Michael Bloomberg and the Imperious Presidency

Until we start denuding the Oval Office, we will continue getting the royals we deserve.


If Donald Trump could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue and get away with it, what brazenness might we expect from his fellow septuagenarian Manhattanite presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg?

The then–mayoral candidate gave us a glimpse back in 2001, when he was dumping his first tranche of $74 million into a late-in-life political career and a reporter asked him whether he had ever smoked marijuana. "You bet I did," the media mogul enthused, at a time when politicians tended to be much more reticent about such things. "And I enjoyed it."

Talk about do as I say, not as I did. During Bloomberg's three terms as mayor, the Big Apple became the marijuana arrest capital of the world, thanks to the notorious stop-and-frisk searches conducted largely in neighborhoods where billionaires rarely venture.

Hizzoner's conscience has never been noticeably troubled by such obvious disparities under the law. If anything, the disproportionate impact of his policy preferences on poorer folk has been the point.

In an April 2018 conversation with Christine Lagarde, then the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Bloomberg defended his fondness for taxing treats, such as sugary sodas and trans fats, that are mostly enjoyed by the non-rich.

"Some people say, well, taxes are regressive," he said. "But in this case, yes they are! That's the good thing about them, because the problem is in people that don't have a lot of money. And so, higher taxes should have a bigger impact on their behavior and how they deal with themselves….The question is, do you want to pander to those people, or do you want to get them to live longer?"

Rules may be important for "those people" but are much less so for the eighth-richest man on the planet. He is the leading financier of gun control advocacy in America—and one of the few people allowed to have an armed security detail in Bermuda. He has been positively Trumpian about releasing his tax returns, snapping at the mere suggestion that such political traditions should apply to him. And as recently as January 2019, even as the rest of the Democratic Party was finally evolving toward getting rid of federal prohibitions on the marijuana Bloomberg once enjoyed, the former mayor called pot legalization "perhaps the stupidest thing we've ever done."

If George W. Bush and Barack Obama ushered in the return of the imperial presidency, Trump represents a further devolution toward the imperious presidency. There was an audacity in Obama's pen and phone, and there was an expansive theory of executive branch autonomy spearheaded by former Vice President Dick Cheney. Trump's contribution has been more vulgar, more direct, more New York: "I dare you to stop me" mixed with "I can say anything I want."

Bloomberg's manners are more refined, but only just. There's the locker room talk about women, which he pre-emptively apologized for in advance of his presidential run. Trump may troll people about seeking a legally proscribed third term, but Bloomberg actually went there, changing New York City law near the end of his second mayoral term in order to run for a third, and then switching it back soon after winning. As The New York Times noted dryly upon the latter occasion, "Bloomberg thinks that being able to serve three terms in office is a good idea—just not for anyone else."

Bloomberg's above-the-law demeanor might seem preferable to Trump's appetite for corruption, but their approaches to how the law applies to the lowly are distressingly similar. To Trump, constitutional limits to executive power are speed bumps slowing down his policy goals, especially concerning immigration. To Bloomberg, policy ends can justify means that judges have explicitly ruled unconstitutional. "I think people, the voters, want low crime," he told the Times in September 2018, defending the practice of stop and frisk. "They don't want kids to kill each other."

It seems implausible that, in an era of resurgent Democratic populism, primary voters will reward the kind of bluenose who has appeared in skits as "King Michael." But seeing Bloomberg even in fifth place extends a worrying trend. We've stacked up so much power at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that billionaires with insatiable ambitions are eyeing the address greedily and finding market share among understandably disgruntled voters.

"The president," lawyer Alan Dershowitz said on Fox News host Laura Ingraham's show last year, "has the power that kings have never had." Until we start denuding the Oval Office, we will continue getting the royals we deserve.

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      1. +1000

        1. +1000

      1. Fuck you and fuck ads in comments.

        1. damn Dilinger, I was trying to reply to the stupid ad, no personal offense meant to you but reason stays in the stone age without letting you edit comments even a minute or two after you make them to fix typos

  2. Bloomberg will never be the President, Matt Welch.

    There is no way that a majority of states will vote for the soda banner. A majority of states wont vote for the guy who jumped from Democrat to New York RINO back to Democrat.

    Bloomberg is nothing like Trump. Trump is the best President in US history. Bloomberg is a washed up wishy-washy authoritarian.

    1. Cool, First by default.

    2. "Trump is the best President in US history"

      Do you really think this? Really?

