'Limited, Arbitrary, and Unsystematic:' Flawed Federal Dietary Report Targets Alcohol

Experts are blasting proposed federal guidelines that call for men to consume no more than one alcoholic beverage per day.


Critics are lining up to blast a report, issued by a federal committee earlier this summer, that urges the government to make steep cuts to the definition of moderate alcohol consumption. These critics are concerned because the group—the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC), a rotating crop of experts that meets every five years—is the government's primary vehicle for recommending updates to the nation's dietary policies.

The DGAC, which was established in 1990, "provide[s] the basis for federal food and nutrition policy and education initiatives." Those policies include everything from recommending how many servings of vegetables people should consume in a day to determining what foods to serve to troops, schoolchildren, and prisoners. Now that the DGAC has issued its final report, key federal agencies will review and consider its recommendations, along with public comments, before adopting formal guidelines. Alcohol is one area where the DGAC recommendations are stirring the most controversy.

The report argues in favor of "reducing consumption among those who drink… in ways that increase the risk of harms." That sounds eminently reasonable, until you learn the DGAC decided, despite ample evidence to the contrary, that drinking "in ways that increase the risk of harms" means enjoying a second Bud Light.

Indeed, the report seeks to halve the DGAC's longstanding definition of moderate drinking for men—no more than two drinks per day—to no more than one drink per day. (The recommendation for women, set for years at no more than one drink per day, remains unchanged.)

The proposed change to the alcohol-consumption recommendation is angering everyone from bourbon aficionados to the beer lobbies and wine connoisseurs, who—and this is probably an understatement—are "not happy with the report." But top medical doctors and public health experts, along with lawmakers, are also raising objections.

Last month, five Harvard Medical School faculty doctors—including three who served on one or more prior iterations of the DGAC—submitted comments that are highly critical of the 2020 DGAC report. They argue the push to slash the maximum daily alcohol consumption for men is a "limited, arbitrary, and unsystematic treatment of alcohol consumption" that is based on "limited, arbitrary, and unsystematic evidence."

While rightly noting the dangers of binge drinking and consistent heavy alcohol consumption in their comments, the Harvard doctors note the DGAC appears to have "ignored" three decades of research, drinking patterns, and "relevant recent evidence." They also argue the recommendations demonstrate "scientific inconsistency" and an "arbitrary" and biased selection of research. "These arbitrary selections all appear intended to support claims made by members of the DGAC prior to appointment, rather than as systematic and transparent reviews of existing scientific evidence." In other words, the researchers claim anti-alcohol DGAC members focused only on research that supports arguments those members wanted to make all along.

Wesley Clark, a lawyer, professor, and medical doctor who is also the former director of the U.S. government's Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, argued in comments he submitted that the DGAC's "over-reaching" changes to the alcohol recommendations appear to result from "biased analysis" and might be "a sleight-of-hand vehicle for Prohibition."

Other leading experts are also alarmed.

"There were very serious violations of scientific protocol regarding this proposal that need careful review," said Sam Zakhari, Ph.D., chief scientific advisor with the Distilled Spirits Council and a former senior staffer with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism, in a statement emailed to me this week. "The committee acknowledged only one study examined differences in risk amongst men consuming two drinks per day as compared to one drink per day, which does not represent the preponderance of the evidence. Further, the committee members cited numerous studies that were outside of the 60 approved studies for review. It doesn't take a scientist to see that the process was seriously flawed and that this proposal appears to be based on preconceived opinions, not science." 

Many lawmakers in Washington aren't happy with the recommendations, either. A joint, bipartisan group of more than two-dozen members of Congress submitted comments opposing the DGAC's dry-ish recommendations. Their comments single out a "lack of scientific evidence to justify any change in current moderate drinking recommendations."

This DGAC controversy does not surprise me. Indeed, it's no stretch at all to argue that the DGAC is best known—in recent years, at least—for its controversial recommendations. In 2015, I blasted the DGAC report for proposing new food taxes, pushing for restrictions on food marketing, and suggesting local food bans. In a separate column that same year, I spoke with a university researcher whose analyses, published in the esteemed, peer-reviewed Mayo Clinic Proceedings, suggests, as I explained, "that the DGAC's work—and the research used to support that work—is so off base as to be scientifically useless." I also detail major shortcomings with the 2015 DGAC's recommendations around sustainability in my book, Biting the Hands that Feed Us.

