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Melania Trump Wows With Lackluster Speech on Second Night of Republican National Convention

Plus: the RNC is a case study in why Big Tech is good, the GOP's libertarian purge, and more...


As first lady, Melania Trump's primary role has been a cipher for whatever partisans fear, loathe, or love about her husband, President Donald Trump. With that ever-steely stare, a dearth of public speaking, several questionable clothing choices, and a few glaringly absurd biographical bits (an immigrant and woman who has chosen to make online bullying her cause even as her husband has been the online bully in chief while working to keep immigrants out), Melania seems to inspire fascination, revulsion, and projection in equal measure.

Her Tuesday night speech from the White House lawn—part of the Republican National Convention (RNC)—was no exception.

Yet again, a few celebrity Democrats took the opportunity to disgrace themselves spectacularly.

"Oh, God. She still can't speak English," tweeted actress Bette Midler. Then there was comedian Kathy Griffin:

The most substantive critique of Melania Trump's talk was that her words and rhetoric—while laudable—are at odds with what her husband and his cronies have done in office and ring hollow in light of some of the first lady's own past positions or advocacy.

However, most people don't know or care about all that. And from a political persuasion and strategy standpoint, the first lady's convention speech seems to have hit all the right notes.

"I don't want to use this precious time attacking the other side," the first lady said at one point. And she didn't.

She acknowledged the coronavirus pandemic in a non-dismissive way and expressed sympathy to people who had lost loved ones to COVID-19. (Also, she called it COVID-19, not the China Virus, as the president often does.) She said America's "diverse and storied history is what makes our country strong, and yet we still have so much to learn from one another," promoting a message of tolerance and inclusion.

The bar here is pretty low, but Melania's speech amounted to "more than the 'Donald Trump is a beautiful man whose thinking is both out of the box & strikingly urgent' nonsense the other people have said," commented Mother Jones Editorial Director Ben Dreyfuss.

"A very good and civic minded speech," tweeted Jonah Goldberg of The Dispatch. "She took the high road & talked about our problems. For that she should be congratulated."

The first lady's speech was "far more conciliatory … than other speakers who used their lecterns to bombastically promote the president," wrote Politico's Matthew Choi, noting:

The majority of her address was both an appeal to the country's morality and her own experience as first lady. She spoke aspirationally about her own next four years as first lady if her husband is reelected, independent of the president's agenda.

It was a stark contrast from the doting addresses by other members of the Trump family who spoke at the convention — and a divergence from the supporting roles that speakers and Biden family members played at the Democratic National Convention.

Whatever else is true here, Melania Trump managed to convincingly portray a conventional first lady and to—arguably less convincingly—frame her husband's unconventional presidency as an asset. ("The first lady showed self-awareness in presenting herself as the calm, soothing counterpart to her famously (but, she stressed, not dangerously) volatile husband," suggests Tim Alberta at Politico.)

In talking to "suburban, center-right women" who are undecided about Trump, "one thing that has struck me [about] these interviews is that they are often looking *for* a reason to reelect Trump," tweeted New York Times political reporter Elaina Plott. "Any data point that helps them feel more comfortable doing so—like seeing the first lady evince something like compassion—thus becomes very, very meaningful."

Donald Trump's youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, also appeared relatively normal and empathetic, or at least able to evince a convincing amount of compassion, during her Tuesday night RNC address. These attributes have, alas, been exceedingly rare so far at the RNC.

Overall, last night's focus was less on how Democrats are going to abolish the suburbs with their socialism and more on core Republican issues like how abortion and social media are bad. Another core element of the RNC so far has been putting up what one might call a facade of evidence.

Sure, the Trump administration has made deporting and barring more immigrants the main part of its mission—but here's Trump with five immigrants who are becoming U.S. citizens. Sure, the Paycheck Protection Program intended to help businesses recover from coronavirus-related lockdowns was a disaster, but here is someone who will praise it. Sure, state and federal wars for protective gear put nurses and doctors at risk, but here is a traveling nurse who is a Trump fan. Trump may be seriously unpopular among black voters, but here are a few black people who like him. Trump may spurn the vast majority of refugees, but here is one whom he didn't. Trump may be constantly pushing for new crimes and harsher penalties, but here is one man he pardoned. And so on…

All the while, RNC speakers have mooned over Trump and described him in gushing, hyperbolic-at-best terms that go way beyond your typical (Republican or Democratic) convention fan club. "If you built a drinking game out of RNC speakers ladling out hyperbolic, coke-shooting-from-your-nose praise on the president, you'd be dead before midnight each day," writes Matt Welch, offering a litany of outrageous claims. A few:

"He ended once and for all the policy of incarceration of black people," claimed George state Rep. Vernon Jones Monday. Big, if true. (It's not.)

"Our president," asserted Cuban immigrant Maximo Alvarez, "is just another family man," which is arguably the most elastic definition of family values since Big Love.

"He has," heralded Afghanistan War vet Sean Parnell, "fiercely defended the besieged First and Second Amendment." The latter of which is debatable and the former of which is the inverse of the truth. […]

"He built the greatest economy the world has ever known," [Kimberly Guilfoyle] said, at a time of double-digit unemployment. "America, it's all on the line," she added. "President Trump believes in you, he emancipates and lifts you up to live your American dream."

Such is the rhetoric of recently transformed autocracies, not mature republics.

Check out more Reason coverage of this week's Republican National Convention and last week's Democratic National Convention.


The RNC is a case study in why Big Tech is good. "If there was ever a televised event that demonstrated the lameness of the conservative anti-tech position, it was the first day of the RNC," writes Robby Soave. "No major tech platform censored any of the content—on the contrary, they granted easy and unrestricted access." The same went for the second night of the convention. Meanwhile, cable news channels—including Fox News—continually cut away so their pundits could comment on or "fact-check" RNC talks and videos, sometimes cutting away mid-speech or not showing some speakers at all.


"In 1975, the future president Ronald Reagan said, 'I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism,'" notes Reason Managing Editor Stephanie Slade in The New York Times. Yet,

Today, many leaders of the Republican Party have coalesced around a desire to purge libertarians, with our pesky commitments to economic liberty and international trade, from their midst. If Mr. Reagan's agenda was a three-legged stool of religious traditionalism, a strong national defense and free-market economics, they hope the latter leg can be reduced to sawdust and scattered to the winds.

Read Slade's full piece here.


• "Lezmond Mitchell is scheduled to die Wednesday, over the objections of the Navajo Nation to which he belongs and on whose land the murder took place," notes Scott Shackford. More here.

• American Enterprise Institute Director of Economic Policy Michael R. Strain and conservative writer Ramesh Ponnuru discuss the Republican Party's identity crisis in Bloomberg. "The GOP's leadership is increasingly uninterested in policy, viewing itself as fighting a broader war to 'save Western civilization'—a major theme of their convention's first night—from the Democrats," suggests Strain.

• An update on the Portland protests and the federal goon squad sent to suppress them:

• "Three years ago, a federal judge ruled that [sex offender registry] consequences amounted to cruel and unusual punishment of three men who challenged their treatment under Colorado's Sex Offender Registration Act," writes Jacob Sullum. But "last week a federal appeals court overturned that decision, saying the burdens imposed by registration do not even qualify as punishment, making the Eighth Amendment irrelevant."

• "A senior Democrat on the House foreign affairs committee has launched an investigation into whether Mike Pompeo is breaking federal law by addressing the Republican national convention while on an official visit to Jerusalem," reports The Guardian.

• Kanye West's presidential ambition persists:

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  1. When did that GOP pool boy speak? I missed the good part.

    1. Hello.


      Maybe because, I don’t know, English is not her first language? That kinda puts a dent on things.

      She’s still way easier to listen and look at than Michelle.

      I realized when they introduced her, the media has never covered her actions as First Lady. When Michael was FL, all we heard was how much of a great humanitarian she was fucking up school lunches. That she was the greatest lady ever on a loop.

      I didn’t know any of those things Melania does because it’s not really reported.

      1. She’s an evil immigrant that talks with an accent and only knows 5 languages. We need to shun her.

        1. It wasn’t scintillating but I kept in mind she’s not an audacious American drama queen. She’s under stated by nature.

          I’ve seen her in other interviews outside the mainstream. She’s pretty damn smart too.

          Far more depth of thought than Michelle in my view.

          Michelle is all empty platitudes and pseudo-righteous gobbilly-goo-goo muck.

          1. Let’s ditch the political correctness.

            Melania Trump lied about her education. In particular, when she claimed — in writing — to have one.

            Melania Trump lied about her “career.” She was a nondescript “model” who disrobed for money, apparently violating immigration law in the process.

            Melania Trump exchanged her youth and flexible morals for economic security — and a solution to her sketchy immigration circumstances — by marrying a flabby, old, womanizing silver-spooner. For the bonus round, she chose “chain migration,” scoring citizenship for her elderly parents (with their own sketchy past).

            Melania Trump lied about Pres. Obama. She is a birther, either appeasing or embracing racism . . . and for what?

            Melania Trump is a downscale plagiarist . . . it is remarkable that she neither began nor ended her most recent scripted speech with ‘as I am known to say by everyone . . . when they go low, my husband and I we go the high.’

            Melania Trump’s appearance is fake. Her mannequin-like cosmetic enhancements legally qualify her as a “casserole” under the Code of Federal Regulations.

            Melania Trump’s “marriage” involves plenty of philandering but reportedly does not involve a marital bed. Would that qualify under current immigration rules and practices or instead be dismissed as “fake” or “sham?” Will anyone be surprised if a Falwell-level revelation — cuckolding, payments, voyeurism, or the like . . . . maybe even a videotape from a Russian hotel room — surfaces?

            Other than that, though . . . she is our First Lady, and an apt representative of the current Republican Party and clingerverse.

            1. You can tell that the convention has been going very well just by how bitchy leftists/Reason are about it

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              2. Arty is certainly on the rag today. ENB too. We should,send them some Midol.

    2. Looking for him to hook you up with some underage strange? Kids will actually get creeped out by some minor-thirsty, drug-addled hicklib, you know.

      1. I think you QAnon pedo liars get your speaking slot tonight.

        The wingnut crazy is building up for it.

        1. Tell us again about Russia.

          1. he supports the left because it is his only hope for pedophilia getting normalized.

            1. PB does love child rape. I really hope he dies in agony.

        2. Watching your Antifart buddies get capped last night made my week.

          1. I tend to support anti-Fascists.

            I hate Nazis/fascists.

            1. Good, glad your buddies got ventilated.

            2. PB. That explains a lot. Your self hatred is quite obvious here.


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  2. You can actually hear the spit hitting ENBs keyboard as she pounds out the roundups this week.

    1. I know. It really is pathetic. There is fair-minded criticism, and then just pettiness, spite, and bile.

      Brown is a perfect fit for Pravda. She certainly has the writing style down.

    2. Even I think it crosses a line when ENB quoted Matt Welch’s repeating of the rumor that Trump, Jr. was high as a kite on coke.

      It sure looked like he was, but not cool for a journalist to repeat the rumors with no evidence other than his demeanor and red, watering eyes.

      1. so you repeated it and offered your own confirmation to support welch?

        1. Informally, not as a journalist, it sure looks like he was coked up. I’m just a guy gossiping in a comment, not claiming I know.

          Welch is a journalist and should not have treated the gossip as true without more evidence.

