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State of the Union: Trump Tells Tall Tales, Dems Walk Out

Plus: Iowa updates, tells cops to buzz off, and more...


State of the Union: Petty. When it comes to the State of the Union (SOTU), Reason's Zuri Davis put it best: "The SOTU is perhaps the greatest example of a meeting that could have been an email." For all the pomp and public spectacle, President Donald Trump's address to America last night was nothing more than a warmed-over collection of Trumpian tall tales.

We heard again how passing one (good but limited) bill in 2018 means Trump pretty much single-handedly "got it done" on criminal justice reform.

We heard about how Trump is "working to finally end America's longest war and bring our troops back home," despite the administration sending more troops to the Middle East.

We heard about how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has arrested leagues of "wicked human traffickers" (sigh) and how protectionist trade policies are creating (dubious) manufacturing jobs.

And we heard about how opposed Trump is to socialism, in between the president praising big government initiatives and promising more of them.

Also, right-wing radio personality Rush Limbaugh received a Medal of Freedom, triggering Democrats and delighting the #MAGA right. At least three Congressional Democrats walked out during Trump's speech and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) tore up the speech afterwardtriggering Republicans (and one very melodramatic White House tweet) and delighting her base.

Pelosi told reporters it was the "courteous thing to do considering the alternative. It was such a dirty speech."

If the whole thing seems stupid, petty, pointless, vomit-inducing, etc.…well, duh. These types of government spectacle always are. At least the waning "civility" fetish on the left and right and their rapidly devolving ability to put on shows about playing nice has left a lot of people beyond libertarians questioning why we even do this in the first place.

(If only they had the power to remember that when their side wins the presidency back…)


Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders inching closer to victory in Iowa, as app-related confusion clears. Democratic voters in Monday's caucuses seem to have favored Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), according to the results that were in as of Wednesday morning.

With a little more than 70 percent of Iowa precincts sending along their final tallies, Buttigieg and Sanders will still be in a close race for delegates, with Buttigieg ever so slightly ahead. (See exact tallies at FiveThirtyEight.)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) trailed slightly behind them, leaving former Vice President Joe Biden in fourth place and nearly tied with Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.).

And Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer may have picked up at least a few delegates, but none so far for Michael Bloomberg or Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii).


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  1. It was such a dirty speech.

    Maybe she didn’t like that Tuskegee promotion.

    1. Trump gave the Tuskegee airman a promotion.

      Trump gave Rush Limbaugh a Medal of Freedom.

      God gave Rush Limbaugh advanced lung cancer.

      God had the better night.

      1. Your god gives little kids cancer.

        Fuck your god.

      2. For a guy who says he hates god, you sure spend a lot of time listing what he likes.

        1. Have a cigar, Rush!

          And Rush fans, too.

          1. Suck on a handgun until it cums.

          2. Never actually heard him in my life. He’s not carried in Northern Canada. But I’m delighted that he makes you mad.

            1. He has fever dreams about him.

              1. More like S&M dreams. With the Rev as a bottom.

            2. I’m delighted by the prospect of Ruth Bader Ginsburg saying a few words at Rush Limbaugh’s funeral, then welcoming two new justices in a year or so.

          3. David Duke – get ready for your Medal of Freedom from The Dotard!

            1. Trump debases everything he touches.

              1. Cry more

                1. We got leftists crying, shouting from rafters, storming out, tearing up speeches…
                  I’m not tired of winning yet

                  1. You lost Congress in 2018. You lost the Alabama Senate race in 2018. You post the elections in Kentucky, Louisiana or Virginia. The Democrats are close to winning in Florida, Georgia and Texas and you mfers are light years and dimensions away from flipping places like NY or California.

                    1. “Lost elections in Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana”

                      Lost = loser. Trump is also a loser. He’s so fat. I couldn’t imgaine being that fat. And his wife has to fuck that? Sick. And he has a mushroom dick. That must suck and probably explains why Trump is so fucked up in the head.

                    2. More tears!
                      This is too much fun

                    3. You lost Congress in 2018.

                      The losses were about average for a mid-term election, and the Reps held the Senate. What was your point, again?

                      The Democrats are close to winning in Florida, Georgia and Texas and you mfers are light years and dimensions away from flipping places like NY or California.

                      Uh, I’m not sure if you noticed, but Trump flipped Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in the last election, came close to being the first Republican to win Minnesota since Nixon in 1972, and solidified his hold on Ohio.

                      Florida’s been a swing state for 20 years now, Texas and Georgia aren’t any closer to flipping than they were four years ago, and the Dems spent the last 10 years getting their asses handed to them in every arena from state houses to governorships to the House and Senate.

                      I couldn’t imgaine being that fat.

                      Look in the mirror and you’ll be reminded.

                    4. Actually crying more probably wasn’t the best choice there.

                  2. Keep your mouth open, Nardz. That makes is easier for everyone when your betters shove more progress down your whining, bigoted, right-wing throat.

                    And be nicer, or we might start positioning that progress sideways before shoving.

                    Either way, your lifelong compliance with the preferences of better Americans is appreciated, clinger.

                    1. There are none better than I

                    2. If you mattered Trump wouldn’t be President.

              2. Trump is fat – so what? So was Churchill. Not that I think Trump will be remembered as a great leader like Churchill, but you’re wasting energy whining about Trump’s physique. Melania is beautiful, and for all we know she married him only for his money. Her choice – and I don’t care – and neither should you. “Mushroom dick”? Did Stormy tell you that? I couldn’t care less what size or shape penis any politician has – and suggest you seek counseling if you’re bothered by anybody’s “mushroom dick”. How about spending time commenting on his policy failures and/or successes? Too much strain on your brain?

                1. The fact that they talk about Trump’s dick says more about them than Trump.

            2. That’s my name you pedo.

              1. Lovecon says he’s going to turn you in the FBI. I guess he doesn’t realize you’re just impostor. I’m sure the FBI will figure it all out after they’ve seized your computer.

                1. Or unreason will finally ban spammers who post child porn links and keep them banned.

                  It’s pretty stupid to admit to violating federal law. The feds have a 93% conviction rate as of 2012.

                  1. You really need to learn how to read hoss.

                    1. Poor new/old sock troll.

                    2. Ha you saw where you fucked up didn’t you.

                    3. It might be a step toward lc learning to think someday.

                      … Nah.

                  2. Be careful what you wish for. If unreason starts banning people, they might notice you and your Trump fellating friends behavior on this web site.

                    1. But, then again, you are learning how to behave from people like Trump and Limbaugh, so that explains a lot.

                  3. You know that you upset unreason sock trolls when they dont get replies and then carry out a full conversation about themselves and their mistakes just to get more web traffic.

                    Goes to show how dumb they are.

          4. And Rush fans, too.

            Kirkland’s mind is not for rent
            It’s lack is very evident….

          5. Arty, would you like to meet in person sometime? Face to face? Then you can show me how imperious you are and how I’m effective I am.

            That might be fun.

  2. We heard again how passing one (good but limited) bill in 2018 means Trump pretty much single-handedly “got it done” on criminal justice reform.

    Give it means possibly getting more, give him the credit.

    1. There is also the president’s Second Chance initiative to promote hiring of ex-cons, but Reason has given zero coverage to that

    2. Not to mention that even the little that Trump has done is still more than the last couple of presidents. Clinton was the last one to do CJ reform, and I think we all know how the 3 strikes role played out

      1. Obama admin had the crack cocaine penalty reduced to the powder cocaine charge in the The Fair Sentencing Act, just didn’t have the retroactive language that the First Step bill under Trump admin had. Also Obama did have the most clemency/pardon orders of any president, although Trump is beating Obama totals in his first term.

  3. “Bernie is ready to rule by fiat.”

    If Democratic rule by fiat involves abolishing Drumpf’s concentration camps, I see no problem.

    1. How about if it involves establishing re-education camps?

      1. Ugh. Are you still talking about those out of context, deceptively edited videos of Bernie staffers?


    2. I’m actually surprised the left hasn’t jumped on the prison camp meme for the tents the government put up on a couple of military bases to quarantine those returning from China. they can’t use the term Gulag anymore because Bernie thinks there okay

    3. Bernie is ready to rule by fiat.

      Technically, it’s Fiat Chrysler and it’s the Chrysler side that manufactured the Shermans, the Pattons and the Abrams Bernie intends to use.

    4. Bernie is going to plague us with quick-to-rust Italian cars until we give in and march to the gulags?

    5. Those “concentration camps” were built and operating long before drumpf was even the nominee to run for president.

      The main thing that actually changed on 1/21/17 is that the media chose to report on it when the government was doing such things rather than covering it up out of fear of tarnishing the image of the POTUS. The infamous “kids in cages” photo was taken in 2014, but was spiked by every editor who was put in a position to consider publishing it.

      If trump is voted out this November, it’ll be interesting to see if the MSM puts their heads back in the sand to avoid giving ammunition to the weaponized investigations that will be most likely launched by any house of Congress that’s controlled by the GOP at the time.

      1. The media does the bidding of the DNC. Or the DNC does the bidding of the media. That won’t change.

  4. …how protectionist trade policies are creating (dubious) manufacturing jobs.

    Which side of the aisle clapped for this one?

  5. Trump standing up for America and Americans in his SOTU is why he will be reelected by an even bigger EC victory than 2016.

    Trump has my Libertarian vote.

    He is the only politician uniting other politicians to stand up to Democrats and their Socialist agendas.

    1. Nope. I know you’d prefer to forget 2018, but my track record with predictions is better than yours. And I guarantee Democrats win the Presidency in November and keep the House.


      1. so please save me the trouble of searching for a quote OBL; just how DID you predict 2016?

        Or did you not exist prior to that?

        1. I think he created the parody in the runup to the 2018 midterms

          1. Or did the account spontaneously come into existence?

    2. Yeah, as you can see by the article and the comments, Reason has been infested by commies who hate the incredible economic track record of the Trump administration. They are just mad that Trump got 7 million people off food stamps.

      1. +1000

      2. And congress still fights tooth and nail to stop him from cutting food stamp and unemployment funding, even though demand is way down.

  6. At least three Congressional Democrats walked out during Trump’s speech…

    Focus group tested and precision timed spontaneous disgust.

    1. At least three Congressional Democrats walked out during Trump’s speech…

      Heroes, each of them!

    2. At least three Congressional Democrats walked out during Trump’s speech

      He should speak there everyday.

    3. I am wondering at what moment Pelosi decided to rip up her official copy of the SOTU speech.

      Before or after the handshake snub?

  7. State of the Union address: Trump hits grand slam, while Pelosi just looks sad

    Poor Democrats. So desperate to stop Trump but can’t.

    1. The Speaker should forever forward be referred to as, “That Feckless Cunt”.

        1. and turded.

    2. Almost as desperate as ENB.

  8. Trump turned the boring State of the Union speech into an entertaining spectacle. It was a masterfully produced piece of television programming. Forget the substance. That doesn’t matter in politics. What matters is presentation and perception and that speech was a grand slam.

    When he touched on universal traditional American themes and the Democrats refused to at least applaud they ended up looking anti-American.

    It was quite a show.

    1. Trump lied. His slack-jawed bigots loved it.

      Rush Limbaugh looks like he’s dying, after God gave him advanced lung cancer.

      1. I’m gonna guess Limbaugh’s accomplished more in one lifetime than you would in 10. I’m sure he’s pretty content with that.

        1. No children. Addiction(s). Series of busted marriages. Self-inflicted lung cancer. An ardent advocate for the losing side of the culture war. Will go to his grave knowing American progress will continue to be shaped against his wishes and efforts.

          Last night, he looked like he’s back on the street pills.

          “Winning,” clinger-style.

          1. …and that’s still more than you’ll ever accomplish. Rush at least convinced a few people to love him. You can’t say that

      2. You should be crying that God allowed that Hellfire missile to hit Soleimani, then, hicklib.

        1. There wasn’t much observable good with respect to Soleimani or Limbaugh. One got it quick; the other may linger a bit, knowing his pain is self-inflicted and deserved.

      3. Sad, strange. and bitter little thing you are.

    2. “When he touched on universal traditional American themes and the Democrats refused to at least applaud they ended up looking anti-American.”

      There were about half a dozen moments in that telecast that should be Attack Ads 3-9 for Republican challengers in 2020. How do you not clap for a Holocaust survivor meeting one of the soldiers that rescued him?