The 2020 report isn't all bad. For example, unlike in the 2015 report, I didn't find any mentions of food taxes or bans in the 2020 report.

Thankfully, the DGAC report contains recommendations, meaning key federal agencies ultimately choose together whether or not to adopt those recommendations. On alcohol at least, the weight of the evidence suggests the federal government should reject the DGAC's deeply flawed recommendations.

NEXT: Abolish Qualified Immunity

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  1. So these guys get together every five years, and discover “scientific” evidence that humans have evolved so fast that what we should eat and drink has changed enough to revise the “scientific” evidence of just five years ago>

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      1. The White Knight
        September.5.2020 at 3:00 pm
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        The White Knight
        September.5.2020 at 2:59 pm
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        1. Mike needed a distraction after being proven wrong.

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              2. Wait, Tulpa is actually Donald Trump?! Explains a lot.

                1. The White Knight
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                2. Tulpa is actually Donald Trump?

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            1. And don’t forget, he has continued to whine about it. He thinks he owns the site.

    2. OT

      “Party’s Over: Trump Orders Purge of ‘Critical Race Theory’ from Federal Agencies”

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      1. “Chipper Morning Wood—————-”

        Still hilarious that he was forced to change his name.

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          But nice to see that chemjeff is “living rent free in your head” when he hasn’t even been present around here. And, now, thanks to Trump’s executive order, you cannot evict him.

          1. “Not even close to what chemjeff actually said”

            Make sense fucktard I didnt quote him.

            1. Yeah WK lies a lot.

              1. He doesn’t even know what’s going on, forget the lying he’s not even aware of what he is responding to.

                  1. I said jeff said something in that thread?

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                    4. The White Knight
                      September.5.2020 at 5:41 pm
                      Whatevs, Tulpa

                      Ha! Mike knows he’s wrong

                  2. Because it’s not what I was talking about

                    It won’t stop him from lying about it and insisting he can read your mind

                  3. I know Laursen is arrogant but to repeatedly scream that “yes you were referring to this” after he was proven wrong is pretty pathetic

            2. How is that a defense?

              1. Against your claim that it wasnt what he said?

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                1. De Oppresso warned me about this, Tulpa. Well played.

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                    1. “par for the course with you”

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                    How is that a defense? You stop being wrong because someone you don’t like pointed it out? Not how it works boy.

              2. Wait, did your idiot ass actually ask how its a defense against claims of misquoting to point out that no quote was given?

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                  Then he tried to convince everyone that he wasn’t Mike Laursen and that he hadn’t got run off ignominiously and that he wasn’t slinking back.

                  So yes.

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            3. “Not even close to what chemjeff actually said”

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                1. “If it’s a “zing”, it’s an extremely dumb zing”

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                2. “How in the world could you know what chemjeff thinks about anti-racism unless you are going by something he wrote here in the Reason comments.”

                  He posts on other websites gimp.

                3. “How in the world could you know”

                  So you admit you were lying.

                4. The White Knight
                  September.5.2020 at 2:54 pm
                  If it’s a “zing”, it’s an extremely dumb zing.

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            2. He will never admit he was wrong and that no one claimed Jeff said anything.

              1. Looks like you were right.

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              It is implied you are going by something chemjeff said, since that’s the only way to communicate here. “Said”, of course, meaning “wrote”.

              Besides, it is clearly a reference to a thread of conversation about anti-racism that we all remember, although some here are pretending they don’t.

              1. “It is implied”

                This is always your excuse when you get caught lying about what was said.

                You claim you can read minds.

                1. Right, Tulpa, you read chemjeff’s mind, and that is what you are referring to, not this:


                  1. I’m not Tulpa and I’ve never seen that thread before, now back to you lying and acting like you’re psychic.

                    1. He fled.

                    2. Cowards like him do that.

              2. It is implied

                I aksed you who SAID it because you typed “said” not “implied”.

                And you said “implied” because you know you’re wrong.

