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The European Union Is a Worse Business Ally Than China, Says Trump

Plus: More from an impromptu Trump talk at Davos, how Kamala Harris handled California cop corruption, and more...


At an impromptu news conference from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday, President Donald Trump threatened trade war with the European Union, fumed about teen activist Greta Thunberg, and offered a questionable analysis of impeachment proceedings. Trump also said he knew about injuries suffered by U.S. troops in Iran's January 8 airstrike, but announced that no Americans were harmed because he didn't think their injuries were serious.

The 11 injured service members showed signs of concussions and were, as of last week, being treated for potential traumatic brain injuries.

Trump told reporters this morning that at the time of his initial statements, he "heard they had headaches and a couple of other things." Asked whether he considered potential brain trauma serious, Trump said he did not hear about this part until several days ago but still did not consider these to be "serious injuries relative to other injuries I've seen."

On Davos itself, Trump touted all the world leaders he was meeting and all the deals he was supposedly making. Which translates roughly to "expect more tariffs."

The European Union is "frankly, more difficult to do business with than China," said Trump.

"I wanted to wait till I finished China. I didn't want to go with China and Europe at the same time," Trump told CNBC's Joe Kernen. "Now China's done, and I met with the new head of the European Commission…And had a great talk. But I said, look, if we don't get something, I'm going to have to take action, and the action will be a very high tariffs on their cars and other things that come into our country."

Much of the focus at this morning's press conference was on impeachment proceedings, which began against Trump in the Senate yesterday. (The president admitted he's been sneaking a peek at them when he can from Davos.) Congressional Democrats have no case because "we have all the material, they don't have the material," Trump said.

He repeated his assertion that his conversation with Ukraine's president was "perfect" and that the impeachment proceedings are "a hoax." Asked whether he still thinks climate change is a hoax, however, Trump said, "No, not at all."

(Perhaps he's just trying to boost his chances with Time magazine…Asked about a Davos speech by Thunberg—Time's 2019 person of the year—Trump first asked how old she was and then commented "she beat me out for Time.")

Trump also suggested that he still feels sorry for former President Bill Clinton over impeachment:

Watch the whole press conference here.


Impeachment to take longer. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) announced revised rules for President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, after everyone complained about his initial plan, which would have seen much of the proceedings going on in the middle of the night.

"Both parties will now have 24 hours each over the course of three days to present evidence, as opposed to the two days that were originally allotted," notes Reason's Billy Binion. And:

McConnell also altered a rule that would have blocked House evidence unless the Senate voted to admit it. Now all relevant documents will be automatically entered into the record and barred only if the Senate votes to exclude them.



  • More evidence of corruption in Kamala Harris world:

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  1. At an impromptu news conference from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday, President Donald Trump threatened trade war with the European Union…

    What am I going to do with all these Euros?

    1. Hello.

      You know, I think he’s probably right about the EU. Just within the EU trade is notoriously paternalistic from Brussels.

      Lemme tell you about how Canada does business.

      We sell natural resources at below market prices (for some reason), and buy back through ‘free trade’ those resources in the form of finished goods (because Canada apparently can’t be bothered to invest in itself) at higher prices.

      Neo-mercantalism I guess.

      Reminds me of when the Habs went up for sale in the 90s. The great Montreal Canadiens – the greatest hockey franchise in the world – had NO CANADIAN BUYERS. Worse, the team that’s connected (absurdly if you ask me) to the history of a people (Quebec), had no Quebecois takers.

      The Molson family sold it to George Gillette – an American. Out came the cries of an American buying the team. Gillette then installed a strong marketing plan, increased the value of the team and then sold it back to the Molson family. So the family sold low and bought back into it at a high.

      That’s Canadian business in a nutshell.

      Be glad you have a) a strong business class and b) Trump willing to stick up for American interests. Canada never had that.

      1. Doesn’t the hockey example sort of work out for Canadians though? I mean in your hockey example, no Canadians were prevented from buying it; they just chose not to.

        In this:

        We sell natural resources at below market prices (for some reason)

        Serious question: how does that work? I was under the impression most of the extraction companies were private; presumably they’d be leaving money on the table if they are doing that, if not running outright losses. Why?


          My point about the hockey example is that Canadians don’t put their money where their mouths are. It’s a character flaw. Worse, they then complain about it. We just went through the same thing with the Alouettes of the CFL. Wettenhall – the great American owner – decided to sell. But there were no buyers and the league assumed operations until there was. Local business couldn’t even cobble together a lousy consortium to but a lousy CFL team. Two Ontarians ended up buying the team and again, I read some people complaining about THAT.

          This in a province that whined about Lowe’s buying Ro-Na hardware. Dudes, it’s the market. Live with it.

          If they can’t be bothered to buy their own gold standard team, then the nationalism that flows from it is hollow to me.

