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Video Shows Cops Slashing Tires Across Minneapolis During Protests

A spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety says they were scared people would drive too fast.


New video footage shows several police officers slashing car tires during Minneapolis protests without provocation.

In one clip, cops clad in military-style uniforms can be seen stabbing tires during a protest led near the state's I-35 West highway. But in a more puzzling turn, additional footage shows a parking lot full of slashed tires at the local Kmart.

"Every car that's parked here has their tires slashed," notes content producer Andrew Kimmel in a video he posted on Twitter. "Every single car. Unbelievable. I can't get home now." Another vandalized car reportedly belonged to a local reporter covering the protests.

Bruce Gordon, a spokesman for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, conceded that police were responsible, according to The Star Tribune.

"State Patrol troopers strategically deflated tires in order to stop behaviors such as vehicles driving dangerously and at high speeds in and around protesters and law enforcement," he told the paper. He added that officers also honed in on vehicles "that contained items used to cause harm during violent protests," such as rocks or concrete, though it's difficult to believe every car at Kmart contained such items.

Anoka County Sheriff's Lt. Andy Knotz admitted that deputies from his department assisted in the effort after receiving orders from Minnesota's Multiagency Command Center.

The demonstrations that broke out across the city after George Floyd, an unarmed black man, was killed by former police officer Derek Chauvin have not been uniformly peaceful. Individuals and small groups in cities around the U.S. have vandalized, looted, and burned public and private properties. But much of the organized protesting has been peaceful—save for incidents where police introduced violence. The decision by police agencies to vandalize privately-owned vehicles and then claim to be acting in the interest of public safety speaks to why people are protesting police. It really feels like cops believe they can do whatever they want.

This is not the only example of police behaving violently in the name of reducing protest violence. As Reason's Eric Boehm notes, officers in Atlanta smashed the windows of a vehicle and tasered the two people inside because they were out after curfew. In a quiet Minneapolis neighborhood, members of the Minneapolis Police Department and the National Guard fired paint rounds at people who violated curfew by sitting on their own front porches, never mind that the city's curfew didn't apply to private property. Another video from Minneapolis shows a cop firing pepper spray at peaceful protesters downtown. That officer did so from a moving vehicle, where he or she was not in harm's way.

If the history of police accountability is any indication, the tire-slashing cops in Minneapolis won't face any legal consequences, which just adds fuel to the fire of protest.

NEXT: Democrats Unveil Policing Reform Bill

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125 responses to “Video Shows Cops Slashing Tires Across Minneapolis During Protests

  1. Can we now official hate all the assholes on all sides?

    1. Parking tickets also violate the non-aggression principle (NAP) imo

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      2. Parking tickets are fine. It’s the enforcement of the parking tickets that is the problem.

    2. I think the appropriate response is to slash all the tires on parked police vehicles. HOWEVER, you — as a taxpayer — will be forced to replace the tires that you slash on the police cars. This is what’s known as a “lose – lose” situation. Good luck out there in the real world. Personally, I’m just hoping that my tomatoes will survive the frost that might get them tonight, spoiling my anticipation of the BLT season in August and September.

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      2. If the police want to pretend that they slashed all those tires for public safety reasons, and that they’re allowed to do that, then Constitutionally they owe just compensation to the people whose property they appropriated, which includes not only replacing the tires, but also compensating them for the time and trouble they had to spend getting their cars repaired and getting home, and obviously can’t charge them for curfew violations it it was because of the police’s actions.

        Yeah, ok, fat chance with that.

        Or “the Evil Antifa Vandals dressed up as in cop suits who did this need to be apprehended for impersonating officers”, and the police are still looking for the real culprits!

    3. Not one fucking dime of Federal bailout for all this pullshit.

      Everyone in Minneapolis is getting what they chose. Good and hard.

      1. yep, let it all burn.

      2. I’m pretty much with them getting a lot more. You’re out there rioting and one of your compadres does squirt around you and knock you on your ass, so be it.

        At this time and with their intentions, police unions need to call a blue flu strike for a week and let the city melt until such point that these local politicians resign from office.

        The only upside to this whole thing was watching Mayor Frey confess all his sins and still get booed out to the walk of shame. The only thing that could have been better is if he’d been depantsed first and had to walk out butt naked while being booed. That would have completed the self-induced humiliation. Next up, Democrats will try self immolation to see if that cleanses them from their sins.

        1. If they strike, would that mean they would stop going around smashing up cars and slashing tires? Because that might convince the politicians to make the “strike” permanent and fire all of the troublemakers.

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      1. Don’t park it in Minneapolis.

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  2. Denying the enemy transportation? God bless Captain America!

  3. The cops could’ve pulled the valve stem cores instead of destroying property.

    1. That would require some brains and a desire not to cause mayhem.

      1. It is also much more easily repaired/corrected.

        This was intended to be nasty. You cannot patch a sidewall.

