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Florida Drops Prostitution Case Against Robert Kraft, Still Pursues Charges Against the Women He Paid

Plus: DHS wants to ban some immigrants from getting four-year degrees, Louisiana cop who claimed attack admits he shot himself, and more...


Kraft gets off while Orchids of Asia workers still face 25 prostitution charges each. After nearly two years, Florida prosecutors are finally giving up on prosecuting New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft for twice paying an adult woman in Palm Beach County for a hand job. The state had little choice, since a court said the video evidence of this sex act was illegally obtained.

Florida cops had pretended to be hunting a "human trafficking" ring in order to get a warrant for the secret surveillance cameras—which ultimately showed no signs of forced work, forced sex, child labor, or illegal immigration. What they caught was licensed, adult, immigrant masseuses sometimes providing manual sexual stimulation at the end of a client's massage.

But authorities went forward with the "trafficking" lie anyway, holding a press conference that garnered a huge amount of media coverage. Readers and viewers across the country were told that an international "sex trafficking ring" forced "girls" to have unprotected sex with 1,000 men a year and did not let them leave. Major outlets such as The New York Times, CNN, and NPR relayed the government's account.

Palm Beach District Attorney Dave Aronberg declared that this was "modern day slavery" and that the women providing sex acts to Kraft and company were "trafficking victims." This wasn't a story "about lonely old men and victimless crimes," Aronberg said; it was "about forcing women into our country for forced labor and sex." Another local sheriff called the prostitution stings "a rescue operation."

Nothing then, or since, has shown any of this to be the case.

And now, those "rescued" women may be the only ones still in legal trouble.

On Thursday, state prosecutors announced that they had dropped the two "soliciting another to commit prostitution" charges against Robert Kraft. The announcement comes after two Florida courts ruled that the video evidence of his alleged crime was not admissible. The court also ruled it off-limits in cases against the other men charged with soliciting prostitution at Orchids of Asia and the massage parlor workers who were facing prostitution-related felonies. Solicitation cases against at least 13 other men charged at the same time as Kraft are now listed as closed.

The video footage was all cops had on Kraft and most of the other men arrested for soliciting. But when it comes to the women involved, police do have other potential evidence, since they spent months doing things like rooting through their trash cans (with the help of a Homeland Security agent), following them around, and sending in undercover agents.

Hua Zhang, the 59-year-old owner of Orchids of Asia owner, and 41-year-old Lei Wang—one of two women whom Kraft allegedly patronized—were charged with 22 counts apiece of "soliciting another to commit prostitution," as well as one count each of maintaining a house of prostitution, deriving support from proceeds of prostitution, and renting space to be used for prostitution. The other woman accused of servicing Kraft, 60-year-old Shen Mingbi, was charged with one count of deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution and 10 counts of soliciting another to commit prostitution.

Aronberg did not respond to Reason's request for more information on what would become of the charges against these women.

But cases against all three are still listed as open in Palm Beach County court records, while Kraft's is now listed as closed. And a status check in the Zhang and Wang cases is scheduled for December 2, 2020.

On August 31—more than a year and a half after she was first charged—Zhang was granted permission to seek employment again.

Unlike the men arrested for solicitation, Zhang and Wang also had many of their assets seized.

No one in this case was ever charged with human trafficking. No victims were ever produced. Yet Zhang and Wang have had to spend the past 19 months fighting for their freedom, their reputations, their property, and their livelihoods, and it looks like they'll have to continue fighting it.

All for touching parts of men that the state says they can't touch for money—and while the men that paid to be touched go free.

(This is not to say that these men faced no consequences. They've had to fight criminal charges, fight the release of the surveillance video, and watch as the papers publish their names as people who patronize "sex slaves." Nor should they should be punished. But the fact that they aren't makes the continued prosecution of the women all the more egregious.)

People have been aghast at how these massage-parlor stings played out. But police departments and prosecutors' offices around the country have been engaging in similar charades, generally with the help of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations agents. Here are a few other examples I've covered recently:

I went on Holly Randall's latest podcast to talk about many of these issues. Check that out here:


• Larynzo Johnson, 26, has been arrested as a suspect in Wednesday's shooting of two Louisville police officers.

• A Louisiana police officer who said he was shot in a Sunday night ambush has admitted that he made the story up after shooting himself.

• Another poll shows President Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden in key swing states:

• The war on drugs never ends, it just takes new forms

• "The FBI and the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania said Thursday that they are investigating 'potential issues' with nine military ballots in one county," reports NPR. "They believe the ballots were opened improperly, though they have not filed any charges or taken official action."

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  1. Florida Drops Prostitution Case Against Robert Kraft, Still Pursues Charges Against the Women He Paid

    It’s not like she stopped being a victim in desperate need of the government’s hammer.

    1. Hello.

      On what conceivable level could Biden be possibly leading anywhere?

      Man, I never wanted a year to end so bad.

      1. My daughter keeps telling me that we will know true hell when on December 31, every clock in the world ticks over to 11:60, 11:61, 11:62….

      2. No one I know in my area is a Trump supporter. Not a single person. In fact, everyone I know in the DMV is against him or is a total reeesistor. I think there may be some people in my neighborhood who might be a Trump supporter just based on their lawn signs in the past about abortion or the media (why people put these signs on their lawns is beyond me), but I don’t know them. Anyway, it’s going to be a close election, from what I can tell, which means it will be a dragged out clusterfuck.

        1. “No one I know in my area is a Trump supporter. Not a single person”

          I too lie to preogressives so my stuff can stay unvandalized.

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        2. So you don’t know the guy down the street from me in Fairfax county who has Trump and Cade signs in his front yard.

        3. If you’d violate the ultra-fascist lockdown orders, get out and around, and take off that fucking submission mask, then somebody might talk to you and you might learn something new.

      3. He is running against Donald Trump.

        1. Which is exactly why people know it’s bullshit.

          1. Because Trump is a stellar, appealing candidate?

            1. Because Trump is a stellar, appealing candidate?


              Not to you, perhaps, but his rallies are packed. People are going out and parading in cars and boats just to wave Trump flags.

              And some are facing down the gangs of leftist rioters, actually putting their lives on the line, without recompense.

              Stellar. Appealing. Yuge.

              There ARE leftist rioters, with a few peaceful protesters scattered among them. And they ARE out there rioting, looting and occasionally remembering to protest.

              But they don’t spontaneously demonstrate for Biden. They don’t attend his ‘rallies’, such as they are.

              The most common ‘pro’ Biden slogan out there is “Vote for Biden, even if you don’t like him.’


              1. Rallying in cars, shouting “white power”, shooting paintballs at people, etc.. Real super fans!

                1. To be fair, white people are pretty awesome.

              2. Personally, I think rallies are creepy. As a libertarian, the idea of cults of personality around Presidents is disturbing. Ideally, the Presidency would be seen as a boring executive governance position with limited powers, that could be filled by any number of competent adults.

                1. As a libertarian

                  lol okay

                  1. Oh, man, Nail, you really nailed me on that one.

                    1. I agree, he really did.

            2. Because assholes TDS victims would hate Trump if he cured cancer, asshole TDS victim,

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    2. Was not aware ENB was a post-op.

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  2. Florida Drops Prostitution Case Against Robert Kraft

    He got off. I love a happy ending.

    1. Ok, it was the easiest pitch ever to take downtown, but you did it. Slow Clap

    2. Did that article just say that the owner of a championship NFL team got a hand job from a 60-year-old prostitute?

      1. You can’t read?

        1. Past the headline? Nope. He usually doesn’t.

        2. I can read. I just have a hard time believing that a guy with that kind of money hired a 60-year-old prostitute.

          1. “I can read.”

            Try getting to the 8th-grade level.

        3. What exactly are you saying I misread in the following: “The other woman accused of servicing Kraft, 60-year-old Shen Mingbi,…”

          Gosh, it’s almost like my comment wasn’t literally asking what the article plainly said.

      2. You just close your eyes, I’ve heard.

        1. You’ve heard. 🙂

  3. Kraft gets off.


    1. Twice!

      1. Like a real man.

        (Even if he is kinda short)

  4. Under DHS’s new proposed rule, if you were born in, or are a citizen of, one of the countries on this map, you would be banned from getting a four-year degree in the United States, with a student visa limited to two years maximum.