      1. Yup. Convincing evidence is there.

        The Founders did their best work before some became Presidents.

        Then there is the the long list of worse Presidents before Trump survived an attempted coup and joke Impeachment.


        1. Accurate list...

        2. Wilson should be mentioned twice, the evil $^!+.

      2. I would argue that it is always very difficult to believe "the best in the world" kind of claims, since no one can perfectly compare dozens of complex individuals and their lifetime achievements over hundreds of years...

        That being said Trump, despite his peculiar personality is most certainly among the best Presidents achievements and efficiency wise. By the latter I mean he did achieve a lot under 4 years, more than a great number of other Presidents, and it is most commendable that he did so while under constant attack.

        1. The cult of personality that Republicans have built around Trump is truly bizarre and frightening.

          1. Best President in US History brings all sorts of Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and ex-Democrats together to battle the evil Lefties.

          2. Much like the cult of Obama. And it will dissipate once he leaves office. Much like the cult of Obama.

        2. The amazing thing is Trump's achievements and status as the best President almost entirely come from how crazy Lefties are and the rolling back of Socialist policies.

          If Lefties didnt have such crazy reactions and their policies under Obama, Bill Clinton, FDR, etc weren't so in need of rollback, Trump would have hardly anything to make his mark.

          Trump got Lefties to turn Impeachment from a mark of shame to a badge of honor. Lefties dont even realize that Trump surviving this coup and Impeachment elevates him above all other good Presidents. The good Presidents never had to endure these types of traitors to the US Constitution.

          I just cannot believe it. You know Democrats will try to Impeachment Trump again during his second term if the retain the House majority.

          Some Americans actually believed the lies told by Lefties against Trump in 2017. Not anymore. More and more Americans hate the media and Democrats far worse than Lefties hate Trump.

        3. Without a doubt some of his measures are important where having a positive impact on citizens are concerned.

          And he did this with an entire political and media class not only against him but who used a legal and law enforcement system to usurp him.

          Dude is a fucken MMA fighter against a bunch of good for nothing goofballs who do nothing but smugly pearl clutches and whine like a bunch of 12 year-old girls.

      3. I am not sure what the word "best" can mean in this context but I can certainly say that Trump is the most effectively libertarian President in my living memory.

        1. Then the word has lost all meaning, because when it comes to government spending, Trump has left Obama in the dust.

          1. Well if that's not a bold face LIE.

          2. Poor ChipperMW. He does not know who veto-proof majorities in Congress work.

            1. The ones you got caught lying about?

              1. Hi, Hihn!

          3. Oh now they care about spending!

            True, it would be nice he'd not spend but there are plenty of positives to consider against that.

            Prison reform is pretty fricken significant. If Obama that over praised empty suit had done that he'd be given every award under the sun for it.

    3. ""There is no way that a majority of states will vote for the soda banner. ""

      Yeah, he won't do well in Mountain Dew territory.

      1. Do the Dew and let Bloomberg dew himself.

    4. Bloomberg is an authoritarian thug trying to run everything and everyone. He even looks like a sawed off Brad Wesley these days.

      So be careful, if you drink a big soda, buy a handgun, or want to feed your baby formula, Bloomberg is gonna send Jimmy and the crew to straighten you out.

      (With apologies to Ben Gazarra)

      1. Lefties do hate them some jooooz. The Lefty Nazis did a number on 6 millions jews.

    5. Trump is a joke and a trained shit slinging blue assed baboon would make a better President.

      1. Maybe. But, not Bloomberg.

  3. Obama sold guns to the cartel, who then used them to murder Americans, and he got away with it. And that wasn't a metaphor, that actually happened. He was a mere community organizer who now somehow has 50 acres on Martha's Vineyard. At least Bloomberg had the decency to create some good for the world before attempting to be king, unlike your brown god.

    Keep the clown show rolling. Honk honk.

    1. Don't forget that he helped arm ISIS, and then sat back and let them grow strong.

      1. And did absolutely nothing while Russia annexed Crimea. But Trump is apparently the Russian stooge.

      2. You are forgetting the IMMORAL & ILLEGAL coup that Obummy, Quid Pro Joe, HildaBeast & George Sorrows fomented in the Ukraine, all because they did not like their duly elected prez who was Pro-Russian!!!....And of course, Biden made millions on it!....They should all be swinging from the gallows pole!