      Reading the speech, it struck me what an olive branch Trump was extending to the Democrats. He talked around the impeachment, not mentioning it directly, but enough in the beginning to state he was willing to let bygones be bygones, if they were willing too.

      If they’re not willing…well if there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching Trump operate, it’s that he loves Tit For Tat. If he gets reelected, and the House continues to harass him, watch out.

      1. Eh, I honestly think one of the dumber aspects of the SOTU is all the applause breaks. They’re a big reason I haven’t watched one of these since the Clinton era.

        I wish they’d go back to just sending a letter to Congress like the old days.

        1. You mean like the letter Pelosi tore up? I hope that wasn’t the official legal copy that the House is supposed to take care of, like the copy given to Pence as President of the Senate.

        2. thats teh same reason i quite watching, quit all the clamping or just give a simple here here and thats it. it would be have as long and I can always read it online which i will do tonight unless an old rerun is on TV

          1. I’m pretty sure there will be a rerun on TV.

        3. Remember, the pomp and circumstance and leader worship are a legacy of Wilson and especially Roosevelt. It was a creation of the progressive movement on the Democrat’s side

        4. They are silly, but that’s how the game has been played. For at least as long as I’ve been alive. Stay home if you don’t want to clap like a trained seal, but if you show up, then it’s just stupid to not clap for things most Americans would honor.

          I didn’t watch it either, just looked at a few live threads about it, and read the speech afterwards. The speech isn’t bad, and remarkably bipartisan in tone for a guy on trial for impeachment today.

      2. He even shared the credit with them for the criminal justice reform bill. The guy’s a businessman, he’s ok with being enemies with someone and still working with them, as long as they deal in good faith. You have to do that in business. But if they keep fucking around, like you said he loves tit for tat.

        There was a lot of propaganda in the speech, but the end note, that we should push for the moon and Mars, and go back into space, to have a goal for us to strive for, was really on point in my opinion

      3. Trump willing to let bygones be bygones? Let me show you this nice bridge I have for sale…

        1. I wish I was clever enough to login from my unreason company computer and create a new unreason sock troll account.

    3. The democrats telegraphed their treasonous nature. This will make it easier to bring back McCarthyism.

  9. (If only they had the power to remember that when their side wins the presidency back…)

    That would be a show of weakness.

    1. Well, see, that’s because they’re only meaningless now because of the person behind the title. Once the person is the right person, again, they’ll regain their meaning.

  10. Things that are now meaningless…
    Don’t forget the Nobel Peace Prize and the Profile In Courage Award you functioning retard.

    1. Looks like that high school dropout is being nominated again…further cheapening the award.

  11. Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders inching closer to victory in Iowa, as app-related confusion clears.

    The digitally hanging chads have been counted.

    1. The Reasonistas can hardly wait to stuff a ballot box for Bernie.

      1. Do you really think anybody at Reason wants Bernie to win anything?

        1. Yeah, I think you can appreciate Bernie, which I do, but that shouldn’t be confused with wanting him or his commie fuck ilk anywhere near the levers of power.

        2. No, they’re all in for Buttigieg

          1. I believe the term is “balls deep”.

              1. You haven’t seen gay yet. Just wait if Buttigieg gets the nomination.

                They will have to create a new word to express the distance unreason will climb up his ass.

                1. If buttegeig gets the nom, trump will get nearly 50% of the African American vote. They do not like gay people, as evidenced in 2008 in California when Obama got 90% of the African American vote in Cali, but “no” to proposition 8 got 93% of their vote.

        3. Do you really think anybody at Reason wants Bernie to win anything?

          Oh, yes, absolutely. Have you not been paying attention?

          Wait–I’ll bet you’re one of those who believed that Reason staffer who said she couldn’t remember who she’d voted for in 2008. Yes, no?

  12. “Macy’s department store is closing a lot of branches and cutting 2,000 jobs.”

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Palin’s Buttplug, it’s that store closings are the most important indicator of a terrible economy. No matter what Drumpf supporters say about a “low unemployment rate.” Or what my conservative brother in law says about his investment portfolio steadily increasing in value.


  13. Come on, we basically know how Iowa voted: Against Biden

    While Joe Biden is not out yet, did anyone really believe that he would be the Democrat Presidential candidate?

    Same with Bernie Sanders. Guy is hated by the DNC and had a fucking heart attack on the campaign trail. Sanders is gonna get Bernt.

    1. Iowa is fat, white, poorly educated, and backward. It sucks at the federal teat (second in farm subsidies) while its clinger senators whimper about redistribution. Nothing but can’t-keep-up backwater. No modern, educated, accomplished, decent America is much interested in an Iowa caucus.

      1. You two deserve each other.

      2. Arthur L. Hicklib admits his fellow hicklibs are fat, white, poorly educated, and backward.

        You’ve been self-owning on this for two days now, dummy. Might want to stop digging that hole.

        1. I’m thinking he got corn holed.

  14. Florida cops are bragging about arresting hundreds of “unlicensed contractors” in a sting operation.

    Police knew they were bogus because the work was on schedule.

    1. ¡Ay, caramba!

    2. -1 waiting for the parts

  15. State of the Union address: Pelosi guest, a father of Parkland shooting victim, booted

    Fuck you, Fred Guttenberg! YOU and your Lefty lunatics will never get my Arms, as guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment!

    1. what were all the Dems chanting at that one point? They all stood up at one point and started chanting

  16. Freedom of the press applies to student journalists, too.

    Also to everyone else.

    1. You got a permit for that comment?

      1. You got a warrant for that question?

  17. Lingerie ads in the U.K. are getting banned for being too sexy.

    Is that bangers and mash in your pocket, guv’na, or are you just glad to see my teddy?

    1. Wow, those dastardly Evangelical Chr… oh wait.

    2. “Bangers and mash”… Hunh?!?!

      I had to look it up! WHEN are those crazy brits gonna learn to speak ENGLISH, fer cryin’ out loud?!?!?

      1. Right after you take your meds Mary.

    3. this is what happens when teh muslims move in soon everyone will be covered head to toe and the goats will run scared

      1. The goats shouldn’t have dressed like that

  18. Corrupt sheriff arrested again, this time for hitting a cat with a baseball bat.


    1. He made it home safe.

    2. The dead cat sure smelled foul.

      1. You know what the worst part about hitting a cat with a baseball bat is?

        Having to clean your bat.

        1. Rev Kirkland told me back in his prime he used to put gasoline on a cats asshole and watch it squirm for fun.

      2. And for those averse to dark humor, a more somber memorial.

    3. Now I wont be able to get that meowmory out of my mind.

  19. Deported to Danger:United States Deportation Policies Expose Salvadorans to Death and Abuse

    Notice how, according to Lefty Propaganda, Americans dont have Human Rights to prevent these violent persons from coming to the USA?

    Non-Americans, it sucks that there are violent gangsters out there. You have to fight for your rights, as they are not free. Americans already did that and kicked the British out.

    1. You also need to fight for your right to party.

      1. +1 thrown away best porno mag.

  20. RIP Democrat party

    1. +100000

      This is what it looks like when a National Political Party dies.

      1. LOL at both of you. The Democrats aren’t dying. They’re just going to lose this Presidential election, is all.

        Consider the horrifying thought that those Democrat Reps and Senators that sat and didn’t clap for the Holocaust survivor, the Solider coming home, the shot-up police officer: that they were accurately and zealously representing the interests of their constituents in doing so.

        We’re in deep shit.

        1. Either too many Democrat members will flee so the Democrat Party cannot win National elections that count or Trump’s reelection will send Lefties into a violent downward spiral.

          Lefties cannot beat Trump via political means and they have too much hope on Trump no winning reelection.

          1. And 2020 is going to be the last election ever.

            Oh wait, no it’s not. Who is running in 2024 that has 1/10th of Trump’s charisma or is a standard bearer for his brand of populism? There isn’t anybody.

            For your first point, where are the Democrats going to flee to? Most aren’t going to do anything so crass as to vote Republican, except maybe for Trump. Again, AOC and her ilk act the way they do because they feel, right or wrong, that their constituents want them to act that way.

            Americans want lots of free shit. And they don’t want to pay. More of them come into the country every day—and vote, despite assurances that’s illegal—than people who think like you do. The left’s voting blocks, for the most part (we’ll leave out liberal white women and pajama boys) have more kids than you will. Those kids are going to vote different than yours will. And there’s more of them.

            The Democratic Party isn’t going anywhere. The radicals are going to get their nose busted this election, hopefully, and the adults will take back some of the reins and try to emulate some of Trump’s populism. I mean, they’re still going to hate people like you and me, and do their best to bring about Brazil in America: they’ll just do a better job of hiding it for the next 4-8 years or so.

            1. Americans has seen its fair share of political factions come and go.

              Federalist Party
              Democratic-Republican Party
              Anti-Masonic Party
              National Republican Party
              Whig Party
              Green Party
              Socialist Party, USA

              Not everyone in the GOP are the same kind of Republicans or Conservatives.

              Some political faction forming a new Party might get people from other factions. The Libertarian Party can attract all sorts of fiscal and Liberty minded Americans who dont need a political party to represent their Socially Conservative streak.

            2. Once enough Black Americans leave the Democrat Party, the Party of slavery wont be able to win a majority in any national political race.

              This could allow the Democrat Party to finally die. Some of the Democrats are Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, and other political factions that hate this Constitutional Democratic Republic. They can join existing parties or start new ones.

              1. Blacks crossing the line to vote for Trump /= Blacks leaving the Democratic Party. Especially those that work for the government or in government regulated industries, like Education. Think the NEA was thrilled to hear Trump talk about school choice?

                Or you can keep thinking the Democratic Party is going to evaporate. O.K. The country as a whole has moved left in their political thinking over the last 30 years (and probably longer than that). Go look at, say, Dick Gephardt’s political platform when he was running for President in the early 90s/late 80s, and compare it Trump’s policies. There isn’t much difference.

                The nuts are going to get their turn to drive the Party car in this election. As they’re batshit crazy, and most of their voters are not, this should be short-lived yet, highly entertaining. I for one, am going to enjoy watching Sanders voters chimp out when they see Sanders get fucked over yet again by the Party.

                1. Just let the old man cream his sweatpants over the thought of the Democrat Party dissolving. He doesn’t have much else to do while doddering around the old folks home.

                  1. Poor $parkY. He likes to make up words that other people dont use.

                    unreason is very upset = $parkY is very upset.

                    1. Did you get stuck on doddering? How about shuffling, is that better?

                    2. Poor $parkY. He cannot get to Chesterfield to take his anti-dementia medicine.

                2. If what you say is true about the USA moving more Left in political thinking than how did Trump win Election 2016 304-227?

                  How does the GOP control more and more state Legislatures, Governorships, and Judiciaries as the years pass?
                  State Partisan Composition

                  It is clear that more Lefties in strong Blue states openly speak about being Socialists and the Propagandists in the media push this as the majority Narrative. That is the big lie. The desperation of Lefties comes from the LACK OF POWER. Lefties dont have any real power outside regional politics so they lash out to scare people into giving them power.

                  More and more Americans are sick of it and willing to fight back.

                  Don’t take my word for it. Just look at how Lefties act and how non-extremists in the Democrat Party are acting. They are not fighting the crazies, they are leaving the Democrat Party.

                  As for Black Americans voting or not voting for Trump. Not voting for Trump is effectively the same as voting for Trump. Trump won in 2016 with supposedly only 6% of Black voters voting for Trump. 91% of Black voters voted for Hillary.

                  1. Actually, your own link shows that Republican vs Democrat state legislative control peaked in 2017 at 32-14. At that time they were realistically talking about being able to hold a Constitutional convention and dictate its outcome.

                    It’s now down to 29-19, mostly due to the Democrats capturing formerly divided legislatures, and a few of them that the Republicans had held.

                    Now, if Trump and the Republicans do well this year, they could start reversing that, but they’ve got several election cycles to go if they want to recapture that high water mark.

                    1. While true that some state Legislatures and Governorships have shifted, some of those state already submitted applications for an Article V Constitutional Convention.
                      Convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution
                      So, barring a repeal of those applications for an Article V those states would still count toward the required 34 states.

                3. So you’re ignoring the active minority groups actually protesting various Democrats over things like school choice? Capture is a real thing. Once someone leaves a party they’ve always voted for even once, they are less likely to come back.

            3. Who is running in 2024 that has 1/10th of Trump’s charisma or is a standard bearer for his brand of populism?

              Kanye West
              Dwayne Johnson
              Mark Cuban
              Chris Rock
              Kid Rock

              There’s a whole host of others depending on what exactly you mean by ‘his brand of populism’.

