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Minneapolis Leaders Vow To Defund the Police

Plus: Police unions love Amy Klobuchar, Seattle can't quit tear gassing protesters, and more...


Members of the Minneapolis City Council say they will stop funding local police. On Sunday, a majority of council members pledged support to disbanding the city's entire police department.

"Nine of the council's 12 members appeared with activists at a rally in a city park Sunday afternoon and vowed to end policing as the city currently knows it," the AP reports. One council member, Jeremiah Ellison, said the council would "dismantle" the Minneapolis Police Department.

Council President Lisa Bender said the aim was "to end policing as we know it and recreate systems that actually keep us safe."

No formal moves have been made, so it remains to be seen whether this is anything more than empty words from Minneapolis city leaders. (For now, the state of Minnesota has opened a civil rights investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department in response to the killing of George Floyd.) Cities have disbanded their entire police departments before, as the AP points out:

In 2012, with crime rampant in Camden, New Jersey, the city disbanded its police department and replaced it with a new force that covered Camden County. Compton, California, took the same step in 2000, shifting its policing to Los Angeles County.

It was a step that then-Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department was considering for Ferguson, Missouri, after the death of Michael Brown. The city eventually reached an agreement short of that but one that required massive reforms overseen by a court-appointed mediator.

Of course, if you replace a particular police department or units with a similar structure, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get much different results.

The city of Columbus, Ohio, disbanded a portion of its police unit—the violence-, scandal-, and FBI-investigation-besotted vice squad—back in 2019, with promises to orient efforts around more community-minded actions. But Columbus city cops were doing the same old vice policing under different branding not long thereafter. Indeed, the city didn't even give it a rest during the brief pause: It simply relied on county cops or federal agents to do things like prostitution stings.

Defunding law enforcement has become a big rallying cry in recent protests against police brutality and the state-sanctioned murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other Americans. This has not just law-and-order conservatives but a lot of centrists somewhat freaked out.

It's a slogan, you guys. It's short and easy to write on signs. It's also somehow broad enough to accommodate a range of intentions—to be meant quite literally by some and by others as light hyperbole in the way of protest slogans immemorial. It's become shorthand for proposals all the way from total police and prison abolition to reforms like curtailing federal funds for local police, ending the provision of military gear, or simply cutting police budgets. Despite the big talk from Minneapolis officials right now, a full-fledged defunding of the police is an idea with little chance of actually taking hold anytime soon. It's the kind of ask you start with to move the Overton window on potential reforms.

Some on the side of police reform have been expressing well-intentioned worries that "defund the police" rhetoric will discredit protesters or scare off moderate supporters. Perhaps. But it seems to me that just about anything protesters do draws consternation from certain quarters and will be sensationalized in the press no matter what. When reformers admonish people for calls to cut police budgets, they're doing the work of those they're supposed to be working against.

I think it's ultimately futile to spend time fretting about how relatively mild rhetoric like defund the police will play out politically, and that it distracts from more productive discussion. Instead of simply writing off the line as politically toxic, perhaps it would be more useful to try and demystify and deradicalize the idea of cutting police budgets. Two good places to start: looking at how such efforts played out in the past, and stressing which parts of police budgets are most ripe for defunding.


• On Friday, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan promised that police would refrain from tear gassing protesters for at least 30 days. Here's how that worked out:

• In Washington, D.C., thousands of people gathered for a peaceful protest march around Capitol Hill, the National Mall, and the White House on Saturday.

• Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.), allegedly on Joe Biden's short list for vice presidential picks, is one of the top Congressional recipients of police union money:

• Expect these seven Supreme Court decisions in the next few weeks.

• The U.S. Marine Corps just banned public displays of the Confederate flag.

• Florida's schools have become a high-stakes experiment in classroom policing.

NEXT: Florida's Schools Have Become a High-Stakes Experiment in Classroom Policing 

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  1. Members of the Minneapolis City Council say they will stop funding local police.

    That money will go instead to different police.

    1. “We recognize that we don’t have all the answers about what a police-free future looks like, but our community does. We’re committing to engaging with every willing community member in the City of Minneapolis over the next year to identify what safety looks like for everyone.”
      Gotta get me some more popcorn

      1. What’s the over/under on how fast the Somali population gets Sharia law instated

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      2. Spoiler alert: Its gonna look like ethnic enclaves, no-go zones, mafia rule, or mob rule.

        1. Ever been to Kingston?

        2. So… Northern ireland

        3. With no business operating or delivering in the areas (maybe private security for the trucks which will increase the costs of all deliveries, everything). My husband delivered furniture and appliances as his summer college job- had to have a three car police escort through parts of northern NJ.

      3. Part of me has no sympathy for these Democrat spots. The went from voting Democrat swamp creatures to far-left commie Democrats. That’ll learn ’em.

        I see Ilhan (and her daughter) has been using this crisis as a dildo to pleasure herself. Maybe they need to do a mother-daughter incestuous porn scene. It’s not like she’s marrying or brother or anything.

      4. Maybe Minneapolis will go like Ankh-Morpork and set up a Thieves Guild and an Assassins Guild, and let them police their own.

        1. A win for Terry prachet

        2. And the “wink wink” seamstress guild?

        3. And Portland, Seattle and San Francisco will have to allow the beggars’ guild as well.

      5. Gangs committing crimes with impunity. Rampant rapes. Theft, assaults, etc.. Insurance companies refusing p&c coverage with the city, businesses pulling out…….

        Oh yeah, it’s going to be good. The next civil war draws ever closer with the ride of Progtopia.

    2. The money should go to community policing performed by disadvantaged African-Americans, specifically the unemployed and convicted felons.

      1. #SociallyTransformativeAwarenessStopsInequality.

      2. Issue em tasers and pistols and turn em loose!!

    3. They’ve imported other features from the 3rd World, guess it’s time for autodefensas to show up. Because those are so much more considerate and discriminating in their uses of force than modern police forces.

      The people are about to get what they wanted, good and hard.