    Haven’t these people already been radicalized enough???

    1. Is it just a world map?

    2. Two year visa becomes “banned from getting a four-year degree”.

      Then the media wonders why everyone hates them.

      1. It’s not even a logical conclusion. This is the information age. You can enroll and take undergraduate classes online. I took a total of 7 classes on a campus.

      2. Correct; you can always get another visa or petition to USCIS to extend an existing visa. Four years is the most common length of validity for a student visa (for obvious reasons), but it is not set in stone.

        The cynic in me says this has more to do with boosting revenue from paperwork processing fees than an actual immigration issue.

      3. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

      4. When I studied abroad in Denmark, I had the option of getting a student visa for either
        A) six months
        B) one year

        That was it. If I wanted to return for a second year or second semester, I had to renew. If that is all terrible and unfair, then they must be at least 2 and maybe even 4 times worse than the Trump DHS, right?

        1. So you were banned by Denmark from even getting an associates degree!

    3. Traditionally, it’s the folk from poor oppressed countries who come to be educated in Western universities who are radicalised into Marxist thugs, and then go home to slaughter their fellow countrymen.

      The ones who stay home remain reasonably sensible. (I suppose one could say much the same for American college kids as against those who go straight into real jobs.)

      It used to be said that the tragedy of post colonial Africa (see above) was that decolonisation took place in the 1950s and 1960s, when all the megalomaniac dictators who took over from the Brits had been educated at the mostly Marxist London School of Economics. If only the Brits had decolonialised in the 1920s instead, post colonial Africa would have been fine.

      1. I’m sure you’ve done exhaustive research to come to that conclusion.

        1. I’m sure he cares what you think.

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        2. He didn’t have to–Paul Johnson goes into detail about it in “Modern Times.”

          1. A book from 1983. Maybe it’s possible that the world has changed since then, and it’s no longer true that “it’s the folk from poor oppressed countries who come to be educated in Western universities who are radicalised into Marxist thugs”.

            1. A book from 1983

              The publication date isn’t relevant.

              Maybe it’s possible that the world has changed since then, and it’s no longer true that “it’s the folk from poor oppressed countries who come to be educated in Western universities who are radicalised into Marxist thugs”.

              Maybe it’s possible that you could read a book that doesn’t require Imagine Ink to finish.

        3. Lol, you don’t need exhaustive research. The fact that Western Universities create dictators has been a meme since forever. Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Jong Un, Hastings Banda, etc.

          1. I’m not denying that they have, historically, provided Marxist dictators. However, do you see the potential confirmation bias problem here?

            The Western universities produce A LOT of graduates. The vast majority of those graduates did not become Marxist dictators.

            It’s about as strong a correlation as saying baseball creates Marxists because Castro was once scouted by American baseball leagues.

            1. I’m not denying that they have, historically, provided Marxist dictators.

              I’m sure you’ve done exhaustive research to come to that conclusion.

              You could try not lying in the span of a single thread.

    4. Nepal? Ethiopia? Why?

      1. Student visa would be limited to 2 years for:

        *Natives or citizens of countries on the State Sponsor of Terrorism List (Iran, Syria, Sudan, PRK)
        *Citizens of countries with >10% overstay rate
        *Unaccredited school
        *School that doesn’t use E-Verify

        Overstay rate. Ethiopia’s overstay rate is 14%. Nepal’s is 38%.


    the current US positive rate on covid tests is about 4.6%.

    teachers are coming in at 0.11%.

    there is a lot of noise in that comparison around selection bias, age, etc, but it’s going to be hard to see teachers as high risk.

    they look extremely low risk.

    …this actually makes quite a lot of sense. teachers have immune systems a junkyard dog would envy. they have been exposed to year after year of child sniffles and colds.

    and that is exactly what makes you cross-resistant to covid-19.

    1. and can we PLEASE dispense with this canard of the old, vulnerable teacher who will die if exposed to kids?

      a teacher of 30 years tenure has seen more disease that a bangladesh water rat and has an immune system that would probably let them eat one raw and suffer no ill effect.

      1. knowingly embracing such costs when there is no evidence of benefit just because you’re scared is simply no way to be an adult.

        these kids are counting on us to help them learn and grow up, not to stunt them by projecting our baseless fears onto them.

        so let’s stop.

        …this is their pattern. they scare you witless about what will happen next month and then, before next month comes and the monster fails to emerge, they pivot to some new line of fear mongering and move the goalposts and the timeline.

        it sells papers, but it’s grossly dishonest.
        el gato malo
        and it has real social effects.

        keeping a society in terror for months on end with an endless cavalcade of dire predictions is not really good for anyone apart from media company shareholders and would be authoritarians.

        1. No one I know is in terror. One guy was nervous to go into work when he had to. Everyone else just rolls their eyes at the government overreacting.

      2. Probably? What do you think is served at the school cafeteria?

    2. Ding ding ding! If any group of people would be expected to have existing immunity because of past exposures, teachers are right up there after healthcare workers.

  6. Just a reminder to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    1. Eww, New York Times.

  7. Are we really still talking about polls?

    1. And selectively. They didn’t report on the ABC/WaPo polls which show Trump ahead in key swing states and Kelly slipping in the AZ race.

      1. The democrats i know cant stand Kelly. He is the definition of corporate crony. 20 million net worth from government contracts from the government, like Worldview. Spends his whole life on career government then has his assets explode to 20 million in just a few years.

      2. Looking at polls, there’s sometimes a double digit gap in results from poll to poll. I stopped paying attention to polls some time ago because I just can’t trust anyone.

        1. Polls used to be somewhat accurate, when pollsters didn’t have an agenda and when people still answered their phones.

    2. It is all they have left. Sure, nobody believes them. The same polls show the same voters think Trump will win. They know the silent voter is out there from the same polling outfits. But narratives must survive.

    3. When has there ever not been lots of talk of polls leading up to a Presidential election?

      1. Jesus fucking Christ do you miss the point on purpose?

        1. No, he’s just a dummy.

        2. no it’s natural.

        3. Actually, pretty sure it is on purpose with him. He lies a lot. Like shaky videos of Rittenhouse and evidence of people yelling “i am antifa/blm” as not being evidence of them being either.

  8. A Louisiana police officer who said he was shot in a Sunday night ambush has admitted that he made the story up after shooting himself.

    The War on Cops is so bad that the troops are shooting themselves to get off the front lines.

    1. So brave.

    2. will be started as soon as there are hundreds more cases. For now we have to rely on as an example of this issue.

    3. So, nominee for the 2020 Smollett awards?

      1. Well in this case it appears the shooting was accidental. The story was created not in hope of creating a narrative so much as trying to avoid possible discipline from discharging his weapon.

        1. He didn’t discharge his weapon, his weapon discharged.

      2. Them that Smollett dealt it.

  9. Another poll shows President Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden in key swing states…

    So there is no urgency to vote in those states then?

    1. If you don’t vote early, how are you going to vote often?

      1. By mail, silly.

      2. Judges in those states are making it possible to vote after the election. So just wait and see if your vote is even needed, and if so, how many of your vote is needed.

        1. You guys are pathetic. Really. The president has stated, out fucking loud, that he is sabotaging the post office to prevent mail in voting. The postal inspector was ordered to put the sorting machines back in place by a federal judge, and has refused. Donald Trump has stated that if he loses the election, that means it was rigged. He has stated that he need to put a judge on the supreme court, because he expects the supreme court to keep him president, not the votes of the american people. He has stated that he will not concede the election.

          This is a coup against the constitution. There will be bloodshed. And it will be Trump’s doing.

          1. There’s already been bloodshed, you treasonous piece of shit.
            But you’ll not be unopposed much longer.

  10. Several Arrests Made, Felonies Charged in Texas Vote Harvesting Scheme

    The charges stem from activity during the 2018 Democratic primary in Texas when Brown won his contest against former Longview City Councilwoman Kasha Williams by just five votes. His victory was secured only after a tie was broken by counting provisional ballots, giving him the five-vote advantage. A recount confirmed his win. Williams challenged the results with a lawsuit.