              1. Kanye would be interesting, and he’s certainly got the ego to try it.

                Can’t see the Rock doing it. Cuban would be laughed out of the race, and more #MeTooing would happen. Chris Rock isn’t running as a Republican.

                If Kid Rock wanted to dive in, that MI seat was his for the taking. I’m guessing there’s a Confederate cemetary’s load of skeletons in his past.

                His brand of populism: America First, tariffs, neo-isolationism, deregulation, or at least consistent regulation. Decreased immigration, unless Silicon Valley comes calling in a bipartisan manner. Lower prices for consumers, even if it means increased government involvement. Zero meaningful entitlement reform. Maybe he goes after some low-hanging fruit on the fraud side of AFDC, SNAP, housing vouchers?

                I don’t see his policies being popular with any of the previous Republican contenders, except maybe Cruz, and Cruz is too damned creepy to win the nomination. Which sucks, but there you are.

                1. Chris Rock isn’t running as a Republican.

                  Kinda my point about what is meant by ‘his brand of populism’. Chris Rock wouldn’t run on the GOP ticket but he’d absolutely be more of a centrist Democrat than the current field of Democrats. I wouldn’t see him catering to the heads of Silicon Valley and liberal white coastal elites either and, having witnessed prison reform and job growth, could be persuaded into Trump-esque social/fiscal policy.

                  I’m guessing there’s a Confederate cemetary’s load of skeletons in his past.

                  And? What’s his opposition going to do? Claim he’s a Nazi with ties to the KKK? What’s going to come out of his past that would disqualify him in the eyes of the public? Did he sleep with a porn star while his wife was pregnant with their child? Hide from childcare payments by using his dead brother’s name on rental agreements?

                  You may be right that if he wanted to get into politics he could’ve taken Amash’s seat. However, it’s just as likely that if you had a mindset like Trump’s you wouldn’t bother with beating a nobody like Amash.

                  1. I don’t know what Kid Rock’s opposition would do. All I know is, I saw Kid Rock excited about running for a Michigan Senate seat, gathering interest and funding, and then poof! It was like it never happened. Something changed. I’m just guessing about what it was. And I don’t think it was “a hoax to promote an upcoming album and tour.”

                    But maybe it was only that.

                2. Why go for Chris Rock or Kid Rock when you can go straight to The Rock. He does have the people’s eyebrow.

                  1. It’s well into the hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars I would pay to see Dwayne Johnson, on the floor of The House, ask Adam Schiff what the anonymous source’s name is.

                    1. Especially re-enacting Terry Crews’s scene in Idiocracy with that SAW.

            4. I guess you didn’t catch cspan after? Of course i guess trump could’ve planted a bunch of angry old ladies faking it as democrats…but it was a call in fest of people claiming they were democrats but were so disgusted by Pelosi that they’re never voting d again, or are voting for trump.

              1. Bit late for the thread, but I did miss that. It must have been spectacular.

                What I did not miss was the CBS(!) poll on the likability of the SOTU. 97% of GOP liked it, surprise; 20 some odd percent of ID’d Democrats like it, also a surprise.

                85% of Independents had a favorable impression of the speech. My jaw dropped.

                So, cspan having a bunch of Democrat defectors may not be a one-off phenomenon. We’ll see in November. Too bad Election Day wasn’t the following week.

            5. Seems likely that this election cycle is the DNC throwing some of their more extreme/useless members the wolves(or one wolf in particular). It is a lost election cycle for them so why not use it to purge the party of some of the more extreme members. Some will lose and retire, some will just be relegated to powerless positions on useless boards, but either way this looks a lot more like a planned restructure of the DNC than it looks like a party in it’s death throes. Maybe I am wrong and the top brass truly are socialist/communists like Comrade Sanders who will follow him over a cliff, but it seems likely that the more moderate folks want their party back.

        2. No, I’m just enjoying some schedenfreuade.
          Too many psychotics for the Ds to completely disappear.
          But the party has been imploding for a few years now.
          By all rights, it should be dead

          1. Yeah, I dont think the Democrat Party will die anytime soon. It will be to Lefty and too divided to win much besides regional political races.

            Plus, there are plenty of “Democrats” who are Anarchists, Communists, Socialists and were only in the Party of slavery to have a chance to win political seats. Some of these Communists have given up on the Democrat party and went their own way. See Kshama Sawant

            1. In America, the Democrats are “The” party of government, always have been. The Republicans are only “A” party of government, they seldom offer a clear alternative.

              The government is powerful enough that its own party will always be a contender. So I don’t see the Democratic party going anywhere, even if they do have a couple of bad election cycles due to going nuts.

              1. The Democrat Party has been losing power since 1980.

                Most election cycles end with less and less Democrats in power nationally. Even when Democrats do hold a majority its not for very long.

                You don’t even have to take my word or citations for it. Democrat leadership is desperate over it. As Blue collar workers and Black Americans leave the Democrat Party, there are no new Americans to backfill the ranks.

        3. ehhh, I think it’s possible that we could see something similar to what happened with the Whigs. The far left and moderate wings of the Democrat Party are too far apart and unwilling to compromise. No matter which wing wins the primary, the other wing won’t support it. I believe we could see the Proggies under Sanders and Warren break off on their own and the moderate Dems die out slowly.

          But I would agree that we’re in deep shit either way.

    2. Don’t worry, it will be swiftly replaced by the Progressive Democratic Socialist party. Louder, more fascistic, and less appealing to the general population.

      1. +1000

        I think so too.

        Perfect time for Libertarians to take back the LP and fight the GOP Nationally on fiscal responsibility and tiny and limited government.

      2. less appealing to the general population

        You sure about that one?

        1. Because Americans are yearning to have their decent-paying jobs shutdown in the name of Mother Gaia, VA-style healthcare, and grown men sharing restrooms with their daughters, all while being lectured that any objections they raise are just manifestations of privilege and white fragility.

          “Vote for me you entitled bigot” is not my idea of a winning message.

          1. Not right now, I agree Derp, but give it a few years, and a business recession. Hammering whites for ‘bigotry’ and generalized false consciousness is only a losing play so long as whites are a plurality of the electorate. That’s not going to be the case for long.

            I think they just shot their wad about 5-10 years too early, is all. Really, about 90,000 votes too early. With Queen Hillary, we’d be balls deep in all of the above policies you mention in your post, Derp.

            1. Hint: The woke minority is a minority no matter the race.

              1. And they talk about democracy totally unaware that they would be part of the 49%.

          2. You underestimate the ignorance and cognitive dissonance of the left wing voter, an ever growing voting block thanks to the government education system and constant propaganda of social media.

  21. Bernie is ready to rule by fiat.

    What kind of socialist doesn’t hide behind committee.

    1. I think the word you’re looking for is a Soviet.

    2. He doesn’t have a committee, but he has a squad.

      1. Bernie’s Angels?

        1. Ha!

      2. But can they all fit in the Fiat?

    3. The closest thing we have to a functioning communist organization in this country is the United States military and rightwingers are in love with it.

      1. So go cry to them about it.

        1. Why would I cry about it? It’s fucking hilarious.

          1. All your crying about it says otherwise.

            1. Little lefty girls do cry a lot.

              1. Trump should tear up the articles of impeachment for the cameras and claim it was the courteous thing to do given the alternative.

                1. +10000

            2. They will be crying today after 4pm when the Senate acquits Trump. Of course they will not acknowledge their hypocrisy that Clinton was let off the hook.

              Perhaps the republican’s should take a page from the democrats and start an organization to past the acquittal. They could call it Move On. Oh wait, the dems already did that.

      2. Hopefully you understand deep down that your statement makes no sense whatsoever.

      3. No one has a functioning communist organization , especially communist countries.

  22. GM swings to a loss in the fourth quarter as 40-day strike erodes profits

    Union strikes are expensive but also GM producing over priced and over accessorized vehicles that people wont buy will bankrupt GM.

    1. Yeah but what about those commercials?

      1. Commericals = sales! 🙂

    2. “”GM producing over priced and over accessorized vehicles that people wont buy will bankrupt GM.””

      Perhaps they just want another bailout.

    3. GM is still run by Obama’s girl. Next up GM is stopping production of automobiles and only make oversized trucks and SUVs. The next gas price hike will finish them off for good.

  23. “State of the Union: Trump Tells Tall Tales, Dems Walk Out”

    Man, the kiddies are really pissed that daddy isn’t paying attention to them, aren’t they?
    Whining, throwing tantrums (yes, ENB, you should take a time out), tearing up stuff, walking out.
    What do you do in regard to such juvenile behavior? Ignore it.
    Three years of pissing and moaning about losing and they manage to make Trump look like the adult in the room.

    1. “Three years of pissing and moaning about losing and they manage to make Trump look like the adult in the room.”

      It’s incredible, isn’t it? They’ve managed to make Donald Trump, of all people, look like an actual statesman. A man who has no filter between his brain and his twitter account. Giver of the words, “bigly,” “covfefe,” and “yuge” to the English language. And he still looks far more Presidential than anybody since Reagan.

      1. I came to say the same they made a brat look like the adult in the room

    1. Hey! The whitelash is getting blacklashed.

  24. Since when has “news reporting” and “journalism” become quoting Twitter postings from people I neither know nor care about?

    1. OK, Boomer. 😉

      1. Age discrimination! I demand reparations!

    2. It’s a step up from quoting anonymous sources.

  25. Trump giving the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh is one of those things only Trump would have the smarts and the balls to do. It is difficult to overstate how much partisan Democrats hate Rush Limbaugh and how badly watching him get a Medal of Freedom must have infuriated them. But, to non partisan Democrats it was just a guy dying of cancer crying after being given an award. So the madder Democrats became the worse they looked.

    It was a great speech. I hate political speeches but liked that one. It was entertaining and had real guts to it. And I think it hurt the Democrats about as badly as such a speech can. No wonder Amash is butt hurt about it.

    1. I didn’t get to watch the SOTU speech in real time, I was at work, but my initial impression was that Trump took every opportunity to metaphorically stick his thumb in the eyes of Democrats. Giving Rush Limbaugh a Medal of Freedom was one of many such pokes. Their collective reaction is quite telling.

    2. The only thing better than Pres. Trump giving Rush a Medal of Freedom was God giving Rush advanced lung cancer and, apparently, a return of the addiction to street pills.

      1. Yes Rev, you are a nasty horrible immoral person who wishes death on anyone you don’t like. We know that. And the more you remind us of that the harder it is to not hate you and instead follow our better angels and feel sorry for you like we should. So please for our sake try and not drop the mask so much.

        1. I’m convinced Kirk is a parody account that is purposely dark. It’s the Evil Kirk and Bearded Spock version of OBL.

      2. Somebody should sent a vial of coronavirus to your trailer.

        1. Kirkland already has 3 diseases that they don’t even have names for.

          2 of them cause the massive brain damage that he has.

        2. Somebody should sent a vial of coronavirus to your trailer.

          Remember though–he lives under it–in that pool of seepage beneath the commode.

          Artie says it’s like a bath AND a buffet–all rolled into one!

      3. Nothing shows cultural superiority like reveling in someone’s cancer.

        1. Dude, your glee over a dude getting cancer…well, you’re just a dick.

      4. Y’know, Kirky, the sign of a great soul is the ability to feel compassion even for your enemies. You, well, you’re just…you. That is both your crime and also your punishment.

      5. the good Reverend mimicing every comment on the Huffpost hatred parade for Rush’s Cancer

      6. Your God comment was pretty good the first time, but knowing you, you’ll run that motherfucker into the ground too. Besides, I bet 95% of the posters here don’t believe in your obtuse 9 year old conception of god anyways. That’s okay though, I remember rightie posters on other sites posting catty shit like that about King Obama after he’d been elected. Sometimes all you got is that bitchy scowl on your face and emotional paroxysms to work with. You do you Rev., some of us enjoy it immensely.

