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Mark Zuckerberg to Congress: Please Regulate Us (Wink, Wink)

Plus: Unrest and looting in Philadelphia after the police shoot and kill a black man, Trump supporters stranded in Omaha, Biden faces new corruption allegations, and more...


When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress on Wednesday, he will call on lawmakers to take explicit action to rewrite the law that protects a free and open internet. In doing so, he will be implicitly asking the federal government to impose huge new regulatory costs on social media sites like his own—costs that will ultimately protect Facebook from rising upstarts.

In signaling that Facebook would be willing to support some changes to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996—the federal statute that protects online platforms from liability for content posted by users—Zuckerberg's testimony will also serve as a reminder that the bipartisan assault on online freedom will be one of the major policy battles of the next few years no matter who wins next week's election.

"The debate about Section 230 shows that people of all political persuasions are
unhappy with the status quo," Zuckerberg will tell the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Technology, according to a written testimony released Tuesday night.

The CEO will also remind the committee that Section 230 does two things: It encourages free expression on the internet because platforms can give their users free rein to post about anything without fear of facing lawsuits over that content. Secondly, it allows platforms to set their own rules for content moderation. Zuckerberg is right that lots of people are complaining about Section 230 these days, but they don't agree on why. Some people on the left are unhappy about the unfettered freedom on social media, which sometimes results in unsavory views being promoted, while some people on the right are all aflutter over how private companies are (sometimes foolishly) managing and moderating content.

Asking Congress or federal regulators to sort all of that out in a way that makes everyone happy seems like a fool's errand. Anyway, here's what Zuckerberg plans to say:

I believe we need a more active role for governments and regulators, which is why in March last year I called for regulation on harmful content, privacy, elections, and data portability. We stand ready to work with Congress on what regulation could look like in these areas. By updating the rules for the internet, we can preserve what's best about it—the freedom for people to express themselves and for entrepreneurs to build new things—while also protecting society from broader harms. I would encourage this Committee and other stakeholders to make sure that any changes do not have unintended consequences that stifle expression or impede innovation.

(Emphasis mine.)

That last bit about avoiding unintended consequences is particularly amusing for two reasons. First, given Congress' low level of technological prowess, unintended consequences of a massive rewrite of the internet's First Amendment are all but guaranteed.

Second, Zuckerberg is no fool. He fully understands that one of the intended consequences—from his perspective, at least—of new regulations for online speech would be protecting the interests of companies like his own.

"Large companies like Facebook benefit from regulatory barriers that keep competitors small and weak," Jesse Blumenthal, vice president of technology for Stand Together, tells Reason.

"Make no mistake about it: this is Mark Zuckerberg pulling up the innovation ladder he climbed behind him," writes Mike Masnick, editor of Techdirt. Masnick notes that some blame should be shared by everyone who has facilitated the current moral panic over so-called "Big Tech," a trumped-up crisis that is only going to benefit those same companies in the long run.

"Facebook is throwing the open internet under the bus—in part gleefully, as so-called 'critics' of Facebook stupidly demanded 'reforms to Section 230' incorrectly believing that 230 was a 'special subsidy' for Facebook," he writes. "Facebook doesn't need it any more, but all of the people who called for such reforms are now going to help cement Facebook's position of dominance."

With bipartisan buy-in and a willing partner just asking to be regulated, it seems almost certain that the fight over Section 230 will be a major issue for the next Congress and presidential administration. Once the dust settles from this year's election, new battle lines will have to be drawn between those who value the freedom that's made the internet such a weird and wonderful place, and those who see political or financial benefits from wrapping it in government regulation.


Protests spurred by the police killing of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. turned violent in parts of Philadelphia on Tuesday night. Wallace was armed with a knife when he was gunned down by officers on Monday.

Philadelphia police asked residents to remain indoors on Tuesday night as rioting and looting took place in parts of the city. Dozens of people were arrested according to media reports.

There were also violent confrontations between residents and police.

As always, the escalation of violence—both by and against cops—and opportunistic destruction of private property is unlikely to result in meaningful policing reforms. Those reforms, however, remain necessary.


President Donald Trump held a rally in Omaha, Nebraska, on Tuesday night and then stranded hundreds of supporters in freezing temperatures for hours afterward. Some rally attendees required medical assistance, and the president's critics were quick to claim that the whole mess was an obvious metaphor for all things Trump.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden is facing fresh allegations of corruption relating to China. Tony Bobulinski, a former Biden associate, told Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night that Biden lied when he denied having knowledge of a business deal concocted by his son and brother with a Chinese company.


  • The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night. But Tampa Bay outfielder Randy Arozarena, who escaped from Cuba on a "glorified kayak" to pursue his major league dreams, was the series' breakout star after becoming the first rookie to hit three home runs in a World Series since 1939.
  • COVID-19 is no laughing matter. Oregon bureaucrats, on the other hand…

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  1. Are you coming on to us Boehm???

    1. You guys realize that if Section 230 is repealed, Reason will probably close this comment section, right?

      1. Just like net neutrality not passing ended the internet.

        Youre an idiot.

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      2. You would have to remind Reason that they have a comments section. I’m not sure they are all that aware of it’s existence.

        1. I’m aware of it. How else do I screenshot comments to ridicule on Twitter?

          1. Link to an example?

            1. Dude, just check her Twitter feed. This happened just a couple weeks ago and we were all talking about it…

              Come on man!

              1. I asked for a link, and until I get a link, I’m gonna cry about it!

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              2. I did. There are a lot of tweets there, and I didn’t see one where ENB had taken a screenshot of a Reason comment.

                I remember her tweet about Ron Paul, and saw that one again. I know that spurred discussion, but it didn’t reference any Reason comment.

                I don’t care that much, so link or don’t.

                1. White Supremacist Knight
                  October.28.2020 at 5:53 pm
                  I’m gonna cry about it!

                  The White Knight
                  October.28.2020 at 7:04 pm
                  I did.

                  Lol. We know.

    2. Boehm is cumming on us, yes, and Zuckerberg is cumming all over the idea of the demise of Section 230! Facebook will be able to hire the endless armies of lawyers to parse all posts for the satisfaction of BOTH the Ministry of the Conservative Truth, AND the Ministry of Protecting The Baby Feelings of Sensitive Souls! And Facebook’s smaller competitors will NOT be able to afford the legions of lawyers needed!!!

      BWAH-HA-HA-HA!!! I can hear Zuckerberg’s evil laugh right now!

    3. There is actually a simple and neutral solution to the problem. Each platform should be required to post their terms of service and they should be enforced as contracts. Thus, if FB says they won’t censor political speech and they do, the public can raise a class action suit. Moreover, judges will be able to issue injunctions against the big censors. The contracts should also be fixed for some minimum time, perhaps a year, so FB can’t change the terms as they wish. Some comment time should also be specified, maybe 60 days.

      I know this is not a very libertarian solution – insisting on contract terms – but it would provide some rules of the road for all to see and follow.

      1. All the major social media sites do post their terms of service. And all of their terms of service contain clauses basically saying “we can cancel your account or remove your content without giving any reason.” I’ve posted on this twice now.

        1. Have you figured out what an unconscionable contract is yet?

          1. Good luck with pursuing that.

            1. Yeah, now that Facebook has billions to protect their interests, the odds of any average Joe making any headway on that in court are nil.

              Good thing they were allowed to get so big in the first place, I’m sure this was completely unexpected.

              1. Do we live in a country where a company must be *allowed* to become big and successful?

                1. Yes! Living in a “free” nation means asking PERMISSION to be ALLOWED to do just about anything and everything!

                  Speaking of which, in these days of dastardly dangers lurking everywhere, PLEASE make ye SURE to get a prescription, before ye blow on a deadly cheap-plastic flute, AKA “dangerous medical implement of death and destruction”, AKA “lung flute”!

                  To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

                  1. I kinda like you SQRLSY, but don’t push it. I ain’t clicking on any link to some “Church of SQRLS”.

                    1. Just FYI for you, then, who does NOT dare to venture into the Danger Zone… SQRLS actually stands for… Definition: The Church of SQRLS is the Church of Scienfoologists Questing for Religious Liberty, Sincerely.

                      VERY sincerely, to be sure!

                    2. Well, OK.

                    3. You kids make a cute couple.

                2. You’re operating under the delusion that the internet structure that we have now is by accident rather than by design.

                  1. I’ve posted this before, but I’ll repeat it–places like Google and Facebook don’t get to be as big as they are without being explicitly supported by the government. In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s investment arm, was established for precisely this purpose. Google acquired source code from the government for peanuts, and Google Earth is based off of earth-mapping software developed by the CIA.

                    Facebook would have remained a shitty MySpace knockoff for college students if they hadn’t gotten angel investment from Peter Thiel, whom In-Q-Tel had bankrolled for Palantir, along with Accel Partners and Greylock, whose CEOs’ ties to the CIA and defense industry are well-known.

                    Web 2.0 is basically a giant crony capitalist operation, and Big Tech wouldn’t have gotten big in the first place if they hadn’t been explicitly nurtured along for that purpose by the federal government.

          2. “Unconscionable Contract”? Are you really sure that is the path you would go down?

            The remedy of a UC isn’t the judge making up new terms of service and holding the business to a new standard. It is to nullify the contract, and say “Ok you two parties owe each other nothing, and can go your own ways”- which isn’t what you want.

          3. “Have you figured out what an unconscionable contract is yet?”

            Murder for hire, slavery contracts, or other contracts involving illegal things. Or cannibalism by contract! See

            By Section 230? will NOT be held liable for the writings of SQRLSY One! JesseSPAZ won’t be held accountable for the writings of SQRLSY One either!

            Is JesseSPAZ ready to be held accountable for the writings of SQRLSY One? Is THAT more “conscionable” to you, JesseSPAZ? What does “justice” mean to you, if we can punish one person for the doings of another? Does “agency” and free will exist?

        2. Then they are publishers not platforms. The problem is government giving them immunity. Welcome to government created monopolies.

      2. I know this is not a very libertarian solution – insisting on contract terms

        How in the world is a clear and effective contract a violation of libertarianism? Maybe you mean it’s not a very libertine or laissez-faire solution, but voluntary and enforceable contracting is at the heart of libertarianism vis-a-vis property rights.

        1. I took the idea of a non-party (i.e. the government) dictating contract terms by regulation to be the non-libertarian bit.

          1. As did everyone except mad casual. It was patently obvious.

            1. Right, because nobody else would get things twisted around in the “Repeal your existing regulations that don’t bar you from regulating us so that you can regulate us.” false narrative.

            2. Not all of us see the courts, especially as enshrined in the Constitution, as fundamentally illebertarian ideas or an illegitimate use of government. Even if you see them as meddlesome in private affairs (which is weird because they can’t generally take action without the executive), they are still a defense against the abject tyranny of the Executive and against the tyranny of the majority of the Legislative. If anarchists wiped away the government tomorrow and began crafting libertopia, the first thing to rise from the ashes would be 3rd party adjudication.

              1. which is weird because they can’t generally take action without the executive

                Sorry, without private citizens or the executive. A court can’t sue Facebook, only people or their representatives can.

          2. Congress nor the courts is dictating any terms. Only that terms be fairly stated and enforceable should it come to adjudication.

            1. You’re free, as Reason is, to say “We’ll pull your comment down at any time and for any reason.” What you aren’t/won’t be allowed to do is say “We’ll pull your post down if it’s a call to violence.” and then pull people’s posts down that say “Trans women are not women.” while leaving up Louis Farrakhan’s calls to violence. Even then, it won’t be a hard-and-fast wave of TERF posts and purge of Farrakhan’s calls to violence. It will be a case-by-case evaluation of what parts of Farrakhan’s speech constitute calls to violence and what parts of TERF posts do.


        “If we remove content that you have shared in violation of our Community Standards, we’ll let you know and explain any options you have to request another review, unless you seriously or repeatedly violate these Terms or if doing so may expose us or others to legal liability; harm our community of users; compromise or interfere with the integrity or operation of any of our services, systems or Products; where we are restricted due to technical limitations; or where we are prohibited from doing so for legal reasons.”

        See that part that says, “… if doing so may expose us … to legal liability…”

        A big social media site, such as Facebook, that is providing you with a free-of-charge platform for your speech, and is also the party that authors the contract and has an endless supply of lawyers to do so, has no motivation to offer you favorable Terms of Service. You are not their customer; advertisers are their customers.

        1. The problem, TWK, is the distinction between publisher and distributor. Social Media is a hybrid of the two. Therein lies the legal Gordian knot to unravel.

          1. Not at all. What is wrong with mixing the site’s own content with user-provided content? Section 230 makes no distinction between publisher and distributor.

    4. And here we go. Critics of Section 230, a rare example of a well-made Federal law, find themselves as allies of Facebook in their pursuit of regulatory capture.

      1. Pretty much this!

        Liberals have a huge “punishment boner”, and want to punish conservatives for saying things that Hurt Their Baby Feelings… They want to put in place, a Ministry of Protecting Baby Feelings.

        Conservatives have a punishment boner as well… They want to punish liberals who take down their posts! They want a Ministry of Protecting The Conservative Truth!

        We have HUGE numbers of conservatives and liberals alike… We are NOT going to get ONE of the above “Ministries” w/o the other! Neither side can utterly crusty-crush the other! So if get get ONE new “Ministry”, we get BOTH of them!

        Between the two of them, people who can NOT (or will not) keep their punishment boners in their pants, will steal YOUR and MY freedom of speech, to satisfy THEIR punishment boners!