          1. So you think unsubstantiated rumors are bad… but you’ll repeat them ad nauseum. Says a lot about you actually.

            1. I don’t think there’s anything with a regular guy like me repeating unsubstantiated rumors about a public figure, especially since I acknowledge I have no proof.

              I also think it’s also wrong for a journalist to do the same thing.

              1. Sonce we’re ostensibly Libertarians, tell us again why any of us care what drugs anyone is using.

                1. Sibce coke is illegal it’s perfectly fine as a Libertarian to use it and lie about it. Only a retard would call that hypocrisy.

                  1. *Since

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                2. It’s a matter of calling out a drug warrior on his hypocrisy. (But as I said, that’s a hypothetical because there is no proof of the gossip about Donald, Jr.’s being high on coke.)

          2. “Welch is a journalist”

            There is strong evidence to the contrary.

        2. Why are we even sitting here talking about how White Knight raped and killed a girl in 1990? First of all, it’s not true. It’s not true that White Knight raped and killed a girl in 1990. So if you have evidence that White Knight raped and killed a girl in 1990, just go straight to the police with it and stop spreading these rumors.

      2. Even I think it crosses a line when ENB quoted Matt Welch’s repeating of the rumor that Trump, Jr. was high as a kite on coke.

        Ah, the infamous Libertarian War on Drugs.

        1. It’s perfectly in line with the libertarian stance to call out a moral busybody drug warrior on their own hypocritical drug use. The problem with what Welch wrote, and ENB repeated, is that they don’t have proof.

          1. He’s a drug warrior? Got a cite? And we are supposed to care because you, a person constantly wrong, think he’s a hypocrite?

            Face it. You’re trying to ding him for being a cokehead, and you forget you were talking to Libertarians. Hypocrisy is just the weak ass nothing cover you used.

            1. Fair enough. He is a person campaigning for the President and who has the ear of the President who is apparently doing nothing to end the War on Drugs.

              So, his support for the War on Drugs is passive. My calling him a drug warrior went too far.

              Note that it is not just his hypocrisy, but his father’s for putting his son up on the podium while he supports the continuation of the War on Drugs and touts his Christianity and family values.

              Again: This is all hypothetical because it is only gossip that Junior was high on coke.

              1. This is Tulpa stealing white knight’s handle to make him look stupid again, right?

                1. How could you possibly tell?

          2. The problem with what Welch wrote, and ENB repeated, is that they don’t have proof.

            I agree wholeheartedly. Just like we have no proof that White Knight raped and killed a girl in 1990. There is no stock as a professional journalist in promulgating these unfounded rumors that White Knight raped and killed a girl in 1990.

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  4. Melania Trump Wows With Lackluster Speech…

    She plagiarized that from Michelle.

  5. “[Dr. Andrew Baker] said that if Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death,” the memorandum stated.

    1. This isn’t anything new, as the initial autopsy showed that he had enough fentanyl and meth in his system to kill a horse. But it does show that the dude was already tweaking out, which is probably why he passed that counterfeit bill in the first place, and in the process of ODing by the time the cops got there.

      1. This memorandum has been hardly reported on, only becoming public yesterday. And it affects the narrative the media has uncarefully constructed.

        1. “Affects the narrative”

          Aren’t you adorable!

          1. More narrative destruction…

            Matt Walsh
            BREAKING: the media narrative is already falling apart. Jacob Blake was not “breaking up a fight” (I told you from the start that was BS). A woman called 911 to report that he was at her house and shouldn’t be. He stole her keys. Cops responding were aware of his warrants

        2. It’d be nice if facts had any bearing on the narrative, wouldn’t it?

      2. If you believe one of the cops’ defense attorneys during a pre-trial motion to dismiss, (pause for laughter) Floyd did it to himself by inadvertently swallowing the rest of his dope when the popo started to mess with him.

        Wouldn’t be the first time that, ‘Hide it in my mouth, ’til I can spit it over there’, turned into accidental OD.

        1. “Hey George, um, while you’re at it?…”
          “That’s fentanyl, dude!”
          “C’mon, just eat it.”
          “Fuck it.”

          1. Mother of god.

            1. The schnoz berries taste like…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

        2. Tony does that every day at the bathhouse. Fortunately for him. He can’t OD on the loads of strange men. No matter how hard he tries.

      3. Floyd is the only death not listed as a covid death even though he had it.

      4. Has it ever been determined that he did indeed pass a counterfeit bill? Last I heard the shop owner felt bad about ever calling the cops, and never pressed charges. Did someone ever follow up on the counterfeit bill?

        1. The counterfeit bill isn’t on camera claiming it was counterfeit if thats what you’re getting at.

          1. But what about the counterfeit bill’s membership card? How do we know the bill was really counterfeit?

            I just flag the smarmy, disingenuous fuck. Why give him attention?

            1. it amuses me at times.

        2. So you guys have no idea.

          1. Is it up to the store owner to give a fuck about counterfeit bills? I always thought that was a Treasury department thing.

            1. The distinction may be that the Treasury department would care about the act of creating counterfeit bills (although they might choose not to spend their time and resources on some minor act of counterfeiting). The act of trying to pass a counterfeit bill is different than creating one, so maybe the Treasury doesn’t care as much about it. I don’t know, but apparently the Treasury department hasn’t followed up.

              What I do recall, and my memory might be faulty, is that I read an article about a week after Floyd died where the owner of the restaurant expressed regret at having ever called the police. Above I wrote “and didn’t press charges”, which was a misstatement, since of course he didn’t press charges against a dead person. What I should have said is, as far as I have heard, nobody has followed up on whether there actually was an attempt to pass a counterfeit bill.

              When Red Rocks wrote “which is probably why he passed that counterfeit bill in the first place” I thought he might know something about whether there was follow-up, but, apparently, he doesn’t have any confirmation and was assuming that it is true.

              1. Anyone could have a counterfeit bill on them at any given time and not know. It becomes very suspicious if it turns out he had a bunch of them on his person.

                1. Did he?

        3. I guess that will all come out at the trial, won’t it?

          1. That is true. The reason I asked about the counterfeit bill In the first place is that you referred to it as if it were an established fact that he did try to pass one. And last I had heard nobody had followed up on it.

            Sounds like you don’t actually know.

            1. Considering that’s what the call was for, it’s rather pathetic that you’re trying to deflect here.

              1. Deflect? It’s an honest question I’ve been wondering about for quite a long time.

                I have never seen any follow up.

                Now, you referred to it as a fact. That either means:

                – You know something I don’t. Apparently, you don’t.

                – You have never reflected on whether he actually did try to pass a counterfeit bill, and if he did, whether he knew it was counterfeit. Apparently, you just assumed it is true.

                1. Why does it matter? Probable cause was established. They aren’t at the trial stage.

                  If it is so concerning to you, go find out if there is evidence it wasn’t counterfeit.

                  1. He doesn’t really want to know. He just wanted something to squawk about.

                  2. It doesn’t matter much. It’s just something I’m curious about.

                    1. No you’re not.

                    2. Yes, I am.

                2. Nothing you’ve proffered here is honest or in good faith.

                3. Deflect? It’s an honest question

                  It’s not an honest question, but I believe that in your passive-aggressive worldview you believe it is.

                  Store owners don’t call the cops unless a bill is obviously counterfeit. Private parties can be sued over false claims. But, I can sincerely believe you have no awareness of what it takes to work in retail. Your soft hands leave a mark on your writing. Not as much as your soft head, but it is detectable.

                  1. You are going with “it’s obvious it’s true.” We should just stop having trials.

        4. “……felt bad…….. and never pressed charges.”

          Against whom?

          1. That was a misstatement on my part. Of course, he didn’t file charges. Floyd is dead.

    2. Quoting from the same article: “Baker’s final determination listed Floyd’s death as a homicide because of the actions of the officers who restrained Floyd by kneeling on his neck.”

      1. How cute. You don’t actually understand logic. The only evidence leading to the listing is video, not medical evidence. From a medical determination it was not a contributing factor, the drugs were the determining factor. That is the literal point of the memo.

        1. I quoted from the article you linked, from the same medical examiner you quoted.

          1. yes, but you didn’t understand the actual point being made.

            Do you know why medical examiners try to work independently of investigators? So as not to pre judge their findings. In this case the examiner would have normally attributed the death to Fentanyl. The amounts in his system and the type of death he had are very similar to prince.

            Instead you take your ore judgment of the officer and make him the primary reason for the death when at most he could be an accessory for worsening the effects of the drug. That is the point of the memorandum.

            Normally the death would have been attributed to the drugs. But because the video exists, the medical examiner changed his determination not based on the medial science but the video. And even there he doesn’t claim it was the primary cause.

            Remember in all of this Floydd was talking about not breathing for nearly 15 minutes prior to being pulled out of the car.

            1. You are getting completely bent out of shape because I quoted the same medical examiner you quoted from the article you linked to. I quoted him for the sake of completeness, because I know you have a habit of telling only the part of the story that supports your narrative.

              And now you are trying to make it sound like I am the source, when all I did is quote from an article you linked to.

              1. Yes, you’re the victim here.

                1. Not really. To be the victim, I would have to have a victim’s attitude. But I don’t. I push back.

                  Having said that, notice that on every discussion on this page where I am talking about third party persons that are in the news, that JesseAz immediately makes the conversation about me.

                  1. All you do is claim to be a victim. You said you changed names because Tulpa made you cry. You say you cloned names because Tulpa made you cry.

                    1. He does cry a lot.

                    2. Sorry guys I had no idea when I broke Mike that he’d come back even worse.

                  2. The White Knight cries out in pain when he strikes you.

      2. Basically you’re saying the car crash victim who tested positive for covid died of covid.

        1. I’m not saying. Dr. Andrew Baker said it. You selectively quoted from the article, and I quoted more from the article — from the same doctor you quoted.

          1. You really can’t argue honestly can you? The narrative is the copa killed him. The medical examiner said it was determined to be drugs, but changed due to the pre bias of the video.

            1. So, you know the medical examiner’s reasoning better than he does. Got it.

              I quoted him. He had his reasons for coming to the conclusion he came to. You are presuming that they were reasons that suit your narrative.

              1. Jesse was very clear. You’re being deliberately obtuse. Which is not uncommon for you.

  6. Meanwhile, cable news channels—including Fox News—continually cut away so their pundits could comment on or “fact-check” RNC talks and videos, sometimes cutting away mid-speech or not showing some speakers at all.

    I agree with Soave that the GOP should take all that energy they put into going after the likes of Google (who on camera stated they want to stop Trump’s re-election) and put it into going after cable news.

    1. Fox definitely showed off their establishment bent last night. Chris Wallace can’t contain himself any more.

      This election definitely breaks more “establishment” vs “not establishment” than any election I can recall. Maybe Reagan v Carter was a bit of that too. But every politician since then has been part of the establishment, simply rearranging the chairs on the HMS Establishment to benefit one set of cronies more than another set of cronies.

      Watching on C-SPAN was a revelation. The relentless spin and interruptions really change the perception of what you are watching. Watching the CNN coverage, I found myself engaged with thinking about why their spin is stupid or why this fact-check is ridiculous instead of with what was actually being presented.

      1. Wish I could find the quote. But the media was actually defending themselves on not fact checking the DNC last week.

        1. Even idiots notice the difference in treatment. If anyone isn’t a Dem true believer, they’ll think that the media is being very unfair.

        2. Cuomo did. Not sure if one can honestly label CNN “media” these days.

      2. Cyto…why do you say this = This election definitely breaks more “establishment” vs “not establishment” than any election I can recall.