    3. The “Medal of Freedom is ruined” tweet is beyond stupid. I object to reason even quoting it.

      Here’s Obama’s list. Of just the musicians

      Yo-Yo Ma 2011 Barack Obama [4]
      Bob Dylan 2012 Barack Obama [31]
      Loretta Lynn 2013 Barack Obama [35]
      Arturo Sandoval 2013 Barack Obama [35]
      Stevie Wonder 2014 Barack Obama [21]
      Emilio Estefan 2015 Barack Obama [27]
      Gloria Estefan 2015 Barack Obama [27]
      Itzhak Perlman 2015 Barack Obama [27]
      Stephen Sondheim 2015 Barack Obama [21]
      Barbra Streisand 2015 Barack Obama [27]
      James Taylor 2015 Barack Obama [27]
      Diana Ross 2016 Barack Obama [10]
      Bruce Springsteen:

      Also, Lorne Michaels and Ellen DeGeneris for TV.

      Rush Limbaugh invented a new medium that saved AM radio in the US. And the left’s attempts to copy him (Air America, et. al) prove how tough it is to do a national radio show about politics.

      These things are often donor payoffs – Obama highlights include Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates. (Bill Gates is actually a good choice though). But Obama also hit up Madeline Albright and …. Angela Merkel? WTF Barak?

  26. State of the Union: Trump Tells Tall Tales, Dems Walk Out

    Awww, come on ENB, he did more than that. He announced a major new social security initiative. Apparently, if your an old white guy who says all kinds of racist shit on the radio they give you a Medal of Freedom now when you get sick. That’s a nice touch. Don’t be such a cynic.

    1. Not a Rush fan, but I was working in the middle of nowhere last summer and his show was the only thing I could get on radio besides country music so I listened to him a little. Never heard him say anything racist. You got a cite?

      1. one article I’ve seen the left spout is a clip of him talking about how Caucasians shouldn’t be solely blamed for slavery, which is true. Everyone’s done it at some point if you go back far enough, and the slave trade came from the Euros seeing how well off the Arabs were doing with it.

        But, in this day and age? Muh racism!

        1. That’s not racism.

          Rascism is something like this:
          “I’m AmerIndian and all White people are not as good as AmerIndians because they are White people.”

          “All Black people are bad because they are not as good as Asians”.

      2. You got a cite?

        I used to drive a truck long ago and Rush was the only thing that came in reliably.

        He’s said plenty of racist things. The issue isn’t that he hasn’t. The issue is that when Barack Obama says that Trayvon Martin “could’ve been me” people consider it a profound teaching moment instead of an outright lie in support of racism.

        1. The only “racist” thing I’ve heard from Rush is claiming that Donovan McNabb was overrated because he’s black.
          And… he was probably at least a little bit right

          1. The only “racist” thing I’ve heard from Rush is claiming that Donovan McNabb was overrated because he’s black.
            And… he was probably at least a little bit right

            This is/was kinda my point. It’s absolutely racist, but it’s objectively/partially not wrong (technically or morally). Moreover, any one of a dozen sportscasters, ESPN and elsewhere, had lamented the lack of black quarterbacks and black owners for decades prior to Limbaugh saying it. His statements were a factual acknowledgement of their sentiments but nobody ever lamented their racism because, in the progressive mind, race is a hierarchy not a scatter plot or network graph.

            1. What race are Americans again?

          2. Rascism means that you think another race is not as good as your race.

            Anything outside of that is not racism. It might be something else but its not rascism.

          3. That comment was not racist. You can find it online. He said McNabb wasn’t that good and people were hyping him up because they were eager for a black quarterback to do well. Essentially he is accusing others of judging based on race as opposed to based on accomplishments.

            He is wrong, in my opinion. McNabb’s numbers are decent, but the QB position is about more than raw numbers. In-his-prime McNabb could probably walk into the NFL now and be start on 75% of the teams, but that doesn’t mean Rush is racist for saying McNabb was overrated. It just makes him wrong.

        2. Still no cite though. Weird, innit?

          1. Are you asking me for a citation? I haven’t got his show recorded and top 10-20 lists on the internet abound even before yesterday.

            I distinctly recall him telling a female caller to take the bone out of her nose. IIRC, it was more intended as an insult of her neanderthal-like intellect but, racist corollary to the rule of goats; If you call a black man ‘Spearchucker’, even as a term of endearment, you still called a black man ‘Spearchucker’.

          2. We’re probably racist for not just believing him.

            1. It is absolutely racist to not believe the accuser when they call someone racist.

      3. The man has put upwards of 20,000 hours of content on the air. I’d be surprised if there’s not a few minutes worth of questionably racist content somewhere in there.

        1. Cite some.

    2. So just another example of “everyone I disagree with is a racist” then. Got it.

      1. The fundamental truism of 21st century America.

        1. You’d think lefty scum would realize it’s not working anymore and stop, but they can’t help themselves. It’s like a form of mass Tourette’s.

          1. To be fair, what else do Lefties have? Their positions are garbage.

  27. Freedom Medal for Rush: that’s some grade-A prime trolling right there.

    1. Let’s not Rush to judgment!

      1. I don’t want to hang in Limbaugh.

    2. As long as it pwns the libs it’s ok.

      1. You’re just jealous.

      2. We get it, you hate getting pwned.

    3. God gave Rush advanced lung cancer. That’s some divine justice.

      (Some people criticize God for overkill, after the failed and barren marriages, the street pill addiction, etc. Those people are pussies.)

      1. I just hope RBG isn’t the victim of some horrible tragedy, like Hillary Clinton.

        1. If I hope so for commie-kid and the asshole bigot, does that make me a bad person?

          1. This sort of post makes me think the Rev is some kind of long con making fun of nasty leftists. And in a sane would he would be. Sadly, this is how leftists actually are.

            1. I’m pretty sure he’s a parody. I just play along.

              1. I waffle on the idea.

              2. its no parody go read the comments on Huffington post about Rush’s cancer. not only are they gleeful they still lie claiming he is racist and a conspirator. Obviously they only read what Media matters says he says and never listened to him. I’ve listened to him form teh start excluding the last few years since its always the same thing. but I’v e not hear racism or cosnpiracy

        2. Perhaps Justice Ginsburg will offer a few words at Rush Limbaugh’s funeral.

          1. They would be nice of her. I’m sure Clarence Thomas and Trump will attend both his and hers.

            1. Gorsuch will be at all their funerals, along with 2+ new Trump SCOTUS nominees.

          2. “Perhaps Justice Ginsburg will offer a few words at Rush Limbaugh’s funeral.”

            Not sure she can stay awake long enough to do so.

          3. Rush may out live RGB who also has cancer, what evil did she do to get cancer?

            1. “…what evil did she do to get cancer?”

              Joining the majority in Kelo vs. City of New London was pretty evil. Doesn’t mean she deserved cancer. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to be happy to see her off the bench.

    4. The Freedom Medal for Rush was nice, but it would have been much better if Trump had done it sooner when Neil was still with us.

  28. A judge has set bond for former Florence County Sheriff’s Kenney Boone, who is accused of using a baseball bat to hit a cat and other items. … The judge also ordered that Boone not have any contact with victims.

    Emphases added. Florida Man sure talks funny.

  29. short-url

    Uh-oh Democrats. Trump gets Impeached and he gets even more EC votes during his election 2020 win!

    1. Van Jones Warns Democrats: Trump Is Helping African-Americans ‘In Real Life’

      link fail.

      1. Trump helping African-Americans sounds like an odd thing to get alarmed by so much that you’d feel it necessary to issue a warning. Is this Van Jones person a member of the KKK or something? Or just so ate up with it that he’d prefer African-Americans get no help than that Trump should be the one to give the help?

        1. If a small percentage more Black Americans stop voting Democrat, the Democrats wont be able to win national political majorities anymore. Without some other demographic change that is.

  30. How about that Nancy Pelosi! Ballsy.

      1. You know what would have been *really* ballsy? Wiping her ass with it.

        1. It would be really ballsy if she pulled her scrotum back so tight it split across the back of her skull.

          1. She insulted Dear Leader so the penalty for that should be death. It’s a shame that under the rules of this government that she’ll probably be there— or worse,someone like AOC (gasp!)— next year.

            1. “She insulted Dear Leader so the penalty for that should be death.”

              She made an ass of herself on national TV, like you do here on a regular basis.
              Grow up and pay your mortgage, scumbag.

              1. Maybe, but because Trump is enormously unpopular and elections to the House are fairly representative of the popular vote she’ll probably be there to torment Dear Leader for another 4 years— once Trump squeaks in the EC while losing the popular vote again. As I said, he’s enormously unpopular.

                1. I just can’t wait until Crazy Commie Bernie starts getting attention, long after it’s too late.

                2. LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian
                  February.5.2020 at 10:39 am
                  “Maybe, but because Trump is enormously unpopular…”

                  Yeah, I notice he lost to that hag, right?

              2. Remember when he created this sock with the intention of being funny, but he was so bad at being funny he had to go back to being the bitter, angry old man?

                1. Humor is hard.

                  Butthurt is easy.

                2. And he hasn’t gotten the news about Trump’s popularity spiking either lolol

              3. “Grow up and pay your mortgage, scumbag.”

                LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian couldn’t pay his bills, ’cause LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian had invested ALL his savings in Donald Trump’s real estate schemes. Then the Donald paid Himself too much salary, frittered away in too many Stormy Daniels encounters. So Donald declared bankruptcy, stole LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian’s investments, and LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian couldn’t pay his bills! All of this was the fault of LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian, for trusting the “good word” of “The Donald”.
                Next on the hit parade? The bankruptcy of the USA! Again, to be blamed on those who have trusted “The Donald”!
                Now Donald lusts after doing the same with the “good faith and credit” of the USA.
                Donald Trump’s Idea to Cut National Debt: Get Creditors to Accept Less

            2. Ripping up Trumps speech.

              Calling Warren “Pocahontas.”

              Politics is street rules. If you can’t take it stay home.

              1. Democrats just cannot believe that Trump is magnitudes better at politics than they are, plus Trump has enough supporters who want him to fight back.

                The non-RINO Republican tend to just not want to fight street rules so they are no good at it. RINOs are just traitors to Conservatism and help Democrats.

                1. Trump is a RINO. He just happens to be a better republican than any other national republican figure.

                  Ouch. Probably one reason the establishment “nevertrumper” guys hate him so much.

                  You guys gotta up your game and recruit some better talent!

                  1. I’m not convinced about the Trump RINO part. Maybe though.

                    Trump is definitely not a Democrat. I know that has been the Narrative for decades but if Trump was a Democrat he would have had skeletons and Democrats like Pelosi and Hillary would have known exactly where they are hidden.

                    Trump is definitely not a Libertarian. Trump has practiced quite a few Libertarian causes (Originalist judges, pro-capitalist, pro-freedom), so I give him the Libertarian-ish label.

                    Trump has some of the Republican qualities but is not really a strong Social Conservative. Government does not need to be tiny and limited, etc.

                  2. Agree that Trump is a RINO and it’s one of the reasons he was second from the bottom for me (Bush was last) in the 2016 primary. The odd thing about him is that his lack of concrete ideology has led to more conservative policies than the Republican party has managed in decades. Overall, he has been fairly centrist since that is how general populism works. He listens to what the population wants and tries to get it done. However, if someone attacks him he will aggressively oppose everything they want

            3. It’s hilarious how mad you are. I hope he awards him a purple heart next, just to make you squeal.

              1. Pretty much every post he does just reads to me like:
                “Butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt”

                I though the point of trolling was to be on the giving end of butthurt, rather than the receiving end; I don’t understand openings like that. But, I do me.

                1. What are you talking about, Brian. Dear Leader have rich guys like me a tax break.

                  1. Me too! It’s great, and I’m not sick of winning!

                  2. I know. It’s horrible. Whatever will the entire US government do without that money?

                    1. i kind of laugh at Trump supporters who don’t make my kind of money and vote for him because of guns and abortion though. Those guys are getting fucked in the ass.

                    2. That they make more money than your makes you laugh?

                      I guess when you lost your house because you didn’t pay your mortgage, your mind broke too?

                    3. Indeed! They don’t know that they’re not voting in their own self-interest because red states are net receivers of federal money which obviously must trickle down to rural mountain people whose situation and relationship with the federal government I understand so throughly herdy her her her her!

                    4. LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian
                      February.5.2020 at 10:52 am
                      “i kind of laugh at Trump supporters…”

                      Everybody laughs at you, scumbag.

                  3. I got a tax break too!

                2. Leftists have no self control.
                  It’s one reason they’re Leftists

    1. I thought it was hilarious. Trump did the handshake fakeout and pissed her off so bad that she ripped up his speech in a shitfit.

  31. Admiral Warns America’s East Coast Is No Longer A “Safe Haven” Thanks To Russian Subs

    Why would Russia spend time and money to restart a Mini-Me Cold War with naval harassments?

