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Trump Humiliates Jeff Sessions One Last Time

Plus: White House drops student deportation plans, Breonna Taylor protesters arrested, Josh Hawley's fake rescue mission, and more...


Sessions shows where trusting snakes gets you. There's a parable President Donald Trump loves to tell, about a woman who trusted a snake. The tale, from the 1968 Al Wilson song "The Snake," ends with the reptile admonishing a woman: "You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in." (It is, like so much of Trump's reign, on the nose enough to make living-in-a-simulation theories seem a little less kooky.) Former senator and attorney general Jeff Sessions might have done himself well to listen better when Trump told this story the first few times. 

Sessions was an early cheerleader for Trumpamong the first in the Washington establishment to welcome him in. And, as the very first senator to endorse him for president, Sessions was rewarded once Trump took office with a promotion to attorney general. Once there, Sessions pushed for and presided over some of the worst of the Trump administration's immigration initiatives. (Sessions "was not only for 'the Wall' before Trump thought it was cool, he's against legal immigration, too," as Anthony Fisher pointed out in 2016.) 

But Sessions quickly crossed Trump by recusing himself from the Russia investigation. And if there's one thing we've learned about the president in the past few years it's that he can't stand any perception of less than lapdog-like loyalty.

"Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and I would have picked somebody else," Trump told The New York Times in July 2017. The president then continued to slag Sessions in public and private for the rest of his time leading the Department of Justice (DOJ), eventually showing Sessions the door in November 2018.

Trump apparently wasn't satisfied with pushing Sessions out of the DOJ, however. Come Sessions' announcement that he was running for his old seat in the Senate, Trump starting cheering on his Republican rival, former college football coach Tommy Tuberville.

On Tuesday, Tuberville beat Sessions with 60.7 of the vote to Sessions' 39.3 percent, and Sessions became "a one-man cautionary tale about the risks of linking one's career to a mercurial president to whom loyalty meant everything," as The New York Times put it.

Still, let's be clear: Sessions' loss is America's gain. "Reminder: Jeff Sessions Is a Drug War Dinosaur and Should Be Nowhere Near Government Power," is a good place to start for more on that, though you may also want to see "8 Ways in Which Jeff Sessions Sucked" or "13 Reasons Jeff Sessions is a @$#/!"

Tuberville will face off against Democrat Doug Jones in November.


  • Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) said he "took on an Asian trafficking ring" and freed a dozen women from sex slavery. It's not true.
  • "Trump's former White House physician, Ronny Jackson, won in Texas and is all-but-certain to come to Congress in January," reports Politico.
  • "Will tech companies resist orders to cooperate with demands for information to root out dissidents" in Hong Kong?

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  1. The White House is dropping plans to deport international students.

    “Made you look!”

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    2. Hello.

      ‘Walls, Andy. WALLS!’ Les Nessman.

    Countless labs have reported a 100 percent positivity rate, which means every single person tested was positive. Other labs had very high positivity rates. FOX 35 found that testing sites like Centra Care reported that 83 people were tested and all tested positive. Then, NCF Diagnostics in Alachua reported 88 percent of tests were positive.

    How could that be? FOX 35 News investigated these astronomical numbers, contacting every local location mentioned in the report.

    The report showed that Orlando Health had a 98 percent positivity rate. However, when FOX 35 News contacted the hospital, they confirmed errors in the report. Orlando Health’s positivity rate is only 9.4 percent, not 98 percent as in the report.


      Over the weekend, Florida made international headlines when it reported a shocking number of positive COVID-19 test results: More than 15,000 in a single day.

      But it turns out that report contained numbers gathered over several days by a single laboratory.

      More than 7,000 of the 15,000 positive cases reported have been traced to GENETWORx in Richmond, Virginia. The company, which is Florida’s fourth-largest processor of tests, said in a statement it looks like the Florida Department of Health reported in a single day, lab results that had been collected over the course of four to five days.

      1. This has been an ongoing issue that is obvious from every Monday morning spike in the data. Yet journalists appear to be too dumb to understand this.

      2. See, once the socialists take over a state, you can never again trust any data from that state, even if it is supposedly from a ‘private’ company.
        (that the company is dependent completely on government good will for income is not a factor, it says here)

        1. See, once the socialists take over a state, you can never again trust any data from that state, even if it is supposedly from a ‘private’ company. no matter where they claim it came from.


      3. yep, saw this. Makes me think maybe an investigation should be started into other states on how they’re reporting these numbers

      4. 2 nights in a row, the national news on TV started out with a story about these astronomically large lines to get tested. One night they gasped that 1/3 of the people tested tested positive. The next night they gasped that 1/4 of the people tested positive. But that means that 2/3 on one day and 3/4 on another day of these people waiting in line for 18-20 hours at a time, tested negative. Are they even bothering doing pre-screening anymore? Those lines and wait times could have be cut by 2/3 or 3/4, but, then again, I guess they wouldn’t have had enough sensationalism for a story.

        Headline: “Three Quarters of People Wait In A Line For 20 Hours In The Baking Sun For No Reason”

    2. 9.4% vs 98%. Pretty much the same thing. Stop mathsplaining everything.

        This is a scandal begging for press coverage:

        333 FL Covid Testing labs reported 100% positive tests today in State Report for 3,528 tests.

        That is 34% of today’s 10,360 new cases.

        Without these, today’s “percent positive” would fall from 12.6% to 8.7%.

        1. Trump should be tweeting this stuff from the rooftops.

      2. Math is racist anyways.

        1. Racist, sexist, and appropriated form other cultures.

    3. If you use enough rounds of amplification with PCR, a ham sandwich is positive.

      1. And papaya

      2. This is what happens when you do data analysis without an integrated data pipeline. I have done this before, and I know exactly what happened.

        3 months ago, everyone was fixated on the number of positives. This was for good reason, as it is critical for contact tracing. So labs, government, and everyone in between focused on executing and testing and reporting positive tests.

        Flash forward 3 months and everyone realizes the problem with increasing tests not giving a true understanding of the rate of infection spread. So people just start looking for test positivity percentage. But those requirements never go back to the *pipeline*, which has always just been about getting positive results out.

        I definitely think that politics has allowed people to scream at each other rather than do the hard work of actually building contact tracing programs and the like. They would rather look at excel spreadsheets rather than track people down and talk to them. (I said the same thing back when this was starting and no one had data on hospitalizations- reporters were content to just go to the website and pull whatever was there, without picking up the phone.)

        Overall, this has continued to give me tons of case studies to give my employees about understanding requirements and the sources of your data.

        1. It’s also what happens when you try to do data analysis or comparisons when the underlying data itself is incredibly ‘dirty’. Different methods for collecting make it almost impossible to use it for more than getting a general sense of where healthcare resources might need to be directed. It certainly isn’t reliable to try and score political points or pretend America is somehow uniquely failing in it’s response.

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    4. I’ve made this observation many times. Data without error bars is meaningless. One lab reporting fucked up results calls into question (or at least should) the data from all the labs. What is the error rate in each state? The error rate of each lab? The error rate of the technicians collecting the samples and running the test process? How has the testing processes changed over the last six months?

      I hope people will starting thinking about these things now instead of just “Trust the science”. Then again, I’ve always been an optimist.

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  4. Nearly 90 protesters were arrested for gathering in the front yard of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to call for the arrest of the police officers who shot Breonna Taylor.

    They found out who gets to call for whose arrest.

    1. Demanding that the guy who pulled the trigger when he was fired at be prosecuted for murder is stupid at epic levels.

      Go be mad at the people who wrote up and approved the warrant and the raid. But the guy who returned fire? That is insane.

    2. The protesters are limited.

      The KY AG is black.

  5. Black Lives Matter Mob Invades Dallas Restaurant, Tries to Start Riot
    Mindless chaos as mostly white BLM agitators scream at black families.