        1. The fact that Zuck is ok with more regulations is a big reason not to go that route. The problem is the lib bosses have a free had to do as they please as the companies are making huge profits. If that was threatened, you would see the board step up and put some limits on them. If the Republicans manage to take the house while keeping the senate and Whitehouse they should start work on a progressive tax on businesses that make their money from advertisement and personal information mining. The cutoff should be high enough not to affect smaller companies and startups, say anyone who grosses less than 1 billion would be exempt, 1 to 10 would have a 10 percent and so on. Even if this does not get passed in the end, just the threat should be enough to force the boards to bring these out of control CEO’s to heal on these issues of partisan censoring. Zuckerberg and Dorsey may own a large percentage of stock but it is not enough to overcome the board if they start seeing their big dividend checks threatened. If they don’t and the tax did pass I could see it accomplishing the same as if the government forced them to, they would break themselves up to keep the size under the limit, this without touching 230.

      2. a rare example of a well-made Federal law

        It’s the last remaining shred of a poorly-made and repealed Federal law you lying shitbag.

        1. This calls for a moderate-length analogy.

          I lend you a tool, or some money… Largely out of the goodness of my heart… No profit to me! The spoken or unspoken, written or unwritten, agreement (“contract”) is, you pay me back, at a decently high priority, or give me a tool back, in the same condition that I lent it to you.
          (I have had the following types of things happen to me…) Never get paid back, or borrower goes on fancy vacation and brags about it on FaceBook, instead of paying me back… Never returns the tool… Returns the tool broken… Makes me feel like a nagging asshole, to be repeatedly asking for MY money and-or tool(s) back. At the logical extreme (haven’t had this one happen to me, YET!) they go running and crying to Government Almighty, and threaten to SUE me, if I break some invisible (or made-up) contract provision, whereby they INSIST that I CONTINUE to lend them more money or tools, despite their bad behavior!
          This kind of asshole behavior “erodes social capital”, or trust. It is NOT the way to “love one’s neighbors”! I hardly ever lend out money or tools any more… Because of the human “tools” that I have had to deal with here!
          This is a straight-forward analogy to abusing the “social trust” of web sites who allow us to post on their web sites for FREE! And then we make made-up, or invisible-ink, “contract clauses” that aren’t there! And lust after SUING them! An abuse of “social capital”! If you’re not enough of an asshole to do this to your friend or your neighbor, WHY would you do it to (for example)
          Oh, is “impure of motives”, you might argue, because your comments might help VERY slightly, to attact you and others to their web site, and help them to sell advertising! Well, whoop-de-do! You could question my motives in lending you money or tools as well! I was just trying to “enhance my social reputation” of being a good dude or dudette, right? So that gives you license to shit on me, and break REAL contracts, NOT imaginary ones?!
          At the end of the day, these kinds of behavior erode social trust, or social capital! It is the way of assholes, NOT of decent folks!

          1. So, what you’re saying is, the terms of use need to be more clearly understood and equitably enforceable under the law. That you shouldn’t be able to march onto your neighbor’s property and snatch the chair that he borrowed from you out from under him while he’s sitting in it just because you found out he voted for Trump any more than he should be able to sue you for ownership of the chair because he found out you’re voting for Biden. Or that, at the very least, should any/all of the above occur, the outcome would be best decided by a jury of peers rather than a legislative body that has little understanding and zero knowledge of your chair or your relationship with your neighbor.

            I agree, section 230 does not.

        2. In case the above analogy needs more details…

          HOW do bad-faith actors treat (for example) shabbily, and “break my loaned-out tool”, in the analogy?

          By making UTTERLY NASTY (ultra-racist for example) posts, all day every day, to the point that (as a result) many readers and advertisers BOYCOTT the web site and magazine! And INSIST that their FREE posts MUST stay up, “or else”!

          That should be pretty clear!

      3. Libertarians for Qualified Immunity.

        It’s a thing.

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    1. Trump Is Doing Better In Michigan And Wisconsin Than Polls Suggest

      Poor Democrats. Trump just cannot be stopped.

      1. Abc had a poll out with Biden +17 in Wisconsin. If that isn’t proof the polls are broken i don’t know what is.

        1. Everyone know it’s Biden at +27.

          1. No, wait +127.

            1. 127 now identifies as -3.6

              1. “You’re hysterical.”

                1. HOW DARE YOU!!!!!

        2. I actually expect that Biden will flip Wisconsin and Michigan. His team clearly knows that his election hinges on flipping Pennsylvania back, which is why about half of his rallies have been in that state. The other battleground states have only seen one or two at the most.

          Based on the early returns, Florida and North Carolina are going to be staying red this time around–Democrats need a HUGE early voting advantage there to overcome Republican same-day voting, and they aren’t getting it. Pennsylvania is going to be a toss-up.
          New Mexico should stay blue, although Biden’s comments about banning fossil fuel extraction at the last debate are going to make it closer than it should have been (“can I change my vote” searches have gone up a lot in NM since the second debate. No, guys, you can’t. That’s why you don’t jump the gun, and wait until it’s closer to the election). Nevada may flip only because the state’s tourist-dominated economy was cornholed by Democrat-supported lockdowns.

          The polls are clearly way off because the pollsters are putting their finger on the scale for Democrats like they always do, but it’s still going to be a toss-up. Expect another Bush-Gore shitshow after Election Day.

          1. Pennsylvania is lost. They’ve openly declared there will be no standards for what votes are counted, nor a deadline.
            Trump will win Michigan and Wisconsin barring similar cheating.

            1. There are already dozens of stories about everyone except philli going red due to the energy extraction comments. That state is huge on energy. Same with NM.

              1. I can see Trump getting 6 million votes in Pennsylvania due to Biden’s “gaffe”, but Biden will still get 7 million votes from Philadelphia.

            2. Not so fast. ACB will fix this problem when it shows up at the SCOTUS in December. And there is a simple reason – cant change the rules in the middle of the game.

          2. Pennsylvania Early Voting Statistics

            PA is not a lost cause. Only 2/3 of requested ballots have been returned.

            According to early voting numbers, 50% to most voters will vote in person on Nov 3.

            1. Plus, the GOP submitted another petition about the lower Circuit ruling standing based on a SCOTUS tie.

              SCOTUS ties do no create a precedent of any kind that cannot be revisited and adjudicated.

              PA Democrats will lose 5-4 or 6-3 since Roberts cannot get away will selling out the Constitution anymore.

              1. Yeah, notice on the last case he crawfished and went with the conservatives…he knows it will no longer be a tie so why be on the losing side.

          3. “New Mexico should stay blue, although Biden’s comments about banning fossil fuel extraction at the last debate are going to make it closer than it should have been (“can I change my vote” searches have gone up a lot in NM since the second debate. No, guys, you can’t. That’s why you don’t jump the gun, and wait until it’s closer to the election). Nevada may flip only because the state’s tourist-dominated economy was cornholed by Democrat-supported lockdowns.”

            If Hispanic voters are breaking for Trump more than in the past, that’s another reason for thinking NM and NV might not be blue. It also makes AZ a bit more likely to stay GOP.

            If the riots didn’t clue in WI, they’re doomed. PA’s going to try to cheat to Biden, otherwise that fossil fuel gaffe would have crushed him. I think MI flips back.

            So far, my WAG is Trump 286-252. It’s going to be close. I’ve it 212-204 Biden before we get to the nut-cutting.

            1. If Hispanic voters are breaking for Trump more than in the past, that’s another reason for thinking NM and NV might not be blue. It also makes AZ a bit more likely to stay GOP.

              Depends. The reason Trump will take Florida is because the Venezuelans and Cubans appear to be breaking hard for him, and will probably be enough to overcome the Puerto Ricans that moved in after hurricane.

              Arizona and New Mexico is a whole different kettle of fish. AZ is mostly Mexican immigration, and they’re more inclined to vote Democrat. Let’s not forget that their ballot-harvesting operations there were given a test run there in 2018 and they’ll certainly do that again.

              New Mexico has primarily been a Democrat state for decades, and it usually only swings when a really strong Republican candidate is running. Trump is different from your typical GOP eunuch, but he’s not a galvanizing force among independents that would allow a flip there.

              1. Mexican-Americans in Arizona are not particularly political and those that are are MAGA all the way.

                Nobody outside Phoenix and Tucson votes Democrat and those inside that do are the rich white retirees on Green Valley and Paradise.

                1. And yet, you guys elected Senator Great Tits.

                  1. Phoenix and Tucson have 2/3rds the state population.

                2. Mexican-Americans in Arizona are not particularly political and those that are are MAGA all the way.

                  I’d disagree there. The southern half of the state is incredibly blue, although I’ll concede that most of that is due to Tuscon.

          4. Red, why do you think Sleepy Joe flips MI and WI? Am curious on your reasoning.

            1. Most of the Trump’s margin in those states was based on low black turnouts in 2016. I don’t think he can count on that this time.

              If the Iron Range residents follow their mayors, I don’t see Minnesota staying blue this round short of massive voter fraud in the Somalian neighborhoods.

              We’ll see about Pennsylvania. Word is that the Republican counties are slow-rolling their ballot releases to hedge for Pittsburgh and Philadelphia doing post-hoc ballot-stuffing.

            2. Not sure why RR thinks so, but it is conceivable that Trump won those states as a fluke- Clinton wasn’t paying attention there, and Trump swooped in with targeted advertising and Clinton did not react properly.

              The Democrats have had 4 years to prepare for that. As they were saying over on instapundit the other day, Trump has kept and even increased a small amount of his base, but it appears he is losing swing voters by quite a bit- though independents are the hardest ones to sample correctly.

            3. I’d be surprised if Trump doesn’t win MI and win it bigger than last time. I’ve been there a few times this summer and it’s MAGA everywhere. The enthusiasm for Trump is much higher than normal with their Hitler-wannabee governor and her COVID restrictions.

              Here in AZ, I’m not seeing much enthusiasm for Biden either. It’s literally 50 to 1 for yard signs. Not sure if that keeps AZ red, but there was much more enthusiasm for Hilldog and she lost.

  2. <i.These critics of social justice say it is possible to oppose the illiberalism of the left without embracing Trump.

    Because of the outlandish outrage that Trump provokes, we should not reelect him.

    1. Because the Democratic party is now so pro-censorship no Democrat should receive a single vote unless they make crystal clear where they stand on censorship. Freedom of speech is the most fundamental right, hence the one that Democrats are going after.

      1. It is already crystal clear where democrats stand on censorship.

        1. Yeah, they’ve made it known for a while–“Freedom of speech, not freedom from consequences” has been their mantra the last five years so they could justify destroying people’s lives.

      2. Letting privately-owned newspapers and websites publish only information that they choose to publish is censorship. Used to be called freedom of speech.

        Now, conservatives want freedom to speech to mean, I can force a privately-owned website to give me a free-of-charge platform for publishing my speech.

        1. And the dishonest representation of the argumentation continues.

          1. How is it dishonest. I just gave a pretty basic libertarian analysis of the situation.

            1. Because Facebook is not free, dumbass. Any real libertarian would understand that.

              1. Not beer free or freedom free?

                1. Qualified Immunity free.

                  1. Oh, that clears it up?

              2. Who pays to post on Facebook?


      In one sentence, Critical Theory is the belief that society is rotten to the core, that your life actually sucks even though you don’t know it, and that you must be brainwashed or filled with evil motives if you disagree.

      1. James Lindsay is great. Highly recommend his books.


          I’ve received far more support, including secret support, for saying I vote for Trump than I have anything else, including all the meanness, concern, pleas to change my mind, and cool respect combined. Far more. Winds are shifting.

          Of all the appreciation I’ve received for saying I planned to vote for Trump this year, the one that stands out most by a lot is someone who told me I’m making a stand for normal people who are losing their careers, communities, and families over theirs. I’ll be your voice.

        2. Yeah his book ” A Combinatorial Unification of Binomial-Like Arrays” was a real page turner.

          1. Technically a dissertation. Granted they are forced to publish. But done a couple of things since.

          2. The deus ex machina at the end was a big disappointment.

            1. Fuck! Do you asshats not know how to use *spoiler alerts*?!?!?

      2. I really would love to take a trip to Berlin and Paris just to piss all over Marcuse and Foucault’s graves.

      3. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

        Six words sums up not only CRT, but all of prog ideology.

      4. Remarkably parallel to the doctrine of Original Sin.

        1. “Remarkably parallel”, “exactly the same”, whatever, dude.

          1. Are you just bothered that I didn’t disagree with a criticism of the Left. It’s almost like I’m a libertarian, not a leftist.

              1. R Mac bot programming not programmed to respond intelligently to White Knight agreeing to a criticism of the Left.

                1. Nope. Just responding to you squawking like a bird, Dee.

            1. I am bothered that you think pointing out the obvious is somehow a criticism.

              1. Obvious criticism seems like a valid subset of criticism.

                1. “Remarkably parallel to the doctrine Original Sin” is not a criticism at all, it is only an observation. It says something about your prejudices that you think it is.

                  Something , something, begging the question…

                  1. Wow, someone just made Dee look stupid again.

                    1. Or at least made me look like I don’t believe in, nor think much think much of,
                      the doctrine of original sin or of critical theory.

                      In my book, that makes me smart.

                    2. No, this convo made you look stupid.

        2. Except Baptism washes away Original Sin and there are mechanisms for forgiveness of personal sin within pretty much all denominations, however there is no such theological construct within Critical Theory.

          Oh, and nobody has ‘less’ Original Sin than anybody else (except, you know, Mary if you are Catholic), unlike in CT where some are just born purer than others.

    3. How about we not re-elect him because he has bombed Yemen more than all previous presidents combined?

      1. But murdered fewer American citizens.

        1. And American kids.

      2. Because that’s a stupid standard?

      3. Or not re-elect him because he is a moron, and he spends his every waking hour driving more divisiveness in a nation that is already in the midst of a Red vs. Blue Team partisan culture war.