          1. Maybe Canadians are just poor?

    2. Go to Euro Disney?

  2. …and offered a questionable analysis of impeachment proceedings.

    Why should he be different than anyone else?

  3. Peak orange man bad, or more to come?

    1. Just as there is no such thing as peak derp, there are no bounds to OMB

  4. RIP Terry Jones

    1. A bittersweet sadness – it’s been known for a while that it’s been coming and while the end might have been peaceful it was a bad way to go. He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

    2. Damn, that’s a shame.

      Wonder if I can get a ticket to the funeral…

      1. I intend to go to the Waffle House and order a breakfast of Spam, egg, Spam, Spam, bacon and Spam.

        1. No rat?

        2. I would join you but I need to go get a license for my pet fish, Eric.

  5. I didn’t want to go with China and Europe at the same time…

    I learned that the hard way. Take one girl to prom and one to after-prom.

    1. Do not fight a two front trade war.

  6. “Why Obamacare is still trapped in judicial limbo.”

    #PleaseComeBackButtplug and explain to all the Peanuts how great Obamacare is and how its only “problems” are the result of Republican sabotage.


    1. Bad parody of OBL, dead on for Peter Suderman.

  7. Congressional Democrats have no case because “we have all the material, they don’t have the material,” Trump said.

    They can beg and they can plead but they can’t see the light, cause the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mister Right

    1. There was a great moment late last night as they argued over when to vote about what additional evidence would be needed. (literally, that’s what they argued all night about.)

      Some congresswoman from Texas (and a former judge!) got up to state the case – and spent several minutes explaining that they have all the evidence and it is a slam dunk – they have everything anyone needs to convict, there are literally mountains of evidence……..

      Therefore we absolutely must have more witnesses!! In all her years as a judge, she has never heard of a case where one side wanted a witness and they didn’t appear.

      Absolutely nuts.

      Those two things were absolutely in adjacent paragraphs, just as presented here. “We have an overwhelming and irrefutable mountain of evidence that makes this case an ironclad lock!” “We must have additional witnesses and documents that have not been provided!” Back to back.

      Politicians be crazy, yo!

  8. Whit *dook sucks*

    I’ll bite. Is this a Twitter thing?

    1. I didn’t want to know.

    2. I have no idea who Whit is, but it is known that Duke Sucks.

      1. Coach k had the absurdity to say he lost due to officiating the other night.

    3. This is why dook sucks.

      (NSFW… some profanity at the start)

  9. Trump also suggested that he still feels sorry for former President Bill Clinton over impeachment…

    Trump knows that since his wedding day poor Bubba had already suffered enough.

  10. Chief Justice Roberts admonishes both sides at Senate impeachment trial, after marathon session erupts into shouting match

    So it’s pretty clear that Democrat’s plan was to bully the US Senate into doing what the House of Representatives wanted and the goal is not any notion of fairness but removing Trump at all costs.

    I for one thank the Democrat Party for making sure Trump is reelected and the Democrat House majority is lost in 2021.

    1. Another “Red Wave” in 2020? Just like the one in 2018?


    2. I will take a NOT “Blue Wave” every election cycle!

      LOL Suderman.

    3. Yes, the Democrats who have a minority and are trying to get witnesses and documents into the record are the bullies, not the Republicans who just had to back down from requiring them to do 12 hour sessions into 1am, restricted any witnesses and most documents. Yeah, the GOP sounds super interested in actually finding the facts the of matter.

      1. “” not the Republicans who just had to back down from requiring them to do 12 hour sessions into 1am, restricted any witnesses and most documents.””

        The house didn’t seem to have a problem with late nights. Why now?

        “”the GOP sounds super interested in actually finding the facts the of matter.””

        I haven’t seen anyone interested in the facts. The House was just fine with opinions.

      2. “back down”

        Fucking hilarious that the left is crowing about this as a win; meanwhile, all of Schumer’s amendments were voted down along party lines.

        1. +1000

          Delusion by Lefties is all they have left.

      3. They had the opportunity to get witnesses and evidence onto the record baby jeffrey.

  11. “Vladimir Putin isn’t reforming the state, he’s just taking power for himself.”

    Putin is a much more dangerous enemy than that ISIS guy. Or that Iranian guy whose assassination caused World War 3. When we have a Democratic President in 2021 I’m prepared to support armed conflict with Russia if it comes to that.


    1. Seems a shame to have invested all that money in nuclear weapons and not use them!

      1. I prefer to avoid nuclear war, of course. But if the next Democratic Commander in Chief uses nukes, I’ll be confident it was not a reckless or impulsive decision. Like Drumpf made when he started World War 3.

  12. The longer the impeachment take, the worse it’ll be for the Democrats with swing voters. The more people are exposed to it, the worse it’ll be for the Democrats–with swing voters anyway.

