Pandemic Restrictions Are Eroding Our Freedom To Travel

Officials have never liked it when people are free to move about—and beyond their reach.


A collective "huh" echoed earlier this month after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced checkpoints to enforce quarantine restrictions on travelers from places with high risk of COVID-19 infection. While states have imposed similar controls on each other's residents since the beginning of the pandemic, for a city to do so is a big step in the accelerating erosion of the freedom to travel. And it may well be a sign of what we can expect in the future.

"Travelers who have visited 35 designated states or territories with high COVID-19 transmission rates are required to complete the New York State Department of Health traveler form and quarantine for a period of 14 days upon entering New York City," the mayor's office announced on August 5. "The [Department of Finance] Sheriff's Office, in coordination with other law enforcement agencies, will operate traveler registration checkpoints at major bridge and tunnel crossings into New York City."

As with all things done by New York City's government, the reality of the "checkpoint" policy is sloppier than officials would have you believe. Cars are seemingly being stopped at random without regard for the issuing authority of their license plates. Completion of the traveler form is done on the honor system, though failure to comply carries a $2,000 fine. But, however haphazard, the checkpoints are probably a disincentive to many people who might otherwise visit the city.

State-imposed travel restrictions have proliferated since Rhode Island stopped New Yorkers at the border and even chased down those who slipped through back in March.

"Many jurisdictions have responded to the unevenness of the unfolding pandemic by battening down their borders," according to the New England Journal of Medicine. "Nearly half the states have imposed interstate travel restrictions to date… Eight have imposed restrictions on entrants from all states, 12 have imposed them only on entrants from selected high-prevalence areas, and 4 have shifted between these positions."

Americans aren't alone. Canadian provinces imposed similar travel restrictions, as have Australian states. Residents of Melbourne are limited to leaving their homes one at a time, once per day, to shop for "essential goods" within a 5-kilometers radius. Movement is restricted in and out of Auckland, New Zealand.

It's all justified in the name of fighting the pandemic, but that's a flimsy argument. Health experts are highly skeptical of the value of restricting people's movements.

"The results of our systematic review indicate that overall travel restrictions have only limited effectiveness in the prevention of influenza spread," concluded the authors of a 2014 review of the literature on the effectiveness of internal and international travel restrictions published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. "In isolation, travel restrictions might delay the spread and peak of pandemics by a few weeks or months but we found no evidence that they would contain influenza within a defined geographical area."

True, COVID-19 isn't influenza, but it's a virus that spreads in much the same way, and seeps through the same barriers. New Zealand, for example, won praise for sealing itself off from the world to limit transmission, only to have the disease break out anyway in the midst of a surprised population.

These travel restrictions make more sense if you think of them as an expression of government's inherent suspicion of mobility. Officials have never liked it when people are free to move about—and beyond their reach.

"Passports … were invented not to let us roam freely, but to keep us in place—and in check," wrote Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, author of The Cosmopolites: The Coming of the Global Citizen, in a 2018 piece for The New York Review of Books. "They represent the borders and boundaries countries draw around themselves, and the lines they draw around people, too."

Abrahamian points out that travel controls were originally imposed within countries to keep people in place. Only later did they become primarily a concern (in most countries) at national borders.

Looking to the future, Abrahamian fretted that approval for international travel would soon move beyond paper passports and begin "relying entirely on iris scans and fingerprints taken in a split second and vetted by a gigantic database of traveler information." That's a vision of a world in which our biometric information is tied to digital files about us accessible to officials around the world. It's a vision that has been advanced by the pandemic.

"In a contactless world, the adoption of standardized digital travel credentials and initiatives like IATA's ONE ID concept, which promote the use of biometrics for a smoother journey, must be accelerated and adapted to this new context," the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicted in May. WEF envisions a world "where your face and body are your passport" linked to our travel history, health information, and whatever else may be of interest to the authorities who control points of passage.

There's no hint—yet—that such controls are in store for travel within countries like the United States. But there's no doubt that the pandemic has normalized controls on movement even beyond those imposed after the hijackings of the 1970s and the terrorist attacks of 9/11. We've come a long way since the 1960s when "if you had a ticket, you could board a plane." We've even come a distance since the 1990s when you could purchase a train ticket without showing identification. Now we live in a world of standardized REAL ID that must be produced by anybody "accessing Federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and, boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft."

