D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Tells Retailers To Call the Cops on Customers Who Don't Wear Masks

Armed agents of the state shouldn't be enforcing mask mandates.


D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is advising retailers to call the police if they catch shoppers without face coverings in violation of her mask order.

Bowser's mandateextended on July 22—requires that all persons wear a mask outside of their residence when they will be interacting with someone "for more than a fleeting time" and that "businesses, office buildings, and other establishments open to members of the public" post signage to apply that rule internally.

Videos have gone viral of shoppers across the country resisting such rules. A woman at a North Hollywood Trader Joe's threw a fit after store attendants requested she don a mask: "Democratic pigs!" she screamed. She later claimed he was "yelling in self-defense."

Bowser was explicit about what shopkeepers should do if they encounter anyone who flouts her own mandate. "They should call the police and the police will enforce it," she said during a press conference yesterday.

Two things can be true: Masks are an effective tool in curbing the spread of COVID-19, and we don't need armed agents of the state policing that behavior.

If there was ever a time when politicians should understand the latter, it's now. The debate around police reform took center stage just last month following the late-May killing of George Floyd, who died after a former Minneapolis police officer dug his knee into Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes. Floyd was suspected of using a fake $20 bill.

Bowser herself has been supportive of efforts to improve the criminal justice system, having signed a police reform bill last week. "Black Lives Matter is very critical of police. They're critical of me," Bowser said shortly after renaming the street across from the White House 'Black Lives Matter Plaza' and commissioning a Black Lives Matter (BLM) road mural. "That doesn't mean that I don't see them and support the things that will make our community safe."

Siccing police on mask-deniers is probably not the best approach to upholding her end of the bargain.

Bowser isn't the only mayor to use cops for a mask mandate. Police in Miami have reportedly set up "mask traps," issuing $100 tickets to those who violate the area's mandatory order. "One woman, Johanna Gianni, says she removed her mask in the parking lot of a Publix grocery store in North Miami Beach, when a police officer approached her and wrote her a ticket for not wearing a mask," writes Christian Britschgi. "Gianni told the Herald the parking lot was nearly empty and that she felt set up by police."

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a Republican, explained his reasoning in a Washington Post op-ed, in a co-byline with Vin Gupta, an assistant professor of health metrics sciences and pulmonary/critical care medicine at the University of Washington Medical Center. "In short, warnings to anyone not wearing a mask need to be backed up with the threat of fines and, for chronic offenders, even arrest," the two write. "There is no time to waste on half-measures."

Disregarding Bowser's order carries up to a $1,000 fine, as well as possible prosecution in D.C. Superior Court. Notably, it "shall not apply to any employees of the federal government while they are on duty." Police are similarly not required to wear them while out on patrol.

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  1. Next up… wearing goggles with masks, per Fauci.

    Is this just a secret ploy to continue public educations propaganda of everyone is special? Masks and goggles… next up capes. Everyone is a superhero.

    1. More of a Harrison Bergeron vibe. Everyone’s equal when covered up and weighed down with layer upon layer of PPE.

      1. I’ve been thinking about Harrison Bergeron sooo much lately. Thanks for bringing that up.

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    2. Wear the mask.
      Bend the knee.
      Speak the vow.
      Kiss the ring.
      Demonstrate your subordination, you filth.
      Celebrities know best.

      1. Yeah, wearing a paper mask is just part of a slippery slope. Next step re-education camps!
        Or not.
        Stop being a baby, your an adult. You can figure out when a hard line has been crossed. Its OK, you can wear the mask for now.

        1. Stuff your mask up your ass, slaver.

          1. You stuff your conspiracy theories up your ass fucker. It’s a piece of clothe over your stankey pie hole

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    4. Everyone let me know when you’re ready to force the progressives out.

      1. Until then, you are going to vote progressive?

      2. I’m ready, but the bastards don’t have the manners to come to my neck of the woods. Seditious fucks.


    6. How much you want to guess that this idiot of a woman won’t be re-elected?

    7. Me – Doc, I’m not feeling well – slight headache and dry throat.

      Doc – Well, you’re not running a fever. If anything, you’re asymptomatic, possibly a super-spreader.

      Me – A super-spreader! Doc, have you met my ex-wife?

    8. Funny how that link to the Mayo Clinic saying “masks work” actually says no such thing:

      At this time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved any type of surgical mask specifically for protection against the coronavirus, but these masks may provide some protection when N95 masks are not available.


      Where are the peer-reviewed studies saying masks help?