    The merits of the case against Trump are beside the point now. At this point, President Trump is mostly just benefiting from the boy who cried wolf. The press, the Democrats, and the FBI have accused Trump of so many things, so many times, even if he really is guilty of an abuse of power, the townspeople simply can’t be bothered to come running anymore.

    They started crying wolf long before Trump was elected. I remember when they compared his campaign speeches to Nuremberg rallies and accused him of sanctioning his supporters beating up protesters. Remember Michelle Fields? I remember when, even here at Reason, someone ran a piece that was sympathetic to lawsuit for charges of sexual assault against candidate Trump–made by a porn star who had done gang-bang and bukkake videos–because when they met, he allegedly kissed her on the cheek without asking–and she was supposedly traumatized by it.

    I remember the BS accusations starting to pile up against candidate Trump before then, and it’s just gotten worse since. Ignore for the moment that the FBI used opposition research to get a warrant to do surveillance on the Trump campaign. The most important thing to come out of the that fiasco may not have been the suggestion that the FBI was out to get the president. The most significant thing to emerge from that fiasco may have been that they accused him of paying prostitutes to pee on him. That’s the kind of thing that feeds into accusation fatigue.

    I’m not saying this is the way it should be, but this is the way it is: If you cry wolf often enough, people will stop listening. Eventually, they start to become weary of your voice. Continue to cry wolf after that point, and they start stuffing cotton in their ears so that they can’t hear you anymore. Continue to cry wolf after that, and they start to support things like taking away Section 230 in the hope that if you’re buried under a flood of lawsuits, maybe they won’t have to suffer the sound of your voice anymore.

    It is unreasonable to expect people to transcend human nature on these things, and it is human nature to tune out a flood of distractions. We have heard little else from the press other than absurd distractions for four years now, and it is unreasonable to expect average people to take any further accusations against him seriously under those circumstances–even if he’s guilty. Don’t blame the townspeople. If you don’t want the townspeople to ignore your cries when there’s a real wolf because you cried wolf every day for four years when there was none, there’s an easy to way to avoid that. Can you guess what it is?

    That’s right: Don’t cry wolf every day for four years when there is none.

    1. Orange man bad drives clicks! Or so they think.

      1. There’s more than one groups of townspeople, that’s for sure.

        By playing to the ones who want Trump’s head, they’re alienating the group of people whose support they need to get rid of him.

        You can’t get the support you need from middle America to remove the president by screaming for his head every day for four years, and you can’t get them to vote for a Democrat to replace him in the upcoming election without support from middle America in the face of a strong economy either.

        But there are two groups of townspeople.

        1. You can’t promise the people steak and then deliver Arby’s.

          1. Nonsense! In 10 yrs. there will be no more ranches because we’ll grow meat in jars. – Ron Bailey

            1. That’ll revolutionize the home canning industry.

        2. But can the pundits even see middle America any more?

          We have the naturally tribal acting as lab rats for the professionally partisan, generation opposing echo chambers. These sub-groups of townspeople actually thrive on irritating noise, and if anything, amplify it back. This reinforcing cycle convinces the pundits that they see the real world.

          Meanwhile, those of us tired of all the shouting, and still amenable to less partisan perspectives, have dropped off the radar screens. At least until Election Day.

          1. “But can the pundits even see middle America any more?”

            Only in the way that Steinberg drew it for that New Yorker cover:

            They may not be able to see Middle America, but they have no problem hating Middle America.

            The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die.

      2. I think unreason is very aware of the damage this TDS has caused this website.

        I mean have you noticed all the new socks emerging to support unreason’s “journolist discretion”?

        1. It’s fortunate that they have you policing the comments with your righteous flamethrower burning out all the dirty socks and delivering the righteous flames of truth to the true libertarians.

          1. I suspect there are some here who are not true members of the Libertarian People’s Front and are actually infiltrators from the People’s Front of Libertarians.

        2. Here comes one of them now.

    2. They have nothing to say. If they did, they would have said it in the House hearings. The House hearings hurt them with everyone but their hard core base. The Senate trial is going to do the same thing. And the longer it goes, the worse it will be.

      1. It’s like the Democrats have given up on winning the presidential election, and they’re just trying to play to their base.

        The more average Americans see what they’re doing, the worse it is for them. Their elitism is self-defeating that way, and thank goodness.

      2. Yesterday, one of the Democrat Senators was on the Senate floor demanding to see State Department emails about the Ukraine aid.

        My immediate reaction was, “Oh, now you want to see State Department emails?”

