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Obama Promises the Impossible: 'Common-Sense' Gun Controls That Will Prevent Mass Murders


At a press conference today, President Obama said the gun control task force headed by Vice President Biden has given him "a list of sensible, common-sense steps that can be taken to make sure that the kinds of violence we saw at Newtown doesn't [sic] happen again." Sensible and common-sense! Who could be against that? Still, note that Obama, who a month ago conceded that "no single law [and] no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world or prevent every senseless act of violence," is now promising just that. He reiterated that unrealistic goal later in the press conference, saying he wants "sensible steps that we can take to make sure that somebody like the individual in Newtown can't walk into a school and gun down a bunch of children in a shockingly rapid fashion."

So when Obama unveils his specific proposals later this week (as he said he would do), it will be fair to ask: Would these measures have stopped Adam Lanza from murdering 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School? Can they reasonably be expected to prevent such horrifying (but rare) crimes in the future? Regarding the three major changes Obama already has endorsed (which he endorsed again at the press conference), the answer to both questions is clearly no:

1. If the federal "assault weapon" ban that expired in 2004 had still been in effect, it would not have stopped Lanza, because the rifle he used was not covered by that law (or by Connecticut's ban, which uses similar criteria). More to the point, such laws hinge on features that have little or nothing to do with a gun's killing capacity in the hands of a mass murderer (or an ordinary criminal). That would still be the case under a California-style law or under whatever definition Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) proposes in her new bill. "Assault weapon" bans leave killers with plenty of equally deadly alternatives.

2. Better background checks would not have stopped Lanza, who used guns legally purchased by his mother and in any event does not seem to have had a disqualifying psychiatric or criminal record. The latter is true of most mass murderers.

3. A limit on magazine size would do nothing about the many millions of "large capacity ammunition feeding devices" already in circulation, even if we assume that the seconds it takes to switch magazines make an important difference in assaults on defenseless moviegoers or schoolchildren.

Yet Obama insisted today that "my starting point is to focus on what makes sense, what works." Works in what sense?

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  1. Is there like a self-addressed envelope I could get to turn in my rights?

    1. Send them to the White House.…

    2. Has King George III come ashore to steal your kinfolk and rape your cattle?
      Maybe you still have time to lock and load, nutters.

  2. What an asshole.

  3. Works in what sense?

    Let me be clear. Works in the commonsense sense of separating bitter clingers from their blankies. I mean guns. I mean, works to keep our childrenz safe.

    1. Works to make my base happy and stoked up that they’re going to get everything they ever wanted and therefore distracts them from my actual, dismal track record.

    2. No.

      Works in the sense that his minions will feel warm and fuzzy about the laws he passes, and therefore continue to worship him.

      Works *politically*.

  4. How about background checks for people who want to buy drones?

    1. Or Presidents who give the okay to kill hundreds of children by remote control?

      1. Magazine limits on Hellfire missiles!

    2. Or people who have male children?

  5. “Obama Promises the Impossible”

    In other news, Facebook is popular and the sky is up.

  6. Armed unicorns in every classroom!

    1. As long as they are limited to one horn per forehead, or even 5ivehead.

  7. OJ didn’t no pussy ass gun (knife). Neither did Fat Teddy (car). Tylenol killer (poison). Ted Kazinski(bomb), shiiit, Barry uses bombs his own self (drone).

    STFU A-HOLE (obama)

    1. Just realized: Tylenol killer never found. Hmmmmm.

  8. Works in what sense?

    “Don’t be fatuous, Jeffrey.”

  9. Do you realize how many women, children and puppies die needlessly every day because redneck teabaggers are clinging to outmoded constitional amendments? Fear not, as President Santa is going to fix it for you.

    1. That damn 23rd Amendment!

      1. Maybe they’ll get rid of that along with the 2nd. A 2-for-1 deal!

        1. If, according to neo-liberal doctrine, the first amendment is like a creepy uncle that embarasses you, what’s the second amendment?

          1. Your mom?

            1. If my mom were the second amendment, I’d want it repealed, too.

              It would read, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, children in Europe are much better behaved.”

  10. Sometimes dude you jsut gotta roll with it man!

    1. Anon-bot now has typos. It might just pass a Turing test.

      1. Does that mean John could pass one too?

      2. Pedo-bot has always had misspells.

        1. You mean mispells.

      3. I think you meant to say, “It might jsut pass a Turing test.”

  11. If these “common sense” ideas are so apparent, why haven’t they been tried before. My guess is they have and they didn’t work. But I guess they didn’t have TOP MEN in charge then.

    1. Good point.

      Do-gooders will never tire of trying to “do good” as they percieve. Facts, logic, and common sense do not matter to these.

    2. why haven’t they been tried before.

      Watch and weep.

    3. If these “common sense” ideas are so apparent, why haven’t they been tried before.


    4. Not an Economist| 1.14.13 @ 7:32PM |#
      “If these “common sense” ideas are so apparent, why haven’t they been tried before”

      ME! ME! Call ME!
      Because it’s an outright lie?

      1. I think I figured it out.

        We aren’t smart enough to understand the sophisticated nuances of the Obama’s plan. Sure it may look the same, but the minute changes will make all the difference in the world.

        We also aren’t smart enough to understand how successfull it will be either.

    5. Because nobody had the will. TOP MEN were in charge, but they didn’t give a fuck. But somebody who gave a fuck just paid somebody for common sense ideas and got them.

  12. How about a test case before making sweeping changes in the entire country? Implement all the “sensible, common-sense steps” in Chicago and see how they work out for, say, two years.