It's easy to imagine the replacement of REAL ID by a world "where your face and body are your passport." Imagining the points at which your database entry might be accessed requires nothing more than a glance at the headlines.

"Freedom of movement within and between states is constitutionally protected" but "the constitutional model is losing right now," Meryl Justin Chertoff, executive director of the Georgetown Project on State and Local Government Policy and Law, wrote in April. "Civil rights groups have been uncharacteristically supine in the face of the actions in Rhode Island, Florida, and elsewhere. They need to step up and test these extreme infractions on rights and liberties in court, as they did during Ebola—because if current measures become precedents the results may be bitter next time."

Since Chertoff penned her piece, a federal judge found some of Kentucky's ban on interstate travel to be unconstitutional. But that was before a new wave of restrictions, including New York City's checkpoints.

Many of these rules are haphazard, unenforceable, and widely ignored. But they're setting the tone for the world in which we live.

Governments always hanker to nail down their subjects so that we're easier to watch, tax, and control. As with past crises, the pandemic is giving officials an excuse to exercise their natural inclination to keep us in place. If we don't push back, we'll lose yet more of our remaining freedom to travel.

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  2. As a Koch / Reason libertarian, I believe the freedom to move into the US is far more important than the freedom to move within the US. So until we #OpenTheBorders, I approve of all lockdown measures.


    1. Sound reasoning

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  3. Say, just out of curiosity, is Reason going to write anything at all acknowledging the United Arab Emirates huge decision to finally recognize Israel as a country and establish normal diplomatic relations after all these decades? Or is it another story you’ll completely ignore because anything that shows this administration in even the most slightly competent light is verboten?

    By the way, you clowns were completely 100% wrong about the assassination of the Iranian general earlier this year and what the outcome of that would be. The same way you’ve been wrong about so many, many things over the last dozen years or so.

    1. Is Reason going to write about the lack of media covering the murder of Cannon Hinnant?

      1. Pretty sure something approaching peace in the near east sort of outweighs that.

        1. “Peace approaching in the Near East this time for sure. Our reporter Lucy Van Pelt has film at 11.”

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    2. Yeah,Reason used to be able to reason,but now seems
      to have joined the rest of the fake-news crowd,I’m afraid.

  4. “There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.
    If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.”

    1. But it will be a peaceful, equity-filled boot.

      1. The equity will be stuck to the bottom, as such things always are.

  5. You’re worried about it but at the end conclude that these rules have been widely ignored and unenforceable. So it sounds like Americans are just living their lives without a by your leave from the oligarchs.

    Well that is now. Wait a few more months and come see the paradise of leftist intentions.

  6. “Travelers who have visited 35 designated states or territories with high COVID-19 transmission rates are required to complete the New York State Department of Health traveler form and quarantine for a period of 14 days upon entering New York City,”

    Uh, a “high COVID-19 transmission rate” compared to what? New York?

    1. This is just a work-around to reinstate a new, enhanced lockdown: “any travelers from New York City must quarantine for 14 days upon entering New York City.”

      1. Which is to crash their own economy. I guess once we are broke and desperate we will welcome food coupons.

      2. All this is a precursor to the ultimate goal: the mandatory psychological evaluation to be required of all travelers wishing to enter New York City.

  7. I don’t suppose anyone will get around to suing under the Full Faith and Credit clause, but I’d love to see it.

    1. Lawsuits and court orders are the only thing that is going to stop this madness.

      1. Are you aware of any that are in fact aimed at *stopping* it? Or will “this madness” just, um, mutate into another form?

        1. But if it mutates into another form, it wouldn’t be “this madness” any more, it would be some other madness.

      2. Suing is so white, so ’90s. If you want to change government, torch an AutoZone. Forms are available at City Hall explaining the new process.

  8. “True, COVID-19 isn’t influenza, but it’s a virus that spreads in much the same way, and seeps through the same barriers.”

    Great thought; now do “cloth face coverings”.

    1. Except it kinda is like the flu.

      And with all the new discoveries (nanobodies, T-cells) and effective treatments HCQ and RFL-100, it almost reduces the view of a vaccine being necessary to ‘save us’.

      Add public officials should knock off the doom-gloom talk and start advocating for enhanced metabolic behaviours including taking in Vitamin C and D, exercising and sleeping as opposed to twisted behavioural modification through stupid fucken masks which are UNHEALTHY.

      The face cloth masks are the big lie of our times.

