Australia Imposes Curfews, Closes Internal Borders To Slow COVID-19 Pandemic.

Will the U.S. be next?


The Australian state of Victoria has imposed draconian new lockdown measures to combat a surge in COVID-19 cases. Some American policymakers are calling for similar actions here.

The new "Stage 4" emergency measures, ordered by Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, impose an 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew on everyone in the Melbourne Metro area, which contains about 75 percent of the state's population.

During curfew hours, only one person per household is allowed to leave the home, and only for grocery shopping, work, health care, or exercise. The rules specify that people cannot travel more than 5 kilometers from their house.

"Where you slept last night is where you'll need to stay for the next six weeks," said Andrews, according to CNN.

Victoria is responsible for more than half of Australia's COVID-19 cases, and the vast majority of new cases, despite being home to only about a quarter of the country's population. The state has recorded 11,937 COVID-19 cases, 426 of which were reported in the last 24 hours. That compares to 18,318 cases across the country, 444 of which were reported in the last 24 hours. Countrywide, 221 people have died of COVID-19 in Australia.

All pubs and clubs in the Melbourne metro area are being forced to close, according to a fact sheet put out by the state government. So are most retail businesses in the Melbourne area, though there are exceptions for grocery stores, liquor stores, pharmacies, post offices, gas stations, and a few other explicitly exempted businesses. Restaurants can remain open for takeout or delivery only. People who can work at home are being ordered to do so.

Funerals of 10 or fewer people are permitted. Weddings are not. All Victorians will have to wear a mask when not at home. Other Australian states have largely banned travelers from Victoria.

Between the virus and the virus-inspired shutdown, economists are warning that Australia's recession will last for at least the rest of the year.

"If we don't do this now, if this doesn't work, then we'll need a much longer list of complete shutdowns," Andrews said. "It's hard to imagine what a Stage 5 might look like. But it would radically change the way people live. Not just rules on when and where you can go shopping—but restrictions on going shopping at all."

Victoria's imposition of new lockdown measures at this stage in the pandemic raises the unsettling possibility that U.S. officials might embrace tighter lockdowns as well.

Early reopening states such as Texas and Florida have already backtracked by closing bars and other businesses at the end of June. California Gov. Gavin Newsom has embraced a "dimmer switch" approach to lockdowns, whereby the state eases or tightens restrictions based on the direction the COVID-19 numbers are going.

Some officials are demanding yet tighter restrictions. Neel Kashkari, president of the Minneapolis Fed, suggested over the weekend that the country impose a "really hard" lockdown for four to six weeks so that testing and contact tracing can be scaled up. Whether American states and cities will go as far as Victoria remains to be seen.

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  1. …the country impose a “really hard” lockdown for four to six weeks so that testing and contact tracing can be scaled up.

    Scaled up, eh? Surprised someone hadn’t thought of that before now.

    1. Is he saying he gets “really hard” when thinking about lockdowns?

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      2. Isn’t it more newsworthy when someone in his position doesn’t get really hard from being able to tell put people on house arrest on a whim?

    2. Hey, it’s not like they’ve had ~7 months to increase testing and tracing capacity.

      1. If we’d had contact tracing in place in ’16, Russians wouldn’t have stolen the election!

        1. And masks! If only THOSE PEOPLE wore masks!

      2. Well things have changed on 7 months. It isn’t about dying anymore. It is about never getting sick.

        Here is the great think about these trial runs….

        50 cities and 13 states have declared racism a pandemic in the US. Currently 20% of CDC employees want to formally declare it a disease. Imagine the shit the left could do with Covid like responses to racism.

        1. That’s when the real shooting starts.

          1. If they do that, I’m hoping that everyone has the good sense to eliminate progressive kind from this country.

        2. If it declared a disease, will racists get ADA protection?

          1. “If it declared a disease, will racists get ADA protection?”

            No, the “infected” will just need to be quarantined. Fortunately, identifying racists is easy these days. I’ve learned from Robin DiAngelo that it’s all white people. They are racists, even and especially if they claim they are not, so we just need to make sure we keep all the white people away from all the non-white people!