    1. Thanks Rich, but we just got finished with that little experiment.

      1. How’d it go, nicole? Is there a report we can read?

        1. Not so hot. Unfortunately, it’s still not going so hot with the experiment over.

          Almost like gun laws don’t have anything to do with it…

          1. Yeah, but what about DC? No one’s tried gun control there yet.

          2. The experiment isn’t over, they just dialed it down from 11 to 10. Ending the experiment would be implementing laws similar to Wyoming’s, Alaska’s, Arizona’s, or Vermont’s.

        2. Here’s one report and here’s another

          1. Yep. Damn Gingrich’s quick fingers!

  13. If the federal “assault weapon” ban that expired in 2004 had still been in effect, it would not have stopped Lanza, because the rifle he used stole was not covered by that law (or by Connecticut’s ban, which uses similar criteria) kept in his car and not even carried into the school.

    Not that this will matter to the shrieking left, but…

    1. Sandy Hook troofer?

      Has the coroner released a ballistics report that shows the children were shot with a pistol caliber?

      1. The authorities have reported finding the rifle left in Lanza’s car and four handguns in the school.…..5#50208495

        1. Wasn’t that stuff that was flying around right after the tragedy? A lot of stuff that was reported in error?

        2. That is NBC citing “un-named federal officials”.

          The primary weapon used in the attack was a “Bushmaster AR-15 assault-type weapon,” said Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance.

          Note there is a quote and a source for a rifle being the primary weapon.

          1. It’s a scrub job!

          2. Didn’t the coroner come out during one of the first press conferences and say the deceaseds’ wounds were caused by a .223? MSNBC reported that at least. Have they changed their minds?

            1. The coroner came out with a report within a day of the shooting that all of the injuries in the incident without exception were caused by a .223 rifle, despite the fact that 4 handguns were recovered from the school, and seemingly the only long weapon recovered was from the locked trunk of a car.

        3. I thought it was a Saiga Shotgun in the car?

          Now that this thing has been thoroughly politicized, the truth will be impossible to find.

          1. Big media is falsely reporting that the Aurora shooter was wearing body armor now six months after the murders. Their derision for the NRA and RKBA supporters is palpable, and at this point there’s no reason to have faith in their willingness to correct factual errors re: mass shootings.

            Yellow journalism is stronger than ever in the Ritalin era.

        4. Its a tough call:

          Is the DemOp media incompetent, or lying to advance their agenda? There really isn’t a third option.

      2. Troofer? Fuck you. Here’s what we have. Four handguns found with Lanza in the school. Long gun .223 wounds in all victims. Police claiming that the wounds were from a Bushmaster. No reports of a Bushmaster found. Only long gun reported found at the scene: a shotgun, not in the school but in the trunk of a car belonging to a local punk/miscreant with no known connection to Lanza. Reports of multiple shooters. Memorial websites of the tragedy created 4 days and one month BEFORE the shootings. Innumerable other discrepancies.

    1. Maybe I can summon the Ghost of Michael Moynihan with this Obama speech.

    2. Are you suggesting the President was born in Kenya?

      1. It’s all starting to come together….

      2. Master Shake: Oh, you never heard of a check before? Oh me so sorry. Maybe you’re in the wrong business, and maybe immigration would like to know about this.

        Clerk: Good, ’cause you know what? I’m American.

        Master Shake: Well I’m not, but when I become one, maybe then I’ll legally buy a weapon and we won’t have to vote you out of office, will we scumbag?!?

    1. SIV: “I’m surrounded by COSMOTARIANS!!”

      Doc: “What’s a cosomtarian, SIV?”


      Doc: “What do they whisper to you SIV?”


      Doc: “Nurse, bring this poor bi-curious man a sedative”

      1. Hit a nerve? Would you like some fair trade coffee while you read a cosmotarian policy paper on commonsense reasonable restrictions on the 2nd Amendment?

    2. That’s some pro-gun hysteria.

      1. Only once every man, woman, and child is armed to the teeth will we all truly be safe.

        1. No, I’d say one out of every ten would probably do it.

    3. Lol

      We’ve reached out to publisher Medl Mobile to see if they have any comment regarding the apparent hypocrisy

      It’s “hypocrisy”, you see, for a gun rights organization to publish a game where you shoot paper targets.

      But not for enlightened companies like, say, Valve, to publish a game where you shoot facsimiles of other human beings. Because they’re like, totally in Seattle and stuff, and employ lots of really hip, cool people. Plus, FREE SPEECH! FIRST AMENDMENT! ZOMG! TEH JACKBOOTS!

  14. All of these measures called upon by this adminstration if implemented will be doomed to failure.

    And they never will apologize or admit they were wrong. They will just continute to try to “do something” and make more laws that will not work and make the situation even worse.

  15. Have you dumbasses never seen a politician pander in order to benefit from a mass tragedy?

    Look how Dumbya passed the Patriot Spy on America Act and invent the Department of Homeland Security in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

    Consider the harm done. Patriot Act/DHS vs a background check.

    1. Look how Dumbya passed the Patriot Spy on America Act and invent the Department of Homeland Security in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

      And Obama renewed it!

      1. The insult to liberty is in the invention of something like the Patriot Act/DHS/TSA.

        When does government ever shrink?

        1. Since we’re already gassing Jews, we must continue gassing jews. Way to take a stand.

          1. Win

          2. If Hitler had gassed more Jews
            there wouldn’t be a Patriot Act
            and we wouldn’t be having to choose
            between shooting our guns or having them packed.

            I am the Night Rider!

