

      P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. I’m still not convinced that Caligula doing that wasn’t a troll against the Senate to ultimately demonstrate how useless it had become, and the obscelesence of the old republican institutions as a whole. Augustus consolidated his power while paying lip service to that system with his designation as the Princeps; Caligula basically said, “This is kabuki theater and there’s no point anymore pretending that it isn’t.”

        1. Oh, I believe that’s exactly what he was doing.

          He was showing the opposition that he could have the Senate do anything he wanted–and confirm anybody he wanted.

          I used Harriet Miers failed nomination as a counter argument, at the time, that the U.S. had gone from being a republic to becoming an empire.

          When the emperor can get anyone he wants confirmed, that’s one thing. Bush couldn’t even get his handpicked justice a hearing in the Senate that his own party controlled, so we hadn’t turned the corner quite yet.

      2. Miers was probably about as or more qualified than Kagan, TBH. Managing partner of Locke Liddell, State Bar of Texas President, Chair of the Board of Editors for the ABA Journal: she sounded like the kind of lawyer who’d actually had a career in the law, learning what works. As opposed to the Clerk–>District Judge–>Appellate Judge thing so many of them do.

        The media really did Miers dirty during that nomination fight, making her appear that her only experience was being W’s attorney. Shocking, I know.

        1. Yeah, I remember at the time of her nomination, even morning radio jocks were going “shouldn’t you have experience as a judge to be a Supreme Court justice?” No, you don’t, and there have been SC justices who never set foot in a courtroom in the big chair.

          Of course, none of these chowderheads brought up that little talking point when Kagan was nominated.

        2. >>The media really did Miers dirty

          both sides, too. nobody was nice about Miers.

    4. It seemed obvious that Trump decided early on to gain the backing of party leaders by allowing them to suggest the SCOTUS nominees. That’s the whole point of ‘the list’, a public declaration of intent to gain the backing of McConnell, Graham, etc, etc.
      Why is are so many oblivious to this? And why would it ever be considered a bad thing for a POTUS to outsource the selection of top candidates? Isn’t that the job of an executive.

      I think people who never worked in the real world (looking at you Williamson, Boehm) have a juvenile understanding of how it actually functions.

      1. It seemed obvious that Trump decided early on to gain the backing of party leaders by allowing them to suggest the SCOTUS nominees.

        This and the nomination of Pence was clearly a meant to get the tradcons on his side, since the neocons were in the process of walking out the door. Turns out the latter were only influential in the party due to political connections, not numbers. Once Bush was out and the Tea Party pols took office in the 2010 midterms, the neocon influence in the party base evaporated.

        1. This election will be where we get to see if the Neo-Cons are being ejected from the Republicans for good, or if they have enough power to leach on the party for a bit longer. They don’t appear to have any sway with voters, so its going to be interesting.

          1. I’m pretty sure they’re gone for good regardless. The base sees them as spineless quislings and losers now, and wants nothing to do with them anymore. The neocons’ influence was always centered on the Cold War and aggressive military buildup/engagement against America’s enemies, and the rank-and-file Republicans are simply tired of that after 30 years of non-stop combat operations in the Middle East. At this point, Trump could announce a complete withdrawal from that theater and none of them would say boo about it. The neocons’ usefulness came to an end after Romney got his ass kicked by Obama.

            Whether people want to accept it or not, the GOP is now a populist, nationalist party. This is what happens when a large-scale political realignment takes place; Trump was the one who they chose because he was the only one that was even giving lip service to what the base wanted. Expect the internationalist neocons and George Will-types to fully join the Democratic party after this election.

            1. Luckily, more and more Black Americans dont want to die for neo-con causes anymore either. Another reason they are fleeing the Democrat Party.

              The Democrat Party wont be nationally competitive anymore.

    5. Hell, if outsourcing the hiring process is what gets us good folks on the Supreme Court, then that’s a good thing. Criticism would be warranted if he was making liberty unfriendly picks because he delegated the selection process, but that hasn’t been the case.

    6. Williamson, I am sure, complained that Obama’s entire cabinet was picked by a Citibank exec:

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  47. What if Russia had beaten America to the Moon?