        1. The city of Minneapolis should have to buy new tires for every car registered in Minneapolis.

          1. The police union should pay for it, not the citizen’s tax money.

          2. Just as soon as the rioters put up a fund to repair all the damage they’ve done. I don’t support either, but their few slashed tires to the 10s of millions in damage, I’m not gonna get upset about it. Give a lot, get a little.

            1. The riots were caused by police brutality, so any damages should be paid by raising the income tax on police salaries and pensions. That will also serve as an effective deterrent against future criminality from police officers.

            2. How do you know the slashed tires belonged to rioters? There were no riots in this particular incident, just criminal cops.

    2. Like on that detective show…

    3. You don’t need to pull the valve stems either. You just unscrew the cap and push in the button with a pointy thing.

  4. It seems that the cops are being pushed to their breaking point. Good. Push harder and force them to fully unmask. Then we can finally stop pretending they’re heroes.

    1. I’m pretty certain that most of these big municipalities have onerous gun ownership laws that make if very difficult to obtain guns, and additional laws that make it very dangerous for gun owners to defend their own lives and property by threatening anyone with a gun. Pepper spray, however, works really well in repelling bad folks.

      1. if pepper spray works that well, why do cops carry GUNS?

        As to owning/carrying guns in cities… in most states its no problem at all. I will not live in, and almost never visit, in states where it IS a problem.

        Your point is….what, exactly?

    2. Michael is an anarchist. Ignore him and his foolish posts.

      1. god damn you’re fucking boring

    3. A concerted effort inflicting this sort of widespread property damage was not done on a whim.

      This was an order from someone pretty high up the food chain.

      1. right. This from the aritcle:

        “Anoka County Sheriff’s Lt. Andy Knotz admitted that deputies from his department assisted in the effort after receiving orders from Minnesota’s Multiagency Command Center.”
        now what those folks who had their tyres slashed want to know is WHICH ONE in that agency gave the order? And did they do that on their own, or in respponse to someone else? Maybe someone higher up? Or just nastier/………

    4. They are glorified janitors. According to the courts, they have no duty to protect property or people. Their only job is to take out the trash after the party is over.

  5. So, the real rioters were the police.

    1. Maybe the real riot was the friends we made along the way?

      1. lolololololololl this is why i keep coming back

    2. They pull this kind of crap all the time and lie about it. Which is why nobody in the poorer communities trust the police. I am not poor, and I am always nice, but I don’t trust the police. This kind ofbehavior should lead to mass firings, but we all know that is not going to happen. If you slashed your customers tires at your job, how would that work out for you? And if you owned the business, don’t act like you wouldn’t wind up in court. And then the far right talks about how we need to crack down more! How about telling the cops to calm the fuck down, move em away from confrontation, and come down like a load of bricks on the bad apples that are in every department.

  6. So the police are now exactly the one and the same as the mob! Threaten to defund them, and they’ll get you!

    “It would be a damned shame, now, if your tires got sliced, right, buddy? Better PAY UP and let us ‘protect’ your tires, now, right, buddy?

    1. I’m thinking this is intended as an aversion technique and maybe also area denial. Once word get out you will not see as many people willing to drive down to the protests/riots.

      None of which makes it remotely appropriate, much less legal.

    2. The police are just the street gang enforcers. All of government is the mob.

      Government is nothing more than a giant and elaborate switchblade and mask and all in government are nothing more than muggers. Government was devised as a bandit’s weapon and disguise and that is all that it ever can be.

      1. Reading between the lines I would say that this sort of action is an indication that the demonstrations/rioting has become something more organic and the orders from above are not being heeded.

        Thus the truly heavy handed tactics.

    3. You told us you eat shit.

  7. So what is the city going to do, defund them?

    1. How? It was state troopers.

      1. And the Sheriff’s department. I guess the county could defund some of them.

  8. Christ, what a bunch of assholes.

  9. I am very sure that no cop has ever been convicted of slashing all the tires in a Kmart parking lot; so qualified immunity.

    1. QI for police when we need IQ for police.

    2. Qualified immunity doesn’t apply to criminal charges. Can’t say I know whether a lawsuit under Minnesota law would work, or whether qualified immunity would apply to this case in a federal lawsuit. But, cops going around slashing random tires might be the sort of thing that makes the Supreme Court rethink it.

      1. The Supremes said stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars is cool because the cops didn’t know it was wrong. Why would slashing tires be any different?

        1. They did not say that, they declined to take the case and thus left the lower court ruling in place.

          1. Which means they agreed with the lower court.

            1. Wrong. The Supreme Court has made it very clear that their decision not to take a case should not be construed as an endorsement of a decision below.