            1. Nope.
              It’s 5/7/5 with a reference to the season.

              1. Remember him when you look up at the night sky.

                1. Night Rydah!

          3. “Since we’re already gassing Jews, we must continue gassing jews. Way to take a stand.”

            A bazillion times this.

        2. He had a chance to take a stand against it. He didn’t take it. Fuck your messiah and fuck you. The insult to liberty is in the existence of the PATRIOT Act, not its inception.

          1. And then went on to sign the NDAA, aka the “repeal the 4th and 5th Amendments act”.

        3. Palin’s Buttplug| 1.14.13 @ 7:48PM |#
          “When does government ever shrink?”

          When ignoramuses like you quit cheerleading for Team Blue.

          1. No. The correct answer is: following massive, financially crippling wars in which millions of innocents die thousands of miles from home.

            It’s not enough to read about it in school or watch it on the news; voters have to stick their hands into the fire before they believe that it will burn them.

            1. I don’t think this one will shrink at all until it totally collapses.

      2. Palin’s Buttplug| 1.14.13 @ 7:39PM |#
        “Have you dumbasses never seen a politician pander in order to benefit from a mass tragedy?”
        Yes, dipshit, we’re looking at one right now.

        “Look how Dumbya passed the Patriot Spy on America Act and invent the Department of Homeland Security in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.”
        Strangely, dipshit always seems to find BUSH! to be the problem.
        Jesus, you’re sleazy.

        1. Of COURSE Bush is/was the problem. The only reason he’s not worse than Obozo is that Bush was “elected” first, and it is now axiomatic that they always get worse. If Obozo was elected first, then Bush would be doing what Obozo is now.

    2. shriek is commenter Mo

      1. That actually kind of makes sense, as I believe Mo’s involved in some sort of high finance, but I don’t want to beleive it.

    3. Please stop the incessant ranting about Bush. To my knowledge, nobody here liked the Patriot Act, the TSA, the DHS, or any of the other abortions that came out of the Bush years. Bush sucked, Obama sucks more. Opposition to Obama is not tacit approval of Bush.

      1. Again, compare the Patriot Act/DHS/TSA vs a fucking background check to buy a gun!

        Bush sucked far more, you Team Red apologist.

        1. Now you’re just a B-grade troll. I expected better.

        2. So, your point is what? That we shouldn’t criticize Obama for infringing on our liberty if any given infringement does not measure up to the PATRIOT Act?

          1. Be as critical as you like. Just don’t pretend Obama is as bad as Bush was.

            1. Palin’s Buttplug| 1.14.13 @ 8:01PM |#
              “Be as critical as you like. Just don’t pretend Obama is as bad as Bush was.”

              Of course, dipshit! That would mean your entire world view would have to be adjusted to reality!
              Can’t have that!
              What a sleazy asshole.

            2. Once again, you are the only fucking rube here who thought to bring Bush up.

            3. So if Bush is Satan, then Obama is what, his teratoma?

            4. That carries intellectual weight with deluded turds, such as yourself.

              There are really few areas (aside from rhetoric) that Obama is significantly different.

              You are limited enough to be distracted by the pretty words. That is your problem, but in this deficiency you are unremarkable.

              Go get your free shit and leave the rest of us alone.

            5. Bush never proudly proclaimed his right to “kill lists”.

          2. His point is to get you riled up, like any troll.

          3. His point is that since Lenin was horrible, it was completely unfair to pick on Stalin.

            1. That would require acknowledgement that Lenin was horrible though, which kind of conflicts with shreeek’s worldview.

        3. Palin’s Buttplug| 1.14.13 @ 7:50PM |#
          “Again, compare the Patriot Act/DHS/TSA vs a fucking background check to buy a gun!”

          Again, nobody cares, dipshit!
          Stuff you obsession up your ass.

        4. And the unanimous complicity of a Democratic-majority Congress didn’t help, huh?

          Oh I forgot… a couple of people didn’t vote for it… not because it was a terrible, liberty-robbing idea, but that it didn’t have their pet project embedded in it.

          It’s amazing how Bush got the PATRIOT Act passed ALL by himself. That’s quite a feat. You must at least give him props for circumventing the legislative process. You accept it when Obama does it…

        5. Again, compare the Patriot Act/DHS/TSA vs a fucking background check to buy a gun!

          Bush sucked far more, you Team Red apologist.

          Once again you’ve proven yourself to be a disingenuous cunt!

        6. Btw, background checks are already required to buy a gun. This is kinda like all those calls to “finally regulate the financial industry!”, in that it’s a recommendation for a policy that has been in place for decades.

    4. So “tu quoque”? One-trick pony much?

      1. It’s more like “Bush quoque”

    5. Congress passed the Patriot act idiot

  16. 3. A limit on magazine size would do nothing about the many millions of “large capacity ammunition feeding devices” already in circulation

    They don’t care.

    According to the experts on NPR, over time, they would slowly slip out of circulation and it would eventually have an affect.

    Remember, the humane solution is to force children and teachers to attack the gunman and engage in hand-to-hand during the magazine change. A teacher shooting back before the magazine change takes place? Unconscionable!

    1. “they would slowly slip out of circulation and it would eventually have an affect”

      They’ll be readily available on the black market.

      1. Unpossible! Nobody is clever enough to create a box the right size with a spring inside it!

        1. Outlaw civilian ownership of elastic-recoil mechanisms! FOR THE CHILDREN!

        2. I’m sure no one would ever use their 3-D printer to make one.

      2. WHAT! People don’t manufacture or buy prohibited items!

    2. I expect that when they get truly serious about it, they’ll ban bullets instead of guns. It will be a much more effective way of limiting any resistance to the government since guns last a long time but ammo is a consumption item.