                1. That’s what I thought.

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          4. “But nice to see that chemjeff is “living rent free in your head””

            Since you came storming in to defend him by fabricating something, doesn’t that actually mean the critics are living rent free in yours?

            1. It does.

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                I think my favorite was you moronically telling someone that an article they never read or even brought up was what they were talking about.

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  2. enjoying a second Bud Light

    Only someone in the pay of A-B could utter that phrase.

    1. You could be dumping it out, that’s enjoyable…

    2. Yeah, weird time to for Baylen to bring up his piss drinking fetish.

    3. In the words of Vincent Vega, from Pulp Fiction, “I seen them do it, man!”

      Drowning their taste buds in that shit… Really popular among the professional types at a sports bar, when they want to hang out for four-five hours, but are watching their weight (or saving room for the loaded potato skins instead) and don’t want to get too drunk.

      I’ll pass.

    4. I’m not sure what enthusiasts drink as IPA is better. They’re ruined IPA by making them so hoppy. Most enthusiast IPAs are rancid. Average Americans don’t seem to know what an IPA is supposed to taste like anymore. Then they watered down Bass to make it more like Bud Light–so Americans don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like from that angle either.

      Anyway, I’m not sure I wouldn’t prefer beer Kool-aid a la Bud Light to what passes for IPA among enthusiasts.

      1. I was at a restaurant and saw they had a “pale stout”. I asked the waiter if it’s any good he said “if you like stouts it’s undrinkable, but if you like pales it’s undrinkable”

      2. Ken, it’s literally the best possible time in history for beer fans. At least, it was before COVID. You don’t like 100 IBU pinecone juice? Fine, try a sour, a hefe, a session pale ale, a flavored ale, a gose, porter, stout, some variety of the above that’s been barrel-aged, and on and on.

        There are hundreds if not thousands of choices. True, the bar you’re at probably doesn’t have 99 percent of them, but there’s likely something beside MacroBeer Lite or Pine Cone swill.

        Not that IPAs are uniform anymore. Sip of Sunshine doesn’t taste like Heady Topper which doesn’t taste like Ruination. For the first two, my relative might be a Boston area, Pajama Boy asshole, but damned if he doesn’t have fantastic taste in beer.

        1. This. While NEIPAs are the hotness right now, there’s still a lot of other great beers being brewed all over the country, including pale ales that are true to original style. I’m currently drinking a dry-hopped cream ale from one of the best breweries that people outside of Michigan have never heard of, Blackrocks in Marquette.

          1. “I’m currently drinking a dry-hopped cream ale from one of the best breweries that people outside of Michigan have never heard of, Blackrocks in Marquette.”

            Please see my comment about Cutthroat below.

            I do not believe it’s a coincidence that a great IPA is being brewed for locals. If it were targeted at beef aficionados, it would suck.

            Liking something everyone else hates is the driving force behind hipsterdom, and when the hipsters decide to start liking something you like, stock up, because what you like is about to get ruined.

            Hipster Borg: We like IPAs–but only after they’ve become so rancid that squares find them undrinkable.

        2. If you really liked IPAs, it’s the worst time in history for beer fans.

          1. Ken is the Bernie Sanders of IPAs.

          2. What kinds of IPAs did you like, Ken, if you liked them at all? I’m sure a similar version is made by somebody.

            Completely agree with you about getting pissed about liking X specific thing, and finding it’s been changed to chase the trendy, flighty consumer’s dollar.

            OTOH, it’s a business for these purveyors, and more sales for more money are more better.

            1. Bass was a perfectly good beer before they changed the recipe for the American market.

              This a great beer!


              Can’t get it anywhere outside of Utah, which, after I thought about it, is telling. Because the IPA is brewed specifically for average people in Utah who like beer–and not aficionados nationally–it isn’t an overhopped, rancid disgrace to IPA. It’s an eminently drinkable delight.

              1. That’s surprising. I can get Cutthroat here. Uinta makes good stuff.

                I can’t help you with Bass selling out. It’s akin to the ‘more’ syndrome in wine: More oak, more butter, more jammy fruit. As well as everyone trying to capture the Becky market by copying The Prisoner. Fantastic marketing by whoever Orin Swift hired, BTW.