    Gregg County Elections Administrator Kathryn Nealy raised suspicions about the election saying that, for years, a disproportionate number of mail-in ballots came into the South Longview voting precinct. Things got stranger still when more than 230 mailed in ballots bore the signature of just five different people who claimed to have assisted the person casting the ballot.

    1. Good thing voter fraud isn’t a real thing in the US.

  11. The FBI and the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania said Thursday that they are investigating ‘potential issues’ with nine military ballots in one county…


    1. Who didn’t know that this was going to happen:

      “Since Monday, FBI personnel working together with the Pennsylvania State Police have conducted numerous interviews and recovered and reviewed certain physical evidence. Election officials in Luzerne County have been cooperative. At this point we can confirm that a small number of military ballots were discarded. Investigators have recovered nine ballots at this time. Some of those ballots can be attributed to specific voters and some cannot. All nine ballots were cast for presidential candidate Donald Trump.” – U.S. Attorney’s Office Middle District of Pennsylvania

      1. can’t wait for those claiming 9 is a small sample size and means nothing… even though all 9 when a single direction. Jeffries prior suggests it is statistically relevant.

        1. But isn’t ballot-tossing speech?

        2. An incident with nine ballots is insignificant. The big problem we are facing is a massive scale up of mail-in voting in some states. Everything else is insignificant compared to handling that surge correctly.

          1. Finding nine messed up ballots is insignificant.
            What matters most is what those messed up ballots entail and how many were discarded that were not found.
            Then, the fact that they were in one direction only indicates that this might have been a deliberate discard selectively of Trump ballots.

            1. It most definitely must be investigated.

          2. Oops, that was supposed to go here. REPUBLICANS ARE DISENFRANCHISING VOTERS!!! except for those voters, they can stay disenfranchised.

        3. EVERY VOTE COUNTS! except when it doesn’t.

          1. What should go here is that these elections will be mostly fair.

            1. At least 50% fair.

          2. That’s the ideal, but, realistically, there is some fraud, there are mistakes, but eclipsing all that there is a lot of winner-takes-all and “safe” regions.

        4. Ballot tampering just doesn’t happen. Reason said so.

          1. Really? Cite?

            Because I’ll bet what Reason actually said is something like ballot tampering is a relatively minor problem relative to bigger problems.

            1. Do you have a cite for that assertion?

          2. Almost doesn’t happen. It’s mostly peaceful protesters and voter fraud almost doesn’t happen.

            1. Any conversation about whether some protest was “mostly peaceful protestors” or not is pretty meaningless unless we are talking about a specific time and place.

              1. How about “the last 100 days” and “on Portland” for the time and place?

                1. Lot of rioting going on there, as well as peaceful protesting. Next?

                  1. So there’s a lot of rioting going on there.

              2. You’re really not as smart as you seem to think you are.

                1. These aren’t ‘logic gotchas’ you’re doing here.


    An initiative started by Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey funded the Bail Project, whose employee was caught driving the U-Haul that provided rioters with shields and equipment in Louisville

    1. RICO that motherfucker.

    2. I fucking said this the other day–these “spontaneous” protests don’t just pop off in several cities all at once, without coordination and funding from places far higher up in the food chain. No surprise that slimebag Richard Branson and a bunch of Hollywood degenerates are involved with this.

      These Bail Project fucks had equipment collected and ready to go not even 2 hours after the jury decision was reached. That doesn’t happen without planning ahead of time.

      If Silicon Valley CEOs and Hollywood celebrities are providing funding for a Color Revolution, then they need to get their shit pushed in. “Freedom of association” ends when billions of dollars in property has been destroyed, people assaulted and even killed, and lives permanently damaged because Orange Man Bad.

      I also wouldn’t be at all surprised at this point, given what we now know about the FBI and their FISA shenanigans, if the CIA’s investment arm, In-Q-Tel, has been donating to some of these commie front groups as well.

      1. Also, check out the picture of Holly Zoller, the Hog On Legs that got caught. Hopefully that fucking fatass catches COVID and dies on ventilator.

        I actually listened to the phone call to the rental shop, and she was hilariously livid. I don’t know how it happened, but apparently the rental information got leaked. She even threw in an “I’d like to speak to the manager” there at the end. Fuckin’ LOL.

        Incidentally, Bail Project also got anywhere from $350K to $1M in PPP loans.

      2. Of course, they can just pop up. By their very nature, riots don’t need to be organized.

        In modern America, there’s an expectation of a riot any time a big verdict is announced.

        1. “In modern America, there’s an expectation of a riot any time a big verdict is announced.”

          I’m sure you’ve done exhaustive research on the issue.

        2. Of course, they can just pop up. By their very nature, riots don’t need to be organized.

          Thanks for confirming that these are rioters and not protesters.

          In modern America, there’s an expectation of a riot any time a big verdict is announced.

          If by “modern America,” you mean “after the OJ trial” and “anytime in the last three months,” then sure.

          1. There is a mix of peaceful protesting and rioting. It is a right-wing narrative that there is only rioting.

            1. It’s a left wing narrative that the right wing is saying all protests are riots. The only people I’ve ever seen say that are leftist straw manning the rights argument.

              1. And you.

              2. There are commenters right here in the commentariat who have said that all protestors are rioters at this point.

                1. I haven’t seen anyone say that all protesters are rioters.
                  All protesters are participating in riots when they show up to create the necessary conditions and provide cover.
                  Whether that makes them “rioters” is just a question of semantics.

            2. Stop lying.

        3. Do you have a cite to support the exhaustive research you have, I am sure, conducted on the subject?

    3. equipment

      I’ve seen that a couple of times. Do they mean bricks or signs when they say equipment?

      1. Can be a bunch of things. The most common recent items have been metal shields, umbrellas, frozen water bottles, bricks (someone actually dropped off a pallet of bricks in Lancaster that local residents immediately broke down and removed so the rioters couldn’t use them, and in the early days of the protests they were being dropped off in areas that had no construction going on anywhere), and signs.

        1. It’s just odd wording. It lets anyone project whatever they want onto the statement rather than explicitly stating what kind of equipment it is.

        2. are these pallet loads of bricks just the right wing manifestation of the left wing clown mania from a few years ago?

  13. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Didn’t Retire Because She Wanted Hillary Clinton To ‘Name Her Successor,’ Daughter Says

    “I think that Mother, like many others, expected that Hillary Clinton would win the nomination and the presidency, and she wanted the first female president to name her successor,” she said in an email. Jane also said her mother never voiced regret over her decision to stay on the court after Trump won.

    1. So she was really kind of a dummy.

    2. Failed symbolism is a bitch.

      1. The narcissism lends a faint touch of pond-scum, don’t you think?

    3. At least she’s confirming what we all suspected.

      1. The other amusing part is that it indicates that Bernie was going to get screwed from the get-go. Hillary was the anointed one and that was that.

        I wonder if his supporters and all the idiots that donated to his campaigns have even the faintest idea that he’s a controlled-opposition jobber and they got used.


    To follow the volume’s argument, one needs to grasp how the contributors used the words “intelligentsia” and “intelligent” (member of the intelligentsia). “Intelligentsia” is a word that originated in Russia, where it was coined about 1860. Used in its strict, proper, or classical sense, it means something entirely different from its English equivalent. To be an intelligent it was by no means sufficient (or even necessary) to be well-educated. And if by “­intellectual” one means a curious person thinking for himself or herself, then intelligent was close to its opposite.

    Three characteristics identified a classical intelligent. To begin with, an intelligent identified primarily as an intelligent, rather than by his social class, profession, ethnic group, or other social category. No one would have considered Tolstoy an intelligent, for example, in part because he used his title “Count.”

    …At the extreme, an intelligent followed the prescripts of Sergei Nechaev’s “Catechism of a Revolutionary” and “severed all ties with the civic order,” renouncing family and even his own name. Of course, very few went so far, just as very few medieval Christians became monks, but Nechaev’s prescription remained the ideal—the ideal of what Frank called “the monk-revolutionary.”