      1. I suspect when they get truly serious about it, they’ll just repeal the constitution and institute martial law.

  17. Common sense is not necessarily rational. A rational response to Newtown is to examine the decrease in violent crime over the last 20 years and to realize that what we need is to do more of what we have already been doing. A grownup response to Newtown is to not wet your pants every time the 24-hour news channels fill up their airtime with anomalous carnage just because they need the bounce in the ratings going into the new year.

    1. Caleb Turberville| 1.14.13 @ 7:41PM |#
      “Common sense is not necessarily rational”

      Boy, oh boy, I don’t know how many times in logic this phrase is correct, but it’s a ton.
      When someone says ‘common sense’, you know full well that what they mean is ‘I’m trying to slide some crap through without a shred of evidence’

    2. Mainly what we’ve been doing more of is not having children.

      1. Crime is down across demographics; it’s not just the aging-out of the baby boomers.

        Given the timing of the two major spikes in crime during the 20th century, I’m inclined to speak out of my ass and say that the more likely explanation is a reduction in welfare statism at particular times, which would lead to more voluntary exchanges of labor/goods and prosocial interaction. To state the obvious, putting a check into a poor person’s mailbox does very little to strengthen his relationship with others.

        1. Another possibility when it comes to violent crime is that people valued life less during the Cold War, thinking it might turn hot at any time & kill them.

  18. Well since the 2nd Amendment was created as a check on the Federal goverment, than it’s only “common sense” if you’re the federal government to abolish it. Why is the media asking these people what their opinion is on guns? Fuck their opinion. They don’t get an opinion. Honor the Constitution like you vowed to traitor pos.

  19. I just read on PAFOA that US Americans purchased enough guns in November and December to arm every active duty soldier in the militaries of the PRC, India, and Russia, combined. LOL.

    1. Well, gun purchases have been high throughout this presidency, especially since Sandy Hook. The personnel numbers you are talking about are (assuming you are talking about just the active-duty Army) are 2.25 million, 1.1 million, and 360,000. That’s less than 5 million people, so it could very well be true.

      1. I believe Russia has just over a million active-duty, but either way. That’s a mind boggling amount of guns!

          1. It also says 1,027,000

            Wiki needs to get its story straight!

            1. Wikigate. Wait, didn’t we have one of those already?

          2. Oh, I think I’m counting navy and air force personnel too.

            1. Probably. But I didn’t want to embarrass you.

              1. Why would I be embarrassed for comparing apples to apples? The China and India figures are also for all military, not just army.

    2. That’s a lot of bitter clinging.

      1. Yes, but how many Bibles were sold during that same period?

  20. Why don’t they just pass laws making it a crime to take a firearm onto a school and use it to kill people?

    1. Dude, that makes too much sense

    2. Because enforcing that law doesn’t bring the dead people back to life.

      It’s better to stop a murder than to punish it after the fact. That said, none of these laws would stop the murder and all would have very bad unintended consequences.

      1. Tulpa (LAOL-PA)| 1.14.13 @ 8:03PM |#
        ‘Because enforcing that law doesn’t buy votes’

        Sorry, just couldn’t pass it up.

    3. Then people wouldn’t be able to do that. Brilliant!

    4. Can’t they pass a law to make a poor person’s dollar worth more than a rich person’s dollar.

      Holy smokes, I think I just solves the income gap!

      1. Caleb Turberville| 1.14.13 @ 8:03PM |#
        “Can’t they pass a law to make a poor person’s dollar worth more than a rich person’s dollar.”

        IMAGINE the number of SEIU employees engaged in developing the gradient to keep things “fair”!
        Why, I can see several million of them, checking prices and income, filing the proper paper-work! A veritable land-slide of Dem votes!

      2. That is brilliant, Caleb. I truly believe you’re on to something there.

        “Show your EBT Card, and save 80% on *everything*!”

        1. Or show your EBT card at the polls and get 5 votes for the price of one!

    5. Suicide should be illegal too! Then we can at least lock up these guys if they ever break Sarcasmic’s law.

  21. Is Patton Oswalt going to be a special guest on every show? He’s this season’s Jere Burns!

    1. He was on Justified opening season show. I like the little bugger.

      1. He was good. He was also on Burn Notice.

        He better show up on Breaking Bad next!

  22. It’s just like Bush using Al Qaeda to justify the Iraq War. It’s the ol’ bait and switch.

    Bush wanted to invade Iraq anyway, and as Rahm Emmanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, and what I mean by that, it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before”.

    That’s what the presidency has become; it’s a Fear Monger in Chief with a list of priorities in no particular order–the agenda is set by the crisis of the month. Obama is especially good at that game. God knows I was no fan of Bush, but at least when Bush traded our freedom in for some promise of security, he did it more or less openly!

    I think I prefer a fear monger who does his scaremongering out in the open. Obama sells his scare mongering as though it were common sense, and that is a dangerous combination. …especially when so many people are lappin’ it up.

    1. It’s probably not Obama who’s strategizing this stuff. Nothing about the man makes me think he would last more than three turns in Risk even if he started in South America.

      1. You better roll some sixes
        Before they find the fixes
        Cause they know just what the tricks is
        And they’re not to nice to nix us

        I am the Night Rider!