        Would like to hear your reasoning.

        1. The press and the parties are aligning that way.

          The culture war is “socialism” versus “american capitalism”.

          But instead of nominating someone from that wing of the party, the DNC went with Biden – who has recently been outed as a completely corrupt establishment politician. (don’t argue that point, it is inarguable. Just ask Flynn how his life was turned upside down and look to Hunter’s payouts) And they attached a climber like Harris to the campaign. They are not going upset the apple cart…. they will keep the machine going, the contractors getting fat cost-plus contracts, etc.

          The Never Trump crowd was exactly this group on the republican side. They have a system. People work their way up, rewards are handed out. Whether it is Mitchell or Schumer, the same huge companies are getting the same huge contracts, the same groups are protected. Maybe a little bit shifts from one group to another, but nothing big happens.

          Trump upsets all of this. He re-negotiates deals. He cancels projects that are not running well. He plays a long game on trade, instead of doing the bidding of big multinational corporations.

          He is a threat.

          So was Tulsi. So was Bernie. Just being a republican isn’t the problem. Not being willing to play the game is the problem. Don’t play the game, get crushed.

          The washington and new york media is also part of the game. They are all connected. They trade favors back and forth. Alliances are formed over the years.

          This is how the Never Trump group can jump to Biden over Trump.

          On strict policy grounds this is indefensible. Trump is doing what the conservative politicians said they wanted. He attacks the regulatory state. He went all-in on anti abortion last night in a way that no Republican candidate has ever done. He is no neocon “speak loudly and carry a big stick and use it whenever you can” war hawk.

          But he is going against what “the establishment” would do. “the establishment” pays a lot of money and trades a lot of favors to ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen.

          This is how Chris Wallace ends up spinning for the DNC on Fox news. This is how a group of republicans jumps ship to endorse “their good friend” Biden.

          That is how the insiders see the fight.

          “We the people” see a battle between the SJW crowd, the socialists, the race baiters on the left and capitalism, free speech, “judging people by the content of their character”, etc.

          The insiders see all of that as simply their palate. This is the set of issues they use to paint the canvas of political alliances. The actual game is dolling out contracts and favors. The one who gets to do the dolling out is the one who gets paid.

          Trump apparently doesn’t play that game. They can’t come in and tell him that he needs to ignore his instincts and keep a bad trade deal in place (because some big multinationals with deep pockets want it that way).

          Whether he’s an idiot or a genius is irrelevant. Biden is clearly an idiot. But he’s not going to threaten the establishment. He’ll do their bidding.

          That’s why Senator Mitchell gets some hate from the media for being a republican, but nothing like what Trump gets. Because he’s going to go with the establishment.

          Bernie was not an establishment candidate. The DNC rigged the primary in 2016 to keep him out. Tulsi is not an establishment candidate (yet?). They rigged things to keep her out.

          Trump is the only non-establishment candidate to win in the last 35+ years.

          That is why we can tolerate a candidate who clearly used his office to get cash for his relatives (Biden in Ukraine) and who clearly used his office to attack political rivals (Biden documented suggesting that the FBI use the Logan act to go after Flynn after they reported that their investigation turned up nothing against him)… but we cannot tolerate a president who does criminal justice reform, gets us out of foreign wars, eschews calls to enter wars in Syria, Iran, etc., negotiates multiple new multilateral trade deals… all things we purport to love.

          1. Actually, that isn’t very clear.

            Remy did it better


          2. 100%….Brain-Damaged Biden is establishment.

            As for POTUS Trump, he is a hybrid to me. My thought is he talks the anti-establishment game, but is rather conventional in policy. But he cannot be bought. That is a complication for establishment types.

            Thanks for the response. I agree with a lot of it (over 80%).

            1. Establishment is not about policy though…. it is about who is in control and what they do.

              Establishment policy could be for going to the moon or against it.. .. either way, the establishment is spending a couple billion per year on the SLS.

              That’s what the establishment is.

              The changes are on the margins and do not threaten the various power bases and money trains.

    2. Or, they could not “go after” any social media or press, and allow them to have freedom. Perhaps the GOP could actually pay attention to criticisms of their actions and words, police themselves and improve themselves.

      1. Is this where you claim the blm protesters attacking press video taping them aren’t blm protesters?

        1. I don’t know. Can you refer to a specific incident? Impossible for me to respond to talking about some vague incident.

          And what does this have to do with fair and equal fact checking of the conventions?

          1. It has been posted routinely in these threads. Are you now denying blm isnt attacking journalists? One had a fucking gun pulled on them this week.

            And the press itself admitted they haven’t had equal fact checking on the conferences dummy.

            1. I’m not denying anything.

              Link to any, and as many, specific incidents as you like, and I will discuss those specific incidents with you. It’s kind of silly, though, because I’ll probably just agree that, yup, the person pulled a gun on the journalist and that was a wrong thing to do.

              1. “I’m not denying anything.”

                No, you’re just squawking like a bird.

  7. Today, many leaders of the Republican Party have coalesced around a desire to purge libertarians,

    As seen by them featuring Rand Paul 2 nights ago. But they were mean to virtue signaling Amash.

    1. I’m guessing Slade means they’re trying to purge Koch Libertarians. After reading this morning’s Roundup, I simply can’t fathom why….

      1. As OBL states, the only libertarian position these days is open borders and ignoring china’s bad trade manipulation. That’s even the two areas Slade focused on in the NYT. Crosses well with democrats.

        1. I’m happy to criticize the GOP all day long, but if you find the party of explicit socialism, identitarianism and unlimited ability of the goverment to issue arbitrary edicts to seem like a better home, I think maybe the label libertarian isn’t for you.

    2. And Amash resigned like a drama queen because he was plotting a Presidential run. He wasn’t purged or even asked to leave.

  8. Fist beaten by a buttplug. Sad day.

    1. Well, it’s easier to clean than a fist.

  9. Achievement unlocked: my first @nytimes op-ed!

    — (Stephanie) Slade (@sladesr) August 26, 2020

    Bari Weiss-esque violence on the rest of the Times staff.

    1. Nah, it was all Republicans are bad, so the staff is totally on board.

      1. “Instead of spending ever more on rental assistance for low-income families who must then compete with one another and their wealthier peers, increase the housing stock and drive down prices by getting rid of zoning and land-use restrictions; instead of using tax dollars to prop up dying manufacturers, accept the affordability and abundance that imports offer and unleash America’s productive capacity to tackle other problems (including things like climate change) and create new jobs.”

        1. Professional climate un-changer?

    2. Trump has performed a RINOdectimy on the Republican party. They’ve been firmly transplanted to Biden’s ass.

    3. The Times? It would surprise me to learn that ENB is mumbling death threats under her breath while making Slade a sandwich.

    1. I listen to C-Span and POTUS in Sirius from time to time. It’s been a few years I keep hearing Democrat callers say they’re done with the party. Not sure how that translates into anything.

  10. I turned the convention on for a few minutes to watch Rand Paul gag all over Trump’s dick. Pretending that Trump has any interest in bringing the military home, or gives a shit about criminal justice and fiscal restraint, was some good comedy.

    By the way Rand, what happened to the Article I Project?

    1. Randy lied and said The Con Man was the first POTUS since Reagan not to launch any new wars.

      Yet the invasion of 1983 Grenada resulted in more US casualties (19) than Libya did (0).

      And Libya actually accomplished something positive.

      1. And Libya actually accomplished something positive.

        Yeah, the return of slave markets to North Africa.

        Not a suprise that a drug-addled pederast would find that a positive development.

        1. Not to mention the migrant crisis in Europe.

          1. That was Syria.

            Quadhafi would be the Putin/Trump like strongman wannabe you cons like.

            1. And who broke Syria?

              1. There was no US war started there.

                Who broke it? The idiot GOP con men who broke loose all the sectarian violence there by taking Saddam Hussein out in 2002-03 did that. The Iraq War was a total disaster both strategically and casualty wise. And $2 trillion pissed away.

                1. Mo. That isn’t who. Try again.

                  1. I’ll give SPB at least a little credit here. There were definitely some Neocons whispering the his ear. The real culprit never bothered kicking them out and is the one responsible for ultimately pulling the trigger on all three wars he got us into.

                    1. Syria was Hillary masturbation fantasy.

                2. And the people behind that war…seem to be all for Biden.

            2. You’re full of shit. Migrants are also flooding in from Africa via Libya.

              1. Have been for hundreds of years.

                1. No, child.

            3. No, Libya. You don’t reach Italy by boat from Syria

            4. Qadafi voluntarily surrendered his nuclear program, was working to reintegrate into the world and was softening many of his positions. Compared to many others, Hussein, Assad, the Ayatollahs, Qadafi was much more moderate. However, taking him out, after he voluntarily gave up his nuclear weapons program, likely convinced Iran and North Korea never to give up theirs, for fear the next Obama will decide to take them out. You’re right Libya did accomplish something, it set back US and European strategic goals in the Mideast by decades.

              1. Worst foreign relations mistake since WWI

              2. I wouldn’t call him moderate, but he was behaving. Saddam getting taken out was apparently the catalyst for him to take a less aggressive stance towards the West.

                And of course, they rewarded him for his compliance by supporting the CIA’s stupid Arab Spring gayop that actually managed to make the Middle East even more chaotic than when Dubya was in office.

                1. Moderate in comparison to his contemporaries.

                  1. Which is a low bar.

      2. “And Libya actually accomplished something positive.”

        Well said. Libya was an Obama / Clinton success story, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


      3. “And Libya actually accomplished something positive.”

        It forced the people living in the country to live in a state of civil war that’s in it’s 6th year that has killed tens of thousands of people and made all the innocent people live in constant fear. Why don’t you wait until that’s settled and give it a few years to see if anyone’s life has improved before throwing around the word “accomplished”. And by all means, why don’t you focus on how no white people died. Racist.

      4. Libya accomplished something positive? Did it?

        Ask Italy and the EU about that and the migrant/refugee crisis it unleashed.

        Knocking out Libya was pure cynical politics.

        1. Well if by positive he means it I positive that it convinced Iran and North Korea not to give up their nuclear programs.

          1. Singlehandedly destroyed any chance a nation will everver peacefully give up their wmd program again

        2. ‘Cynical politics’ would imply we got anything beneficial out of the situation, despite the human cost to Libyans and others. This situation, on the other hand, has been a net negative for the US, as soldiermedic pointed out.

          Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton’s diplomacy was an unmitigated disaster. Probably hastened the EU’s disintegration by fifteen years or more.

          1. Point taken.

            Without question the migration crisis was a moment in EU history that caused great friction.

            The Obama administration had a hand in that.

            I never saw a foreign policy that was so ‘there’s no there there’ in my life. It was patently incoherent.

    2. True, the Republicans aren’t the fiscally conservative party. But the Democrats are actively trying to destroy this country. The choice is unpleasant, but very clear.

  11. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $57.0 billion

    It’s so unfair that’s benefactor, after a lifetime of hard work, has to watch his fortune stagnate because of Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies. Only a Biden Presidency can create the billionaire-friendly economy that Koch / Reason libertarianism demands.


  12. I had it on PBS Newshour and caught Julie Woodruff interviewing John Barrasso of Wyoming. No sooner did I settled on the channel within five seconds, she asked, ‘but will this President follow the science?’

    They can’t help themselves. They just can’t stop shilling for the DNC asking idiotic loaded questions. What was the purpose of that question except to reinforce to the viewer the perception Trump doesn’t ‘follow the science’?