      1. repeat after me, you get what you fucking deserve. Just waiting on someone to try and rob the wrong house getting shot, and then watch the reactions when all the assholes who called for police disbandment realize there’s nothing they can do, because that same neighborhood militia won’t allow outside protesters into their community and will be more than happy to shoot anyone trying to burn it down.

    4. Most likely the left wants it funded into government paid activist jobs which will lead to future riots, which will in return fund more government paid activist jobs which will….

      1. John Oliver Expertly Disarms Right-Wing Talking Points Over ‘Defund The Police’

        “Defunding the police absolutely does not mean that we eliminate all cops and just succumb to the purge,” he said. “Instead, it’s about moving away from a narrow conception of public safety that relies on policing and punishment and investing in a community’s actual safety net.” 

        1. Ok. now where is the link to him disarming the talking points?

        2. Maybe he should inform the Minneapolis city council:

          “We recognize that we don’t have all the answers about what a police-free future looks like, but our community does.”

          Somali gangs gonna be licking their chops on this one.

          1. Once and for all you mfers are not libertarians.

            1. Got a new handle , huh?

              1. He’s a fake.

                1. You mean he’s actually not God? Damn, I was so hopeful for a second.

            2. Thanks, Pod-tard.

            3. Of course, anyone that knows anything about libertarians knows that the failed communist turned warlord controlled Somalia is an example of our ideas in action.

            4. I’m Pro Pho, and whatever the hell other handles I’ve used. Don’t know who this god guy is.

              By the way, “tulpa” keeps grabbing my old handles, so I’m now on a Sisyphean eternal wheel of thinking up new obnoxious handles. Cannot complain, though, because I’ve seen the light and tulpa is my hero. I’ve learned from him the proper way to behave here.

              1. Thanks R3hab

                1. Backatcha, boss-man. You are my hero.

            5. And yet your appeal to noted Libertarian John Oliver is proof of your badge of libertarianism?

        3. Such a powerful social commentator dickwad is.

        4. No self-respecting supposed Deity would quote PuffHo.

        5. So he’s totes cool with individuals having the tools necessary to protect themselves, right?

      2. Community Organizer Full Employment Act

    5. Hello.

      America needs Dana White to take over.

      Start with the NFL and move on to the Presidency.

    6. Robot police officers, hopefully!

  2. Council President Lisa Bender said the aim was “to end policing as we know it and recreate systems that actually keep us safe.”

    The aim was, of course, to shut everyone up just long enough for the city’s and the nation’s famously short attention span to move on. The Minneapolis police have nothing to worry about, career-wise.

    1. Their job titles may change, but ultimately they are going to end up being paid more to do less. The trade off will be a greater expectation to kick up to the proper people.

      Almost as if that was the plan all along.

      1. Whatever few remaining white people actually live in the city will be in towers or behind walls, with Blackwater-level security.

        Sort of like how it is in a lot of third-world countries.

        1. Brazil—both the movie and the country—is the goal of much of our ruling class.

          Yay neofeudalism!

        2. The left’s inability (or refusal) to consider unintended consequences never ceases to take my breath away. Even in hindsight. I see almost no discussion on how modern policing – the things they police and their tactics – can be directly linked to policies that community leaders for “people of color” were down on their knees begging for in the late eighties and early nineties. Just like they will pretend they weren’t asking to defund the police in twenty years when Minneapolis looks like a set from “Escape from New York”.

          1. yep. I’m trying to explain to a friend right now with facts and reason (she’s a black leftist, but we’ve known each other long enough that she’s willing to hear me out) how loony some of this shit is, I’ve already blown her mind on Biden. She didn’t like him, but she was never aware that he was responsible for writing the ’84 crime bill, or for helping to pass a bunch of the ‘hard on crime’ drug war laws.

            1. They always “know” what’s right for the future, but they’re dead set on not looking at the results of their past predictions. See: homelessness in SF for perfect example.

            2. To be fair Biden isn’t aware that he did those things either

              1. nice. Seriously though, Biden has done so many things that would have sunk any republican or independent candidate. The media covers it up. I really am looking forward to the debates, I hope Trump tears him to pieces.

                1. I think it would be so great if instead of debating, Trump just responded to every question by pulling out a pair of spectacles and read the highlights directly lifted from legislation that Biden sponsored. I haven’t poured through it myself, but I imagine that there’s some pretty offensive stuff in there.

          2. Yeah, I’m sure the fact that the vast majority of large cities have been monopolized by Democrat pols for at lest 50 years will be glossed over and completely ignored because Trump. Many of these cities much longer. New Orleans hasn’t had a republican mayor since the 1870s. The entire policing policy in these shit holes is buried in deep blue.

            Yet somehow it will be the fault of those racist Republicans.

      2. I love our new community enforcement officers!

        1. ***Totally not staffed by former police officers. I would love to see pony-tailed, granola eating, vegan soy boys try their hand at policing in the inner city. Running down criminals in open toed sandals and breaking up active robberies and hostage situations by asking really nicely. Don’t get me wrong, I hate cops most of the time, but if you don’t understand the reasons that they end up behaving the way they do most of the time, you aren’t paying attention to the behavior of the rest of humanity.

          1. “I would love to see pony-tailed, granola eating, vegan soy boys try their hand at policing in the inner city”

            The first day they’d piss themselves.
            The second day they’d carry glocks, tasers, shotguns and whatever else they could get their hands on and never leave their cars.
            The twelfth day they’d cut deals with the gangs.
            The 365th day they’d be strutting down the street and screaming “respect mah authority” at old white ladies while tipping their hat to the local ganglord.

            1. You’re correct about everything except it taking a full year for them to strut around the streets screaming at old white ladies. They don’t even have this power yet and that’s something they find acceptable now.

            1. Thanks for that. This is actually interesting enough for me to want to read the whole thing. Who knew that this was already an experiment in progress?

    2. The amount of Newspeak being employed by the left lately has been incredible.

      Anyway, I’m excited to see Minneapolis become Mogadishu in the next three years.