        1. WORST. RAPPER. EVER.

      2. You mean Australia, right? Because S. America has two points of entry, which make it vulnerable.

        1. naw you put all your extra troops into venezuela and try to hold North Africa

      3. What, you weren’t blown away by his legendary debate performances against Hillary, McCain, and Romney?

    2. It became that long ago, Ken:

      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – Mencken

      1. What a coincidence. That’s the whole aim of the media as well.

      2. Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship…the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country

        1. Quote by H.G.

          1. And was in an immediate sense, wrong – the masses were hysterically cheering in 1914 in Germany, Britain, France, and such. Less so in Serbia and Belgium, to be sure.

  23. Maybe the great messiah who has come, Lincoln redux, apparently, will just declare martial law because too many redneck baggers bought guns in the last month and that can be construed as some sort of domestic terrorism threat.

    Then as part of martial law, he can just go around confiscating those guns, which can be traced through the background checks. After he has all of those guns, then he can institute some sort of see a gun, say something, rat out your neighbors for a reward program to get the rest.

    I would not put any of this past this guy. His behavior becomes more arrogant and creepy with every passing day.

    1. Scratch off the fleas, melt on the cheese, spray the Febreeze, and learn to say please. Then when you’re done, and your life is no fun, pull out your gun, and shoot at the sun. If it’s of a good brand, soon will it land, right in your hand, before it gets banned. But you will be shunt, shut out with a grunt, cause we bear the brunt, of sand in the _ _ _ _.

      I am the Night Rider!

      1. Not selling; try many more times.

        1. I can’t even figure out what he’s selling…

          1. I think it’s the rap. At least that’s what I was referring to about “not selling”.
            That isn’t gonna get play on the high-school prom list.

            1. Looks like some sort of code to me.

              1. That posting style seems eerily familiar to me for some reason, but I can’t quite remember why.

      2. Try iambic pentameter
        rhyming scheme:


        1. Badbadbaddd

  24. Man, I really don’t like our Eleventy-Twelfth President.

  25. What I get for trying to show off with an embedded link:

    1. I thought you were going to link to this Prezzydint:

  26. BTW, here’s a prediction which is probably as good as any other:
    “Silver predicted the Patriots will end up in the Super Bowl, and will beat the Baltimore Ravens next Sunday.”…..owl-video/
    Pretty sure the process is to send out a lot of predictions with variable numbers, keep track of where they went and contact the ones who got three winning numbers in a row.
    You fleece THEM before you start again.

    1. I was disappointed that the Sea Chickens lost, I thought they were this years juggernaut on their way to the Lombardi Trophy. I already predicted as much and so now I have been reduced to rooting for the Ravens since they are the home team. But my only real wish is that the fucking Patriots and Jan Brady lose.

      1. As I admitted, I figured GB to beat SF butt. That guy CK is something to behold.
        The only question is whether he can deliver on demand.

        1. Yeah, only time will tell if the tattooed one will rise to the bigger occasion.

          I actually didn’t pay much attention to him or SF as I was distracted by the Sea Chickens apparent unstoppable juggernaut. This is one of the very few times I have actually been wrong about my intuition on this.

          To me it all goes back to that call, when it was 13-0 Atlanta, and the Seahawks went for it on 4th and goal to go instead of kicking the field goal. That actually did cost them the game, and I do believe, the Superbowl.

    2. I know that if I put money on the Flying Elvii they will lose.

  27. Paul Watson resigns as head of Sea Shepherd

    1. Don’t the whalers have assault weapons, or at least harpoons to kill these useless animal activists with? Fuck, just bury their bodies at sea and sink the ship, and consider it a few less useless parasites for the rest of us to feed and clothe.

      1. I love watching that show, I cheer for the whalers and keep hoping the fucking idiot zealots will actually die badly executing one of their pointless stunts.

        1. If what you hoped for actually becomes reality and they actually air it, then that will be my new favorite show.

  28. Of course none if these proposals would prevent anything. But that is the whole point. Every time there is some big incident use it as an excuse to take away a few gun rights in the name if common sense proposals to keep this from happening again. Of course they don’t prevent anything. So when the next big incident happens get a few more restrictions until eventually you get a full ban.

    1. Progress, man, progress, just a little bit at a time, and one day we will finally achieve that ultimate progressive utopia, in which, lions heavily armed thugocrats and lambs sheeples lie down together.

    2. Of course they don’t prevent anything. So when the next big incident happens get a few more restrictions until eventually you get a full ban.

      EXACTLY the reason you just say no. Any “negotiation” at this point means a loss of liberty. To be followed by more losses with each subsequent incident.

      “We need to have a national discussion about sensible gun regulation.”

      No, fuck you, we’ve had a discussion for 40 fucking years and you lost. I will not trade liberty for the illusion of safety.

  29. So, publishing Scientology propaganda isn’t working out to well for the Atlantic.…..r-/266958/

    The comments are moderated, but a good one has made it through:

    “Such beautiful buildings! It’s a shame that Shelley Miscavige couldn’t join her husband at the gala openings!”

    1. “Mr. Miscavige is unrelenting in his work for millions of parishioners and the cities served by Scientology Churches.”

      Yeah, right.
      The real work was for the thousands of Scientology lawyers.
      Fuck them and every other religion, including the enviro-whackos.

    2. grady ? an hour ago ?
      How much does it cost to join?


      1. grady?


        Let’s get him!

        1. Are sure he isn’t a Sanford & Son fan?

    3. Article has been pulled and replaced with the following:

      “We have temporarily suspended this advertising campaign pending a review of our policies that govern sponsor content and subsequent comment threads.”

  30. I can’t possibly be the only one that thinks progressives are scraping the absolute rock bottom of intellectual squalor and condescension as of late. They may as well just file for a trademark on “common sense”, because the way they’ve been affixing it to every squeaky policy position brain fart they can muster one is almost inclined to think they invented it.