        1. Joe, Joe will keep us together
          Think of me babe whenever
          Some sweet talkin’ guy comes in there, sniffin’ your hair
          Don’t mess around, you just gotta grin n’ bear it

          Just stop

          1. PS: Joe Biden is a crook.

          2. Funny, I didn’t say anything in favor of Joe Biden in my comment about Trump and the political culture war. I didn’t even mention Joe Biden.

            1. Yet, you did say that Trump is divisive and should not be re-elected, didn’t you? Last time I checked, this election has narrowed to a binary choice. Saying Trump should not be re-elected is equivalent to saying Biden should be elected.

              Your comment was a perfect example of the Motte and Bailey, by the way. The argument with a built-in fallback position. You fail at logic, but excel at fallacy.

              1. PS: Joe Biden is a crook.

                1. Quite possible. More proof is needed.

              2. You’ve got a bit of a false dichotomy there, chum. Let him who is without logical fallacy cast the first stone.

                I despise both major party candidates, but not equally. Luckily I’m not is a swing state and will be voting my conscience.

                1. Same here. I already did early voting and voted for Jorgensen.

                2. You’ve got a bit of a false dichotomy there, chum. Let him who is without logical fallacy cast the first stone.

                  It’s only a false dichotomy if you are being deliberately obtuse, something WK does consistently and how he created the Motte and Bailey above. He didn’t say “Or not vote for Trump”, he said, “Or not re-elect Trump”. Sure, the choice of who to vote for includes anyone over the age of 35, but the choice of who actually gets elected at this point in the process is incontrovertibly binary. Next Wednesday, if Trump is not re-elected, then Biden will be elected. My logic is sound.

                  THUMP! I think that is gonna leave a mark.

              3. It is not a binary choice. You can vote for Trump, Biden, Jorgensen, or other candidates on your ballot or write in, or abstain from voting for President.

                Sheeplike participation in the two-party system, and the shitty choices it gives us, is dragging this country down. Believing you must vote for the “lesser of two evils” is sheeplike and defeatist.

                1. I already pwned you above. But thank you for your commitment to expose the Motte and Bailey argument by changing your language from ‘re-elect’ to ‘vote’. It perfectly demonstrates the retreat that is essential to that fallacy.

                  As for the rest of your ‘jeffy-like’ response, If you can read anything I have written on the comment boards for the last 2 years and think I am a sheep, your reading comprehension is piss-poor indeed.

                  Trump pissed me off enough with the moratorium on evictions that I was not going to vote for him. But Jo has continued to follow along with the bulk of the Reason staff in their refusal to see that violence in the streets is nothing but Marxists being given cover by Democrats. I will be showing my displeasure with the Libertarian candidate by voting for Trump on Tuesday. Besides, he has 2 more SCOTUS picks to appoint.

        2. How’s the Truth and Reconciliation Commission coming along?

          Got the names lined up for court packing yet?

          And which countries would you like to start a war with next?

          1. That would be a real zinger if I were promoting the Democrats. Which I didn’t. I early voted for Jo Jorgensen two days ago.

              1. Who are you voting for, R Mac bot?

        3. He’s driving the divisiveness in the same way Charlie Hebdo drove Muslims to attack their office.

          1. Sure, Trump is an innocent trying to bring the country together and heal its divide.

            1. Why is it Trump’s responsibility? He’s not the one – nor is half the country the ones – who freeked out over the last election results.

              Maybe the people shrieking about how he’s orange hitler should calm down and stop being divisive?

        4. White Knight has stated its entire reason for being is to provide division, and it has consistently demonstrated a far, far lower IQ than Trump.
          This post is nothing but white knight’s own virulent self loathing projected onto an external scapegoat.
          White knight’s life doesn’t matter.

      4. Yes, elect the other guy who started bombing them in the first place.

        1. Or, since we are all hanging out on a libertarian website, maybe, you know, vote for the Libertarian candidate.

  3. Biden Whistleblower Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden’s Claim That He Knew Nothing About Hunter Biden’s China Deals Is A ‘Blatant Lie’

    There are probably going to be at least 50 million Americans voting on election day Nov 3, 2020. They probably already know how corrupt Jo Biden is.

    1. PS: Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. PPS: Democrats are liars and the party of slavery

      2. Trump is a much bigger crook.

        1. Proof?
          P.s. I asked yesterday and the day before this same question of you and you haven’t answered yet. Which makes me suspect you don’t have any.

          1. This is a good primer on how the Trumps have their fingers in every cookie jar they accuse the Bidens of having their fingers in:


            1. Joe Biden’s son got a job on the Amtrak board that he was not particularly qualified for. Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who was no more qualified than Hunter for any public sector position, instead got a role as a White House senior staffer. Her husband, Jared Kushner, also is totally unqualified for government work and also has a job as a White House senior staffer.

              Huh, remember when Hillary was co-prez on health care? Remember when that “totally unqualified” Kushner got 4 countries to normalize relations with Israel?

              Whereas Biden used a quid pro quo to protect the money flow from Burisma by withholding US aid. You know, the thing that you falsely impeached Trump over. And now we have clear evidence that he was taking bribes from Chinese shell corps under the control of the Chinese state.

              But yes, tell us again how Trump employs his children in his private, legitimate business.

              1. “You know, the thing that you falsely impeached Trump over.”

                I impeached Trump? I’m pretty sure I am not a member of Congress.

                1. No you supported the impeachment or appeared to by most of your posts during that time.

                  1. Depends what you mean by “support”. I thought it was too small a matter and the case too weak for it to be a good political choice for the Democrats to pursue impeachment over the Ukraine quid-pro-quo. The House would have been better off censuring the President and moving on.

                    I did support impeachment in the sense that I thought the House had enough evidence to impeach Trump, in the precise meaning of impeachment, which doesn’t mean “trial”.

                    I also supported it if you mean I supported it more than Trump’s true believers and apologists.

              2. Haha, so the White Knight’s link doesn’t say what he said it does? He’s getting as bad as DOL!

            2. So hiring someone you know is corruption? No evidence anything illegal was done. And I asked Chipper not you. And forgive me if I don’t take Vox’s word for it.

              1. Close your eyes to whatever you want to close your eyes to.

                1. You can question FNC narratives but call others questioning Vox’s narrative is closing their eyes? Hypocrisy much?

                  1. Also I read the article, it was mostly induendoes, opinions, and references to a highly questionable impeachment and the Russian Hoax. Basically it gave almost no proof of corruption but lots of unsupported induendoes.

                    1. It was an article of typical left wing talking points but have no evidence just unsupported charges. It was a worthless citation, pushed by a known biased news source.

                    2. No more weak than the current case against Biden.

            3. So you cite Box but them claim Fox reporting on the Hunter scandal (as you have in the past) and Guiliana being involved is enough to discredit it, despite others verifying the emails, the receipt with what appears to be Hunter Biden’s signature, and the fact that Hunter’s lawyers sued to get the labtop back? And you are totally not invested in this, that is why you have to comment on it whenever anyone points it out.

              1. I haven’t said that the Biden scandal is discredited. I said there is evidence both for and against, and I am reserving judgment.

        2. We get it. Youre a leftist. Please advocate for court packing under Biden again. That really showed your no sides fake persona.

          1. I never advocated packing the court, you liar. I merely said the Democrats are probably gonna do it. You are a liar, Jesse, because your brain cannot accept the truth of the falsity of your outdated worldview.

            1. You are a liar, Jesse, because your brain cannot accept the truth of the falsity of your outdated worldview.

              Pretty ironic coming from someone who’s own mindset is still stuck in the mid-2000s.

            2. Chipper Morning Wood————————————————————————–
              October.26.2020 at 9:51 pm
              If you think the situation today is in any way similar to 1936, you are quite the fool. If Biden wins, the majority of the population will support expanding the number of Supreme Court justices.

              Considering this is a lie where currently roughly 30% of the population supports it. It sure seems like you’re advocating for it. Why would you make a dishonest statement as such if you didn’t support it?

              A recent Rasmussen poll found that 55 percent of Americans opposed any court packing plan and only 27 percent was in favor of the idea.


              1. You haven’t provided a signed affidavit by Chipper that he supports court packing, so you’re evidence is dismissed.

                1. It’s not even the real Chipper lol

              2. Thanks for proving my point, you complete and utter fucking idiot.

                1. He really did. JesseAz is so used to misrepresenting what others have said that he starts to believe his own b.s.

                  1. No, he didnt. You are lying about what you said chipper. It is right there. You are claiming broad support for court packing where it doesn’t exist.

                    You’re either supporting it or a fucking moron about the subject. Which is it?

                    1. I’m not Chipper.

                    2. Cite?

                2. Lol. You really shouldn’t sock in the same thread to defend yourself.

                  Answer the question. Why did you misrepresent the approval if you weren’t for it? You are either a fucking idiot or advocating for it as policy. Which is it?

                3. Shorter chipper – “i don’t support the left, i just spew their talking points as fact ”

                  Go with that buddy.

              3. Don’t see where in that quoted comment that Chipper advocated for packing the Supreme Court.

                1. You can stop working chipper. You use the same arguments against your own quotes on both names.

                  He is a) claiming this is not 1936 which would imply broad support of court packing. B) saying the majority of people support court packing. You did this in a thread in which you were defending Biden.

                  So please, continue to let us know how a complete lie stating court packing will happen is not support.

                  This is the same shit Kirkland says. Are you now claiming he doesn’t support it?

                2. That’s because you’re not very bright.

                  1. R Mac bot programming not sophisticated enough to make a real counterargument.

    2. I saw a link with the breakdown of coverage for Bobulinski’s interview yesterday:

      The only sites talking about this are right wing sites. Even the Yahoo News article is actually a syndicated article from Fox News, not Yahoo’s news room.

      This reminds me of Kerry’s Swift Boat troubles back in 2004. All these media sites ignored his wartime colleagues who said he was a liar about his war record, and that he was trying to claim a mantle as a patriot despite a history of anti-soldier statement.

      The media has a lot of power here, but by ignoring the story, they give it time to circle around and for the narrative to arise. Had they started reporting early, they may have some ability to break up the story and contextualize it. Instead they sat on it and allowed the right wing media to swirl around until the strongest narratives won out. It’s like failing to use an antibiotic for its full duration- you might knock the infection back a bit, but what comes back will be stronger.

      At the end of the day, this story was going to be out there, and it was going to impact Biden. Delaying it a week has not helped Biden much- and in fact has probably damaged him immensely.

      1. A close cousin to ignoring the story, look how Boehm frames it above, hoping no one will look deeper:

        “Biden lied when he denied having knowledge of a business deal concocted by his son and brother with a Chinese company.”

        1. Worse when you compare this coverage to their breathless coverage of the Russia hoax.

          For years.

        2. Why, on the conservative side, is it never mentioned when supposedly looking at “all” the evidence, that another business partner in the venture, James Gilliar, is saying that Joe Biden was not involved.

          Why did it not occur to anyone on Trump’s campaign that it undermines Bobulinski’s credibility when he shows up as Trump’s guest at the debates.

          1. Because the emails and texts says differently dummy.

            1. The authenticity, and meaning, of the emails is questionable.

              1. But the hearsay behind the impeachment totally was. Don’t mind the fact several people have shared emails that verify the emails on the labtop or witnesses who have gone on record also verifying their authenticity

                1. The very transcript that Trump kept pointing to to absolve himself had evidence had him asking for a quid pro quo.

                  Also, my position is not that Biden is not corrupt. He may well be. What I am saying is that Trump partisans here are leaving out aspects of the story that they don’t like.

                  1. The transcript didn’t show quid pro quo unless you wanted to interpret it that way. Thank you for proving my point. The transcript only showed quid pro quo if you removed entire paragraphs so that it read the way you wanted.
                    You deny the validity of the emails despite witnesses verifying it and hard evidence supporting the idea they are authentic (the receipt with Hunter’s signature) buy cite a transcript that only shows quid pro quo if you selectively edit the transcript. Fuck and you wonder why people question if you are a leftist?

                    1. There’s no question about it


              “President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was offered salacious photos and other documents belonging to Joe Biden’s son Hunter in the spring of 2019, earlier than previously known, according to one of Giuliani’s closest former associates.”

              1. The emails have been corroborated. Provide hard evidence of your conspiracy theory.

                1. They have been corroborated by a guy who showed up as Trump’s guest at the final debate. That guy’s own business partner says what he is saying is not true.

                  1. Actually several people who were in the email thread have shared their emails that verify the validity, as well as a signed receipt which appears to have Hunter’s signature on it. It is not only one person verifying them. He has been the most outspoken but others have also verified that they were on the emails and that they are real.

              2. So character assassination is your defense. You totes aren’t in the bag for the leftist.

                1. Do you mean assassination of Rudy Guiliani’s character? Is that possible at this point?

                  1. Thank you for roving my point. Your defense of Biden is totes not partisan. You totally aren’t attacking the messenger here. Man you are getting desperate.

                    1. I don’t think it’s partisan to observe that Giuliani is not a credible dude, and much of that loss of credibility is of his own doing. A libertarian can see that.

                    2. Do you really think it shows desperation to acknowledge that Rudy Giuliani has become a clownish, perpetually drunken buffoon?

  4. Is Texas a swing state?

    Who is this designed to gear up? Texans for Trump or Texans for Biden?

    1. Texas is gonna turn blue sooner or later. It’s inevitable, just like the decline of religion among millenials is inevitable.

      1. You’re still pushing this leftist talking point from 2008? Wow.

        1. He may be right. With more immigrants and Austin a fast-growing blue cancer, the Heffalumps hold on TX is weakening. They really need to target their messages to blacks and Latinos – freedom, jobs, equality, mobility, safety, and justly applied law and order.

          1. The problem is that there is a political shift in ethnic populations after a few generations.

            Even the Atlantic is warning about the shift of Latinos to conservative causes:


            This isn’t the same demographics that have been locked for decades.

            1. Wonder if that’s due to Hispanics coming in from other states. The Rio Grande Valley has been Democrat-dominated forever.