      1. Not just that. The normalizing of violence under faux-righteous gibberish too.

        Ironic that leftists say libertarianism leads to Somalialand but looks like they were projecting all along.

        How can you scrip this any better? A nihilistic moron from Somalia who married her brother is getting her beloved Mogadishu in Minneapolis.

        Ilhan (looks out the window. Takes a whiff of air): Ah. Smells like home.

        Febreze’s next scent: Mogadishu Mayhem.

        1. Hey, I used Moga Mayhem first!

          1. No bro, you didn’t

            1. Did too! Time stamp on my comment was 9:49. PFFFFTTT!

    3. Minneapolis is the height of hilarity. They pull back, let riots burn dozens of buildings (including a police station), then turn around and beg the State/Feds for money to repair.

    4. Council President Lisa Bender said the aim was “to end policing as we know it and recreate systems that actually keep us safe.”

      I’m pretty sure what Bender meant to say was “Kiss my shiny metal ass.” I have no idea how you can “recreate” “systems that actually keep us safe” when no such systems have ever existed in history that I’m aware of, unless you count strict class systems involving massive amounts of slavery/servitude/peonage as keeping people “safe”.

      1. After the rainbow unicorn flies overhead, the glitter dust makes everyone nice and hug each other.

  3. Fox to abolish henhouse, new suitable dwellings planned for future.

  4. Hey conservatives those police you don’t want to defund are the same ones who ticketed you at church recently in case you forgot.

    Fear not. Your progressive leaders also don’t really want to defund the police. Who would collect the fines and fees that keep city budgets afloat?

    1. “It’s the kind of ask you start with to move the Overton window on potential reforms.”



      Yeah sure, ENB, that’s what this is about. Try not to make your useful idiocy so apparent.

      1. Cosmos retain their perfect record in thinking that leftists don’t mean it when they say exactly what they want to do.

        1. This isn’t a surprise, considering they were banging the bail reform drum pretty hard here the last few months, but it is a shame. Guess we get to relive the late 60s through mid 80s all over again, crime wise.

          1. naw, I don’t think we’re gonna be that lucky. The media’s all in on these fuckers, and they’ve got a good chunk of the population gaslighted. Imho, we’re only one good act of violence away a civil war, we have the military leadership already choosing sides and right-wing militias forming to protect themselves while the left is hyping themselves up to a religious frenzy. People are arming up and looking around to see who they can count on. This shit is gonna kick off right after the election at the latest, possibly earlier if the democrats accept that there’s no possible way they can win it legally.

            1. I hope not. A civil war would be bad. What will likely happen here instead is something akin to the Partition of India, or devolution of Lebanon or Syria: masses of people moving to be among others of their ideological kind, suffering anarchic violence along the way.

              Russia and China cheering the entire time.

  5. Instead of simply writing off the line as politically toxic, perhaps it would be more useful to try and demystify and deradicalize the idea of cutting police budgets.

    If police budgets don’t all grow after this debacle I will be surprised.

    1. Many of the proposals I have seen are merely abolishing the city police in favor of the county police. In places like LA County, I think it would turn out fine. But I don’t think it is some panacea.

      1. 90% of the time when that happens the County sheriff just hires all the newly laid off police officers to cover all the new beats and the only thing that changes is the uniform

        1. Probably not a bad outcome – sheriffs being directly elected, so less layers between the beat cops and the voters.

        2. Which wouldn’t be that terrible, insofar as it got the union out of the picture. But that is not what the Minneapolis City Council has in mind.

        3. As I understand it’s a way to be able to legally nuke the Unions.

        4. As I’ve tried to point out before, there’s a deeper problem than just the union. There’s a culture of fraternity that basically allows them to cover for each other no matter the crime that’s not codified.
          Unions certainly have the ability to amplify this problem, but I don’t see how it can be fundamentally changed. They have every incentive to watch each others backs and they don’t make life easy for the people that go against that. Anything that you can do to lessen the legal protections they receive is great so dissolve the unions. Just as long as people don’t think that nuking the unions will solve all the problems.

          1. You will always have some (a lot) of feelings of fraternity whenever you have an occupation that relies on teamwork and has a risk of mortality. it is a cliche, but still true, most soldiers don’t fight for a cause but for the man/woman beside them. It has always been this way.
            As for police, I think the BLM and defund police movement will only strengthen the sense of fraternity. Nothing makes you more tribal then everyone attacking you.

            1. That’s exactly my point, the problem of fraternity creating an environment to excuse misbehavior isn’t the problem of any particular system, it’s a human nature problem. If it isn’t solvable, it needs to be repeated as often as possible so it’s never ignored. If hierarchy is inevitable, we need to make a point to never fully trust people that are given power.
              You are precisely right about the current movement probably making matters worse in regards to strengthening fraternity.

              This is another instance where, if I where the political class trying to create a campaign of divide and conquer to get the peasants to take sides against one another, I would probably draw the lines exactly as they are being drawn now.

    2. That’s the why they are calling it ‘defund the police’ – as a means for disguising all the new money being thrown into the budgets by placing them under a new name.

    3. Here’s ENB’s idiocy leaking through. You need to address the underlying issues before you address the superfluous issues of how much funding the police force is getting. End the scope of policing first-end the drug war, have them stop setting up DUI checkpoints, have them stop investing mass resources to harass sex workers, and then you focus on cutting funding in line with the tasks you’re no longer asking them to do.

      You don’t just unilaterally declare that you’re abolishing the police or defunding the department without any ideas of how to fix the social policies that the police are enacting.

  6. Literally *yesterday* Seattle’s mayor and police chief said they would ban the use of tear gas for 30 days. See how good their word is?

    It’s not their fault they have no say in the matter.

    1. Give them an inch …

    2. The rioters were asking for it dressed that way.

  7. In Washington, D.C., thousands of people gathered for a peaceful protest march around Capitol Hill, the National Mall, and the White House on Saturday.