        The DEMON-CRAT crime scene called the Ukraine:


    2. Let's not forget The Low Watt Lightbringer did spy on Trump and weaponized the IRS.

      And made a complete mess of foreign policy.

      Every time Trump over turns one of his measures, an Angel gets their wings.

      School choice, a non-interventionist military instinct, and prison and tax reform (and never mind the Music Modernization Act - which by the way I'm surprised Matt as a music fan hasn't written about. I wonder if we'll have to wait like if Reason will actually interview Jordan Peterson instead of pretending he doesn't exist) alone make him a pretty effective President.

      And say what you want but he forced everyone's hand on immigration.

      He's a doer.

      Everyone else has been a cowardly talker until now.

      Simple as that.

      1. Has Trump ever assassinated a US Citizen who was never charged, much less convicted, of a crime?
        DId he set the machinery of the state to harass and impoverish citizens who dared oppose his (illegal) policies?
        Did he illegally communicate on an unsecure server to help his SecState evade open records laws, and fix the investigation into it afterwards?
        Did he set up an illegal and Unconstitutional treasonous "resistance" to his successor?

        At Mocha Jesus never said "Bullshit" at a Press Conference. How many Press Conferences did he even have?

        1. At least

      2. Don't know nuthin' about the Music Modernization Act, but anything with Orrin Hatch's name stuck on it's gotta be a dung pile.

    3. As he was leaning toward Medvedev in Seoul, Obama was overheard asking for time — “particularly with missile defense” — until he is in a better position politically to resolve such issues.

      “I understand your message about space,” replied Medvedev, who will hand over the presidency to Putin in May.

      “This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama said, expressing confidence that he would win a second term.

      “I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” said Medvedev, Putin’s protégé and long considered number two in Moscow’s power structure.

      1. During the first public impeachment hearing into President Donald Trump and Ukraine, a Republican lawmaker brought up another angle to bolster his criticism of the Democratic inquiry: President Barack Obama and Russia.

        U.S. Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, recounted the "hot mic" moment in 2012, when Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev "after my election I have more flexibility."

        Medvedev replied that he would "transmit this information to Vladimir," as in Putin, the current president who was prime minister at the time.

        Wenstrup used that brief exchange to level an accusation against Obama:

        "Maybe now we understand what President Obama meant when he told Russian President Medvedev that he would have more flexibility after his election. Maybe that flexibility was to deny lethal aid to the Ukraine, allowing Russia to march right in and kill Ukrainians."

    4. Even with all his faults he never cut deals with Russians and tried to bribe Ukrainians (who are being attack by Russian back militias) for military support with money that was already going to be sent to them to fight off the Russian thugs. Just sad that anyone would be so fucking blind to Trump's horseshit. Obama never sold out his country and fellated Putin

  4. If there has been anything that Reason has been consisted on, it is their support of legislative superiority in government. Pretty sad. They dont seemt of are about government power growth, just executive growth. Oddly the executive grows because of Congress delegating their powers to it.

    1. If there has been anything that JesseSPAZ has been "consisted on" (as well as constipated on), it has been JesseSPAZ's insistence that Trump is WAAAAY above the USA Constitution! The USA Constitution serves to rein in the powers ONLY of the imperfect people, which applies neither to Trump not to JESSESPAZ!

      With reference to Trump, JesseSPAZ says…
      “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

      1. It is boring in your head. Nothing but shit in here.

        1. Trumptatorship-worship and JesseSPAZ Self-Worship are, indeed, deadly boring!

          1. So boring.

      2. By the way. Everyone thinks you're pathetic.

          1. You know what. You're right, I was wrong. They dont think you're pathetic. They know it.

            1. This is the FIRST time I have EVER seen words from Jesse like this: "I was wrong". Congratulations on your first baby steps! Can you now admit that you were wrong about the Trumptatorship being above the USA Constitution?

              1. Probably because you have a 3rd grade reading comprehension and long term memory problems from all the shit eating.

                1. Unreason only cares about web traffic and spreading the Lefty Propaganda.

                2. “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
                  Translation = JesseSPAZ thinks that the Trumptatorship is superior to the USA Constitution. That's not a mental leap at all... Those are plain written words! I took an oath to defend the USA Constitution once... I hope it never comes to this, but at the end of the authoritarian anti-Constitutional road that YOU love so much, me and mine will be shooting in the streets, at you and yours! Right makes might, not vice versa!