        2. No, he’s right; if only from Blue state residents and new immigrants entering the state. 2028? Sure, it probably will go Blue. 2024, maybe.

          2020? No fucking way. Look at Abbott’s margin in 2018. “But Beto!” Beto spent a titanic amount more than Cruz, who frankly didn’t get off his ass until the last few weeks. Plus, Beto was a far more attractive candidate than Biden or Harris. He still lost.

          2020 Texas voting for Biden will be res ipsa loquitur evidence of fraud. What happens after that, I can’t tell you.

          We’ve already read of at least 3 separate voter fraud stories in Texas. How many more cockroaches are inside its walls?

          1. You’re a fucking retard.

            1. Well argued. Read more, post less.

            2. Speaking from experience?

          2. Beto also had the benefit of a mass media-coordinated effort to get him elected, with donations from Hollywood celebrities and tongue-bath puff interviews by MSM bobbleheads.

            The Vanity Fair piece that came out a few months later, which was meant to give him a Kennedy-type bloom, laughingly ended up showing that he had no substance. He simply followed in his Daddy’s footsteps by getting into politics because he had married into money, was bored, and had nothing else to do with his time. If he had a real, actual career providing for his family, he might have run for the PTA but little else. He was a flavor of the month that became toxic when he started sperging out about throwing Texas gun owners in jail if they didn’t surrender their firearms.

            1. Yep. A lot of powerful people in Hollywood did their level best to try and turn him into a ‘Hispanic’ Kennedy. Serious image manipulation and stage-handling, from some venue staff in Texas I’ve heard from.

              Obviously didn’t work, but I am a little surprised he didn’t do better in the 2020 primaries.

              1. Kennedy’s don’t do well in Texas.

      2. Yup. Texas might turn Blue. California might turn Red.

        Texas used to be Blue and California used to be Red.

      3. Holy shit, CMW is Rev. Art.

      4. Sure thing comrade.

    2. Texas is only a swing state this time because of Trump. My numbers are limited but of the 30 or so people in my Texas suburb I could tell you for certain how they voted in 2016 about 20 of them voted for Trump, 8 Biden, 2 Libertarian. I know at least 5 of them aren’t voting Trump this time. Most of them won’t vote for Biden either. They will vote 3rd party or just leave it blank, but if those type of statistics play out enough in the burbs then the blue cities and valley can over take them and turn Texas at least at the president level. Also, this is the first election that won’t allow straight-party voting in Texas. It will be interesting to see how it affects the down ballots.

      1. “I know at least 5 of them aren’t voting Trump this time.”

        Huh. Weird. I wonder why? Trump’s done a lot of what he was elected to do, especially the improved economic climate and the judges. Were they butthurt over no wall, no Hillary in jail, or the various gun issues he’s been bad on?

  5. Trump’s businesses have milked the federal government for more than $2.5 million since he took office.

    If we start punishing the system-gamers, there will be no winners left.

    1. Probably white milk. Most racist Prezident evah.

    2. The president is paid $400,000 a year, which Trump donates to the treasury, so the gains in those loans aren’t that great. Art of the deal indeed.
      Maybe Trump needs to ask Joe how he became a multi-millionaire through almost fifty years of public service.

      1. PS: Joe Biden is a crook.

      2. Book deals, and using S corps to duck hundreds of thousand in social security and medicare taxes (legally).

        1. Book deals.

          A Stephen King he ain’t.

        2. I wonder if anyone has ever investigated these “book deals”? Seriously, who’s actually reading a book by Joe Biden? I’ve heard claims that certain groups buy the books in huge quantities, basically making it money laundering, but have never seen any hard evidence.

          1. Because the grifters hire experts who know exactly how to hide what’s going on.

            And by ‘grifters’ I mean basically anyone whose been in politics at the federal level for at least a decade. They are almost all in on the take in one way or another which is why the only ones who get investigated closely are those that are both corrupt and stupid.

          2. I gave you the link.
            But I’m (still) bored, so here:
            Ultimately, his new book sold about 300,000 copies. His wife’s book sales reported 7,000 copies sold.

    3. The better question, considering how our government tends to reward big business, is how much would his companies have received if he wasn’t President? Would it have been more or less? I am betting it would be about the same if not more.

      1. I dunno. he doesn’t seem very good at playing the federal game.

        But if those subsidies flow through City governments… he’s historically really good at that.

    4. Considering the federal government spends money by the trillions this honestly isn’t that big of a deal to me

    5. P.S. It would seem that Donald Trump is not a crook.

  6. The DOJ’s Lawsuit Against Yale Is How To Win The Culture War

    The U.S. Department of Justice has sued Yale for discriminating against Asians and white applicants in undergraduate admissions. The lawsuit argues that qualified Asians and whites are discriminated against in favor of black applicants, and are likely to only win one-quarter of admissions compared to lesser qualified people based solely on race, in what the DOJ considers to be affirmative action.

    Use Affirmative Action laws against Lefties who wanted them!

    1. Whites and Asians asking for equal treatment is racist, don’tchaknow?

      1. Too true, Blue.
        I have decided that since I have been told for 10 years I am racist, I may as well be racist.

        1. You do you.

          1. Nigger nigger nigger!

    2. If they were clever, they’d leave the whites out of it. The Asians suffer more harm and the whites are not a sympathetic group.

      Well, except for his voting base.


    3. This is how it is done. Any single applicant can’t win, because an excuse can be made to claim that the individual wasn’t “really” qualified. But by showing that across the board more qualified candidates in every way are being turned down, it becomes impossible to claim people were chosen based upon merit.

  7. “looting in Philadelphia”

    Wrong. It was actually a mostly peaceful protest. Just like in recent months, any lawbreaking was done by right-wing infiltrators. Probably the Proud Boys. Or QAnon.


    1. Those right wingers sure enjoy them air Jordans.

      1. Republicans buy (or in this case, steal) sneakers too.

        1. I thought Republicans were all rednecks, ergo shouldn’t they be buying/stealing boots?

          1. Work boots, to be precise.

            1. Exactly; not a single pair of work boots has ever been looted by anyone.

              1. Hey, Timberlands are supposed to be work boots.

                (Speaking of being stuck in 2005…)

            2. I was thinking shitkickers like we mostly wear around here

              1. If you are planning to stay fashionable, and Biden wins… You may have to dump your “Work Boots” and buy “Woke Boots” instead!

                In other (related) fashion-related matters…

                For almost 4 years now, I have been running scared that the Trumptatorshit would FORCE me (and other more-open-borders-kinda folks) to wear a blue MALGA hat, in accordance with my views, which would obviously Make America Less Great Again! My blue hat would make it plain for all to see, that I am maliciously MALGAlicious, malignantly MALGAlignant, and malodorously MALGAlodorous! I am breathing more easily now, suspecting that my fears will NOT be realized after all!

                Now I am starting to worry that I might be judged (under a Bidentatorshit) to be NON-Woke! In an era of MAW (Make America Woke) and ORDER, I might be forced to wear a red hat, labeled, “OutMAW, MAWless MAWbreaker!”

                1. Just be sure to stay vigilant about those nasty white nationalist nazis “who LIKE to sneeze in people’s faces, and who LIKE to spread disease!”

                  A grateful society will thank you, and you will be able to “breathe easier”. It’s win-win.

                  Until, of course, some other ridiculous thing comes along to frighten you.


                  1. Ridiculous people and ridiculous things DO frighten me from time to time, yes!


                    Maskless woman seen on video coughing on customer inside NY bagel store after argument

          2. I know I’ve been told that jokes about hiding welfare recipients’ checks beneath their work boots are racist, so I’m pretty sure that pointing out that no work boots were stolen is also racist.

    2. LOL, “mostly peaceful”, except for the rioting and looting. You are a hopeless liar, everyone understands that. Walter Wallace needed to be shot, and his needs were met.


      Holy shit! CVS looted earlier in Philadelphia, PA. As that is happening, a truck gets T-boned and completely flipped over. Occupants of the car flee the scene, probably due to being in a stolen vehicle. This is absolute lawlessness

      1. What the morons really mean by “new normal”.

        1. Apparently Antifa had to hold a rally on their other side of town because the looters were targeting and ganging up on any white person they saw.

          If an Antifart actually got killed by a BLM looter in a fit of racist-induced rage, I’d laugh my ass off.

          1. Speaking of idiots, I’m sure it won’t last but until now, it is very pleasant to not have this punchbowl full of 100 turds from WK.

            1. It didn’t he is up thread riding to Joe’s defense and ridiculing Rudy to prove that the emails can’t be believed. But he insists that isn’t what he is doing. Oh and he cited Vox and the heavily edited transcripts to prove Trump is more corrupt.

    4. PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF!

  8. Daylight saving time ends on Sunday.


    1. Hear hear!

    2. Arizona looks around confused by the brouhaha.

      Do you mean national t.v. schedule shift?

      1. Now I won’t have to get up so early to catch the market open.

    3. Pick one. I don’t care which.

      Aside, it is another pile of suck to work graves during the switch in the Fall. “Yay! Another hour at work!” I never managed to be on the schedule during the ‘Spring Forward’ bit.

      Glad I don’t do that anymore.

  9. Trump’s trade war might reduce Americans’ access to a Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine.

    If only it had limited Americans’ access to a Chinese-made virus.

    1. “Don’t trust a CDC approved vaccine…do trust a Chinese one.”

      1. To be fair the Chinese have a lot of actual people they use for medical experimentation, and can always round up more. So the trial period is a lot faster

        1. But Chinese products are notoriously prone to being laced with lead, so it’s a wash.

  10. Trump’s trade war might reduce Americans’ access to a Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine.
    Can’t imagine there will be much demand.

    1. Buy 5 get a free bat.

    2. It’s cheaper because it’s half melamine.

      1. Tastes good with the msg additives too.

    3. Problem with the Chinese vaccine, 3 hours later, you need another.

      (I’ll be here all week.)

    4. why take a vaccine that you have 99.8% chance of recovering from and may not even notice if you had it

  11. “More looting unfolding right now in Philadelphia and I have to ask why is it always footlocker getting looted?”

    How else are those kids with the pumped up kicks gonna run, gonna run, faster than my bullets?

    1. Dillinger is supposed to have said that the reason he robbed banks was because that’s where the money was.

      The reason Footlocker is always getting looted is because that’s where the shoes are.

      1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      2. No, it was supposed to be Willie Sutton, though it is apocryphal for him as well.

  12. “Philadelphia police asked residents to remain indoors on Tuesday night as rioting and looting took place in parts of the city. Dozens of people were arrested according to media reports.”

    According to, The Philadelphia Inquirer, it was a mostly peaceful protest–except for the rioting and looting.

    While it’s true that 30 police officers were treated for their injuries at local hospitals the night before last, only one police officer was thought to have suffered permanent injury–after being run over by a “protester’s” car. Presumably, however, dozens of other police officers weren’t injured, so I think it’s fair to say that it was a mostly peaceful protest. Don’t you?

    P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. Nothing keeps a peaceful protest peaceful like a line of rifles with fixed bayonets.
      I miss the anti-war protests of the sixties.

      “October 8–11. Weatherman’s disastrous Days of Rage in Chicago. Only 300 militants show up, not the expected 10,000. 287 will be arrested.”
      I wish the arrest percentages were like that today.

      1. Back in the good old days when radical leftists got the shit beat out of them for trying to foment insurrection.

        1. Also, just a quick reminder that BLM is funded by an organization run by Susan Rosenberg, a Weatherman terrorist that Bill Clinton pardoned.

    2. So as long as the injuries aren’t permanent, it’s peaceful. I’m glad that’s been cleared up.

    3. 60 file for disability?

      1. ‘Medical retirement, here I come! Honey! We’re moving to Florida!’

    4. The riots are literally less than 10 miles from my home. As long as they stay out of the People’s Republic of NJ, no problem.

      Philly is harvesting the logical result of their Leftist policies. Their DA leaves much to be desired.

    5. I notice that the people having to wait in the freezing cold after the Trump rally got top billing everywhere but fox, and the philly riots that injured 30 police was 4th on google news, 37th on cnn, etc.

      But, you notice, there was no rioting at the Trump rally in the freezing cold? I bet everyone waited in fairly good order for the busses, too.

  13. Endless Coronavirus Lockdowns Are The Epitome Of 21st Century Privilege

    According to data scientists at the technology company Qualtrics, evidence so far indicates schools only produce infection rates well under half of 1 percent out of students and staff, to say nothing of the much lower hospitalization rates in a cohort far younger than the general population.

  14. The worst idea yet for “fixing” elections?

    Yes. Yes it is.

    1. I stopped the article at “written by Ben Dreyfus”. That guy is a world class dope. His appearances on The Fifth Column are about the only ones I skip. I can’t think of a better case of clearly being “successful” because you have a famous daddy. Nothing that man says should be taken seriously.

      1. I can’t think of a better case of clearly being “successful” because you have a famous daddy

        ::Bill Kristol has entered the chat::

        1. GWB’s own Goebbels may have inherited the job from his daddy, but it’s hard to argue he’s not good at it. His propaganda campaigns did successfully lie the American public into multiple wars.

      2. He can funny on T5C but for a media personality his excessive use of the “like” filler in his speech is difficult to tolerate.

        1. He was only ever funny on there because he can’t handle his liquor and he always goes off on some over the top emotional rant that is unintentionally hilarious for it’s disconnect from reality.

  15. The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night.


    1. All of 6 people were watching.

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      2. And now they’re all dead.

  16. I’m sorry but who at the Oregon Health Authority thought this was a good idea?

    Is COVID-19 a clown show now?

    1. Is COVID-19 a clown show now?

      Hasn’t it always been?

      1. I’m a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? How da fuck am I funny? What da fuck is so funny about me? Tell me. Tell me what’s funny.