    Not so peaceful to their grandparents’ lungs.

    1. Old people got pushed back way down on the left’s victim totem pole.

      1. well they’re all racist and sexist and homophobic, and they smell weird. They don’t even accept that I know more than them even though I have a gender studies degree and have spent all my time volunteering for BLM and Antifa instead of getting a job. It’s, like, they don’t even see the big picture and realize the real issues here!

  8. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.), allegedly on Joe Biden’s short list for vice presidential picks, is one of the top Congressional recipients of police union money…

    IT’S EITHER HER OR TRUMP. Now is not the time for looking into people’s pasts!

    1. This after a weekend of commentators on this site claiming it was republicans in the pocket of the police.

    2. I think Klobuchar’s chance of the VP nomination expired about 24 hours after George Floyd. It’s going to be a man or woman of color. I can’t imagine any serious candidate for ’24 is going to hitch their wagon to the party of lockdowns and laissez-faire attitudes towards rioters, but stranger things have happened. Abrams is vile and annoying enough that the party may very decide to give her the white elephant of a Biden VP nomination.

      1. Ha, to think Abrams could be the first woman president.

        1. Not to mention, runway model.

          1. An A380-beefed up runway, maybe.

        2. see, when you say Abrams, I’m thinking the tank, not the woman doing her best impression of a tank.

    3. Seriously, every time your leftists friends bring up tRuMp Is RaCiSt, ask them why they’re supporting the party that’s running Biden, the person who literally created all these policing problems back in the 80s, and watch their little heads explode. Doesn’t even have to be pro Trump, just be like, yeah, trump’s bad, but Biden’s even worse. I’d be hurting the black community if I voted for Biden, at least Trump’s been flexible on criminal justice reform and passed the First Step Act

      1. I’m looking forward to that and telling all my pro-Hillary friends that they are horrible sexists if they don’t vote for JoJo.

        1. I’ve already told one of my progressive friends they’re sexist for not voting for JoJo. Why do they think it’s okay to laugh when I say it and not when they say it about Hilary? (Rhetorical question)

  9. The U.S. Marine Corps just banned public displays of the Confederate flag.

    Jarheads were sporting a loser flag?

    1. Speaking of flags, and going by the Twitter snap above, we could probably balance the US budget by charging royalty fees for all political portraits that include the US flag.

    2. The Mississippi National Guard will never follow suit.

      1. NG is Army, not Marines. There might be Marine Reserve units in MS, though.

        1. Reservist are federal, so probably less of an issue.

    3. Have the Marines endorsed sodomy and transgenderism yet? Hooah!

      1. You’re thinking of the Naaaaaavy!

        1. You can sail the seven seas.

    4. The U. S. Marine Corps put up a Confederate flag over Shuri Castle when they took it during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945:

      ““Earlier in the morning Company A, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines had attacked eastward into the ruins of Shuri Castle and had raised the Confederate flag. When we learned that the flag of the Confederacy had been hoisted over the very heart and soul of Japanese resistance, all of us Southerners cheered loudly. The Yankees among us grumbled, and the Westerners didn’t know what to do. Later we learned that the Stars and Stripes that had flown over Guadalcanal were raised over Shuri Castle, a fitting tribute to the men of the 1st Marine Division who had the honor of being first into the Japanese citadel.” –Eugene B. Sledge, With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa,

  10. If the city council had any balls they would threaten to disband the police union.

    Now, that would make for some entertaining spectacle.

  11. So only those with money to pay will have police protection ?

    1. Yep. In places like Minneapolis and NYC this is known as ‘business as usual.’

    2. Would you like to subscribe to a right wing safety squad for 0.002 Bitcoins a month?

    3. how much do you want to bet that taxes won’t go down after they disband the police

  12. Cutting people off from family is what abusive relationships and cults do.

    NY Times Op-Ed: White People Should Stop Talking To Relatives Until They Support BLM

    And one of the things he recommends is to text their relatives and let them know they are being cut off socially and emotionally unless and until those relatives show support for “black lives.” [emphasis added]

    1. That’s how you bring people together.

      1. Divide and conquer. Then everybody left shares the same values

    2. Well, it’s not surprising. BLM is a religious cult now, with designated martyrs and demands for white people to abase themselves, along with perpetual indulgences to correct “past wrongs.” More notably, it accuses people of sins they never committed, and offers no hope of absolution for those sins.

      1. I left the BLM movement and went back to Scientology after witnessing the abuses and criticisms of the white community.

    3. Come on, the Times has outed itself as going Full Retard. Any proud of it.

    4. If a family member actually does this to you, you aren’t losing anything of value. It’s just one less christmas card each year.

  13. Yes, DO IT!! I really want to see one of these “progressive” cities carry through on their threat to get rid of all law enforcement. Let everyone in the world see what happens as a result.

    1. Cant wait for the movie Blackhawk Down II: Minnesota Mayhem!

      1. Snake Plissken is unavailable for future engagements.

      2. They’ve already got the prerequisite Somali population.
        Black Hawk Down 2: Minneapolis Boogaloo

        1. AIUI from someone who worked closely with them for a while, most of those Somalis came halfway around the world specifically to escape the kind of hell that Somalia had become. Relocating to somewhere else in the US would be a cake-walk by comparison. Sure, a few Islamic fundies would stay behind, but not enough to have much more impact than any other criminal gang, and not long after their first attempt to interfere with a gang of drug dealers, they’d pretty much be finished off.

          1. And they still elect someone like Ilhan Omar with her poisonous ideas? Just because they tried to escape a shithole doesn’t mean they won’t make another one. I don’t know why libertarians think humans are roughly equivalent automatons instead of actual human beings with cultures, traditions, and values that might not end up embracing liberty as it currently exists in the U.S.

      3. You think that the soyboy brigade could actually bring down a chopper?

    2. eliminating the police departments in the form they take now is not the same as eliminating all law enforcement.