    1. Mindless chaos as mostly white BLM agitators scream at black families.

      I’m sure that went over really well with those black families that were just trying to enjoy a meal.

      1. One of the guys recording the incident was dunking on them hard. It’s all fun and games until these retards start intruding on your personal space.

        1. Saw that video, the dude was not having it, especially since the cops teargassed part of the patio apparently. Looked like some of the customers were ready to square up too.

    2. The whole incident was caught on camera by an African-American man called Damani Bryant Felder who denounced the mob as “ruining an otherwise peaceful evening with their BS.”

      “This is marxism, cultural marxism to a tee, they did not come out here to be heard, they came out here to create a scene,” states Felder, noting that the restaurant was full of both white and black people, as well as a black musician, enjoying a peaceful evening before BLM agitators showed up.

      “They came out here to create a scene and now they’re acting like they’re the oppressed people,” asserts Felder, adding, “They brought this on this entire establishment because they cannot fucking behave and they can’t learn to express themselves like adults.”

      Spot on analysis. I wonder how many black people have been “red pilled” the last few weeks because of this kind of non-sense? At this point I have to wonder if these perpetual children are doing more harm than good to their own cause.

      1. I am left to wonder that as well. A lot of black people are culturally very conservative. A bunch of stupid, obnoxious white people screaming at them at dinner no doubt did not go down well. Basically, woke white people are a scourge. I can’t help but wonder how many black people are figuring this out.

        1. It’s not just black people that are seeing it either, I think a lot of more moderate people who typically vote D are questioning it right now. The Democrats response to widespread rioting has been terrible, and average people aren’t going to ignore it just to appear woke.

          The stats Ken posted yesterday were enlightening. Record numbers of guns being sold, and 40% of them to first time buyers. That can’t be accounted for by rednecks in flyover country, that’s a lot of suburban liberals realizing that the animal they’ve been feeding for years is in fact rabid and will eat them at the first opportunity.

          1. I think a lot of more moderate people who typically vote D are questioning it right now.

            There was one of Tim Pool’s videos a couple weeks ago where his co-host, Adam Krigler (Crigler? Not sure of the spelling), who’s a pretty typical mostly apolitical, maybe left of center but not overly ideological person – in other words kind of a typical person – actually said on camera that he was voting for Trump because he’s sick of the far left’s shit as well as the media’s lies. This is a guy who voted for Obama in ’08 as a first time voter. Not sure if he’s ever said who he voted for in ’16, but he’s officially on board the Trump train for 2020. That’s just one example of that sort of thing but there’s bound to be more.

            Oh, and the punchline: a clip of the video was shared on Facebook and watched over 2 million times… until Facebook deleted the video as well as any and all re-posts. They completely 86’ed it from existence. I’m sure that totally taught him the error of his ways and got him back on the D plantation. /sarc

            1. They had a follow-up vid on that too, so funny story, that 2 million views? That was only on 1 reupload, they know it got a bunch more than that. Adam was wondering if he posted the vid himself on facebook what the excuse would be for them taking it down. Apparently Diamond and Silk had a video not to long ago that got 90 million views too.

          2. a lot of more moderate people who typically vote D are questioning it right now

            The marxists think that the iron is hot and it’s time to strike, but they’re overplaying their hand. They’re letting too many people see their true colors and reality is clicking in too many brains for them to be successful with this recent push.

            1. Once again, I think they overestimate how much Seattle and Portland matter. Just because those hippies put up with this bullshit doesn’t mean the rest of the country will. Those cities are important for other reasons though; they are viewed as what a progressive “goal” looks like.

              I’m amazed the Democratic party hasn’t called Seattle’s mayor to task yet. Between CHOP and her public cries to outright end capitalism, she might lose a lot of elections for Democrats clear across the country. What the left does in Seattle today is what they’d like to do nationwide tomorrow if they had the chance, and a lot of moderate people are rightfully terrified of that.

              1. That, along with AOC’s attributing a wave of hard crime to parents shoplifting bread is really exposing the utter banality of both the socialist and the racial justice advocates.

          3. We also need to account for those on the left who won’t speak out against the mob for fear that they’ll be next.

            The voting booth, however, is private. I’d bet a lot of center left Ds will either abstain or vote red.

      2. I think a better question is will blacks trace this behavior back to “Black Studies” or any of the numerous pundits speaking towards systems of oppression and the like?

        Can’t shake the devil’s hand and say you’re only kidding.

        1. Whoa, TMBG fan? Nice. Fitting to pull from Your Racist Friend.

      3. “The restaurant was FULL of……..”

        See, that’s the problem right there. The protesters were just pointing out the blatant disregard for Covid protocol. This place was clearly over capacity.

        They were just trying to keep people safe. Lighten up.

    3. “May we see your official BLM membership cards, please?”

      1. I know right, right? The journalist writing this story could have accurately reported that some of the people were carrying signs that said, BLACK LIVES MATTER, but, instead, he painted them all as “BLM agitators”, trying to establish a connection to the organization that has not been established by any facts.


        1. NO FACTS MATTER.

          welcome to 2020.

          1. Well, they were obviously BLM because they said so but I’m a mewling BLM sycophant so I need something to toss out there as a talking point to distract from their origins.

            1. Good countermove, by the way, Tulpa. Or is it really a countermove? — You started this whole thing on Sunday when you spoofed my handle.

          2. Ha ha. Actual White Knight here. I’m actually critical of many things about BLM, but there are commenters here who habitually suck the air out of real conversation by always staking out an extreme position, often with some solid foundations but then embellished.

            1. Can you lost some of your criticisms as proof?

              1. Oh, “list”. Maybe later.

              2. So, … in general I can’t get behind their alliance with the left, since I’m not a supporter of left or right wing.

                They stray too often into being anti-police.

                At just a personal level, I don’t see demonstrations and protests as an effective way of seeking political change. At least not usually.

          3. Sigh, Longtobefree, you are right about that.


          You are an idiot. The level of stupidity it takes to print that statement demonstrates why your opinions are unworthy of consideration on any subject.

          1. Nanny nanny poo poo on you, too?

    4. So basically, BLM is the KKK without hoods.

      1. If you mean the terrorist arm of the Democratic party, then yes.

      2. Klan with a tan

        1. Winner

    5. Again, same question: How has it been established that these thugs are associated with BLM or participating in an event organized by BLM?

      Is it just that some of them have picket signs with the slogan, “BLACK LIVES MATTER”?

      Do we no longer make a distinction between use of the slogan and actual involvement of the organization.

      1. Since BLM has not denounced their actions then they must be approved BLM protesters.

        1. I was actually going to call in my comment that someone would say that.

          So, here’s an actual valid criticism of BLM: “Why don’t they say something against these people?”

          And here’s an illogical argument: “BLM hasn’t said anything about this incident (well, to be honest, I haven’t checked if they have or not, I just assume), so, therefore, I can tell you the meaning of their silence.”

        2. As they say: silence is violence.

      2. If they use the slogan, they are associated with the organization.
        Welcome to 2020.

        1. For 2020, I suppose that’s a high standard of proof.


          1. Hey, that was rude, “ White Knight”!

          2. Shut the fuck up, Tulpa.

      4. How do you know that it was the actual KKK going around lynching people 70 years ago? Did you ever have them give you their KKK member card to prove they were actually members? How do you know it wasn’t false flag attacks to tar and feather a group with unpopular opinions?

        ^That is how you sound. That right there.

        1. If we had Twitter and cell phone cameras back then, the person posting the video could legitimately say things like “the thugs who were doing the lynching were wearing white hoods, in the style of the KKK.”

          Or, if it happened at a KKK organized and advertised event, they could say that.

          Or, if a journalist were writing about it, they could try to get some confirmation of KKK association, or contact KKK to ask for a statement. (I admit on that last one, the KKK was a bit before my time, but I have the impression they were enough of an official organization there were contacts a reporter could contact.)