        1. Go home and get your fuckin’ shinebox.

          1. “Well, you know what I mean. He’s gone, and we couldn’t do nothing about it.”

            If only.

    2. “I’m sorry but who at the Oregon Health Authority thought this was a good idea?”

      Jerry Lewis?

  17. “Is Texas a swing state?”

    The Koch / Reason open borders agenda will eventually import enough Democrat-voting Brown bodies into Texas to turn it into another California. And as we all know, California is exactly what libertarians want all 50 states to look like — single-party Democratic control, high degree of racial diversity, high poverty rate.


    1. The road to prosperity is paved with a high poverty rate.

    2. It’s weird because I agree with your post but it almost feels like you’re being sarcastic. Guess I just don’t know who to trust around here. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re being honest and say I’m being paranoid from reading too many Reason comments.

      1. Thus proving how clueless you are.

      2. Dude, are you for real?

        If you don’t know what OBL’s schtick is in the first couple of days, you in the wrong place.

  18. Not sure if it is the stupidest, but definitely top five, for ideas to make voting “easier”. I am not certain how much easier it needs to be? The writer seems to have problems with his states election board, which is valid but he also chose to leave the state for unspecified reasons.

    1. Sorry flagged, fucking pop ups and autoplay.

      1. Fucking pop ups me at for jerseykid

        1. Switch to brave as your browser

          1. This.

            Thanks, Ken.

    2. Mother Jones has a banner stating they’ve been throttled by facebook. I was a bit stunned, because it seems like it has always been a reputable lefty rag. But then I read the article.


    3. “I am not sure how much easier it needs to be…..”

      Look, man, it’s really, really difficult to vote. That’s where the discussion starts. There is no questioning this very basic premise. Unless you’re a nazi.

      #VoteForYourLife” Haha.

  19. Unrest, looting in Philadelphia after the police shoot and kill a black man man who came at them with a knife.

    I would suggest the man’s race might be less important than the fact that he was coming at the cops with a knife. Unless you believe that if the man were white, the cops would have just shot him in the leg.

    1. No, no you don’t understand. If he were white mental patient who the cops had responded to three times that day who came at them with a knife, the shooting would be justified. But since he is black they need to check their privilege and be actively anti-racist and try everything to not shoot him, even if he stand them. That is the only way to create equality.
      P.S. mental health experts and an ambulance was on scene but the cops weren’t issued tasers. That is the better question, why aren’t Philly cops issued tasers in the 21st century?
      P.P.S. Were the EMTs and mental health responders in danger?
      P.P.P.S. why wasn’t he detained and transported for evaluation one of the first three times?

      1. P.P.P.P.S it is possible to question the police actions (like I did questioning lack of earlier actions and lack of tasers) without making this a racial issue.

        1. Umm, “systemic”.

          1. Something stinks in Philly and it wasn’t the cops actions in this shooting.

            1. Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, and residents?

              1. leave the Flyers out of this.

                1. MK Ultra is the playoffs?

    2. “Unless you believe that if the man were white, the cops would have just shot him in the leg.”

      Maybe the cops were black.

      “I would suggest the man’s race might be less important ”
      Dream on.

      1. Proof race is important?

        1. It IS important to racists. Like mtrueman. It’s the MOST important thing.

          1. Actually, I think mtrue might be mocking the absurdity of how over amplified race is in 2020. A step in the right direction for him. Or her. Or xer.

            Accidental? Maybe.

        2. “Proof race is important?”

          Proof race is everything.

      2. Doing some more mind reading? Without being on the scene, and without knowing more details concerning the situation and thought process leading up to the shooting, your ‘dream on’ is a typically baseless snide comment.

        1. The details of this particular incident are not important. I’m commenting generally. I think it’s safe to say that race in America is at the bottom of every social issue.

    3. Couldn’t be more of a clear hand-tip that they just want to riot. Guy was aggressively essentially chasing the cops with a knife as they backpedaled yelling at him to stop and put down the knife.

      There are no scenarios where that doesn’t end with him getting shot. Suicide by cop. Laquan Mcdonald all over again, but more aggressive and threatening to the cops this time.

      If they will riot and loot over this, they are literally just looking for a reason to burn and steal shit. And that needs to be stopped with force, period.

      Also very telling that the thumbnail/image for the first 2 articles I saw about this in the AM (one NYT of course) were of an unrelated black man with hands up standing in front of police officers with “black man killed by police” as if that isn’t an extremely gross and misleading photo/headline. This is straight propaganda at this point.

      1. The shooting was fully justifiable by all the evidence I’ve seen. Why is no one asking why the cops didn’t detain him for the three earlier calls to his house that day and why weren’t the issued tasers for a mental health call? I think department heads and or Philly policies (possibly trying to placate BLM?) are to blame but not the cops on the scene.

        1. The ‘mental health’ call was for “a man with a knife threatening people”.
          Always bring a gun to a knife fight.

          1. I am not criticizing the cops actions but criticizing what policies forced them into the situation in the first place. Now they get the blame but I am betting the problem was above the pay grade.

      2. And Reason is all too happy to play along, as Jerry’s quote demonstrates.
        Race uber alles, comrades

      3. Suicide by cop is a real thing, too.

        Having mental health problems fits the profile of suicide by cop, as well.

        Surely, it’s a well known fact that going after the police with a knife is an excellent way to get yourself shot.

        People keep citing this guy’s mental problems and the cop’s knowledge of them as evidence that they shouldn’t have shot him. Telling a cop that someone is a psychiatric case shouldn’t make them bring down their guard. A rational person would have dropped the knife. Why didn’t he?

        It may be because he wanted to stab a cop, but it might also be that he wanted to get shot.

        1. I don’t think his mental health issues should protect him from his actions but do question what policy kept the cops from acting in the three earlier calls that day.

    4. When a man is coming at you with a knife, you’re supposed to deescalate the situation–regardless of his race–using nothing but Jedi mind tricks.

      1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

        1. These aren’t the droids you are looking for?

    1. Why is this so hard?

      Texas law bans firearms in polling places. But it’s a law, not an “order.”

      1. Just another member of our executive branch following the lead of the top executive in proclaiming orders as law without the legislature.

        If you’re on the side of righteousness, you don’t need to follow silly laws. Those are for the serfs.

  20. Congress has gone home with no stimulus bill.

    The reason there was no stimulus bill was because President Trump and the senate Republicans refused to bail out the states.

    They should be rewarded for this at the ballot box.

    We have spent $3.5 trillion less than we would have because the Republicans control the Senate and because Trump is in the White House.

    P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. According to unreason, Democrats and Republicans…same-same.

    2. But we spent MILLIONS at his hotels!

    3. S&P 500 right now at 3,296. It closed at 3,295 on August 3rd. Ken you mentioned previously the S&P 500 as an election predictor, do you have any take on this?

      1. The S&P 500 has been right 87% of the time going way back–when you use the date three months before the election and compare it to the S&P 500 on election day. If the S&P 500 is up on election day compared to where it was three months prior, the incumbent wins, and if it’s down, the incumbent loses–and that is true 87% of the time going back 100 years.

        On August 3, three months before the election, the S&P 500 closed at 3,294.61. As of this moment, after 88.86 points today, the S&P 500 is at 3,301. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it bounce back up from where it is here–even if it’s a dead cat bounce.

        It might be noted that while recent weakness on Wall Street has been associated with the failure to get a stimulus package done, the fact that there won’t be a stimulus bill was already pretty much priced into the S&P 500 before today. Today’s drop is mostly associated with new coronavirus cases spiking–and the expectation that this will lead to a new round of lockdowns.

        . . . not that the predictive power of the S&P 500 necessarily varies depending on why the S&P 500 is going up or down. It’s just that you asked me this question within the context of a comment I wrote about the stimulus package being dead in the water until after the election–and it should be clear that this drop in the S&P 500 doesn’t have much or anything to do with that.

        P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

  21. Wisconsin Democrats urge voters to forego mail-in ballots after Supreme Court ruling

    I wonder why having ballots in by election day to be counted is a problem so now all those voters should vote in person?

    Maybe the convenience of early voting was NOT the reason for Democrats.

    1. There’s voting and there’s counting the votes. Two different things.

      1. And how does enforcing the state statute that mail in ballots have to be in by a certain date hinder counting? And how does voting in person change that? Are you saying some voters are to dumb to read a calendar?

        1. He’s saying the Democrats will cheat.

          1. Which is a given.

        2. The notion that the masses are dumb, and/or helpless victims is at the center of everything in prog ideology.

          P. S. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

        3. “Are you saying some voters are to dumb to read a calendar?”

          I can’t be denied, unfortunately. Also those responsible for delivering, processing and counting the votes may not be as competent as you are assuming them to be. Holding an election where votes can be counted and results delivered in a timely manner seems beyond the capacity of Americans today.

  22. More looting unfolding right now in Philadelphia and I have to ask why is it always footlocker getting looted?

    For that COVID immunity.

  23. Sisters stabbed guard 27 times after being told to wear masks at Chicago store, prosecutors allege

    Who would have thought that Black Americans are not on board with being forced to wear masks.

    1. Those two should wear masks regardless of any virus.

      1. Ideally ones that are airtight.

        1. PS – Joe Biden is a crook.

  24. Tony Bobulinski, a former Biden associate, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night that Biden lied when he denied having knowledge of a business deal concocted by his son and brother with a Chinese company.

    Someone is about to get the Tara Reade treatment from the Party and journalists.

    1. I was sad to hear of his impending suicide.

    2. Who’s Tara Reade? Sounds like Russian disinformation to me.

        1. American Pie.

          1. I was thinking The Big Lebowski.

          2. She didn’t do nude in that one. But not nearly as disappointing as no nude scene for Allyson Hannigan in any of the movies.

      1. Sharknado?

        1. Sharknado 3. Oh, hell no! ?

  25. Secondly, it allows platforms to set their own rules for content moderation.

    So we are continuing to ignore the arbitrary enforcement as well as the vague terms? Ignoring ex post facto changes to the ToS that allow for demonitization of old content with new rules? Ignkring unconscionable contracts terms disallowed in other industry?

    So libertarians for no firm contracts. Got it.

    1. Question Jesse: considering it is blatantly obvious FB et al wants more regulations to stifle competition, how would you solve this? Yes they are assholes who deserve some form of comeuppance, but wouldn’t rewriting 230 in fact be rewarding them?

      1. I would solve it by removing the excess legal liability protection enjoyed by this certain segment of industry unless their terms are based on criminal content. I would so reinforce contracts in the endustry by disallowing the unconscionable contracts that are abusive. Terms would be locked when a user signed up, not arbitrarily changed over time. This would end abusive practices that are essentially bait and switch through public capture. I would also demand that the companies be forced to delete any data they have gathered or utilized when they do choose to kick someone off their platform.

        1. The main take away is sites are free to be censoring douche bags as long as they are up front about it.

        2. Also users would be free to opt in to site filtering tools to not see content if they don’t want to see it. The same tools used to remove content could quickly be turned into optional user filters. Think YouTube kids.

          1. All reasonable suggestions unfortunately I doubt Congress will go that route.

          2. We could call it Youtube Snowflakes.

      2. Why rewrite it?

        Leave in the part:
        “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker”

        And remove this part:
        “(230) provides “Good Samaritan” protection from civil liability for operators of interactive computer services in the removal or moderation of third-party material they deem obscene or offensive, even of constitutionally protected speech”

        If they want 230’s protection from a publishers liability then they shouldn’t act like a publisher.

        1. That is a fair criticism, albeit I doubt Congress will do that.

    2. This is why I maintain that the users can also send an email to the social media companies with their own terms of service and it counts. If both parties can arbitrarily change a contract then its fat more fair

  26. For a while I’ve been wondering, why do these scum have to wait for an “excuse” to loot stores?

    As long as a few hundred people show up en mass, the cops can’t stop it.

    Why doesn’t every big city have a Facebook group where they organize “protest meetings” near the shopping district about once a month?

    1. That’s dawning on them now.

      The chain my brother-in-law works for has strongly hinted to its store managers not to interfere with any shoplifters who look like ethnic or sexual minorities. Shoplifting there has quadrupled since September.

      The idea that fifty or so people can loot with impunity if they’re visible minorities is slowly dawning on them I’m sure.

      1. What does it mean to “look like a sexual minority”?

        1. When you look at someone and go “huh?”.

        2. No clue. I’m guessing like the “Excuse me it’s MA’AM!” guys and fat chicks with colored Skrillex haircuts.

      2. The downside of so many chain stores.

        Back in the day when most were sole proprietorships, They kept looters out by stacking up the dead bodies of the first looters through the door.

      3. It’s been a thing in ghetto shitholes for a number of years, just not on this scale. Typically, prior to this year the hood rats would organize flash mobs and congregate at a 7-11, for example, then at a certain mark would steal whatever wasn’t nailed down because the clerk couldn’t stop everyone from looting the place. Now they’re just using any police-involved shooting as justification, rather than a spontaneously organized event, because the media will simp for them.

        If they were just doing this as a flash mob like in the past, the optics look like a typical ghetto day rather than “soshul jizztizz.”

        1. Also been a thing in Chicago’s ritzy areas, but I may just be repeating what you wrote. Mag. Mile mobs looting and robbing tourists have been a thing for awhile. Too bad, as I liked visiting Chicago in the past, but fuck that place now.

    2. flash-mobbing stores is at least Internet Era if not prior.

      1. Yeah, what he said.

    3. “Why doesn’t every big city have a Facebook group where they organize “protest meetings” near the shopping district about once a month?”

      Remember the ‘flash mob’ phenomenon from a few years ago?

      It took Antifa awhile to resurrect the ‘protesting at someone’s house’ tactic they broke out during the beginning of Obama’s first term. As Mother’s notes, it’ll occur to them again to try this. Xmas is coming, after all.

