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Ricky Gervais Slams Woke Hollywood's Sanctimony in Golden Globes Speech

"You're in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world."


Host Ricky Gervais used his opening remarks at the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards Sunday night to scold his celebrity audience for hypocritically promoting progressive ideas despite the skeletons in their own industry's closet.

"You're in no position to lecture the public about anything," said Gervais. "You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg."

Gervais alluded to several of the various scandals that have rocked Hollywood in the past few years. He warned movie executives that Ronan Farrow "is coming for you," and joked that Felicity Huffman—who served time for her role in the college admissions fraud—was busy making license plates.

Gervais also referenced Epstein's suicide, which prompted some boos from the audience. But the comedian didn't miss a beat. "Shut up," said Gervais. "I know he's your friend, but I don't care."

Speaking for the millions of people who would rather not be lectured about climate change by a bunch of movie stars and their private jets, Gervais concluded his remarks by warning the night's award winners not to make any obnoxiously woke political statements.

"Come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your god, and fuck off," he said.

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  1. Came for the “reason” stayed for the boogaloo.

    1. Gervais for President!

      1. Yes yes! That man sure “woke” up those elitists! Couldn’t have loved Ricky more in that moment.

  2. “ACCEPT your award”, Robby. Not “Except”.

    1. George C. Scott?

    2. Robby also left out a big part of the last part of Gervais’ monologue….Robby wrote this below:

      “Come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your god, and fuck off,” he said.

      Robby left out that after “accept your little award”, Gervais said “no political comments”

      I’m not sure that was an intentional oversight, but that was an important part of his scolding admonition!

  3. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s reaction.

    I sure hope he’s ready to never work again.

    1. The celebs didnt even listen last night


      Patricia Arquette still thinks she is worth listening to.

    2. The fact that he felt brave enough to say it is again proof that the backlash is already beginning, if not in full swing.

    3. I think he’s found the working formula that makes you mostly immune. Don’t give a fuck and don’t apologize. Whoever runs the golden globes seems to like his abuse of Hollywood celebrities. He’s done it a bunch of times now.

  4. I do t watch these stupid backslapping Hollywood award shows, EVER because of well what Ricky Gervais apparently said tonight.
    The sanctimony, hypocrisy and whining by the planets weakest people.
    Did he really go this far? There must have been crickets, and we’ll hear about it tomorrow on MSLSD?
    God bless the guy, the office syndication money can finance the rest of his career, good way to go out.

  5. ‘Bout time someone did it.

    1. He’s done it 5 times.

  6. Rick Gervais made a lot of really interesting points, but for some reason Robbie didn’t have time to go over the best ones. It was like he was phoning it in, against his will. Either that, or he was terrified at the prospect of never going to another cocktail party if he covered it in detail and added some pithy comments.

    1. Probably because it’s a late Sunday blog post about a stupid Hollywood awards event.

  7. OK, Y’all got me curious. Let me check out his monologue on YouTube.

    [8 minutes pass…]

    Holy F***ing Sh*t!

  8. Can anyone tell me if they laughed at every line? Just wondering.

    1. God, WHihn’s so clearly upset that this was about him, he realizes he was the butt of the joke here.

      1. How many times can Palin’s Buttplug make a TOTAL ASS of himself on a single page?

        WHihn’s so clearly upset that this was about him, he realizes he was the butt of the joke here.


        1. How many times can Palin’s Buttplug make a TOTAL ASS of himself on a single page?

          WHihn’s so clearly upset that this was about him, he realizes he was the butt of the joke here.


          1) There is NO “the joke” for ANYONE to be the butt of.

          2) There are 23 jokes … ALL about specifically named individuals ..
          except the Hollywood Foreign Press and the entire industry (NONE of which includes Hihn)




          “Let’s have a laugh at YOUR expense … THEY’RE ONLY JOKES”


          1) Ricky attacked progressives (WHEN HE IS ONE!)

          2) And you’re one of the bat-shit crazy goobers who says Hihn MUST be a progressive … when he OBVIOUSLY and REPEATEDLY ridicules BOTH left and right.

          Left – Right = Zero.