          Getting back to BLM, the person posting the video or journalist could just report on literally what they saw, and try not to fill in facts not on evidence.

    6. When was the mob? Neither Dallas Morning News nor WFAA mention the incident. Not that I’m surprised.

      1. Looks like it was last night. Since it’s making the social media rounds now, they may do a blurb on it later.

        Expect that white chick who was screaming at the patrons with her mask down to get doxxed soon.

    7. Too bad a plugged in electrical appliance didn’t accidentally fall in the pool.

    8. The only other articles I can find about rioting at Café Momentum in Dallas, all are from May 29th.

  6. Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver registered as a foreign agent of Russia last year.

      1. Being on the same side as billionaires means you’re probably correct. After all, is funded by self-made billionaire Charles Koch.


        1. Brain-Damaged Biden will take all the billionaires money


          1. More like, Biden will receive billionaire money in the form of voluntary donations.

            Biden Now Up To 106 Billionaire Donors; Trump Has 93


    1. Remember, everything these idiots say is the opposite of the truth. So, the fact that they claim Trump is an agent of Russia means they are the agents of Russia. This does not surprise me in the least.

      1. >>everything these idiots say is the opposite of the truth

        this. every time.

  7. “Will tech companies resist orders to cooperate with demands for information to root out dissidents” in Hong Kong?

    They will not.

  8. The American Revolution Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic

    Smallpox was a huge player during the American Revolution. It was generally a greater threat to the troops than foreign armies. Every commanding officer had to deal with the problem. Many soldiers were so passionate about fighting that they inoculated themselves in secret and at great risk. Absolutely terrifying.

    1. They should have worn masks.

      1. And maintained at least 6 feet of distance at all times.

    2. The American Revolution Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic

      Nice bumper sticker. 8-(

    3. Liar! Pandemics never happened before, and even if they did they were not as scary as this one, and life has never been so hard and unfair!

      1. I fully support your opinion!!!

      2. And terrible. Terrible and unfair.

    4. It’s only been recently that battlefield trauma has killed more soldiers than did disease. Admittedly hard to parse, given many diseases like gangrene didn’t arise until the patient got wounded.

      1. Disease still incapacitates the troops more than trauma. At one point we had 1/2 our force non-operational due to DNBI

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  10. “…But marriage licenses, the most intimate of the lot, deserve particular attention,” writes Bonnie Kristian.

    That exclusive club is too large and hands out too many benefits to see serious scrutiny.

  11. Sessions shows where trusting snakes gets you.

    Trump likely said the same about Sessions.

    1. Sessions is more like a worm.

    2. So Trump did a good thing but it is still bad.

      1. Remember when Trump fired Comey and all the liberals cheered on the Colbert report? And then he had to tell them that they were wrong and it was bad because Trump did it?
        I ‘member.

        1. Wasn’t Colbert report over by 2016? Maybe it was on his new gig that I’ve never watched.

          I don’t ‘member.

  12. More bad economic news.

    Jeff Bezos has accumulated more wealth this year ($68.1 billion) than Charles Koch has in his entire life ($51.8 billion).

    This is the type of economic inequality that upsets us Koch / Reason libertarians. Bezos is somehow immune from the disastrous effects of Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies. Mr. Koch, however, hasn’t been so lucky.

    Open. The. Borders. NOW!!!!!


    1. … somehow immune…
      Top form.

    2. I think Amazon’s business model would benefit more from cheap unskilled labor than would Koch’s. Opening the borders would likely widen the gap between the two

      1. Sush the bot has to run its script.

    China will soon be the world’s largest economy. It’ll be the first nation to reach that status whose rise isn’t built on colonialism, slavery & genocide, but rather on hard work, good economics & effective governance. This should earn China love, but it earns it hate in the West.

    1. That is grade A trolling

    2. I thought China already was the world’s largest economy?

      1. They were but we passed them again.

        1. Boehm is bummed.

    3. Plus, they are not white. Or is that White?

      But Asian is a shifty category on the intersectional scale, right?

    4. but rather on hard work, good economics & effective governance.

      And 100 million bodies. Don’t forget the 100 million bodies. You seem to have forgotten the 100 million bodies. We can’t allow 1 death to COVID in the US, but China can bury 100 million bodies without even a footnote.

      I would seriously beat the shit out of anyone who had the audacity to say this in my physical presence.

      1. If you count One Child forced abortions the number would be much higher.

    5. It’ll be the first nation to reach that status whose rise isn’t built on colonialism, slavery & genocide, but rather on hard work, good economics & effective governance.

      This statement just goes to show how poorly educated people are on the Chinese Communist Party.

  14. Speaking of trusting snakes….Can we trust ENB to write intellectually honest articles?

    1. Did you hear the one about the snake that trusted a cunt?

      1. That story smell fishy.

      2. “Is there an echo in here?”

        “No, just us other snakes.”

    2. can we trust her, yes we can trust her to not write intellectually honest articles.

  15. “Trump administration has been underestimating costs of carbon pollution, government watchdog finds”

    This is the ‘social cost’, and Obama said it was higher!

    1. This just in, made up numbers are… made up.

      1. But numbers with slutty makeup are so sexy.

  16. Harsayni breaks down how the metric of not flattening the curve (NY) is being celebrated against the states that did flatten the curve.

    1. In related news…

      Various Florida Clinics are only reporting positive test results to the State, not negative tests. Wonder why their positive test rate is increasing…

    2. Flattening the curve is so last month anyway. Now we have to make sure NO ONE dies ever of COVID. We have to keep them alive until the flu, heart attack, cancer or diabetes gets ’em.

      1. Liar! COVID is the only, most scary-dangerous, nasty Trump-funded, racist way to die!

    UK’s biggest cervical cancer charity shuts down disgustingly transphobic lie that ‘only females get cervical cancer’

  18. Wow ENB has become as tedious as Dalmia.

  19. I find it still confusing that Reason, a purported Libertarian magazine, still hasn’t commented on the LP candidate endorsing Critical Theory in her anti-racism tweet.

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    2. We seem to have abandoned the libertarian party this go around.

      Libertarian writers are all in on the idea that Trump is the ultimate Evil and must be defeated at all cost.

      If you listen to any of the podcasts here at reason or affiliated locations like the fifth column, you will notice that all things Trump are the drivers of the passion. Matt in particular only becomes animated when speaking about Trump. Then he launches into profanity-laced tirades that carry little information other than his indignation.

      Most of the rest of the crew have similar inclinations. It is very difficult for them to even discuss issues where Trump might be on the right side. This focus on Trump and only Trump sucks all of the oxygen out of the room. It makes it very difficult for them to see anyting from any angle other than Trump versus the world.

      With that level of passion animating them, nothing else has moved them to Act. They mostly missed the rise of cancel culture even though Robbie has been sounding the alarm for some time now. They have been totally absent for the egregious abuse of the levers of government at the hands of Obama and his administration that resulted in the Russia Scandal and subsequent years of Investigations and prosecutions of Trump and his associates. They have been blissfully ignorant of the deplatforming that has targeted disfavored political groups.

      So terribly important is the effort to defeat Trump that any distraction from that goal is to be avoided at all cost. Even something as obvious as vetting the positions of the opposing party is a dangerous distraction. And even though libertarian is right there in the mission statement of the magazine, covering some nonsensical third party is the ultimate distraction from the main objective.

      1. I honestly can’t take a Libertarian representative seriously if they don’t consider Critical Theory to be the biggest threat to liberty that exists. This isn’t even a question in my mind. It is literally the destruction of rational and objective debates/arguments to push an authoritarian style of control over the masses.

        How is this not being addressed seriously in any libertarian forum?