    3. But what if it was…..a Superwolf! A whole pack of them! Alien Invader Superwolves! With laser beams on their frickin’ heads! And they…and they…I dunno, uh, they’re an all-female cast of Alien Invader Superwolves with laser beams on their frickin’ heads! Are you interested now? Please say you’re interested now, we’re really desperate, we’ve had to resort to copy/pasting 80% of our content directly from Twitter and the boss is starting to suspect he really doesn’t need to hire credentialed Journalist™ persons to click a couple of buttons on a web browser for that.

      1. Does Weinstein have your number? Because that is a GREAT movie idea!

      2. But what if it was…..a Superwolf!

        Too close to Superpredator and I don’t think certain concerned parties want that brought up.

      3. I see this as the difference between people like Ron and Rand Paul, on one side, and Justin Amash on the other.

        I understand my take on the Pauls’ positions is controversial, but this really is the way I see it:

        When Ron Paul voted against NAFTA, it wasn’t because of a principled stance on free trade. He wasn’t voting against NAFTA because free trade shouldn’t be restricted by treaties or laws. He voted against NAFTA because Ross Perot was in Texas, going after the fiscally conservative types in Texas who were anxious about losing their jobs to Mexicans right across the border. I understand that. A libertarian Senator can’t do much for the libertarian cause in the Senate if he loses his election and isn’t a senator anymore.

        I was and remain livid at Rand Paul for voting against a bill that would have cut $772 billion from Medicaid–a socialist entitlement program that’s a big part of the reason our national debt is so high. Some of you may fall for some principled bullshit argument about how he had to vote against cutting Medicaid spending because it didn’t get rid of ObamaCare completely, but that isn’t the real reason why Rand Paul voted against the bill. Rand Paul voted against that bill because Kentucky was suffering from an opioid epidemic at the time, like the rest of Appalachia, and they were a state with one of the highest rates of Medicaid use. With coal taking a hit from the fracking revolution, and opioid addiction already a huge problem, cutting off Medicaid might have had a devastating impact on everything from crime to heroin use. It would have been unpopular and might have cost him his seat in the Senate. Rand Paul can’t do anything for us in the Senate if he doesn’t have a seat.

        Justin Amash, on the other hand, stood on his principles–despite it being political suicide. No one gives a shit about how Justin Amash will vote in the future, and why should they? His political career is over–if not this election, then the next. He committed political suicide for principle.

        What the Democrats are doing is sort of like Justin Amash. They’re committing political suicide, and Nancy Pelosi knows it. It’s just that there’s nothing she can do about it. The powerful constituents in the Democratic party are full bore into political suicide. They don’t care whether impeaching Trump in prime time will cost them the presidential election in 2020 or the House. They hate middle America for being racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and selfish, and they don’t care if screaming it from the rooftops costs them everything. If Pelosi got in their way right now, they’d get rid of Pelosi. Hatred of Trump–and the racist, homophobic, xenophobic, selfish people he represents in their minds, is what passes for principle to progressives. And they’re not willing to be pragmatic like the Pauls. They’re devoted to destroying themselves like Amash.

        1. Ken….do not delude yourself. Team D does not believe they are committing suicide, and they have their reasons (whatever they are) for going down this path. Team D is doing this because they truly believe it is a winning strategy.

          We won’t know until November 2020 whether that is true or not.

          I do know the big loser here: Our Republic.

          1. Team D has already tipped their hand as to their current goals: fight for any opportunity to grab more live TV coverage for their mud slinging. That is what the fight yesterday was about.

            They had already agreed to vote on additional evidence needed after the opening arguments. But Team D wanted to have a full day of spurious claims on national TV before the opening arguments. Hence, yesterday.

            It was stupid… they wanted to vote about which witnesses to call before they heard the story of what those witnesses meant. It makes no sense at all….. unless your objective is to get a free 12 hour political ad where you can make any claim you want about your opponent, without fear of reprisal, recrimination or refutation.

            So now, instead of having this debate next week, they get to have it this week….. and next week.

          2. Pelosi opposed impeaching Trump because she thought it was political suicide. The only reason she impeached Trump–despite knowing it was bad for the party–was because she was afraid that if she didn’t and Trump won reelection, the House Democrats, led by Cortez and others from deep blue states, would blame his victory on her for not impeaching Trump–and they’d use that as an excuse to vote her out of the Speaker’s chair.

            *Locomotive Breath*

            She’s on a train wreck in slow motion, someone stole the brake handle. There’s no way to stop now, and she knows it’s a train wreck. She’s just trying to make the best of the Democrat leadership’s impossible situation. The party base in New York, Massachusetts, and California insists on doing something that will hurt the party’s chances for the next four years. If Trump does worse in any swing state that matters at this point, it will be amazing. If the Democrats manage to hang on to control of the House despite some 30 of the House Democrats running in districts that voted for Trump in 2016, they’ll be really, really lucky.