      This whole thing will go down as one of the greatest hysteria driven by corruption possibly of all time.

      1. Rufus…It ain’t the flu. We can argue about the lockdown, but the virus is not the influenza virus.

        1. Well, obviously. But the IFR for young people and precautions against transmission, and after effects, all aren’t that different from each other.

          I’d say it’s more like the disease of influenza than it isn’t.

        2. No. It’s a planet, like Pluto.
          No, it isn’t.
          Yes, it is.

      2. T cells are far from new. I’m a nurse. It’s how we fight Everything. Remember- Aids which killed T cells meant you’d die of a cold. I cant figure out if it’s poor memory, lack of education or just plain stupidity that is responsive for all of these folks thinking we don’t have immune systems.

        1. *responsible

  9. They have turned the country into a police state. And no government official is ever going to voluntarily give up such power once they have it. Maybe some will but very few of the sort of cretins who run states like New York and New Jersey.

    1. Speaking of the People’s Republic of NJ…

      I recently ‘escaped’ the P.R. of NJ to drive to the Heart of Dixie to visit family. Yeah, the media tells us it is terrible down in Dixie. You know what I saw, a bunch of responsible adults who wore masks in close quarters and did not wear masks when they were walking outside away from others. You know, people with a fucking brain.

      According to the law, I was supposed to call the Health Department, and quarantine for 14 days. Think I called? Nope. Think I quarantined? Nope. But I did make an effort not to go to stores. When I went, it was because I had to. Meaning, my wife told me to go or else. 🙂

      Just passed day 12. Nothing happened. Sunday makes two weeks.

    2. Exactly! Small business owners and people who can’t work from home are being forced into financial ruin by government mandates that time has proven to have only limited or temporary efficacy. There is no logic to destroying the lives of millions to delay the inevitable. Gov. Wolf won’t even sit down and have a rational discussion with restaurant owners who have proven to be willing to do what’s necessary to reopen safely at a capacity that will mean the difference between surviving and total failure. Meanwhile people are throwing bbqs and block parties with hundreds in attendance and barely a peep from 2 faced politicians than some half-hearted chastising. No threats to cut off electricity and water and take away licenses and unemployment for violating social distancing and mask rules.

  10. fortunately, I work at home as a blogger.

  11. People embraced the pseudo-science of masks openly and stupidly.

    We’re screwed.

    There are just too many idiotic people who let fear win the day.

    1. Too many narcissistic people who are unable to change their mind or admit a mistake and consider how they appear to others to be more important than the truth. Once they decided that their “brand” was wearing a mask and doing so was how you signaled your membership in the enlightened elite, there was no talking them out of it, since changing position would mean losing their sense of moral and intellectual superiority.

      1. This would appear to apply to both sides of the “mask debate.” (Intentionally, I am assuming).

        1. The Trump supporters who refuse to wear a mask and become hostile and contemptuous towards people who tell them to (Nardz, JesseAz, Sevo, etc..) aren’t signaling membership to a “brand.” Nope. They are being purely rational. Not showing the world that they’re better than those sniveling cowards who wear masks in public isn’t about how they appear to others. It isn’t about moral and intellectual superiority. It isn’t about thumbing their chin at people with opposing political view. Only the left does that.

          1. They don’t work, sarc. If they worked, I’d wear one.

            PAPRs work. Face shields, gloves, and donning/doffing PPE training works. Staying home when you’re sick works. But a cotton diaper on your face doesn’t mean a damned thing to an airborne or droplet-spread virus.

            Literally, for most of the working population of the US, plus its children, the flu is worse. Higher mortality, longer period of incapacity. For the >50 set, this bug is worse, and if you’re a diabetic, or susceptible to respiratory bugs, maybe you should take greater care.

            For everyone else, wash your hands, avoid seeing Grandma right now, and get back to doing what you were doing before all of this.

            1. I’m not arguing with you. I will only wear a face covering if I’m going into a business with a sign on the door saying they require it. That’s it. However I’m not going to be a dick and refuse to wear a mask under any circumstance and go around looking for a fight like so many people on this board.

              1. Me too. I wear it when they mandate it.

                I’m usually armed when I’m out and about, and picking unnecessary fights while I’m armed is pretty damned dumb. I don’t like the mandates at all, and I am strongly considering voting against the lone Republican I see making an ass of himself on this (Greg Abbott.)