            Since we have certainly never tried anything like that in the USA before, I can’t see how anything could possibly go wrong…

        3. If we use any kind of sensible definition of racism, the left will be devastated. They’re obsessed with judging people as members of a group and not as individuals, and they have no problems telling you which groups are good and which are bad.

  2. “Where you slept last night is where you’ll need to stay for the next six weeks,” said Andrews, according to CNN.

    Environmentalists are absolutely salivating at this raw display of state power.

    1. Where you slept last night is where you’ll need to stay for the next six weeks
      Damn. I crashed on the couch last night. I guess it is better than passing out in the bathroom.
      Will they pick up the tab if I slept in a hotel?

      1. Sorry Marissa! I know we were drunk last night and it was supposed to be a one-time thing, but I guess I’m sleeping at your place for the next 6 weeks. Can’t help it… it’s the law.

    2. If only they’d thought up something like the mask trick earlier…

  3. California Gov. Gavin Newsom has embraced a “dimmer switch”

    [insert joke here]

    1. (too easy)

      1. Do you mean because there is no one dimmer than him around?


    1. “I’ve got to drown your son in order to saves lives.”

      “How is that even remotely helpful?”


    2. What about if it saves thousands? Wouldn’t want you to straw man an argument or anything.

  5. Countrywide, 221 people have died of COVID-19 in Australia.

    Jesus Fucking Christ, somebody get me a wooden spoon, I’m off to go conquer Australia. 20,000 cases and 200-odd deaths and you’re ready to declare the zombie apocalypse upon us? These people are fucking panty-waisted nancy boys of the first order.

    1. Well, they started as a territorial dumping ground for criminals, they may as well all be criminals again.

    2. Snakes, spiders, and all the other venomous shit killed off the Australians with any balls a long time ago.

      1. And 1 sting ray, sorry Steve irwin

    3. Well, thank god it’s super serious and totally not just an excuse to see how much they can get away with if they call it an “emergency measure”.

      1. I wonder how many Ozzies are regretting “selling” their guns to the government about now.

    4. “Jesus Fucking Christ, somebody get me a wooden spoon, I’m off to go conquer Australia….”

      If the Japanese bombed Darwin again, the Ozzies would surrender.

  6. Damn, Orange Man so bad he can even kill overseas…..

    ….or the virus is gonna virus and lockdowns only delay things. Remember flattening the curve, to just spread out infections to avoid overwhelming ERs?

    1. Remember flattening the curve, to just spread out infections to avoid overwhelming ERs?

      Oh yes, I remember. Those indeed were heady days. I guess we can never go back.

    2. I don’t understand why you people insist on having a contrarian opinion on like everything you can possibly get your hands on. Life is actually far less complicated when not every widely accepted supposition is a conspiracy theory of evil scientists.

      1. You forgot the quotation marks around “scientists.”

    Four weeks and 300,000 #SARSCoV2 positive tests later, Florida has more hospital beds available than it did on July 5. How ‘bout them apples?

    1. Wait… JFree was wrong again?

    2. It’s because everyone is dying and vacating the beds!


    AZ #Covid hospitalizations: down 35% from peak 18 days ago.
    CA: down 8%, peak 10 days ago.
    FL: down 14%, peak 10 days ago.
    TX: down 15%, peak 8 days ago.

    The Sunbelt spike is over. Deaths lag but those should roll very soon (exactly when depends on how aggressive backdating is).

    1. And the age dependent curves remain. Excess deaths have already dropped to normal. We are freaking out globally, and by we I mean authoritarian salivating liberals, over a minor blip of excess deaths.

      But wear the mask comrade, it makes you a good citizen.

      Social scores are next up.

      1. The only reason anyone got worked up about COVID is because of the deaths. They exaggerated that to make it seem like it was only a little bit short of Ebola, playing up the deaths, trumpeting the daily new deaths each day like some kind of grim advent calendar.