          3. Ken’s probably right about some Team D members, but you’re right about most of them. They really do think, and have thought for at least 3 years now, that the smoking gun is right around the corner. They’re sure that eventually the truth will come out and vindicate their position and by god they’ll make the truth come out somehow.

        2. Justin Amash abandoned his principles to stand with the Democrats.

          He abandoned his belief in the rule of law.
          He abandoned his belief in the presumption of innocence.
          He abandoned his constituents.
          He abandoned the Liberty and Freedom caucuses

          Justin Amash did NOT act in a principled manner, he acted, just like the Democrats, in a principaled manner.

          They do not like Trump. Trump must go–even if he has not committed anything that is actually impeachable. Or, in fact, done anything illegal, unconstitutional or outside the purview of his office.

          But they don’t like him. So, he’s gotta go.

          The idea that you even entertain the notion that Amash and the Democrats are the principled ones in this is just scary, Ken.

          1. +100

          2. Amash certainly didn’t do it to advance his political career or to protect his seat.

    4. Schiff has already been caught lying about the new evidence he wants to introduce from Parnas.

      Don’t think this can go worse for Democrats.

    5. It started before then, with the absurd vilification of Romney and his supporters.

      1. I heard he drove across the country with his dog strapped to the roof.

        1. My parents did that to me once. The worst part was Colorado. They did give me a blanket though.

          It was my sisters fault. She kept poking me with a sewing needle she kept in the back seat under the seat belt. So I let her have it and that was it for dad. Hit her with my GI Joe so hard the head came off. Never found the head.

    6. You guys keep saying stuff like this, but the more facts that come out, the worse the polling has gone for trump.

      This is why McConnell wants it over as fast as possible and is restricting what even cspan can broadcast. They know that the more the American people find out about Trump, the worse it gets for him. There is no sane or rational person who can objectively look at the facts in this case, and concluded that the president was not trying to coerce Ukraine into announcing an investigation into his perceived political rival, using public funds to do so. Even the non-partisan GAO has concluded that Trump broke the law.

      1. Yeah, CNN has been pushing that relentlessly. Since the summer of 2016. They’ve been on it double-time the last week or so. Nobody is buying this push poll stuff right now.

        They’ve gone to the well far too many times.

        All they had to do was shut up and let Trump implode on his own. But they are too dumb to do that. Their accusations are so over the top and so stupid that Trump actually looks sane and intelligent by comparison. (and that, my friends, is no small feat. You gotta work really hard to pull that off)

      2. “A majority of Americans want the Senate to convict and remove President Donald Trump from office, according to a new poll conducted by CNN.

        Fifty-one percent of respondents to the poll want the Senate to convict Trump on the impeachment charges brought by the House, which would lead to his immediate expulsion from office.”

        You seem to be completely unaware of the fact that we have single member districts, that votes in one district don’t count towards the election in other districts, that the votes in one state to apply to elections in other states, and that the electoral college exists . . . and that’s a lot to be completely unaware of.

        It doesn’t matter if the population of California, Massachusetts, and the State of New York are unanimous in believing that President Trump should be removed from office. Those states get two senators each, and that’s it. That gives them six votes in the Senate for impeachment.

        Meanwhile, if 51% of the people in swing districts don’t want Trump removed from office and choose to vote to reelect him instead, then President Trump will be the president for another four years.

        The United States is not one big single member district, and if CNN needs to pretend thing that aren’t true in order to get their point across, then their point must not be very good.

      3. What are the odds Jeff was too stupid to look at the sample metrics.

        1. Among the entire sample, 32% described themselves as Democrats, 26% described themselves as Republicans, and 42% described themselves as independents or members of another party.

    1. Weren’t people bitching all last week because Reason didn’t run an article on it at all?

      1. Orange Mag Bad

        1. TDS even affects jokes. You sad little people.

          1. No, orange mag bad was pretty clever.

            1. Is unreason an Orange Magazine?

              I wouldnt know since I havent given these ass clowns any money. I certainly dont buy magazines.

              Leo has had it rough lately with what he calls “discussions” around here, so if that makes unreason staff get through another day, then so be it.

              1. It’s the color they use on everything, website included. Christ dude just take the L before this becomes a repeat of that time you defended the draft.

        2. Nice

          1. -10000

            unreason really needs a comedy writer. unreason staff being jokes just do not cut it anymore.

            1. You’re not really in a position to talk about bad jokes.

              1. “unreason” is the rapier’s edge of wit.

                1. Yeah the unreason thing never really fit.

            2. I wish unreason was a bad joke.

              It’s a sad sad thing. I wish I had new sock trolls to back me up.

              1. Look at you trying to blame everyone else for the fact that nobody likes you.

              2. I wish unreason was a bad joke.

                No wishing needed, it’s painfully unfunny. “TReason” is old hat but at least the joke works.

                I wish I had new sock trolls to back me up.