    The Landmarks contributors mention a second characteristic of intelligents: their devotion to a special set of manners, including dress, hygiene (deliberately poor), hair style (the famous “short-haired lady nihilists”), prescribed and taboo expressions, and a set of sexual practices that the Landmarks contributors describe as puritanical dissoluteness (debauchery practiced as a rite) fueled by “nihilistic moralism.”

    …Most important, and of greatest concern, was how intelligents thought. An intelligent signed on to a set of beliefs regarded as totally certain, scientifically proven, and absolutely obligatory for any moral person. A strict intelligent had to subscribe to some ideology—whether populist, Marxist, or anarchist—that was committed to the total destruction of the existing order and its replacement by a utopia that would, at a stroke, eliminate every human ill. This aspiration was often described as chiliastic (or apocalyptic), and, as has been observed, it is no accident that many of the most influential intelligents, from Chernyshevsky to Stalin, came from clerical families or had studied in seminaries. For Struve, the mentality of the intelligentsia constituted a cruel parody of religion, preserving “the external features of religiosity without its content.”

    1. I read that the other day – It’s amazing the parallels.

    2. Using an adjective as a noun is the first sign that someone isn’t intelligent.

  15. Biden’s Campaign Schedule Is Mystifying

    There is a lot about this Biden campaign that is odd. As of late, Biden’s team has regularly put a “lid” on his day by noon — or even earlier. And, when it does not, the events that Biden attends seem to have been designed to be either easily cancelable or easily replaceable. Were President Trump to cancel a rally, he would be unable to hide it. This is not true of the events on Biden’s schedule, which, the New York Times‘s Mark Leibovich observes, are “quiet, eerie and almost entirely fan-free.”

    1. Where’s Waljoe? Tired Joe Biden Ditching 1/3rd of Campaign, Harris Shaking Off the Press

      I had a conversation with Bill Whittle on this same topic earlier this week, and Bill reminded me of his newly minted Whittle’s Law: When they let the optics look this bad, it’s because the alternative optics would look even worse.

      In other words, the former veep or his handlers have made the conscious decision that it’s safer for Tired Joe Biden to stay tucked away every other day or so than to have him campaign in the traditional, vigorous manner.

      …What he’s up to remains something of a mystery. When she heard I was working on this column, PJ Media’s own Victoria Taft asked, “If you find a link to where Biden’s daily schedule is will you please shoot it over? I was looking the other day and couldn’t find it.”

      I replied: “If I find it, sure. Seems to be better hidden than the man himself.”

      Needless to say, here we are a couple of hours later, and neither Victoria nor I — longtime political writers, both — have been able to locate Tired Joe Biden’s public schedule.

      1. Sundowning: Late-day confusion

        The term “sundowning” refers to a state of confusion occurring in the late afternoon and spanning into the night. Sundowning can cause a variety of behaviors, such as confusion, anxiety, aggression or ignoring directions. Sundowning can also lead to pacing or wandering.

        Sundowning isn’t a disease, but a group of symptoms that occur at a specific time of the day that may affect people with dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The exact cause of this behavior is unknown.

        1. You are full of shit, you dog faced pony soldier.

          1. No, that it exactly what sundowning means. When your relatives have it, it’s just sad, but you get them into a safe, known environment, with nothing out of the ordinary, and they usually settle down.

            1. It was a joke. Fail on my end.

              1. No it was fine the fault is his.

              2. nope was understood. and lol’d.

              3. I figured it was a joke, but thought I play the straight man. My bad.
                Get Uncle Joe some of his favorite cookies and a warm blanket, and he’ll be quite comfortable.

                1. “but thought I play the straight man”

                  lol sure

                2. Cisgender privilege.

        2. We’ll find out September 29th @9pm EST, I guess.

          1. He will be in quarantine.

        3. You’re wrong.

          “Sundowning” doesn’t only occur in late afternoon and spanning into the night, it depends on the sufferers circadian rhythm. Which is why Joe Biden isn’t doing appearances past 9:00 in the morning, they’re doing “debate prep” on him by having him go to bed at 10:00 in the morning and getting up at 6:00 in the evening. You’re going to surprised come debate time at how spry and intelligible ol’ Joe is, like he just got out of bed in the morning after a good night’s sleep. That’s because he just fucking did.

      2. One of the things that jumped out in 2016 was a reporter (a Hillary voter, natch), who complained about the Hillary campaign being damn near impossible to engage with, because her media time was so strictly managed. Trump, on the other hand, might act like a brash asshole during these one-on-ones, but he was quite open by comparison and almost always took the time to talk with her for at least a few minutes whenever she asked.

        They’re using the same playbook now that they used with Hillary–carefully managed and curated events that have low turnout, but can be spun by the press as “engaging with the public.” Last time it was because Hillary was largely despised and they didn’t want yabbos dunking on her like the dude that yelled out “Pepe!” at one of her rallies. With Biden, it’s because he can’t even make it to lunch without having to lay down for a nappy. And they know the press may not like it, they will suck it up and live with it because they’re all running flak for him anwyay.

        1. Frankly, the Obama administration was the same way. The press complained that the press sec required them to submit questions before hand, and that only some of them would be called on.

          1. The Obama administration was the most corrupt in US history

            1. I dunno. You’re asking to clear a pretty high bar. And what kind of metric do you even use for measurement?

              1. Using intel agencies and press to frame innocent people

          2. They complained, but they still voted for the guy anyway. They only get in a real lather when it’s a Republican.

  16. “Under DHS’s new proposed rule, if you were born in, or are a citizen of, one of the countries on this map, you would be banned from getting a four-year degree”

    I wonder how this compares to Harvard’s map for the national heritage of US student applicants.

  17. Brennan used a close knit and partisan group of agents to push forward the claims that Russia wanted Trump to win, dismissing all counter evidence.

    1. Newly released FBI texts show FBI saying Trump was right in Jan 2016bwhen he said the FBI was scrambling to generate justification for crossfire hurricane and razor.

      Agents took out professional liability insurance as a defensive mechanism for possible lawsuits.

      1. FBI agent on Mueller’s team states it was “get Trump” mentality and that they ignores all evidence of innocence. He also stated that there was never evidence of collusion and they only prosecuted Flynn as a means to “get Trump”. He is cooperating with the Durham investigation. The bigger take away in the Federalist story is that the Agents said they were fucked after the Obama briefing and they had wanted to drop the case but were ordered after that briefing to continue the investigation. Also, that the leak of the dossier (which they believed was false) had to have come from the White House or others in the briefing. And they felt they were being ordered prior to the election to gather campaign research for Hillary.

        1. The more we see, the worse it gets, and the more contemptible the FBI becomes. I cannot believe it….the absolute venality of those FBI employees.

          1. Those texts show they knew what was going on was completely wrong and fucked up. The thing is, no one is going to blow the whistle on something like this because they don’t want to lose their job, not to mention the fact that the Obama administration was quite happy to go after whistleblowers (real, actual ones, not “anonymous sources” that indulge in OMB fan fiction).

            The irony of all this shit is that, if these galaxy-brains had just sat back and let Trump implode, they wouldn’t even need to be putting up this retro-George Spahn/Squeaky Fromme ticket to beat him.

        2. And now it comes out the dossiers main source is a suspected Russian spy.

      2. And none of this matters, because most people will never hear about this. This could be a great opportunity for Reason to reach out and show how weaknesses in the FISA system allow for politically motivated witch hunts, but Reason doesn’t want to admit politics was behind it, so they can’t.

        1. Robby can’t do all the heavy lifting here, and he’s got his hands full with the college campus and cancel culture scene.

          They had some good articles after the IG report was released and it turned out the FBI had lied numerous times to get the warrants issued. But they keep getting beat to the punch on shit like this, which is right in their wheelhouse of criticism of overreaching abuse of government power. It’s easy to do a post-facto article after others have done most of the work for you.

          I think the editors need to decide if they’re going to be a journalistic outfit, or just a commentary magazine, and stick with that.

        2. Reason is a sock puppet

        3. They have already written articles saying just that.

          1. “They have already”

            With this new information?