    1. I wonder how long Russian subs have been patrolling off the East Coast?

      1. Since before the 2016 election, for pete’s sake! Connect the dots!

    2. “Why would Russia spend time and money to restart a Mini-Me Cold War with naval harassments?”

      Because Russia is basically Mexico, (or West Virginia, depending on which ethnopolitical slur you want to throw at them) with nukes. If they can’t project military power, and subs or other sea denial weapons are the cheapest way they can do that, then the Russians don’t matter on the world stage anymore. ‘Not mattering’ makes them sad.

      If there is significant gas coming to Europe from either that Israeli field in the Eastern Med or from Qatar, Russia will matter even less.

      1. Yeah. The only reason Russia matters is because it has nukes and it produces gas and oil. The fact that the Democrats, a party who will stop at nothing to reduce US oil and gas production by as much as possible, accuses Trump, a President who has done everything in his power to increase it, of being a Russian agent is proof there is no such thing as peak irony. If Trump were a Russian agent his policies would be in near perfect alignment with the DNC platform.

        1. “If Trump were a Russian agent his policies would be in near perfect alignment with the DNC platform.”

          Which shouldn’t be a surprise, considering so much of that platform arose out of leftist unrest in the 60s and 70s, and a lot of that was funded and inspired by the Soviets. I imagine there are a couple of pensioned-off old farts from the First Directorate, co-workers of Bezhemov, say, drinking themselves to death. As they sit in their lace curtain-windowed, one room apartments in some block of flats outside the Sadovaya Ring Road, they laugh their ass off that their plan to destabilize America worked. Just 40 years or so too late for the Soviet Union.

          1. Well put.

        2. Submarines should be over and done as a military tactic.

          With the advanced state of technology, it should be pretty easy to build a small, autonomous submarine that can shadow enemy subs and move in for an explosive kill shot on command. Every sub should be taken out within the first 5 minutes of any conflict, given the availability of the technology (which should also be quite cheap compared to our current fast attack sub fleet).

          1. CAPTOR mines in straits and other choke points should work as you envision. Powering a small, autonomous submarine that can track another submarine for months (years?), and kill them upon a command, sounds a bit past current technology though. How is this UAV to be powered?

            That said, I’ve no doubt that is about the state of the art when it comes to at least the Chinese SSBN, and probably most of the Russian ones too.

            The fun is going to come if Europe does go fully Islamist, with accompanying ‘Death to America!’, and they still have decent subs. I wouldn’t doubt there’s a dusty set of plans buried deep in the Pentagon or Norfolk for that eventuality. Considering that, AIUI, the US and Britain have to coordinate SSBN patrol areas/depths so they don’t run into each other, it will not be a fun task.

            1. compact nuke on duty for months or years.

              tracking is probably the hardest fully autonomous part, but it doesn’t need to be fully stealthy either. Additional subs could ping active sonar if you want to be stealthy with your smart torpedo – torpedo listens to reflections and finds sub. Heck, you might be able to suction on to subs and surface ships without being noticed if you wanted to.

              1. Russians seem to be testing something similar with satellites. They’ve parked an “observer” sat in the same orbit as at least one of our big spy satellites – and very close by. Could execute a kill order in minutes

                1. All this stuff sounds good but the reality is that in war plans rarely work out as planned.

                  The ocean is a big place and has a bunch of hazards. Unmanned submersible drones lack what submarines have which are sailors that can adapt.

                  Space is the same. GPS and satellites are very important to the US Military but we can fight without them. Plus, the US has the military capability to blind Russia and China as much as they blind us.

                  These are aggressive nations that need to invade the USA to defeat America and that is almost impossible. Russia and China dont have the capability to invade the USA and keep those troops supplied. Add in over 100 million Americans killing the invaders, and its an no go.

                  So even nuking the USA just guarantees retaliatory nuke strikes and endless attacks by Americans until Russia and China are defeated. When you attack the USA, America wont stop until youre defeated.

                2. “They’ve parked an “observer” sat in the same orbit as at least one of our big spy satellites – and very close by. Could execute a kill order in minutes.”

                  I wonder if X-37 has had something to say about that?

                  1. Nobody knows. But I wouldn’t doubt it.

              2. “compact nuke on duty for months or years.”

                Not able to be autonomously run, so far as I know. Though why the Navy has actively hated automation in that area, I couldn’t tell you. RTGs don’t have enough juice for that drone mission.

                You don’t need to go active until the very end IF you can network from a variety of sources to do passive location. I mean, it can drive ladders and do TMA to get a rough idea of where its target is, but if it can network with a greater sensor net, it can just cruise around and let the sensor net update it with general target locations.

                Remora-ing is so obvious that it simply has to have been done before. If you can get hull shots with a periscope camera, you should be able to stick something onto the bad guy.

            2. If Europe goes fully Islamist, subs won’t be a problem. Show me an Islamic country that has a decent navy/sub force.

              1. Most Islamic Countries shit in holes in the ground.

                Imagine a sub toilet that is a hole in the ground?

              2. “Show me an Islamic country that has a decent navy/sub force.”

                I wonder how good Malaysia or Indonesia’s is? Probably cheaper to just let Seventh Fleet do it for them.

                Your point is noted though. I anticipate seeing an actual meltdown at sea from a Russian or French sub in the next 30 years, if I’m still here to see it.

                1. The Straits of Malacca are a natural choke point for shipping and war ships leaving and entering the Indian Ocean.

  32. Trump Had America’s Top TV News Anchors Over for Lunch—and Ate Them Alive

    Segment: How Lefties think.

    “He was chill,” said a lunch guest. “He wasn’t angry at all. He was friendly, outgoing, and relaxed. He was confident that he’ll be re-elected.”

    Trump also was sanguine about his participation in the fall presidential debates, saying, ”Yeah, I’ll do it,” even though, he claimed, “the debate commission is filled with a bunch of Never Trumpers.”

  33. Ranking stories based on how important they are in regards to Trump’s reelection:

    Sanders vs. Buttigieg
    What Palin’s Buttplug is Having for Lunch
    The Impeachment

    I’m concerned about what’s happening on Wall Street in regards to the Coronavirus.

    “The story in the market is the repricing of the virus fear,’’ said Peter Schaffrik, a global macro strategist at RBC Capital Markets. “What people are currently looking at is the rate of spread of the outbreak: the number of cases is still going up, but the growth rate is slowing down.’’

    A recent upsurge in volatility in U.S. equity markets is also showing signs of abating, with the Cboe Volatility Index, a closely watched measure of stock swings, dropping for a third straight day.

    Unconfirmed reports of potential coronavirus treatments also gave a boost to commodity prices, according to traders. Brent crude, the global benchmark for oil, rose 2.6% to trade at $55.38 a barrel.”

    In regards to the observation that while the number of cases is going up, the growth rate is slowing down . . .

    Wall Street traders don’t rely on official Chinese statistics such as China’s self-reported GDP. They use a variety of independent means to calculate that–because relying on the Chinese government to give you accurate statistics is absurd. They’d tell the world anything if it was in their best interests to do so. Publicly traded firms face criminal prosecution for publicly giving out false information–because if they didn’t face the threat of criminal prosecution, more of them would lie through their teeth and defraud investors. The Chinese government’s primary concern is the political impact of the statistics it reports. I wouldn’t necessarily take their world for anything. It’s just that there is no reliable way to get these statistics–so traders are relying on the only information that is available. Public perception of the available information is a perfectly legitimate means to trade higher or lower over the next few moments, but trades held for a longer period of time are subject to correction when the reality becomes apparent.

    Meanwhile, that rumor of a cure being found in China, explaining why fatalities suddenly seem to have slowed relative to the rate of infection wasn’t just “unconfirmed” as the article suggests. The World Health Organization came out and stated that they were unaware of any such cure.

    1. This is what they were talking about, and this is the World Health Organization’s response to the “unconfirmed” reports:

      “A Chinese TV report said that a research team at Zhejiang University had found an effective drug for the virus, while Britain’s Sky News said researchers had made a “significant breakthrough” in developing a vaccine.

      Asked about the reports, WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said: “There are no known effective therapeutics against this 2019-nCoV (virus).”

      On the one hand, a Chinese government news agency is reporting that a Chinese government research agency has found a cure–and Sky News may or may not be regurgitating what they’ve been told by the Chinese government.

      On the other hand, the World Health Organization says they’re aware of no such thing happening.

      I’m hoping for a cure as much as the next uninfected person, but you can color me uncertain as to whether the news of a cure is real.

      1. I don’t buy news of a vaccine coming soon. They still don’t have one that works for SARS or MERS, other coronaviruses with a similar pathology. Antivirals, including some used for HIV treatment, interestingly enough, seem to help.

        NEJM had a writeup of the first US patient’s treatment. He was in deep shit until they tried an antiviral on Day 7, IIRC. He recovered rapidly and got out of ICU on Day 8. IIRC, the guy was mostly healthy other than the bug, unlike a lot of the early Chinese cases.

        If a lot of people catch this in the US, and a lot of those need a vent and/or an ICU bed, this can get really expensive, really fast.

        That said, cases in the US haven’t exploded, and with a 4-6 day incubation period, if they were going to explode, we’d see traces of it by now.

        1. No chance. That’s way, way, way too soon.

          1. To be clear – even having ways to grow it in culture already would be “moving really fast”. Virology isn’t as easy as the popular press might want to make it out to be.

            1. CRISPR and the like have made it much, much faster than in the past though. I asked a little while ago, if taking a few days to fully sequence the entire bug was crazy or not, and got told that, yeah, if our group put their mind to it, it’d take only a day or two.

              Long way from that to a vaccine, but it shows how fast things have gotten. I think it took the better part of 2 years to sequence SARS’s CoV for instance.

              1. They actually have commercial machines to do that. Full genome sequencing in a box.

                When I was in grad school people were getting PhD’s for simply doing a sequence of a single gene.

                1. A quick google says you can get your personal genome sequenced for well under a grand. Doing a bug is trivial by comparison.

                  Which is kinda more amazing “living in the future” than the flying cars we don’t have.

      2. It’s China, so their cure might come in a shiny 9mm, 5.57, or 7.62 package. Can’t have infected people spread a disease if there’s no infected people.

    2. “I’m concerned about what’s happening on Wall Street in regards to the Coronavirus.”

      Pretty much recovered from that 5% hit.
      I’d say the market has discounted the economic effects, but the hospitality bizz is gonna have a bad Q1.

      1. Entire cities are still on lockdown.

        American companies can’t sell merchandise that hasn’t been manufactured, and they can’t sell consumer items to Chinese consumers who are staying home under lockdown either.

        And it isn’t just Wuhan. I’ve seen photos of empty streets from Shanghai and Beijing, too. I hope they’re right about a cure, but I wouldn’t bet on it–and I wouldn’t bet on a cure that hasn’t been confirmed yet overriding the economic impact of those empty streets I keep reading about.

    3. “Peter Schaffrik, a global macro strategist at RBC Capital Markets. “What people are currently looking at is the rate of spread of the outbreak: the number of cases is still going up, but the growth rate is slowing down.’’

      IMHO, although it’s shared by people like Dr. Gabriel Leung, Dean of Medicine of Hong Kong University, but Schaffrik is dead wrong. The growth rate does appear to be slowing down, but that’s an artifact of China’s inability to diagnose, confirm, and treat nCoV cases any faster. I mentioned this in another thread, but it’s similar to the 3.6 Roentgen scene from “Chernobyl.” Just because the sensor is maxed out, doesn’t mean there isn’t a greater signal out there.

      Incidentally, Leung thinks the rate of new cases won’t decline until March or April, depending on the province.

      This is going to be a bitch for anyone who depends on Chinese goods.

      1. None of that is a secret, but a quick look shows mortality (so far) is ~3%; not panic-grade.
        I stand by my statement that the disease has already been priced into the market. IOWs, I ain’t selling.

        1. This is to Ken’s later comment.

        2. I appreciate this, but those numbers can only be coming from the Chinese government, and my understanding is that there was a sharp drop off in the mortality rate that hasn’t been accounted for–and Occam’s razor might suggest that because the Chinese government has a vested interest in keeping the panic to a minimum, we might not want to put as much faith in the statistic they report as they’d like.

          Again, no one uses China’s reported numbers as a reliable when they’re reporting GDP.