                Maybe you should conscript some, since you’re into that sorta thing.

        3. Lol Orange Mag Bad. That’s pretty good!

      2. They waited for a late Friday dump on the story and then took a pretty disingenuous take initially that had to be updated later.

    2. Poor unreason support trolls.

      They cannot tell the difference between news and hysteria Propaganda.

        1. hysteriaectomy

  13. McConnell also altered a rule that would have blocked House evidence unless the Senate voted to admit it.

    Benedict McConnell.

  14. Both parties will now have 24 hours each over the course of three days to present evidence, as opposed to the two days that were originally allotted…

    CNN just creamed themselves.

    1. What’s hilarious is watching the usual suspects rub themselves out to this one. “Oh, Moscow Mitch got rebuked, there will be three days, not two!!”

      In reality, it’s a completely insubstantial victory that doesn’t mean shit. McConnell basically said, “Ok, whatever,” and moved on. Meanwhile, every amendment that Schumer proposed was shut down along party lines. Every single one.

      That’s the kiss of death for the Dems. There’s no political capital to be lost in crossing over for amendments. And while Trump actually getting removed was wildly improbable, the Republicans basically told the Dems that this is going to continue being the fully partisan process that the Dems started.

  15. A Biden for Bolton

    While my real “comment is awaiting moderation”.

    1. More than 1 link? One link max now.

      1. Bingo! Guess we have to do the “Trump… …tweet” technique now!

    2. Why not? Biden isn’t going to win the nomination. Not now.

      In addition to his obvious signs of dementia, there are blizzards of stories coming out about his family cashing in on his political power. If they are going to run around campaigning against Trump’s “corruption”, it would behoove them to avoid sending up someone for whom we have fairly clear and convincing evidence of corruption. The old-fashioned kind of corruption…. like having a brother get multi-million dollar contracts for projects he has no qualifications to run… that sort of thing.

  16. How seriously did California attorneys general Kamala Harris and Xavier Becerra take the Orange County jailhouse snitch scandal? Four deputies were interviewed during an alleged 4-year investigation.

    She’ll make someone a wonderful Attorney General.

    1. I still think she has an excellent chance at Vice President.


      1. Probably not. Pence is a happily married man.

        1. I think he’s OK with it as long as his wife it there.

          1. Don’t leave him alone in a room with Angela Merkel – there’s no telling what might happen.

  17. Senate Democrats privately mull witness trade in impeachment trial: A Biden for Bolton

    Impeachments are cyclical. The Democrats are treating this joke Impeachment of Trump like its a 1870’s key party.

    1. The Democrats are treating this joke Impeachment of Trump like its a 1870’s key party.

      The women wear corsets and bustles and the men show up on horses and draw keys out of a 10 gallon hat?

  18. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch has already lost $258,000,000 this year. should publish 5 articles today denouncing Drumpf’s high-tariff policies, and another 5 denouncing his low-immigration policies. Because they are preventing billionaires from accumulating additional wealth at an acceptable rate. And making billionaires even richer is the primary objective of Koch / Reason libertarianism.


    1. I wondered where all the gains I have accumulated were coming from.

      1. Ugh, you sound like my conservative brother in law. He insists the economy is “fine” just because his investments are increasing in value.

        1. Does your brother in law approve of the pronouns ____ used?

  19. Watch the whole press conference here.

    Not even if you threatened me with the rat cage.

    1. doubleplusgood comment

  20. “Trump also said he knew about injuries suffered by U.S. troops in Iran’s January 8 airstrike, but announced that no Americans were harmed because he didn’t” … want to start a war with Iran.


    If he’d announced that night that Iran had injured our troops, events very well might have spiraled out of control as there would have been pressure for payback.

    1. It is likely more the case that concussion symptoms often dont appear immediately and the military doesnt send every medical update to Trump immediately.

      We know some people want Iran to have a moral victory here, but this bit about concussions and the word imminent is just sad.

      1. Both are true….

        But I love our supposedly anti-war media desperately trying to find any angle to goad Trump into a war with Iran. I suspect that it is only because they will grasp at whatever they think contradicts or embarrasses him, but the end result has been that as soon as they figured out that Trump wasn’t going to attack Iran, they went right back to pressing him to quit being weak on Iran.

    2. He said that no troops were injured because no troops were injured.

      The people closest to the blast were checked for possible concussion caused by the blast wave. It’s SOP.

  21. The European Union is “frankly, more difficult to do business with than China,” said Trump.


  22. Man stabs, kills pro-Trump boss, drapes American flag over him, deputies say

    All that TDS just drives many people who hate America to violence to control the situation.

  23. Gabbard suing Clinton for defamation over ‘Russian asset’ comments

    Tulsi is a raving Lefty but this shit is hilarious!