            Right try to keep up or shut the fuck up.

            1. “With this new information?” You just moved the goal posts.

    2. If Trump wins, Brennan better get the fuck out of Dodge if he doesn’t want to get Epstein’ed.

      1. Not just Brennan, which is why they’re going full civil war.
        Will be ugly when we start shooting back.


    GENEVA (ILO News) – The devastating losses in working hours caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have brought a “massive” drop in labour income for workers around the world, says the International Labour Organization (ILO) in its latest assessment of the effects of the pandemic on the world of work.

    Global labour income is estimated to have declined by 10.7 per cent, or US$ 3.5 trillion, in the first three quarters of 2020, compared with the same period in 2019. This figure excludes income support provided through government measures.

    1. Why didn’t they just work from home?


    The media line that Biden’s 9 days off (and counting!) are for debate prep, means that if he does not have literally the best debate performance in presidential history, it will be a huge embarrassment. Why are they setting up their preferred candidate for failure like this?

    1. The debate is in the evening and he has not worked in the evening in months, except the convention speech (which well may have been prerecorded). It will be interesting.

    2. Serious question: are there any reports/signs that Trump is doing any prep for the debates?

      1. Yes it has been reported he is prepping for the debates unlike last time.

        1. I found an article that says he is watching some videos of Biden, looking for Biden’s weaknesses. That’s kind of interesting, because he is approaching it like preparing for a football game.

          1. It only took five minutes.

  20. PoPo might want to consider remembering who their friends are.
    They are arresting people who attend church now.

    1. They have no friends. They’re minions.

    2. Police aren’t there to protect you or be your friend. They’re the arms of the state and are there to impose the state’s will. There’s no need to hate them, just don’t be shocked when they come out to screw you over no matter how many blue lives matter bumper stickers you have on your car.

    3. “Peaceful Protestors” are allowed to gather by the thousands and no social distancing. But these folks cleared were distanced. You could see the circles painted on the group. And they’re being arrested? Wow.


    The man appointed by Mayor Lightfoot to be Chicago’s “Census Cowboy” rode his horse until it bled to draw attention to a social justice cause. It didn’t have proper shoes for pavement and suffered extensive damage, galloping for miles. It will be put down.

    1. Mostly peaceful animal cruelty. Protesters are dangerous idiots.

    2. Can the idiot that rode the horse into the ground be put down instead, in Minecraft?


    “[W]e all went and purchased professional liability insurance,” one agent texted on Jan. 10, 2017, the same day CNN leaked details that then-President-elect Trump had been briefed by Comey about the bogus Christopher Steele dossier. That briefing of Trump was used as a pretext to legitimize the debunked dossier, which was funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign and compiled by a foreign intelligence officer who was working for a sanctioned Russian oligarch.

    “Holy crap,” an agent responded. “All the analysts too?”

    “Yep,” the first agent said. “All the folks at the Agency as well.”

    …Agents also said they were worried about how a new attorney general might view the actions taken against Trump during the investigation. Shortly after then-Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) was confirmed to be Trump’s new attorney general, congressional Democrats, media, and Obama holdovers within DOJ immediately moved to force Sessions to recuse himself from overseeing the department’s investigations against Trump.

    “[T]he new AG might have some questions….then yada yada yada…we all get screwed,” one agent wrote.

    The FBI agents also discussed how the investigation’s leadership was consumed with conspiracy theories rather than evidence.

    “I’m tellying [sic] man, if this thing ever gets FOIA’d, there are going to be some tough questions asked,” one agent wrote. “[A]nd a great deal of those will be related to Brian having a scope way outside the boundaries of logic[.]”

    “[REDACTED] is one of the worst offenders of the rabbit holes and conspiracy theories,” an agent texted. “This guy traveled with that guy, who put down 3rd guy as his visa sponsor. 3rd guy lives near a navy base, therefore…[.]”


      Judge Sullivan and the DC Court of Appeals are turning out to be the unintentional heroes of the Flynn saga. In their unseemly quest to destroy Flynn, they refused to let DOJ drop case, and now we’re getting some of the most explosive documents about Special Counsel probe yet.

    2. They all got liability insurance? Wow even the scumbags in the FBI didn’t think they could pull off qualified imunity


    In Canada, saying the quiet part out loud: “The taste of pandemic freedom we enjoyed is over.”

    In too many states and countries, life will never return to normal unless citizens stand up and take it back.


    BREAKING, per
    and extraordinary.
    So Christopher Steele’s main source for the dossier? He was the subject of a nearly two-year long FBI counter-intel investigation (2009-2011), under suspicion of being a Russian spy and a “threat to national security.”


      NEW: Durham discovered FBI knew by December 2016 the Steele Dossier primary source had been investigated by FBI as possible “threat to national security” due to Russian intel contacts & more, but FBI kept using dossier & never told FISA Court.

    2. Local story…


    When you think about it, the real outrage isn’t that people’s votes were thrown away but that authorities dared to notice.

    1. Fuckin’ LOL, Wiegel blocked him after that.


    Fairfax County Schools pay $20k to Ibram Kendi, who believes the US needs a cabal of unelected academics to review every single law passed in America for compliance with his “anti-racist” ideology.

    Our education system must not teach this nonsense.
    Quote Tweet


    SHOCKING: 1,000+ mail-in-ballots found in a dumpster in California

    They were allegedly discovered in the Republic Services of Sonoma County central landfill

    The zip code “94928” on the ballots matches the county

    These are original photos sent to me. Big if true.

    1. There was some fuckery going on in Gregg County in Texas, too.

    2. Did you read the comments: “ California isn’t supposed to start sending out 2020 ballots until October. Those ballots must be from a previous election.”

      1. Oh hey some fuck in the comments made a claim.

        Did you ask him for a cite you cunt?

        1. I live in California. The ballots haven’t been sent out yet.

          1. Thanks, I had a cite I was going to post, but you covered it.


    Names of EVERY passenger to have flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s aircraft ‘to be revealed “sparking panic among the pedophile’s wealthy friends”‘
    The Attorney General in the US Virgin Islands has subpoenaed his flight logs
    Spanning from 1998 until his death last year, the logs show his passengers
    Many famous people have previously been revealed to have flown with him


    Now I understand why Biden is the Democratic candidate despite being so obviously incapable. The plotters need a cover-up guy who has the same exposure they do. This isn’t an election so much as an escape plan.
    Quote Tweet

    Donald Trump Jr.
    · 18h
    Police cars revolving lightPolice cars revolving lightPolice cars revolving lightDeclassified Email Confirms Flynn Was Targeted In Oval Office Meeting

    1. Police cars revolving lightPolice cars revolving lightPolice cars revolving light



    From newly released FBI texts, I assume Strzok & Page. This was one day before release of declassified ICA accusing Russia of sweeping influence campaign.

    Talk here of “people… scrambling for info to support certain things” & “trump was right. still not put together” = ICA?


    Joe Biden knows who will actually be in charge if he’s elected president: Kamala Harris and the radical left.

    “She’s ready to be president on day one if somebody pushed me off a roof or something,” he said.

    1. Was he glancing over his shoulder as he said that?


    I’m no political campaign expert, but wouldn’t a presidential candidate generally know tomorrow’s schedule at least a day in advance? Calling a lid first thing in the morning seems . . . unplanned. Almost as if you need to see how the candidate is doing that day.

  33. We found a church where people are allowed to gather.

    White people have just been threatened with assault and kicked out of the church sanctuary grounds. Almost all press were demanded to leave as well

    1. To be fair, it’s a Unitarian building, so it’s only kind of a church.

  34. Aronberg did not respond to Reason‘s request for more information on what would become of the charges against these women.

    They should have purchased a beloved NFL franchise if they wanted justice.

    1. a beloved NFL franchise

      How does that explain the owner of the Patriots from getting let off though?

      1. yeah, most good people hate the Patriots. must be the mayonnaise.


    So the mob blocks the streets in LA, driver drives through pretty carefully with strobe flashing, the mob chases after him in multiple vehicles, box driver in, beat him, smash his car, driver escapes before they pull him out and police arrest the driver?!