        Now they don’t seem to talk about that. Peak deaths down from 2700 a day to 40 a day? Shouldn’t that be something to be happy about? People have no idea this silly thing is winding down and is about to lose its official pandemic status (which is based on deaths, not infections). I see people posting on other sites to the effect that “this thing isn’t going away.” Isn’t it, though? I don’t care about infections or positive tests. It was not the number of people that would ultimately catch it that made it the stuff of dreams for petty tyrants around the world… it was the deaths, and they’re going away.

        If you’re going through hell, keep going.

  9. So stage 5 is starving people to death. That’s one way to kill the virus.

    Honestly government at every level should fuck off. Set up the hospitals and morgues and take care of business. The economy matters more than some dead. Sorry but it’s true. I’d say no lives matter but you know that already.

    Instead we get weepy clingy moist libs who think every life is sacred or some bullshit. It might be honorable to sink with the ship if you’re the captain but it’s not honorable to sink the economy over feels.

    Oh well the net effect is to get more intrusive government in your lives. Welcome to history 101 where we explore the origins of the 21st century crisis and how the far left took over. They were handed the reigns and drove the horse over the cliff.

    1. I want to know what they plan for stage 6.

      As for the downfall represented by weepy, moist government, that’s what we get for letting women (and men who want to be women) vote.

    2. #nolivesmatter

  10. The new “Stage 4” emergency measures, ordered by Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, impose an 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew on everyone in the Melbourne Metro area, which contains about 75 percent of the state’s population.

    During curfew hours, only one person per household is allowed to leave the home, and only for grocery shopping, work, health care, or exercise.

    Only one person per household let out during curfew hours? For what purpose? You can’t go grocery shopping, there’s no employees at the grocery store, there’s a curfew. You can’t go to the hospital, all the nurses and doctors are at home for curfew. Better hope your house doesn’t catch fire, all the firemen are going to be in lockdown. Right? Or are you saying that some people will be judged “essential employees” and will be free from the constraints of the curfew? Are you admitting that perhaps we need to weigh the risks and benefits of allowing certain people to escape quarantine and perhaps it’s not absolutely essential that absolutely everybody adhere to the quarantine rules? Because if you’re willing to admit that some people shouldn’t be subjected to the lockdown, now you’re opening a whole can of worms on just who gets to decide who’s essential and how these decisions are made. And things get pretty ugly pretty fast that way.

    1. +1

    2. now you’re opening a whole can of worms on just who gets to decide who’s essential and how these decisions are made

      Remember, teachers are so essential that they don’t have to go back to work.

      1. Or even teach a full slate of classes online. 2 hours a day should be good. Good thing we passed those 10% raises last year.

    3. Here in Michigan, you couldn’t walk down the fucking paint aisle at Home Depot and you couldn’t go to the dentist but by God you could sure as shit go buy yourself a lottery ticket!

      1. Heil Whitmer!

    4. Any “lockdown” is a lie and just an excuse for tyranny. You can’t lock down an entire society. Someone has to make sure the lights stay on and food goes on the shelves. So, all it is is the government picking and choosing who can and cannot do business. It is tyranny.

    5. “Only one person per household let out during curfew hours? For what purpose?..”
      1) In the hopes the population doesn’t see that asshole as a tin-pot-dictator-wannabe.
      2) The fucking ignoramus is too stupid to have any idea.
      3) Both.
      He’s hoping to move to CA an be the next governor.

  11. If I live more than 5km from a grocery store, am I just supposed to starve to death?

    1. Yes, for the Common Good.

      1. I just hope it gets counted as a COVID death, wouldn’t want anyone to stop panicking.

    2. If the grocery store is out of range, can I hunt and forage for food within the 5km of my house?

      1. Yes, if by “hunt and forage” you mean loot? You can form looting chains linking everyone to stores.

    3. Then presumably you’re out in the country, hence can live off the land.

      1. I live about 5km from the closest grocery store right now and I live in a relatively large town. I live in an apartment complex and absolutely cannot live off the land.

