Trump's Plan To Reopen the Economy Admits Governors Are in Charge, but We're Probably Months Away From Anything Resembling Normalcy

"A national shutdown is not a sustainable long-term situation," Trump said Thursday evening. "We are not opening all at once, but one careful step at a time."


Just two days after (falsely) claiming that the federal government had "absolute power" to decide when America's COVID-19 economic shutdown would end, President Donald Trump outlined a plan on Thursday that would put state governments in charge.

"A national shutdown is not a sustainable long-term situation," Trump said Thursday evening from the White House. "We are not opening all at once, but one careful step at a time. And some states will be able to open up sooner than others."

That makes sense, of course. As just about everyone from political pundits to constitutional scholars has noted, it was states and local governments that acted to shut down schools and nonessential businesses and that ordered people to stay home to stop COVID-19's spread. Moving in the opposite direction would require state and local governments to lead (and, really, for people to decide to listen). That Trump is seemingly stepping aside is a positive sign.

As for the plan itself, the Trump administration is rolling out a three-stage process that can play out differently in every state—although it's really a four-step process because just getting to phase one requires two weeks of a downward trajectory in new coronavirus cases and evidence that hospitals are not being overwhelmed.

In phase one, the administration says vulnerable individuals should continue to shelter at home, gatherings of 10 or more people will be prohibited, schools would remain closed, and employees would be strongly encouraged to work from home whenever possible. Bars, restaurants, gyms, and other gathering places could be permitted to open, but only if they "adhere to strict physical distancing" guidelines.

Two more weeks of downward trends will allow states to progress into phase two. At that point, gatherings of more than 50 will be prohibited, but schools would reopen and nonessential travel would resume. Bars and restaurants would reopen with restrictions on capacity.

Eventually, states will advance to phase three. That would allow for individuals to visit loved ones in nursing homes once again. Large venues like movie theaters and arenas could open with some restrictions on attendance. During Thursday's press conference, Dr. Anthony Fauci said sporting events with spectators might be able to resume during phase three.

"This is a gradual process," Trump said, with an emphasis on protecting senior citizens and other vulnerable populations. He said all Americans should continue to practice social distancing. He said the White House would encourage states to form regional groups to cooperate on reopening strategies—something that was already happening without federal approval or direction.

It remains unclear whether individual states or groups of states will adopt these federal guidelines, or how strictly they will adhere to them. Rather than a specific plan for reopening the economy, Trump's guidelines seem intended to nudge governors toward partial reopenings in the coming weeks, particularly in places where the coronavirus outbreak is not currently severe.

Another aspect of the plan that remains highly uncertain, however, is how long it might take states to progress from their current situations to phase one and subsequent phases.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday afternoon, Delaware Gov. John Carney, a Democrat, said his state was probably "days, maybe weeks" away from meeting the testing benchmarks necessary to move into the first phase of the Trump administration's three-step plan. Each of the three phases will last at least two weeks—and perhaps longer if there is a resurgence of the virus or if other benchmarks can't be hit.

As a practical matter, then, it's virtually impossible for any state to advance to phase three—the stage at which some semblance of normality would return, even if large-scale gatherings and some sporting events are probably still on hold—until mid-June. And that's assuming there is enough testing available within the next two weeks, and that everything else goes perfectly smoothly, which it almost certainly won't.

There's a famous scene from the sitcom 30 Rock in which Tiny Fey's character's boyfriend, a pilot (Matt Damon!), explains that airline passengers are usually told pre-flight delays will take "about another half-hour" even if the airline and pilot know the delay might be much longer.

"The half-hour thing; it's a trick," he explains to an exasperated Fey. "It's enough time so that people know they are going to have to wait, but it doesn't upset them."

That seems to be the basic idea that the Trump administration and governors have latched onto. With growing unrest about how shutdowns have been handled so far, the plan unveiled Thursday lets people know they are going to have to wait. Whether it upsets them remains to be seen, but at least the appearance of a plan to reopen the economy is probably better than not having a plan at all.

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  1. If governors ARE in charge, then who the hell do we blame for everything?