          1. Fuck off, Hihn, you proggy moonbat.

    2. Everyone? No. Very few genuine laughs from the crowd if you read their expressions. Gervais made a lot of them very uncomfortable while his delivery took enough of the sting that they had to laugh to save face. Well played by him even as I would have liked to see him punch harder. Curious to see the reactions

      1. It was fun watching Tom Hanks swallow his bottom lip.

        1. “It was fun watching Tom Hanks swallow his bottom lip.”

          Yeah, I only watched the monologue, and I still can’t figure why Hanks looked like he was taking it so personally. Unless he thinks the Epstein jokes were about him, or the lack of schooling crack.

          Weird. Leo at least was laughing his ass off about the joke about how young his dates were, though it would have been nice to see his reaction to the follow-up Prince Andrew reference.

          1. He was thinking about how hard he worked to get that private jet and he deserves it, dammit! He deserves it.

    3. Some got bigger laughs then others and there was some groaning over the Epstein. It wasn’t anything awkward though. Although Tom Hanks never see

      1. *damn phone.

        Tom Hanks never seemed amused and I really wish they had cut to Di Niro’s face when Ricky told them all to fuck off. Really thought he should have added a, “Yeah I am looking at you”.

    4. I wonder what Ohlookmarketthugs has to say about it.

    5. I thought his crazy ass was banned, between him and the bots the IQ for this comment section is reaching room temperature.

      1. Flag his spam comments. The ones he cuts and pastes.

  9. “Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.”

    HOW DARE YOU??!!

    1. Some of those actors portrayed characters much smarter than even Greta Thunberg. That gives the opinions of those actors so much more gravitas than the opinions of mere mortals. Just give them a script. And direction.

      1. What about Greta’s script?

      2. “characters much smarter than even Greta Thunberg”

        Dumb and Dumberer?

  10. The safe thing to do would be to lambast the rednecks, felons, and other deplorables that make up the GOP but Gervais is too edgy for that so he attacks the smug progressives in attendance. Good for him.

    (the real Buttplug)

  11. So Hihn and his (her? its?) sockpuppets are back from their 30 day suspension? Looking forward to their next one.

    1. They make the comment section damn near unreadable.

      Youtube, wait, no, Call of Duty chatroom comments are more intelligible than half of the crap spewed across this section. Most of it by two or three accounts.

      1. Yeah. Sqrlsy, Pod, and Hihn are horrible. There’s also one or two conservative accounts that have started just fighting them, and it makes it worse. Does no one remember the old internet adage of “don’t feed the trolls”?

        1. reason is incredible place. Some of the trolls here feed themselves.

        2. It’s trolls all the way down.

    2. Can’t come soon enough

  12. Come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your god, and fuck off…

    Did they?

    1. Nope. See Patricia Arquette.

      1. I saw Alabama last night and thought maybe Clarence hoped the bullet was a couple inches to the right.

        1. Might have to rewatch the James Gandolfini scene with her…

          Though TV and movie celebrities are near universally the kid growing up who did exactly what you told them not to do, deliberately and gleefully.

          The only thing they respond to is a threat to deny them future work. That works [I]amazingly[/I] to modify their behavior.

          1. Though TV and movie celebrities are near universally the kid growing up who did exactly what you told them not to do, deliberately and gleefully.

            Weird that more didn’t turn out to be libertarians.

            1. Libertines, not libertarians. Which is how someone explained to me how Bill Maher could claim he was a libertarian. Bill was confused, is all.

              Rules are for other people. And those other people need them!

              1. A lot of libertarians are quite contrarian by nature.

    2. Shortly after Gervais’ remarks, Jennifer Anniston read a message sent by Russell Crowe from Australia beset by brushfires: “Make no mistake. The tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change-based. We need to act based on science, move our global workforce to renewable energy and respect our planet for the unique and amazing place it is. That way we all have a future. Thank you.”

      Sneer.Wildfires occurred in prehistoric Australia before it was settled by the aboriginals with campfires or Brits with steam engines. The science on climate change is not settled, just politicized. Punitive taxes on oil, coal, and natural gas, putting out of the reach of working class families the energy necessary for heating, cooling, transportation before alternate energy sources are economically viable is a recipe for social and natural disaster. When alternate energy sources become economically viable, they will naturally edge out fossil fuels which still be necessary for fringe uses.