      You can treat armed protection the same way you treat the fire department. On call for emergencies. But you stop having armed thugs trained for violence driving around your city looking to pick fights with citizens over broken taillights and shit.

    1. What’s her address? Asking for a friend.

    2. Lie back and think of democratic socialism.

      1. You aren’t kidding:
        Russia’s brief sexual revolution after October 1917
        October 1917 brought not only political but also sexual revolution to Russia, with the early Soviets promoting female emancipation and the end of the traditional family… For a brief time groups encouraging free love flourished across the country… Some regions even tried to pass declarations outlawing the “privatisation” of women by their husbands, rebranding them “property of the state” to which every proletarian should have access.

  14. Was tear gas really used? Or was it smoke?

    The crowd didn’t look particularly agitated by the smoke. They just kind of wander away. Maybe there are more tweets with evidence of tear gas?

    Nevertheless, it’s been interesting to watch both sides use the police for and against their political beliefs.

    1. It was smoke.

      ENB is, as usual, endorsing leftist lies

      1. When your main science editor is a philosophy major… are you really shocked Reason can’t get basic science based facts correct?

        1. Reason’s purpose is 99% leftist gaslighting

          1. I remember the good old days when REASON was 20% ass sex.

    2. Colloquial definition of tear gas seems to have shifted from the specific tear gas (CS Gas I believe?) to “gas which is an irritant to mucus membranes/breathing” which would include most smokes.

      1. You’re missing the “/s” tag

  15. Does the Minneapolis PD have a culture of corruption?

    1. Its Newspeak. Update your dictionary

  16. Florida’s schools have become a high-stakes experiment in classroom policing.

    Obviously we can’t defund those police. How ever would schools discipline students on their own?

    1. With a whole lot of litigation. Which is why there was a move to bring cops into schools to begin with, as opposed to continuing to let the teachers get hands on.

      Now, we just won’t discipline them beyond removing them from a class and dumping them into the continuation school. Until the continuation school becomes too minority-dominated. Then, I don’t know what you do. Glad I’m not a teacher.

  17. Personally, I see a bunch of books about how Communists killed 100 million people in the 1900s, and how government in general killed 200 million of their own people, but that’s just me.

    You may have seen the phrase “decolonize your bookshelf” floating around. In essence, it is about actively resisting and casting aside the colonialist ideas of narrative, storytelling, and literature that have pervaded the American psyche for so long.

    If you are white, take a moment to examine your bookshelf. What do you see?

    1. Ooh man! That thing needs dusting!

    2. Reality.

    3. Have you considered that, if you identify as white and read only the work of white authors, you are in some ways listening to an extension of your own voice on repeat?

      All “white voices” are the same.

      1. “Risk management…”

      2. Race is an abhorrently stupid concept.

    4. These people are out of their minds. Go fuck yourself, Juan Vidal, and pray that the bullshit you’re advocating never comes to pass.

      “Liberals get the bullet too.”

      1. “Leftists get the bullet”

        That is all

    5. Notice the cult-like buzzwords they use as well–“decolonize,” “privilege,” “systemic ________,” etc.

      What’s amusing is that Juan Vidal himself is stuck in a privileged position, clearly being an educated person in a mostly white world. A lot of his fellow beaner brethren hate black people more than the KKK ever did.

      1. What are the odds that Juan’s bookshelf includes a diverse group of authors that push the same narrative?

    6. I’m keeping my 1936 world atlas with all the colonies included.

    7. The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes anthologies

    8. “If you are white, take a moment to examine your bookshelf. What do you see?”

      Mostly a metric crap-ton of software books, but I’m still working from home…

    9. I see that NPR is full of racists, but we already knew that.

    10. I see enough books lined up that they will stop a rifle bullet.
      When they defund the police, I’m taking cover behind my bookshelves!
      Remember, when you pop your head out to shoot at the mob, don’t always come up at the same spot. Mix it up.

  18. So who will enforce “common sense”, “sensible” gun legislation?

    Are we expecting the street thugs and the gangbangers to simply give up their guns without the threat of enforcement?

    1. So who will enforce “common sense”, “sensible” gun legislation?

      The mob.

    2. Politician: “Okay, what we’re going to do, citizen, is defund police, and we’re going to ‘suggest’ that you turn in all firearms as a part of our sensible gun legislation. Not turning in your firearms might have dire consequences for you. It’s best that you comply. If you have any questions for me, you’ll need to pass through my armed security detail at my office. Good luck out there!”

    3. LOL no. They’re keeping their guns.

      You, on the other hand…

    4. No, only white people will be required to do that. We can’t disarm brave pee-ohh-sees because DAS RAYCIS.

  19. Ironically….

    CBS edited completely the Barr interview about the Riots/Law Enforcement in the same interview Barr stated the media had been lying about riots.

    CBS cut out almost every mention of the actual violence Barr mentioned during the broadcast (available online for the full interview) as well as key discussion on police reform. These edits were mid discussion in clips they did use, CBS deleted sentences from within one answer when it conflicted with their narrative.

    1. If Barr wants an unedited, long form interview, he should go on Joe Rogan. He’ll reach more people too.

      What is he thinking, CBS?

      1. Liberal Boomers need to get their opinions from someplace!

      2. “What’s this ‘podcast’ you kids keep going on about?” – William Barr (probably)

      3. At least CBS does post the full interview later. But most people only see the nightly broadcast. Especially dumb people. Why CBS edits for narrative there.

    2. From now on, if I didn’t see it or hear it first hand, it didn’t happen.

    3. I understand they are producing a poduct for consumers, so it doesnt rankle me much.

      However, it goes into the memory bank for the next time some asshile cites anything they do as credible.

    4. Not like this is a surprise. They’ve been pushing left-wing agendas for over 50 years.

  20. “Hey conservatives those police you don’t want to defund are the same ones who ticketed you at church recently in case you forgot.”

    I’ve got plenty of complaints about the police, BUT, they don’t write the jackass lockdown regulations.

    1. They take the job and then do it. Counts for me.

      1. That’s deflecting the blame away from the councilmen, state reps and governors who are the true source of the problem.