      Masks didn’t help during the Spanish Flu 100 years ago, according to this peer-reviewed study:

      1. It was widely accepted that masks worn by the general public do not prevent the spread of respiratory viruses just a few months ago. CDC, WHO, Fauci, surgeon general, Australian health service, all agreed that masks don’t work and can be hazardous when used improperly (aka “the way all lay-people will do it.”)

        Then, suddenly an about-face. Now CDC and Fauci were saying to use them. Fauci said he lied to protect the supply of masks for medical professionals, but that doesn’t explain why all those other health organizations that Fauci has nothing to do with said the same thing.

        It also doesn’t pass the sniff test when you consider that when he did change his mind and started saying to mask up, he suggested improvised cloth masks, which were never in short supply, so it would have made no sense to not suggest that in the beginning if, as he claims, he “knew” that they work.

        It was quite evident that Fauci initially saying that masks are ineffective was not the lie. The idea that masks are ineffective in preventing transmission of respiratory viruses is the sum total of all of the medical knowledge and experience our species has accumulated about respiratory viruses and epidemiology in the hundred years since the Spanish flu.

        The lie was when he said masks used by the general public do work to stop respiratory viruses, and when he said he knew that all along but told us not to use masks anyway. Evidently, he thinks it’s not a problem to tell lies that would have the effect of increasing people’s risk of catching the disease if he thinks it serves a greater purpose. If you look a little deeper, you see how true that observation really is.

        From the start, the CDC and Fauci have been claiming that COVID is not spread by aerosol (airborne virus), but that the concern was all about the droplets. That was a rather bold claim, as it is well known that the other respiratory diseases (colds, flu) do very readily spread by aerosol, but they’ve stuck to the “droplet” story like glue despite the total lack of evidence.

        The “droplet” model is why we have the six foot rule (droplets are thought to fall to the ground by then), and why we keep hearing that science has “proven” the effectiveness of masks (to stop the droplets, which becomes “to stop the virus” at some point in the translation to layman’s terms).

        Now the evidence is overwhelming that SARS-CoV-2 is in fact a very typical respiratory virus, meaning that it does transmit by aerosol just as easily as the others. That means the masks (outside of N95 or better respirators) don’t work at all, and neither does the 6 foot rule. If anything, masks contribute to the conversion of droplets into aerosols, making the problem worse, not better.

        I’d wondered why the supposedly science-driven CDC was continuing to stick to a scientifically laughable hypothesis about COVID not spreading the way all the other respiratory viruses do, even as the evidence that it IS just like all the others continued to mount.

        Yesterday, though, I saw an item in the NY Post that brought it all together. The medical establishment was fighting this notion of COVID spreading by aerosol (even in the face of actual overwhelming evidence) because, as it said, the mere uttering of the word “airborne” would scare all of the medical workers into refusing to come to work.

        Think about all of those pictures of the “hero” medical workers with their masks on. They’re the same kinds of masks we in the general public are being forced into, not N95s, right?

        As long as the medical workers could be manipulated into thinking it’s all about the relatively easily controlled droplets, they can be made to believe that their surgical masks (or those slapped on the patients) and standing 6 feet away would keep them safe. If they ever found out that was a lie, they’d act in self-preservation and refuse to come to work.

        So there’s the whole thing. Millions of Americans are being told to wear masks not because they help contain the virus, as they clearly do not, but to make us all into unwitting accomplices in manipulating medical workers into coming in to do their jobs despite the risk. If the CDC and Fauci admitted that COVID spreads by aerosol, the masking and 6 foot rule would no longer make any sense, and that would mean those things are just as useless in a health care setting as they are anywhere else.

        So, mask up, everyone, you’ve got some health care workers to manipulate. Yes, there’s a risk that your mask can make you sick, but that’s just a chance that Dr. Fauci, the CDC, many governors and other elected officials, Wal-Mart, etc., are willing to take. Willing for YOU to take.

    9. How long til burquas are required?

    10. I guess they won’t be defunding the police.

  2. ADA? What ADA?
    Surely just because a mask will kill people with certain breathing diseases is no reason not to require them to wear mask and die.
    No one has a “right” to buy groceries or go to the doctor.

  3. Should talk about how DC isn’t letting Juan Soto play baseball even though he should be able within their own rules.

    1. if Juan Soto plays and nobody watches are the stats real?

      1. They are to Bailey.

        1. That’s a zinger!

        2. love it.

  4. I seem to remember a story from the last few weeks where someone was upset at police and thought they were too punitive and punished people for too many things….or something like that. I’m a little hazy on the details, but I kinda think it was the people like this mayor that were mad and didn’t like what the cops were doing. She’s not saying something that might be construed as contradicting things she’s said in previous impassioned speeches in front of large numbers of cameras right? I’d hate for her or any other politician to be seen as brazenly hypocritical.