      1. The entire increase of wildfires globally is directly caused bynshitty government prevention fires. Most notably the lack of controlled undergrowth burns. Government fails at almost everything.

        1. Not to mention that the increase in “tragedy” is mostly due to more people living in burn-prone areas, not the increase in fires.

      2. They blame every natural disaster on global warming, if the weather is involved in any way. They think that’s enough “science” to prove it.

      3. our global workforce

        Yeah, no.

      4. That’s the most disqualifying thing about the climate hysteria: renewable and clean energy will work its way into the consumer market as technology matures. The refusal to be rational, and the doom and gloom guilt trip with demands that we all just shut up and pay up while these lunatics collect more power and money to waste while doing absolutely nothing about the “problem” is rightly meeting skepticism.

        “We have to act now, or it will be too late!”
        I can’t help but wonder why they dilute their own cause with apocalyptic fervor. Maybe people would be more receptive if they’d dial down the alarmism a bit.

        Clean energy will be a great investment opportunity soon enough, where people can make money (oh, no!) by putting their own money on the line, of their own free will (double oh no!) instead of having it confiscated and wasted. (triple oh, no!)

        We’ll be fine.

      5. It’s sol ridiculous when people make claims like that. If there is global warming, then every weather and climate event is caused by global warming. It’s a complex, interconnected system. Everything is caused by everything else.

      6. Sneer.Wildfires occurred in prehistoric Australia before it was settled by the aboriginals with campfires or Brits with steam engines.

        Sneer. Were you there?

        Climate change is one of many issues where both extremes are … extreme .. manipulated by the elites for the elites’ own political power. Suckers.

        Other issues are abortion and second amendment, just to name the very worst three,

        Brainwashed progtards believe stimulus spending has EVER worked, and … funniest of all … that the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes

        Brainwashed conservards believe that income tax revenues “skyrocketed” after the Reagan tax cuts AND that the cuts paid for themself … also believe that a flat tax (on EITHER income or consumption) makes a lick of sense … and that Medicare vouchers make sense.

        America is in DEEP doo-doo, until both major parties are castrated. Most Americans now reject loyalty to either, but partisan primaries still determine most candidates for state and federal office. Increasingly, we are governed by a minority …. while the majority remains voiceless.

        1. Were you there, psycho cyber bully?

          The right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed, AT ALL!


  13. I never watch awards shows, reality shows or any show produced by Dick Wolf.

    1. That’s 135% of all TV programming!

  14. The funniest part is that within just two award presentations after his intro, Russell Crowe went and blamed the Australian wildfires on global warming.

    I have never watched even a second of the Golden Globes prior to last night and I can definitely say we live in clownworld. It felt like a sneak preview to the director’s cut of Joker. But hey, at least the Irishman was good!

    1. He blamed the Australian wildfires on climate change.

      Citing “global warming” is so 1950s.

      The new phrase is “climate change”.

      Especially if we are in the cusp of sliding into another little ice age.

      1. I like to call it what they used to call it. Make them own their own stupid terminology.

        1. +100

    2. The Irishman good?

      DeNiro acting like a 30 year old curb stomping that shop owner was hard to watch because it was ridiculous. He had old man body.

      DeNiro, Pesci, and Pacino all probably balked at any suggestion that new youngish Italian actors be used for 90% of the movie to represent younger Hoffa, Frank Sheeran, and Russell Bufalino.

      Don’t ever need to see Irishman again in my life.

    3. Even funnier, Jennifer Aniston’s rushed and slightly stilted reading of Crowe’s acceptance speech. This is a gal who seems like she cares more about where her next drink is coming from than she does about climate change, so I’m not sure if she was, as some pundits suggest, choked up after reading it, or just adjusting her contact lens. Either way, the first eye-roller of the evening.

      1. She peaked in Office Space.

        1. I peaked when I saw her in Office Space.

          1. She’s still capable of rising peaks from the plains.

            Whoever does her work and Tom Cruise’s work needs to get some kind major award.

            1. right? So many of Hollywood actresses look like space aliens have invaded their faces, but Aniston truly looks like an aging broad who is aging well. Same for Cruise.