              1. And yet the effect of not taking a case is that the lower court decision is not challenged. De Facto agreement. SCOTUS can claim otherwise, but reality on the ground trumps legal theory.

                1. Um no! Leaving that particular decision aside, SCOTUS is a federal court and not all things are subject to federal review, let alone reviewed at the highest level. Pay attention to the libertarian side of this. Only those constitutional matters assigned to the federal government by the constitution are matters for the federal government. If it falls outside of that, then it is left up to the States and the people – 10A. It works in reverse as well. You can’t have things reserved to State’s rights and then suggest that the Federal Courts have final jurisdiction.

                  SCOTUS often rejects hearing cases, not because they agree, implicitly or otherwise, but because it’s not a matter worthy of SCOTUS review, it’s not a federal matter, or often it’s just not the right timing. They leave it up to the lower courts until there is a point in reviewing the case for the purposes of making precedent. Not every case has value that way.

  10. It’s KMart how many vehicles could it really be?

    1. Good point.

      1. It was a joke.

        1. I laughed.

        2. so is sarc tho

  11. Complaining about law enforcement acting like jack booted thugs? How did that work out for NRA in the 1990s? You want Chuck Schumer and the Cuomos on your case?

    1. Membership increased and the NRA actually started resisting new gun control laws. Well, at least they stopped rolling over and showing their bellies.

        1. I already paid my lifetime membership to the NRA. Even though they aren’t as principled as I would like all the time, they are more effective in my opinion than the GAO
          Mainly because they have the political clout to get legislation killed still.

          1. That’s a problem with lifetime memberships. No matter how bad and squishy an organization becomes, they’ve already got both your money and your endorsement. NRA has supported much gun control, and lifetime members have been trapped into supporting that gun control with no option to opt out.

            1. I would say the NRA has become more hardcore, not less. They used to be much less political.

              1. NRA has become more broadly political, but no more principled on RKBA issues. In fact, NRA’s move into broader politics has diluted their credibility on those RKBA issues.

                I AFAIK support every other national RKBA organization, but the NRA is too dilute and too squishy for me. The quasi pro RKBA NRA is better than nothing, I guess; but better options exist.

                1. Why don’t you bear one of those arms into your mouth and call it a life?

                2. what BigGive said. They threw Castile under the bus because, despite it being essentially straight up murder, the cops “found” weed after the fact. They shut the fuck up about gun rights whenever the cops give them the stink eye. If I want someone to help give good gun safety training, I’ll pick the NRA. If I want someone to stand for 2A, I’ll pick someone else.

                  1. The reason the NRA rolled over in the Castille case is they don’t want to alienate the cops. Most cops are pro-gun, the rank & file, at least. Question: would you rather have support of the cops on that issue or not? The cops are important allies on the gun freedom issue. When BLM, the civil rights organizations, blacks and the left become pro-gun, then the NRA and RKBA won’t need cop support. Until that day happens, as an NRA life member, I will not alienate the cops.

                    Now, as a Libertarian, I may oppose the cops on any number of issues, but not when I’m wearing the NRA hat.

                    I sometimes wonder if a more productive approach for libertarians would be to try to persuade the cops rather than confront them. I once had an idea to demonstrate in front of a police station at the driveway where the copcars leave and return from their shifts. Hold signs designed to propagandize and persuade the police, not dis them. Stuff like, “Increase sentences for murder. Free up prison space by ending drug prohibition.” Suppose a significant number of cops could be turned on the issue. How long would drug prohibition last in that case?

                    1. Ive never met a cop that was pro gun. They think guns should be left to the “experts”.

        2. GOA is promoting BLM on Twitter. No thanks.

              1. Did you miss the part where she said her views are her own, you literal jackass?

                1. 1) Fact check: I’m literally a human being.

                  2) Is there any universe where a GOA spokesman is “learning” some far right literature on his public Twitter with GOA in the profile? No, there’s not. Fuck them.

  12. It really feels like cops believe they can do whatever they want.

    At the end of all of this you will find that they can.

    1. When no one can stop them then they can literally do anything they want.

      1. like take your place fucking your wife and raising your kids

      2. At the same time I’m pissed about this, my other brain is not feeling too much pain. Go sell some of that shit you looted assholes, and buy some new tires.

  13. Two new videos released by the non-profit organization B’tselem on Sunday allegedly show Israeli soldiers slashing tires and throwing tear gas canisters toward a house in the Palestinian village of Kafr Qaddum in the West Bank on Saturday.

    1. Don’t try to litigate something you know NOTHING about. Allegedly, and you have zero background information. You see a video, believe what you want to believe, and emote.