    1. I can’t possibly be the only one that thinks progressives are scraping the absolute rock bottom of intellectual squalor and condescension as of late

      You mean they have finally achieved their goal?

    2. Between Obama’s airport grope/scan campaign in 2010, the murder of the al-Awlakis, and the transparent, inane attack on self-evident truths in this latest attack on natural rights, I have basically become a silicon-based version of Ted Nugent when it comes to progressives.

      Most of their voters are relatively decent people who are misled or mistaken, but their leaders are broken, evil human beings who deserve the John Connor treatment.

      1. Most of their voters are relatively decent people who are misled or mistaken,

        See, also, the banality of evil.

    3. I suspect that we will shortly learn that there is no limit to intellectual squalor and condescension.

  31. What I want to know is what the Prez is going to do about homicidal poisonings?…..us8008.pdf

    (See Table 2)

    1. You ask, you get, though admittedly this case runs back well before the Obamessiah Admin.

  32. Michael| 1.14.13 @ 9:37PM |#
    “I can’t possibly be the only one that thinks progressives are scraping the absolute rock bottom of intellectual squalor and condescension as of late.”

    No but you and the rest posting here aren’t enough to make that clear to the voters.

  33. And so, the “War on Guns” begins.

    In other news, Jodie Foster might be gay.

    Which do you think more people are talking about?

    Exactly how do I get to Somalia?

    1. Jodie Foster might be gay.

      And single!

      Back away, not today, Disco Lady

    2. Exactly how do I get to Somalia?

      Well, obviously, you cannot get there by roads and bridges, because the country only has Libertarians and Libertarians hate roads and bridges, and children, and grandma, and women, and colored folk, so Somalia doesn’t have any of those things. Somalia only has legal drugs, evil corporations who rape mother Gaia and enslave children, women, and brown people, and a crazed anarchist ruling class funded by the Koch brothers.

      1. Oh. So, I might need one of these?…..c_WyeTqbhM

        1. I want one, since I cannot afford that helicopter kit I have been wanting.

          Just make sure yours is armor plated and has cloaking technology or the Somalian Libertarians will blast you from the sky for mere sport.

        2. I like these historic pictures of Autogyros

    3. Amphibious landing, preferably with copious amounts of media coverage.

  34. Serena just whalloped into the 2nd round 12-0.

    1. And with a bad ankle.

      1. she can thank her vegan diet!

  35. Specifically to do what Obama says, you could have a law prohibiting all visitors in schools, or require all school rooms to have canisters able to quick filling the room with tear gas that could be triggered easily. Or you could just outlaw schools, or classes of more than 3 or 4 students.

    1. you could just outlaw classes of more than 3 or 4 students.

      Small classes are just common sense.

      1. We don’t need any classrooms, everyone has computers and ability to do distance learning. Protecting the jobs of teachers, most of whom, not all, but most, are completely worthless, does not justify keeping this antiquated system in place.

        In all seriousness, I would like to put an intelligence test up that would put your average well home schooled student of 10 years of age against you average public school teacher.

        I would bet you that the 10 year old will trounce the living shit out of the public school teacher on a consistent basis.

        1. the teachers unions are a huge lobby.

          ever notice that Prisons and Schools have a similar outside appearance?

          1. I noticed it years ago, when I was IN school. I also noticed that it probably wasn’t accidental either, seeing as how the same government is usually responsible for the construction and maintenance of both institutions.

          2. “Similar” is right I actually mistook the Livingston Texas High School for the Allan B. Polunsky Unit. Death Row is actually a few miles down the road and resembles a community college but with too many lights and smaller windows.

            1. If you’re in the neighborhood Florida’s Kitchen, located at roughly the halfway point between the two Texas institutions, has excellent ribs and fried shrimp.The best place to eat in Livingston by far.

  36. Just ’cause it’s late, no more ‘news’ coming from DC and resident shithead hasn’t bothered to post a lot of crap:
    I’ll bet a lot of you have ridden bikes and done so well. I lay no claim to being anywhere close to KR, but the string of Yam 2-stokes I owned and rode gave me at least the sound of careful throttle control in the corners; don’t wanna jump up on the pipe at the wrong time:…..detailpage
    And if the same folks have skied, it’s real close to aiming at the moguls.

    1. You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.

    2. This is why he’s KR and I’m not. And neither are you.

      Unless you really ARE KR. In which case, I AM NOT WORTHY!

      Also, Tom Sykes, Jorge Lorenzo and Josh Hayes.

      1. Almanian.| 1.15.13 @ 2:29AM |#
        “And neither are you.”

        No, I’m not.
        But that RZ500 sure was fun on US1 north of SF.

  37. And now Raonic is through!

  38. What is it about Jared Diamond that drives anthropologists crazy? The shallowness of his arguments

    1. Anthropology adheres to Sturgeon’s Law. Only it is more like 98%.

    2. Not enough love for fairy tales, apparently.

    3. From the link:
      …”In Collapse, Diamond returned to the theme of environmental determinism”…
      Yeah, he’s a idiot. Why Shermer keeps him on the speaking list at Caltech is a mystery.
      Try reading Diamond’s defense of the debunked querty question for real giggles.

  39. One amazing thing about the CO shooter I don’t see mentioned much, who knows if it’s true, but I read it reported that his high-capacity magazine on the shotgun – which would have been the most deadly thing – jammed after only 2 shots and he dropped the gun and switched.