        1. This. If these laws/orders have not been ruled illegal or unconstitutional, a grunt policeman is not in a strong position to refuse enforcement.

    2. “Just following orders” is not an excuse. Arrest the politicians for violating our rights.


    Video Surfaces of George Floyd Denouncing The Violence of the Younger Generation


    1. Was he wearing a hair shirt and whipping himself as he was denouncing them?

      He should still be alive…as an inmate in one of TDCJ’s prisons.

  22. It’s not ALL bad:
    “Government job losses are piling up, and it could get worse”
    “…Even as the U.S. added some jobs in May, the number of people employed by federal, state and local governments dropped by 585,000. The overall job losses among public workers have reached more than 1.5 million since March, according to seasonally adjusted federal jobs data released Friday. The number of government employees is now the lowest it’s been since 2001, and most of the cuts are at the local level…”

    1. They all retired on fat pensions.

    2. Those are rookie numbers. You gotta pump up those numbers, government!

  23. Are we ready for the Xe police and fire departments? Stopping crime and fires with our diversity!

    Reminds me of that Eddy Murphy joke in ‘Delirious’ with gays as cops – ‘Woo, woo, woo, pull over.’

  24. It’s a slogan

    But, they’ve got a hashtag and everything. That means they’re super serial and we should all treat their suggestions with all the weight and sincerity such things deserve.

    1. Believe me, I do treat it with exactly as much weight and sincerity as it deserves.

    1. Behold and despair for we have awoken #defundfascism

      1. Was your comment supposed to make sense?


    This Monday – “COPS ARE EVIL INCARNATE!!!”

    It happened so fast they haven’t had time to update their propaganda I’m still seeing stupid fucking “superhero” PSAs.

    1. I wonder if the cognitive dissonance they’re creating is part of the point.

      Testing the ability of the bien pensants to switch from “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia” to “We’ve always been at war with Eurasia” without skipping a beat.

  26. “Scientists with Chan Zuckerberg Initiative urge Facebook CEO to curb misinformation”
    “…The scientists said in the letter that allowing President Trump to use Facebook “to spread both misinformation and incendiary statements” was not only a violation of Facebook’s policies but “directly antithetical” to CZI’s goal of building a “more inclusive, just and healthy future for everyone.”…”

    Maybe they should take a look at the “RUSSKIIS!!!!” bullshit spread by NYT, MSNBC, CNN, etc.

    1. Just give Facebook to CNN and BLM.

  27. “In 2012, with crime rampant in Camden, New Jersey, the city disbanded its police department and replaced it with a new force that covered Camden County.” You are using Camden as an example of how a city can replace its police force????? Clearly you have never been to Camden. It is a profoundly unsafe city.

    1. Camden has been running tv ads proclaiming how safe it has become in the last couple years. Obviously touting business relocation and attending the local branch of Rutgers. To be fair, the Philly news seems to have far fewer “another killing in Camden” stories as the locals in Philly have taken up the slack.

      1. According to USA Today, Camden ranks as the third most dangerous city in NJ, and they added this charming aside: “Camden reportedly ranks first in violent crimes with 1,637 crimes per 100,000 residents.”

  28. “I think it’s ultimately futile to spend time fretting about how relatively mild rhetoric like defund the police will play out politically, and that it distracts from more productive discussion. Instead of simply writing off the line as politically toxic, perhaps it would be more useful to try and demystify and deradicalize the idea of cutting police budgets.”

    Libertarians are often accused of only living in a theoretical world. “Yeah, it works great in theory”, our critics will say, “but not in the real world”.

    It’s progressives that live in a fantasy world. In their fantasy world, for instance, the results of enacting ObamaCare were unknown. If things turned exactly the way libertarians said they would, well, that was just a guess. How can we possibly know what will happen in the future? We just have to care about people and move forward, oblivious to the likely outcome of our actions. The important thing is caring–in the real world.

    That’s bullshit, of course. We might even define the real world as the place where the consequences of our choices and our actions are the same regardless of our intentions.

    In the real world, there wasn’t anything theoretical about millions of people losing their jobs unnecessarily because of the lock downs. In the real world, people who wouldn’t usually riot over such things suddenly do so–because 40 million of them of them have lost their jobs.

    You know what happens in the real world if you disband the police? When crime spirals out of control, the victims won’t be theoretical, and they will be victims as a direct result of the choices the Minneapolis city council is making today. Their good intentions are all that matters in their minds, but they won’t count for shit in the real world.

    In the real world, liberty is lessened when the government fails to do its legitimate job in protecting our rights from criminals.

    1. Police budgets are too big and were in need of some trimming anyway.

      But. I would love to know what their plan is. It’s pretty irresponsible to declare ‘dismantle the police’ with nothing to replace it. You’ll go straight to Mad Max/Robocop dystopias.

      What about the paramedics and/or fire departments that need police escorts into violent situations?

      How now brown cow?

      1. “What about the paramedics and/or fire departments that need police escorts into violent situations?“

        If the police aren’t there, things will never, ever, couldn’t possibly get violent.

      2. If I’m a small business owner in an iffy neighborhood in Minneapolis that’s been closed down because of COVID-19 and the riots, or if I’m a business in Minneapolis that was burned down in the riots, I’m looking to avoid reopening at this point if I can. There are places all over this country with police departments, and they’re there to protect tax generating businesses like yours.

        I worked in a hospital in a part of Los Angeles that was really iffy. One of my file clerks was abducted walking to his car. Of the three small business that were on the same intersection with that hospital, all three of the store owners were shot in armed robberies within six months of each other. Why would you reopen your business in the face of that? All four of those storefronts remained closed afterwards for years.

        “The 2018 crime rate in Minneapolis, MN was 458 ( crime index), which was 1.7 times greater than the U.S. average. It was higher than in 94.1% of U.S. cities. The 2018 Minneapolis crime rate fell by 29% compared to 2017.”