        1. They all took critical theory?

          1. Your gal Jo is parroting critical theory talking points

      2. They aren’t so much distracted, as wholly supportive of leftist culture.
        They are so outraged by Trump, because Trump proves just how worthless midwits with degrees like Welch really are.
        He has no value

        1. Welch doesn’t have a degree.

      3. Trump *is* an incompetent madman. That’s why you are seeing this reaction to him.

        1. Better an incompetent madman than a competent one. And is Biden any better. As for Jorgenson I liked her, but now question her judgement.

    3. To be fair, they haven’t commented on much of anything related to the LP candidate since the nominating convention. I think even they realize it’s pointless to even bother.

      1. Didn’t Dreamboy Amash get like 5 articles for his 3 day stint in the LP party discussion?

        1. It could be as simple as they wanted Amash and once he dropped out they stopped caring.

          1. Well, yeah, because Amash had the highest profile and most Federal experience of any LP presidential nominee ever.

            1. If you count naming post offices federal experience. Johnson had actual executive experience and decent name recognition.

        2. was like 5 an hour for a week wtf.

    4. Minor correction, or maybe not that minor: they are a libertarian magazine, not a Libertarian magazine.

  20. It is, like so much of Trump’s reign, on the nose enough to make living-in-a-simulation theories seem a little less kooky.

    In that case can I be Neo? I’ve always wanted to know Kung Fu.

    1. That reminds me: I love how a supposedly “libertarian” writer calls an American presidency a “reign”. F-ing hell, a we now a monarchy?

      1. Didn’t you see Roberts anoint him with a sword? The entire D-Soc establishment thinks they did.

  21. “Sessions quickly crossed Trump by recusing himself from the Russia investigation.”

    Officially or unofficially, the primary responsibility of the Attorney General has been to protect the President from impeachment proceedings since the Nixon administration.

    Sessions failed miserably in his primary responsibility.

    It wasn’t only that Sessions failed to quash the impeachment proceedings before they ever happened either. It’s also that he managed to fail in a way that predictably led to the FBI effectively investigating itself.

    In fact, it turned out that the FBI was using opposition campaign research in order to obtain FISA warrants to investigate the president and his advisor–right under Jeff Sessions’ nose–after the Trump administration had taken power.

    People who imagine that Jeff Sessions should have been retained under those circumstances and with that track record are probably people who wanted the Mueller investigation to remove President Trump from office–which is not an objective standard.

    Meanwhile, did you approve of Jeff Sessions’ opinions as Attorney General? Did you approve of the way Jeff Sessions wanted to go after recreational marijuana in states where it is legal? You say you disapproved of Sessions’ opinions on immigration, so weren’t you glad to see him removed as Attorney General?

    If you disapproved of Jeff Sessions’ opinions and only opposed his firing because President Trump wanted to fire him, then you shouldn’t be surprised if people accuse you of suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. If you opposed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General in practically every way, you should be glad he was fired. Being unable to see the world objectively because of your opposition to President Trump is what suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome is all about.

    1. Still, let’s be clear: Sessions’ loss is America’s gain. “Reminder: Jeff Sessions Is a Drug War Dinosaur and Should Be Nowhere Near Government Power,” is a good place to start for more on that, though you may also want to see “8 Ways in Which Jeff Sessions Sucked” or “13 Reasons Jeff Sessions is a @$#/!”

      1. Which underscores his point.

        1. ENB isn’t saying that Sessions shouldn’t have been fired. She would most likely agree that he never should have been hired in the first place. She’s pointing out that Trump only gave him a job because he supported him, then discarded him as soon as he was no longer politically loyal to Trump. It’s politics as usual… the very swampy behavior that anti-establishment folks bemoan.

          It’s not TDS to point this out. And she is in no way saying what Ken mentions in his post. “If you disapproved of Jeff Sessions’ opinions and only opposed his firing because President Trump wanted to fire him”. She doesn’t even oppose his firing as far as I can tell, and like I mentioned above the last paragraph suggests that she is happy he no longer has any political life left.

          People who see any and all critical analysis of what Trump does as a function of TDS just may have their own version of derangement. They are the type of supporters that Trump quipped would defend him no matter what. They are as bad as those who criticize him no matter what. TDS goes both ways. It’s a function of cult of personality.

          1. “She’s pointing out that Trump only gave him a job because he supported him”

            Bald assertion. There is no proof that support was the only reason. Now do those who support the president get more consideration? Sure. But not like Trump is just hiring random supporters to fill the team.

            “then discarded him as soon as he was no longer politically loyal to Trump”

            Sessions, at the time, was still politically loyal. What happened is that he was terrible at his job and basically allowed the garbage that was the Mueller investigation to start without doing his job and inspecting the actual requirements/evidence used to initiate the investigation.

            “It’s not TDS to point this out.”

            It is when it is based on two false premises.

          2. “It’s not TDS to point this out.”

            When you find yourself saying this, you know you have TDS.

          3. I believe that Sessions was only there because he was perceived to be loyal. If Sessions’ loyalty was insufficient, then why isn’t that a good reason to get rid of him?

            If you’re saying that an attorney general shouldn’t be chosen on the basis of his loyalty, go ahead and say so. I’l argue that point; as well.

            The fact is that the threat of impeachment has hung over the head of every president since Nixon like the sword of Damocles. Presidents can’t focus on doing their jobs if they don’t have someone loyal as their Attorney General to watch their backs against that constant threat.

            Meanwhile, as we’ve learned, elements within Trump’s own FBI were working to defeat his presidency before he was elected and used opposition research from Hillary Clinton’s campaign in order to get a warrant to do surveillance on the Trump administration–after President Trump was elected!

            Trump’s concern about the FBI and others working to destroy him by drumming up impeachment proceedings was not a paranoid conspiracy theory. It was actually the case!

            To fault president Trump for picking Sessions to be his Attorney General because of his loyalty under those circumstances is absurd. And faulting Trump for firing the Attorney General when his loyalty turned out to be insufficient to stop what turned out to be an impeachment proceeding in the making against him is equally absurd.

            Like I said, the most reasonable assumption is that the reason someone would fault Trump for firing Sessions under those circumstances it that you wanted to see Trump removed from office–regardless of Sessions’ behavior and regardless of reality of those circumstances. There’s a word for opposing Trump regardless of circumstances, and it’s, “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. If you’re against Trump no matter what he does or why, then you’re probably suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

          4. Sessions was a peacetime Consigliere and Trump needed a wartime one. He was a milk toast from before he was approved by the Senate. Allowing them to brow beat him during the hearings over a photo op. Maybe he had some balls when he was a young US attorney but those days have definitely passed. He always has the look of someone scared of his shadow.

    2. Forget protecting Trump from impeachment. Any rational human being should have known that the entire Russia Affair was a hoax fairly early on.

      Simply Having the knowledge that the intelligence agencies were claiming that Russia was attempting to infiltrate the Trump campaign and the response of the anti Espionage task force was to begin spying on Trump and his associates rather than to warn and work with the campaign was enough to know that the entire thing was a hoax. This was not a rational response if there was a legitimate threat to a presidential candidate from a foreign power. Anyone with a room temperature IQ and a lack of trump derangement syndrome should trivially be able to understand this.

      By appointing a special counsel with unlimited Authority and unlimited funds, the government of the United States was subverted. And you know that the independent counsel was painted from the top down because they spent two-and-a-half years investigating a hoax and never turned their eye on the Obama Administration. They had all of those documents that we have been seeing out of the Flynn case. They had them the minute they began their investigation. Even if they were gullible enough to buy the Obama administration’s explanations, the written documents they had in their hands were enough to disabuse them of that conclusion.

      So Session’s abdication of his responsibility directly led to all of this. He didn’t do any of it himself, but by allowing himself to be pressured into stepping aside for the sake of appearances directly lead to serious damage to the Republic.

      I don’t know if there was any way around it for him though. There was no way that the left in the media were going to accept any conclusion he drew other than had he called for Trump’s impeachment himself. The only thing he could possibly have done was found a special prosecutor who would not hire an entire team of Clinton supporters.