        There’s a 7/11 within walking distance but it seems odd that I’d be sentenced to 6 weeks of Cheetos, hot dogs and Mountain Dew in the name of my own health.

  12. “Where you slept last night is where you’ll need to stay for the next six weeks,” said Andrews.

    I slept with Victoria Premier Andrew’s wife last night, but if he insists…

    1. i haven’t slept since last Thursday there may be trouble.

      1. “Day 42” is gonna be a rough binge, brother. I hope your dealer delivers, and offers serious bulk discounts. 😀

  13. >>Will the U.S. be next?

    I don’t think Australia has that kind of power.

    1. 10/10

    2. You never know. They have the power to repeal the laws of mathematics, after all.

  14. If it only saves one life.

    We are better than this.

    If we can put a man on the moon.

    How many lives is an economy worth?

    That about covers all the tropes and platitudes I’ve heard.

    1. How many lives is an economy worth?

      I mean… I do wonder how many people the crippling of the economy will kill, but I don’t think almost anyone else can even understand the question. :-/

      1. You’re assuming people will think their memes through. The lockdown has still saved more lives than it’s claimed, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken quite a few already. And I suspect in the long run, it will have caused more deaths than it saved, because poverty kills and inflation causes poverty and the only solution the government can think of bandage the economy is to helicopter the money faster.

        1. The lockdown has still saved more lives than it’s claimed

          Based on the models projecting millions dead? Or based out of your ass? Hint… California same surge as states that opened. Sweden not the worst death rate. Netherlands never shut down schools and are doing fine.

          What is it with the dickless crew here accepting talking points as fact?

        2. re: “The lockdown has still saved more lives than it’s claimed”

          Citation, please.

          Suicides and all forms of domestic violence are already way up while evidence that the lockdowns have actually affected total disease progression through the population (that is, kept someone from ever becoming infected, not merely delayed their infection) remains unproven. From what I see, we don’t have to wait for the long run – it’s already killing more than it saves.

          Qualifier – I will concede that the lockdowns have caused traffic deaths to plummet. But basically no one considers that worth it.

          1. If we had the same death rate as Sweden, we’d be looking at about 185,000 deaths.

            We are at 158,000.

            Meaning we blew up our economy to delay 27,000 deaths?

            If the lockdowns aren’t responsible for 27,000 deaths, they will be soon. And the number of deaths the lockdowns delayed will be shrinking as well.

            Very soon even the densest people will have to admit the cure is worse than the disease.

            1. And that assumes, given the financial incentives to claim a death “Cove Related”, that the number bears even the slightest connection to reality.
              This became a ‘political disease’ along about February this year, and it’s being milked as much as the Ds can get away with.

  15. “Will the U.S. be next?”

    The correct answer is yes.

    We always do everything the Australian do–just to spite the Canadians.

  16. You will note that in a nation of literally millions of people, they’ve had only 221 coronavirus deaths.
    And they are going to go batshit insane over that?
    I wonder how many Australians fell off ladders or drowned in pools

    1. the criminal element of generations of inbred Anglo-Saxons.

  17. So much ado about a virus that for the vast majority will be asymptomatic and for those that will show symptoms will suffer from mild fever and cough. Has the world gone crazy or am I the one who is crazy?

  18. I am NOT a covid denier. It’s real and it exists. But someone please explain how the curfew does anything at all? My sarcastic self wants to ask if the virus is more virulent at night? That walking your dog during the day is safer than walking him at night? Now I normally don’t go grocery shopping at night, because none of them are open. But imagine they were, would it be more dangerous to buy an apple at 9:00pm rather than 7:00pm?

    THIS is why people are so skeptical of the lockdowns, because many of the rules are capricious and arbitrary and make little sense.

    Wearing a mask when in public makes sense. Wearing a mask inside businesses makes sense. Keeping a sensible social distance makes sense. Hell, as much as I dislike it, closing bars and restaurants makes sense.

    But a curfew? No sense at all. Casinos can open but not churches? Makes no sense. I can buy liquor at a liquor store, but I can’t buy shoes at a shoe store. Makes no sense. Non-essential aisles roped off at Home Depot. Makes no sense.