    1. The old stand-by, guys in pick-up trucks.

      1. Only the ones with gun racks and KAG bumper stickers. Not the suburban ones with tonneau covers that have never been removed and bedliners without a single scratch.

    2. I almost wonder if Trump made his statement about ordering states to reopen so that governors would reflexively react and have to admit they are responsible for the economic issues of shutting shit down.

      1. Well don’t wonder to much because that’s not why he did it. He did it because orange man bad!

        1. My eyes still read your handle as “Warren not perfect” after all this time.

          1. I keep reading “Lefty ignoramus”

            1. Then you should man up, and pay. If you want others to suffer for your ignorance then pay for it. But you seem to be a deadbeat. All mouth, and no responsibility

              1. Sevo has probably been living off a pension for like 30 years. What’s the generation before boomers? That’s him.

                1. Cute bonding moment between you and Hihn. You guys on the same antipsychotic?

        2. Orange Man Bad for daring to say he can order governors to give their people freedom. Bad bad bad.

          1. The amount of ridiculousness in that comment has got to have broken some kind of record.

            1. Your lack of understanding of what’s going on has no bearing on his comment.

    3. unreason

    4. Xi Jingping. He should be charged with crimes against humanity.

      1. The United States will be re-evaluating it’s relationship with China. They will not like the results.

        1. They will be subjected to long speeches. Not so bad. I can guarantee the the SEC will not require corporations to list the percentage of their incomes that involve Communist China, nor the percentage of their products that involve Communist China, or anything substantive at all. Nor will there be editorials calling out the companies that bow down to Communist China in their corporate behaviors, and smile as their intellectual properties are openly stolen for use against the USA. It will be business as usual except at the individual level, where maybe a few additional people will avoid products from Communist China to the extent it can be done.

          1. We’ll see. I know I am done with buying Chinese anything….except maybe the local Chinese restaurant (and they are Vietnamese anyway). China obfuscated and lied about the Wuhan coronavirus quite deliberately. This is resulted in many American deaths. China’s actions and behaviors cannot go unanswered and unpunished.

    5. The Governors. They wanted the power, they get the responsibility. Yet the Governors will all blame Trump when the second wave hits after opening.

  2. Waiting for sign from above is useless. Just get out there and live your life, and fuck the assholes running your government. Don’t be on your knees hoping for salvation.

    1. You sound a lot like Pastor Gerald Glenn.

  3. I have a one-step plan for reopening the economy. It involves tar, feathers, and authoritarian politicians.

    1. They have gotten a lot more brazen since we’ve stopped with the tarring.

      1. Somone should plot that correlation and send it to Bailey.

      2. It’s hard to fine pine tar these days, especially in any quantity. Is petroleum tar an acceptable substitute?

    2. I’m in, but we have to add the public health policy folks

    3. But of course, your plan requires the villains to allow you to purchase non-essential tar and feathers.

  4. “The lockdowns will have to continue, in one form or another, until we find a cure for death. Living your life is just too fucking dangerous, so be thankful. We’re thinking of you.” – every totalitarian douche in human history

    1. 50 years of liberal dogma regarding fragility of life has led us here.

    2. This is the first, unique occurrence of there being a world wide “lock down”. Makes it kind of hard to jump logically to relating it to authoritarians throughout history.

      1. Sure, maybe not in this super specific way. But in general disasters have allowed for power grabs that didn’t go away.

        1. True. What you just wrote was way more coherent than what Geraje wrote.

          1. I suppose the Nazis never used the dangers of unfettered pollution, personal indulgences, and miscegenation as a basis to exercise totalitarian control over an entire and systematically eliminate all of the “dangers” of the outside world to the insular, perfect, Aryan race. I guess they really don’t teach history anymore.

            1. Go back and read what you wrote at 7:03 pm. It makes no sense as a reference to Nazis. They didn’t do lockdowns to try to stop a pandemic. They didn’t try to keep people from experiencing danger or from dying.

              1. “They didn’t try to keep people from experiencing danger or from dying.” So, again, you don’t know history, necause they did in fact try that.