    1. Please report to Room 101.

      1. Those responsibilities have been transferred to room 903.
        It turns out that throwing people out of the first floor window is ineffective.

        1. The rat helmet works just as well on the 1st floor as the 9th.

    2. My hypocrisy pointer-outer muscle is exhausted.

  5. If anything good has come out of the mask mandates its all the hilarious videos of fat Trump worshipers throwing temper tantrums in Walmarts across the country

    1. .00000000117/10

      1. Oh come on Judge, you gotta give ’em that one.

        1. .00000000116/10

      2. Your account is rediculous! Not only are you an incredibly harsh judge with no read to your decimal precision, but you also don’t tell us the criteria!
        What is the bigger determinate of the score? Is it the outrage, being the subject and the level of outrage, or is it the prefomative where the score is based on how well you phrase things?
        Your insane grading scale needs to be revamped and you need to tell us the criteria!

        1. If he was transparent, he wouldn’t be an official.

    2. Yeah, it’s hilarious when people resent having to cater to your neurotic, pants-shitting irrationality, especially when they’re arbitrarily being told to wear something that doesn’t work, just to appease your terror over a germ with a .1% fatality rate. Go fuck yourself.

      1. Not only that doesn’t work, but that increases the risk of both COVID and non-COVID bacterial respiratory and oral infections.

    3. Hey! That’s a great point! Thanks for the heads up!

    4. Well….good! Let the Trump worshippers throw all the temper tantrums they want over being forced to wear masks when they go out in public. Nobody, regardless of who they are, or what politician(s) they worship, have any right to put other people at risk for Covid-19 due to selfishness.

      1. My freedom is worth far more than your life, and the life of every other progressive.

      2. So where’s the peer-reviewed scientific study showing how much masks help?

        There isn’t one?

        So then, you’re blowing smoke and pretending it’s something else, like every other brain-dead progressive on the planet.

        Fuck off.

      3. And yet you can have sex in CA without telling your partner that you’re HIV+.

      4. mapol
        July.31.2020 at 12:02 am

        Fuck off and die, slaver. A long slow and painful death.

    5. By “…Trump worshipers throwing temper tantrums..” you mean asserting their rights. FTFY you faux libertarian.

    6. “If anything good has come out of the mask mandates its all the hilarious videos of fat Trump worshipers throwing temper tantrums in Walmarts across the country”

      You don’t have to ask if some raging asshole is a victim of TDS; like all fundies,, they’ll tell you at the first opportunity.
      They get up in the morning hating Trump and gop to bed at night the same way.
      It’s their LIFE!

  6. This all makes sense. The politicians do not live in high crime areas and are not at risk, so less police presence seems fine to them. If they travel to an area of ‘protest,’ they take along personal security. Peaceful is only that if they are not personally threatened.
    Anyone could catch coronavirus, even a politician, so everyone must work together to protect their at risk selves. Any use of force is justified to further this end.

    1. Never trust anyone over 35, baby.

  7. City budgets don’t stop needing fed from the wallets of citizens just because there’s a pandemic and a police reform effort.

  8. “Democratic pigs!” she screamed. She later claimed he was “yelling in self-defense.”

    Words are violence, her argument is sound.

  9. BTW, this is what Criminal Justice Reform looks like at the hands of Democrats of Color.

  10. Don’t call police for theft though, that’s racist.

    There are enough pieces of the puzzle now to understand the left’s plan for “law enforcement”. Convert them to the PC Stasi which both creates jobs for otherwise useless activists and enforces political control. Then informants have a place to report political failings (bias crimes!) the record of which can be used in employment discrimination.

  11. “They should call the police and the police will enforce it,”

    …at least until she has them defunded and abolished.

  12. You can refuse to wear a mask when you’re at home.

    You have no right to spread death In public or while on others property.

    Would you rather people stood their ground?

    1. Spreading death and not wearing a mask in public if you’re not infected are 2 separate things, McCartney denier.

      1. Any delay between testing and results guarantees that you don’t know if you’re infected and says nothing about tomorrow.

        1. And forcing me to wear a mask without proof I’m a risk violates due process. Their burden, not mine.

          But hey, you don’t like the First Amendment, so why not the Fourth and Sixth as well?

      2. A person can be infected with the Covid-19 virus and still be asymptomatic.

        1. Not even the CDC claims there’s a significant spread of the virus that way.

          1. You’re full of shit.

            “ best estimate about viral transmission” is that 35 percent of individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2 may be asymptomatic.