    These rules aren’t there to combat Covid-19. They’re there to exercise government power. Someones the politicians are just in panic mode, but that’s not an excuse.

    1. teh purpose of curfew is so that more people are forced to do their shopping at the same time so that more people are in more contact with asymptomatic carries. this thing can’t spread by itself.

      science already showed a greater spread during lockdown than after science those who had it were stuck with family members longer to insure they get it as well. but what is science for anyway

    2. “But someone please explain how the curfew does anything at all?”

      The story I linked earlier today suggested that a lot of the recent outbreak appears to be about younger people getting together socially–in Europe it was all about beaches and bars. Institute a curfew, close the beaches and the pubs, and younger people will stop passing the virus among them in the attempt to get drunk and screw.

      It’s all based on the weird belief that the law is more powerful than the desire to get drunk and screw. Having known a number of Australians, I’m here to tell you that the attempt to use government to make Australians stop getting drunk and screwing is probably more futile than it would be elsewhere. I’ve known Australians to come to the beaches of San Diego in the Australian winter–just to get drunk and screw.

      My money’s on the Australians getting drunk and screwing despite the curfew.

      1. You’re you probably hit the nail on the head there. Deep down Australia is still a socially conservative place that frowns on kids having fun.

        I had a cousin who spent some time working there. It’s a thoroughly progressive nation, not in the sense of “woke” but in the sense that “government is God and thou shalt worship Him”. It’s like much of Europe that way. But due to their history as a penal colony, there’s still a whole bunch of scofflawing going on, which greatly upsets the proper folk who do what the godvernment tells them.

        1. “Larrikin is an Australian English term meaning “a mischievous young person, an uncultivated, rowdy but good hearted person”, or “a person who acts with apparent disregard for social or political conventions”.[1]”

          That’s what we’re talking about, and it speaks to the essence of how Australians think of themselves. They think of themselves as a number of other things, too, but I understand larrikinism is thought to be one of the characteristics of the Diggers, during World War I, that being when Australians started to really think of themselves as a nationality apart from the UK.

        2. I used to (until COVID broke out) go to Melbourne in Victoria regularly (3 to 6 times a year) for work.

          The joke goes “Melbourne is a fine city” because of all the signposts about the various acts that you will be fined for doing. Whether riding a bike on the grass in a park, or dropping litter or jay walking or not wearing a cycle helmet or any one of dozens of other offences.

          Australia is the second biggest nanny state in the western world, only just behind Scotland in terms of tut tutting.

    3. Also, the banning of travel between states is stupid as well. It helps if you’re trying to stop the infection from getting a foothold. But once it has it’s pointless.

    4. You’re actually a Covid alarmist based on your previous post.

    5. Mask wearing is necessary to get people to accept tyrannical measures like curfews, business closures, and mass house arrest.
      That is ALL there is to the masks

      1. It is a form of companies based on pseudo science (many modeling) that is counter to 4 decades of research. Even the CDC only lists 2 primary limited studies in the sea of support from models; one a Boston hospital where masks were not isolated with the reduced infection and an anecdote about a hair salon where 2 masked stylists didn’t infect patients. That is it.

        But the masks are a social signal and a way to judge compliance to the mandates.

        1. And, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, they provide a physical sensation to associate with (actualize) the imaginary threat – sensory information the global warming story has always lacked, which keeps it imaginary and thus harder to accept tyranny with

    6. As many case studies have demonstrated, a large number of transmissions are coming from people partying.

      So I would guess that the primary purpose of curfews is to stop that.

  19. New science? A virus that can tell time? Well, damn!

    (Now we know WHY they instituted such rigid gun control)

  20. The antipodeans seem to have lost their minds over this even more than Europe or North America. See New Zealand turning hotels into literal quarantine prisons, complete with 60-some year old inmates climbing out of windows under the cover of darkness using bed sheets. To think there was a time when I naively considered Aussies and the US to be kindred spirits with a sense of frontier-hardened self-reliance and individual freedom. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be an apt description of either nation now.