  14. Video Shows Cops Slashing Tires Across Minneapolis During Protests


  15. They were simply serving and protecting the public, which is everyone except any actual members of the public.

  16. I’ll bet Kmart auto center did bang up business that day. Follow the money.

  17. But much of the organized protesting has been peaceful—save for incidents where police introduced violence.

    This clearly shows Billy’s standards doesn’t it? The many instances of rioter violence are simply dropped while anything started by police is counted. If this is the best rationalization Billy could find it doesn’t say much for his conclusions does it?

    1. Good point. Vandals among protesters justifies vandalism by the cops against innocent people. Totally.

      1. Vandals among protesters justifies vandalism by the cops against innocent people.

        Reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit huh?

        1. He’s being cucked by a cop. Sore spot.

          1. Oh damn!

    2. That Target had it coming.

  18. “Anyone else notice that people don’t say “Government is just another word for the things we do together” nearly as much as they used to?” ~ Jonah Goldberg

    1. I noticed people don’t say “Jonah Goldberg” nearly as much as they used to.

      1. and it’s almost always followed by “is a fat fucking retard’ when they do say it

        1. Nothing new.

          Big government liberals and fascists have been ticked at Goldberg, since he wrote “Liberal Fascism.”

          Those of you that chant “Government is just another word for the things we do together” are clearly both liberals and fascists in the most pejorative sense of both monikers.

          1. Goldberg advocated invading and occupying the entire African continent. Get the fuck outta here with this bullshit.


              We should spend billions upon billions doing it. We should put American troops in harm’s way. We should not be surprised that Americans will die doing the right thing. We should not be squeamish, either, about the fact that (mostly white) Americans will kill some black Africans in the process. Yes, this would be a display of arrogance of historic proportions, even a crusade. But it wouldn’t be a military one. On one hand, this cannot be merely an armed invasion, but on the other hand it must not be some UN initiative which just shuffles poverty around. This would be America and its allies doing right as we see it.

              1. Cool, I could hunt for the spiral-horned antelope slam with cheap resident tags – let’s invade tomorrow morning please.

                1. shut the fuck up Hihn even garbage thinks you’re garbage

          2. Listen you can suck his fat retard dick all you want, you don’t need my approval

      2. who the hell is Jonah Goldberg?

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    1. The spam comments are becoming strange.

  21. UFC 251 live planned to occur at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas on July 11, 2020.

  22. “But much of the organized protesting has been peaceful—save for incidents where police introduced violence.”
    Oh bullshit. I hate the cops as much as anyonebut when the sun went down the thugs came out.

    1. Yes, at least the police commit their thuggery in broad daylight.

  23. The government seems to have declared war on citizens, with police the point of its spear. To its credit the military leadership (Mattis et al.) past and present have and are fighting hard to abstain from the government’s assault on citizens.

    Maybe we are lucky enough that all is not as how it appears, and these instances are no more than temper tantrums by spoiled “public safety” employees.

    1. Maybe we’ll get lucky and you’ll finally expire from coof Hihn.

      Then I could take a nice relaxing roadtrip to see the country and shit on your grave.

    2. You’re no OBL!


  24. This is horrible job of police is to protect and serve people not beat and destroy. This is just not good police should be accountable for every action.
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  25. Minneapolis is home to Target. How dare those Minnesotans shop at K-Mart?? The traitors had it coming.

  26. These types of things support a narrative of generally abusive conduct by police, but do not support the narrative that abuse is particularly directed toward black people, which is supposedly the point of all this. One really shouldn’t be required to sign on to the “cops hate black people” narrative to support police reform, but it looks like that is where this is heading. Silence is complicity, and all that.

    1. “These types of things support a narrative of generally abusive conduct by police…”

      Very true, and by narrowing this general issue to race we risk overly narrowing the remedy.

      Statism is the problem, not racism.

  27. Sort of related news:

    I have not found any evidence that major Hollywood stars will divert rioter bail funds to pay moving expenses for the factory workers losing their jobs.
    Surely just an oversight on my part.

    (technical note, jobs are not buildings)

  28. how many times do you have to puncture a tire? once but these idiots need to do it multiple times

  29. I could watch Democrats and Republicans compete in the initiation of force for entire minutes. Currently I’m watched up in advance till after the electoral votes are counted. I guess it goes without saying some party in favor of aggression and coercion is expected to get the brass ring. Le plus c’est la même chose…

  30. This is a good example of why I am against “non violent” protests against the police. Treat them the way they treat others, until they are all gone.

  31. dispatch called, are you doing something wicked?
    no siree jack, we’re just givin’ tickets!

    and slashing tires, bashing heads and so on and so forth.

    thank god for qualified immunity!

  32. THIS is why people hate police.

  33. How come the police can freely do something, that anyone else could be arrested for, such as slashing tires?

    Seems like they gave up living by the law, when they decided they could go undercover and smoke, buy and sell dope while arresting users and dealers.

  34. It’s nice to know that cops have the imagination to come up with new ways to be complete dicks.

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