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  24. “Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) said he “took on an Asian trafficking ring” and freed a dozen women from sex slavery. It’s not true.”

    Just to enlighten everyone:
    From this point forward, the American society and US government will act strictly on the feelings about concepts. Thus we can arrest people for sex slavery just because we think that is bad. Whether any sex slavery actually happened is not important.

    1. We are a Nation of Laws Feels.

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  26. Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) said he “took on an Asian trafficking ring” and freed a dozen women from sex slavery. It’s not true.

    *** scratches head ***

    So, Hawley *allowed* a dozen women to be kept in sex slavery?

    1. He probably started it so he could “free” them.

  27. ENB, I know you don’t like Trump and have a case of TDS, but defending Jeff Sessions? That motherfucker is responsible for destroying the lives of countless people. When I think raging asshole piece of shit statist, Jeff Sessions comes to mind. Ugh.

    1. “But he’s just so *cute*!”

    2. Still, let’s be clear: Sessions’ loss is America’s gain. “Reminder: Jeff Sessions Is a Drug War Dinosaur and Should Be Nowhere Near Government Power,” is a good place to start for more on that, though you may also want to see “8 Ways in Which Jeff Sessions Sucked” or “13 Reasons Jeff Sessions is a @$#/!”

      1. Yeah I saw that, Leo. And if she had just written that sentiment and danced on his political grave then I wouldn’t be criticizing her. But she had 4 or 5 paragraphs before that making it all about Trump when he is an aside at best to the story; while almost sympathizing with the monster. Don’t bury the lead! (or is it lede, I don’t which is correct)

      2. Yeah, how anyone who gives a damn about civil liberties could morn the passing of Jeff Sessions from the political scene is beyond me. That reason would do anything but laugh their asses off at his misfortune is an undeniable example of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

        1. ENB pointed out that Sessions’s early loyalty to Trump didn’t keep him from Trump’s wrath in the end. It’s a good lesson on political deal-making. It’s not TDS to point out that Trump is a shrewd, self-promoting politician. He’s certainly not the only one that fits that description.

          She isn’t mourning the passing of Sessions from the political scene by any reasonable reading of the article.

          1. She may not be mourning it but she sure as hell doesn’t seem happy about it.

            1. The article is critical of Trump’s concept of political loyalty. Support him and you are a wonderful person. Cross him and he’ll assure you never have a job in politics again. It’s politics as usual from a President who claimed to be against politics as usual.

              It really has a lot less to do with Sessions than it does with Trump. Sessions is just an example of the point above.

              1. “The article is critical of Trump’s concept of political loyalty. ”

                The article doesn’t support this claim as it uses unsourced assertions. It takes a very top level view without any introspection of why Sessions was actually fired. It actually relies on the claim that Sessions was unloyal at the time of his firing. Trump and him didn’t really start bickering until a year after Sessions was fired.

                1. Whether the article is well founded in its sources is a different argument than simply dismissing it because you think it’s somehow defending Sessions. I was merely pointing out that the article isn’t about defending Sessions as much as it is about bemoaning Trump. Justified or not, that’s the point of the article.

              2. Yes Leo everyone else is reading rhe article incorrectly except you.


              3. This is pretty pathetic sycophancy, leo, even for you

              4. Do Presidents routinely keep people disloyal to them around? Trump has done so more than any other President I can think of.

              5. You’re suggesting Trump should keep people who are politically loyal to him but incompetent in power? WTF.

                Sessions got his spot for loyalty and lost it due to a lack of competence. I see little wrong with that for a person attempting to maneuver in an alien environment. You should pull your head out of ENB’s ass long enough to get some oxygen to your brain.

          2. Sessions remained AG for almost two years before Trump fired him. I don’t see where Trump owed him any loyalty. Clinton should have fired that stupid dyke Reno as well but I’m certain the missus would have nixed it.

    3. So…..

      Kamala Harris / Jeff Sessions unity ticket?

      1. *barf*

      2. We’re gonna need much bigger jails

        1. Shovel ready jobs!!!


    4. They’ve literally gotten to the point where they’ll defend an unreformed drug warrior because to do otherwise would acknowledge that Trump made a good decision, even if he did it for the wrong reasons.

      Oh this guy would throw you in prison for smoking pot? Well at least he isn’t Trump.

    5. Seems like ENB mostly dissed Sessions in her post.

      1. I don’t know how there can be a complaint about ENB defending Sessions in a post where she links to a article about 8 ways in which he sucked.

  28. the man who called Hispanics rapists

    *Still* a talking point?!

    1. And a complete lie. They took an actual fact, that there is violence of that nature often from coyotes, and changed the quote to say all hispanics.

  29. When you consider how embattled Trump has been, if any president has needed personal loyalty, it’s him, so STFU. I wouldn’t write “STFU” if most of the people battling Trump weren’t on the anti-liberty side, though.

    Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver attacked Trump on Russia… then agreed to lobby for a Russia-owned nuclear energy company & against US sanctions on Russia, inking a $350000 contract (plus $40000/mo if renewed) & had to register as a foreign agent.

    The NLG green hat volunteers have access to court databases through various legal subscription services. Against service guidelines, they pass personal information on to their antifa comrades for doxes. This is one way antifa receive addresses, phone numbers, etc of their targets

    1. That sort of thing works both ways….

      You’d think a Bar Association would be interested in its members using confidential, personally identifiable information of people, for the purpose of facilitating assaults upon those people.

      1. You’d think…but you’d likely be incorrect.

    2. That’s not surprising. If Trump was really interested in breaking up Antifa, he’d target the National Lawyers Guild and have them thrown off the top of Trump Tower.

    Shaelyn A. Reed, a convicted child rapist, was arrested & charged w/felony assault at an #antifa brawl in Washington state. Police say he bashed a man on the head w/a baton before discarding the weapon & changing clothes.

    1. What part of peaceful protesters don’t you get?

    2. “We need to quickly bring our children to market”
      -Joe Biden

      Bad, bad timing for that slip, Joe

    3. How is a child rapist walking free?

      1. It’s Washington state. If your politics are right, they do not care what you do.

        People often describe how bad Alabama was in the 1950’s and 60’s. We have that exact same scenario in most progressive cities today

      2. Creek Nation.

    Antifa militants assault police officers and US Marshals, and threaten to raze the courthouse. Ted Wheeler blames the US Marshals for being in the way of Antifa. You couldn’t make this up.

    1. The funniest part of Wheeler’s whine was this remark: “We do not need or want their help.” Bitch, that’s a federal facility, you literally have no say in how that building is secured.

  34. Black Leaders Call on NYPD to Bring Back Anti-Crime Unit as Shootings Spike
    Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, one of the African-American voices calling for action on gun violence, criticized the police force’s decision to completely disband the unit. He deplored the recent deadly shooting of a one-year-old, one of the victims of New York City’s recent spike in gun violence.

    “I think that a total elimination is something we need to reevaluate,” Adams said, CBS New York reported. “Right now, bad guys are saying if you don’t see a blue and white you can do whatever you want.”

    1. Uh…


      1. It shows how racist white Progs are. White progs don’t see any problem with defunding the police and turning black neighborhoods over to the control of criminals because they think all black people are sub humans who like it that way.

        1. Remember when withdrawing the cops from inner city neighborhoods was racist because it means whitey didn’t care how much crime they faced?

          1. Yes. And that was an example of real white racism that has gone on since Reconstruction. Here we have a real example of racism and instead of repudiating it, progs embrace it.

    2. All they have to do is call for the return of stop-and-frisk and we’ll have come full circle.

    Could it be that increasingly diverse voices and rich conversations are a threat to their free speech — or more accurately, the prerogative of famous and powerful people to speak at length on all sorts of things without interruption or disagreement?

    1. “Diverse voices and rich conversations”–solipsistic circle-jerk that blames whitey for everything.