    1. Two weeks of quarantine in a four star hotel – completely paid for by taxpayers including meals and entertainment (so long as it isn’t an escort) – and they decide that they’re so important they can endanger the rest of us by leaving early. Boo hoo hoo. Fuck ’em, I hope their next taxpayer funded meal chokes them. Don’t like quarantine, don’t catch a flight to NZ.

    2. You watched Crocodile Dundee too many times.

    3. I can’t believe that two so-called social democracies—Sweden and Germany—have exhibited more liberty-minded pushback than we have in the U.S.

      Sweden by never locking down or forcing face diapers to begin with, Germany with 20,000 showing up in Berlin this weekend to protest the dictates. One woman summed it up perfectly: “Our demand is to go back to democracy. Away with these laws that have been imposed on us, away with the masks that make us slaves.”

      I don’t doubt that Australia-style lockdowns are next here in U.S. and we won’t do shit about it because we are a bunch of pussies.

  21. “It’s hard to imagine what a Stage 5 might look like. But it would radically change the way people live. Not just rules on when and where you can go shopping—but restrictions on going shopping at all.”

    Say it louder.

    “Master Blaster runs bartertown.”

  22. If the curfew is 8 PM to 5 AM couldn’t someone just move to another place to sleep, Andrews? Your tyranny is full of holes!

  23. Talking to a work college in Melbourne yesterday (who was breaking the rules by being in the office when it was more than 5km from home).

    He’s pissed majorly at this. It was the incompetence of the Victorian state government that allowed COVID to return. The Premier is deep in the pockets of the local union racketeers. So the building industry (which is infested with union influence/corruption) can keep working with hundreds of people in close proximity.

    But he has to go home and wait and see if a bunch of proven incompetents can do a better job second time round.

    1. Pretty sure millions of years of biological life and evolution is what allowed the virus to return

  24. Don’t Aussies know that a good dose of Droxy (Trump’s snake oil “cure”) will put a stop to this pandemic?

    Call the White House quick Australia – Trump will make you a deal on a few million doses.

    1. Even for you this ranks lower than your beloved swamp.

    2. Hint, turd:
      Coke does not improve your intelligence, and yours needs all the help it can get.
      Fuck off and die.

    3. You should kill yourself before you end up raping another small child.

  25. “If we don’t do this now, if this doesn’t work, then we’ll need a much longer list of complete shutdowns,” Andrews said. “It’s hard to imagine what a Stage 5 might look like. But it would radically change the way people live. Not just rules on when and where you can go shopping—but restrictions on going shopping at all.”

    What. The. Fuck.

    221 deaths!

    I can’t even wrap my head around this hysteria anymore. And it’s worrying because lockdowns are the way to go for these asshole leaders we have here in North America. I absolutely see a lockdown coming. How they don’t look at Sweden and not come away with a better way is beyond belief.

    We’re lucky if we get a Pyrrhic Victory at this point.

  26. I went to see Andrews Twitter account.

    One too many idiots supporting this.

    When did Australia lose its verve? I shouldn’t talk because Ontario is just as idiotic.

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  29. If Mississippi can cut the Confederate flag out of theirs, why can’t Australia chop out the Union Jack?

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  31. Perhaps we should just institute a 300% sales tax to fund research on and treatment of heart disease?

    It will save lives.

    1. That’s only one of 19 other more deadly causes of death. Incidentally, flu ranks 16 places higher than Covid at number 3 world wide.

      So far, no mention of flu lockdowns after this over on November 4th.

      1. Don’t spoil the surprise.
        The day after the USA elections are decided, or inauguration day, whichever comes first, the President will announce a total lockdown until all diseases are eliminated.

  32. Because the virus is way more contagious at night I suppose.

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  34. The fact that this spikes are happening overseas a month later than in the U.S. seems to indicate that the mass protests in June triggered the early spike in the U.S..

  35. Because too many people were violating the rules, looking for loopholes and making up excuses. No one is allowed out after 8pm. Unambiguous. Easy to police

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