    Then I wondered. What exactly has he said (the lysol thing doesn’t count because that was taken out of context) or done that was ‘anti-science’? Because he challenged Fauci?

    I wonder. Was it when he advised Cuomo to lockdown but Cuomo ignored him? Of course, lockdowns aren’t backed by science but the point is the media came around to loving them. Or when he wanted to shut air space down but was derided by the media and DNC as a racist? Or when he suggested HCQ could be a treatment? Is it the weak science behind the mask mandates?

    I’m funny how? I’m a clown. I’m here to amuse you?

    How the fuck am I funny, Julie?

    1. They actually believe their Magical Mask Talismans are lowering the transmission rates.

      1. But they are frustrated because masks hide their smug faces.

        1. it’s why they take them off to yell at other people.

      2. Of course they do. Causality and correlation doesn’t exist in their pea-brained minds.

        There were three scenarios to judge masks. All of them bend in favor of the mandates:

        1) Cases go up: OMFG! Wear the masks to stop the spread (the new flatten the curve).
        2) Cases remain stead: OMFG! Let’s keep going.
        3) Cases drop: OMFG! It’s working! It’s a habit worth getting used to!

        I hope smart people are studying this.

        1. They really do want to be like their Chinese bugman masters who have to go around wearing masks all the time due to bat viruses and air pollution.

    2. The lysol thing wasn’t taken out of context, it was completely fabricated. Trump’s Hydrochloroquine comment was taken out of context, the lysol comment was pulled straight out of the left’s ass. Minor nitpick, but I wanted to set that straight.

      1. Yes. That’s right.

  13. I’m not into these conventions but just as a general comment, the RNC raw message (once you get past the TDS and snark) is vastly superior to the idiocy pimped by the DNC. Bunch of anti-American morons.

    1. I’ve been assured by the media the rnc message is dark and dystopian. I don’t know if this is because they have featured many prominent minorities.

    2. “…the RNC raw message (once you get past the TDS and snark) is vastly superior to the idiocy pimped by the DNC…”

      I will prefer the convention that didn’t give air time to a torturing, murdering rapist.

      Good for Hylton that she was able to turn her life around. I guess. In what world does it make sense to a party’s leaders to have a monster like that be a representative of your political party during their once-every-four-years gala? And do you want those kinds of people at the reins of power in your country?

      1. Shakur, Ayers, etc. It is common.

  14. ‘How is this tweet real? NYT’s spin on Kenosha in flames is truly ‘Orwellian’

    1. Jeez, you think an editor might look at that and ask wtf? Then again, they tend to run editors out of town, so I guess it’s to be expected.

  15. “We Paid For That!:” Shrieking Teenage Droogs Echo Obama’s Communist Slogan “You Didn’t Build That” As They Explain Why They Believe They Have the Right to Riot and Destroy Privately Owned Property

    This whole video is good, but skip to 5:50 if you want the video of the unemployed, impoverished non-taxypaying droogs yelling “We paid for that!”

    In… what sense, darling? With what money or tax contribution did you “pay for that”?

    Also note that most of these monsters are white as tofu with fishbelly cream.

    1. Haha. Well, if “the rich” would just pay their “fair share” maybe these poor things would have more stuff to destroy. And claim they paid for.


    China Literally Murdering Babies
    And this time not exclusively the unborn kind. Namely they’re murdering Uighur babies.

    Hospitals in Xinjiang aborted late-stage pregnancies and killed newborns as part of China’s mission to erase Uighur culture, a doctor who worked in the region told Radio Free Asia on Monday.

    Since 2016, China has interned at least 1 million Uighurs in hundreds of prison camps, which it euphemistically calls “reeducation centers,” where Uighurs are forced to abandon their heritage and religion.

    A large part of this crackdown involves limiting Uighurs’ reproductive rights and slashing the birth rate.


    Hasiyet Abdulla, a Uighur doctor who spent 15 years working in hospitals in Xinjiang and now lives in Turkey, told RFA that when a child was expected to be born into a family who already had two or three children or who’d had a child in the past three years, the pregnancy would be terminated, even at “eight and nine months.”

    Sometimes medical staff members would “even kill the babies after they’d been born,” Abdulla said.

    “They wouldn’t give the baby to the parents — they kill the babies when they’re born,” she said, adding: “It’s an order that’s been given from above, it’s an order that’s been printed and distributed in official documents. Hospitals get fined if they don’t comply, so of course they carry this out.”

    1. local story.

    2. Not even slightly surprised. This is the country that put restraint in their ambulances meant to give women “Access” to abortions.

    3. Not trying to minimize the Uighur genocide, but is this different from enforcing their one (now two) child policy? I thought this was quite common for the government to do even among Han Chinese.

      1. Even more recent decisions in this country find that laws with a disparate impact on certain races are/can be held to be unconstitutional. More clearly/concretely; an urban policy of one child isn’t racist/genocidal. A national policy of one child isn’t racist/genocidal. A national policy of one child applied to a rural population that needs multiple births just to maintain itself is an unequivocal act of genocide. And this sets aside the fact that the CCP is forcibly relocating, re-educating, and generally and pretty nakedly striving to wipe out the Uighers (unlike the Han).

        I’m not saying I necessarily agree with the ‘disparate impact’ hypothesis prima facia and it’s extrapolation to systemic disparaties steals several bases (esp. in this country) but there are cases where the facts support the notion.

  17. A senior Democrat on the House foreign affairs committee has launched an investigation into whether Mike Pompeo is breaking federal law by addressing the Republican national convention while on an official visit to Jerusalem…


    1. But was he connecting through his own server?

  18. Just another say of peaceful protesting. Light arts and craft activities like using concrete to seal doors so they can set fire to the building peacefully.

    1. How have there not been more deaths in these riots? Between attempts like above, that would have been deadly if the rioters had the sense to use JBweld, to the … what, seemingly superhuman self-control of all the maroons walking around with semi-auto rifles? I see the video of the guy in kenosha running away/shooting at the rioters that were attacking him, and thinking … wow, he was really trying not to shoot any more of these people than he had to. Dumb to get in that position, sure, but still firing in self-defense, not anger.

      1. “Dramatic photos then caught the apparent initial gunman being chased by a riotous mob — and opening fire as he fell to the ground. They show him being battered with a skateboard and hit with a flying kick. It appears an armed citizen was defending the car dealership and opened fire on the rioter who was attempting to vandalize or burn the dealership down”

        1. And the first shooting was clearly self defense.
          The dead deserved to die

      2. Maybe they’re just not being reported?

        1. That’s what I’m wondering. Most of this video seems to be self-manufactured by the antifa/blm/protestors, maybe it just doesn’t see the light of day.

      3. There have been quite a few deaths. 2 kids in Seattle. Woman in Georgia. St Louis pawn shop. Etc. Just not supposed to say it loudly.

        Plus the hospital submissions. Believe cops are over 100. 3 blinded. 70 year old man knocked out yesterday. A few stabbings.

        1. I remember hearing some weeks back about 20 or 30 people being killed in the rots. I wonder if there’s a right wing outlet that’s aggregating these minor local stories.

        2. Guy burned alive in Minneapolis

  19. How you know that you got your talking points from the big media outlets:

    You think Melania Trump was the big WOW of the night.

    Holy crap, that’s pathetic. I flipped around and caught CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and PBS each just a bit. I saw about a minute of Fox. I actually watched the convention on C-SPAN, to avoid the spin.

    The big wow was either the evangelical conversion story of a convict who credited God and Trump for his redemption, his speech and Trump’s pardon of him. It was a unique event in US national politics and a powerful moment.

    Or it was the speech of the Kentucky AG, who made a direct appeal for the black vote and a direct attack on Biden’s view of the black vote.

    Melania was in no way the WOW moment of the night.

    I did get to watch the major media companies downplay and ignore the bit moments so they could talk about how Republicans were sadly and shockingly attending an event outside at the Rose Garden without wearing masks. They even told me that Melania was distancing herself from Trump and calling him out, because she said “Covid-19” and she mentioned racial unrest.

    1. They’ve tried focusing solely on the trump family member each night. Alvarez apparently never spoke. Walker, Scott, and Jones are just token uncle toms. Etc.

      1. Also, it’s ENB. Being a feminist of her caliber means you’ve got to be a bigger chauvinist asshole than LBJ and Andrew Dice Clay and Ted Kennedy combined. Why would any woman, of either party, tune in to the RNC to hear a man speak?

    2. The story of the cop who adopted a child from a drug addict and Sandman were good too.

      Melania handled herself very well.

    3. They have to ignore it, because it doesn’t fit their narrative of the GOP being only the party of white people. They have to ignore that the RNC speakers appear to be more diverse than the DNC speakers were.

  20. New Thinking on Covid Lockdowns: They’re Overly Blunt and Costly
    Blanket business shutdowns—which the U.S. never tried before this pandemic—led to a deep recession. Economists and health experts say there may be a better way.

    In response to the novel and deadly coronavirus, many governments deployed draconian tactics never used in modern times: severe and broad restrictions on daily activity that helped send the world into its deepest peacetime slump since the Great Depression.

    The equivalent of 400 million jobs have been lost world-wide, 13 million in the U.S. alone. Global output is on track to fall 5% this year, far worse than during the financial crisis, according to the International Monetary Fund.

    Despite this steep price, few policy makers felt they had a choice, seeing the economic crisis as a side effect of the health crisis. They ordered nonessential businesses closed and told people to stay home, all without the extensive analysis of benefits and risks that usually precedes a new medical treatment.

    There wasn’t time to gather that sort of evidence: Faced with a poorly understood and rapidly spreading pathogen, they prioritized saving lives.

    Five months later, the evidence suggests lockdowns were an overly blunt and economically costly tool…

    1. Sweden

    2. Duh.




      And the same people who brought us the four food groups and lockdowns now tell you to wear a mouth diaper.

      Think about that for a second.

  21. In the Brazilian Amazon, a sharp drop in coronavirus sparks questions over collective immunity

    The hospital system was coming apart. Coronavirus patients were being turned away. Basic necessities — beds, stretchers, oxygen — had run out. Ambulances had nowhere to take patients. People were dying at home. Gravediggers couldn’t keep up.

    The human destruction in the Brazilian city of Manaus would be “catastrophic,” physician Geraldo Felipe Barbosa feared.

    But then, unexpectedly, it started to let up ­— without the interventions seen elsewhere.

    1. At some point, the virus runs out of victims.

      1. Shocking new study in the field of science.

        1. Not just science, The Science! Science be praised!

          1. Are you Unified Atheist League?

            1. Of course not you pig. I’m with the Allied Atheist Alliance. I would die before I joined your ridiculous cult. What kind of monsters use plates when they have perfectly good bellies to eat off of?

              1. Science damn you!

      2. Virology 101. It looks for hosts and eventually weakens when it latches onto healthy hosts.

        North America, for all our alleged advanced intelligence, are the biggest pussies around. Instead of following the science for real, we chose to hide behind plexiglass, put stickers on floors, wear shields and masks and turn schools into cages because our through the roof hubris is forcing us to over think things. In the process we’re messing up.

        It really isn’t complicated what’s going on.

        1. And, again, Prof. Casual’s Virology 505c lecture: Preventative Vaccination Practices and Medical Interventions Building Pools Of Susceptible Populations As Side Effects

          For several years, the CDC has estimated that flu shots have saved 3,000 – 49,000 lives, mostly those 65 and older with co-morbidities. The exact sort of people that a novel flu virus, with no vaccine would wipe out. Of course, nobody could prove that this is what happened because the CDC can’t prove that the vaccines have saved 3,000 – 49,000 lives annually.