  27. Wallace was armed with a knife when he was gunned down by officers on Monday.

    And advancing towards officers….

    1. It’s really the cops’ fault that Wallace was brandishing a knife and had to approach armed officers.

      1. In a way it was. They had responded three times that day to his house, why didn’t they do something earlier? And why doesn’t Philly issue cops tasers? I am not blaming the cops per se, but do question what stopped earlier intervention (maybe a department policy that stopped them from acting until it escalated to this point)? And why were cops responding to a mental health call not issued less lethal means to subdue him? I think the bigger question isn’t the cops actions in the shooting but what policies or decision making contributed to putting the cops in the situation in the first place?

        1. I believe he had 3 prior convictions for violent assaults since 2013, and was awaiting trial for another one.
          Some context

          1. Which just reinforces my point (and I was aware of the three convictions but not the pending charge) why was it allowed to get to this point? I have a feeling it was because of some stupid SJW signalling policy that tied the cops hands earlier that day.

            1. Did they have anything concrete to do with him? I can easily see the oposit scenario of “cops harass ex con and violate his rights” which happens more often than “cop shoots person”

              1. Three prior calls were because he was acting erratically and violent. Yes of course some may well have framed it that way (some write for Reason). Instead we have a dead guy, businesses being destroyed, people injured, and cops being targeted for a no win situation. It’s all fucked.

                1. Maybe the 3 previous times they “deescalated” like everyone is always yapping at them to do.

                  Backseat hindsight is a helluvah drug.

                  1. Possibly. But no one is asking these questions because now the narrative is being driven by the all cops are trigger happy psychopaths or all cops are racist. So once again nothing will change or improve (or if we can even improve it).

                  2. Also, hindsight, not to judge but to see how things can be improved should be encouraged always. There is a reason the military does AARs after every mission, no matter what it was or at what level. We hated them but they do improve things. We also did them in the hospital after codes or other trauma situations. Evaluating doesn’t have to be used to punish but should be a tool to improve.

                    1. On a scale of 1 to 100, what you (and I) know about the details of the police encounters with Wallace are around “3”.

                      I’m man enough to admit neither of us should be doing AARs.

                    2. That is why I am asking the questions.

            2. Yes, it does reinforce your point.

        2. What crimes had he committed previously that deemed an arrest? In many locations cops can’t forcibly commit people for mental health.

          1. Called to the house three times because he was acting aggressive and unhinged, history of violent behavior. Yes cops can detain and hold him for mental health evaluation (especially given his prior mental health history and violent behavior) at a healthcare facility. I am betting some stupid SJW signalling policy stopped them from doing this, until they had no choice but to kill him. But no one will question that, just blame the cops for defending themselves, and the EMTs.

            1. Depends on location if they can or not. There were many abusive practices in the last about cops and holds for mental screenings. I do not know Pennsylvania law, but in Arizona it is extremely difficult to do so.

              1. Unfortunately, we can’t discuss this because there narrative is being driven by those labeling all these actions as racist or the idiots who state all cops are trigger happy psychopaths. Neither of these narratives are likely to improve these types of interactions. It won’t solve anything.

                1. They don’t want this to improve. It is very useful for them.

            2. “Called to the house three times because he was acting aggressive and unhinged, history of violent behavior.”

              OK, let’s assume that’s true. Were there witnesses that would affirm such to the cops? Other indicia of an assault that had been committed?

              Or, were the cops called not to take the guy to jail, but to calm his ass down? We can have police that will arrest on a mere 911 call, but I doubt we’d like that either.

              If a guy chases cops while holding a knife, no one should be surprised when he gets his ass shot.

              1. I didn’t say it was surprising he was shot did I? And as to your other points, that is why I am asking the questions. My first sentence was clumsy, I admit but if you read past that, you would have seen that I was really asking what led up to this confrontation, which lead the cops to have no options. Because something doesn’t sit right. And it isn’t the cops actions. I think it was systemic problems out of the hands of the cops, but the cops will pay for it. Which is unfortunate and will not fix the problem. I am tired of blame the cops but not looking for why we put cops in no win situations. No most cops aren’t trigger happy psychopaths or racists. And the shooting was justified based upon available evidence.

                1. I’m likely agreeing with you, SM. I’m just saying that it might be the cops were called merely to play babysitter, not because the rest of his family wanted him to go to jail. If the family doesn’t cooperate then, and the guy isn’t totally decompensating in front of them, and there’s no evidence he smacked one of them, it’s awfully hard to find P.C. for an arrest. As it should be.

                  Or the cops didn’t want to deal with it the first two calls, who knows?

                  What led up to the confrontation was a guy who was having acute mental health issues, in a society that doesn’t want to pay the admittedly hideous expense involved with housing and treating the chronic mentally ill. No Tasers, beanbags—none of which would used anyway without adequate distance or cover, and especially without lethal overwatch—are going to fix that problem.

                  Maybe they should have carted him off to jail or the at-risk ward of the local hospital? Maybe they didn’t have justification at the time to? Bombadil’s right: we’re at about a 3 on 1-100 of knowing what happened, and we really need to learn a lot more before advocating for any lessons learned.

          2. I am suspect of the groups that ditch real cases of murder by cops of UNARMED people for a police shooting like this, where Americans cant get behind a violent criminal who is brandishing a knife against armed cops.

            1. Because the purpose isn’t police or criminal justice reform.

              The purpose is to divide the country and cause dissension and violence.

        3. “soldiermedic76
          October.28.2020 at 10:12 am
          In a way it was. They had responded three times that day to his house, why didn’t they do something earlier?”

          This is a moron take.

          1. Did you bother reading beyond the first sentence to see what I actually meant? I am blaming the system that obviously didn’t help the cops or the gentleman shot. It isn’t the cops fault and I suspect their hands were tied but now they will be given up as scale goats. So nothing will get corrected. We are leaving them out to hang. Gee, your taking one sentence out of context and not reading my entire response or any of my subsequent responses is the most moronic take you could have taken.

  28. These critics of social justice say it is possible to oppose the illiberalism of the left without embracing Trump.

    I welcome foreign election interference from our friendly ally, the UK.
    It’s courageous of the American intellectuals to risk their careers and personal freedom by siding with the International Community against the tangerine tyrant.

    1. What would we do without critics? Who knew it was possible to think Donald Trump was an absolute pig of a human being, a liar, a conman, a blowhard, a thin-skinned egomaniac, a fat-headed moron too stupid to know you’re not going to drain the swamp by surrounding yourself with swamp-dwellers, and yet simultaneously believe he’s a million times better than the alternative of Leftists bent on the destruction of America, capitalism, Western civilization and individualism?

  29. Watch this video and judge for yourself, but it looks to me like Biden doesn’t know where he is, what he’s doing, or why he’s doing it.

    1. That’s odd. The post is missing.
      PS: Biden is a crook.

        1. Well, one of the things that’s important is having a candidate who is not demented.

        2. Yes
          PS: Joe Biden is a crook.

        3. Usually the Alzheimers hits at the end of their term and not the beginning.

          The funny thing is that (excluding Tulsi) Joe really was the best the DNC could do.

    2. “Here’s the deal”. That’s a verbal tic with Biden, any time you hear him say that, it means he’s stalling for time to think up an answer to the question.

      “C’mon, man!” means he ain’t even gonna bother trying to think up an answer to the question.

      1. What does starting to answer a question in front of a crowd of people and then trailing off into nothing and being rushed off stage by your handlers indicate?

        1. That he’s a crook?

        2. Well, he started off with “Here’s the deal”, which meant he was trying to think up an answer, he couldn’t come up with an answer because he was tired and his mind had wandered. I think at that point, Biden had been up for at least 4 hours, and you just can’t expect Biden to keep up with that sort of pace.

          1. We should be talking about Kamala.

            That’s one of the scariest things about Biden. He has no intention or expectation of running again in 2024. There’s no way he’s crisscrossing the country to campaign in a coronavirus free campaign in 2024.

            So stacking the Supreme Court, coming after our gun rights, and getting the Green New Deal passed by a 100% Democrat controlled Congress–all of those are kamikaze missions.

            He’s gonna do all of this terrible shit with the full expectation and intention of never facing the voters again. The asshole plans to shit all over us and then retire to his estate. What an asshole!

            P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

        3. Uh oh he’s gone full Andy rooney, you never go full Andy rooney

    3. Well, hey, at least he wasn’t pondering his election run for Senator….

    4. To be fair, that has always been the case with Biden to some degree.

  30. CNN is saying that Biden is leading Trump by 17 points in Wisconsin. I find it extraordinarily difficult to believe that the margin separating the two will be anywhere close to that wide. Frankly, I don’t believe it will be even 10 points, much less 17.

    1. FiveThirtyEight did a piece on just that poll.

      It’s an outlier.

      Show me an event that happened sometime between the last credible poll and this one to explain the sudden change. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but I am saying that it’s a suspicious poll.

      It the poll had shifted in Trump’s favor by such a wide margin and over such a short period of time (without an obvious event to trigger it), I’d be saying the same thing. If subsequent polls find the same thing, that’ll be one thing. I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting that.

      P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    2. Can everyone please just stick all these poles up their asses?

      1. Polls are a vital tool of psychological warfare.

      2. Are we using lube? Or dry?

        1. Take it like a man.

        2. Bite the pillow, America.

      3. I’m gonna need the length and diameter of the poles.

        1. 4″ 4 turn all thread (ribbed for her pleasure)

    3. I’m wondering why you still use this blown sockpuppet account.

  31. President Donald Trump held a rally in Omaha, Nebraska, on Tuesday night and then stranded hundreds of supporters in freezing temperatures for hours afterward.

    You can bet your ass that a Biden rally wouldn’t leave hundreds of supporters stranded.

    1. Well, you have to have hundreds of supporters show up for Biden to even be a possibility.

      1. Don’t be that guy who explains the joke.

        1. Im adding to the joke.

    2. Are candidates supposed to give everyone a ride home now?
      They were trumpers, who cares?

      1. Joe Biden could give all his supporters a ride home.

        1. “Gee your hair smells great”

          1. Terrific.

    3. “You can bet your ass that a Biden rally wouldn’t leave hundreds of supporters stranded.”

      That may be correct. But, I do think he would have left them confused, bewildered, and asking themselves: “Is this the best we can do?”

        DOES ANYBODY REALLY CARE? (about time)
        BIDEN 2020


      This would be heartbreaking if he hadn’t been such a corrupt person all his life…

      1. Jesus Christ, was that all one stroke or a series of strokes?

        1. Still the most qualified Democrat.

      2. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

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  33. “Wallace was armed with a knife when he was gunned down by officers on Monday.”

    Gunned down? WTF.

  34. “…Tony Bobulinski, a former Biden associate, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night that Biden lied when he denied having knowledge of a business deal concocted by his son and brother with a Chinese company…”

    Joe the ho, Hunter the pimp.

    1. We’re not supposed to pay any attention to that because the Bidens have denied being involved in all sorts of things that have nothing to do with it.

      P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. It wasn’t on his tax statements ken. What more proof do you need?

        1. Well, if they would acknowledge the existence of the emails and either deny their authenticity or the contents, that might help.

          Since they haven’t done that, I see no reason not to believe that the emails are genuine say more or less what they’re reported to say.

          I mean, I know you’re being facetious, but for any lurkers out there who may not be following along, there are excellent reasons to conclude that Joe Biden is a crook.

          P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

        2. Did we check his calendar to see if there were any official meetings? Good! Everything seems to be on the up and up.

  35. When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress on Wednesday, he will call on lawmakers to take explicit action to rewrite the law that protects a free and open internet. In doing so, he will be implicitly asking the federal government to impose huge new regulatory costs on social media sites like his own—costs that will ultimately protect Facebook from rising upstarts.

    “Please Mister, don’t throw me in that briar patch!”

    1. Sorry, but that story has been cancelled do to racist overtones. Please refrain from referencing it in the future.

      – Reason Staff

  36. EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China ‘Spy Chief’… Joe Biden Named As Criminal Case Witness

    I get calls from my father to tell me that The New York Times is calling but my old partner Eric, who literally has done me harm for I don’t know how long, is the one taking the calls because my father will not stop sending the calls to Eric. I have another New York Times reporter calling about my representation of Patrick Ho – the fucking spy chief of China who started the company that my partner, who is worth $323 billion, founded and is now missing. The richest man in the world is missing who was my partner. He was missing since I last saw him in his $58 million apartment inside a $4 billion deal to build the fucking largest fucking LNG port in the world. And I am receiving calls from the Southern District of New York from the U.S. Attorney himself. My best friend in business Devon has named me as a witness without telling me in a criminal case and my father without telling me.

    1. Joe Biden has deep ties to the radical ‘Great Reset’ movement and its globalist leaders

      1. “Build back better”

      2. Hitler made mistakes. They learned from him.
        National socialism calls for opposition, and doesn’t reach far enough.
        Let us call them what they are: the global socialist party. GAZIs

    2. If we had a real free press everyone in the country would hear this audio.

    3. I’m really suspicious of this one. Especially when you read the transcript, it seems like this is all being explained a little TOO clearly and detailed to be anything other than convenient. Who talks like that? Constantly clarifying who the characters involved are. If they’re not already in the know, he’s being awfully candid with whoever this conversation is with (which the story doesn’t seem to name.) Also, he saved the conversation on his laptop and saved it in a file named “Most Genius Shit Ever”. To what end? This is the equivalent of a villain monologuing his evil plan while the hero is tied down in an easily escapable trap.

      I’m going to wait on this to be verified before I get excited about it. I caution that others should too. Having fake evidence come out in regards to this situation is going to make regular people doubt the authentic parts.