                  1. I've literally now explained it to you 3 times. I've pointed you to a case to read in Perry v Texas.

                    You're literally just proving you're dumb at this point.

              2. And it is just pathetic you still don't actually understand what I said even after explaining it to you in small words. That's why you're pathetic.

                The argument was never about trump dumbfuck. The argument was on the difference between bounded and unbounded powers granted by article 2. The fact that you still dont understand the difference between a presidential power granted without deference to congress and one that is just demonstrates your own ignorance.

                1. “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

                  Plain written words! Sing and dance some more, about WHY it is that readers are supposed to divine Jesse's true meanings, which are (ARE they?) opposite of what Jesse wrote?

                  Simple questions for you, Jesse:

                  '1) Do you confess to having written something so WAAAAY extremely overboard, that a sensible reader would interpret it that you think Trump is above and beyond the Constitution? Can you TAKE BACK and APOLOGIZE FOR unclear, contradictory, extreme, confusing writing?

                  '2) Or do you REALLY think that Trump is above and beyond the Constitution?

                  1. Yes. Plainly written in a thread discussing his ability to fire political appointees, namely ambassadors. That power is unbounded. He can fire political appointees for any fucking reason he wants. The power is unbounded. It doesnt require Congress. Congress can not modify that power.

                    Holy shit you're fucking retarded.

                    1. Every presidential power is bounded by Congress' impeachment power.

                    2. I've never said different. You're on the same intellectual 4th grade level as sqrsly, explain to him what unbounded means in that context. Thanks.

                    3. "That power is unbounded."

                      Sounds rather definitive to me.

                      Perhaps you'd like to amend your statement.

                    4. '1) JesseSPAZ will NOT confess, nor apologize, for WAAAAY over-the-top, sweeping claims!

                      '2) JesseSPAZ will only just barely acknowledge that Congress is Constitutionally authorized to impeach the POTUS ... Jesse has "never said" otherwise! Still no word on what JesseSPAZ THINKS about whether the Trumptatorship should be above the USA Constitution!

                    5. Yeah Jesse is clearly a member of the modern radicalized online right:

                      1. Say whatever you feel like, truthful or not
                      2. When called on it, never back down, punch back twice as hard
                      3. Get all your buddies to repeat your feelings, thereby creating a narrative that supplants the truth

                    6. "He can fire political appointees for any fucking reason he wants."

                      Jesse's over-archingly lusting after the super-powers of the Trumptorship YET AGAIN!!!

                      Trump can fire them for not assigning their entire paychecks to Trump... For not licking Trump's balls as much as JesseSPAZ does... For turning down Trump's requests for then to perform personal murder-for-hire... For having fucked Stormy Daniels out of turn, when it was Trump's turn...

                      Just when I was rooting for JesseSPAZ to turn from his evil ways, he doubles down on Trumptatorship-worship AGAIN!

                    7. JesseSPAZ, as a grade-school bully, would steal the other kids' lunch money. When confronted about it, he would say, "But there is no controlling legal authority above me", and other oh-sooooo-deep legalese bullshit! And then skitter away, to do it again the next time!

                      “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

                      Reminds me of ol’ Prez Clinton and “there is no controlling legal authority above me”. Clinton-Gore logic!


                      “Gore had no real defense, so he trotted out a phony one: There was, he infamously claimed, “no controlling legal authority.” What he meant was that there weren’t many court decisions interpreting the meaning of Section 607. It was laughable. The rule of thumb for judges, as for the rest of us, is that laws are construed to mean what they say, the ordinary, everyday understanding of the words. ”

                      Plain written laws and Constitutional writings don't mean what they say, unless JesseSPAZ agrees with them. Otherwise, he'll trot out some Al-Gore-like bullshit, and then skitter away.

                    8. Jeff, I’m not sure how you figure impeachment bounds an enumerated presidential power. It’s not like it stops them from hiring or firing someone that serves at their absolute pleasure.

                      At best it tries to punish them after the fact.

            2. +1000

          2. He’s right Squirrelly, you are annoying, predictable, and idiotic. No one loves you, and no one ever will.

    2. That's because by design Congress is a more powerful government body than the President. They should be able to make legislation, that's not the President's job but Trump doesn't see it that way. Reason is spot on with this article

  5. Michael Bloomberg... Trump shooting someone on 5th Ave... Hmmmmm

    1. As Trumps last act in office, after appointing 300 or so FEDSOC approved judges l[including Ginsberg's seat]; what an exit!