          “Using the study’s findings and applying them to government figures starting with the level of nominal gross domestic product (GDP) at the end of 2007 and the growth rate for 2008, calculations by the South China Morning Post show that the current nominal size of the Chinese economy is about 18 per cent lower than the official level of 90 trillion yuan (US$13.4 trillion) at the end of 2018.”

          “China ‘exaggerated’ GDP data by 2 percentage points for at least nine years, new study says”

          It’s been an open joke for a long time.

          To calculate GDP, firms typically rely on things like exports reported into various ports around the world–and other statistics that can be verified independently. The Chinese government simply cannot be relied on to be truthful. If they believe it’s in the best interests of the government to feed the world bullshit statistics on their economy or the coronavirus, then that’s what they’ll do.

          Look at China’s behavior during SARS. They lied about its very existence, then they lied about the extent of the infection. They lied and lied and lied until their lies were so obvious, it wasn’t in their interests to lie anymore. They’re being more upfront about the existence of the problem this time, but when we get data points on the rate of infection and the death rate on this, we should use that as one data point in our uncertainty analysis.

          1. In addition, I’m looking at their behavior during this crisis. They quarantined off about 65 million of their people so far, and have gotten rather Draconian with some of them—“Only one person in the family may leave the apartment, every two days for supplies.” They aren’t doing this for just a serious flu outbreak.

            I think you’re not going to be able to determine the real death toll from this bug until about 20 years from now, when you can look back and compare baseline death rates for 2019 and 2020 to other years. I think they’re hiding a lot of the deaths from this thing as other deaths from attendant co-morbidities. And since they’re shuffling the dead off to crematoria at a rate Hitler would envy—and banning funerals in some cities—there isn’t any evidence to prove the Chinese wrong.

            Economic effects, let’s see just how long this Lunar New Year holiday continues to run.

            1. They were doing that crackdown in Beijing.

              I was watching a video of an American coed in Beijing studying there, and she was talking about how the streets are empty and they shut down the campus, the campus cafeteria, etc. They had to go out for supplies to the store, too.

              They do not have the benefit of a free press. All I get is one off photos and anecdotes–and a whole bunch of government press releases that, far as I know, could be coming straight of Nineteen Eighty-Four.

              1. My understanding is that they really ramped up their Great Firewall too, and have started getting serious about chucking people who post video of Wuhan hospitals, bodies in ambulances, and the like, into jail. Or just confine them with suspected virus carriers.

                I’ve heard the streets in Shanghai are also empty. I don’t know if they adopted that, ‘stay off the streets or else’ official policy in cities besides Wuhan and that other nearby one just downstream on the Yangtze.

                Domestically, there seem to be a lot of single points of failure in supply chains, with those points in China. Not good for continued economic growth.

                Re Tesla, the stock’s behavior seems absolutely bizarre. Is there a titanic battery breakthrough coming that would account for the meteoric stock rise? Or is it Chinese money flooding demand to buoy consumer confidence and protect its large investment in their manufacturing center in China? Because the cars qua cars don’t seem to be doing especially well. Profit per unit is poor, when it’s there at all, and Tesla’s sales projections are a touch, optimistic.

                None of which addresses the equally titanic investment in the US power grid that would have to occur for a significant transfer of miles traveled from IC powered vehicles to electrics.

                1. The initial bounce in Tesla was because their earnings and production numbers came in really good. The stock is highly dependent on Musk hitting lofty sales and production numbers–and he keeps hitting them.

                  Some people are starting to question the following logic, but initially a lot of that huge surge in Tesla was because of a short squeeze. When Tesla, improbably, hit its targets, all the short sellers had to cover their best–so they all went in to buy Tesla stock to cover or get out of their short positions. That caused a run on the stock.

                  The people who are questioning the short squeeze explanation are pointing the the fact that a lot of people are jumping into the stock for momentum reasons, but I think that’s in addition to rather than instead of the short squeeze explanation. I think that makes a lot of sense considering that Tesla’s stock is down today because of concerns about the virus interrupting the roll out of their manufacturing ability in China.

                  If it were all irrational Tulip mania, they wouldn’t be paying attention to fundamentals on the ground, like the virus, that way.


                  I’m not sure Tulip mania can’t happen along with people paying attention to fundamentals either. Tulips went up and down in price to their stratospheric highs, too. I’m certainly not in Tesla. I’m a value and dividends guy selling covered calls. I’ll look at Tesla when I see a dead cat bounce, and that doesn’t happen until it craters to earth.

                  No way their future earnings are worth more than Ford’s and GM’s combined. In commercial real estate, we look at replacement cost as kind of worst case scenario. Chances are, there won’t be much in the way of new construction so long as building are still selling for less than it costs to build them after a big crash. When I see recently constructed industrial distribution buildings drop below their replacement costs in markets with low vacancies and rents that justify their capitalization rates, that’s probably a good time to buy. Tesla isn’t about to be the equivalent of that any time soon.

      2. “This is going to be a bitch for anyone who depends on Chinese goods.”

        You mean like Apple, Tesla, and Walmart?

        I want to be wrong. I want to be soooooooo wrong about worrying about this.

        Tesla’s future is largely dependent on the success of a plant that’s being built and put into operation amidst a viral epidemic, and their stock goes up 20%, not just once but two days in a row?!

        The market is doing the right thing based on the available information, but there is so much information that isn’t yet available.

        1. Fuck off liar.

          1. OK, what beef do you have with Ken? This has been going on for several days now that I’ve seen, and Ken is good people.

            A link to your contention against him would be appreciated.

            1. He’s a liar. A link was already posted. He made a claim about one of my positions, was lying, and ran away like a coward.

            2. I asked him a rhetorical question in response to a number of especially stupid posts, and it blew his little mind.

              You can read the whole thing here:


              1. Why bother, we scan quote you

                Ken Shultz
                January.30.2020 at 2:46 pm
                Considering the level of intellect on display here, it wouldn’t surprise me if Sarah Palin’s Buttplug has problems differentiating himself in the labor markets from illegal immigrants with no more than an 8th grade education and the inability to speak English. Is that why you’re so against illegal immigration–because you can’t compete?

                That’s not a rhetorical question, it’s a statement of my position. You know that, which is why you’re pathetically backpedaling now.

                When I corrected you because you were lying, you ran and continue to make excuses rather than admit you were lying about my position.

                Sarah Palin’s Buttplug
                January.30.2020 at 2:53 pm
                And just it totally shut you the fuck up and send you away with your tail between your legs,

                I am ABSOLUTELY FOR the removal of restrictions on association between people of ANY KIND.

                I am probably more free assciation than you, you sad runny cunt. You spend so much time impressing yourself with your own pontificstion that you never bother to actually READ what other people say.

                Immigration laws should be repealed, and border rights as they specifically involve property rights enforced. That’s all.

                You lied about my position, and when directly confronted, you ran and continue to make excuses.

                Because you’re fucking lying trash, and now I have you. FOREVER.

                1. Thank you Ken, for giving me the opportunity to club you with this for eternity. Much like all aspie losers, you couldn’t just admit you were wrong, you had to make up a transparent and moronic excuse, and now you’re stuck being a liar forever.

                  1. “Much like all aspie losers”

                    Right after

                    “now I have you. FOREVER”

                    Physician heal thyfuckingself hahahah

                  2. You need to understand the difference between running away, and not giving enough of a fuck to bother replying.

                    No one gives a shit about you, or the military-grade retardation of assclownery that are your positions. Ken’s only mistake was engaging you in the first place, one he quickly remedied by going on to doing literally anything else.

                2. Read the link and comments Tulpa is crazy but that’s not a rhetorical question Ken. You lied.

                  1. Because he was wrong, knew it, and hated that I was the one who showed it.

                3. The reason you didn’t link to it yourself is because your entire exchange was entirely embarrassing.

                  Meanwhile, the only people who need to worry about competing with workers who have no more than an 8th grade education and can’t speak English are Americans who can’t compete with workers who have no more than an 8th grade education and can’t speak English.

                  If the shoe fits, wear it.

                  I suspect you had a conniption because the shoe fits–and I find that . . . hilarious. What were you doing for a living, plucking chickens or something?

                  1. “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

                    Ahahahah “I know you unequivocally said what your position was and I was wrong but NU uhhhhhh” is what you’re on to now Ken lolol

                    At least you stopped lying about rhetorical questions lololo

                    Lol I caught you lying, quote it, and then you cry about it by reataung a lie I already debunked.

                    My POSTION IS RIGHT THERE KEN

                    Lying again just makes you look even worse, and I keep my club you sad fucking liai.

                    1. I was on Ken’s side until his last post. Now iit looks like he either didn’t read your post or is lying just to troll you. Either way he is definitely lying now.

                    2. “If the shoe fits, wear it”

                      Lol that’s my favorite part, he ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to read, and then says that and looks like an idiot.

                      It is like he didn’t read my reply. That’s the only way he could clown himself like that, short of actual retardation.

                  2. You can tell Ken knows he’s caught, he keeps trying to come up with excuses for why his lie was ok lololol

              2. Christ, and I was in that thread. Thanks for the link.

                Ehhh, I’m on what I think is the side of the ‘Plug re unskilled workers, but I wouldn’t call Ken lying in that thread. Even if he did lie, it, IMO, didn’t deserve this kind of vehement callout through several other threads.

                We disagree on the effects of legal and illegal immigration. Fine. We move onto something else.

                The trolls, OTOH, deserve all of the abuse and more. I just don’t care enough to engage them.

                1. The lie was highlighted. He totally lied, and he heaps abuse, so he can shut the fuck up and eat some forr lying just because he’s proven wrong.

        2. Lol – Tesla
          Nobody gives a shit about Tesla, ken

          1. Ken is fucking stupid. Read that link and watch him go full troll when he’s proven wrong. It was epic getting him to become all the shit he whines about.

          2. Nobody gives a shit about Tesla, ken

            You mean except for the investors who bid it up 20% in two consecutive days?

            They have a market cap of $137 billion–even after coming back down from its high.

            Plenty of people care about Tesla. A couple of weeks ago, their market capitalization surpassed Ford’d and GM’s combined.

            1. Right but you’re a proven liar, so basically everything you post is suspect.

            2. “You mean except for the investors who bid it up 20% in two consecutive days?

              They have a market cap of $137 billion–even after coming back down from its high.”

              This. There is a metric fuckton of money tied up in Tesla stock, and there doesn’t appear to be any rational reason why.

              Maybe the program traders see something? It’s a boutique car company and giant battery manufacturer, that is, according to Wall Street, worth more than Ford and GM. That’s weird.

              I mean, maybe they’ve made a 10x breakthrough in battery storage, such that utilities will buy a gazillion of them for load management and energy storage for peaky power producers like wind?

              1. They may sell a lot more in China than they do in the U.S.

                I think the Chinese government would love to see Chinese consumers go electric–based on an energy source they don’t need to import from places like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, or the United States.

                That manufacturing in China is meant to sell cars in the Chinese market, and their potential there is huge.

                There isn’t anything fundamentally superior to Ford’s or GM’s electric technology, however. Ford can sell electric cars in China, too.

                I’m a big fan of Ford’s investment in Rivian.


                They seem to be avoiding all the mistakes Tesla made, and with investments and orders coming from Amazon and Ford, that’s a lot of muscle behind them. Rivian isn’t a publicly traded company, and I wouldn’t pay the kind of multiple you have to get for Amazon. Ford, on the other hand, is beaten down, and if they own a big chunk of Rivian, now, then the way to invest in Rivian . . .

                Meanwhile, Ford is paying like 6% dividend.

                I’m not invested in either one, and you should talk to a licensed stock broker about any investment decisions before you make them, but if I wanted to invest in electric cars going forward, I wouldn’t take a chance on Tesla. I’d be considering Ford. You’re getting a lot of potential without so much in the way of Tulip mania risk–and a nice dividend, too. Learn about covered calls, and that might make a decent long term investment–although I’m just thinking out loud. Haven’t really gone too deep into the numbers or anything.

                1. Right, but you’re an aspie and a liar so everything you say is suspect.

              2. I mean, maybe they’ve made a 10x breakthrough in battery storage, such that utilities will buy a gazillion of them for load management and energy storage for peaky power producers like wind?

                Maybe in the pyramid scheme that Elon Musk has created, between The Boring Company, Tesla, Space X, Starlink, Neuralink, Open AI, etc., etc. Tesla is the apparent apex where all the consumer dollars and tax money gets funneled.