        They had around 1,200 armed robberies in 2018. If I could bet that the armed robbery rate will go up after they disband the police, I would, but who in their right mind would bet against me?

        1. It’s not going to go up, Ken and here’s why: no cops equals no crime reports. You think I’m kidding, but that’s a bit of how it works now. Make it difficult to file a police report, and people won’t do it. They may make an insurance claim, or more likely they’ll just lump it.

          No reports, no crime, happy mayor.

          1. Even if they aren’t counted, there will still be more of them.

          2. Fair enough, but it would be a wee bit harder to ignore the numbers for the ER treatment of bullet/knife/bludgeoning wounds, plus all the inconvenient corpses showing obvious signs of violent ends.

            1. All COVID-19 related deaths…

        2. The fact that it has come to this in America is bonkers.

          Americans seriously need to STOP voting Democrat. The pattern seems to be clear. Democrat bastions turn into shit holes.

          Seattle, L.A., SF, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, and now Minneapolis.

          Places like Denver better be careful. And Texas better stop that shit at Austin.

          1. Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio routinely vote Dem too.

        3. They had around 1,200 armed robberies in 2018. If I could bet that the armed robbery rate will go up after they disband the police, I would, but who in their right mind would bet against me?

          how many of those 1200 armed robberies were interrupted by police? I doubt very many if any at all. Cops investigate armed robberies they don’t prevent armed robberies.

          1. The presence of the police are a deterrent.

            If you think there wouldn’t be more armed robberies if there weren’t any police, you’re crazy.

            1. i wouldn’t suggest have NO police, just getting rid of patrolling and looking for any excuse to harass people. Stay in the station and be on call for things like armed robberies.

              1. Actually, patrolling, at least on foot, would actually probably help lessen the distrust and violence. Not interacting with the community except to defuse violent situations will only probably increase the jaded opinion of police officers and likely occur in them using force more often.

              2. The more frequently the police patrol, the more of a deterrent they are.

                You know why all-night doughnut shops always gave the cops free coffee?

                It was so would-be armed robbers would know there was a high likelihood of the police coming by at random.



    2. “It’s progressives that live in a fantasy world. In their fantasy world, for instance, the results of enacting ObamaCare were unknown. If things turned exactly the way libertarians said they would, well, that was just a guess. How can we possibly know what will happen in the future? We just have to care about people and move forward, oblivious to the likely outcome of our actions. The important thing is caring–in the real world.”


      Good post overall

    3. Yep, no since fretting about who Trump will endorse to succeed him in 2024 for at least a year or so

  29. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $54.3 billion

    Totally unacceptable. Koch / Reason libertarianism demands an economy in which billionaires rapidly accumulate more wealth — not an economy in which they stagnate.


    1. Forced to resign for voicing support of a constitutional right! unreal.

  30. On the radio the other day I heard talk of things we’ve been talking about on this forum for years, which was kinda cool. These things were ending qualified immunity, ending or limiting union power, and requiring cops to carry liability insurance.

    However the most important reform is never mentioned because it’s heresy in most circles. That is the proliferation of laws that create opportunities for police interaction, each of which could result in someone being killed.

    Instead the solution is always more legislation.

    1. Lie with leftists, get leftist solutions

      1. Is that a response to my comment? If so it makes no sense.

        Or is it you accusing me of being a leftist again because I don’t gargle with the president’s semen? That would make sense.

        1. “I don’t gargle with the president’s semen”

          So you’re saying you swallow it like your mom.

          1. Does he also charge extra for that like she does?

          2. Just because you came out of your mom’s ass after she swallowed all her customers’ juice doesn’t make my mom a whore.

            1. You’re right it’s the charging money for sex acts that makes your mom a whore.

        2. It’s sad that you can’t see how my response was directly applicable to your comment.
          You might consider embarrassing yourself less here

  31. Council President Lisa Bender said the aim was “to end policing as we know it and recreate systems that actually keep us safe.”

    “You know, like a well regulated Militia.”

  32. “A University of California regent, a sex harassment accusation and what an investigator found”

    Spoiler: Not guilty. 2nd spoiler: She’s pissed.
    The article looks at how an investigator ‘investigates’ a “he said – she said” accusation.
    Better than most of the crap published by the Chron.

  33. One council member, Jeremiah Ellison, said the council would “dismantle” the Minneapolis Police Department.

    Then the council will “dismantle” the other Departments and finally itself, right? RIGHT?!

  34. End the drug war, and half this stuff resolves itself. (maybe more.)

  35. “U.S. allies in Europe expressed dismay over President Trump’s plan to slash the number of American troops in Germany by more than a quarter, saying it undermined NATO and boosted adversaries such as Russia.”

    That article goes on to say that European diplomats were upset because the Trump administration didn’t consult with them on this move beforehand. It isn’t a “plan”. My understanding is that Trump has ordered the Pentagon to start withdrawing troops from Germany.

    The article also mentions that Trump has been “hectoring” Germany to increase their defense spending. In fact, Donald Trump been calling out Germany for not meeting their NATO spending requirements since before he won the presidency.

    This move by Trump is almost certainly a reaction to Germany’s response to Trump’s insistence that Germany stop being such deadbeat on NATO. The Germany government recently announced that they would raise their spending to be in line with their NATO commitments–in the year of our Lord 2031.

    Apparently, Trump isn’t willing to pay their bar tab with American taxpayer money until then. This is pragmatism–this is the opposite of neoconservatism. U.S. foreign policy is not to be run for the benefit of the Kurds in Syria, gay rights activists in Moscow, or the Germans. If the Germans wish the United States to assist them in their foreign policy, then they need to behave in such a way that it is in the best interests of the United States to assist them.

    This is what is meant by America first.

    1. “This move by Trump is almost certainly a reaction to Germany’s response to Trump’s insistence that Germany stop being such deadbeat on NATO.”

      That, and Merkel being a little bitch about threatening to not attend the G-7, while she and her government keep playing footsie with the PRC. Fuck ’em.