  36. We have all seen a ton of videos shared on social media of mobs in restaurants, neighborhoods and streets, harassing people just trying to go about their day.

    So what you asking is, why? Why are they doing this? Why do they run into the interstate? Why do they come into a restaurant and harass people having a dinner with friends? Why do they go to people’s homes and threaten them where they sleep?

    Well, to answer this, you need some context. Nancy Rommelmann provides that context with some excellent reporting over at

    She is reporting “from the streets” in Portland, something that is sorely missing in the national coverage of these events. And Nancy knows why. Her article is about the organized effort of the “peaceful protesters” to control the narrative. Only approved journalists are allowed to cover their activities.

    Reporters seen as not sufficiently sympathetic to the cause—which is defined by the Ten Demands for Justice, and includes most notably the abolition of the police—will be followed, be harassed, have their notes photographed and their phones blocked or stolen. (All these things have happened to me in the last month. A photographer friend has been repeatedly doxxed and placed on a list of “enemies.”)

    They surround them and block them, telling them they are not allowed to film. They have an approved journalist list:

    If you forget any of these rules, you can just refer to the handy Google spreadsheet of approved journalists and suggested behavior. The spreadsheet contains names, Twitter handles, and ways to financially support the journos who make the cut.

    This is where the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc is getting their reporting. This is where they buy their footage.

    1. But to what effect? So what if they won’t let independent people film?

      Well, that is what explains stuff like this. People coming up in a mob and harassing folks who are trying to have a meal. Why would they come up and sit down at their table, being as rude as they wanna be? Why pick on a nice old white couple?

      To provoke a response.

      They know that if they are only being filmed by people who are on their team, they will be able to control the story. So go up and harass 30 families. Yell all kinds of racist stuff in their face. When one guy inevitably argues back, post his angry face screaming at “peaceful protesters”. Mission accomplished. This is American Racism! You don’t see video of a mob of BLM protesters attacking a couple of nice people just sitting and enjoying their pasta dinner. You don’t see the story of the threat that 40 people carrying bats, mace, and clubs presents to a family of 4 enjoying a slice of pizza. That’s not in the narrative.

      So, you ask why? That is why.

      This morning NBC featured a clip of a pickup “ramming into a peaceful protester”. The very short clip (careful not to show context of what the peaceful protesters were actually doing) showed someone jump in front of a pickup truck and try to stop it by holding up a sign. Physics doesn’t work that way, and he got knocked down. But don’t worry. NBC assures me that the driver is a horrifying person who is running down innocent people. (as a mob attacks his vehicle) And they have a great shot from the perfect angle… shot by an approved reporter who knew exactly what to film.

      1. Which leads you to this: A mob trying to block a car, and then chasing him down when he refused to be the victim of whatever they had planned. If you look at the helicopter footage, you can see the “approved” cameramen at each juncture. They are filming the mob surrounding the car. Then, the mob has a prepared response. They have multiple chase vehicles at the ready, filled with people who jump out and attack his car after blocking it. And notice what else they have…. they are coordinated. They have someone with a bull horn, presumably shouting instructions.

        And what happens? The police have a helicopter watching the whole thing. Do they move in to arrest the people who were illegally blocking the street? Do the arrest the people who were hitting his car? Do they even bother to follow the guys in the pickup who commit multiple felonies chasing him down and assaulting him? No… they stay on the Prius and make sure he’s taken into custody.

        This completes the circle. This is the “how” to go with the “why”.

        The “why” is to provoke a response. If the old man at the dinner table defends his wife by touching the people who are invading their dinner in any way… he is the face of racism in america. If he shouts anything at them that can even remotely be spun as racist… he is the face of racism in America.

        But how can they keep doing this?

        Because the government in these cities has invited them to do so. By ordering the police to stand down and let them do what they want, they have given permission. By having prosecutors promise not to bring charges and to quickly release anyone arrested for even violent acts, they not only give permission for those violent acts, but they invite criminal minded people in. They offer a free shot to all comers. As long as you affiliate with our side, we’ll let you break things, burn buildings and even assault people! Fun for any sociopath in the area!

        And by controlling the coverage completely, they ensure that only the reaction gets published. 500 people get accosted and are assaulted while having dinner? Not a story. One guy responds to the threat – national outrage!

        This is why.

        This is why they surround cars – particularly pickup trucks and SUVs. They want someone to react in fear, making themselves a poster child… providing a clip that CNN can run on a loop – MAGA white supremacist runs down peaceful BLM protester! Film at 11!

        This is going to end badly. I know this because that is the intention. When it ends badly (again), it won’t be an accident. It won’t be because white supremacists are terrified of allowing black people to have a voice. It will be by design. They intend for people to get shot in the streets. They intend to smoke out some white guy who will meet violence with violence, so that they can have their “white supremacists are hunting black people in the streets” story, like they tried to do with the Kenosha shootings. And they are going to get it. I know good, level-headed and decent people who are fed up. They watch footage of these families getting harassed at the local restaurant and they offer thoughts on how they might handle things a little more forcefully. I’ve heard good, salt of the earth, give you the shirt off their back guys say “you come dump my dinner in my lap like that, and somebody is getting knocked out”.

        Which is exactly what they want. They are desperate for someone to respond exactly the way you’d expect a normal human being to respond to that sort of provocation. So they can sell you a fake story about how racist Americans just go around attacking peaceful protesters for no reason at all.

        1. Sadly these tactics work. Useful idiots abound.

        2. The LA one is telling.
          The news media has video of the entire incident.
          The truck pulls up and slows down when he sees the crowd, then the blmantifa zombies swarm like insects around his car so he flees, hitting one person as they try to open the door and pull him out.
          But they edit out the beginning when the truck is swarmed to make it look like like he sped through the crowd for no reason.
          That is straight up criminal.
          We are at war, and the media is a legitimate target too.

          1. The one with the Prius is even more infuriating–the car didn’t even hit anyone, and it still got chased down and boxed in by Blantifa thugs so the person could be assaulted and his car trashed.

            And tards like chemjeff wonder in amazement why anyone would think these animals might just deserve to get Tiananmened.


            If you watch the left of the screen, you can see them attacking the truck… and just before he accelerates, you can see more guys running toward the truck to join the attack.

            The coverage I watched was NBC. They were horrified at watching a truck run down peaceful protesters without provocation.

            1. And like Beonna Taylor’s shooting, the blame for this one is farther up the food chain.

              If you blame the driver, you are just being fundamentally dishonest, either with the rest of the world or with yourself. We’ve seen where “Just let the mob do whatever they want to you” leads, and it ain’t pretty. No reasonable person is going to take that solution.

              So there’s the people attacking the truck. Obviously they carry the lion’s share of the blame in fact, if not in the eyes of the media. But what are they to do? They are in a “battle for the streets”. So the truck is a legitimate target…. and being a mob, they cannot think. The truck is defying them… so violence is justified.

              Where’s the real responsibility?

              Well, did you notice the police presence? When you take over a city street without a parade permit, what normally happens? Yeah, the police shut you down.

              But not in an election year. Not if you are a democrat government. If you are a democrat mayor, you don’t let the police shut this down, or shunt them into a park, or even shut down the street. You let the “peaceful protesters” decide what streets to shut down and let them do the shutting down.

              By allowing this to happen, they inevitably ended up with a mob of protesters confronting oncoming traffic, giving them no way out.

              The democrat mayor is responsible, ultimately, in this case. By allowing the streets to be taken by a mob, he created this moment as the inevitable consequence of his “support” for the protests.

              1. Absolutely correct.
                The Ds are using blmantifa zombie hordes to wage war on all of us.
                It’s good to live in Florida. Everyone now at least knows the rules.

    2. A photographer friend has been repeatedly doxxed and placed on a list of “enemies.”

      Have we finally located the missing Michael Hihn?

      1. Hihn died back in July.

        1. The Hihn is dead. Long live the SQRLSY!

          1. Somebody was here doing a pretty good imitation of his ransom-note style a week or so ago.

          2. I thought it was interesting that his website got nuked. It was a total Web 1.0/Usenet-type setup, so it couldn’t have been that expensive to keep up, but apparently whomever was taking care of his estate didn’t think it was worth keeping up.