                The idea that market cap represents any sort of actual value or productive contribution has been pretty bunk for quite some time. Not that it never does but it’s $100B in market cap doesn’t represent value, productivity, or protracted social impact the way a mile represents a distance.

  34. Soros being the largest funder of the Shadow app is so on point I can’t believe it was allowed to get out.

    The world would be a better place if it followed Hungary and removed him indefinitely

    1. I think he mostly just wastes his money in the US. But he does real harm to less fortunate nations. Soros is the closest thing there is an actual comic book super villain. The guy is just evil.

      1. What he tried to do with the pound was textbook villainy.

        1. My favorite was the one where he tried to steal all the gold from Fort Knox.

      2. He spends money on chaos and undermining republics. His utopia involves the abolishment of western values.

        He then profits from funding said chaos. Pure evil.

        1. Correct, Ryan

      3. Remember, John Demjanjuk. Socialists trying to distance themselves from National Socialists, went after him for being Ivan the Terrible. Then when they were wrong, they went after him for being a guard at Sobibor.

        John Demjanjuk was a Ukrainian who served in the Russian Army and was captured by the Nazis. He chose to be a guard rather than die from starvation.

        This guy is different from Soros’ collaboration with the Nazis… because reasons.

      4. He does real harm with those lunatic Attorney Generals he’s funding.

        1. “He does real harm with those lunatic Attorney Generals he’s funding.”

          And state legislatures. Virginia doesn’t go full retard absent his funding and influence, IMO.

          Soros is damned lucky that Trump isn’t the supervillain that most of the left thinks Trump is. How hard is it for a head of state to kill even a billionaire?

    2. The criticisms of the Democrats wanting to run our healthcare system when they can’t even run a primary are on target–especially in regards to handing the keys to politically connected entities.

      In many ways, the Iowa caucus debacle is a replay of the embarrassment of rolling out the ObamaCare exchange (

      “The company hired to build’s failing database, CGI Global, is an established government contractor (established enough to have actually lobbied Congress on the Affordable Care Act). Even though Canada had previously fired the firm for a botched $46.2 million medical registry system in 2011, CGI Global was still contracted to the build the technical keystone of the U.S. healthcare law.

      “I think procurement in the federal government is broken. It favors incumbents and the status quo over the lean start-ups in terms of its archaic procurement rules and regulations,” Vivek Kundra, former U.S. chief information officer, told The Washingtonian.

      Startups simply don’t have the knowhow to get around the oddly complicated procurement rules—or the congressional ties to curry favor. As a result, a mediocre contractor charged an astounding $93 million for a botched job.”

      1. Fuck off liar.

      2. When your entire identity is the collective, there is no embarrassment

    3. Soros fights Authoritarians/Fascists, you dumb motherfucker.

      1. Then he would be fighting the left, not funding them.

        1. You’re a fucking idiot.

          Nationalists Ra Ra racist jackboot types Nazi and Neo Nazi types are right wing.

          Trump Tells Tall Tales

          Lying is what fascists do. They have to convince the locals they are superior to others.

          1. Hey pedo, that’s my name you’re sullying.

            Besides, you have your Rev. sock, use that one.

            1. I’m not a pedophile that’s how you cons try to smear us classical liberals. I only posted links, not actual porn.

              1. “”I only posted links, not actual porn.””

                Has that defense ever worked?

                I have a feeling that if someone was posting links to the KKK, they would still be called a racist. Just sayin.

                I’m not going to jump onto the you are a pedophile bandwagon.
                Innocent until proven guilty. However, people have been trying to convince me that hearsay is good enough. Should I believe them?

              2. Sarah Palin’s Buttplug
                February.5.2020 at 11:03 am
                “…I only posted links, not actual porn.”

                Hmm. Wonder if that has anything to do with the impossibility of posting images here?
                So you only posted what you could, right?

          2. Nazi are not trying to punish me for using the wrong pronoun.

            1. Yes actually, Soros is.

        2. +1000

          1. Hitler and the socialist dream

            Hitler declared that ‘national socialism was based on Marx. Socialists have always disowned him.
            Without race, he went on, National Socialism “would really do nothing more than compete with Marxism on its own ground”. Marxism was internationalist. The proletariat, as the famous slogan goes, has no fatherland. Hitler had a fatherland, and it was everything to him.

      2. You mean like when he was turning in all of those Jews and helping the Nazis steal their property back in the war. You mean like then? You mean when he was bankrolling propaganda for Chavez and Maduro. Like that Shreek?

        1. And funding no-shit-neonazis (Azov Battalion) in Ukraine

      3. “…dumb motherfucker.”

        Speaking of dumb motherfuckers, tell us again about the Trump recession and how Trump is going to be gone by 2020.
        It is truly enjoyable laughing at your imbecility!

        1. 2.3% GDP for 2019 dickhead. He can’t even beat that N***er Obama that you wingnuts hate so much.

          1. Rev, why do you not change your voice at all when you sockpuppet?

          2. You been handed your hat on your bullshit cherry picking often enough, you pathetic piece of shit:

            “For eight years, President Obama presided over the worst economic recovery in modern times. For six years, he blamed Republicans in Congress for thwarting his spending agenda and hampering growth. In his last two years in office, he claimed that 2% growth was the best we could hope for. And in his last year in office, while the economy was again stalling out, Obama claimed that Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation would only make things worse.”

            Fuck off and die.

          3. How many negative GDP numbers did Trump have vs Obama?

            Obama couldn’t keep it above 2 consistently.

          4. Don’t worry Mr. Buttplug. I have your exact quote. And as usual when it comes to economic issues, your analysis was flawless.

            The tariffs will set off a harsh recession in 2020 and he will be gone anyway.


          5. First three years in office

            2009 – 0.18%
            2010 – 2.57%
            2011 – 1.61%

            2017 – 2.8%
            2018 – 2.52%
            2019 – 2.07%


            1. And it’s not just the numbers. It’s also the force behind them.

              The growth during the Obama years happened in spite of his regulatory and tax policies.

              There was some growth that happened during the Trump years despite his trade war–but there was plenty of growth that happened because of his deregulation and tax cutting, too.

              If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, then people who vote for Trump because his tax policies and deregulation are likely to be better for the economy than Bernie Sanders’ increased regulation and tax increases are being perfectly rational.

              1. Shit the fuck up liar. Your “rhetorical question” excuse is just another obvious and provable lie.

                1. This is rich.
                  Turd here is handed data, with cites, proving his claim is total and complete bullshit.
                  And he returns to the same thread to call someone else a liar.
                  I guess he’s hoping this helps his cred?

                  1. Lol you don’t even know what the fuck is being discussed you senile old fuck.

                    1. “Lol you don’t even know what the fuck is being discussed you senile old fuck.”

                      “2.3% GDP for 2019 dickhead. He can’t even beat that N***er Obama that you wingnuts hate so much.”

                      Seems you’re ‘confused’, and lying once more.

                    2. Congrats dumbass, that is in fact NOT what we were talking about.

                    3. Congrats, turd. That’s what I was discussing. Your pathetic attempts to drag someone down to your scumbag level is none of my concern.

                    4. I don’t care what YOU were discussing dumbass, no go cry about being wrong in your metamucil.

                    5. ” is none of my concern”

                      And yet you piped up like a retard, retard.

      4. I didn’t know you liked telling jokes.

        Hear the one about the hard boiled egg? It’s hard to beat.

  35. Want to know how socialism leads to the gulag? Listen to the hate aimed at their political enemies, gloating that Limbaugh is going to die.

    1. You are not kidding. These people hate everyone not on the left. And they don’t just hate us. They want us dead. While most of them wouldn’t have the stomach to do it themselves, they would all happily excuse, ignore, and enable others to do it for them. Leftists are awful people.

      1. Classic Liberals, Republicans, and Libertarians have protected and tolerated Lefty dissent for centuries in the USA.

        Tolerating Socialist dissent and allowing them to steal everything you own and slit your throat with your knife are two very different actions. It’s almost like a Silent Majority of Americans are sick of being taken advantage of their hospitality.

        1. Success for the collectivists rests with the media types, academics, et al. They’re using Stalin’s playbook: divide and conquer, a tactic as old as the hills.

          Though a lousy theorist, Stalin’s genius was in coopting the proletarian vanguard noise (Bolshevism) and then slowly, steadily falsifying it by exterminating the ideas of those who brought it to life.

          Whence his iron fist and the shift from Lenin’s communist ideals to Stalin’s arbitrary ruling caste, embodied by The Party.

          Now comes today’s collectivists, namely, its ruling caste within the media/academic/elitists circles, spinning and shape-shifting “The Party” 2.0.

          Left to their devices, dissent will be a ride to the camps.

          1. +1000

    2. I’m a believer that they one’s true character is revealed not by how they treat their friends, but how they treat their enemies.

      1. I’m a believer that one’s true character is revealed by how they treat the powerless.

        In a just world, that Florence County sheriff (Kenney Boone) will inhabit multiple levels of inferno receiving his proper respect in each

    3. Have you seen some of the stuff here on RBG?

      1. Yeah. It’s not close to the Limbaugh stuff.

        What now crybaby? You gonna cry more Screech?

      2. “Have you seen some of the stuff here on RBG?”

        How about the stuff on that scumbag who bailed on his mortgage? And turd?

  36. what’s a jessephoenix2018 and why is it jealous of Limbaugh?

  37. “Also, right-wing radio personality Rush Limbaugh received a Medal of Freedom, triggering Democrats and delighting the #MAGA right.”

    That was a circa 2016 move intended to provoke the kind of condemnation by the media that got Trump elected in 2016.

    That was like when candidate Trump was going after the NFL players for dissing the national flag. The social justice warriors imagine that they’re scoring points by sticking up for people dissing the flag (and the people who died to defend it), but they’re really just chasing swing voters from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin into Trump’s arms.

    Instead of condemning President Trump for giving a medal to a man who’s dying of cancer, why not just take a job working for the Trump campaign instead? At least that way you’ll get paid for your hard work to reelect President Trump!

    1. He’s been doing the same thing for four years–and they still don’t get it, like really?!

      1. 30+ years 5 days a week pushing freedom and limited gov’t and love of life it’s difficult to come up with someone who deserves that medal more.

    2. Trump seems to understand just how stupid the media is and how poor their impulse control is in a way that no other politician has. I guess since he had been around them so long he understood how stupid they are. Republican politicians couldn’t figure that out for some reason.

      1. He trolls them because it works.

        It’s like running a play in the NFL that works over and over again. You keep calling that play until it doesn’t work anymore.

        They’ve been falling for the play action every day for four years, and the media still stacks the box with their safeties–every. single. time.

        They’re Charlie Brown thinking that Lucy isn’t going to pull the ball out from under him. It’s a pratfall, and it gets funnier and funnier every time the media falls for it.

        The way the impeachment worked out so well, someone might think Trump was a genius for orchestrating the whole thing. He even had a SOTU address the day after Iowa to steal the thunder from whomever won and before the impeachment vote punctuated the Democrats’ clown show.

        Of course, it just worked out that way. Like I said yesterday, nobody plans to screw the pooch, and this wound was completely self-inflicted by the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi was against the impeachment from the start for this very reason. Biden tanking in Iowa is almost certainly a result of the airing of his behavior in regards to his son in Ukraine, and Trump is coming out the other side of the impeachment in better shape than he was before this whole thing started.

        1. Fuck off liar.

          1. Being angry isn’t going to make life any easier. You are stupid shreek. That is why life is so hard. Being angry at Ken doesn’t help.

            1. His lying did. It gave me a club to beat him with forever.

              1. Sort of like you lying about paying off your bet, you hicklib pederast.

              2. Except no one but you gives a crap.

                You are rapidly turning into the Hercule Triathlon Savinem (sp?) of the modern comment section – posting endless, repetitive, angry blather that is of interest to no one but the author.

                1. Ken obviously gives a crap.

                  You lose.

                  “You are rapidly turning into the Hercule Triathlon Savinem”

                  Oh noes, an obvious sockpuppet I don’t care about insulted me for the infinitieth time.

                  1. infinitieth is lol.

  38. The SOTU is perhaps the greatest example of a meeting that could have been an email.” For all the pomp and public spectacle,”

    this applies to every president ever

    1. It’s a pep rally
      Always has been, always will be

    2. this applies to every president ever

      Except the FF. They couldn’t conceive of email or automatic firearms. This is why we need a section 230 and FOSTA/SESTA to protect free speech on the internet and common sense gun control.