  15. Woah. Thought this would be a fun thread, then I get here and it’s socks shitting on socks of socks.

    I’ve never been inclined to do so, so I’ve never seen a GG, Tony, Oscar, Grammy, whatever show in my life, but I understand sometimes there’s some funny or poignant moments–I can usually read about them later in 3 minutes rather than wasting 2+ hours watching a bunch of people congratulate each other for their ability to pretend to be someone else.

    1. I could get into watching the Tony Awards if they were named after resident retarded commenter Tony and not for live theater. Imagine the categories if they were designed for Tony to win every award: Biggest Retard on the Planet Award, Dumbest Homosexual from Buttfuck Oklahoma, etc etc.

  16. Next year it will be Greta Thunberg.

    1. So, no autism jokes?

      1. Dustin Hoffman hardest hit

  17. Can anyone tell me if they laughed at every line? Someone should post a link to some video or YouTubes, or something.

    1. Nobody knows for sure. The security cameras mysteriously failed.

    2. I know. I keep asking too. Enquiring minds want to know.

      1. There seems to be some mild disagreement whether or not there was laughter.

    3. Now THAT deserves a healthy chortle.

  18. This guy just gained a fan.

    1. He uses tweets that target him from the woke crowd as part of his standup. Hes been fighting the woke fight for a while.

      1. Twitter- Gervais

        I dont normally pay any attention to Twitter but thanks for the info.

        It will be hilarious to look at his Twatter feed for a few days.

  19. The “woke” are a bunch of un-self-aware zombies. They need a good awakening or two.

    Maybe some of the audience laughs seemed weak because they were laughing in spite of themselves, afraid to invoke the wrath of the woken.

    1. The laughter was that delicious nervous type when people either don’t get the joke or are unsure what the socially acceptable response is.

  20. Sounds like the ultimate awkward British humor sketch. I can’t wait to watch.

    1. (in case this comes across as sarcastic, it’s not. I like Gervais)

  21. I liked the ending when, with the pre-fatigue of someone contemplating going to his boss’s daughter’s wedding reception, he said “ok now on to the first reward…”. Just one of many great moments.

    Also, I’m really curious if people think that everyone in the audience actually laughed at all the jokes.

  22. I especially liked Michelle Williams schooling those who identify as female that they’ve had the vote for a century now.

    1. She was clearly really, really, really annoyed at women who do not vote along the lines of what Michelle Williams believes. “If women would all just vote (like I say) the world would be great!” Yeah, no.

  23. Gervais also referenced Epstein’s suicide, which prompted some boos from the audience. But the comedian didn’t miss a beat. “Shut up,” said Gervais. “I know he’s your friend, but I don’t care.”

    No shit. Why would Hollywood types ‘boo’ a reference to Epstein’s “suicide”?

    1. In their bubble, they tried promoting the notion that Trump was an Epstein customer and would benefit from having him silenced.

      But it didn’t work. Everyone knows Trump had little to do with Epstein, while Bill Clinton was a frequent patron. So now, the notion that Epstein didn’t kill himself is a threat to the Left.

  24. In y’all’s mind’s eye, what do you imagine when you think of Hihn? I mean, it seems like there should be a person attached to the fingers that pound frantically away on a keyboard somewhere.

    Is it a smirking sock handler that simply enjoys messing with people? Who would have the time? Maybe a college student? A stay at home mom/dad? In a nice condo somewhere? I just don’t see it.

    Or is it an actual crazy person whose keyboard is so covered in spittle that the keys stick? Is it a dude scraping by on disability in a hovel on the outskirts of some rural town? Is it a guy with zero chance for chicks living in a broken-down city neighborhood?


    1. Oh, yeah, it really is an actual crazy person with spittle on the keyboard.

    2. Oh, yeah, it really is a lunatic frothing spittle on his keyboard.

      1. Wow cool! I’m not on the list but I don’t have time to post much.

        1. Yeah, some of us are going to have to up our game if we want to make the next edition of the Hihn Official Enemies List(tm).