            The number was listed in the CDC’s “COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios,””

            1. We don’t care, you cowardly piece of lefty shit. Your health is YOUR concern.
              Scared? Crawl off into that septic tank you came out of. And stay there.

              1. Says the anonymous dipshit too much of a coward and ashamed of your identity.

                You’re to stupid to recognize that those who know you are already ashamed of you.

            2. There probably is a much greater percentage than that which are or were SARS-CoV-2 positive but do not have COVID… but the chance that they spread it with such a low viral load is somewhere between “very slim” and “none.”

        2. mapol
          July.31.2020 at 12:03 am
          “A person can be infected with the Covid-19 virus and still be asymptomatic.”

          Adn you are proof that fucking ignoramus with a single-digit IQ can type.
          Fuck off and die, slaver.

    2. Why the fuck would you wear a mask at home? Your fear-mongering makes no sense on any level.

    3. Spreading death? The CDC’s own data–a whole week ago–is that the overall fatality rate is .1%. That’s better than seasonal flu. Has everyone been spreading death all these thousands of years of human civilization? The “private property” idea doesn’t fly when businesses exist by government permission and not by right, through permitting, inspections, and licensing that can easily be denied and revoked if they displease their masters. City governments have already shut off the utilities of business “owners” with the temerity to keep operating during the lockdown. Go fuck yourself, with your “spreading death,” and stay home cowering under the table, you pussy.

      1. 150,000 dead in 4 months in the US. Far more than any war in recent history and far more than any seasonal flu.

        Then there’s all the additional deaths as ICU’s are overwhelmed.

        Yes, spreading death.

        1. Enlighten us Rob, where are ICUs currently “overwhelmed”? And by overwhelmed I dont mean one or two hospitasl within a city that may be at capacity but rather a whole cities hospital system.

          1. Here’s a ICU bed availability map of Florida.

            There are plenty of areas with no availability,


            1. Nice that they list the number of beds available in a county, but not the total number of beds, or the number available pre-COVID.


            2. Now show me the same map for the same time period/flue season every other year prior.

              1. What for? It doesn’t exist because this is our first go round at a pandemic in 100 years.

                Dipshits like you are making history as the US cements firmly its position as the global laughing stock in pandemic response.


    4. .0000000000000000001/10

    5. Denying science like you do the holocaust.

      Living is not risk free. If you want to live in a bubble, do so.

      1. Ditto.

    6. Oh shut up you piece of lint.

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me that you are often outsmarted by lint.

    7. Rob, I’m perfectly happy seeing death spread to you and all your socialist anti Semite friends.

      The sooner the better.

      1. It’ll spread to you antimaskers first, killing those around you and leaving some with permanent disabilities.

        Keep it up and people will force you to mask or keep your distance. You may find yourself in detention with other selfish dangerous sickos just like you.

        Don’t worry we won’t waste any medical personnel on you either.

        1. [citation needed]

          1. Of course you don’t think masks inhibit the spread of the virus.

            Or you don’t think the virus kills people.

            You need a citation? Chortle.

            1. Curious, will you be wearing a mask post-Covid pandemic?

              1. Well, if the mask is white and kinda pointy at top…yeah, he will.

                1. Haha

                  You dipshit scaredy bigots, too stupid and bigoted to compete in argument, need to make those better than you the bogeyman.

                  Yes, I’m laughing at you.

                  1. The anti-Semite calling other people bigots, and the Holocaust denier calling other people stupid? Somebody failed the irony unit in high school English.

                    1. Booga booga.

    8. “You can refuse to wear a mask when you’re at home.”

      That’s mighty white of you to grant permission. You sound hysterical with assertions of spreading death. Go drink some more soy to keep your estrogen level up, Robin.

      1. Haha

        You faggots make me laugh, at you.

        1. “You faggots make me laugh, at you.”

          Asshole slavers get their jollies that way, asshole slaver.

    9. If someone’s walking alone, far from others then a mask is meaningless.

      1. Haha. That should be obvious.

  13. Duh, because it’s $1000 a pop! “Please for the love of god, call us if you see a potential source of $1000 for us.”

    1. Minus the $12,000.00 to defend the case in court and lose. That pesky US Constitution keeps getting in the way.

  14. There has to be a book-length article on how governments (especially at the state and local level) are losing legitimacy with their people.

    As local law enforcement becomes increasingly selective (and politicized) people are just going to stop obeying anything they think they can get away with.

    Example. In my town, the West Seattle Bridge is closed because engineers found cracks in the structure. The bridge represents the only way to from West Seattle to the rest of Seattle without driving miles to South Seattle, then cutting back north, just to get to a location across an inlet you can see from your living room window.

