Supreme Court Leaves Obamacare Trapped in Legal Limbo

The justices declined a Democratic request to fast track a decision on the law.


From practically the moment it was signed into law 10 years ago, Obamacare has been trapped in judicial limbo. The various lawsuits against it—challenging the legality of the individual mandate, the Medicaid expansion requirements, various insurance subsidies, the individual mandate (again), the insurance regulations, and even the entire construct of the law—have kept the law in legal and political purgatory, its fate never quite determined.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, it appears likely that it will stay that way through this year's election and into next year. The Court today rejected a request by a group of Democratic state officials and members of the House of Representatives to fast-track a decision on the latest challenge to the law, meaning the law's legal fate probably won't be determined until sometime next year. 

At the beginning of this year, a coalition of blue states supporting the law had asked the High Court to speed up consideration of the case, the jointly named California v. Texas and House of Representatives v. Texas, which has been working its way through the lower courts for the better part of a year. In December, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit ruled that the law's mandate, which was upheld as a tax in 2012 and then zeroed out by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017, was unconstitutional since it no longer raised any revenue

The 5th Circuit punted, however, on the broader question of what its ruling meant for the rest of the law, sending it back to a lower court that had previously ruled that, absent the mandate, the entire statute must be struck down. 

In the short term, the 5th Circuit ruling had essentially no practical effect: The mandate had already been functionally eliminated by the 2017 tax law, which reduced its tax penalty to zero. Yet it returned questions about the law's fate to a judge who had already said he believed the entire statute should go under any reading of the evidence. 

The Democrats behind the petition to fast-track the Supreme Court ruling on the case had clearly hoped to make the issue more salient in this year's election; the Trump administration made the unusual decision not to defend the law in court, and health care is an issue that helped propel Democrats to victory in the 2018 election. The Trump administration, in turn, filed a brief saying that waiting to hear the case would be fine.

In the narrow sense, this is probably a victory for President Trump and Republican critics of the law. But by leaving the case's final resolution up in the air, it nevertheless keeps it alive as a political issue, and gives Democrats who support the law an argument to make against Republicans, particularly Trump, who support the administration's decision not to defend it in court. 

Unlike several of the previous legal challenges to the health law, I believe this particular case rests on a largely flimsy argument. Other staunch critics of Obamacare have also said it lacks legal merit

Yet the fact that the law is still in court, its entire fate hanging in the balance nearly a decade after passage, is a reminder of its fundamental political weakness. An unusually complex statute predicated on dubious constitutional notions and passed on a party line vote without majority support from the public was nearly certain to be under constant threat from legal attacks—some with merit, some perhaps without. The law's supporters assumed that it would amass political support over time, insulating it from threats. It is true that Obamacare has become more popular under Trump (probably in part because of GOP attempts to weaken it). But thanks to both the lasting partisan backlash to the law and the convoluted legal rationales for upholding it, the legal challenges have continued, and its future remains in doubt. Obamacare was born into limbo, and there it is likely to stay. 

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  1. Obamacare is a total failure, unless it’s purpose was to convince even the most die hard free market fans that single payer might actually be better than this mess.

    1. What makes you think that wasn’t its purpose?

      1. Probably what’s left of my naivete.

    2. Ugh, another post making me wish the real Palin’s Buttplug was still around. He was always so effective at defending every aspect of Obama’s legacy.


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    3. “Obamacare is a total failure”

      Interesting statement without a great deal of facts to support the statement. In fact the ACA (Obamacare for you) has addresses preexisting conditions, preventive health care services, lifetime limits, parity for mental health, and gender neutrality. Allowing you people to remain on their parents insurance as they get themselves started in business. The increased popularity of the ACA is a result of people finding that they like the services it provides. Many of the problems with the ACA are a direct results of attempt to undermine the law.

  2. It’s actually in a penalimbo.

    1. Not sure what the hell he’s doing there – I mean I know his husband is down there, but if I were Glenn I’d leave Brazil as soon as humanly possible.

      1. He saw what Obama was doing to whistleblowers and left town

        Suderman loves impeachment so much, he must have talked about impeaching Obama for attacking whistleblowers but I can’t seem to find it

  3. >>>fundamental political weakness

    plus it was designed to fail George Carlin style.

  4. Oh goody! We’ll get to see Chief Justice Roberts pull another rabbit out of his ass.

  5. Hey Suderman where’s your article about impeaching Obama for this disaster? I mean, it’s no phone call to political allies but for all the shit you talk I haven’t heard a thing about impeaching your brown god.

    You’re such a hack

  6. California v. Texas
    Didn’t they fight that back in the 19th Century?

  7. When ACA became the law of the land (because it’s a tax according to allegedly conservative justices) my monthly healthcare expenses tripled. Many of my co-works were stuck choosing levels they couldn’t afford so they just lied and said they did.

    I have yet to hear a single logical argument as to why it was a good idea.

  8. Strange that a law granting the federal government authority over a major aspect of private life and the economy might be considered as having dubious constitutional justification. It is almost as if people believe the federal government has limited powers to compel the private citizens to do its bidding. But that is a flimsy argument, is it not, Suderman?

    1. ” It is almost as if people believe the federal government has limited powers” — Could it be true!!

      Maybe in TX but just not seeing much of that in CA… Maybe the most Unconstitutional part about it was being federally implemented!! As is another 100,000 other bills and agencies.

  9. I’m still hoping we can achieve a partial birth abortion on this one.

  10. Give people free money, and they’ll quickly start assuming that it was theirs all along.

    And …

    Voters are always willing to be bought. They call them entitlements for a reason.

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