      Agree with you that Trump is pretty dang far from being a neoconservative.

      1. But let us not question the necessity of NATO in the first place, a mini-UN transformed from getting the US to pay to protect Europe from a Communist invasion into getting the US to pay to enable Europe to become Communists all on their own.

  36. “Seattle can’t quit tear gassing protesters”

    Oh, come on. Only Trump tear gasses protesters, when has time off from infecting us all with coronavirus.

  37. Council President Lisa Bender said the aim was “to end policing as we know it and recreate systems that actually keep us safe.”

    The arrogance is simply astonishing. They actually think that all they have to do is put their heads together for a few days to create a perfect institution completely different from what has ever existed anywhere. How did Minneapolis get so lucky to have these incredible geniuses at the helm?

    1. It does make one wonder why they kept their transformative ideas to themselves for so long. I suppose the world wasn’t ready until now.

    2. I’m sure the plan involves an all-volunteer group pulled from the membership rolls of acceptable activist groups. To identify themselves, they will all wear the same shirt color and an armband.

  38. I see Shitka wrote an article I’m not going to read.

    1. Good idea. God forbid you find common ground with someone. It’s so much more mature to just hate them because you disagree about something.

      1. Take a deep breath.

        Now realize you’re adovcating for people to read Shikha.

        I realize you’re got the reflexive contrarian idiot thing going recently but bro, reel it in.

      2. Weird… it is only common ground if you have someone come to your vision. When was the last time you relented on your views?

    2. Interesting. I saw it 2 minutes ago and made a pledge to never click one of her articles again. First, it’s likely the same one she’s written 100 times. Second, I suspect my clicking might result in some fiscal benefit for her, and that would be a shame.

      1. Same here — I used to enjoy slagging her in the comments, but then I figured clicking on the article results in either a) more Shikha articles, or b) at least some remuneration. I’d rather not reward irrationality.

        Guess that means I need to stop “reading” the morning links. (Stopped even glancing at ENB’s opening essay because it’s become a monotonous “Orange Man Bad” op-ed/screed.)

  39. I love the South!

    Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson reportedly planned to go against the governor’s wishes, explaining people had the right to assemble for protest purposes.

    “They were going to have signs,” Johnson explained to the Winston Salem Journal. “From my understanding, they were going to have the pace car go around asking for unity of our nation for what is going on. You know, the fires, the tax on law enforcement, burning of buildings and stuff. And, by doing that, to me, that gives them the First Amendment right to protest peacefully.”

    1. Just to be sure, they should have some stuff to burn and destroy to make it legit.

      1. I’m sure they’ll be a wreck or three.

        1. ‘There will be.’

          Amazing how fast all that social distancing shit went out the window, once a protester’s brick went through it.

    2. Yep; I also notice that the cities with protesting rioters have sport stadiums. I suggest future protests be at those stadiums, with full food and beverage service to get the working poor back to being working poor.
      Who knows, maybe even let a few baseball players in if they stay 60 feet 6 inches apart. (or 90 feet for some)

  40. Great idea! Defund the police, and have a yard sale of all their equipment to raise even more money for babbling idiots.
    No cops means no one enforcing unconstitutional gun control laws.

    1. No cops means no enforcing trespasses of one citizen against another citizen’s rights.

      1. Untrue. Citizens can enforce those rights themselves without help from the cops.

    2. No cops also means more Ahmed Aubrey situations.
      Those guys in Brunswick were wrong because it wasn’t their place to apprehend a suspect.
      Take away police and you’re explicitly placing responsibility for that with vigilantes

  41. “It’s a slogan, you guys. It’s short and easy to write on signs.”

    It is thoughtless propaganda that means whatever the side advocating it needs it to mean in the moment. It is inarguable, because arguing against it is punching a paper bag, there is no substance to it.

  42. No fiefdom was ever formed that didn’t include a police department. How else are you going to enforce all the petty municipal violations that are the bread & butter of wielding power over the peons? Not to mention the revenue streams. So, no, police departments aren’t going anywhere. Maybe they meant to say, “we’re going to smoke and mirrors the police department.”

    1. Also, “If you call about a rape in progress, we promise not to respond until the ethnicity of the perpetrator can be determined.”

  43. In case you missed it, here’s Tom Arnold on Twitter yesterday:

    “2nd Amendment is for everyone including black men with long guns but it’s fucking time for us white liberal men to stand up for our brothers & sisters. Borrow our dad’s hunting rifles & go nose to nose with Trump’s gang of misfit tools. Let’s do it

    1. And the followup tweet to a lady saying that the unmarked DC cops looked like a militia:

      “they are Barb…seriously…that’s the point. I’m 100% on getting guys together with hunting rifles & staring them down out here in Cali Have to be Hollywood libs. Trump & his guys are cowards & bullies. We need a bunch of big white guys lining up standing up to them for them”

    2. when nobody joins him is it still inciting a riot?

      1. idk, but plenty of people in the comments were pointing his tweet out to the ATF, the FBI, and the cops, as well as pointing out that it’s illegal in Cali to borrow a gun

        1. It’s always funny to see leftists shocked that they’re violating the very gun laws they shrieked to get enacted in the first place.

  44. hilarious cities run by (D) think they can throw their woobie on the fire.

  45. In Chicago alderman are calling to defund the police, Mayor Groot says vigilantes will not be tolerated. Why it sounds like the Libertopian moment is here at last.

  46. That headline pic: Mostly lumpy white chicks. Correlates with what we saw in the Denver BLM parade yesterday — 80% sickly-looking pasty-people desperately virtue signalling to hell and back. A lot of “teachers for BLM” signs fwiw.

    In short, the protests in many are predominantly guilt-ridden whities wanting to be seen as friends of black people. Completely, sickeningly, fake.

  47. Have Hollywood liberals considered if we disband police forces they’ll lose at least half of their Movie and Television ideas?

  48. If defunding the police means they can at the same time kick out the union, then go go go.

    1. exactly. I call it a win win.

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