  22. “Oh, God. She still can’t speak English,” tweeted actress Bette Midler.


    1. It’s called an ‘accent’, Bette.
      Apparently even your Mexican maids and Guatemalan gardeners have them. If you tried talking to them you might hear it.

      1. Talk to the help? LOL

    2. Want to focus on the superficial, Bette? Which one of you and Melania is funny looking?

    3. Wow, why are leftists so xenophobic?

    4. She’s actually come a long way since 2016.

      Bette is a stupid cunt.

      1. Bette thinks she is smart because she has somewhat intelligent people scripting every word she says in her job.

  23. DC [totally white] BLM Mob Harasses White Diners, Demanding They Raise Fists In Solidarity

    1. You can see the masturbatory pleasure on their faces. That pastey white mob doesn’t give a toss about black lives, but they are getting off on feelings of power and control over their victims.

      1. “That was a great piece of peacefully protesting there; right up to the part where you died”.

        1. They are about having a conversation.

          1. It kind of looks like the sort of conversation I imagine Ike and Tina used to have. Only there’s 20 Ikes.

    2. Like this … watch the video. I don’t like crowds to begin with, and if anyone tried to pin me and my family against the wall in a restaurant like this, I would be up, using my aging karate skills, and effectively using any weapon within reach to protect me and mine from this mob. How is this not happening? Is it just not being reported? Or are these people deliberately picking people that (they think) won’t fight back?

      1. Or are these people deliberately picking people in gun free zones

        1. Yah. I’m supposed to accompany my wife to a conference in Austin in October, I can’t say I’m feeling very comfortable about being there. But what am I supposed to do, send my wife off by herself?

          1. Stay out of downtown and you should be good. I haven’t heard of protests on the Drag, or south of Town Lake. Hyde Park is probably fine too.

            Franklin BBQ is worth waiting in line for. Once.

            1. Franklin BBQ = pickup only, for now, but added to list.

              1. Probably much better then, if you don’t have to wait in the truly silly lines to eat. It was 2 hours, and had been known to get to 5 ish on weekends.

                The BBQ is still the best I’ve ever had, but not that much better than Smitty’s or Kreuz to put up with the wait. Ironically, given it’s Texas pit-BBQ, and sauce is anathema, his sauces are pretty damned good too. Nice guy along with his wife too, the few times I met him, all the way back when he was serving cue out of a trailer on the frontage road of I-35. (LOL at Texans adding the H to the abbreviation. Like we don’t know it’s a Highway.)

                Glad he got successful. But the waits are still ridiculous.

                1. Oh, there are some decent breweries around Austin too. Jester King, St Elmo, Blue Owl for spurs. Literally over a dozen where you won’t be wasting your time to visit.

                  No idea how the WuFlu is screwing things up though.

                  1. Sours, not spurs.

    3. 3) Modiano, who had been yelling at Victor and moments later identified himself as a citizen journalist who writes for @Deadspin, told Victor he couldn’t understand why she was the only diner in the area who wouldn’t comply. “What was in you, you couldn’t do this?”

      4) “I felt I was under attack,” Victor, an urban planner, said, adding that she felt there was something wrong about being coerced to show support.

      5) “In the moment, it didn’t feel right,” Victor said, adding that she also could understand their anger. “I wasn’t actually frightened. I didn’t think they’d do anything to me,” she said. “I’m very much with them. I’ve been marching with them for weeks and weeks and weeks.”

      A few of the sheep that were down for “4 legs good, 2 legs bad” are not yet ready for “4 legs good, 2 legs better”. They better find some more sympathetic martyrs before their narrative becomes apparent.

  24. “Today, many leaders of the Republican Party have coalesced around a desire to purge libertarians”

    They actually aren’t, but lying about it is what it takes to get an opinion piece in the NYT for your resume.
    Sorta the moral equivalent of a journalistic casting couch.

    1. Apparently the dude who shot the Antifarts in Kenosha last night was caught on video before hand saying that he was a boog/libertarian who supported BLM, especially if they destroyed government buildings.

      That’s almost as funny as the wigger being shown on another video saying “SHOOT ME NIGGA! SHOOT ME NIGGA” a couple hours before this True and Honest Libertarian sent a 5.56 round through his skull.

      1. It will be interesting to see what the Kenosha criminal justice apparatus does with the guy. This guy, ‘Kyle’, right? Same guy with a Facebook page plastered with Blue Lives Matter?

        Good. I only regret he didn’t shoot more of the fuckers with bricks, sticks, and Molotovs. Preventing disorder, threats to life, and property destruction because the Police there won’t.

        1. I’ll re-post what I said last night when this all went down:

          These Antifucks are so goddamn clueless.

          Revolutions aren’t settled with street warfare or even spicy “protests” where tankie-symp politicos let you destroy property and drop rioting charges against you. They’re settled by hard-ass motherfuckers who show up at your house and, if you’re lucky, kill you quickly instead of torturing you and your loved ones first.

          They have no idea–NONE whatsoever–how dirty this shit really gets. They’ve watched it on TV their whole lives and think it would be cool to “fight against tyranny.” They have no fucking clue how many Kurds have been killed fighting ISIS, the Turks, and Assad all at once the last six years. They saw the Yazidi getting enslaved and buried in mass graves and thought, “Gee, that’s terrible, if only they had weapons they could have resisted and drove off ISIS because they’re such good people and the good guys always win!”

          Fucking morons. Real, actual revolution is scary as hell. It’s the last thing you should be striving for, and if you want it that bad, you better be hard-fucking prepared to die for it. If you’re not, you’re not a revolutionary, you’re just a poser.

          And of course, all the Antifa and tankie-symp Twitter accounts are crying the blues about these militias having a “violent internalized attachment to property” and whining that their little riot-fest was met by ordinary citizens with something harder than pattycake.

          This is what “community policing” looks like when ordinary people think the cops aren’t going to be enough to keep them and their community from being destroyed–it’s open season on the invaders and the people who want to burn.

          “No cops. No prisons. Total abolition” doesn’t mean that only the left gets “space to destroy.” It also means their opponents are going to feel empowered to shoot them dead. And until these LARPing pieces of shit finally wake up to that fact, we’re going to see a lot more of this happen.

          1. Sums it up pretty well. They’re not doing these idiots any favors by letting them run loose. Eventually they’re going to step into shit and lose their shoes (or their heads).

          2. There’s a reason they’re called “useful idiots”.

          3. Well said, particularly the death squads showing up at your house bit, the revolutions are invariably filthy messes, and community policing is going to be far more unjust than anything the cops do.

            It is not hard to find loudmouths on Twitter, find where they live, and silence them permanently. People just haven’t gotten pissed off enough, or feel they’ve no other options but to start doing that. We enter a new Dark Age when that happens.

          4. Real, actual revolution is scary as hell. It’s the last thing you should be striving for, and if you want it that bad, you better be hard-fucking prepared to die for it. If you’re not, you’re not a revolutionary, you’re just a poser.

            Not just prepared to die for it. Not just prepared to die for it *and lose*. Prepared to answer for all the lives you sacrificed (taken and spent) in the loss should that be the outcome.

  25. Slade’s article was great. Conservative and progressive fiscal policy is nearly identical and market-oriented intellectuals need to continue emphasizing that neither the Republican nor the Democratic differences in the culture war are worth sacrificing our economic values.

    1. Slade invented her allegations, but you have to if you want to be published in the NYT.
      Orangeman/GOP bad is a guaranteed column if you’re purportedly conservative or libertarian.

      1. The article was not about Trump at all. He was only referenced a couple times to illustrate the Republican abandonment of free trade.

        1. I said GOP. Read my comment again.

          1. My mistake!

    2. The culture war blinds people to the essential sameness of the two major parties.

      1. Lol. You probably think you said something deep.

      2. That is precisely the point of it. The political class doesn’t want anyone else within 100 miles of real, consequential policy decisions. The have their propaganda networks working literally 24 hours a day to make sure that we talk about everything that doesn’t matter and to tell us we need to get ready to kill each other over it.

        Then they have the balls to preach about civility. The media and the politicians they serve are wall to wall sociopaths.

      3. The culture war blinds people to the essential sameness of the two major parties.

        Repeating this ad nauseum will not make it true. There are still fundamental differences that are important to anyone who values freedom.

        Please, get a new tagline, Baby Jeffy. Herpes DeRp FTW!

  26. Playing with fire
    Democratic leaders who fail to condemn the West Coast rioters may get burned

    Americans will listen to reasonable calls to reform policing and they certainly want color-blind law enforcement. But they won’t tolerate frontal assaults on law enforcement or the collapse of public safety. They won’t accept the specious claim that hoodlums tossing firebombs are ‘freedom fighters.’

    Citizens will respond at the ballot box, the gun store (where sales have sky rocketed), and the U-Haul counter, where they are renting vans to move to safer places. Polls show that across all racial and ethnic groups, people want more, not less, police presence in their neighborhoods. And they will want political leaders who understand this.

    1. They have a little under 70 days to pivot away from encouraging riots and civil disorder, while claiming they had nothing to do with it. With the connivance of major media outlets, I think they can do it. Unfortunately.

      1. But will they? I think they may be so deep in the bubble that they think they are taking the popular position.

        1. They have a gazillion polls telling them otherwise. They have to be aware. They are so beholden to the Wokenostra and the perceived damage that Twitter mobs will do, it’s kind of hard to believe. Seemingly no interest in self-preservation.

      2. Unless the people who are actually coordinating and funding all of this manage to tard-wrangle the golem they’ve enabled the last three months, this is going to continue up to election day and beyond, if Trump ends up winning.

        The one glimmer here is that if Trump does end up winning this thing and the riots ramp again, he might actually take the gloves off and invoke the Insurrection Act on some of these places, with the added bonus of tagging the National Lawyers Guild under the RICO act.

        1. “…if Trump does end up winning this thing and the riots ramp again, he might actually take the gloves off and invoke the Insurrection Act on some of these places, with the added bonus of tagging the National Lawyers Guild under the RICO act.”

          I think the chances of that are about 1000%. Plus I expect some serious, no shit attempts to violently remove Trump at that point.

          My hypothesis is that these riots are tremendously unpopular to most Americans. I could be wrong. They’re so unpopular, they will help Trump win 40 states.

          Further, I suspect the Democrats could win, but only if they distance themselves from those demonstrations right now. Today.

          If they don’t think they can win—even if they shut it down—or don’t think they can control this mob and get it to simmer down, or don’t think it’s a problem at all as Moonrocks wrote, the madness will continue.

          I’ve never seen politicians so willing to let their own cities get destroyed in the name of an ideology, like I’ve seen with these riots. Kenosha, Minneapolis all could have gotten in the lead of the stories, and helped calm tensions, but instead they’ve done the opposite. Why they’ve done this, is a question that needs asking.

          1. Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle are unique cases–they’re chock-full of liberals saddled with white guilt who aren’t intellectually or emotionally capable of dealing with a mob that’s aligned with them politically. That’s why Wheeler’s let this shit go on for months, except when Antifa tried to set up a CHAZ on his literal doorstep. Then he empowered the police to shut that shit right down, at that particular instance.