    There is a lower bridge that hasn’t been closed, but the city has designated that for Buses Only, no private traffic allowed. I regularly give that “Buses and Transit Only” sign a middle finger and take the exit anyway.

    When there are tents standing under every freeway, dirty needles all over the streets, trash and human waste piled up in every bush, back alley and public throughway, when rioters are looting and burning buildings, shooting unarmed people– and the local government refuses to enforce any of it, fuck you if you think it’s a human tragedy that I took the bus-only lane.

    1. Just document the fact that your car identifies as a bus.

      1. If you claim it identifies as a short bus, you can also accuse them of discrimination against the disabled.

        1. See my ADA reply above

          1. An interesting video by someone claiming mask wearing can be refused on a 1st amendment basis involving freedom of religion. Must claim that wearing a mask violates a deeply held religious belief and violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He tested it out at a Kroger in GA. Even has a form to use to document the civil rights violation.


    2. You are right to an extent, and IMO it’s largely because there are just too many damn laws. They all can’t be enforced simultaneously with current police budgets and so the ones that are enforced are up to the whim of those in charge. So it’s rule by fiat masquerading as rule of law. It would be nice to find an example of a locality which has a government that does very little, but does it very well. That could serve as an example.

  15. Female Democrat acts like a cunt, puts poor people in crosshairs of police for no reason. Certainly nothing new in this story.

    1. She’s just jealous Floyd didn’t die in her city for some sweet sweet grandstanding so she’s busy rectifying that problem.

  16. In a follow up, Mayor Bowser ordered that MPD officers should kneel on the necks of people not wearing masks to keep them from breathing on others.

    1. Well, Mayor Bowser’s absolutely right to get tough on people who refuse to wear masks out in public and don’t care if they spread sickness and/or death everywhere. Kudos to her for doing what she feels is the right thing to do.

      1. Where is the “science“ regarding cops and federal employees not having to wear masks under this edict? Once again, “rules for thee, but not for me”

        1. Humor: When Jerry Nadler lowered his mask during a hearing this week to scold others about not wearing a mask. Haha…

      2. mapol
        July.31.2020 at 12:05 am
        “Well, Mayor Bowser’s absolutely right…”

        Fuck off and die, slaver.

  17. Defund the police!
    Also, call the cops on people who don’t wear masks!


    1. but don’t call the cops on people who wo are “non-violent” protesters aka looters and rioters.

    2. Better to just round up the progressives and force them out of America. They have no place here.

  18. Schizophrenic democrats and their media enablers. And what happens when they call the cops on a black man who gets killed? Will bitch mayor take responsibility? Nope.

  19. “Two things can be true: Masks are an effective tool in curbing the spread of COVID-19, and we don’t need armed agents of the state policing that behavior.” Only one of those things is true, and the fact that you and millions of other scientifically illiterate retards think it’s the first one is why we have the second one. Face diapers are to viruses what chain link is to mosquitoes. Viruses are too small to be stopped by diapering of any kind, including N95 masks, which are not and never were intended to stop the spread of viruses. They don’t even filter TB bacteria, which is far larger than KungFlu.

    1. It is amazing how 50 years of studies showed masks had no measurable effect… and yet models created in theaters year upended those studies without any validation of models whatsoever.

      1. Please site the 50 years of studies.


        At the bottom for validation.

        1. The study: Modeling the potential for face mask use by the general public to curtail the COVID-19 pandemic.

          Key word “Modeling”

          Here are some RCT studies and their conclusions:
          Long, Y. et al. (2020) “Effectiveness of N95 respirators versus surgical masks against influenza: A systematic review and meta-analysis,” J Evid Based Med. 2020; 1- 9.

          “A total of six RCTs involving 9,171 participants were included. There were no statistically significant differences in preventing laboratory-confirmed influenza, laboratory-confirmed respiratory viral infections, laboratory-confirmed respiratory infection, and influenza-like illness using N95 respirators and surgical masks. Meta-analysis indicated a protective effect of N95 respirators against laboratory-confirmed bacterial colonization (RR = 0.58, 95% CI 0.43-0.78). The use of N95 respirators compared with surgical masks is not associated with a lower risk of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

        2. Radonovich, L.J. et al. (2019) “N95 Respirators vs Medical Masks for Preventing Influenza Among Health Care Personnel: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” JAMA. 2019; 322(9): 824–833.