    I don’t know how high of a capacity magazine it was either. But they make those ridiculous plastic double drum magazines that hold 200 rounds of ammo, that would really only be useful if you had full auto. You can put 200 rounds of ammo in one of those things, and if it breaks (which it’s much much likelier to do than a smaller capacity magazine) it puts all 200 of your rounds out of action. If you had put them in 10-20 5-10 round magazines, not only are they much more dependable individually, you’d have to have a dozen simultaneous failures (ridiculous) to put you out of ammo.

    If that story is true and his monster magazine misfed after just 2 shots, even a puny sporting magazine would have given him another 1-3 shots, plus any ammo loaded in other small magazines. And with a shotgun, that probably would have meant more deaths. Possibly high capacity magazines saved people’s lives in that theater (by failing and being less reliable).

    1. From my experiences in the war (Afghanistan), I have zero trust for magazines and autoloading weapons. High cap mags are a joke, they always stovepipe and jam.

      I trust my ability to throw a lever (and the beautiful, functional simplicity of lever action rifles) infinitely more than autoloading actions and spring-fed magazines. You never know when they will malfunction, and they are too sensitive to dirt.

      1. thanks for your service.

        this seems to be consensus i have heard from speaking with people at the range. there is a sweet spot for a magazine in terms of # of rounds. beyond that, you lose reliability such that the extra rounds simply aren’t worth it.

        granted, i’ve seen a LOT of rounds fired through a glock with a high capacity mag that never jammed once, but glocks are absurdly reliable. and we aren’t talking hundreds of rounds. we are talking 30 iirc

      2. “I trust my ability to throw a lever…”

        I will say it again. I think we would get along famously.

    2. are you implying that there are SHOTGUN mags that hold 200 rounds of ammo? not saying there aren’t, but i’ve never heard or seen of such a thing.

    3. Hadn’t heard about the shotgun, but the same thing happened with his AR-15, which he had appended with one of those monstrous double-drum magazines that every Youtube yahoo uses, then fiddles with for 30 seconds after it jams. Predictably, he couldn’t clear the jam and tossed it aside in favor of another gun. The AZ killer was tackled after his high-capacity magazine jammed up the pistol as well.

      I’m still waiting for the prohibitionists to tell me how limited magazine capacity will save lives when shooters carry multiple weapons with them or why there’s no corresponding (and likely deadlier) disadvantage to those who are using these weapons for home defense. It’s almost as though they haven’t considered the possibility.

      Of course, any rational human being would just load up a 30-round clip in the rifle in the closet regardless of what the bureaucrats say, but never you mind those scofflaws.

      1. i think there;s a bit of wheedling and even intellectual honesty amongst the firearms rights advocates, and i say that AS a firearms advocate who does not believe in any sort of ban or magazine limitation

        let’s be honest.

        GIVEN a reliable high capacity mag, it makes it EASIER to perform a mass killing than lesser capacity mags. that’s just common sense. an argument is being made that there apparently aren’t many RELIABLE high capacity mags… fair enough, but that’s a second argument

        if you want to kill a lot of people indiscriminately, having to change mags more frequently makes you less efficient and makes you more vulnerable (during mag changes)

        i think honesty is refreshing and i’m not seeing it from the advocates who will wheedle around any way possible to avoid the obvious fact that a reliable high capacity mag makes it EASIER TO COMMIT A MASS KILLING

        what next? is somebdy going to argue that modern handguns don’t make it easier than flintlocks?

        (not a call to ban modern handguns, but let’s be honest).

        1. Having high capacity magazines which (mostly by luck) do not happen to jam would make it easier to shoot more. But the reality is that even with a bunch of ten round magazines somebody who is determined to kill people will be able to do it.

          And if guns are – through some feat of legislative magic – completely removed from the earth people bent on mass murder will have to take up more effective means like truck bombs and incindeary devices.

          I see no reason to disarm myself just to chase some idiot’s dream of imaginary “peace”.

        2. Why would you call the argument dishonest when, in the past two instances in which shooters have used extended mags, they jammed in both cases? And in CO, apparently *two* guns jammed thanks to extended mags (if an earlier poster is correct–I haven’t verified it).

          I guess it’s possible that the Tucson kid limp-wristed his pistol, but the more likely scenario is that these jams were the consequence of some firearms-challenged sociopaths wanting to play Rambo and buying shitty magazines without any understanding of their drawbacks. Or even how to clear a jam, apparently.

          And in the case of standard 30-round magazines, as I noted earlier, limiting the magazine to 10ish rounds comes at a price to the hundreds of thousands of civilians who use them for home defense. Maybe not a huge price (one life a year, maybe?), but since we’re already straining at the margins over incredibly rare shootings and the incredibly rare circumstance that someone would pounce on a shooter in the second it takes to reload (provided he doesn’t have another gun at the ready–a rare circumstance within an incredibly rare circumstance), I’d say a life or two a year is a pretty big deal in our calculus of lives. Of course, we could just argue about the safety of buckets or swimming pools or butane campstoves and have a much more productive national discussion.

          1. (I got Mary-ed … didn’t know about the 1500-character limit)

            What this absurd debate really goes to show is just how overwhelmingly stupid the greater national debate is in the context of mass killings, as though banning guns or particular magazine sizes is going to prevent the next, slightly smarter murderer who’s feeling the pinch of the Obama economy from bringing a couple of propane bombs into a school cafeteria and killing 10x as many people as the last couple of loons.

            In an open society, there are an almost infinite number of soft targets. Sociopaths are going to be able to kill, and the media–enemy number one in cases like these–is irresponsible and foolish enough to put the last killer’s name on the front page of every news site as reinforcement for the next killer.