            Which is somewhat amusing because that thing was his pride and joy. He’d always link it and brag about the extensive research done in each of the articles. Unless someone thought to archive it, his life’s work has been completely obliterated.

            I checked out his Facebook page, and someone claimed that Hihn was amusing himself in heaven now. Which is an odd statement, considering that he was an atheist and didn’t believe in that stuff. If there is a heaven and a hell, I suspect he’s not languishing in the former.

            1. To all of those who took pride in being on Hihn’s enemies list, I offer my sincerest sympathy. Your names will no longer live in infamy.

              1. I damn sure did

    3. So what you asking is, why? Why are they doing this? Why do they run into the interstate? Why do they come into a restaurant and harass people having a dinner with friends? Why do they go to people’s homes and threaten them where they sleep?

      Over in Aurora a few months ago, a bunch of Abolish ICE protesters went to the house of the GEO facility manager to harrass him and his family. During that protest, quite a few of the neighborhood residents came out to tell them to fuck off and go away, but there wasn’t any serious confrontation.

      A few weeks later, after the COVID shit had kicked off, they did a car caravan for the same purpose. This time, the neighborhood residents ended up going after the protesters and chasing them out. Abolish ICE hasn’t been back since.

      The lesson here is this–don’t go into deep blue havens where these protests have been taking place regularly, not even for a trip to the museum, and definitely don’t go down there at night to go to the club or a restaurant. Because these cities are now Blantifa turf, and they will have free reign to harrass you and ruin your life even if they put yours in danger, because they have the implicit and in some cases explicit support of the Democratic mayors and state governors/district attorneys to do so.

      Note that areas run by Republicans are able to squash these outbreaks quite easily and they don’t pop up again.

      The reverse is also true–when they come out to your side of town, you and your neighbors need to gang up and chase them out. These people are used to being in places where they can push their shit with impunity, and they aren’t going to get in an extended confrontation if they think they’re going to meet regularly resistance.


    The fact that Steele’s primary sub-source was a Washington-based Brookings Institution fellow is sufficiently ridiculous – I don’t think news that he had previously been investigated as a possible spy makes the document any less reliable. Its reliability was already zero.

  38. Hunter rode on AF2 to China and came back with millions of investment dollars.

    Hunter Biden Report Bombshell: Biden Was Briefed About Son, Caused Problems In Obama White House

    1. I suspect if Biden bombs in the debate the media will suddenly start reporting on this and use it as an escape valve. They’ll report it as breaking news depsite it being weeks and months old. This way they can blame Biden and Obama and not the corrupt DNC or that people aren’t buying what the DNC is selling, when Biden loses.

      1. Or they’ll just tell people that a vote for Biden is really a vote for Harris. Which right now is just right wing scare-mongering.

  39. Leftists outraged at Biden quickly condemning violence and offering prayers for officers shot in Louisville

    Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, an assistant professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, compared Biden’s rhetoric to that of President Trump.

    “When Black people are being killed and months of protests produce nothing but insults and abuse by the police, not a good time do a ‘both sides’. Its as tone deaf as Trump’s ‘very fine people,'” Taylor tweeted.
    This is also voter suppression. When Black people are being killed and months of protests produce nothing but insults and abuse by the police, not a good time do a “both sides”. Its as tone deaf as Trump’s “very fine people”.

    1. He also said he kept the socialist out of the white house in reference to sanders.

  40. Up yours, chicken littles:

    “An Oakland events space openly defied coronavirus rules.”
    “An Oakland events space has hosted indoor weddings, birthday parties and wakes — sometimes exceeding 100 people — since July, according to the manager of the space, in violation of state and county pandemic restrictions about large gatherings.
    Events manager David Oertel reopened the Humanist Hall events space this summer because he said he suffered a “devastating” financial loss from canceling so many events. Oertel said people want a place to gather, and he hasn’t seen “any evidence” of the coronavirus and doesn’t think it’s anything more than “a bad flu.”…”

    Fainting couches available for JFree and other cowardly shits.

  41. If police don’t punish the victims of sex trafficking, how are they ever going to learn to stop being victims?


    How the media is covering Melania’s absence
    Reliable Sources

    First Lady Melania Trump hasn’t been seen in public for almost a month. Is this a legitimate news story? David Zurawik and Lynn Sweet discuss it with Brian Stelter. When any first lady “disappears,” Sweet says, “of course reporters are going to raise questions.”

      CNN’s Brian Stelter Is Obsessed With Melania’s ‘Disappearance’ Even Though She Hasn’t Disappeared

      1. Hell, she was with the president getting booed while paying respects to RBG a day or two ago…

      2. Fat Boy is probably hoping he gets the chance to hump her leg.

    2. Now do Joe Biden

    3. We’ve come full circle. The media refuses to mention the First Lady, then questions her disappearance when there’s no media mention of the First Lady.

      1. Full Circular Reasoning.

  43. Now we know why that book got written:

    “President Trump’s niece files suit saying family cheated her out of millions”
    “NEW YORK —
    Donald Trump’s niece followed up her bestselling tell-all book with a lawsuit Thursday alleging that the president and two of his siblings cheated her out of millions of dollars over several decades while squeezing her out of the family business….”

    Every family has one….

  44. S.F. city attorney seeks to clean up Tenderloin drug dealing using a new approach. Will it work?
    Mostly, City Hall has failed to marshal a response even remotely commensurate with these devastating numbers. Many of the dealers selling the deadly products have been arrested and released with few real consequences, returning repeatedly to the same corners to commit the same crimes.
    to: Liz Hafalia / The Chronicle 2019
    A police officer leaves the Tenderloin precinct on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020, in San Francisco.
    2of5A police officer leaves the Tenderloin precinct on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020, in San Francisco.Photo: Noah Berger / Special to The Chronicle
    The Tenderloin streets are crowded on an April day during shelter-in-place. Social distancing can difficult for homeless and low-income people.
    3of5The Tenderloin streets are crowded on an April day during shelter-in-place. Social distancing can difficult for homeless and low-income people.Photo: Nick Otto / Special to The Chronicle

    San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera is using a novel legal approach to try to clean up open-air drug dealing on the Tenderloin’s sidewalks, suing 28 alleged dealers in a bid to impose civil fines and arrest if they so much as enter the neighborhood.

    The move, essentially a restraining order for drug pushers, comes as dealing in the Tenderloin has grown more prolific — and the consequences more deadly. The Department of Public Health last month released statistics showing 441 people died across the city in 2019 of drug overdoses, a stunning 70% increase from the previous year.

    Many of the drugs dealt out in the Tenderloin are laced with fentanyl, which is driving the spike in deaths. Already this year, 81 people have died of overdoses in the Tenderloin.

    Mostly, City Hall has failed to marshal a response even remotely commensurate with these devastating numbers. Many of the dealers selling the deadly products have been arrested and released with few real consequences, returning repeatedly to the same corners to commit the same crimes.

    Herrera’s move, which will need Superior Court approval, comes weeks after this column featured moms and grandmothers in the Tenderloin who say they sometimes feel trapped in their little apartments because of the crush of dealers outside their doors — and that their children recognize dealing at sadly early ages.

    “Everyone can agree that what is going on in the Tenderloin is unacceptable, and we as a city need to work collectively to address what is an unfortunately terrible threat to the families and children living there,” Herrera said in an interview Wednesday. “We all have a responsibility to step up and alleviate the crisis.”
    Fentanyl is an increasing plague and a deadly hazard on the streets of the Tenderloin.
    Fentanyl is an increasing plague and a deadly hazard on the streets of the Tenderloin.
    Photo: Jessica Christian / The Chronicle 2019

    Herrera — who was first elected city attorney in 2001 — readily admits his approach isn’t a silver bullet, that the city needs to offer far more drug and mental health treatment, and that the narcotics suppliers need to be taken down. Still, his approach shows somebody in city government is thinking creatively and acting decisively, a rarity these days.

    Herrera will seek civil injunctions against 28 people who’ve been arrested at least twice in the past 18 months, including at least once in the past nine months. Both arrests must have led to criminal charges or a motion to revoke probation. The drugs involved must have been fentanyl, heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine.