            Kenosha is a bit different in that it’s a smallish city of about 100,000 people. Their mayor is in no way, shape, or form equipped to handle a mob that’s been bussed in from out of town to burn the place down, and Wisconsin’s governer is a liberal cuck who sympathizes with the mob, so he won’t deploy the Guard in sufficient force to ensure that the destruction doesn’t take place. That’s why the militias came out last night.

            Compare that to Detroit, which is an urban shithole but has actually been relatively calm. That’s because the Mayor took it upon himself to actually support the police to squash efforts at starting up riots. The people there know the cops and the Mayor won’t fuck around, so the city administrators and residents know that they won’t have to worry about getting hand-waved off by Governor Bitchner when shit starts to burn.

  27. An update on the Portland protests and the federal goon squad sent to suppress them…

    No one hates the feds more than I do, but…

    1. “Why can’t we give them space to destroy?”

    2. “Federal goon squad”?

      I really try not to get personal in my dislike for Ms. Brown, and how her actions are helping tarnish what should be the standard-bearer for Libertarian ideas in the US, but reporting like that really makes it hard not to.

      Again, I think John had the right of it, that the Reason editors and writers (Ms. Rommelmann excepted) won’t start comprehending what these rioters really are, and start telling the truth about this violence, until the mob shows up to DuPont Circle and threatens to burn Reason down.

    3. It’s a subtle point, but criticizing the Federal law enforcement is it being pro-rioting.

      1. “is not being pro-rioting” (thanks, Apple spell correction for your “help” with spelling)

        1. Fuck off. The local authorities won’t defend a federal building. There is an old expression about reaping and sowing that seems appropriate here.

          1. I didn’t say her criticism is valid. I said that criticizing Federal law enforcement is different from being pro-rioting.

    4. Is that a promotion or a demotion from Trump’s super secret squirrel police?

  28. Look up the phrase “Rooftop Koreans”

    BREAKING: Two Dead in Multiple Overnight Shootings Amid Kenosha Antifa and BLM Riots

    1. When LARPing gets real.

    2. There were actually three or four guys that got shot–one of them had a massive chunk of his arm blown off. The True and Honest Libertarian actually was the guy who shot all of them–first the wigger with that shot to the head, then three others when the Antifa mob tried to lynch him.

      The rioters were saying that people were shooting at them from their homes, but they probably were just freaked out after Keeping It Real went wrong.

      1. They were definitely not shooting from their homes

    3. AHA! Now we see the violence inherent in the (racist) system!

    4. Antifa and BLM comrades tended to the man who had been shot, yelling, “Call the police, call the police!”

      LOL! From FUCK THE POLICE to call the police! The shame if one of these is your kid must nearly outweigh the grief.

  29. Yup. Video That Spawned Wisc. Riots Didn’t Show Man ‘Brawling’ With Cops Before Shooting. See What Really Happened

    It turns out that Jacob Blake, who’s now beatified in the annals of Black Lives Matter hagiographies next to the saintly police assaulter and robber Michael Brown, was in a brawl with police in the act of resisting arrest seconds before the shooting. People called police to quell a domestic outburst.

    1. Trevor Noah had the mom and her attorney on last night.

      He asked about reports that he had a knife or some kind of weapon.

      “Do you see any evidence on that video of a knife or weapon of some kind?”

      The question did not get a direct answer – but the suggestion was no.

      Note that he didn’t ask anything about resisting arrest, whether he in fact did have a knife or a gun in the car… just “did you see any evidence on the video”.

      They spent the time working diligently to foment racial animus, not in any attempt to uncover the truth of the events.

      And the people of this country should be outraged that anyone would be trying to make the world a more hateful place, whatever their race or political affiliation.

      1. The AG was also asked to confirm or deny there was a weapon on him or in the car, he declined to give an answer. Than he condemned the police.

        1. They’re complicit in starting the rioting at this point.

          I NEVER thought I would ever see politicians whose anger at the President would lead them to take actions against their normal nature, and that would help burn their own cities down.

          Dereliction of duty isn’t strong enough condemnation to describe what these politicians are doing. I never thought I’d see it in America.

      2. He had a 2500# automobile, that’s not a weapon?

      3. My bad.

        I got Don Lemon and Trevor Noah confused.

        Don Lemon was the one who was on CNN. Duh.

        I don’t regularly watch, so I got the names confused. Noah is the Daily Show dude.

        1. Lemon is the better comedian

      4. And the people of this country should be outraged that anyone would be trying to make the world a more hateful place, whatever their race or political affiliation.

        Some of us aren’t, and shouldn’t be, entirely comfortable with a distortion of the truth in order to foment a (false) peace.

    2. Not a surprise. That dumb hood rat had a criminal history of domestic violence, and apparently the police got called out because the whole fracas started due to a fight between two of his baby mommas.

  30. • An update on the Portland protests and the federal goon squad sent to suppress them:


    1. Portland’s urban core in ‘crisis’; business and neighborhood groups say downtown needs immediate rescue:

      1. Reason knows they’ve become a joke right?

      2. No it doesn’t. For now, the Cluster-B Crew is staying confined to Portland and that will make it easier to round these goons up as they continue to shit up their own nest.

        Lighting a mountain of cash on fire like the Joker would be less wasteful than giving that shithole city a single penny for rebuilding. If this is what Wheeler and Portland’s leadership wants, let them stew in it until Antifa finally lynches them or Portland stops voting Democrat, whichever comes first.

        At least the Mafia was relatively invested in making sure their neighborhoods didn’t burn while they were robbing everyone blind.

        1. “If this is what Wheeler and Portland’s leadership wants, let them stew in it until Antifa finally lynches them or Portland stops voting Democrat, whichever comes first.”

          The options this election are between Wheeler or an even crazier bunch of Democrats. Yay, single party general elections!

          1. Yeah, the pathetic part is that Wheeler is the “moderate”. His opponents is an honest-to-god vocal supporter of Antifa.

            If she gets elected, Trump might actually be justified in using the Army to bring that city to heel.

  31. “An update on the Portland protests and the federal goon squad sent to suppress them”

    How about a GoFundMe page to send ENB on a camping trip to Portland? Or maybe a mental health facility.

    1. Seriously. She’s out to lunch.

  32. “As first lady, Melania Trump’s primary role has been a cipher for whatever partisans fear, loathe, or love about her husband, President Donald Trump. With that ever-steely stare, a dearth of public speaking, several questionable clothing choices, and a few glaringly absurd biographical bits (an immigrant and woman who has chosen to make online bullying her cause even as her husband has been the online bully in chief while working to keep immigrants out), Melania seems to inspire fascination, revulsion, and projection in equal measure.”

    This comes off so catty that it should be read in the stereotypical Valley Girl voice. Who else but that type of person would care about the First Lady’s “clothing choices”?

    1. And what would a professional top-level runway model know about fashion.

      (and yes, I also did not like the dress last night.)

    2. ENB is just mad Melania doesn’t get asked to make sandwiches. But it goes to the old saying that nobody hates a woman more than another woman.

    3. Honestly, I can believe that Melania finds Trump’s political adventure to be a pain in the ass. I’m sure she thought when he knocked her up that she would basically be able to sit back and live a life of ease, without having to deal with the press or be a public figure.

      By all appearances over the last 20 years or so, she’s actually a pretty nice woman who tries to avoid the spotlight in proportion to the degree that her husband chases it, and is making the best of her time as First Lady with standard photo-op and renovation projects until she doesn’t have to deal with this shit anymore.

  33. Dear God.
    If Trump resurrected Mother Teresa and gave her a 10 trillion dollar budget to cure the Communist Chinese Virus, ENB would rail on him for violating separation of church and state.
    As much as I enjoy the insanity of roundup comments, I think I will take a break.

    1. Just treat roundup this week as a Shika article.

    2. The comments aren’t that bad, IMHO. The articles….

      Do what you must, LTBF. Some of us’ll still be here.

  34. Melania Trump’s speech chalks up her ability to get American citizenship to “hard work and determination” plus waiting a bunch of years/doing paperwork. Many other people would like to work hard and wait patiently and file some paperwork, too, but are prevented from doing so…

    Any idea who the hell she’s talking about? Who’s being prevented from working hard and waiting patiently and filing paperwork? The Uighurs? Aborted fetuses? North Koreans?

    1. The lazy and self entitled.

  35. Kenosha, and the incompetence of WI’s Team D governor just lost WI for Brain-Damaged Biden. The governor is just fucking clueless.

  36. “To”p scientist knew Big Basin was at risk for a catastrophic fire, cried over it in a 2019 podcast”
    “Nine months before Big Basin Redwood State Park suffered its worst fire in recorded history, one of the park’s environmental scientists gave a podcast interview revealing that a prescribed burn had not taken place within the park in three years…”

    Notice no one said Trump was right here, but he was…

    1. Of course there’s no mention of Trump. He can’t be blamed for this.

    2. California’s having a bad time this fire year too. They’re in danger of losing Carmel Valley, and that land ain’t cheap. Go look at CalFire and see for yourself.

  37. “Squaw Valley commits to removing the racist slur in the ski resort’s name”

    The new name is “We Hope Our Name Doesn’t Offend Anyone Valley”.

    1. go the redskins route: California valley.

      1. We won’t know the full extent of the Redskins’ name change until sometime after this season. I suspect the damage to the team’s value and fandom will be much greater than has been appreciated.

        The problem with the NFL wasn’t the Redskins team name, it’s the streaming revolution, the coronavirus, and the players disrespecting the national anthem. Changing the name of the Redskins doesn’t fix any of that.

        The problem with Squaw Valley isn’t the name either. The problem is that hospitality and tourism are taking a major hit because of the virus, and when people start getting worried about the economy, the first thing they cut back on is ski trips.

        Changing the name of Squaw Valley won’t fix any of that either.

        1. heard Alex Smith was throwing well

          >>Changing the name of Squaw Valley won’t fix any of that either.

          makes my old pins obsolete

        2. That being said, at least “Redskins” is a name that actually does have an arguably offensive connotation, unlike so many of the other complaints by these sorts.

          1. That just make it worse.

            A society that can’t tolerate offensive things is an intolerant society.

          2. Are we going to rename the potatoes?

      2. I still find it ironic that in the name of cultural sensitivity to American Indians, the NFL renamed the Redskins but left the Cowboys untouched.

  38. We should be making a bigger deal out of Biden’s comments from last week–promising to shut the economy down nationally if told to do so by scientists:

    “I would be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives, because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus . . . . In order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing, and people employed, you have to fix the virus, you have to deal with the virus.

    . . . .

    I would shut it down. I would listen to the scientists”

    It really can’t be overstated: the qualitative preferences of scientists have no authoritative basis.

    There is no question that New York is suffering economically far worse than they would be otherwise because of the lock-down orders, and it isn’t clear that the economic sacrifices they made have paid off in a lower infection rate than they would have had–over the course of the entire year–without the lockdowns. If this willingness to sacrifice our economy for little or no real benefit is an example of Biden’s leadership, then he should be rejected as a candidate for President on that basis alone.

    But the even larger point is that the qualitative preferences of scientists have no authoritative basis that makes them better or more important than the qualitative preferences of everyday working people–who care more about saving their businesses, their jobs, and their homes than they do about the risk of infection.

    There isn’t anything about being a scientist that makes your qualitative preference for strawberry ice cream more authoritative, more persuasive, or more important than the qualitative preference of average people for chocolate chip–and that’s what we’re talking about. What scientific experiment can be run to falsify the hypothesis that our financial well-being is more important than the risk of infection? If the answer is that there is no such thing, then we’re not talking about a scientific question–and the opinions of scientists are no more important than anyone else’s.