          “Among 2862 randomized participants, 2371 completed the study and accounted for 5180 HCW-seasons. … Among outpatient health care personnel, N95 respirators vs medical masks as worn by participants in this trial resulted in no significant difference in the incidence of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

        3. Cowling, B. et al. (2010) “Face masks to prevent transmission of influenza virus: A systematic review,” Epidemiology and Infection, 138(4), 449-456. review/64D368496EBDE0AFCC6639CCC9D8BC05

          None of the studies reviewed showed a benefit from wearing a mask, in either HCW or community members in households (H). See summary Tables 1 and 2 therein.

    2. including N95 masks
      This is, in fact, not true. N95 grade masks are technically considered respirators. When properly equipped and used it DOES offer a substantial protection against virus particles. They are recommended for healthcare personnel who are working directly with people infected with TB, ebola, smallpox, rhinovirus, and others.

      That said the rest of your post is correct. Your fence analogy is perfect.

      1. Also, most n95 masks have one way valves that allow your exhalations to be vented unfiltered. Thus, you are not “protecting others”.

        1. Its a velocity thing, not a 100% filter.

      2. I have a feeling that the N95 masks will be recommended for everybody, if this Covid-19 pandemic goes on long enough

    3. The masks stop the droplets of aerosol within which the virus may be present. No they don’t stop airborne virus transmission, but they do help to stop aerosol virus transmission. The “chain link fence” won’t stop the mosquitoes from entering your yard, but it will help to stop the deer from entering your yard.

      And again it is a matter of courtesy and respect for others.

      1. And again it is a matter of courtesy and respect for others.

        Mandatory by law, with fines or jail time for violators.

        The simple fact is most people don’t use masks at all correctly, and any perceived benefits you can cite vanish once they aren’t used correctly. That’s on top of the known fact they don’t filter viruses.

        So you may ‘feel better’ when you see someone with a mask, but rest assured they have touched the mask and then touched near 100% of the things you’re going to be touching.

        The irony of releasing people from prison because of the pandemic, only to put other people into jail because of the pandemic.

        1. I’m not talking about the mask mandates. Those are wrong, but because of the coercion, not because wearing a mask is a bad idea.

          And yes a lot of people are using the mask wrong. I see it daily. But don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

          1. If you’re not sick and no one around you is obviously sick (as in symptomatic: coughing, etc) then the mask does nothing. It’s not protecting you. It’s not protecting anyone else. It’s just there to gaslight people into believing there is an apocalyptic pandemic on the loose.

            1. Just for numbers.
              Last year Florida averages 88 deaths per day from heart disease (typically the No. 1 killer).
              Today, I think Florida is at 253 deaths per day from COVID-19.
              -note daily data does lag, in was 180 per day 2 weeks ago.
              So your fake pandemic is now the No. 1 killer (at least in Florida)

              As for the effectiveness of the mask to reduce the pandemic:

              That study related the efficiency x the percentage of people wearing the masks directly to death rate.
              You can see N95 mask efficiency they modeled outward at 70-100%. To really affect death rate, you need high 90% usage.
              At the end of the modeling study, they do compare to real numbers in big cities.

              Please site your counter study

            2. If you’re not sick and no one around you is obviously sick (as in symptomatic: coughing, etc) then the mask does nothing.

              So, what if you don’t know if you are sick, and what if you are in an enclosed space with strangers whom you don’t know if they are sick or not? What then? Maybe the courteous and respectful thing to do would be to wear a mask, out of caution.

              It’s just there to gaslight people into believing there is an apocalyptic pandemic on the loose.

              This is the same type of paranoiac thinking that the radical feminists use when they object to men holding the door open for women. “You’re just submitting to the patriarchy!!!!” No, it’s a simple gesture of courtesy. That’s all. Put down the flamethrower and just think about the Golden Rule for a moment. How would you want to be treated by strangers who didn’t know if you were sick, if you were at increased risk of being sick? Would you want them to be courteous and respectful to you? Or would you want them to be paranoid asshats who used a tool of precaution as a political statement instead?

              1. Would you please read what you write. You are advocating public shaming, if not criminalization, for masking to protect from an illness that is highly contagious simply for the fact that most people producing the virus have no symptoms at all and mostly kills people who would die of something else soon anyway. If this level of fear were around during a smallpox epidemic, whole cities would have burned out to eradicate the danger to your Mee-maw. Smallpox kills infants, children, and breeders , making it an actual existential threat, unlike COVID, which almost exclusively kills non-producing non-breeders and is not even a remote danger to the human species.

                You are scared because they told you to be scared and you want other people to be scared because it makes the mean president that you hate look bad.

                Now go and change your pants, you reek of urine and desperation.