  39. The SOTU is perhaps the greatest example of a meeting that could have been an email.” For all the pomp and public spectacle,”

    this applies to every president ever now on to read the comments which are the only reason i read Reason

    1. > this applies to every president ever

      Not the first five or so. And the next ten at least had some flowering rhetoric to go along with it. Since then they’ve been little more than preening sessions for the Big Man.

      1. They should be censored.

        1. “I just flag all of your posts now Ken” lolol

          1. Yeah, his giant walls of blovation go away and things load faster.

            Ahahahah wait you think that’s censorship is flagging someone to make them vanish for you personally ahahajajajajajajaj



              Ahahahahah the idiot thinks “Please censor my opponents Reason” is the same as “I pressed a button which does nothing but remove them from my personal sight” AA ahahahahahah YOU TRY SO HARD AND ALWAYS FAIL AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAJAJAJ


                Giant win? Christ dude get a fucking life, you have wayyyyyyy too much personally invested in this place hahahah.

                “I pressed a button which does nothing but remove them from my personal sight”

                Is that what it does? I honestly had no idea, it doesn’t seem to do that in my browser. Ah well, glad I could make your day.

      2. I’ll rephrase “as long as the presidents have given the STOU in congress on live TV

  40. Once upon a time the State of the Union was a speech outlining the President’s proposed policies for Congress to enact. Even at their childish they were still pleas for Congress to do something in the administration’s interest.

    Today they are little more than extended campaign speeches, but without the substance. Trump didn’t start this trend either, he’s just riding it.

    1. Censor them all.

    2. eh, I’ll give you most of the first 2/3rds were that, but he also did outline proposed policies, and it sounded like he outlined some mandates as well, with wiping out AIDs by 2030 and being the next people to be on the moon, as well as be the first to be on Mars. If these are things we accomplish, this would be on the same level as Kennedy’s “we’ll be on the moon before the end of the decade”

  41. “(If only they had the power to remember that when their side wins the presidency back…)”
    If they don’t vote to remove him today, the dems will have another four years to ponder the matter.

  42. At the Klan Rally Trump hosted last night he made Fat Rush (Praise Be Unto Him) a Grand Dragon for life.

    Rednecks rejoiced!

    1. Also, I refuse to be banned just because I posted kiddie porn.

      1. Fuck you I only posted links not actual porn.

        1. “Fuck you I only posted links not actual porn.”

          So you didn’t really look? Do I have that right?

        2. You posted links on how to access kiddie porn. Who other than a pervert knows how to do that?

          You are a degenerate and were banned for good reason.

        3. Fuckin’ LOL–so you’re actually Kurt Eichenwald? Hopefully you get another seizure.

        4. You know arguing with yourself is one of the first signs of insanity, right?

      2. Fuck off, you lying fake Tulpa buttplug. I am the true buttplug.

        1. And I am also the true pedo.

          1. I know, we all saw the links.

            1. Eat shit lying Tulpa plug, those links were free speech.

              1. doesn’t mean it was a good idea.

    2. Fat Rush (Praise Be Unto Him)


      That never gets old!

    3. So unreason staff, if you continue to let whichever sock troll is posting child porn remain here as a spammer and continue to post illegal shit, I’m contacting the FBI.

      No more joking around.

      I refuse to let Libertarianism be associated with this bullshit.

      1. I flagged a bunch of their stupid posts for review.

        The socks are admitting to breaking federal law.

        1. Invite the FBI to your house. That’s exactly what you should do.

          1. The FBI is watching him already.

          2. The FBI/NSA are already watching unreason.

            I would be giving the FBI probable cause, which is what they need for a search warrant.

            1. Probable cause for what? Refusing to be banned? You need to learn how to read chief. Aren’t you supposed to be a lawyer? How are you always so wrong about law then?

              1. Poor new sock troll who is the reincarnation of old sock troll.

                1. Objection Non-Responsive

                  1. Discuss things with a sock troll. No thanks.

              2. Hey unreason, I got my guy at ICE on the phone again last week.

                Neighbor farmer was trying to use illegal aliens to do some field work before the week long rains hit.

                Bye bye illegals!

                1. Objection Non-Responsive

                  1. poor sock troll.

        2. No dumbass, they aren’t.

        3. Bet he’s trembling in his shoes. You showed him, lc.

          1. An even newer sock troll? Wow!

            1. Whomever said that unreason staff dont troll the comments, never had them so butthurt and creating new sock trolls left-and-right.

    4. I’m a communist so I came to to argue with classical liberals like you, but all these right-wing TrumpianS keep getting in the way. Fuck off, TrumpianS. I want to talk to the classical liberal about why poor people should root for free markets.

      1. You came to argue with yourself Screech?

  43. Obama passed out 123 Presidential Freedom Medals. One was to Hollywood asshole Robert DiNiro. Mad Albright got one, too, as did Joe Biden. Some others were probably controversial too.

  44. Right wing War on Porn goes on:

    SALT LAKE CITY — Under a bill that was recently introduced in the Utah state legislature, any pornography distributed in Utah would be required to carry a warning label describing potential negative impacts to young people.

    House Bill 243, sponsored by Rep. Brady Brammer, R-Alpine, would mandate the warning label for any adult publication or video.

    The text below must be included on all pornography distributed in the state.

    “Exposing minors to pornography is known to the state of Utah to cause negative impacts to brain development, emotional development, and the ability to maintain intimate relationships. Such exposure may lead to harmful and addictive sexual behavior, low self-esteem, and the improper objectification of and sexual violence towards others, among numerous other harms.”

    In videos, the warning label must be displayed for up to 15 seconds. On printed publications, it must be prominently displayed. Failure to do so would result in legal action by the Utah Attorney General’s Office and a $2,500 fine per violation, the bill states.

    The Utah State Legislature has endorsed anti-pornography stances in the past. In 2016, the legislature approved a resolution by Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross, that declared porn a “public health crisis.” The resolution, a first of its kind, generated international attention on the state. However, since then, other legislatures have considered similar legislation.

    1. And of course, links related to objectionable subjects are why I got banned if you remember.

        1. Pimps get flagged.

          1. As a libertarian I don’t have a problem with porn, abortion or drugs and think that should be left to individual tastes. You?

            1. We already know your position Screech.

              1. Yep… porn, drugs, abortion, prostitution, dirty books, making fun of the military, gay sex, telling Jeebus freaks to fuck off, communism, free love. All good for this libertarian.

                1. At least you stopped pretending you aren’t Screech lololol now about those links that got you banned…

            2. “…You?”

              I have an aversion to pimps, especially dead-beat pimps, dead-beat pimp.

        2. Lol knew it was you Screech.

    2. Do you think part of Drumpf’s motivation for causing a harsh recession was to prevent people from having spare cash for porn?


      1. might look into choosing better friends

    3. “”Right wing War on Porn goes on:””

      Never hear of the PMRC?

  45. Are Trumpian Tall Tales better or worse than Obaman Scolding and Sanctimony?

  46. Things that are now meaningless:

    – Presidential Medal of Freedom
    – State of the Union
    – Senate impeachment trials
    – Everything Republicans say, ever

    Only just now? LOL

    1. Fiscally responsible Republican = completely meaningless.

      1. Honest turd – not ever.

    2. Obama gave Ted Kennedy a MOF…Ted Kennedy who got drunk, took a hot young thing to a beach from a party to get “lucky”, missed the bridge, swam off and left her to die…that Ted Kennedy. RL isn’t Ted Kennedy

  47. American adults read at a 9th grade level, barely high school. And that’s when they are trying. For fun, they read at a 7th grade level–if they read at all.

    I find it somehow refreshingly honest when our politics reflects the middle-school mentality of our people. Simple name calling and childish posturing seem to annoy the pundits and others who describe democracy as a noble endeavor. But really its just pre-teen morons on national news.

    1. Meritorious Postulation!

    2. This is also why libertarians can’t win. There’s no way to pander to the poorly educated when most of them live on tax dollars.

      The majority of people don’t want to be free, they want to be safe.

      Find a way for libertarians to pander to the poor and you got yourself a viable platform.

      1. Your right, but seeing someone like Vermin Supreme or Dan “taxation if theft” Behrman running around with dumb sh*t on their head doesn’t help. It was hard to take Johnson seriously, nut these two are worse

    3. American adults read at a 9th grade level, barely high school. And that’s when they are trying. For fun, they read at a 7th grade level–if they read at all.

      So, given the abject failure of public schools to produce an informed and educated electorate, you’re willing to shut down the DOE and all of public broadcasting for good, right? Cancel and remunerate all taxes collected for their funding?

    4. It’s refreshing that people are barely high school reading level?

      Sounds like an authoritarian regime to me… Just saying, bubba.

      How about you take a grade-level reading test and let me make fun of you?

      Did you take the ASVAB, SAT? Let’s hear it.

  48. Oh, someone should probably mention that President Trump’s approval ratings are now higher than they’ve ever been before:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has risen to 49%, his highest in Gallup polling since he took office in 2017.

    . . . .

    The 42% approval rating among independents is up five points, and ties three other polls as his best among that group.”

    —-Gallup, February 4, 2020

    Memo to the Speaker of the House:

    Thanks for the impeachment, Nancy!


    President Trump

    cc: FBI

    1. +1000

    2. In the middle of impeachment.

      Before the SOTU.

      Before the acquittal that is coming today.

      And Nadler, Schiff and Pelosi spent the night doubling down, vowing to continue their investigations into “this lawless president”.

      They may be in the act of handing Trump the house. Dunno if the Republicans have any good candidates recruited.

  49. I haven’t watched a SOTU speech in forever, but the kids are old enough that it was time for a civics lesson.

    The speech was masterful as a campaign speech. A long, tall, powerful wall! LOL

    What he did best was to troll the Dem left in ways that would piss them off, but that they would be unable to explain to a swing voter.

    Here they are refusing to stand for objectively nonpartisan ideas, while tweeting to themselves “well actually …”

    It was masterful. They were BOOING federal agents! Here Trump highlights a HISPANIC border patrol leader, and the Dems are denouncing it! Argue the nuances of policy all you want, but the optics are just ridiculously bad. “Chief Ruiz is a racist tool of the oppressor state!” Let’s see how that polls in November.

    1. I thought the same thing.

      But if you watched CNN you would know that it was all a pack of lies. Probably the most dishonest and hateful speech in history, in fact. Everything was a lie.

      You know how you can tell when they have been wounded deeply? When they have nothing to say other than name calling. Saying it is all lies in the face of that?

      Pelosi saying ‘not true’ behind him to things that are objectively true – like sanctuary cities. That’s not a lie. You might like sanctuary cities, but that doesn’t make pointing out their existence a lie.

  50. Poor old Nancy..all the botox and silicon has moved up into her brain. Hey how did a career congresswomen accumulate $100M?

    Seriously I found the SOTU to be very entertaining…Trump is a master at reality TV and can pull at the dems strings so easily.

    As for Reason…man you want the left libertarian and woke left to love you so much you are starting to sound like your hero and former Libertarian VP (and current GOP Pres candidate) Bill “the brahman from boston RINO” Weld.

    Trump is a boorish big mouth but he is the best defender of the Bill of Rights and our liberties int he White House since IKE or maybe Coolidge and Harding. And sorry woke lefties but nation states open borders..I tend to like the fact we have a Bill of Rights and a govt that at least can be held at times to live within the bounds of the Constitution. I look at El Salvador, Venezuela, Panama…not the kind of crony statist place I want to live under. And that is what the Dems want.. the MF’ing Man…Reason needs to get on the train

    1. What job do you hold? I’m going to ask that whenever someone says, “Trump is reality TV, but…”.

      You lose people when you say “My idea of a president is someone who basically acts like a person from the shows ‘Lost’ plus ‘Hookers & John’s'”. He seems like a guy who has your best interests at heart… That is sarcasm.

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  52. Reason, please disable comments. This space is by definition supposed to be centrist. Left socially, right financially. However, there is almost a 4Chan presence here. Let’s Make Reason Reasonable Again. Love the articles, mix of both sides. Comments seem like Trump paid Twitter $130,000 to stream comments with ambiguity.

    For those, “Denying my right to free speech!” brotards, buy a soap box… Breitbart and Stormfront love you. Give them a shout. Hell, MSNBC might give you some time too. MSNBC loves the victim.

    Love the site, but there are plenty of avenues for further discussion. Don’t let the far left or far right comments determine the finality of the article posted on your site.

    1. Love the flag here for hurting feelings. You are literally proving my point that you are not Libertarians.

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