                In Harris County, it doesn’t matter who I vote for. Democrats have this county on lock. One reason I’m looking to move.

          2. No we’re just showing the world that we’ve been on this earth tens of thousands of years and we didn’t get there with immunity denial.

        2. False equivalence. The people who choose to not wear one – like me- base it on the science and data.

          I also think conditioning people to think healthy people are a threat is a bad idea.

          1. You’re in the minority. Most of the people I see who refuse to wear one are Trump voters and/or assholes looking for a fight.

            1. how prejudicial of you.

            2. Most of the people I know who refuse to wear them are hippyish Bernie supporters. But I think you right that it has become a political signal on both sides. I don’t think that accounts for the majority of anti-mask people, though. A lot of people I know think it’s ridiculous. And you could only call one of them a Trump supporter.

              1. I refuse to wear masks. I have to wear them at work and they are of particular quality and even we know those don’t work well! Why the hell would I wear a mask in the real world? Are you all without T cells? How may I ask, did human ever live so long with an immune system?

          2. “I also think conditioning people to think healthy people are a threat is a bad idea.”

            Never thought of it that way, but yeah I agree completely.

        3. No, it’s not both sides. That’s just a another way of admitting you’re wrong without accepting responsibility.

      2. “Too many narcissistic people who are unable to change their mind or admit a mistake and consider how they appear to others to be more important than the truth.”

        This, along with your point about politicians have figured out that disease hysteria is a great way to seize power, and they ain’t giving it up.

        I don’t understand why so many of them can’t admit they were wrong. I was a pretty big doomer in these pages for February through the first week of April. Then again—going by how the Chinese went absolutely nuts trying to control their outbreak—I thought the bug had a 5-10% fatality rate, and nasty sequelae even if you didn’t die. April 5th or so rolled around, I saw that the models I was relying on were diverging from reality, and I thought a reassessment was in order.

        Saw some more studies that showed asymptomatic transmission basically doesn’t happen, and masks aren’t all that effective anyway, and changed my mind there too. Any possible credence I might have given to the fear, got absolutely annihilated by watch politicians’ reactions to the Floyd protests and riots.

        I’ll give politicians and public health types the benefit of the doubt until about mid-April. That was four months ago. This hasn’t been about public health for a very long time.

        1. “I don’t understand why so many of them can’t admit they were wrong.”

          Because the first rule of political authority is to never admit to being wrong. Ever. You double down on your mistakes because admitting fault means you’re not infallible. If they say “Hey, sorry folks but we overreacted” then next time people might say “Hey dude, I think you’re overreacting” and question their authority. Can’t allow that. Must. Never. Admit. To. Being. Wrong.

          1. Yeah. It’s a trait common in sociopaths….so, yes I see the problem.

        2. Do you have a cite or link about the transmission being not likely? I’ve seen mostly – including the WHO – where it’s unclear whether asymptomatic people transmit and that it’s likely it’s rare. Has there been any recent articles on the matter?

          Remember when the WHO said that and people and media went so crazy that had to retract – or at least restate their position. But if you read their brief from June carefully, they’re pretty much thinking along those lines.

          1. I’m going by their loudly shouted examples of asymptomatic transmission—the Chinese lady giving it to her German and Swiss business associates—being retracted and debunked. And also on simple disease transmission knowledge.

            Assuming viral load correlates with symptom presence and or severity—as you would expect from a virus transmitted via droplets expelled by an infected person, and assuming the chance of getting infected from an exposure correlates with the concentration of virus in the infectious medium, someone who has such a low viral load that they don’t exhibit symptoms, is unlikely to have enough virus in the droplets they exhale in normal respiration to infect someone else.

            Further examples, include close confinement—Diamond Princess—where still, a majority of potential new carriers weren’t getting infected at all.

            Finally, the science has been so politicized on this, I’m not sure I’d believe a new study proving asymptomatic transmission as a significant means for spreading infection.

  12. Yes, most politicians yearn for more power, whatever their motivation. But far too many people are happy to give their chosen leaders more power, and those urges drive us towards more authoritarian states just as much as the power mongers.

    I have just about had it with some of my neighbors who whine about how government is not proscribing and restricting enough, and people are not obedient and compliant. This is not about a few rogue wanna-be dictators crushing freedom-loving people, this is about a timid, paranoid herd begging for more shepherding.

