Brickbat: Keep Out


The Chicago Police Department has banned protests, even peaceful ones, on the block where Mayor Lori Lightfoot lives. Residents of the area have complained about the efforts cops are taking to keep protesters out, which include barricades in the street and checking people's IDs before letting them enter the neighborhood. Cops say city and state laws ban protests in residential neighborhoods, but when a local newspaper asked them to list other instances in which they have blocked such protests police did not provide any examples.

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  1. The residents should be pleased the mayor is misusing her powers to keep their neighborhood safe from riots like what’s happening in the rest of the city.

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    2. Literal NIMBY

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  2. I’d do a Orwell quote from his farm based parable, but I am sure I’d be called a racist rather than have people understand I was calling her a socialist tyrant.

    1. Her Black Life Matters More.

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    2. You wouldn’t be called a racist, just accused of hate speech for offending Muslims.

  3. This really is something out of Animal Farm. The sheer hypocrisy of this incompetent mayor is truly something to behold.

    The people of Chicago elected her. Let them reap the benefits.

    1. I disagree , Napoleon knew exactly what he was doing.

      1. But napoleon was smart. Lori cuntfoot is literally an evil retard.

    2. A slight majority of a minority voted for her.

      1. All of the cook county workers fill out ballots for their desired candidate.

        1. Has Chicago ever had a legitimate election?

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  5. They fall all over themselves voting her or someone like her into power.

    1. But it really is all about power. Some clueless white simps might think that the activists are after “equity” but the real players, including those who elected Lightfoot, understand the power play. And most are probably fine with her abuse of authority, as long as they think it advances the status of their group.

    2. Someone financed some guy named Joyce to be a spoiler in the election. No on ever heard of him but he had money to run ads all over the place. He drew enough votes to keep Bill Daley from winning. Lightfoot even beat the Cook County head Preckwinkle who pissed off the black vote by trying to institute a soda tax.
      This is how Kim Fox got back in as State’s attorney, they ran spoilers to split the opposition vote. Chicago voters are extremely stupid.

  6. Chicago deserves a slow clap for their brilliance when it comes to choosing political leadership.

  7. Next, the mayor awards herself the privilege of shopping at special government-owned stores.

    Plus a dacha in the Crimea.

    1. Think she’ll by a Zil too?

      1. I’m pretty sure the Zil is supplied for her, by the grateful proletariat.

    2. and haircuts

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  9. Please print out this article and take it to the polls with you.

  10. Democrats – “a law for me and a law for thee”

  11. Anyone else hear that a few of Lightfoot’s buddies up in Wisconsin fucked around and found out? Some chad got attacked by the mob and shot 2-3 looters who were trying to kill him. Have heard unconfirmed reports that there was a second shootout as well.

    1. I saw the video. Not the brightest people attacking a guy who was carrying a rifle. They were probably used to the restrained response the police have given to their attacks.

      1. yep. I love how as soon as he starts shooting some of the assholes stop running at him and put their hands up like “we weren’t gonna do nuttin’, honest”. News is reporting that he killed 2 and wounded a 3rd. Cops are saying they’re looking to arrest the guy, I don’t think he’ll see a day of jail. We have video of the shit going up to the first shooting, the mob was destroying vehicles at a mechanic shop and trying to set fires. They attacked him.

        1. Depends entirely upon who the DA is. We have seen progressive prosecutors across the nation weaponizing their office for political reasons. It is not simply a phenomenon of the recent protests either – this has been happening for some time. The state and federal DA offices in Manhattan have been famous for this for some time (the current NY DA actually ran for office on a promise that she would use the office to “go after Trump and his family and anyone associated with him”)

          This is why we have seen the DA in progressive cities announce that they will not prosecute rioters and looters, while the same DAs prosecute people for resisting the rioters and looters.

  12. Why are people here upset? Clearly the protestors were Marxist terrorists who want to bring in Socialism to America. That’s all people on the site have been stating the protestors are, so why are they upset about this ban occurring?

    1. because the people here understand how the constitution, precedence, and law works.

    2. Answering seriously despite it being likely you are facetious.

      It’s the hypocrisy. “You can protest and riot anywhere except my house”. Instead of protecting her people or suffering the protests herself, she’s protecting herself. It’s obvious she thinks the riots are dangerous, but she’s claimed openly that they aren’t.

  13. Idk who the hell likes her, I’ve seen yard signs, window signs and stickers on cars maligning Lightfoot (and Pritzker) around the NW part of the state state and in the city. She’s a psychotic tyrant. Unfortunately due to certain circumstances I’m moving back to Chi in a couple weeks. Yippee. Can’t wait to leave this state.

    1. Get the hell out of there as soon as you can, mate. Shit will be going sideways soon and you don’t want to be around there when it does.

      1. No doubt, yea the vibe there is pretty wacky rn. Sad to see, Chi used to be a fun place to live.

  14. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

    Is she gone?

    1. She will grow more powerful then you can imagine.

  15. This is not a brickbat.

    This deserves a full investigative report.

    This attitude keeps popping up across the country – democrat mayors implicitly or explicitly encouraging protests and violence, but then carving out a safe zone for themselves. This is a real story. It is a big story. It is a national story that deserves to be told.

  16. This seems a little disingenuous. How often do we get prior warning of a protest in residential areas?

  17. How did Skeletor escape from Eternia?

  18. She’s as hideous on the inside as she is on the outside.

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  20. And the city’s gun violence problem is due to guns in the surrounding States; however, they don’t seem to be slaughtering one another in the surrounding States any where near with the success of Chicago….

    Allow me to translate: “Young black males in Chicago, when they can [illegally] get access to guns, are like Indians with alcohol.”

    So you can’t have any.

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  22. No, it’s for their own protection. Lightfoot is so ugly that passersby have been turned into stone.

    This comment not approved by Silicon Valley brain slugs.

  23. If it was happening in my hood, we would be doing similar, but the difference would be that it would be the RESIDENTS controlling access, not the cops. Protesters would find themselves hurting, bleeding and maybe missing if they tried that here…

  24. Skeletor was find with it till it happened to her… Hey, you have insurance, let them burn down your place too bitch!!!

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