    This applies to everything qualitative. Scientists can tell us what will likely happen to the polar bears, but they can’t tell us whether polar bears are more important than our standard of living.

    Questions about the relative importance of qualitative preferences are economic, political, and ethical questions–not scientific. They should be answered through markets, democracy, and persuasion. If Joe Biden, on the other hand, thinks the legitimate job of the President is to inflict the qualitative preferences of scientists onto average Americans who don’t share them, then he has no business being the President of the United States.

    1. Saw the quotes and thought “whoa Nelly” then I remembered Biden

      1. It think this may be his “deplorables” moment.

        If Hillary Clinton hadn’t referred to half the swing voters out there as “deplorables”, she might have won.

        Biden can’t shut up about shutting down the economy–in the middle of a raging recession–because scientists say so, long enough to get himself elected?!

        His campaign manager must have shit his pants after that.

        1. my hopes on that kind of thing is if an idiot like me can hear it and alarms go off maybe the same happens to many

        2. “His campaign manager must have shit his pants after that.”

          Just following his fearless leader’s lead on that one.

    2. “What scientific experiment can be run to falsify the hypothesis that our financial well-being is more important than the risk of infection? If the answer is that there is no such thing, then we’re not talking about a scientific question–and the opinions of scientists are no more important than anyone else’s.”

      Bears repeating. Really well said, Ken.

  39. Your 2020 season finale. Don’t forget the nuclear plants in the flood zone.
    China’s massive Three Gorges Dam project on the upper Yangtze River is at risk. If that dam breaks, the resulting flooding would be a catastrophe of world-historical proportions. Hundreds of millions of people live along the lower Yangtze River. And the catastrophe wouldn’t simply be confined to China. The lower Yangtze is China’s commercial and industrial heartland — which means it is perhaps the world’s most important economic region. If it is swept away by a torrent, it could easily crater the already weak world economy.

    1. Welp, it took a couple of decades, but it looks like American corporations’ and neolib enabling of moving the nation’s manufacturing to China may actually come back to bite them in the ass.

    2. I bet they’re wishing right about now that the dam wasn’t Made In China.

    3. It’s been at risk for awhile this year. They’ve gotten a truly stupendous amount of rain. Harvey-like amounts of rain, if not more. The dam likely has suffered cavitation damage in at least one of its spillways, and—by their own admission—it’s starting to get water in places water isn’t supposed to be.

      Further, they’ve dynamited levees upstream of the dam to try and take some of the load off. Levees that protect lots of farmland. Coupled with the bird and swine problems they’ve had the last 12 months, China is looking at no shit food shortages, if not the possibility of famine.

      1. You know. Its starting to feel like a Berlin wall sort of situation. The USSR was always going to be there, right up until it wasn’t.

        1. I wouldn’t count out the communist regime as a whole. If things go sour in China, Xi is definitely out, but other higher-ups in the party could try to offer him up as a sacrifice to reclaim heaven’s mandate and return to the post-Deng oligarchy style of government they had before Xi declared himself President For Life.

          As I understand it, Xi doesn’t really like his vice premier, Li Keqiang but put him in charge of the coronavirus response back in January, possibly anticipating failure. This is the same coronavirus response that the party apparatus is hailing as a great and glorious success. If the Chinese people believe it, the party may be able to get away with bringing Li up as the good king that cleans up the mess left behind by the bad king Xi.

          1. Slight correction, Li is officially the premier of China and he’s Xi’s deputy as chair of the CCP.

  40. How to propaganda, subtle edition.

    NBC’s Today show this morning had a feature on the RNC convention. They had a couple of clips and a standup by their White House correspondent. They barely mentioned the big moments – the direct play for the black vote by featuring a jailhouse conversion christian story and a black AG from Kentucky who directly challenged the Democrats on their view of the black vote.

    They ended with their correspondent’s interpretations – that the event was a play to white suburban moms and it was shocking to see the event held in the Rose Garden with “Nobody wearing a mask and almost no evidence of social distancing”.

    It was most definitively not best described as a play to suburban moms, although I’m sure they are in the target demographic. That is an idiotic take that I saw repeated across the networks – clearly a pre-ordained conclusion that had no basis in what was presented.

    And the latter point – that it was horrifying to watch people sitting every other chair outside – was also silly….. but it came with a point.

    Because their very next story was about a doctor who says that Covid might be easier to transmit than we think, and 6 feet is not enough distance.

    One doctor says.

    They spent more time on that story than they did on the RNC convention. They did a deep dive, explaining that the science tells us that sneezes can float in the air like cigarette smoke. (incidentally, they also included the observation that “super spreader events” are almost never outdoor events)

    This not-so-subtle placement was unquestionably not an accident. They wrapped up their coverage of the RNC with a jab about the dangerous messages sent by Melania Trump speaking outdoors without wearing a mask – and then immediately cut to a longer story about the danger of Covid and masks and the need to be *more* than 6 feet apart. Says one doctor.

    Now that’s how you “bias”.

    1. Doctors who continue to pimp these measures are idiots at this point.

      I completely ignore them. They lost all credibility in my eyes.

  41. “California housing bills run into wall of union resistance”
    “Robbie Hunter, president of the building trades council, said construction workers are trying to ensure they do not get left behind as the Legislature accelerates its efforts to remove obstacles in the housing approval process, which unions often use to win concessions on projects. Without those protections, he said, workers are at risk of being exploited by developers and contractors.”

    Those guys in Sacto know where the votes are…

  42. Meet Antifa’s ‘Alice Phallus.’ When She’s Not Rioting, She’s a ‘Life Coach’ for Portland’s At-Risk Youth

    1. I know that if my child needs direction, a self identified Antifa member named Alice Phallus is where I’d turn.

  43. “The rioting has to stop… it’s showing up in the polling, it’s showing up in focus groups.” Don Lemon

    1. Hmmm, It’s only bad because it helps Orangeman.


      1. No, seriously. That’s what Lemon is arguing. Seriously.

  44. looks like a hotter Patton in green in front of all those flags.

    1. I’m saluting right now.

  45. “A senior Democrat on the House foreign affairs committee has launched an investigation into whether Mike Pompeo is breaking federal law by addressing the Republican national convention while on an official visit to Jerusalem,” reports The Guardian.

    Keeping in mind that a senior Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee can call for an investigation into whether or not Mike Pompeo broke the law by picking his nose, it’s rather telling that they’re claiming that Pompeo may have broken the spirit of the law if not the letter of the law because the letter of the law is pretty goddamn clear – there’s only a small subset of government employees that are restricted from making partisan political statements and even in these, there’s a specific exemption for “employees appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate”, which I’m pretty sure describes Pompeo.

    This is more of this faux horror that Trump is “threatening the independence of the [blank] agency” when the fact of the matter is there are no independent agencies, there’s not supposed to be any independent agencies. Agencies have to be accountable to the people, and that means accountable to their elected representatives. As shitty as that is, it would be far worse to have your lords and masters in government not accountable to anybody.

    1. I bet the Guardian is mostly upset because public officials and agencies are not accountable to the media. And by media, they mean the Guardian.

  46. Did not here the FL’s speech, looking forward to the niece’s and sister’s speech. Did they get booked for the RNC?

    1. I can’t wait for Joe Biden to show off that new Arkansas grandbaby Hunter gave him.

  47. “an immigrant and woman who has chosen to make online bullying her cause even as her husband has been the online bully in chief while working to keep immigrants out”

    Hey you atrocious hypocrite, Trump never cheered on anyone being doxxed AFAIK

  48. also I’ve always been a fan of party-girl Tiffany

  49. On the “they treated the DNC different last week” front…

    CNN commenting on Rand Paul said “he called Trump a great bag of wind” (4 years ago), you don’t see this sort of thing with the democrats.


    I remember when Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist and a rapist just a few months ago… live on national TV.

    But Rand Paul taking time to form a political alliance over a period of 4 years is naked hypocrisy.

  50. Melania seems to inspire fascination, revulsion, and projection in equal measure.

    I bet she’s not even 1/1024th wookie.

    1. >>Melania seems to inspire fascination, revulsion, and projection in equal measure.

      not in men.

  51. Speaking of New York and lockdowns, there’s kind of a fun argument going back and fort between this New Yorker who’s arguing that New York City is never coming back from the virus and the lockdowns, on one side, and Jerry Seinfeld on the other.

    Jerry Seinfeld’s response to the argument that New York is dead in the water is here:

    I’ll link part of what Seinfeld is responding to below. It’s full of facts and figures. It’s full of observations like-if 60% of the restaurants are bankrupt, what makes you think they’ll come back after months of lockdowns? Who’s opening up new restaurants when potential customers are leaving the city in droves? What happens to all the landlords, who aren’t getting rent anymore from operating restaurants? Doesn’t this need to get worse before it gets better?

    I’m not here to tell anybody that New York City is about to become a deserted moonscape or that it will go like Detroit. I will say that the economic impact of the lockdowns will still be felt in that city far longer than than the impact of the virus itself. The reason we’re in Iraq has a lot to do with the anthrax attack, but Americans hardly ever think about the anthrax attack anymore. Someday, this virus will be over forever, but we’ll still be talking about whether the federal government should bail out NYC and where it all went wrong.

    This was supposed to be a progressive paradise.

    To the extent that NYC has been hurt by the policies of the government that run the city and the state, they’re progressive policies. “Common sense” lockdowns are about as progressive as anything needs to be. Maybe in the future, they should try to be a little less progressive. I know they’ll blame their problems on Trump refusing to bail them out–if he’s reelected. But the rest of us will know what really happened. New Yorkers have an amazing capacity to simultaneously believe that the rest of the country wants to be like them–even as the rest of the country is mystified by the allure of New York City.

    1. On the upside….

      lack of affordable housing crisis, potentially averted…

    2. NYC will always have insanely wealthy people to keep it afloat, i guess. But no one wants to spend 24/7 in a prison sized apartment.

      1. The wealthy are the ones fleeing.

        1. And why shouldn’t they? Their money doesn’t buy them anything in NYC anymore. All the exclusive, trendy stuff they did is closed. You run the risk of your very expensive property being destroyed by a mob of angry hooligans that have the mayor’s blessing.

          All the “advantages” of city living have been destroyed over the last 6 months or so, and it is entirely because of the politicians that run the cities. Anyone with any sense would be packing up and leaving at this point.

        2. Why are they, Ken? AFAIK, de Blasio hasn’t been as incompetent as Lightfoot in keeping the mob and looters away from the nice areas. Is it taxation? Or business failure via insane lockdown restrictions?

          1. They were fleeing before the pandemic because Trump and the Republicans stopped letting them write more than $10,000 off of their federal taxes–and so paying New York income taxes in addition to federal was prohibitively expensive.

            When the pandemic came, they fled New York because they could afford to leave New York and because it suddenly became both acceptable and expected for them to work from elsewhere.

            Now that the lockdowns and the pandemic have deprived New York of so much sales tax and other revenue, the city expects to send out 22, 000 pink slips to city employees come the end of August–and that means MTA, police, fire, and EMTs, too. No question who the city plans to rob in the future to make up for their budget shortfalls. They’ll soak the rich because that’s where the money is.

            These are the main reasons why the wealthy are leading the charge out of New York. They have the most to lose, and it’s easier for them to leave than it is for anyone else.