  36. Is the recent flood of spam comments due to new Bots in the wild or a lack of flagging by the commentariat or a paucity of moderation?

    There really seems to be a massive amount of advertising spam compared to historical norms.

    1. Nobody cares anymore; the spam posts are often more logical and interesting than the stuff we put up.

    2. Very rarely—I think I’ve seen it once—has a flagged post led to the deletion of said post. I usually use the tool as a personal ‘ignore’ button.

      Lot of bots today though, I agree.

  37. “Ivanka Trump tweet featuring can of Goya beans sparks backlash.”

    Black Beans Matter.

    1. Last I looked the “backlash” was stores selling out of Goya products because people now see buying them as a way to tell the woke mob to fuck off.

      1. Black beans matter was an a-list pun

        1. Yes, it was.

    2. hilarious.


    Black leaders call on NYPD to bring back anti crime unit as shootings spike. Gee, blacks don’t like crime and chaos any better than white people, despite what racist, white Progs claim. Who knew?

    1. Incredible, isn’t it?

      Why don’t the Progtards understand that the people getting hurt the most are the ones they are ostensibnbly trying to protect with their defund the cops madness?

      And how will this affect the vote in November?

      1. It shows how insulated and stupid they are. White progressives often know few or in most case no actual black people. And they are racist as hell in their stereotyping of black people. The idea that black people could be patriotic and pro law enforcement never enters their minds because their idea of what black people are comes from Hollywood and other white progs.

        1. I can say that this sentiment accurately describes a large swath of leftists from the northeastern megalopolis.

          I was first introduced to this phenomenon in college. I met a bunch of people from the north-east when I was at Duke. Several of them expressed questions about how racist The South was. We talked about out school experiences and I told them about how in the south black and white people live in work together and go to school together and there is not nearly as much racism as you might think.

          Then one of them said something revealing. It made it sound like he did not understand the Dynamics of large groups of people of different races being in the same space. So I asked the Salient question. How many black people are in your school?

          His answer? One. In an enormous School with a couple of thousand students per grade oh, there was one black girl who was a year ahead of him in school. So he knows black people. I mean, he didn’t actually know her, but he had seen her around.

          I explained to him that I went to a school that was 50% black. I was astonished that anyone could live in such a segregated Society. And he was blissfully unaware. His high school was larger than the university we were attending. And there was only a single black face to be found. Just the basketball team alone provided more racial diversity than his entire High School experience.

          Yet he was firmly convinced that those stupid Southerners are all racist Hicks and people from Long Island like himself are free from racism.

          I tried to explain to them that in my area terms that we saw on TV that are commonly used in the northeastern megalopolis we’re completely foreign and meaningless to us. Words like wop and dago and kike had no meaning where I lived. We did not have large minorities of those ethnicities. So those words flew over our head. Sure, we had words for black and white people. But even 40 years ago, there was a strong cultural prohibition against using such terms in anger. Unless you wanted to get in a fight, I suppose.

          I spent quite a bit of time exploring this space with them and trying to explain to them just how utterly naive they were on the entire topic. But I don’t think I made any progress really. I think this still describes them today.

          1. I lived in one of the most Democratic places in the country and a place that was almost entirely white. To the extent it wasn’t white, it was Hispanic house keepers or if there were blacks they were usually foreign born elite who worked for the World Bank or were diplomats. My neighbors were all good, well meaning people, but they had no idea what actual American black people were like.

            I went to college in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has an HBC called Langston University. Langston is an agricultural college and has a black rodeo every year that was a big deal. My neighbors were always amazed that there were black people who lived in the country and would go to a rodeo. It never occurred to them that there were black people who lived anywhere but in the ghettos of big cities. That is how naive and uninformed they were and are.

            1. Most white progressives have no problem calling conservatives racist, despite the fact that they nearly all gravitate to the whitest neighborhoods and send their kids to the whitest schools.

          2. @Cyto

            You’re spot On. I grew up in dirty Jerzee, 1500 kids in my school, maybe 10 were black.

            Then I moved to North Carolina. what a wake up.

          3. My freshman roommate at Emory was from Long Island (surprise)
            Same thing
            1 black kid in his whole high school

          4. Cyto…Home run. You have totally nailed it.

            Like ErictheRed, I grew up in the People’s Republic of NJ, in an affluent town. The demos in the school: 95% white, 3% black, 2% hispanic. Looking back, it must have been lonely for them. I distinctly remember them self-segregating during lunch and sitting at a table by themselves. Times have changed.

            In my life travels, I can see in retrospect how disconnected that town was/is from the reality of the larger country. I visit NC more now (my father is there), and I must say, it is a wake up call.

        2. Every image that white progressives have of black people has either been cultivated by the fun-house mirror of Hollywood, or by the “diversity” class they were required to take in college that amounted to some grievance-mongering professor complaining about white people non-stop, and arguing that if colonialism and the Atlantic slave trade had never happened, black people would be flying to Mars in space pyramids by now. Oh, and every famous person in the ancient world was actually a sub-saharan African.

    2. Given most of the increase is in shootings, I’m wondering how much of it is due to undercover gang wars, partly in response to lockdowns reducing the supply curve for various activities and partly to less police presence and resources to intervene.

    3. Black leaders also demanded harsher sentences for crack.

      Don’t trust black leaders.

  39. After contacting the staff at Reason, I’m back…

    Turns out they were allowing impostors. Duplicate user names. I discovered that someone was posting as ‘sarcasmic’ while I was away. I generally post here as a diversion from work. So that asshat that was using my name on weekends wasn’t me….

    It wasn’t limited to me. SQRLY, jeff and others have also been affected by the impostor.

    Reason says they fixed the duplicate name issue.

    Anyway, I assume Tulpa succeeded in getting most of y’all to hate me, but whatever. From now on ‘sarcasmic’ is me. Like anyone cares. So fuck you all and eat a burrito.

    1. No. No one hated you. We just figured you were banging some leftist broad and had fallen into the same trap we all would fallen into. It is good to see you haven’t lost your mind. Sorry that happened to you.

      1. I would like to take this opportunity to Proclaim that anything stupid I have ever posted anywhere on the internet was done by an imposter.

        1. We forgave you for that single comment.

        2. I am never wrong. It is only my impostors who make it look so.

          1. Great. That isn’t John. I’ll have to inform the staff that their fix didn’t fix the issue.

        3. Yea, me too!

    2. Okay White Knight.

      1. I believe that “Shut up, Tulpa!” was the culturally appropriate response.

      2. Wait and see. If they are correct and have eliminated impostors, then you might see a change in the comments. The impostor made it look like I was the guy, when I was a victim. John has known me for years. He knows. You’re a newbie. So I don’t expect you to know.

        1. I liked it a lot better when the use of fake handles was reserved for emphasizing a joke.

        2. Okay White Knight.

          1. Fuck you Jesse this is serious it’s a screen name on an internet site, I was with Jeff when he threatened a libel suit over it, this shit has to stop.

            1. I can’t tell if this is satire or not. Fuckin’ Poe.

            2. OK, this got a chuckle out of me.

        3. I’ve also been on this site since 2007.

          1. Then you should know the difference between me and the impostor. Like I said, time will tell. When you stop seeing stupid shit with my name attached to it then maybe you’ll see it wasn’t me. But I’m not begging for your acceptance. I think you’re a jerk. So do whatever. But base it on accurate info.

        4. They haven’t.

        5. It’s not fixed. I’m spoofing JesseAz’s handle.

    3. Pretty much anyone who’s commented on this site for any length of time knows the difference between what the regulars post and Tulpa Being Tulpa.

      It still baffles me that anyone bothers to engage him, considering he’s basically Hihn in spoofing form.

      1. Tell that to JesseAz.

        1. Okay white knight.

        2. I have a better idea, tell it to you since you’re the one he famously catfished.

    4. Over the weekend the only one I was 99% sure wasn’t a sock was me.

    5. The difference between The White Knight and “ The White Knight” (i.e. Tulpa) is I would celebrate Reason doing something about spoofing and other assholery around here.