  5. But it’s the federal government that’s in charge of immigration policy. The economic damage caused by the #TrumpVirus can only be fixed by implementing the Koch / Reason agenda of unlimited, unrestricted immigration. And in order to get that done we need a Democratic President. #VoteBidenForOpenBorders

    1. You lying dog faced pony soldier.

      1. Challenge him to a push up contest. That’ll shut him up.

        1. Where am I?

  6. We’ve flattened the curve, now let’s open it back up. The 5 metro areas getting wrecked can stay closed as long as they decide they need to.

  7. Trump can generate more contrasting word-salad positions faster than any pol in history. Trump’s brain is a pachinko machine with little shiny balls of crazy bouncing wildly off of little shiny pins of ignorance.

    1. Pretty much, and yet some people feel compelled to put a bumper sticker with his name on their car. Go figure.

      1. Or have big buildings with his name on top.

        1. You do know that almost all of those Trump signs on buildings are the result of licensing agreements?

          Trump built almost none of them and owns very little of them. He and his company simply receives a fee and / or a small interest in them in return for the use of the brand.

          Trump’s manifest ignorance baffles so many because his skill in building his cult of personality proves that he is not a congenital moron. What Trump is is an insect. In his famous quote on an ideal of human intelligence and competence Heinlein said that “…specialization is for insects.” Trump has specialized so compleately in self-promotion that he has no other skills, nor even thoughts. Trump is an insect – a very poisonous insect.

    1. Justin has had Covid of the brain since birth.

    2. I fear the fallout when they realize ‘eh’ is just ‘he’ backwards.

      1. What’s amazing to me is that Justin Trudeau must spend every hour thinking about what’s in your pants. Like every… waking… hour.

        1. His pressers are creepy. He looks like such a fool.

    3. Hmm, kind of suspicious that this is only covered in three newspapers, at least one of which is right wing.

      1. So fricken what? It only matters when some left-wing rag picks it up? The quote is right there from the Armed Forces. This is what we get from the ‘mainstream’ press:

        1. Did I say it only matters when it appears in leftie newspapers? The quote could be phony.

          1. Did you bother to lift a finger and explore it? What part of it came straight from the Armed Forces don’t you get? The Post-Millennial merely printed it:

            1. I deigned to read the stupid article. It mischaracterizes the actual Canadian military policy. See my comment below.

              1. What am I talking to a coconut on an island? The link goes straight to the military. Are they mischaracterizing their own words? Were you in resource class?

                1. Did YOU bother to read the military memo?

        2. “For instance, when two male members of a reconnaissance team returned from a camp in another sector where a medical unit was being established, the female members of the team wanted to know whether there were any women’s washrooms at the site. The men did not know the answer. That is type of thing Capt. Holland wants to change.” Canada had a decent run.

        3. The “quote” actually says (in hideous all-caps) that gender neutral language must be used in the personnel evaluation system. Somehow, the newspaper turned that into all personnel have to use gender neutral language in official reports.

          1. Finally, an actual response. It’s still identity politics. I think you’re splitting hairs.

            1. Splitting hairs. The article took a memo about language to be used in personnel evaluation records, and tried to make it sound like all soldiers in the Canadian military have to stop using the words “he” and “she”.

            2. Rufus, you’re trying to have an honest discussion with Lying Jeffy. It’s not possible, you’ll spend more time telling him that what you said is not what he’s saying you said then you will trying to have an honest discussion. He can’t stop lying. It’s a major part of his central character.

          2. Government, and particularly military, orders are almost always in all caps.

            1. Way to completely miss my main point.

              1. No, I understood your main point; I just don’t care. At all. I was just pointing out that all caps is how the government issues orders.

                1. You’re trying to have an honest discussion with Lying Jeffy. You should go play solitaire instead.

  8. I feel for Americans who have tyrannical opportunistic Governors who will use this to further their ambitions. Some of them are doing what they do with an eye to run for the Big Prize one day. Good luck.