    2. ""Trump shooting someone on 5th Ave… Hmmmmm""

      If it's DeBlazio, I'm not sure anyone would care.

      1. And if it's Bloomberg, i'm SURE no one would care.

  6. One has to wonder what the impact will be to our Republic from what I call, 'The Billionaire Syndrome'. Never before have we had so many uber-wealthy running for political office to exert political power to go along with their financial power. I cannot think of an analogue in US history where this ever happened before.

    Would billionaires marginalize Congress? The courts? Would they use their personal wealth to buy political support in Congress through personal campaign donations? A lot of questions here that I don't think we have really addressed. POTUS Trump may be the first billionaire to win, but he will not be the last.

    1. And it isn't just running for office, but seeking state and local buys of politicians like Soros has done with the AG races across the country.

      1. SOROS! DRINK!

        1. Jeff isn't a leftist guys. He just denies actual reality in defense of leftists. Totally not a leftist though.


          This isnt even a hidden secret. It is openly celebrated by the left. Stop being stupid baby jeffrey.

          1. Oh good heavens. A rich guy finances a campaign to elect candidates to office who shares the rich guy's views. This happens every single day in every single election. But only with SOROS does this level of participation reach Emmanuel Goldstein levels of freakout on the right.

            1. Yes jeff. You've proven you're not a leftist. One mention of the Soros campaign when dozens of articles are written about it is a freak out. You're not a leftist though. Totally not.

              1. Like Tulpa, from whom you have clearly been taking trolling lessons, you are going to call me names no matter what I say or do. I no longer care about your juvenile name calling idiocy.

                The freakout over SOROS has been ongoing for years and years on the right. That is not a secret either. There are a large number of millionaires and billionaires bankrolling candidates for lots of purposes, but it's SOROS that is your Emmanuel Goldstein.

                What is with this years-long obsession with SOROS on the right? Is it because his name is so similar to SAURON?

                1. Kill yourself Pedo Jeffy. You have no place here, save a reminder that some lives have no value.

          1. No one doubts that SOROS is spending money to get his preferred candidates elected.

            The hilarity here is that it is only SOROS which generates the pavlovian outrage on the right.

            1. One comment is rage? You're as fucking stupid as sqrsly.

              1. It is the ongoing obsession with SOROS on the right that I am commenting on. Glad I could clear that up for you.

                1. I think this is the first time I have seen Soros mentioned in this comment section in a while. You are projecting your own obsessions onto others.

                2. As opposed to the insane obsession the left has over: The Koch’s, Peter Thiel, Sheldon Adelson, etc.?

                  Maybe conservatives, libertarians, and conservative libertarians are “obsessed” with not having their liberties and rights taken away and he just sucks up the most oxygen?

            2. Is Soros a US citizen?

              1. I looked it up and he is. So I don't care how he spends his money.

                1. Why not? I mean, legally, he can spend it in whatever way he wants to. But candidates and organizations that receive funding from him should be considered tainted and their motives and objectives questioned. Publicly.

            3. Soros generates outrage because his spending is different from other billionaires. Among other things, Soros has a large network of “non-profits” that push his agenda but don’t seem to be associated with him at first glance. Furthermore, Soros’s cause isn’t to enrich himself or get one or the other candidate elected, he wants to fundamentally transform US society to fulfill his vision of how the world should run.

        2. Not a conspiracy retard. Soros has been bankrolling a nationwide effort to put his preferred candidates in DA's offices; first agenda is to not prosecute illegal aliens, toward his "Open Society" dream.

          1. Soros has been bankrolling a nationwide effort to put his preferred candidates in DA’s offices

            So does Tom Steyer.
            So does Michael Bloomberg.
            So does Sheldon Adelson.
            So does Robert Mercer.
            Perhaps not specifically for the DA office, but for lots of offices nationwide.

            But it's the name of SOROS which elicits the shrieks of panic.

            1. You keep making assertions not found in this thread baby jeffrey. Keep pretending you're not a leftist. This is almost as pathetic as defending Soleimani.

              1. "defending Soleimani" lol

                Why not just accuse me of murdering babies next.

                1. You're a Lefty, so of course you're fine with murdering babies.

                  Women too.
                  Old men too.
                  Kids too.

                  The Nazis showed that there are really no group that Lefties wont murder.