      Doubt Reason will do anything, but it would be awesome if they did.

    6. As far as I know, you cannot create a straight duplicate of a handle. Maybe they had that bug a long time ago.

      What you can do is spoof a handle using Unicode white space characters such as HAIR SPACE. They should check for such characters.

      Reason’s bigger problem is they are tying to do their own custom comments without the resources to do it properly.

  40. I maintain that using substitutes for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is the most effective and most libertarian and capitalist way to change social media.

    A lot of Trump supporters, conservatives, etc. have been flocking to a Twitter alternative called Parler, which promises to be a bastion of free speech. They don’t tolerate obscenity, defamation, etc., and their policies may be more restrictive than Twitter in several regards, in ways that appeal to conservatives, I should say, but as long as those things are addressed in the user agreement, that is as it should be.

    I was taken aback by this alleged part of its user agreement:

    “17. You agree to defend and indemnify Parler, as well as any of its officers, directors, employees, and agents, from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to all attorneys fees) arising from or relating to your access to and use of the Services. Parler will have the right to conduct its own defense, at your expense, in any action or proceeding covered by this indemnity.

    So, if Parler is sued because of something you wrote, you agree not only to pay for whatever damages are awarded against them but also to pay for their legal fees to defend themselves. It’s like taking Section 230 out of the law and putting it into the terms of service. Say what you want so long as you accept full financial responsibility for what you say. Even if what you say provokes a frivolous lawsuit against Parler, you’re the one paying the costs of the lawsuit–so take that into consideration before you post and self-censor.

    Thing is, that article was written less than two weeks ago, but I can’t find that provision anywhere in the user agreement. They may have nuked that part of the agreement. Still, I think that’s where we’re headed if and when Section 230 is eliminated. Social media will not simply accept the cost of frivolous lawsuits that will certainly erupt if and when Section 230 is eliminated–at least the alternatives to the big players won’t.

    Section 230 is probably an essential prerequisite for the viability of competing social media platforms, and if Section 230 is repealed, the costs of doing so will not be inconsequential–even if they come in the form of fewer people being willing to interact online because they refuse to take on the risk of provoking a frivolous lawsuit with their speech. Social media platforms will simply take the provisions of Section 230 and place them squarely on the shoulders of the content creators. Maybe that’s the way it should be without Section 230, but I prefer more and open speech. Right now, things probably are as they should be.

    1. I may have forgotten a close italics tag in there somewhere.

      I’m just sayin’.

      1. Are you prepared to pay for Reason’s defense if the typeface police come for them?

        1. Hihn’s ‘paid that forward’ for the next century or so.

        2. I generally take that into consideration .

          More than ten years ago, Reason did a story about this guy that was, as I recall, going around suing everybody who said unflattering things about him online.

          I wrote a comment with a story to illustrate a point I was making. It started out something like, “I knew this guy when I was in high school, and he . . . “.

          When I wrote, “I knew this guy . . . “, I didn’t mean I knew the subject of the article. I was using it like they do in standard bad jokes, “This guy walks into a bar with a Rabbi, a lesbian, and a talking dog”. I actually knew the guy I was talking about–but the story I told wasn’t about the guy in the article. The guy in the article went bananas on Reason in an email and copied me on it.

          I felt like shit. I immediately went in and posted a response to my comment explaining that the story was true but it wasn’t about the guy in the article, it was about “this guy” I once knew. I’m glad he never went through with suing Reason. And I take that into consideration when I’m in Reason’s house. I won’t say I’m perfect, but I self-censor out of respect for Reason, sure. Invite me over for dinner, and I won’t pick my nose and wipe it off under the table either.

          It’s easy enough to say something that can be considered defamatory–especially by someone who already lives in court and thinks nothing of adding another suit to the list of things to do on Wednesday. Not that the guy that was the subject of that article is that sort of person! ; )

          I’m just saying that for anybody out there anywhere, they can and will hit you with frivolous lawsuits. There are only two hurdles to stop people from filing frivolous lawsuits against you: 1) Because they want to and 2) Because they can. If we get rid of Section 230, they can hit you with frivolous lawsuits. The only reason thousands of people don’t file them now is because they can’t.

        3. Nobody expects the typeface inquisition!

          1. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!

        4. Okay, so I knew “a guy”–an unnamed guy that none of you know or will ever know and has never been referenced in a Reason story and never will be. He was a friend of a friend from high school. He was a wealthy, punk rock mess in Southern California back in the day.

          He was on a job interview at a fast food restaurant, and the manager had to get up in the middle of the interview to deal with a problem with a customer. The manager left his wallet on his desk, so the guy I knew swiped it. When the manager came back, he sees his wallet is gone and he demands that they guy I knew give him his wallet back. The guy I knew grabbed a fork and brandished it at the manager. Then he ran out of the fast food restaurant on foot.

          The police were waiting for him when he got home. He’d left his filled out job application with the manager!

          They charged him with armed robbery, and he went to jail.

          Moral of the story, if you don’t want to go to jail because you brandished a fork at somebody after stealing his wallet, there’s an easy way to avoid that. No, it isn’t, “Don’t leave a filled out job application with the people you rob.” It’s, “Don’t steal people’s wallets and brandish a fork at them”.

          Extra Credit:

          Q: Why did he steal the wallet?

          A: Because he wanted to and because he could.

    2. I see that as entirely reasonable. If I post something on your platform that get’s you sued, why shouldn’t I have to pay for your defense?

      1. It certainly would have a chilling effect if merely posting a comment put you on the hook for legal fees.

        Here’s what I mean. Anyone can sue for anything. So if you comment on Barry Weiss’s resignation letter and someone from The New York Times sues Reason, you might be on the hook for $200,000 worth of legal fees before the case gets dismissed out of hand.

      2. Are you willing to take that to the next level?

        Isn’t it better now when speech is given more degrees of freedom because the necessarily frivolous lawsuits simply can’t be filed?

        I maintain that suing third parties for speech is necessarily frivolous if the plaintiff admits that the person who wrote the comment in question isn’t named in the lawsuit.


    According to the FBI, Zheng was involved in a scheme to use approximately $4.1 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to bolster China’s research in the areas of rheumatology and immunology. Zheng is also accused of making false statements to cover up his involvement with China while working at multiple universities, including Ohio State.

    “Yet again, we are faced with a professor at a U.S. University, who is a member of a Chinese Talent Plan, allegedly and deliberately failing to disclose his relationship with a Chinese university and receipt of funds from the Chinese Government in order to obtain millions of dollars in U.S. grant money designed to benefit the health and well-being of the people of the United States — not to be hijacked to supplement the research goals of the Chinese Communist Party,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers in a statement following the arrest.

    1. Why would you carry stolen USB drives with you? Why wouldn’t you simply upload that crap over the internet?

      Even without a state sponsor, extensively unbreakable encryption is widely available. So are vpns and public internet access.

      1. Ostensibly.

        I gotta figure out how to stop google from changing things after the fact when I dictate.

        1. Try not using Google?

          1. protip: you need to set your browser to block all google, facebook, twitter, etc. cookies too

            you don’t have to visit the sites to have these cookies set, they will be set by most websites that use the ad services

          2. But they do such a good job of taking my dictation! How would I share my wisdom with you from my phone without that service? You would be limited to only being blessed with what I could convey using my thumbs.

  42. >>it’s that he can’t stand any perception of less than lapdog-like loyalty.

    please attempt to achieve the office of President of the United States without a pen full of lapdogs. please.

  43. There’s a parable President Donald Trump loves to tell, about a woman who trusted a snake.

    Its so well known how much the man loves to tell that story that you’re the first person I’ve seen assert that he loves to tell that story.

    TDS man. Its worse than gonasyphilaids.