  9. Discipline and hard work are needed so that the economy can recover

  10. I not sure that I will ever see the old normalcy in my lifetime. It surprising that we have not had a pandemic sooner. People and materials more around more freely than they ever have in history. Evolution is out there creating new bugs to take advantage where they can. I suspect we will get to phase three in the summer, but the old normalcy is phase 4 and that may be gone for good.

    1. Trying to look on the bright side, new medical technologies will come from this pandemic, such as new RNA-targeted vaccines.

    2. And the 19th century model we have been sticking to in public schools has been disrupted.

      1. i won’t hold my breath….but a mass realization that our schooling model is obsolete would be amazing

      2. I have to agree. Secretary DeVos said exactly the same thing that you did.

    3. We have a pandemic every year, its called the flue and I’m sure they will use what the authoritarians learned from this is that they can do this every year now if it just saves one life

  11. FIne. No normalcy for months. Some of us haven’t been ‘normal’ all our lives. But can someone specify by what is meant by ‘normal’? The poser in Ottawa says ‘new normal’ and ‘unprecedented’ a lot but never defines it except to give the impression he means, ‘keep it shut down until we find a vaccine’. Thankfully, my province is ignoring this sauce. By ‘not normal’ do they mean the economy gets going as it ought to except we have to exercise extreme caution through social distancing or wearing masks? I’m ok with this as long as people get back to work. But if they mean ‘pant shit and die’ then maybe we need some good old fashioned civil disobedience. I use a simple metric. If the left wants something or advocates for a certain policy then you should support the opposing view.

    1. Gay rights? Freedom from Christianity be encoded into our laws? Marijuana legalization? Maybe there are some exceptions to your rule.

      1. There are always exceptions. And yeh no, the left don’t exclusively own those issues.

      2. What special rights do gays need? You have to specify which laws. If Democrats have always been such big proponents of pot why did it take so long to legalize it in places where Democrats have held sway for a longtime.

        1. Obama “evolved”.

          1. Biden will, well you, the thing.

            1. “you know” Im about fed up with Reasons shitty site.

        2. Because politicians are not incentivized in any way to be responsive to their constituents. i.e. If republicans and libertarians care so much about small government, why does the government keep growing when the people they vote for win elections?

      3. What exactly do you mean, “Freedom from Christianity be encoded into our laws?” – please be specific.

  12. Pretty sure a ‘planned’ return to a free(er) market is going to be any better than the ‘planned’ economy we’ve had for the last month or so. Do any of the governors know you cannot reopen a restaurant without reopening all the suppliers to that restaurant?

    1. Hell, you can’t even keep grocery stores open without _all_ the suppliers to them. Not just the food, but IT/computer support + all of its suppliers, building maintenance and all of its suppliers, etc.

      1. The Knowledge Problem, and if you can bear watching any of grease-ball Newsom’s TV appearances, there’s the narcissist who imagines himself capable of ‘planning’ it.

  13. Trump Misery Index was 34.7% BEFORE the 5.2 million people added to UE this morning. The Con Man will slink out of office just like the Bushpigs did back in 2009. Dubya’s approval rating was just 22%.

    1. Fuck off with your cherry-picked number, you lefty fucking ignoramus. Nobody except your fellow commies cares about your made up bullshit.

      1. Sevo, you bitter old fag, these are the numbers: 22 million have lost their jobs over the past month—real unemployment rate likely nearing 18% As for the other portion of the new Misery Index we take a $20 trillion GDP and divide by our $4 trillion deficit (Reason as source). 18% + 20% = 38% for The Dotard’s Misery Index. It was only 10.2% when Obama left. I am sorry your beloved GOP is so inept Sevo.

        1. Fuck off with your cherry-picked number, you lefty fucking ignoramus. Nobody except your fellow commies cares about your made up bullshit. And nobody cares about your homoerotic fantasies except your daddy.

          1. Can we just replace all comments with “fuck you” and “no, fuck you!”?

            1. I can see why you’d want that.

        2. BTW, you pathetic piece of lefty shit, you are not the first to accuse me of being “bitter” in that I call pathetic pieces of lefty shit on their bullshit. Am I now a ‘thing’ on lefty shitbag talk boards?

