Brickbats: Let's Dance


Egyptian courts have sentenced two women to two years in prison for "violating family values." Their crime? Making Tik Tok videos. The New York Times reports the videos show them "dancing, singing and clowning about. The clips are tame by social media standards, and nothing that would raise the eyebrow of a broadcast censor in the West." But they've outraged the government. At least seven other women are facing charges for "indecent" social media posts.

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  1. Finally, now do Twitter.

    1. And can you show the indecent posts?

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    1. What? Make TikTok videos and risk getting arrested? No way!

  3. Armed with vaguely worded laws, Egypt’s guardians of conservative morals have long focused on belly dancers and pop stars in their efforts to police women’s behavior. Now they have hit upon a new target — young women who have become famous on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

    In the latest episode of a long-running culture war, an Egyptian court Monday convicted two women, social media stars, on charges of “violating family values,” and sentenced each of them to two years imprisonment. The court also found three men guilty on charges of helping post the women’s videos, lawyers said, and received the same sentence.

    Almost like they felt that last part was hardly worth mentioning, what with it not supporting the main thrust of the argument there. I suppose these are minority women they’re going after as well?

    1. Funny too that the NYT is careful to present these “overzealous prosecutors” as part of some sort of “culture war” without mentioning the nature of the culture – could it possibly be some sort of religion that stands behind the “culture”, Buddhism, perhaps? The Amish? Mormons? Episcopalians? Who knows?

      1. Gotta be careful with the narrative otherwise some people might get the idea that some sort of seeds that were sewn in a season like The Spring are now bearing fruit.

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      2. Easy culture litmus test: if Trump has ever spoken against some country or ethnic group, the Times is for them.

      3. The LDS are surprisingly influential in Egypt.

  4. So Trump doesn’t really need to ban apps, just actually using them?

  5. And yet America somehow still has the highest incarceration rate.

    1. Hey! We punish *serious* crimes!

    2. But which countries have the highest bribery rates?

      1. Define bribery. Do campaign contributions count?

  6. Seems like the moslem countries don’t share our cultural values.

  7. And silence from women’s rights activists.

  8. Cultures crumble over time. It’s a long, sad fall from building the pyramids to the pathetic puritanical culture of Egypt today. The Egyptian government should hang its head in shame over this. They won’t, of course. Perhaps they should pray to Toth to grant them a modicum of wisdom.

    1. I’m thinking a cheer.

      “Ra! Ra! Ra!”

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