    1. You are demonstrably ignorant, Agammamon. Your Google-compatible device could help you find what you have missed if you wish to become less ignorant.

      1. You are demonstrably ignorant, Agammamon.

        Arthur L. Hicklib speaks from experience.

  44. Philadelphia is saying no in person attendance allowed for NFL games in 2020.

    It’s two months before the season starts. We are so far into rubbing the proles faces in it I don’t even know what to say about it anymore. DC is trying to basically stop the nationals season as well with a ridiculous guideline that states anyone that comes into contact with a covid positive has to quarantine for 14 days. Doesn’t matter how many tests they run on the guys in that span they can’t do anything for 14 days. One guy gets a false positive during the regular season every guy on the 25 man has to quarantine for 14 days. It’s insanity they won’t grant them a waiver.

    1. They just can’t have any return to normalcy at all.

      1. It is just a protection racket. They are telling the country to either vote Trump out of office or never return to normal. Everyone knows that the day after the election all this shit would end if Biden won. If Trump wins, it might still end as it will no longer be useful to them. But if Biden wins, everything would magically go back to normal overnight. It is fucking evil.

        1. The riots will end only if Biden is elected. Literal definition of terrorism.

          1. The riots are ending now. People are tired of them and I think even the rioters are getting bored.

            It is funny. The media portrays Trump as some kind of crazy hothead. Yet, he played these riots perfectly. The tempting thing to do and indeed probably what I would have done, would have been to use federal law and federal resources to put a stop to them. All that would have accomplished would have been to allow the governors and mayors who were allowing them to happen to benefit from the order created while calling Trump a tyrant and pretend that they were peaceful.

            Instead, Trump did nothing. He left it up to the mayors and governors to deal with it. Eventually people got tired of the chaos and are now forcing the mayors and governors to deal with it and forced them to take the blame for allowing them to occur.

            Meanwhile, the riots have made the Democrats look like violent lunatics. Had Trump stopped the riots the story would have been how he is a tyrant. Instead, he did nothing and the story is how violent BLM and Antifa are.

            1. So far, the only thing he’s done is establish marshal protection for federal facilities and monuments. That’s perfectly fine and within the scope of his authority.

              Letting BLM and Antifa shit up the cities was the strategically smart thing to do–the longer this has gone on, the less sympathy they have and the more regular people are willing to push back at them. And every time they’ve tried to mount a protest outside their urban safe spaces, they’ve been counter-protested and implicitly threatened with ventilation if they even try acting up. Don’t be surprised if some of the exurb locals who allied themselves with BLM to bring these protests into town, like at Bethel, start getting shunned.

              1. The Lefty plan might have worked closer to election time.

                States like mine, Georgia, are mostly not impacted by any riots. Even the murder in Atlanta and the burning of Wendys is only helping Black Americans side against government (Democrat Party). The murder happened in Atlanta, run by Democrats.

                States like Oregon and California are voting for the Party of slavery no matter what. Residents of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio will be voting for Trump again. Residents of those mostly rural conservative states dont want anarchy.

                1. You’re right here. I’m on the outskirts of Portlandia. Been here 4 yrs now.

                  I am now convinced that the voters here are beyond redemption.

                  1. I finally escaped Oregon after 25 years. Trust me, they are beyond redemption. My district elected a US Congressman with a furry fetish.

            2. Instead, Trump did nothing. He left it up to the mayors and governors to deal with it.

              In his press conference yesterday, he called that out explicitly. And he bragged about protecting national monuments, arresting vandals who damaged them and said that ‘we can’t do that’ when it comes to using federal forces to override states’ police response to the riots!

              It was great.

        2. I don’t think it ends overnight if Biden wins. Too many commies have realized that COVID is a perfect excuse to implement all kinds of crazy schemes the public never would’ve gone for before.

          If Biden wins they’ll have a stooge in place to implement them. For our own safety, of course.

          1. Technically, this Constitutional Democratic Republic is already over. Most Americans just dont see it yet. Many historical civil wars dont start suddenly but actually have small fires that turn into one big conflagration.

            The Founders talked about treason of the King for years before they did anything about it.

            The Silent Majority has too much to lose to start the bloodletting, so Trump being reelected will send the Lefties into regional tirades of murder that will be put down when rural militias cut off the cities and starve the Lefties into surrendering.

            …or the Lefties use KungFlu to try to steal the election. If we cannot have fair elections, then whats the point.

      2. This is Philadelphia we’re talking about. You know, the Eagles? The NFL team with a jail INSIDE the stadium? The crime rate will drop due to this decision.


  45. After a lifetime of southern-style backwardness and bigotry, compounded by early adoption of Trump’s candidacy, Jeff Sessions deserves everything and anything bad that comes his way.

    I will miss Kate McKinnon’s masterful impersonation of the deplorable little clinger, though.

    1. nobody misses Kate McKinnon’s anything.

  46. So did anyone else hear about the tech CEO murdered and sawed up into pieces in his 2 million dollar NY apartment? Police think it was a professional hit that was disrupted partly through before the murderer could finish disappearing the body

    1. “So did anyone else hear about the tech CEO murdered and sawed up into pieces in his 2 million dollar NY apartment?”

      I was waiting for the punch line…

      No, I hadn’t heard of it, and that sounds awfully personal for a murder-for-hire. Why not leave the body? If the object is to disappear the person, why do any of the prep work in the guy’s place? Killing him is likely going to leave a mess. Neighbors can hear—hell, what if he has an Alexa, or other internal assistant, along with cameras? Traps can be pulled and checked for residue, carpets examined, etc… Get him somewhere else, unaffiliated with the victim, and then do all of that.

      Still, if crooks were smart, they wouldn’t be crooks. Maybe the bad guy read about doing that, or watched it on TV? Maybe it worked in the past.

  47. Ivanka would pick a can of frijoles negros. Have a tiny bit of self awareness.

    1. She knows what she’s doing.

  48. Sessions shows where trusting snakes gets you.

    HAHA. Look at unreason defend JEFF SESSIONS now.. HAHAHAHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    This is another reason why Trump is the greatest president in US History.

    MAGA Trump. MAGA.

    1. Shows you how far the TDS has seeped in at Reason.

      Pot is basically the only thing Reason still has a libertarian position on, and Jeff Sessions hates pot. Jeff Sessions will throw people in prison over pot, something a libertarian should find completely disgusting and an absolute moral failing of the person who holds that position. They’re willing to ignore the one principle they still have because Orange Man Bad.

      1. Unreason never advocates the unconstitutionality of the controlled substances act either. Even the Prohibitionists knew that you needed a constitutional amendment to ban a product. The CSA is a law not a constitutional amendment.

        Since unconstitutional laws are void, drugs are not illegal at all.

        unreason loves them some Lefty tyranny, so begging state politicians to deregulate da weed, LSD, and shrooms is as risky as they want to get.

      2. The article discusses how nobody should be upset that Sessions is SOL. She is making the argument that he got what he deserved. I think he got what he deserved and am laughing my ass off for that, and am happy that a knee jerk Anti Drug Fascist is no longer part of the Republican administration. Good riddance!! I guess some of you Trumptards are incensed that she compares Trump to a snake. I’d say you are delusional if you can’t see that he is a shyster who only cares about himself. If you think Trump promotes libertarian policies, and so he is your best choice, I get that. However, I think that in addition to promoting such policies, Trump is an incompetent fool who is demolishing our chances of an economic recovery through his own inability to listen to his advisors and admit his own ignorance. TDS goes both ways.

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  50. Haha. BBC, the Guardian, and Vox laying off hundreds of Socialists from their propaganda staffs.


  52. Sessions shows where trusting snakes gets you.

    In the real world, voters didn’t like Sessions’ performance and elected someone they thought represented them better.

    You have to have utter disdain for American voters to turn this into “Sessions was entitled to his seat, but Trump took it from him”. ENB: you are reprehensible.

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