    There is no way that the Clinton controlled DNC is gonna give Tulsi a chance now.

  24. MORE US troops are evacuated from Iraq for medical evaluation for possible concussion symptoms from Iran missile attack

    If Congress wont let Trump remove troops from Iraq, then medivac might be the solution to an Iraq withdraw.

    1. North Korea discharges its unwanted soldiers via artillery guns.

  25. Bench-clearing brawl erupts at end of Kansas-Kansas State basketball game

    Who needs march Madness when you have this unsportsman like conduct.

  26. Thousands on Greek islands protest against migrant camps

    Protests that fall on the deaf ears at the Socialist EU headquarters. You Europeans voted for Socialism and you will get it AGAIN good and hard.

    It’s like the Europeans dont remember when the National Socialists ran things.

    1. If you have not yet read “The Strange Death of Europe” by Douglas Murray, you should.

  27. Exclusive: Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained – sources

    Apple doesnt protect your data. The iArmy and the US Government are just trying to find a way to convince users that there is no conspiracy, so users go back to storing data the Gov wants.

  28. Ever had a comment that isn’t rejected, won’t post, and when you try to repost it, it won’t let you because it says you’ve already posted that?


    1. The squirrels are upping their game

    2. Yes. sometimes I copy what I wrote just in case so I don’t have to re write it

      1. Every time I write the perfect argument, I forget to do that.

        We would have world peace under a utopian libertarian government if I had just remembered to copy all of those brilliant comments before posting and having the server blow up on me.

    3. Yes, many times. Usually I have to post the comment in several different comments to get it uploaded.

  29. “A forensic analysis paid for by Jeff Bezos found that his cell phone coughed up massive amounts of personal information within hours of receiving a WhatsApp-attached video file sent by the future king of Saudi Arabia, the Guardian and the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.

    The text, the analysis is reported to say, came on May 1, 2018. That’s when Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sent Bezos a text over WhatsApp weeks after the two had exchanged numbers.

    . . . .

    Allegations that Saudi Arabia obtained access to data on Bezos’ phone came a few months after the National Enquirer tabloid reported that Bezos was having an extramarital affair with broadcaster Lauren Sanchez. The publication published texts and pictures from the phone that appeared to show the two had an ongoing relationship.

    —-Ars Technica

    1. Just because it’s a terrible thing when someone’s phone is hacked and their privacy is violated, that doesn’t mean it isn’t also funny–when it happens Jeff Bezos.

      Let’s look at this the way Amazon might when they’re accused of violating people’s privacy via Alexa or otherwise. For instance, By clicking on the message, did Bezos agree to the Saudi Prince’s terms of service by default?


      1. The jokes about the Saudi Prince hacking Jeff Bezos’ phone practically write themselves, but Jamal Khashoggi won’t be laughing.

        1. If you can find his mouth, he will be laughing.

          1. If only the media linked Jeff Bezo’s WaPo articles about Jamal Khashoggi and Bezos being pals with the Saudi Prince.

        2. Dems overreaction in 3,2,1… Quid pro quo! Saudi’s did this for Trump and that is why we are fighting Iran!

        3. Jamal Khashoggi jokes always leave me in pieces.

      2. Now that was pretty fucking funny, Ken. Touche.

  30. Cold-stunned iguanas falling from Florida trees

    Wait, I though iguanas were going to take over the World because Global Warming?

    I guess those guys were correct about 1970s Global Cooling.

    1. I saw that article. It was next to the one talking about it being to warm in the southeast and leaves were budding too soon. Last I looked Florida was in the southeast.

    2. No, no. Climate change is causing this unusual cold snap causing harm to these poor lizards. Any harsh wea thg her is caused by climate change.

      1. What are past Ice Ages, chopped lizard liver?

      2. If it isn’t 72 degrees every hour of everyday, someone must DO SOMETHING.

        1. I’m pretty sure room temperature is sexist.

    3. You know who else froze to death when wintertime rolled around?

      1. Jack Torrance?

      2. Donner Party?

      3. The grasshopper should have.

      4. Napoleon?

    4. This comment is so fucking dumb it hurts.

      Now that dear leader has said that climate change is real, will you change your mind?

      1. No one claims the climate doesn’t change. What’s disputed is the apocalyptic timeframes generated by the hysteria industry, and the massive transformation of society they claim is necessary to put the Earth in an unchanging state of being.

        1. Jeff doesnt understand science, why he posts social science studies from people who also dont understand science.

  31. Asked about a Davos speech by Thunberg … Trump first asked how old she was


    1. Hey, is that chick 18?


    Barely two weeks after Donald Trump took office, Eric Ciaramella – the CIA analyst whose name was recently linked in a tweet by the president and mentioned by lawmakers as the anonymous “whistleblower” who touched off Trump’s impeachment – was overheard in the White House discussing with another staffer how to remove the newly elected president from office, according to former colleagues.