      1. Point noted. Sounded like someone who smokes crack freaking out to me though.

        1. I’ve never been around people on crack, but I’ve been on people that are coked up. Accurately identifying a convoluted web of conspirators and stopping mid sentence to clarify who each one is would probably not be their forte. The whole thing is so perfectly summarized into a single sound-byte length clip, it’s just unbelievable to me. It’s what a screen writer would do to recap for efficiency in the third act of a courtroom drama.

          1. I am willing to accept conspiracy theories that state that Dem operatives recorded and released this as a controlled opposition strategy to delegitimize the contents of the hard drive. If that were the case, falling for this would give them what they want.

  37. Argentina locked down early and hard. Now cases are exploding.

    Argentines are now grappling with a collective sense of exhaustion and demoralization, even disbelief. They took the disease seriously from the beginning, listened to the experts, trusted their leaders. They didn’t dismiss the disease as a little cold, as many did in Brazil. They didn’t give in to toxic polarization, at least initially, as in the United States. They didn’t have India’s high rates of inequality and poverty.

    Yet Argentina now finds itself among all those countries, in the global case top five for coronavirus cases.

    A health worker attends to a patient in an intensive care unit for patients with the coronavirus this month at a hospital in Mar del Plata.© Natacha Pisarenko/AP A health worker attends to a patient in an intensive care unit for patients with the coronavirus this month at a hospital in Mar del Plata.
    “The majority of people have a feeling of failure, that the health measures failed,” said Roberto Debbag, vice president of the Latin American Society of Pediatric Epidemiology. “This has increased dramatically in the last three months.”

    In the end, Argentina’s efforts to control the virus were undone by a familiar cast of foes — poverty, inequality, health-care shortcomings, testing failures — but also, some analysts believe, by the severity of the lockdown itself. The long months at home built up so much pent-up energy — so much social yearning and economic need — that when the government began to ease restrictions ever so slightly, it suddenly released.

    [Remote learning is deepening the divide between rich and poor]
    In the seaside resort town of Mar del Plata, where cases and hospitalizations have been rising sharply, some restaurant owners have rebelled. They’ve allowed people to eat indoors, when it was only recently that they were allowed to resume outdoor dining.

    “At first, it was only supposed to be 15 days, which for us was a huge sacrifice, but considering the extent of the problem, we followed it,” said Avedis Haig Sahakian, who owns several Mar del Plata restaurants. Now, he said, “even those who are not supposed to be open are open anyway.”

    a group of people standing on a sidewalk: Students maintain social distance while waiting to enter a school in Buenos Aires.© Agustin Marcarian/Reuters Students maintain social distance while waiting to enter a school in Buenos Aires.
    Authorities in recent months have begun allowing limited activity in cities and provinces with fewer infections. But Argentines nationwide are still required to wear masks in public, gatherings of more than 10 people are banned everywhere, and much of the country remains effectively locked down. More Argentines are flouting the restrictions.

    The two forces — quarantine fatigue and an explosion of coronavirus cases — are colliding at a time when intensive care units are nearly full, according to the Argentinian Society of Intensive Care Unit. But people can’t seem to will themselves back into lockdown.

    Verónica Peña, a 32-year-old Venezuelan immigrant in Buenos Aires, followed the quarantine strictly until last month but has now broken out. “We are not under normal circumstances,” she said. “But right now, people are so sick of it that we are all saying, ‘You know what? Screw it.’ ”

    [Coronavirus steals a chef’s sense of taste, and there’s no telling when it might come back]
    Luis Alberto Cámera, an epidemiologist who has advised the government on its coronavirus response, is unsure how society may be reopened safely. Every time a rule is relaxed, people who have been stricken with cabin fever rush back to their old ways, driving cases higher, prolonging the crisis — and creating a need for more restrictions.

    “The reopening policies haven’t taken into account that people could again behave as they did back in 2019,” he said. “We have been unable to convey the idea of being open while also taking constant care.”

    Alberto Fernández, Alberto Fernández that are standing in front of a sign: A man leans against posters depicting Fernández in Buenos Aires during a march called by Argentina’s Truck Drivers Union in support of the government on Loyalty Day.© Alejandro Pagni/AFP/Getty Images A man leans against posters depicting Fernández in Buenos Aires during a march called by Argentina’s Truck Drivers Union in support of the government on Loyalty Day.
    When President Alberto Fernández announced a national lockdown in March, there were still fewer than a dozen cases in Argentina. It was an earlier and more decisive action than was taken by just about any other world leader. The borders closed, shops shuttered and a country of 45 million people came to a halt. As neighboring Brazil was devastated by a disease it did little to stop, Argentines supported Fernández’s aggressive approach almost unanimously.

    “It’s a long way, but it is a war against an invisible army that attacks us in places where sometimes we do not expect,” Fernández declared in March.

    But as people grew to understand how long a way it would turn out to be, Fernández’s approval rating dropped from the high 80s to 37 percent. The government has begun to relax some rules — commercial flights were allowed to resume this month — but late last week, Fernández announced yet another quarantine extension.

    It was his eighth.

    [Latin America, unable to flatten its curve, struggles to cope with pandemic]
    “The government has committed significant errors in its calculus,” said political analyst Rosendo Fraga, director of the New Majority Institute in Buenos Aires. “When the quarantine was established on March 20, it announced the peak of the pandemic would be at the end of April. From then on, it was always just a few more weeks until the end of the pandemic.”

    The extraordinary length of the quarantine — coupled now with its frustrating futility — has grown into what scientists here are treating as a mass sociological experiment on the limits of social isolation. Researchers with the University of Buenos Aires interviewed more than 3,600 people in September and found many were struggling.

    a person walking down a dirt road: A woman and child walk along the beach in Mar del Plata.© Natacha Pisarenko/AP A woman and child walk along the beach in Mar del Plata.
    Nearly half reported feeling great anxiety. More than a third said they had developed depression. Alcohol and drug use was surging. A plurality said the government had become too preoccupied with health concerns, to the exclusion of all others, and needed to find a more balanced approach. Most were more worried about what the pandemic would do to their wallet than to their health.

    A separate survey found many of the effects were more pronounced among children. Seven in 10 reported symptoms of depression and loneliness.

    “I have a son who’s 3 and a half,” Bonicalzi said. “Almost his entire conscious life has been spent in quarantine, isolated. When we took him back out, he got very, very nervous, clinging to us, beginning to scream when he came into contact with other people, especially with small children.”

    They took him to a psychologist, who said the boy had developed a social phobia. He has improved, but Bonicalzi still worries.

    “There’s no precedent for how isolation this significant will impact the psychology of children his age,” he said. “The truth is we didn’t know when this was going to end.”

    [Mexico’s Central de Abasto: How coronavirus tore through Latin America’s largest market]
    The anxiety and disillusionment has been most acute, researchers have found, among the poor. Containment measures have cratered the economy, pushing people like Marian Gómez, 27, an informal maintenance worker on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, further to the fringes. Transport to the city center has been suspended for everyone but essential workers, leaving her no way to pick up jobs there. She hasn’t been able to see her friends or family; she is relying for support solely on her wife, who works from home.

    Now she spends nights sleepless and days waiting — waiting for her wife to get done with work, waiting for things to get back to normal.

    “Personally, this pandemic has taken many things from me,” she said. “Every day is monotonous, pretty much the same.

    “It’s Groundhog Day.”

    Brazilians volunteer for vaccine trials to counter growing skepticism For women and children around the world, a double plague: Coronavirus and domestic violence Colombian guerrillas are using coronavirus curfews to expand their control. Violators have been killed.

    1. Funny how the faggots who constantly screech about “the Science!” are utterly fucking clueless about basic human nature.

    2. “Yet Argentina now finds itself among all those countries, in the global case top five for coronavirus cases.”

      Told. You. Latin social norms, enough wealth to have a large number of old people, socialized medicine structure akin to Italy, and a good chunk of them live right next to each other in BA.

      I’m surprised it took this long.

  38. New Zealand Says It Will Put All New COVID Infectees & Their Family Members in “Quarantine Facilities”
    PM says those who refuse COVID test will be held there.

    “This will apply to any cases and also to close family members who might be at risk,” said Bloomfield.

    In a separate video, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made it clear that anyone in the quarantine facility who refused to take a coronavirus test would simply be held there for at least 14 days.

    1. New Zealand Says It Will Put All New COVID Infectees & Their Family Members in “Quarantine Facilities”
      PM says those who refuse COVID test will be held there.

      It always comes back to putting people into camps with these shitbirds. And they have the gall to call other people “Nazis.”

    2. Who got the contract for building these concentration camps quarantine facilities and what were the contracts worth?

      1. Who built the cages, Joe?

    3. These assholes are about to find out where all the guns that were not turned in are.

      1. No they aren’t. New Zealanders are cucks.

    4. So, inside NZ, which is completely isolated, they are going to create a mini-NZ, which will be even more isolated?

    5. Much like dog owners begin to resemble their pets, these sheep fuckers……..

  39. the president’s critics were quick to claim that the whole mess was an obvious metaphor for all things Trump.

    Anything bad that happens is always a metaphor for all things Trump, duh.


    Bobulinksi said it was “crystal clear” that Hunter Biden had brought his father up to speed on the status of a joint venture deal with the before he met with the former vice president. “They were putting their entire family legacy on the line. They knew exactly what they were doing. They were dealing with a Chinese owned enterprise …that had strong financial support and political support from the Chinese Communist Party. That’s how it was presented to me. That’s not my own words. That’s how they presented it to me and read me in on it,” Bobulinski said.
    Bobulinski recalled bringing up his concerns with Jim Biden the following day after his meeting with the former vice president that their business dealings with the Chinese could impact his brother’s 2020 presidential aspirations.

    “I know Joe decided not to run in 2016, but what if he ran in the future? Aren’t they taking political risk or headline risk? And I remember looking at Jim Biden and saying, ‘How are you guys getting away with this? Like, aren’t you concerned?'”

    “And he certainly looked at me and he laughed a little bit and said, ‘plausible deniability.'” Bobulinski said.

      Biden Whistleblower Plays Tape Of Biden Allies Responding To Him Going Public: You’re ‘Gonna Bury All Of Us’

    The Case for an American Alberta.
    Annexing the oil-rich Canadian province could solve its many woes.

    1. Annexing the oil-rich Canadian province could solve its many woes.

      It would also have the benefit of making the movie Canadian Bacon come true.

    2. We think we could annex most of the Canadian west considering how pissed off they are by Trudeau and Ottawa, these people are like the Texas of Canada. Let’s see, 5 new conservative states with 2 Senators apiece…..

    3. We are already energy independent; who needs the grief?

    4. Unless you guys first jettison your left coasts, no thanks.
      Leaving Quebec and Ontario to be hitched to California and New York seems like a lateral move.

      1. How about this- in exchange, Canada can keep everything in BC west and south of Kamloops, plus get the chunk of the US north of Salem, OR and west of the Cascades. Mexico can have the chunk of California south of Santa Rosa and west of the line bounded by Santa Rosa-Bakersfield-Palm Springs-Tecate. And Sacramento, too, in sort of a West Berlin type of deal. Canada also gets the northeast US north and east of a line from Montreal to Philadelphia (my apologies to northern NH and Mainers- I’d really like to keep you guys).

        1. my apologies to northern NH and Mainers- I’d really like to keep you guys).

          They’re unreliable at best, and sacrifices for the greater good have to be made.

          1. Sarcasmic hardest hit.

        2. It sounded good until you threw in Bakersfield.

          1. Sorry, but Buck Owens is a national treasure and I refuse to give that up.

    5. From the very few Albertans I’ve talked to, they’d be totally down for it. Pretty much everyone West of Ontario would be. (Maybe not B.C. The Chinese wouldn’t approve.)

      1. Lower mainland BC and the rest of BC are two very different places politically.

  42. Philadelphia police asked residents to remain indoors on Tuesday night as rioting and looting took place in parts of the city.

    They weren’t “rioting,” they were “mostly peacefully protesting” and the weren’t “looting,” they were engaging in “proletariat shopping.”

    Get with the program, Boehm. I’m starting to think maybe you aren’t woke enough to work at The NY Times or The Atlantic.

    Texas ‘Ballot Chaser’ Pressures Voter to Change Vote from Cornyn to Hegar: ‘That’s My Job’ … ‘I Can Honestly Say I’m Bringing at Least 7,000 Votes to The Polls’ … Said Garza Gave Her $2,500 Gift Budget


    Corporate media outlets have been warned not to cover Tony Bobulinski & Hunter Biden’s laptop or they will be blacklisted by any future Biden/Harris Administration – according to several media sources.

    1. If true, I wonder if this is an assault on the free press the way Trump calling CNN fake news is an assault on the free press.

      1. If true, it’s not an assault, it’s an incentive.

    2. Is that a warning, or an implicit agreement?


    Black Lives Matter rioters in Philadelphia threaten, assault, and chase out Jewish residents claiming “you don’t live here” and call them members of the “Synagogue of Satan.”

    Tuesday recap:
    – Philly looted, several killed, journalists assaulted, Jews abused
    – Brooklyn trashed by rioters, police run over
    – Dodgers fans loot semi-truck in LA, rioting
    – Seattle rioters assault drivers
    – DC rioters attack precinct, riot over man who died in police pursuit

    1. Broke: Hitler was an evil madman
      Woke: Hitler was right about the Jews

    2. Did they check the mostly peaceful protestor’s BLM cards before making this statement? WK will insist…


    Every morning my boyfriend brings his girls to school he passes a house that usually has 4-5 biden signs on their lawn… take a look at this, this was this morning they took their signs down and put this up!!! #BidenCrimeFamiily @GhostTradr

  47. Section 230 is what allows us to talk about woodchippers without fear that the cops will storm Reason offices looking for our real identities.