    Never happen. If I may speak freely, the Russkie talks big, but frankly, we think he’s short of know how.

    1. Even assuming they did, it wouldn’t have changed the course of history all that greatly. Getting to the moon is a big deal because the country that did it is still around to brag. The moon landing would have lost importance after the USSR collapsed otherwise.

      Though maybe without a moon landing to brag on, we’d have pushed to create some sort of permanent base on the moon to compensate.

    2. Not know how, but resources. Russian rocket engine designs were superior to US designs for decades. I don’t think the Russians had the resources to pull off such a complicated operation as the manned landing and recovery of the lander. Putting that together took a ridiculous amount of resources and people that the Russians just didn’t have.

      1. I mean, you just can’t expect a bunch of ignorant peons to understand a machine like some of our boys. And that’s not meant as an insult. I mean, you take your average Russkie, we all know how much guts he’s got. Hell, lookit look at all them them Nazis killed off and they still wouldn’t quit.

        1. George C. Scott would be proud, Fist.

            1. I was trying to find a Russian themed quote of his from something like Hardcore or The Formula, to play along. Couldn’t do it. Albeit I didn’t try very hard.


    Corporate media outlets have been warned not to cover Tony Bobulinski & Hunter Biden’s laptop or they will be blacklisted by any future Biden/Harris Administration – according to several media sources.

    Number of ABC News stories on Tony Bobulinski: 0.

    Number of CNN stories about Tony Bobulinski: 0

    RIP: the remaining credibility of the American corporate media.

    The Hunter Biden laptop just keeps getting worse and worse and worse and worse.

    It implicates the DOJ/FBI for doing nothing about it.

    It implicates the corporate media for ignoring it.

    It implicates the social media companies for suppressing it.”

    1. So many of Trump’s comments, that were widely considered over-the-top or irresponsible at the time, have come to be obvious truths with the passage of time.

      “enemies of the people” is one of the top ones that truly improved with age.

    2. I still enjoy the parallel treatment of the Brorat/Giuliani story with the Biden laptop.

      Borat – an actual fake news story that only purports to be fake news yet has been seriously reported and commented on by every news media outlet, ad nausium.

      Hunter Biden’s laptop – provides confirmation that Joe Biden has been on the take for years. The validity of the information is confirmed by one of the business partners. Also, information on the laptop confirms that Joe had knowledge of his son’s inappropriately sexual activities with a minor relative.

      But that’s all worse than not newsworthy. It was dismissed out of hand by every media outlet and by social media. They gave various reasons to hide the obvious fact that this was on orders from the DNC, but the end result was that they did not cover it in any way. They even offered the excuse that it was Russian Propaganda ™, without a single shred of evidence to that effect, and reported as much as fact.

      The standard “we suppress disinformation around the election” is proven out to be a flat out lie on this single story, for crying out loud. (The Giuliani story is a direct counter attack to the Hunter laptop scandal – designed to deflect and call Giuliani’s credibility into question, since he provided the laptop to the Post via Bannon)