  14. If massive amounts of people get tested and the positive case are 10%, what then? Two more weeks of quarantine, then another round of tests? Repeat process until we can pass phase one? There is no sense of urgency anywhere. Its terrible that working families can’t pay rent, but we’re headed to a much darker place at this rate. Think what will happen to states like CA, which has more people than Canada and depend on revenue from stocks and dividends. Casinos, resorts and entertainment venues were told their business (requiring large crowds) are dead for one more year, The whole state might be dead already.

    1. “But if it saves just one life”, right JFree?

  15. At least these guidelines would eventually change to isolating only the people who are most at risk of dying. But the lengthy waits tracking a single measure of health risk would further deprive people of liberty and property, and coercion would snap back every time this disease or the next would flare up. Any governor worth having should immediately apply the guidelines county-by-county, freeing every county he can. Then he should run for president.

  16. Fantastic post however , I was eager to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Bless you! Feel free to visit my weblog.

  17. I’m watching the coronavirus task force briefing from today, and I must admit I’m liking the silver hair Trump is rocking these days. It’s a distinguished look for the old codger, even if the combback is still a little giggleworthy.

  18. Had to look; Boehm is the author. According to discussions I’ve had today, the governors are ‘in charge’ so long as they can justify to the courts that their denial of personal liberties, especially the enumerated constitutional liberties, are both required and effective. Suffice to say, the issue is worth pursuing.

  19. Have everyone wear mask in public situations, have retailers and businesses not allow anyone not wearing a mask, maintain 6 feet distance, allow those who are high risk to remain home, and open it up for everyone. IMO the ship has sailed for testing everyone and contact tracing etc. We can’t afford to keep the economy shut till the last strand of SARS-COV2’s RNA is gone. We will be back to Stone Age by then.

    1. No, stop saying this shit. It concerns me that libertarians are willing to make this kind of compromise. I will never wear a mask in public- anyone who does that is not over 75 with major underlying conditions or has zero immune system is a pants shitting retard. And if they have those conditions, it would have made just as much sense for them to wear one all along, KungFlu or not. This idea that we should be OK with being forced to act like terrified old women as some kind of “new normal” is unacceptable.

      1. The mask isn’t to protect you it’s to keep your saliva from getting everywhere because most cases are asymptomatic but are still shedding virus.

      2. Your presence without a mask is infringing the NAP by spreading biological warfare agents into my airstream. I believe a retaliatory nuclear strike is in order.

  20. The corona virus has hurt economies too, the credit rating has gone down for all the borrowers still you can apply for this

  21. No states have declining cases. All states but Vermont look far more than 14 days from Phase 1, 28 days from Phase 2, and 42 days from Phase 3. bing .com/search?q=coronavirus%20new%20cases%20trending%20united%20states&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=coronavirus%20new%20cases%20trending%20united%20state&sc=1-43&sk=&cvid=0B27B370A889448183A2922D7B6DE920 This is deepening control by Fauci & Birx.

  22. It seems like all the progtards have gotten behind the idea that we need to remain on permanent lockdown until the last COVID-19 patient croaks. Maybe they’re hoping that if they fuck the economy up to the point where it is beyond repair, Trump will get blamed and not them

    1. “…Maybe they’re hoping that if they fuck the economy up to the point where it is beyond repair, Trump will get blamed and not them…” See turd’s whining a bit upthread; that pathetic piece of shit is hoping everyone will blame Trump for the disease and the economic shut down.

    2. Yep, that retarded ass Tony Evers said yesterday that this needs to go on in WI until there is a vaccine. What a fucking nut. I think he really wanted to take things at least as far as Gretchen Whitler, but was afraid that the blowback would be too severe. So rather than take her route and tighten the screws on the current restrictions, he doubled down on the length (until after Memorial Day!). In a state where no county outside of one metro has anything that could be described as a problem.