            2. Sorts does far more evil things than that Pedo Jeffy.

            3. Soros has a large network of organizations that try to remake the country according to his preferences. I don’t think any of the others come close in terms of reach, power, and clandestine operations.

              It is completely reasonable for people who reject his ideological views to remind the world whenever Soros supports a candidate or an organization.

              I will not vote for anyone, or support any organization, that receives substantial amounts of money from Soros, just like I won’t vote for or support anyone who takes money from drug cartels, neo-Nazis, socialists, the Chinese government, and assorted other evil groups.

          2. first agenda is to not prosecute illegal aliens

            Uh huh.

    2. Well, back in the day, the very rich would actually loan money to the government. This was a type of informal power that the rich could exert through the government, but were not checked by the formal structures and limitations on government.

      I would rather have the billionaires in government, subject to the restraints of government, than to have the billionaires outside of government and yet still exerting influence but exempt from scrutiny.

      1. They still do. It's called bonds, you retard.

      2. chem, I have to differ on pragmatic grounds. I don't see billionaires in government being restrained by much of anything, do you? Consider Mini-Mike, for example. His tenure as Mayor in NYC was bought and paid for. And then proceeded to ban sugary shit and salty shit for the masses....but of course, not for himself as he rides his private jet every weekend to the Bahamas. This tendency toward the 'rules are for thee and definitely not me' is what neuters your argument.

        And it is not like POTUS Trump is particularly constrained either. Do you think Steyer would be constrained? LOL, not a chance.

        This is why I posed the original question. I am not sure how this new phenomena [The Billionaire Syndrome] will impact our Republic. I definitely do not see a lot of discussion on this particular question. And to me, there is not a more important question when we think about the political future of our Republic.

    3. Recall that Trump was outspent 3 to 2 by Hildog. Money is best spent increasing visibility, so most effective at lower levels, not POTUS.

      1. Hillary buying British and Russian spies to make up dirt on Trump is not cheap.

        1. But at least the impeachment managers admitted they have no problem buying foreign interference when they do it, see Jeffries comments.

          1. +100

    4. The thing about billionaires is: they don‘t need to run for president to enrich themselves, they have far better business opportunities. When a billionaire runs for president it‘s because he believes in a cause. That‘s true for Steyer, Bloomberg, and Trump.

      Running for political office in order to make money is for losers like Obama, the Clintons, the Squad, and probably much of the rest of the House.

      Not only is there lots of precent for rich people running, it used to be that only reasonably wealthy and successful people could run for office; that eliminated a lot of the crap we are seeing today.

  7. "Until we start denuding the Oval Office, we will continue getting the royals we deserve"

    Well at least we are moving toward a pro constitution judiciary. Let's call that step 1.

  8. Like that Kavanaugh fellow. So pro-Constitution.


    1. I didn’t think Bloomberg had a chance but I am worried now. He personifies who progs really are and speaks to their “im better than you!” mean spiritedness just like Trump supposedly dog whistles to the inner racist in his voters. This is who they want and the other candidates don’t come close to delivering it.

      1. Bloomberg wont be popular outside NY and some Blue states.

        Most Americans dont even know who he is. His claim to fame was winning NYC mayor and no NYC mayor has ever won the Presidency.

        New York and New York City are nothing like the rest of America.

        1. He may not be popular overall, but he can certainly get enough progtards to vote for him in the dem primary so he gets the nomination. Even outside of NYC area there are lots of white suburban progs who think he should be king of the universe

          1. NoVaNick...The issue I see with Mini-Mike is personality, and his geography (a new yorker) hurts as well. He has no charisma. None.

            What Mini-Mike does have is money. A fuck ton of it. He could literally buy all the ad spots from Labor Day through Election Day in all major media markets and not really break his bank. Do you think he cares about dropping 5B dollars? His biggest problem would be cash flow: how to liquidate assets in a tax efficient manner to raise that money.

  9. one of the few people allowed to have an armed security detail in Bermuda.

    So, foreign interference in our election?

    1. Isn't Bermuda one of the 57 states?

  10. >>>what brazenness might we expect

    laughable you'd ever even worry about a President Bloomberg

    1. It's just another chance to take a backhanded swipe at the office's current occupant.

  11. 'Trump's contribution has been more vulgar, more direct, more New York: "I dare you to stop me" mixed with "I can say anything I want."'