              2. So, what if you don’t know if you are sick
                Are you coughing? Do you have a fever? Are you displaying symptoms of illness? IF SO THEN YOU ARE SICK AND SHOULD AVOID SOCIALIZING WITH OTHER PEOPLE UNTIL YOU ARE WELL.

                However, if you are NOT sick, if you do not display any symptoms of sickness, then regardless of whether you are silently carrying the dreaded DEATHPLAGUE2K19 (CFR: <0.5%) you are not a danger to the general public. You do not exude enough virus particles through normal breathing and talking to pose a serious risk to anyone.

                But perhaps you think I'm making this up. Perhaps you believe I'm simply reposting some tired unfounded conspiracy theories I found on Facebook. Oh no, I'm quoting the CDC:
                “Reported cases of infected persons who transmitted the virus to others while presymptomatic or asymptomatic have occurred within families or households (9–11,13–17), during shared meals (10,12), or during visits with hospitalized family members (9,13).” So basically doing the sorts of germ sharing things that families do (i.e. not a trip to the grocery store). If you aren’t coughing on people the only way to get them sick is to share your germs with them in a much more intimate manner than most people experience in public life.

                But let’s assume that doesn’t convince you. You still believe that the risk exists, therefore everyone should wear masks. Except the masks don’t do anything for people who aren’t coughing. As you pointed out in the very beginning, the chain link fence won’t keep out mosquitos but it will keep out deer. Asymptomatic transmission through basic exhalation, if it even exists (and there is no evidence that it does), would BE the proverbial mosquitos. Droplets of mucus ejected from coughing, sneezing, etc. THOSE are the deer. So if you aren’t coughing and aren’t symptomatic then, at best you aren’t dangerous, at worst a mask won’t make you any less dangerous. Universal masking is peak alternative medicine. It is a magical talisman against bad juju. It serves no purpose beyond whipping people into a frenzy of hatred against the unmasked.

          2. But don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

            OK, border wall it is.

    4. 2 things
      1) Masks reduce the velocity of expectorants.
      2) Covid typically attach to moisture droplets (your lungs are not bone dry) and those are stopped by the masks

      Or at least slowed down.

      Bottom line, social distancing has worked. The problem is the states that opened up too quickly and pretty much wiped out any gain made during the earlier lock downs.

    5. Furthering your fence analogy, if you want to keep rabbits or mosquitos out of a relatively small area for a relatively transient amount of time, you use a chain link fence or a mosquito net. But in order to operate freely over large areas and adverse conditions without suffering mosquitos or rabbits. You shoot or trap all the rabbits and you oil or spray for mosquitos.

      The idea of putting up fencing or mosquito netting around every property in the US to control the spread of rabbits or mosquitos is laughable. And not even “good as the enemy of perfect” laughable, just laughably bad.

      A fresh, out-of-the-box N95s make sense in a clinical environment where the clinician can walk away from the patient to eat, sleep, relieve themselves, etc. The real world, where you have to sleep next to someone without a mask on, work with people who take their masks to the bathroom with them, and eat lunch with people who borrowed their spouse’s mask this morning… the idea that even N95s do anything, is laughable.

  20. To report mask violations, retailers are to call 815-867-5309

  21. Everyone should wear an Obama mask if only for the free prizes.

    1. Does that qualify as wearing half-black face?

  22. Coming from the perspective of an old, white, Canadian guy I think that renaming a street across from the Whitehouse, “Black Lives Matter Plaza” is more than just a bit of political pandering. Up here in the Great White North our useless elected officials are still stuck at smoking environmental activist bone. Maybe Mayor Bowser relaxes like Marion Barry after a hard day of managing her optics.

    1. Viva Frei reports Trudeau has been hit with his 3rd Ethics scandal: the Me/We charity slushing money to Justin’s family & friends while receiving major govt contracts.

      Has he scheduled his heartfelt apology presser yet?

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  24. Arrest those pesky non mask wearing shoppers, but never mind the looters and rioters. typical liberal BS.

    1. Arrest the non-mask wearers AND the looters and rioters! That’s the way to go!

      1. And then they release the looters and rioters without bail, but not those horrible non-mask wearers.

        1. You mean those horrible white folks.

  25. Why is this so impossible to deal with? Ever encounter “No shirt, no shoes, no service”? And there was once a time when you were not allowed to take a dog into a place that sold food due to health rules (although, apparently service dogs, pot belly pigs and miniature horses for the very, very nervous are no longer a health issue for some reason). Also, while the need for such rules are now obsolete in most places, spitting was once a cause for immediate ejection from a business, if not prosecution.
    So what’s the problem? The proprietor of a private business has few reasons any more that he can refuse service but not running afoul of public health laws (bare feet, spitting, etc.) is certainly one of them. Having told someone they have to leave, if that someone gets hostile, it is fitting and proper that they call the police, no?