    1. My pant shitting buddy is big on ‘doing it for others’ and ‘people don’t listen’ faux-virtue.

      The way I see it, is we have to ride through this fury of irrationalism and pray the damage is limited.

      Out of ten people one or maybe 2 people share our views. Another one or two are reasonable and can wake up and come to our side.

      The rest are sheep too lazy or stupid to see things beyond their fears.

      1. Tony is your buddy?

        1. They’re all Tonys now.

          They regurgitate the authority line and pretend to be free thinkers.

          They’re sheep.

      2. Rufus – maybe I’m in a weird state over in in MT we do have an indoor mask mandate but it seems like (all just my observation of course) all the folks I talk to are sick of them they can’t see change in cases and are following the indoor rule because of the law.

        1. If you were to ask people individually, yes, I think a lot more than we think are already sick of it and have no choice because of the decree.

          But they need to voice their opinion loudly now because the idiots are pushing for a blanket mandate across a country.

          I asked my employees how they feel and they hate it and I’m already finding it’s actually potentially harming them. It’s been hot here and the humidity forming in those stupid things is not safe. It’s CRUEL to put people through something that has limited effectiveness – I actually think they’re useless as a whole.

    2. Millennials are largely composed of mindless bots incapable of independent thought. Its a perfect storm.

      1. Why do you think it’s about millennials? The people I know in that age group don’t seem to give a fuck and carry on like normal. Could be selection bias, I guess.

  13. The chance of dying even if you are infected with Covid19 (and don’t already have one foot in the grave):

    Choice 1: 0.1%
    Choice 2: 0.0%

    Choice 2 is closer to the actual number.

  14. Here is an illustration of how preposterous these travel restrictions have become.

    I have a friend in Maryland who just, earlier this week, took her daughter to college in Ohio. The state of Ohio is on Maryland‘s prohibited list, so when she returns, she will need to quarantine in Maryland for 14 days. I asked her whether Ohio had a prohibited list, and whether Maryland is on it. Ohio has a list, Maryland is not on it yet, but Ohio updates its list every Thursday. She left Ohio Thursday morning, which is fortunate, because if Maryland had been added to the list before she left, she would have to quarantine for 14 days in Ohio before returning to Maryland and quarantining an additional 14 days at home. (it is uncertain to me under these travel restrictions whether a promise to leave the state immediately is an acceptable alternative to quarantining).

    All this is amusing to me because both Maryland and Ohio are on New Jersey‘s prohibited list, which means that according to New Jersey, they are already Covid hotbeds.

    Meanwhile, I have clients who are deeply concerned about employees bringing their kids to college and then losing them for 14 days while they quarantine. One municipality I represent actually came up with a good idea: have the public health nurse interview the employee to determine where in the prohibited state the employee is going, what preventative measures the employee will take, what interaction the employee will have with others upon return to work, and then making an individualized assessment whether the employee actually needs to stay home for 14 days. A rare example of common sense.

    1. Is that the same New Jersey with the highest per capita COVID fatality rate in the nation?

      1. I was going to say NJ is the last to talk.

        It’s all theatre and politics now.

      2. And the same NJ that has probably had enough infections already that another big outbreak is probably impossible.

        This is just a technocrat jerk-circle. They get to come up with all these cool metrics and rules and shit. Who cares if it has anything to do with reality?

        1. I strongly suspect that the travel restriction has as much to do with forcing people to take their vacations in state, Thereby protecting New Jersey’s tourist industry, as it does with protecting health.

  15. And let’s not forget D.C. requiring anyone who’s been to 35 high-risk states to self-quarantine for two weeks.

    1. Unless they are a politician who went to John Lewis’ funeral. These laws are for the little people. It is pure tyranny.

      1. See Mayor of Brampton, Ont. Patrick Brown.

        A snivelling rat not above pulling out the lazy, retard race card.

        He was caught breaking his own protocols to play hockey with his buddies.