            1. how overwhelmingly stupid the greater national debate is

              Proggies generally have an allergy to the notion of individual responsibility, so they naturally gravitate toward blaming inanimate objects.

              Really, its magical thinking of the sort that intelligent people didn’t indulge in much after, I dunno, the invention of agriculture.

              1. Proggies generally have an allergy to the notion of individual responsibility, so they naturally gravitate toward blaming inanimate objects.

                I saw something on a t-shirt that amplifies this exactly:

                The pencil doesn’t make you misspell.
                The car doesn’t make you drive drunk.
                The spoon doesn’t make Rosie O’Donnell fat.

              2. R C Dean| 1.15.13 @ 10:11AM |#
                …”Proggies generally have an allergy to the notion of individual responsibility, so they naturally gravitate toward blaming inanimate objects.”…

                Acting as moral agents, carefully weighing evidence one way or the other is HARD! Making moral judgements means you have to think about it, consider the actual consequences and make choices rather than just fantasize that utopia is within our reach!
                Just vote for the TOP MEN and all’s right!
                Where’s our lazy, immoral, sleazy shithead?

    4. Yes. It was a drum magazine. They suck. They suck moosewang.

  40. The endless discussion about the technicalities of particular firearms, magazines and gun control proposals is pointless. Y’all ( gun advocates ) , as far as I can tell, make serious attempts to be rational and intellectually honest. Not so for the gun-grabbers.

    This is why debates with them are fruitless. In nearly every debate I have seen so far the gun advocates are unaware that two different conversations are going on at once. An exception would be when the NRA met with Biden’s panel and came away saying ” The white house is more interested in attacking the second amendment than stopping school shootings.”. That sums it up nicely.

    They ( gun grabbers ) are not interested in stopping mass killings or in bringing violent crime down. Just the opposite. Fast and furious and it’s sister operations were designed to bring violent crime UP. All of the gun control proposals, if put into effect, would serve no purpose except to accustom people to the notion of gun bans.

    Stop being distracted by the technicalities that they keep tossing at you. You are just chasing your tail. Call them out on what they are guilty of.

    1. The truth is that they want government to have a monopoly on the use of force. They want to destroy your right of self defense. They want a disarmed and helpless population. It is as simple as that. If you enter into debate with them get to the heart of the matter; self defense. Defense against criminals, against a tyrannical government.
      Give no ground to these mendacious fuckers.

  41. Libertarius –

    I hesitated last thursday. I had a chance to buy two Win 94’s, one in 30-30 and the other in 45LC, both at prices that I would consider theft. $300 for the 30-30 and $400 for the 45LC. The 30-30 was a bit dinged up but it functioned perfectly and the 45LC was NIB.

    I went back friday to buy them both. *Sigh* Of course they were gone. I will be kicking myself for a while over that.

    1. That’s too bad, it was a steal on both of them. If I saw a Win 94 in 30-30 for $300, I’d be awfully tempted to quick-draw my wallet and ask questions later.

      Heck that’s cheaper than a Henry Goldenboy lol

      But yeah, I think we’d get along just fine. We lever guys are rare in this day and age.

  42. Common sense (n.) — simplistic reasoning, based mainly on first impressions and unhindered by thoughtful anaylsis. The same kind that proves that the sun orbits around the earth.

  43. Suthenboy,

    Yes, anti-gun politicians are on a cruisade and thus nothing is going to change their minds on this. Much of their base runs on nothing but emotion so you won’t change them either.

    There are some who just never thought it through – they just follow what they have always been told was correct. It is possible to change some of them if you catch them just right but in the current environment I wouldn’t try.

    I have all the EBR’s, handguns, and magazines for them that I would ever want so I hope for my boys’ sake that I will be able to pass them on legally in the future.

    Recently I am thinking more about lever guns since I expect those will be available for some time. Right now just an 1876 in 50-95 and a take down ’94 in 45LC would fill the bill but once I get into a new genre I usually find new interests.

  44. You know what’s more sensible and common-sense? Firing Joe Biden and then resigning.

  45. sensible is code for anything republicans propose will be completely denegrated and will also take food from the mouths of children and the elderly.


    The same guy who signs laws allowing indefinite detention of people suspected of terrorism, who claims the power to kill without legal review, whose administration engages in drone strikes that kill and maim innocent people is now claiming that other people need to examine their conscience.

    The cognitive dissonance must be so strong it has its own gravitational pull.

  47. Search on YouTube for “fast magazine change”. The “issue” of high capacity magazines is a red herring at best.

    1. Gindjurra| 1.15.13 @ 7:18PM |#
      “Search on YouTube for “fast magazine change”. The “issue” of high capacity magazines is a red herring at best.”

      I’m not going to disagree with your point, but merely point out the *entire* issue is nothing other than a vote-buying activity, couched in the ‘SAVE THE CHILDRUNZZ’ bullshit.
      If Obozo thought that outlawing 3-round magazines would buy more votes than what the asshole is proposing, there is not doubt he’d go for that.
      There are times when I have some sympathy for his wife and kids; dealing with such a mendacious shitstain on a daily basis probably isn’t easy.

  48. Still, note that Obama, who a month ago conceded that “no single law [and] no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world or prevent every senseless act of violence,” is now promising just that.

    Where are the fact checkers when you need them? Ah, they’re busy figuring out whether the NRA makes money from assault weapon sales.

  49. Millions of strollers or joggers are being mugged but only one in fifty files a police report, an anonymous call reporting a description of the mugger and location of the crime would make it easier for the victim. Awakening law enforcement agencies to the seriousness of the problem might make strolling or jogging safer.

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