      1. The worst part of it all is that an ostensibly libertarian publication is going along with this too.

  49. Hey everyone,

    So I had a really messed up thing happen to me, Thanks to Trump in no small part. I was driving to visit my brother in West Virginia over the weekend with my husband Brian and the boys when our Prius broke in the middle of nowhere. No cell phone reception. Brian is a pretty handy guy, so he got out and tried to figure out what the situation was. After like an hour at least, a truck driving by pulled over to help us. That’s when things went from bad to worse.
    It was a one of those big rusty pickup trucks with 2 obnoxious Trump flags flying, sexist creepy bumper sticks, fake testicles hanging from hitch, it was disgusting. This hillbilly redneck gets out of the truck and asks if we need help, and before I could say ‘no thank you leave us alone’ Brian starts pleading for help. I swear to god I wanted to divorce him right then and there, but thankfully I was able to hold my tongue.
    The redneck seemed nice enough at first, although he was at no point wearing his mask. He was trying to fix up the Prius, and he and Brian were making friendly chit chat, meanwhile I was steaming over how much Brian had taken a liking to him. At one point the redneck said something like ‘I’ve never seen a Prius out this way’ or ‘wow, what a gay ass car, what are you a faggot’ or something like that and I just lost it on him. I pulled out my phone, began filming him and started screaming at the top of my lungs at this redneck to get the FUCK away from my husband and my boys and I can’t remember who threw the first punch, I may have tried to give him a little push, who cares, all I know is the next thing I remember is this monster on top of me banging my head into the side of the Prius. I could see my boys inside the backseat crying in terror through their masks as their daddy was being ravaged by some homophobic superhuman freak. After the beating was over, I could barely stand up but I could hear Brian pleading with the redneck to keep fixing the Prius but he sped off leaving us to fend for ourselves. I don’t know what kind of monster could do that to somebody. All I know is that if any of you here vote for Trump, this is what you can expect to keep happening to minorities and BIPOC all over this country. No one is safe. I beg all of you to please, PLEASE vote for Biden. It’s the only hope for some of us.

    1. Joe Biden is a crook.

    2. Did you try sucking his dick? Why do I even need to tell you this? Sheeeezzzzzz….education these days!

      1. God you people are truly sick.

        1. What do you have against fellatio?

        2. It’s considered polite formality in trucker culture

        3. I can only guess you were on your way to take a canoe trip with Brian and the boys before the river was dammed for good. I don’t understand why one of you didn’t break out a guitar and start up a music duel instead of engaging in fisticuffs like an uncultured brute. One of you must be limp wristed and creative enough to play, right? Banjo maybe?

          Well, hope the rest of the trip turned out okay for you and you weren’t forced to play a game of Wilbur the pig with some of the locals along the way. Safety first. Best wishes.

          1. Thanks Josey.

            No, it wasn’t a canoe-trip-gone-wrong, but it might as well have been. I told my brother that he’s coming to my place next time because I am never setting foot in West Virginia ever again.
            Funny you should mention music, no none of us play guitar or banjo but we all love to sing and my oldest has been taking Zoom ukulele lessons since the lockdown started and he’s the Eddie Van Halen of Uke (as we call him around the house). He’s already learned some of my favorite Maroon 5 songs. He’s too old now for me to tuck him into bed and sing to him, so he actually comes into my room and tucks me in and sings to me every night! Can’t tell you how lucky a father I am.

            Good to hear from you Josey. Hope your week was better than mine! It warms my heart knowing such a kind, gentle soul like yours is out there spreading joy and love in this sick and twisted world.

            All the best,

            Stephen L.

            1. Sounds very heart warming. And your little Bob Uker singing Maroon 5 serenades sound absolutely enchanting. I hope he says a little prayer as well. You and Brian are not Christian but this one seems to be generic enough for most couples, and safe for children, Cis and othergendered.

              ‘Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but Deliverance from evil.'”

              1. Um yeah sure, I’ll definitely consider that… Thanks I guess…
                … Awk…..ward…….. much…?

        4. Everything is so terrible and unfair. tm

    3. That’s a good one!

      Did you get it from Creepy Pasta?

      Have you heard the one told by Jussie Smollett?

      P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    4. First paragraph started out as great potential porn but no some stupid liberal fantasy of what they believe Trump supporters are or was the whole thing sarcasm.

      1. it’s also the start of a fart-joke from 6th grade

        1. The fact that you’re comparing the waking nightmare I experienced to a child’s fart joke tells me all I need to know about you ‘Dillinger’. Everything is a joke to people like you. My broken nose, bone fractures and smashed up window aren’t a laughing matter. I’ve cried non-stop every day since this happened and I can tell Brian is starting to lose his patience with me. I just came here looking for some sympathy and to try and get you inbred mongoloid hicks to make a good decision for once in your life and vote for Biden, but as usual, I’m sorely disappointed.

          1. dude your first mistake was driving a Prius. the second was driving it in West Virginia. next time mitigate aforethought.