          1. I’ve been trying to make the list for awhile. I don’t think he’s updating it though.

      2. I posted this above but I believe it bears repeating; while I no practitioner would officially diagnose someone from online rants, I think it is pretty clear we are dealing with a person with a diagnosable mental illness:

        Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

        There are four basic types of bipolar disorder; all of them involve clear changes in mood, energy, and activity levels. These moods range from periods of extremely “up,” elated, and energized behavior (known as manic episodes) to very sad, “down,” or hopeless periods (known as depressive episodes). Less severe manic periods are known as hypomanic episodes.

        I suspect this is why we hear from Hihn [and his other “socks”] and then we don’t; he is most active and pounding away at his enemies at odd hours during a manic episode, and then he just disappears for periods of time. He is either depressive or possibly confined to a psychiatric ward where he doesn’t have access.

        I believe the following category is most applicable in his case:

        Bipolar I Disorder— defined by manic episodes that last at least 7 days, or by manic symptoms that are so severe that the person needs immediate hospital care. Usually, depressive episodes occur as well, typically lasting at least 2 weeks. Episodes of depression with mixed features (having depression and manic symptoms at the same time) are also possible.

        The preferred medication to treat this condition is lithium carbonate; unfortunately persons with a predilection for mania don’t want to be controlled in this manner and are typically very resistant to compliance.

        1. If he does have a disorder, then I would feel bad about yanking his chain. It really does seem like something is wrong.

          1. I don’t know, I’m speculating because he’s not sitting in front of me with the DSM [5th edition] open to the diagnostic criteria; but I think it’s a safe bet he has a bona fide mental disorder and we are encountering him in his manic state. I’ve actually suggested this to him before and the response was a flippant “you don’t know what you’re talking about” response.

            Trolling hereabouts does seem to provide a lot of gratification to him, that is for a person who sees affirmation in being told to fuck and die where decent people won’t smell him. Snort, chortle, etc.

    3. Retard has chills .,.. and a lengthy hate-fest. WHY.

      Somebody posted two links … documented proof of a simple reality.

      Which the retard describes as “spittle on a keyboard … THE POOR LOSER.

      ADULTS can check the link and THINK for themselves
      1) Did Gervais slam ANYONE — or did THEY all know he does INSULT HUMOR?

      2) And he OPENED by saying he would have a laugh at their expense … and “THESE ARE ONLY JOKES” (at 0:50, LOSER)

      Now count how many other goobers ALSO REFUSE TO SEE THE EVIDENCE BEFORE BEING ASSHOLES.

      1. Why do you have an enemies list?! Raving psycho!

      2. “Now count how many other goobers ALSO REFUSE TO SEE THE EVIDENCE BEFORE BEING ASSHOLES.”

        Now count how many other Hihn-socks scream their idiocy.
        Fuck off, Hihn.

      3. All I did was post a question. Can someone answer it please?

        1. I too wanted to know but the youtube link to the full ceremony is not available in my area (thanks regulators). I followed other links to clippings and Gervais’ twitter feed and what I think you want to know is that not everyone laughed at every line.

          As a comment on his monologue I think it is interesting he was doing what he told them not to do and with the same authority as they have. I don’t know if he has the self-awareness to realize that.

    4. In y’all’s mind’s eye, what do you imagine when you think of Hihn?,

      I see him as someone that Greta Thunberg would pity.


      1. Have you ever seen the South Park episode “The Slaughter?” That’s the mental image I have for many seemingly-deranged posters, trolls, sock-puppeteers, thread-shitters, etc.

      2. And not just because he doesn’t have a rented yacht, complete with crew.

  25. This is just something to think about, but imagine being a Hollywood actor, producer, director, etc in that audience. If Ricky tells an offensive joke, you laugh, and the camera catches your reaction any journalist or person on social media can scold you, the internet runs with it, and you’re canceled by the time you wake up the next morning.

    We know the woke crowd doesn’t believe this shit and they’re just worried about what could happen to them. They could truly believe that nuclear is the way to go, but if they don’t advocate for solar and wind energy then they may not get the job doing a voice for a Dreamworks animated kids film.

    1. That assumes they know what face to make without a script and director.

  26. The Adventures of Fuckleberry Hihn. Chapter Zero!



        Nobody does spittle-stained key-board, all-caps shouting, fucking idiocy better than you Hihn.
        Fuck off.