    1. We may have real identities, but at least we don’t have real lives anymore.

    2. Except that they did.

      1. What did Hit n Run ever do before Section 230?

    3. Weird I thought there waa already a law for that…


    Our hearts are broken for the family of Walter Wallace Jr., and for all those suffering the emotional weight of learning about another Black life in America lost.

    Walter’s life mattered.

    1. Not to Walter.

    2. “Black lives ended by other Black lives, however, we’re going to continue to ignore.”


    No honest human being could ignore the Tony Bobulinski story. No decent human being could pretend that it’s Russian smear. The blatant criminal corruption is many orders of magnitude worse than Watergate and yet Americans might elect the corruptor-in-chief as POTUS. It’s unreal.

    1. No grasshopper, they will not.


    Powerful: Protesters Spell Out ‘Love’ With Burning Homes And Businesses


    Joe Biden’s family was paid $5,000,000 by a Chinese Communist Party controlled company whose CEO was tried & convicted in the SDNY of money laundering and bribing government officials. You’re in the wrong business if you’re confused as to why that’s a huge story.

  52. “In doing so, he will be implicitly asking the federal government to impose huge new regulatory costs on social media sites like his own—costs that will ultimately protect Facebook from rising upstarts.”

    Until the rampant collusion between tech and banks are dealt with, this is the exact same scenario we have now as is.

    It seems dramatically more libertarian to have numerous small companies than basically monopolies.


    Mass looting across the river and @ElijahSchaffer just got beaten up for filming. This is inside the Five Below store. Police are in the same parking lot near the Walmart, but there seem to be too many looters

    1. BLM is making a final push to get Trump re-elected.


    Rioting in NYC has started up “in support” of the rioting in Philly!
    Can’t make this shit up !

    Conversations over the dinner table that incite hatred must be prosecuted under Scotland’s hate crime law, the justice secretary has said.

    1. Journalists and theatre directors should also face the courts if their work is deemed to deliberately stoke up prejudice, Humza Yousaf said.

      Looks like immigration and diversity are working out real well for Scotland. I am sure the food trucks were great until they shut those down for COVID.

      1. Food truck haggis = gas station sushi.

        PS: Joe Biden is a crook.

    2. Do you want 1984? Because this is how you get 1984.

  56. These critics of social justice say it is possible to oppose the illiberalism of the left without embracing Trump.

    You can vote for someone without embracing them. It’s a binary choice. What’s Biden going to do about woke stuff? Let it flourish and spread. How can these people be so red pilled and yet so blue pilled at the same time?

    1. Yeah pretty much that. But you understand that because you live in reality where actions matter and words don’t. These people live in a fantasy world where stamping their feet and saying magic words matters and actual results and actions do not.

      It is the return of the primitive.


    Yet, according to the Jerusalem Post, the head of Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad has said that Saudi Arabia is waiting until the U.S. presidential election to normalize relations with Israel. Mossad Director Yossi Cohen said that if Trump wins, the Saudis will present the peace deal as a “gift.” If Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins, the Saudis will still want a deal with Israel, but the timeline would get murky.

    “Cohen had emphasized that the Saudis did not want to give a gift to Trump and then get nothing for it upon a Biden administration taking over the reins,” the Post reported.

    Cohen noted that a Biden administration may want to link Israeli normalization with the Saudis to progress in negotiations with the Palestinians, a reversal of the Trump administration tactic of pressuring the Palestinians to work with Israel by moving ahead with Arab normalization deals without them.

    A Biden administration would throw yet another large wrench into the situation by restoring the Iran Nuclear Deal, in which the U.S. freed up Iranian assets — even sending pallets of cash to the mullahs — in exchange for almost certainly empty promises not to pursue nuclear weapons. Trump’s rejection of this deal, along with his assassination of Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani, marginalized Iran and enabled Arab states to make deals with Israel.

  58. It encourages free expression on the internet because platforms can give their users free rein to post about anything without fear of facing lawsuits over that content.

    That appears to be how it’s written, but why then are the platforms so censorious?

    Some people on the left are unhappy about the unfettered freedom on social media, which sometimes results in unsavory views being promoted, while some people on the right are all aflutter over how private companies are (sometimes foolishly) managing and moderating content.

    This is a fair critique. Which side scares you the most?

    1. Ideas are not dangerous, censorship is.

      1. Antifa is just an idea though…

  59. I get paid more than $120 to $130 per hour for working online…..Visit here to earn thousands of dollars


    Indeed, even in the core Anglosphere states, liberty is retreating before the disease — or, rather, before the panic and collectivism induced by the disease. An extraterrestrial visitor, judging only by the texture of daily life, would think that the U.K. and the U.S. were more repressive regimes than Russia or China, where people are free to eat out, attend concerts, and travel. The citizens of those autocracies also display a sense of patriotism and purpose that has been lost in the liberal West, wracked as it is by identity politics and culture wars.

    At least as consequential as the shift in global power is the shift inside our heads. Epidemics, like all shared threats, make people warier, more introverted, more tribal, less tolerant of dissent, and more hostile to those seen as outsiders. The coronavirus incubated the Black Lives Matter riots just as surely as medieval plagues incubated pogroms. And the worst of it is that the alteration of our brain chemistry will outlast the virus.

    Long after World War II, the last time people felt a comparable collective threat, British voters continued to support food rationing, identity cards, a controlled economy, and conscription — all things that had supposedly been brought in on a temporary basis during the fighting.

    As we haul ourselves out of the pupa of lockdown, we will find that we have metamorphosed. Free inquiry, open competition, small government, the elevation of the individual over the collective — all these things, which used to be understood, even if grudgingly, as the basis of an open society, are being decried on all sides as somehow self-indulgent.

    1. In a matter of a month the world went from being the most free it had ever been in my lifetime to the least free it has been certainly in my lifetime and maybe ever in modern history. The countries which in even the darkest of times remained free suddenly became police states where life was controlled in ways that not even the terror states of communism and fascism controlled. Even Stalin didn’t stop people from going to movies or seeing concerts.

      And I am not sure how it will ever end. A good part of the country seems to derive some kind of strange almost sexual pleasure from conforming and wearing masks and living in a science fiction nightmare.

      1. Freedom is complete submission to Big Mother.

    2. Interesting about the Brits supporting those things even after WWII ended. You look at Britain of the 17th through early 20th centuries- the one that spawned the US and the commonwealth nations, the one that birthed the modern industrial system, the one that wasn’t afraid to set sail in rickety boats for lands unknown just because they could. Say what you will about the imperial mindset, it required a certain dick-swinging confidence to walk into some godforsaken disease infested swamp that was absolutely nothing like the land you had grown up in and your ancestors adapted to, take over the natives, and build a civilization. Now, Brits are afraid of kitchen knives. What happened? WWII seems to be the obvious answer. Britain experienced an honest-to-god existential threat for a relatively long period of time and were justifiably scared and willing to do whatever they needed to survive. They did. But it seems to have broken something inside their societal psyche. Ever since, they have been a quasi-socialist nation of weaklings who just want to feel safe and make sure nothing bad happens, and are willing to give up whatever is necessary to have that. They did seem to be turning a bit of a corner of late, with Brexit and such. But covid seems to have set them back at least a decade, not helped by the fact that Boris- initially presented as the British Trump- turned out to be a spineless weakling himself.

      1. Ww2 killed all their real go getters.

        1. Well, between WWI and WWII, that certainly plays into it. In terms of sending boys to slaughter, WWI was vastly more devastating- they definitely lost a good chunk of a generation of their men, men who would have been there during and after WWII and may have helped ensure the nation continued in the strong and individualistic British tradition despite the trauma of the war years. But in WWII, you had the psychological impact on the entire nation of a ruthless enemy parked 20 miles from your shore, sending wave after wave of bombers for nights on end. Trying to starve you out, convince you to just give up, that it’s not worth it, that you can’t win. The effects of that seem to have lingered despite Britain’s ultimate victory.

  61. There were also violent confrontations between residents and police.

    So… NOT mostly peaceful?

    1. Reason and the rest of the media have taken the word “protest” and wiped their asses with it to such a degree that I don’t know how the pubic will ever hear the word “protest” to describe an event and not assume it was a violent mob rioting. I hope they are proud of themselves for that.

      1. The left wants what it wants right now; they never think of the consequences. Pack the court? Great, your opponents now consider it totally illegitimate. Roe won’t be overturned; it will just be ignored.

        The Supreme Court has made its decision, now let them enforce it.
        — Andrew Jackson

  62. Ah, Philadelphia. I wonder if W.C. Fields would still rather be there?

  63. Is Texas a swing state?

    Only when you’re listening to Asleep At The Wheel.

    1. Of course it is. That is why they elected Beto Senator in 2018 right? I seem to recall him being a sure thing because Texas was so blue.

    2. I saw that NBC news article and laughed. First that they made the claim, second that this is news (RCP had Texas as a toss up for months, despite almost no polls showing Biden ahead). While Trump has been campaigning in the actual swing states Biden is having dreams of flipping the south. Biden doesn’t campaign and now has the stink of corruption around him and his entire fucking family. His VP pick just cackles worse than Hillary when asked a question and the bootlicking news media just Moves On. I don’t expect a blowout here but I cannot see how Biden gets to 270. Well I could be wrong but let’s hope not.

    3. You are now my favorite.

  64. >>The debate about Section 230

    is kinda retarded. And boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    It will soon be legal to burglarize a private residence, shoplift, drive under the influence, commit assault or commit domestic violence in Seattle as long as you can claim substance addiction, poverty, or mental illness.

    The Seattle City Council is considering new legislation that would create a legal loophole that would made substance addiction, mental illness or poverty a valid legal defense for nearly all misdemeanor crimes committed in the city.

    1. The left today is worse than it was during the cold war. At least the old Marxists, as evil as they were, wanted to create something. These people just want to watch the world burn. Outside of Pol Pot and the worst excesses of Mao, I cannot think of an example of this level of destructive insanity. These people make the French Revolution seem sane and measured by comparison.

      1. Put crazy people under house arrest for 6 months and this is the result.

    2. At what points do the Feds take Seattle in under a consent order? Like they used to do when, e.g., state prisons were horribly mismanaged (according to D.C.)?

      Giving the crazies a de jure get out of jail free card, sounds to me like it’s time.

      1. If Trump wins…within a month, I’d imagine.

    3. Looks like it’s time to shoot first and ask questions later in Seattle.


    Jack says the New York Post can log back onto its account, delete their original offending tweet, and then “tweet the exact same material from the exact same article.”

    1. …but why should they? Twitter is more than capable of UNDOING something.

  67. Click on the hash tag, and see that it doesn’t work like a hashtag – you don’t even see the post that you clicked the hashtag from.

    It’s also incredible how many Democrat supporters the Democrat party is willing to throw under the bus to support Biden.


    1. Are they going to throw covid patients into nursing homes this go-around as well?

  68. the censorship here on the presidential candidate’s crimes is sad.

  69. Let’s not forget that in all this talk about free speech and section 230 and social media regulation that Mark Zuckerberg gives absolutely no fucks about any of that, he’s just in it for the money. Facebook, as far as Mark Zuckerberg is concerned, is just a way for him to hoover up as much information as he can about as many people as he can so that he can turn around and sell that information to anybody that’s got the coin to buy it.

    Jack Dorsey strikes me as the sort of self-righteous, self-important douchebag who believes his own bullshit about how Twitter serves some higher purpose of contributing to the national conversation and making it easier to give a voice to the voiceless and blah blah blah whatever sort of happy horseshit they’re peddling, Zuckerberg has no delusions that he’s anything other than a greedy motherfucker willing to sell his mother for a nickel.

    1. I’m actually prepared to give Zuckerberg the benefit of a doubt. He generally hasn’t shown any enthusiasm for restricting content on Facebook, and has refrained from doing so until his hand has been forced. As I recall, he tried to maintain Facebook as a free speech platform, and wound up in front of Congress for his trouble.

      I can understand why he’s keen on government doing the regulating. He’s in a position where any decision he makes is going to piss off somebody, and he’s probably just sick and tired of catching shit over it. If he can’t please anybody, at least he can point to the government and point out it’s not his decision to make.

      Jack Dorsey? A useless crap weasel in need of a world-class beating.

      1. Agreed. Zuck is no angel, but I think most of the reason Facebook censors conservatives more than liberals is because most of the people that work there are liberals that think speech is violence, conservatives are evil, etc. Twitter is an outright liberal propaganda operation from top to bottom.

        It was telling that Zuckerberg was the only one of the three that would admit most of his employees are liberals. The other two pretended they had no idea.

        1. “Twitter is an outright liberal propaganda operation from top to bottom.”

          Donald Trump: “But the media is fake. And frankly, if I didn’t have social media, I’d have no way of getting out my voice.”

          1. Your lack of reading comprehension is not my problem Dee.

            1. If Twitter is an outright liberal propaganda operation, how is it that they provide Donald Trump with his primary means of communication?

              1. It’s a trap!

              2. Not his primary but the way that the media reports breathlessly the most about.
                Also, considering how stupid some of his tweets are or badly worded, it actually benefits progressives to keep having him post. If they silence his tweets it pisses of his base and gives less ammunition to his detractors.

                1. “Also, considering how stupid some of his tweets are or badly worded, it actually benefits progressives to keep having him post.”

                  That is a perfect logical trap you have just laid for Twitter. If they provide Trump with a platform they are promoting liberalism. If they don’t, they are promoting liberalism.

                  Of course, the logical trap requires admitting Trump often undermines the long-term prospects of conservatism when time he talks.

              3. Does Trump work for Twitter? Now go back and read this all again slowly.

  70. oh no! the Harris Administration will blacklist me if I shine light on how Biden is a crook.

    1. Sounds like a solid way to keep yourself in stories for years.

  71. Any over/under on whether the next Pennsylvania election court case will be arguing that voting needs to continue past 11/3 because ‘protests’ closed down (or burned) the polling sites?


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