          2. So… did someone else eventually come along to change your tire? Or did you have to get it towed?

            1. Thank you for asking Nardz (hint: you other commenters could learn a thing or two from him). We. It wasn’t our tire, it was a problem with the transmission. After the senseless attack, Brian instructed me to lay down across the backseat while the boys looked after me and took care of me. Brian ended up walking a few miles down the road looking for help when he was able to get reception and called 911. Police arrived and we showed them the video of the assault. The officer said that they were going to investigate the incident but we still haven’t heard from them. We ended up getting a tow and picking up our car on Monday, but honestly I don’t know what was worse, being assaulted by a giant ape or being stuck at my hick brother’s house for 2 days without a car.
              Anyways thank you Nardz for being so caring and genuine. I knew there were other commenters besides the White Knight and Sarcasmic here that I could trust.

              1. >>The officer said … but we still haven’t heard from them.

                obvious cousin of your assailant. try Deliverance on Netflix

            2. It’s still on the side of the road with “Trump 2020!” spray painted all over it.

    5. Pics or it didn’t happen.

    6. Let me try:

      “I just poured Jeffrey his iced, Ristretto, ten shot, venti, with breve, five pump vanilla, seven pump caramel, six Splenda, poured, not shaken, and was writing his name on the cup, when I noticed he was near tears.

      “What’s wrong, Love?” I asked as I reached over the counter to pat his pudgy hand.

      “Oh Chipper, it’s all so horrible”, he sobbed. “It’s only one week away but I’m so frightened that Trump will win. Last night I was visiting Tony down at the Village…”
      And here his pupils dilated and his breath grew ragged… “And I saw it. A MAGA hat.”

      1. Way better…and more believable.

    7. Assuming your story is true, which I am almost certainly it is a lie, you broke down asked for help, started a fight because you didn’t like the politics of the guy helping you, and got your ass beat. Even you telling the story makes you sound like a looser jack ass fag. My only wish is that the Commenters would be able to pay the same rent in real life as we do for the room in your head

  50. they changed the composition of Girl Scout cookies several years ago and they’re inedible now. football player makes vague statement.

    Joe Biden is a crook except for on these pages. and I’m still blaming Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins entirely more than “the virus”.

  51. The economy grew, Boehm? Gee, it’s amazing what trillions of dollars will do in stimulus. You screamed a lot when Obama and Bush got stimulus money to improve an economy. Cat got your tongue? Oh that’s right, another phony libertarian giving Trump a pass.

    1. Now you’re not even trying.

      1. No…I think he is trying his best.

        1. I think another Lefty tried their best to help too.

          unreason gets blasted on a daily basis for biased reporting and this is the Lefty response.

  52. GDP growth by POTUS – Trump dead last since Eisenhower.

    Trump Trash – you been conned.

    1. Imaging how bad it would be if his Covid numbers were included.

    2. I’m sorry, that tweet cannot be accurate.

      I mean, obviously Drumpf is the worst President ever in terms of economic performance. No argument there. But what’s with Obama’s 1.9?! The guy literally created the strongest 8 year run in US economic history. Yet according to that chart he left office as one of the worst postwar Presidents, economically speaking.


  53. “In the matter of judges, that establishment is instantiated by the Heritage Foundation — which simply gave Trump a list of good judicial candidates, while Trump, always happy to let someone else do his homework for him, has stuck with it. …”

    I got news for you, Bub. No piece of legislation that ever came down the pike was written by the people who claimed to have. Look at the language that was included in the “Assault Weapons Ban”. You actually think the so-called originators of that bill wrote that?

    So if Trump supports the deployment of the F-22 Raptor, but doesn’t know how stealth works, then he’s just being lazy and letting somebody else do his homework for him?

  54. People seem to think a 33 percent gain will make up for a 33 percent loss. But if you lose 33 percent first, a 33 percent gain only gets you back to 89 percent of where you were before. You need a 49 percent gain to make up for a 33 percent loss.

    1. So we made no progress? Or is that what you were hoping for?

      1. just pointing out the math. the progress is welcome. an end to the lockdowns would give us more progress.

    2. So wait….In the space of 6 months, the economy has made back 90% of what was lost. That is nothing short of miraculous, considering historical numbers.

      Your math is correct.