  23. Dangit, now I have the image of Trump ranting about implementing “Sky Law” in my brain.

  24. If the President decides he wants to force the states to re-open their economies, he absolutely has that authority because of the Commerce Clause. He can also sic the DOJ on the states for civil rights violations because of their blatantly unconstitutional infringements on freedom of religion and their arbitrary and often capricious restrictions on freedom of assembly (which is only permissible when the restrictions are “general and non-discriminatory”, per the Cantwell decision). Bill Barr has already started that. Yet another sophomoric column from Eric Boehm and his 8th grade understanding of the Constitution.

  25. We’ve held out economically as long as we can and from here on we’re just going to have to deal with it. There’s never been a coronavirus vaccine. Most cases are mild. A lot of old and infirm are going to die and I say that with an 83 year old mother. Xi Jingping should be charged with crimes against humanity.

  26. Trump is playing this well. He can say he wanted to reopen the economy (popular), but the pesky Constitution didn’t let him. And if deaths spike, he can blame the governors for it.

    1. I think you are right here. I think its time for a return to normalcy in politics and I hope this does not work well enough to get Trump reelected.

      1. Trump is doing what he should he doing: kicking this to the governors. Normalcy would mean an imperial president decreeing some solution for the entire country and then conspiring with the press to cover up the inevitable disastrous consequences. Fck normalcy. I hope we will never return to it.

  27. It is almost as if there was no kerfuffle a week ago as Trump went on a rant explaining federalism to the press. Of course, it also is almost as if Trump never gave pressers praising various governors he was working with. And almost as if governors like Cuomo hadn’t given pressers days earlier where they praised Trump and his team for working closely with them. I know we’ve always discarded old knowledge in service of the current narrative, but watching it happen in real time, hour by hour, has been …… well, not just shocking. It is disturbing. People in the media have been twisting 180 degrees on various political issues following their preferred politicians as their positions blow in the wind for my entire adult life. But rarely is it so over-the-top. And never can I recall it happening day by day like this. I don’t even have a label for this nonsense. Motivated reasoning is a powerful thing, but that label hardly seems adequate. And everyone is playing along as if none of it is happening. Cuomo’s response to Trump’s musings about maybe opening things up was to proclaim that “We don’t want a king!”. He received thunderous applause from the national press. Hours later Cuomo decreed that everyone in his kingdom shall wear a mask. He received thunderous applause from the national press. Trump decreed that it was up to state and local governments to lead on this, and stated that the federal government was ready to help… a stance that was jeered in the national media as lacking leadership and doing nothing and … worst of all… dooming millions to their deaths. Hours later Trump was being called a dictator, exercising his authoritarian streak – a callback to the stance a week earlier as closing travel from affected countries was a focus. But then we were all ever so certain that he was a feckless leader, doing nothing again. That is, of course, a gross simplification. The twists and turns were much too numerous and far too frequent to really document. The most startling feature has been that it is the same person espousing the conflicting opinions in these cases. It would be one thing if Pat Buchannon thought Trump was too weak and Van Jones thought Trump should do more….. but it isn’t extremist thinkers on opposite sides. It is everyone, all the time, hour by hour. The only thing anyone seems to be able to hold in their head for more than 30 minutes is that the Covid-19 pandemic is the most terrible threat of our life….. even if they have no memory of saying that it was going to kill 2.2 million Americans, which cannot be compared to the flu…. and anyone who says different is a dangerous science denier. Or that it was going to kill 200,000 Americans, and anyone who thinks that is comparable to the flu is a science denier. Or that is going to kill 60,000 americans, and that cannot be compared to the dangers of the flu (which killed a revised 80,000 a mere two years ago, something which only dangerous people who want to kill millions would dare bring up). It is really bizarre, and kind of scary. I know that all of these people cannot be crazy. And they are not all functionally diminished in capacity. Yet people, left and right, are swinging around like flags in the wind, facts shifting within their brains hour by hour. It is as if the prospect that our government is getting something this big wrong is something that just cannot be processed. And simultaneously that Trump might get anything right, or worse, get credit for anything going right is to horrific to process. So here we are, vehemently defending positions that we roundly condemned hours ago, only to shift back around again hours later. We’ve always known that most politicians blow with the wind, changing positions as the deem necessary. But that ordinary people could hold completely contradictory ideas so dearly, all the time…… I thought that was the realm of Huxley and Orwell, not my daily life. Right now we are galvanized behind the idea that the other side is wrong. This allows a blowhard Trump and a Senile Biden to stand as the standard-bearers for the moment. But how easy would it be for a charismatic leader to take advantage of this moment? How eager are we for someone like Bill Clinton or Reagan to come along and tell us something we will believe with great passion, just to have firm ground to stand upon? What would we cling to? How eager would we be to believe a modern blood libel, even now? It certainly is easier to understand the opportunity that post-war Europe presented, given the chaotic willingness of the people to follow nobody at all round and round in circles today.