                You live in SoCal, IIRC. Is it that hard to find a restrained, refreshing APA or IPA like you used to like? I’d think Pizza Port or the Bruery would have something, Or one of the gazillion there I’ve not heard of.

                Stone makes a variety of IPAs. They don’t all taste like Ruination. I’ve liked their ‘drink by this date’ series. The owners are obnoxiously woke, but you can’t have everything.

    5. Wait, Bud Light? I thought this article was about beer consumption…

    6. Now, I’m not a fan of Miller Lite or Bud Light, but there is something to be said for the best warm-weather beer, chilled Coors Light, with its fresh, bright, clean taste, sporting hints of Rocky Mountain spring water.

      You can definitely drink more than one.

  3. “Those policies include everything from recommending how many servings of vegetables people should consume in a day to determining what foods to serve to troops, schoolchildren, and prisoners.”

    Surely we can find a way to justify the government not serving alcohol to schoolchildren and prisoners without discussing the dietary implications at all.

  4. (The recommendation for women, set for years at no more than one drink per day, remains unchanged.)


    1. So you oppose equality, you rampant sexist?

  5. It’s a good thing these are just “recommendations” and “guidelines” of the “if you know what’s good for you” variety. It’s not like any sort of funding might be imperiled by not following the advice of the government, I’m sure.

    1. And it’s not like their dietary guidelines have been disastrously, hilariously wrong for decades.

      1. It is clear that they have NEVER consulted a grandmother – – – – – – – –

  6. Why is this under federal government purview at all?

    1. Interstate commerce, I suppose – – – – – – – –

  7. One beer is the limit? Hell, there goes my breakfast.

    1. Are you sure there’s only one serving in a bottle of beer?

      1. One, thirty-two ounce bottle equals one beer, right?

        1. Go for the 40!

          1. Especially for breakfast. Really gets the day grooving.

        2. A 64 ounce growler is only one beer.

        3. Caguama? Caguama!

          1. tamaño familiar en cerveza mexicana ja ja

  8. These health groups concentrate attention on things that matter most – lifestyle choices – and ignore things that only make the news on occasion, like virus outbreaks.
    In California Governor Newsom has signed into law a ban on flavored vaping products. That is because flavors are clearly aimed at children. Adults never buy vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream because, as adults, they prefer broccoli and kale flavors, with little bits of Brussel sprouts. That vaping reduces the chance of COPD and cancers by an order of magnitude doesn’t change the optics for our betters.

    1. One thing interesting about the law, it bans sales, but not possession. (I have not read the legislation, but I assume it also bans internet sales ). I am guessing smoke shops in Oregon and Nevada will see a nice “bump” in sales.

  9. “”There were very serious violations of scientific protocol regarding this proposal that need careful review,””

    They really don’t. Ridicule these people then move on.

  10. My recommendation is that actual real Men should drive no no more than 0 White Claws or Trulys or other so called hard seltzers per year

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    1. And yet, with all that money, you can still only have one beer – – – – – – –

      1. Yeah, but she’s driving around smoking weed in a new Range Rover.

  12. Somebody, somewhere is enjoying himself, and it is up to busy-bodies to put an end to that.

  13. Since being placed under house arrest, I’m up to one (six pack) a day.

  14. I said nothing when federal spending topped 4 trillion a year, and now 5 trillion. I stayed home and wore a mask because some nannies thought it would help. I didn’t call for the National Guard when thousands of mostly peaceful protesters burned and looted our cities.

    But now they’ve gone too far.

  15. So Reason really went all ACAB articles yesterday…

    I am not amused

    1. Where did Reasons in any way say that all cops are bad yesterday?

      Is this more complaining about the headline on the Reason Roundup being too click-baity?

      1. Where did he say they said it?

        You’re too stupid to play semantics. Stop.

      2. “Is this more complaining”

        Hey look WK has criticis of Reason living in his head.

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  17. DGAC = Don’t Give A Crap.

  18. It could be an early sign of a drinking problem or even addiction. The sooner you get people into treatment, the better the outcome.

    1. Having a second Bud Light is definitely a drinking problem. With the problem being that one is drinking crap.

      Now, my third bomber of Arrogant Bastard…

  19. Jerry Mead was right, though I think he’d have hated getting to tell us all, ‘he told us so’. .Gov, and the Goo-goos ever trying to improve it, will not stop until we get Prohibition all over again.