    3. In Jerry’s defense, millions of people live there. The city as a whole is definitely coming back. Maybe those restaurants are not coming back. Maybe a lot of people are being hurt in a way that they will never recover from.

      But the city will be back.

      London is still there after the blitz.

      Dresden is still a city. It was flattened.

      They put a wall around Berlin and choked it off. It survived.

      Tokyo was firebombed into rubble. It thrives.

      Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still there, for crying out loud.

      So it is pretty easy to make a “the city will survive” argument.

      1. Detroit is still on the map, so you could argue that it has survived, but it’s a hollowed out shell of it’s former self. This is going to happen to a lot of cities in the next few years that were burned down in the riots. New York and Los Angeles may be the only exceptions simply because they’re the biggest fish in a small pond, and after ten or 15 years of not incompetent leadership they could be back on an upswing.

        1. Yup

          Detroit died because it was utterly dependent on a single industry and has no particular geographic advantages. Having your one industry die while you still strangle the city to squeeze every last drop will definitely destroy a city in a way that even a pandemic cannot.

      2. The infrastructure will be there.

        They came back to New Orleans because of the infrastructure. All those roads, sewers, storm drains, side walks, utility lines, railways, ports etc., etc. Rebuilding the houses is easy compared to that stuff.

        What he’s saying is that New York City is gonna be like Detroit. Detroit now has one-third the population it had in 1950. Last I heard, the Detroit Fire Department wouldn’t put out a fire in a building unless someone confirmed that the building was occupied. Burning a building down might improve its value because it lowers the demolition costs, but the land still wasn’t worth the holding costs for insurance and property taxes. So people just abandoned properties.

        I’m sure there are still nice parts of Detroit. Parts of Detroit are probably even hipster friendly. Being like Detroit is probably what he means by New York City dying. He’s saying it’s not coming back like it did the last time it went bankrupt and everyone fled the city. Going back the bankrupt days of the 70s would be bad enough. He’s saying that New York City is going to be even worse than that in the future.

      3. Rome never fell.


    Here’s the Washington Post. Read this thread. It completely absolves rioters. We already know what happened because we saw video from Daily Caller. Why isn’t the Post there on the ground? I’ll go through this.

  53. So, to sum up this article: it is okay to slut-shame, ridicule and denigrate an immigrant woman, as long as she is on the other side of the aisle. Because reasons…

    1. I remember when it was okay for feminists to blame the victims when Bill Clinton was president.

      This kind of hypocrisy has a long history. It’s more or less what brought the PC culture wars to a close in the 1990s.

      At some point, their credibility ebbs to the point that they lose traction with average people again. They always overplay their cards.

      1. It has been really entertaining to watch the left confront those old moments of abject hypocrisy and flail about looking for an approach.

        Some looked to abandon Clinton and claim they were wrong to absolve him back then. Others double down…

        1. It’s still painful and infuriating to compare the Brett Kavanaugh case versus the Joe Biden case and their subsequent treatment at the hands of the mainstream media et al. The level of hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty is beyond words and descriptions. It’s not just these but so much more, it is an outright betrayal of the actual victims of sexual abuse.

          Had someone told me some decades ago that there will come a day when a fake sexual abuse case will be championed and awarded by the media (e.g. Times cover), and a real sexual abuse case will be memory-holed, dismissed and distorted by the media, I would have said that person is crazy. So we had to live through this timeline in order to believe the utter impossibility of current day politics and power dynamics, things that would have been unimaginable 20 years ago (e.g. granted, the Clarence Thomas fiasco was not much better either).

          1. It’s still painful and infuriating to compare the Brett Kavanaugh case versus the Joe Biden case and their subsequent treatment at the hands of the mainstream media et al

            To be fair, no one accused Joe Biden of gang-raping teenagers in the basement of a devil-worshiping Fraternity house while quoting Mein Kampf from memory and wearing a Nazi SS uniform.

            It was the credibility of the Kavanaugh accusations that were so compelling, whereas Uncle Joe knew not what he was doing when he sniffed that woman’s hair.

      2. Indeed. Had Bill Clinton, or more precisely his presidency was around at the time of the #metoo era, either he’d have been crucified or the whole #metoo idiocy would not have happened in the first place. We may never know. But somehow, for some reason having a womanizer Democratic POTUS was and is a-okay for the woke crowd, even though he lied about having an (eventually proven) affair with a much younger female employee, which was the epitome of abuse of (toxic masculine) power, as some may put it.

        And it appalls me to this day that somehow it is a-okay to badmouth the FLOTUS, just because she is on the wrong side of those precious party-lines. She had been called everything between a cheap courtesan and an unwashed Slovenian peasant. She is constantly being criticized by the left for her appearance, for her accent, for her choice of dress, everything really… but then again, it all boils down to the fact that she had made the “wrong” choice by marrying the “wrong” kind of person, morals, manners and means be damned.

        1. Bill Clinton did happen in the #metoo era.

          Except back then it was the sexual harassment era. Everything was hostile work environment.

          They ran off a couple of republicans not for anything they did, but for people hearing about it.

          Bob Packwood got run out of town because he was writing his memoirs and his secretary didn’t like that she was having to type up his recollections about his various conquests. Dude was single, so nothing untoward there… but it was a hostile work environment to have to type up his memoirs.

          That was the environment that Clinton existed in.

          And an affair didn’t bring him down. (Flowers) Nobody cared.

          But a secretary cared that women kept coming out of the Oval office all disheveled. Her desk was just down the hall, so she had to witness the walk of shame of woman after woman who Clinton was banging. Finally, one day, she’d had enough. She called out one DNC donor who came out with her clothes all mussed and disorganized.

          And it turned out that it wasn’t that she hooked up with Bill. It turned out that she says he tried to rape her.

          And nobody cared.

          Packwood merely described going on dates as a single man, outside the office. He was unfit for office.

          Clinton was accused of attempted rape in the oval office.


          But it did lead to allegations about a certain intern.

          You’d think that banging an intern in the office would rank somewhere way above having a secretary type up your book on the list of “hostile work environment”.

          But it didn’t.

          And that was the death of the first wave of this stuff.

          It didn’t go away, but it was severely muted.

          They still managed to come after Gingrich with marriage type stuff, but it definitely dialed back from the peak.

          Of course, now we are way, way past where we were even then.

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  55. It’s more of a self purge. Libertarians threw themselves on the pyre defending riots and looting while not defending ordinary Americans border security and jobs. You made Trump your bete noir and not far left democrat socialists. And now you complain. You can’t win on your own so you used the republicans to advance a cause you knew most Americans disagree with.

    1. Jeez, since 1970 libertarians have generally been making the prez a “bete noir” no matter which party he was. You can bet when Biden wins, reason and other libertarians will be all over Harris for the next four years.

      1. But Biden will lose.

      2. Yeah, they sure savaged Michelle every chance they got.

        1. Reason did give her a lot of grief about the school lunch nanny.

      3. Yet at least once a week you’ll see someone here claim that Reason never criticized Obama, or were even pro-Obama. I post links to stories from those years criticizing Obama, and next week the same claims are repeated.

  56. Did you guys hear about CNN’s coverage of the Sandman speech at the RNC?

    Apparently his speech was the only one they covered without commentary. Just let him talk for two minutes, then went on to the next segment. I guess that rumoured $80 million settlement still stings.

    1. Too bad he didn’t bankrupt the motherfuckers.

      What they did should be text books already.

      1. See, at $80m I’d be willing to sacrifice some settlement money for other concessions.

        I won’t bankrupt you, but I do get to walk on set and fart in Don Lemon’s face whenever I feel like it.

        1. I would demand they give me Wolf Blitzer’s beard and rename the Situation Room to The Little Girls’ Potty Palace.

    2. The analysis I’ve seen says it was nowhere remotely close to that number.

      But they definitely were “once bitten, twice shy” on that one.

      Or they simply want it to go unnoticed.

      1. That’s why I said ‘rumoured’. I have no idea or opinion on what he got. That’s just a figure I keep hearing get thrown around.

  57. she called it COVID-19, not the China Virus

    So what? We call is the China Virus because.. you know.. it came from China?

    1. And because stirring up anti-China fervor energizes nationalists.

  58. The GOP’s leadership is increasingly uninterested in policy, viewing itself as fighting a broader war to ‘save Western civilization’—a major theme of their convention’s first night—from the Democrats,” suggests Strain.

    To be fair, that’s not an entirely inaccurate representation of Democrats right now.

  59. ” . . . the RNC is a case study in why Big Tech is good . . . ”

    I’ll consider that when Bette Midler is cancelled by all social media for her vicious anti-(legal)immigrant rant.

  60. Melania Trump saying nothing is more attractive than any Democrat politician saying anything.

  61. This screed is a disservice to the site.

    “Reason” should be renamed “Bile”.

  62. Meanwhile in he other BLM movement, protesters enter Idaho Statehouse to protest qualified immunity to govt. orgs. over covid lawsuits. Ammon Bundy arrested for sitting at credentialed press table.

    1. The irony is that he probably has as much credibility as a “press” representative as these Antifart “journalists” that are participating in the riots and running glorified blogs out of their homes.

  63. In other news, NBA players are apparently so upset about a guy who had multiple warrants out for his arrest on domestic violence charges getting shot by the po-po that they’re thinking about boycotting games.

    Which is fine, because it’s not like anyone other than the useless sports press or clickbait farms is going to care anyway. Viewership of these games is in the toilet, and boycotts are going to render this whole stupid experiment an exercise in futility.

    Doc Rivers was trying to argue that black people “love this country, but it doesn’t love us back.” Rather appropriate comment in the context of what happened to Blake, considering he and the NBA consider burning cities to the ground and destroying people’s lives constitutes “love,” just like that battering piece of shit they’re simping for. If you and your millionaire ilk are pissed because you don’t get to destroy shit, Doc, the motherland awaits. Share the wealth and take the inner city populations with you.

    1. But they sure love taking Chinese cock up the ass though.

      What a clown shit show that league is.

      Lebron was about to cry in his pillow. His babbling was so preposterous I think these people have mental issues.

      America doesn’t love you back? YOU’R A FUCKEN COACH MAKING MILLIONS IN A POPULAR LEAGUE.

      Enjoy the love pal.

      1. LeBron is literally one of the most popular, successful and prosperous people in the country. The media hangs on his every word, and everywhere he goes he has legions of adoring fans. If our country doesn’t love him, how does it feel about the rest of us?

        1. And he says destructive things.
          “We’re scared”
          Great lesson for the youth
          “How does it get to the point of shooting?”
          Because fuckers are resisting arrest and assaulting officers. Not every time, but often enough.
          So you tell the people to be scared and that there shouldn’t be consequences for assault.
          Thats not going to lead to less people, black or white, being shot by cops

      2. They can all fuck off as far as I’m concerned.

        If you really think, as a black man or woman, that you will never get a fair shake in this country solely because of your skin color, then by all means, leaving it and taking your talents and gifts elsewhere is definitely the way to go. And now you have millions, if not billions, in collective wealth that you can use to establish a safe, prejudice-free haven in the land where your ancestors were ripped from by Arab slave traders and rival African tribesmen. Hell, Nigeria is practically begging for black Americans to come back home and become citizens there.

        The one caveat is that, if you do decide to leave, you permanently renounce your citizenship and are forever banned from entering the US again. You have no reason to ever come back to a country that “doesn’t love us back,” right?

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  65. Awwwww, ENB is so cute when she’s being a jealous, petty cunt.

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