  27. Did De Niro want to punch him?

    Other than that, I’ve never watched an award show in my life. So meh.

    But points to Gervais for turning the mirror on the room.

    1. Did De Niro want to punch him?

      The only time he was mentioned, he laughed,

      But points to Gervais for turning the mirror on the room

      It was insult humor. That’s what he does. Like Don Rickles, Rodney Dangerfield, Lisa Lampanelli, Triumph the insult dog … and over 100 “celebrity roasts,” each with at least 10 “roasters”

      And he OPENED by saying lets have fun at YOUR (audience) expense and, “These are only jokes”

      A “slam” roast is quite different … best example is Obama’s hilarious roast of Trump, to a Washington press corp dinner, as Trump sat there … totally helpless ,… the audience laughing hysterically.

      THAT is a “slam,’ totally justified retaliation for Trump’s many years of crazed Birther conspiracies … and it’s WHY the immensely
      vengeful Trump works so hard to discredit every trace of Obama. He (Trump) had been totally, and publicly, humiliated. To his face.

      1. “…THAT is a “slam,’ totally justified retaliation for Trump’s many years of crazed Birther conspiracies…”

        You mean that miserable hag’s conspiracy theory, you fucking idiot. She and you LOST, loser.
        Fuck off, Hihn.

  28. Gervais for President!

    1. Why would you support a “hollywood liberal” for President.

      1. Fuck off, Hihn.

  29. Didn’t waste time on any of Hihn’s cherry-picked links; he’s a fucking dishonest piece of idiocy. No reason to waste time there.
    I did wonder on to the NBC vid. This is from the presenting broadcast, and it is in their interest to make ‘happy’ about it.
    There were many uncomfortable glances, matched to golf claps and also many very forced ‘laughs’ while looking at the others in the audience.
    I’m sure there are sufficient dimbulbs in H’wood to have assumed it was some sort of satire; hell, we have a pathetic piece of shit here who is stupid enough to assume so.
    But that was no ‘celebration’ of the H’wood proggies; that was a take-down and those with IQs higher than room temperature knew it.
    Hihn didn’t get it, for obvious reasons.

  30. So Hihn can post the same YouTube link 47 times, but my Yakity Saks links get deleted by Reason.

    1. Well, that’s a good session. Normally, he links to a comment he made 5 or ten minutes ago as “PROOF!!!!@!!” of his claims, so this was just boring instead of monumentally stoooooooooopid.
      Some years back, he took a screen image of my calling him a fucking idiot or similar. At the time he claimed to work for ‘the Koch brothers’; perhaps so, sort of like the guy boxing shipments at Apple ‘worked for Steve Jobs’.
      Anyhow, he promised to show it to the Kochs as a threat to their support for Reason.
      I keep asking him if they patted him on the head and told him to see his mommy, but he never seems to answer.
      Hihn? Fuck off and die.

  31. Last of the Shitlords
    January.6.2020 at 9:50 pm
    “I wonder why he bothers with socks when it’s generally acknowledged we know who he is.”

    That’s a pretty strong indication that his mental condition is not anything close to rational; why fake 6 or 8 identities when you not only post the same bullshit, but do so in the same *MaNiC*$@ StYLe!!!!?
    Maybe he should be treated with sympathy for his condition, but we have no real data, so until his care-giver or family member takes his keyboard away, I say fuck off and die Hihn, where we can’t smell your remains.
    Perhaps the

    1. Delete “Perhaps the”.
      Reason got $5 from me this year, the same way a server gets a $1 tip for crummy service. You’d get some money if you were professional and maybe added an ‘edit’ feature.

  32. Quite confusing… why did he do that? aww


    1. What do you think of this bot’s comment Hihnsanity?

  33. Can anybody tell me if everybody laughed Ricky’s jokes?

  34. Clearly, too many posters here are letting Michael Hihn live in their heads rent free. He’s a self-loathing sociopath and contrarian. The more you rebuke or debate him, the more he like it. The solution is DO NOT respond to him and in time he’ll go away.

  35. Maybe it will be his last time hosting…

  36. Even i think, it will be his last concert.


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