  20. Hey look, more evidence of a coordinated conspiracy to commit political murder

    1. I don’t care if he said on video that he was 100% antifa, unless you produce a notarized membership roster with photographs, fingerprints, and DNA matching the members, then I’m speech policing anyone who clams he was antifa.

      1. Tulpa, if you had paid attention at all, I have only said such things about BLM, not antifa. Because the standard for being antifa is that you say you are part of antifa. There’s no there there as far as an official antifa organization.

        1. “Tulpa”

          You’re bad at this.

          1. Rent.


      2. He didn’t claim to BE Antifa, he admitted he was a self-appointed POLICEMAN ON BEHALF OF WhiteAntifa and his imaginary Friend Of Color and was on a predatory prowl.

  21. No fans at Kentucky Derby, but a bunch of shithead protesters are ok

    1. And what proof do you have that they are shitheads?

      Have you seen their shithead membership cards?

      Roasted you!

  22. More protesters in Rochester, NY. Ostensibly to protest Daniel Prude’s death in custody, but in practice, doing Trump 2020 voter outreach.

    Video courtesy of the Daily Mail:

  23. Dallas, too – Blindside attack on Karlyn Borysenko.

    Apparently reporters have coverage of the attack but are refusing to release it.

    1. Holy shit this is not going to end well.

      For once one of the YouTube comments nailed it:
      “they’re attacking gay people, they’re attacking women…”
      Why is anyone surprised? Their goal was power and intimidation all along. As soon as it suits their purposes they’re willing to do anything.

      1. They’re Brownshirts. To Hell with all of their apologists and excuse makers.

        Be very, very grateful that America is not, yet, the Right-wing police state these people have been bullshitting everyone it currently exists. The Media are going to pay an awful, awful price—and then we will—for their blind advocacy for Marxist thugs.

        Dallas, huh? That sounds like a great way to get shot. Which is the idea for these Antifags’ handlers, but I don’t think the foot soldier’s quite worked all this out yet. I avoid the few pity parties they’ve thrown in Houston. I really hope it doesn’t expand.

    2. Their group needed to be closer, and mutually protective. Those protesters are like animals: they’ll attack an open back, but will back off under eye contact. If that last one didn’t….it would depend on what I saw in her hands, if I were Ms. Borysenko.

      There is no reason why you should have to get the shit kicked out of you before shooting these worthless fucking people trying to attack you.

  24. And yesterday at the White House – Serbia and Kosovo normalized economic relations, Serbia is moving their embassy to Jerusalem, and Kosovo formally recognized Israel.

    Somebody let CNN know.

    1. Has Bosnia done it already?

      Nice to hear that the Balkans are trying to play together. That was a nasty thing that had the potential of getting profoundly fucking ugly for the US/NATO and Russia. That it didn’t, certainly wasn’t due to the ‘diplomacy’ of Albright and State.

    2. CNN doesn’t care until they figure a way to make it a bad thing done by Trump.

  25. HERE► Brilliant article. I had wondered how future generations would view the mind boggling hysteria that is currently gripping the whole world, especially Europe and the USA. We look back at past centurhysteria can be – like a stampede. Thought the writer was a historian, his analysis is so sharpies and wonder how they could have been so stupid. I guess it shows how powerful mass . He has seen through the Emperor’s new clothes!Click here.

  26. While “democracy activists” are celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage, just remember what their predecessors did 10 years ago: turn their activism against alcohol and create that little adventure called Prohibition.

  27. the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC)

    I can’t help but wonder what is the budget for this utter waste of time and taxpayer money.

    1. I can’t help but wonder who called them D’ GACk.

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  29. Victims of government schooling cannot understand homesis curves or the Laffer curve. Both of these curves demonstrate that the initiation of force kills and freedom doesn’t.

  30. UN-Constitutional federal healthcare agencies (i.e. Indoctrination Foundations) spending all their stolen money making “flawed” federal reports?? Who could’ve seen that coming?

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  33. Man, this COVID-19 pandemic is killing us, now to see this malpractice from our authorities is really disappointing.

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