    Herrera’s office worked closely with the San Francisco Police Department to create the list of 28 people — 24 men and four women. None of the defendants live in the Tenderloin, Herrera said. All but one live outside San Francisco, traveling from Oakland, Hayward, San Jose, Suisun City and elsewhere. The sole San Francisco resident lives in the Sunset District.

    Herrera wants to prevent the 28 people from entering a 50-block area in the historic Tenderloin and part of the nearby South of Market neighborhood. If caught there, they could face arrest for violating a court order and seizure of any drugs and paraphernalia on them. Herrera’s office could levy a fine of $6,000 per violation, but criminal consequences would be in the hands of District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

    I think I see a slight flaw in your plan. Arresting these drug dealers hasn’t worked, so your new idea is to arrest them?

    1. Godammit, the squirrels here are so bad they’ve fucked up the SF Chronicle site! Either that or I fucked up the copy/paste function, but that’s unpossible.

    2. Regardless, the son of two Weather Underground members, isn’t going to prosecute:

  45. Climate Apocalypse Claim: “We’re talking about the collapse of civilization, and I think it’s really important for people to hear that.”


      M.E. Mann’s 1998 hockey stick paper had Western US bristlecone pine explain 93% of the “globe’s” temp variance.

      When a “data transformation” device was applied, it produced hockey sticks.

      These trees were weighted up to 390x more than non-hockey sticks.

      1. Yep, bad science all the way to the roots.

    2. “We’re talking about the collapse of civilization, and I think it’s really important for people to hear that.”

      But it’s not worth using fission energy, right?
      And I’m to take them seriously?

  46. Robert Kraft should pay for those women’s defense and fight for their freedom as hard as he fought for his own.


    Here’s the truth about Trump: he is more progressive than the left. On the issues of race, freedom and the revolutionary history of the USA, Trump’s views are more positive and humanist than the left’s. Is that why they hate him?, asks Brendan O’Neill

  48. Holly Randall

    This is what kills me about twitter. I surf around on it (more like lurk), and constantly come across people I’ve never remotely heard of and they have 400, 500, 800 thousand, or over a million followers. Who are these people? So many of them.

    1. I’m guessing most of the people who follow them never heard of them either. They just get retweeted saying the right thing by someone those people follow and they reward them by smashing that follow button.

    2. It could be that they’re popular in their own bubble and people outside that bubble don’t hear about them because the algorithm doesn’t connect them. For example, if there’s a niche community of underwater basket weavers, there could be one underwater basket weaver that’s the best in the world and every other underwater basket weaver follows that person to the tune of hundreds of thousands worldwide, but anyone who isn’t an underwater basket weaver would have no idea who that person is and would be puzzled by their following.

  49. Anymore I just skip the Mourning Lynx entirely and come straight to see what the comment mines say. I pretty much can’t stand ENB’s writing. Go write for Vox!

    1. Nope, but I always read her writing as red meat being thrown to the jackals to tear apart. Who doesn’t like steak for breakfast?

    2. Her summaries are actually a pretty good aggregation of what the Beltway Hive Mind is pushing out, so it’s worth looking at for that alone. Same reason I listen to NPR regularly, since they’re such a blatant mouthpiece for the DNC.


    Reporters now complaining that DOJ is releasing too much information. Completely normal.


    Remember when y’all thought Kareem was just being playful and silly with all that 2+2=5 and denying objectivity nonsense and I was just a huge meanie and a jerk?

    1. Sciencin’ an’ mathin’ be rayciss an’ sheeeeeiiit.

  52. This wasn’t a story “about lonely old men and victimless crimes,” Aronberg said; it was “about forcing women into our country for forced labor and sex.” Another local sheriff called the prostitution stings “a rescue operation.”

    And now, those “rescued” women may be the only ones still in legal trouble.

    Remember, the law is powerless to help you, not punish you.

  53. All among likely voters

    Maybe all these polls are right, but if they turn out not be I can’t help but think this is where they go wrong. What is a likely voter, and does that definition change over time? Are 25 year old white males with a high school education, a baby momma, and 2/3 of their net worth invested in the rims on their 2005 Duramax “likely voters?” Traditionally I would assume not, but anecdotally there sure seem to be a lot of them on fire for Trump. They all won’t vote, but I guarantee a lot more will than the equivalent cohort did for either Bush (though GW probably had more appeal for them than most), or Bob Dole, or Mitt Romney, etc. As will their girlfriends. I’m not trying to make fun of them- these are my people after all- they are just not a traditionally active group politically. But they understand the existential threat that a Democratic government is to them. They realize that, at this moment in history, one side truly hates them and everything they believe, every hobby they enjoy, even the jobs they have. And the other side has, going back to Trump’s 2016 primary campaign, done more to embrace their culture and, for the first time in a very long time, tell them that they don’t need to apologize for being who they are. That is a powerful combination for motivating voters.

    1. There’s probably been a massive shift in what a likely voter looks like just in the last couple of months. Even with the best of intentions I don’t think a polling firm can reasonably adjust for that, and if there’s one thing I won’t say of media outfits right now it’s that they have the best of intentions.

      1. My “voting is the dumbest thing ever” friend today asked me how to register to vote. He’s going to vote for Trump and against Jay Inslee. He’s not the only one.

  54. “Under DHS’s new proposed rule, if you were born in, or are a citizen of, one of the countries on this map, you would be banned from getting a four-year degree in the United States, with a student visa limited to two years maximum.”

    That’s what you get for coming from a country where 10% or more visa-using students skip out and stay in the U.S. illegally.

  55. >>’potential issues’ with nine military ballots in one county

    election off. martial law.

  56. I was listening to NPR this morning and of course they’re beatifying Saint Ginsburg, talking to somebody who knows her well from all the reporting she’s done on the Supreme Court, one Nina Totenberg. Now Totenberg didn’t think to mention that she was a long-time friend of Ginsburg and there might be a wee bit of a conflict of interest in her reporting on her, but she did let one little tidbit slip in her recounting of anecdotes about Ginsburg. It seems Totenberg has learned from her many interviews of Ginsburg that Ginsburg doesn’t like answering questions that she’s unprepared for, so Totenberg has learned to let her know exactly what questions she’ll be asking ahead of time so that way she can get a much better interview out of Ginsburg.

    Are you fucking kidding me? Totenberg’s making a virtue out of letting the subject of an interview know what the questions are ahead of time? That’s not an interview, Nina, that’s what’s known as a fluff piece. You weren’t fucking reporting on Ginsburg, you were doing PR for her. You. Are. A. Hack.

    1. She should’a been on Ginsburg’s payroll.

  57. Radley Balko’s take on the Breonna Taylor grand jury results is worth reading:

    1. The part that’s worth reading is deeply buried: ” If Walker reasonably believed that the men breaking into the apartment were not police, he had every right to defend himself and Taylor. *At that point, the police also had the right to return fire.* The latter would be true even if the courts later determined that the police had failed to properly identify themselves… That’s how the law works.”

      But there’s also the egregious nonsense about how “What Walker did that night is what just about anyone would have done if they thought they or their loved ones were under attack…To put [Taylor’s] death on [Walker] only adds to his pain and grief. It’s just incredibly cruel.” It is in fact incredibly stupid to imagine that Walker reasonably thought it was Glover bashing down his door.


    Liberals on Twitter predictably (and non-ironically) stating they’re now living Handmaid’s Tale.

    1. Kind of hard to tell considering they never shut up about it.

      1. But this time it’s TOTALLY going to happen!

    2. Barrett defended the Shutdown. To hell with her.

  59. Your tax dollars at work. Fucking cops. Every. Single. Time.

  60. I’m not following why the inability to prosecute the clients makes prosecution of the prostitutes “egregious”. If you don’t want what they did to be illegal you can try to change the law, but there’s nothing “egregious” about enforcing a law against something so widely and for so long viewed as criminal merely because you disagree.

  61. In a situation like this, do Kraft and the women have a good case for defamation? The various law enforcement people made very negative statements about them which were false and which they had no reason to believe were true.

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