    1. Philo, follow my finger.

      It’s ok if a business asks it or people voluntarily do it.

      It’s quite another matter when it’s MANDATED UNDER THE THREAT OF COERCION.

      If a business requires it so be it. I have a choice to wear one or keep walking. I keep walking.

      But fining people or worse for something that is essentially a ‘shot in the dark’ not only tramples on civil liberties (remember that?) but promoting pseudo-science and stressing mental health.

      1. I’m looking forward to the black hole of cognitive dissonance that will consume the world when the cops choke a black man for not wearing a mask.

        1. I keep reminding people of the lack of cognitive dissonance at how a number of cities across the country, almost overnight, repealed their plastic bag bans when coronavirus hit as COVID seeped into their consciousness. I think it was LA that had just voted for their ban and was getting ready to implement it when *poof!* no more reusable bags. Pretty much the exact same thing happened with plastic straws. When you talk to people about it it’s like they just woke up from a hangover. “I remember something about straws being bad for the environment but I don’t remember why I thought that.”

          Similarly, barring some intervention, in 10 yrs. I expect beaches, gutters, and ditches to be inundated with masks and cloth face coverings. They’re already pretty ubiquitous in gutters.

        2. This is the funniest comment I’ve read this week. Well done.

        3. …and a White woman called 911.

      2. However, in order for it to be effective, a high percentage must comply. So, can we just beat the shit out of idiots that don’t wear masks?

        1. What happens when they fight back and you lose?

  26. Cunt Mayor follows fake science about mask hysteria to coerce people to wear through cop enforcement like only a cunt can.

    I swear 2020.

    1. As opposed to your real science. Pray tell.

  27. If they say lie down, you’ll do it
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    If they say–wasn’t that good–you’ll do it
    If they say–bend over baby–you’ll do it
    If they say–take it and like it–you’ll do it

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  30. The Mayor supported supported a BLM sign in huge letters on the street, an organization that wants to defund the police and she wants police to enforce her order also.
    DC Rep. Eleanor Norton who backed defunding the police got caught asking where are the police when rioters were getting out of hand.

    The stupidity never ends.

    1. Look at her. There’s close to zero chance this woman has a triple digit I.Q. Which actually makes her a perfectly fitting representative of D.C.

      1. Maybe she’s the reincarnation of Roman Hruska, who infamously said defending one of Nixon’s so-so Supreme Court appointments: “Mediocre people need representation, too”.

  31. What cops, doesn’t she want them all fired?

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  33. No one wears masks at home. And most people don’t wear masks outside because it’s hugely uncomfortable to wear, not out if some constitutional objections. Aside from mask mandatory places like Walmart, 80% of angelenos do not wear masks outside. I see unmasked Latino and blacks play football and volleyball at parks all the time. Outside patios for restaurants, yeah no masks there.

    Covid is spreading here because people want to do what they want to do. They want to protest in huge numbers, they do. Blow dope smoke at each other’s face in park benches, they do. Go out to eat at outdoors patio instead of making food at home and save 40 bucks, they do.

    We have 330 million people and a quarter of that are vulnerable minorities. Good luck mandating total mask usage, winning the Vietnam war might’ve been easier. Totally unenforceable, especially when race becomes an issue.

    There isn’t going to be total victory. The government has to realize that it has to reopen society while covid is still here. There is almost no other way.

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  35. “Derp Derp Derp Armed agents of the state shouldn’t be enforcing mask mandates Derp Derp Derp.”

    Because Derp Derp Derp suicide bombers have the right to murder people Derp Derp Derp

    1. Need help with that strawman, asshole? mapol and Misek upthread are cut from the same stinking cloth.
      Fuck off and die, slaver.

  36. Bowser: “We want the police to arrest grandma for not wearing a mask. Oh, and we also want to defund those same police.”

  37. DC Mayor Bowser said that Tommy Tuberville was required to complete a 14-day quarantine in DC b/c he arrived from Alabama. Will she enforce the same rule on the attendees of John Lewis’ funeral in Selma?

  38. The penalty for failure to wear a mask should resemble the penalty for ignoring a stop sign or red light.

    The appeasement of anti-social misfits in this context should be slight.

  39. But she wont call police on looters or rioting “peaceful” protesters not wearing masks . Go figure. Stupid liberals go along with this hypocrisy.

  40. Go after this bitch in both her official and personal capacity. Tort litigation in Common Law jurisdiction.

    Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law

    Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.

    The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

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