  16. We have sacrificed control of our lives and most of our economic activity to that notably incompetent organization known collectively as ‘the government’, and anyone who has read even a modicum of 20th-century history should know full well that *nothing* good comes of that.
    And we have done so as a result of an illness which infects many and seems to cause real harm in few; so far, it has yet to kill 1/10 of 1/2 of 1% of our population.
    After more than 6 months of draconian controls, followed by a mild relaxation of these controls, we find a rise in the infection rate, accompanied by a falling death rate. The governments’ response is to increase controls, which controls, from experience, seem only to have pushed the rise in infection rates further down the calendar.
    At one time we were told the controls would be withdrawn after ‘the curve was flattened’; now it seems they will be lifted after Eastasia is defeated.
    At least some of us are embarrassed at the lack of outrage at such a naked power grab, and I was not alone in calling for rioting in the streets the first day Newsom decided he was dictator thereby ruling when and under what conditions we could leave our prisons.
    It is worth repeating that this grab was accepted by us as a result of an illness which infects many and seems to cause real harm in few; so far, it has yet to kill 1/10 of 1/2 of 1% of our population.
    The path forward and out of this government-inflicted disaster is suggested by Vaclev Havel’s approach (“Post War”, Judt, pg 568):
    “…The objective […] should be to act with autonomy, whatever the regime tries to impose on you; to live *as if* one were truly free…”
    Regardless of the CA ‘mask gestapo’, I wear a face diaper when I must enter a business and nowhere else; any dirty looks get a smile in return.
    No, I will not be tested, since it seems any test is valid for, oh, a week or so at best. Nor will I accede to any ‘tracking’ scheme, regardless of any claims of privacy.
    Simply I attempt to act as if the world is not currently in control of tin-pot-dictator wannabes; if it means a ticket or jail for my actions, I’m your guy!

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  18. “Health experts are highly skeptical of the value of restricting people’s movements.”

    They are _now_. Just as soon as a bunch of governments in Western Europe and North America get together to impose a coordinated travel ban (perhaps to enforce mandatory vaccinations) the health experts who work for governments will suddenly insist that restricting people’s movements is absolutely vital. Any independent health experts who disagree will find their social media accounts locked.

  19. “”Passports … were invented not to let us roam freely, but to keep us in place—and in check,” wrote Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, ”

    Huh? Apparently my reading on the subject was flawed when the post 9/11 “papers please” BS started. It was pretty clear from everything that I got my hands on at that time that passports were produced by the more enlightened countries (UK, France, US, etc.) so that when traveling to places like Russia (where the serfs were part of the land and could not travel or move about), Turkey or any other intellectual backwater, there was a clear statement that this person did not belong to Count Bitcherkokoff or his equivalent cameldriver and was not to be detained. In fact, that’s pretty much what the first page of the US passport still says: “This person is an American citizen, and if he needs help, please assist him”.

  20. We were planning an interstate vacation this fall, could probably still do it, but now there are too many variables in play. Too many places where a state or city or an airport can derail your trip and cost you a ton of money for nothing. Now those areas were were intending on visiting will not get our tourism dollars, hotels, restaurants, activities, none of it. Thanks for nothing.

    1. Yeah that’s the part that really sucks. The politicians seem committed to doing everything they can to sabotage economic recovery. Why even reopen just to put all these rules in place to deter people from doing anything or going anywhere? I can’t believe that this is just incompetence. Reopening was always going to involve risk of exposure and even countries that fared much better have seen increased positive cases.

  21. Passports didn’t work too well when Soros paid to ship all those Muslims to Europe.

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  23. A United States passport is worthless right now, you are not free to travel almost anywhere in the world due to our appalling public health response to a pandemic.

    Your passport is a true measure of freedom and you are being denied it because you can’t bother with preventing spread of a virus.

    America is a failed state……

  24. Covid19 is the most successful marketing campaign of this generation. Has there been a bigger lie more successfully sold to the public than COVID19?

    How can anyone with eyes to see and a brain for thinking look at this now and not see if for the biggest con job of our generation that it is? Even if CV19 kills twice as many people as the seasonal flu its still not that many people in comparison to the population as a whole and in comparison to the damage caused by the lockdowns. Why are we still running scared from this thing behind our masks and social distancing when so few have actually died? Its borderline insanity.

    The only good that will have come from CV19 is how it forced back the identity politics movement. With Hollywood loosing so much money due to lock downs they can no longer continue to fund the money loosing identify politics content that was being pushed out. No longer can these corporations fund money loosing en-devours. Both Marvel and DC publishing are being forced to put an end to the diversity and inclusion BS. I for one hope we did not cross that point of no return. If we continue to push back and tell government “NO!”, something politicians don’t hear enough of then we may be able to come back from this scam. COVID19 is a scam plain and simple. It was used as a means to an end with that ends being more power for governments and less competition for internationally owned corporate run businesses so don’t forget that when you decided where to spend your dollars and who to vote for come election time.

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