    1. I like the stripping out of all formatting. It make a crazed screed stand out as being more crazed. Thanks for that, squirrels.

      1. Reason IT designers are about as phucking competent as Phailing Phil Murphy, governor of the Peoples Republic of NJ. Clearly, the testing went awry.

        1. At least the website is blazing fast today, possibly the fastest o can remember it ever being. It crawling or refusing to load at all for much of the day yesterday. I wonder if they moved to a new server or even a new hosting provider? Or maybe they simply stopped having the page stop loading some bandwidth-intensive component (say, that accursed AnyClip plugin), and this is just a temporary improvement.

          1. Nope, no such luck. There it is again. I don’t mind it on my desktop, but yes infuriating on a mobile platform. It takes up a quarter of the screen.

          2. A move to Chrome on Linux made a massive difference in speed for me. With ad blocker on, and using Chrome on Linux, I don’t get the most annoying aspect of the slow loads. Namely, when it loads the comments and then as you start to read the comments the webpage resizes and reorders things so that whatever you are looking at jumps off the page. On a slow windows netbook I have this problem pretty badly with all of the major browsers. Running Linux on the same netbook eliminated the problem.

  28. I live in rural California. Governor Newsom has shut the place down, but after the county and city officers in my county already had done most of the heavy lifting – shut down schools, theaters, and bars. The politics of this and most states is based on where the votes are, which is the big metropolitan areas of LA, the Bay Area, and San Diego. If they must continue the shut down, then everyone else has to as well. If you go to the LA Times website and click on the coronavirus special pages, there is a map of counties displaying infected and deaths. Most of the state by area have few infected and no deaths. Several counties have none of either. I hope, but doubt, that the governor will allow those counties to relax the rules before the big cities.

  29. So the governors are in charge as long as they follow Trump’s formula?

    1. Yes, they are in charge within constitutional and reasonable bounds.

  30. It’s Raining Bad News Cats and Dogs Normalcy? Enough of the phony analyses and empty promises. Face reality. Have you heard the latest reality? Based upon recommendations from the CDC, the Florida Department of Agriculture has released a warning about cats and dogs contracting COVID-19. It makes sense for cats especially, given that tigers and lions in a zoo contracted COVID-19. For some time, dogs have known to carry the relatively benign α-coronavirus not transmissible to humans. The warning implies that millions of household pets and feral cats and dogs are vulnerable to the virus and likely will transmit it to humans. What to do? Can you imagine the howling and screeching if the politicians mandate euthanizing these pets? Forget reëlection! The good news is that goldfish are safe. Turtles? No, they carry the bacterium, Salmonella. Life is risky. So, what’s the basic message? COVID-19 is going to run its course no matter what, pending the possible introduction of an effective and safe vaccine. Recall that no vaccine ever has been developed for any coronavirus despite years of trying, assurances from politicians notwithstanding. Perhaps, we might start analyzing our predicament from a scientific perspective. Which science? Biobehavioral Science as described in the novel, Retribution Fever; which the U.S. Army had used as early as World War One, and the Chinese are employing today on a national basis. Too much for which to hope? Sad although not to the Chinese!

    1. Biden will personally develop a vaccine! That’s why you should vote for him!

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