    Hold up now, are you really gonna try and pretend that Andrew Jackson never existed? Trump isn't the first to do this, don't try to pretend this is new. “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it.” And like Trump, the elites hated Jackson because of the way he acted. The country survived Jackson just fine.

    1. Schiff, I mean Welch, is making up more quotes again?

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    1. Bot alert

    2. Neutral Mikey!

      1. No, no, no! It is Neutral, Non-Partisan Mike 🙂

  13. A democrat party that stirs up the base by hating successful, wealthy business people particularly if they are white and made their money on Wall Street are going to nominate Nanny Bloomberg? Not a chance. He's got so much wealth he makes Trump look like a pauper.

  14. If George W. Bush and Barack Obama ushered in the return of the imperial presidency

    Yeah, you've got to go back to at least FDR for that.

    1. Wilson, possibly Teddy Roosevelt. Hell, Adams and Washington could also be pretty imperious at times.

      1. Paying tax on that whiskey?

  15. Bill Clinton didn't de-nude the Oval Office, he was partially nude.

  16. I used to worry about the Imperial Presidency, then I found out he cant have private conversations with anyone except his wife, and the POTUS must follow "official US Policy" set by a couple of 30something foreign national twins on the NSC

  17. Bloomberg has a troubling high degree of arrogance to him.

    Bloomberg has a double God-Napoleonic complexes going (No Mike, because you coerce fucken soda bans doesn't mean St. Peter will let you through) which makes for a toxic brew in politics.

    Not a single damn person at Reason should even give a whiff of supporting him.

    Nick already did and that's retarded.

    1. 'complex' shouldn't have been pluralized I think.

      I've had two (and a half) Laphroaig's already.

      Things are a tad ajar and askew.

    2. Name me a serious POTUS contender who wasnt 'arrogant'.

      Possibly W, he was certainly youthfully arrogant though.

      1. I understand and concede that point but my point, inelegantly put, was he adds some serious authoritarianism to his arrogance at a social and individual level.

        He's more than willing, I reckon, to use coercion to force you to eat broccoli.

    3. Bloomberg 2020 - He knows what's best for ya!

  18. “ Trump's appetite for corruption...” And what proof do you have of that? You have an appetite for corruption. I say that with all conviction. Problem is, I have no more proof of that than you of Trump. But what I can say from observation is that you are more dishonest than he. Cheers!

  19. Until we start cancelling voters we will continue getting the royals we deserve.

  20. Bloomie's first ads claimed only that he could 'beat Trump'. By now, there isn't anything the guy can't do; he'll make us all healthy, wealthy and wise!
    Of course this will be financed by taxes on 'the rich'.

    1. I just saw Tom Steyer say the same thing on his ad.

      Plus he says, 'Any Democrat is better than the criminal in power'.

      Huh. So Trump is a convicted felon, eh?

  21. BTW:
    "Hizzoner's conscience has never been noticeably troubled by such obvious disparities under the law."

    I seem to recall a POTUS who was in a picture, sucking on a doobee, and then swore he couldn't reschedule weed; that was up to Congress.
    As I recall, he claimed to be a constitutional scholar, also.

  22. The executive branch has only the power that the legislative and judicial branch give it.

    The real problem has been Congress and the courts; they have transformed a union of independent states into a centralized nation state, micromanaged from Washington.

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  26. I really don't understand why Bloomberg has any support within the Democrat Party. He's an old, white, man -- and a billionaire. And his electoral experience is as a Republican. Not that it matters in politics, but to me. a guy that changes Parties like him (when and why) proves he has no core principles.

    1. He’s an old, white, man — and a billionaire.
      a guy that changes Parties like him (when and why) proves he has no core principles

      You just described the Democrat Party (Party of slavery, KKK, segregation) to a T.

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  29. The reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

    Let's vote for this unquestionable physcopath so he can tell us how long our piss should take. And then make some law to enforce it.

    Bloomberg should be swinging from the nearest tree, not running for POTUS.

  30. I searched in vain for reference for when Bloomberg stoked violence against his political supporters, called for a "Second Amendment solution" if he wasn't elected, and stirred up mobs against the press and immigrants and ignored ensuing homicides by his followers. But yeah, six for one, have a dozen for the other. Bloomberg is the REAL authoritarian.

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  32. Without the vacuous, expensive TV ads, fueled by "Mini Mike" Bloomberg's enormous wealth is a demonstration in how to make a small fortune - start with a BIG one, and trying to buy the President's office.

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