    If the GOP Senate had any balls, this douche bag would be under oath before the Senate today. These people need to be held to account but I doubt they will be. The problem with that is that at some point the American public is going to take matters into its own hands and hold them to account through violence. And once a cycle of political violence starts, we are totally screwed.

    1. Ciaramella – the CIA analyst whose name was recently linked in a tweet by the president and mentioned by lawmakers as the anonymous “whistleblower” who touched off Trump’s impeachment – was overheard

      It’s hearsay all the way down!

      1. I have been informed hearsay is the best for of evidence. Regardless, we don’t need the hearsay, we have him who can tell us what he said.

        1. I await a lot of “I have no recollection” and pleading the Fifth.

    2. You raise another problem with this Endless War and not having a real “enemy”. If we did, these traitors could be charged with treason for adhering to their enemies and have two witnesses come forward.

      The execute their asses.

      Lefties just know there are usually no consequences for their anti-American behavior.

    3. It would be epic to see the GOP subpoena Ciaramella (which is why they’d never do it) just to watch the Dems squirm trying to explain why he shouldn’t be called to testify despite the fact that he’s not protected by any sort of whistleblower laws or anything – as far as they know. I mean, nobody knows who the whistleblower is, right? So how could anybody claim Ciaramella is protected by a whistleblower law?

      1. As a legal matter, Eric Ciaramella is not a whistleblower. He is an anonymous informer. When this is all over, he will be the focus of attention for a lot of people. I hope he does not enjoy it.

    4. You didnt post the part about local war hero Vindman.

      “Before he was detailed to the White House, Vindman served in the U.S. Army, where he once received a reprimand from a superior officer for badmouthing and ridiculing America in front of Russian soldiers his unit was training with during a joint 2012 exercise in Germany.

      His commanding officer, Army Lt. Col. Jim Hickman, complained that Vindman, then a major, “was apologetic of American culture, laughed about Americans not being educated or worldly and really talked up Obama and globalism to the point of [It being] uncomfortable.”

      1. Army Lt. Col. Jim Hickman is on record actually saying that?

      2. Sure didn’t stop Vindman from making O-5.

        How bad must Vindman’s comments have been, for another O-5 in the middle of the Obama Administrations, to have taken formal note of them and complained?

        1. At that point it matters your political relationships above you than your actions.

    5. Whistleblower protection act.

      And what do his motivations matter when the subsequent investigation found very real crimes. The question before impeachment is whether the president abused his power and obstructed congress, not whether or not the initial (but not only) whistle blower was motivated by.

      1. The Act protects you from retaliation. It doesn’t give you anonymity or give you the right to avoid a subpoena.

        Since you are so ignorant, I will give you a pass here and say you were not lying and just don’t know what the act means. Well now you know. In lieu of thanking me for helping you, just please remember this and avoid making such stupid statements about this subject in the future.

        1. exactly.

      2. Eric wasn’t the whistleblower.

        1. True, but DOL and his lefty boos are treating him as such, which is why they’re stupidly claiming he has a right to anonymity and citing a law that doesn’t actually provide anonymity protections.

    6. “The problem with that is that at some point the American public is going to take matters into its own hands and hold them to account through violence. And once a cycle of political violence starts, we are totally screwed.”

      Yup. It easily could have started with that softball practice, if shithead spent as much time getting familiar with his rifle as he spent in target selection. Thank God Scalise and his security detail were there.

      We do not want to have political debate devolve into tit-for-tat violence. The only sure loser then will be our liberty.

      The State reserves the mantle of retributive justice for itself, with the electorate’s blessing, and there are very good reasons why. For one, a conclusive, open airing of grievances and punishment forestalls revenge cycles. But with that bargain, the State actually needs to act when people break the law. Let people break the law so openly, with such grave consequences if they were to have gotten away with their crimes, and the populace is not going to accept for long excuses like, ‘no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute…’

  33. I love a president that trashes europe. I hate apologizing for our behavior to those racist provincial assholes more than anything else it’s fucking eye roll inducing.

    1. +10000

  34. “Huck magazine explores “how webcams revolutionised pornography and sex work.”

    I think we all knw how it revolutionised porn no one needs to explore it unless you need to give your wife a reason why your looking at naked women

  35. It’s amazing how Trump makes Reason writers contort themselves and their beliefs to be anti-Trump at all times, even if it means contradicting oneself or not being libertarian. EU good, orange man bad.

    In a way, you’re kind of like neo-Nazis who base all their policies around how they perceive Jewish groupthink. They twist themselves into a pretzel trying to stay consistent with their retarded theories.

    1. +100

  36. Maybe we should poll the British about how good the EU is to work with?

  37. Of course the Donald doesn’t think brain injury is serious.

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