  55. The U.S. Economy Grew by an Astonishing 33% in the Third Quarter. That’s Still Not Enough To Reverse COVID-19’s Damage.

    New York – Economy still restricted.
    New Jersey – Economy still restricted.
    Pennsylvania – Economy still restricted.
    Michigan – Economy still restricted.
    California – Economy still restricted.

    1. Remember when every Lefty was bragging about Taxifornia state government having a multi-billion dollar surplus?

      Not anymore. Billions in the red.

      1. And the smart ones are leaving. There will be new taxes…

    2. Washington and Oregon as well.

    3. Illinois – Economy still restricted.

  56. >>Kevin D. Williamson, National Review’s libertarian-sympathizing curmudgeon, interrogates the case for reelecting Trump and finds it wanting.

    NeverTrump Review sends out the guy who fools you to fool you.

  57. The real question….Will Quid Pro Joe be asked any questions about the laptop from hell, his business partner, his business arrangements with his brother Jim by the mainstream media today in Florida?

    Let’s see if we have a curious press.

    1. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

      A funny post from an alternate reality where we have a free and independent press!

      1. Yeah, what was I thinking. Not a single question.

  58. Biden warned/predicted that it will be a “Dark Winter”.

    I don’t understand why any informed or rational person would vote for Biden. Unfortunately, there are many uninformed and irrational sheeple.

    PS Biden is not only corrupt, but incompetent.

    1. He is a good and honest man. His son made a mistake. Big deal. We all make mistakes. My youngest son for a while was convinced he was heterosexual. His father and I were very worried about him. He started talking to us less and less. His grades were plummeting. Said he had a ‘girlfriend’. I’m pretty sure he was masturbating in the shower. Me and Brian had several talks with him and now he’s doing better. Not sure if he’s still having thoughts about ‘girls’ or not, but we can only hope he’s working on it. So the point is, we all make mistakes sometimes, but that’s what makes us human. If we can learn to love each other and forgive one another for past transgressions, well, I think this world would be a better more loving place.

      -Stephen L.

      1. PS BIDEN 2020

      2. .0000000000000001/10

    2. Great, as long as “Biden is not only corrupt, but incompetent” is not assumed to be an argument FOR voting for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is also corrupt and incompetent.

      1. You really hate yourself.
        And you should.

      2. Where have you been? I’ve missed having someone around here to confide in. Hope you’re safe and doing well. It’s been a crazy couple weeks for me. Let’s catch up soon.

        -Stephen L.

        1. Peace and love, LAPT. Peace and love.

      3. It’s an argument that neither candidate holds the moral high ground, which is something the Biden campaign would like to have. Both of them are sleazy as hell.

        So we have a choice between a sleazebag who over the last 4 years has done some bad and some good, and for the most part isn’t promising to destroy the country. The other choice is a sleazebag who over the last 40 years has shown a remarkable ability to exclusively make bad decisions, and is promising to destroy the country if he gets the chance.

        Both sides, indeed.

  59. Trump wasn’t elected for his original thinking. The good he did was being the one who selected those people’s advice on judges and regulation. Maybe some other potential Republican nominees would’ve done that if they’d been elected, but not all of them.

    It may be that by now he’s done most or all of the good he was going to do, but re-electing him will prevent most of the bad the Democrats would.

  60. Ronald D. Moore, the creator of the mid-2000s Battlestar Galactica reboot, has a new show exploring that reality.

    Alexei Leonov tuns out to be an angel.

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  62. Stay at home stay safe and also follow the Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) Guidelines according to WHO.

    1. Fuck off slaver.


    “A viral dossier about Hunter Biden was written by ‘Martin Aspen,’ a fake identity whose profile picture was created by artificial intelligence.”

  64. The title of this article is inaccurate. COVID-19 didn’t devastate the economy—the totalitarian overreaction by governments did. I’d strike “COVID-19” from the title and replace it with “Lockdowns, Fearmongering Propaganda, and NPI Mandates”.

    Journalists and pundits really need to stop eliding over the fact that the government response caused the lion’s share of the damage. We need to hold the policymakers’ feet to the fire until they admit it and correct course.

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