Mueller Investigation

Roger Stone Found Guilty on All Counts

Trump's former campaign advisor now awaits sentencing.


Roger Stone, the longtime associate and former campaign adviser of Donald Trump, was found guilty today by a federal jury of lying to Congress and other crimes.

The Justice Department indicted Stone in January on five counts of making false statements to Congress, one count of witness tampering, and one count of obstructing a congressional proceeding. The charges all stemmed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, and they related to Stone's communications with the Trump campaign about Democratic emails published by Wikileaks.

As Reason's Elizabeth Nolan Brown has reported:

The indictment notes that during Stone's tenure as a Trump campaign adviser, he "was claiming both publicly and privately to have communicated with Organization 1," a.k.a. WikiLeaks. In August 2016, WikiLeaks denied direct communication with Stone. Stone then said his communication had been though a "mutual friend" and "go-between," and he "continued to communicate with members of the Trump Campaign" about what WikiLeaks might have from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

The indictment further alleges that Stone "made multiple false statements" to the U.S. House Permanent Committee on Intelligence about communications with WikiLeaks, and that he "falsely denied possessing records that contained evidence of these interactions."

Stone was found guilty today on all seven of the charges brought by the Justice Department.

President Donald Trump immediately took to Twitter to voice his disapproval. "So they now convict Roger Stone of lying and want to jail him for many years to come," Trump wrote. "Well, what about Crooked Hillary, Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Shifty Schiff, Ohr & Nellie, Steele & all of the others, including even Mueller himself? Didn't they lie?"

According to CNN, federal prosecutors wanted Stone to be taken into custody immediately after the conclusion of the trial. But Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia stated that she "will release him on his current conditions pending the sentencing date."

Stone now faces up to 50 years in prison.


"FBI and CNN Turn Roger Stone Arrest Into a Media Event," by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

"Roger Stone Indictment Describes a Cover-Up of a Non-Existent Crime," by Jacob Sullum

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  1. O/T – A totally Reason-worthy headline from The Federalist:

    Impeachment Gives A Surging Pete Buttigieg An Opening

    1. He’s coming in pretty hard from behind, he was in single digits not too long ago.

      1. He seemed to get plenty of exposure, even when he was bringing up the rear.

        1. Why are you all plugging him so enthusiastically?

          1. I may not like his politics personally but I respect his willingness to take uncomfortable positions

            1. How can Buttigeg handle this many dickheads running opposite him?

              1. It’s a sticky situation, but I’m sure he’ll pull through.

                1. He’s coming on strong.

                  1. He says it’s been a rough ride, but he’s willing to grin and bear it

                    1. He’s trying to turn the other cheek but there’s a dickhead everywhere.

        2. Buttigieg takes one for the Team?

          1. Out of the rest of the field only Cory Booker show the same willingness to fully face hard situations like Buttigieg.

            1. “You would be surprised how often we are in dialogue with each other,” Buttigieg added. “And as these cattle calls pick up we are going to get to know each other better and better.”

      2. Funny jokes. Yeah I remember when I had my first beer.

        1. Jokes?

        2. Aw, come on now, don’t be all butthurt.

    2. He has his standards. He’s not going to take Trump’s load all over his face like you guys do.

      1. -1000000

      2. Hahahaha

    3. Not too long ago, he was getting pounded by his opponents. If he greases the skids, he might be able to ram it home.

      1. Hey, hey, hey. If Buttigeig has to take a chubby down every day, he will just suck it up.

    4. That South Bend guy is really an up and comer.

      1. Jesus fucking christ lame and late to the party, go home Tony you’re old.

        1. Nobody likes a comma splice, asshole.

          1. So your nickname is comma splice you sad old loser nobody?

            1. I may be old and I may be senile, but the only thing that’s bagged around here is you!

              1. I guess you forgot about your face then.

                1. Ha! That’s what happens when you’re senile like Tony.

                  1. Lolol even the pedophile Screech hates Tony ahahahaah

                    1. Your socks are talking to each other, Tulpa. This mental illness may be even more serious than I thought, and I thought it was pretty fucking bad.

      2. How can a used up sodomite like you be so bad at this?

  2. “”The indictment further alleges that Stone “made multiple false statements” to the U.S. House Permanent Committee on Intelligence about communications with WikiLeaks,””

    James Clapper also lied to Congress, and told them to their face that he did. They could charge him and just show the video of his admission. That’s a pretty open and shut case.

    No one will touch it because as Chuck Schumer says, they can screw you six ways to Sunday.

    1. They can’t bring charges to that scumbag anymore. Statute of limitations has passed by.

      1. He’s still guilty of leading a program to deprive virtually every US citizen of their right to the security of their private communications.

        His ass should be confined to Florence supermax prison

    2. +100000

    3. This is why “no reasonable prosecutor” would indict HiLIARy.
      The jury pool in DC is just as corrupt as she is.

  3. Basically Trump is tweeting that it’s okay for Stone to commit perjury because there are other people who probably committed perjury.

    Waiting for the Evangelical Right to excuse Trump because as Dear Leader he is infallible.

    1. “Libertarians for process crimes” shouldn’t be a real thing…

      1. Lying under oath could very well be criminal in libertaristan. Nothing about that violates principles.

        1. And yet it is. Even though it shouldn’t be.

          1. Lying under oath shouldn’t be a crime?

            1. Not if it is applied in a political manner. But you seem to be okay with political prosecutions as you post daily.

              1. What precisely do you mean “applied in a political manner”? Perhaps you could be more specific here.

                So for example, if you’re arrested and charged with a crime, you should be permitted to lie under oath if you discover the prosecutor is a Democrat? “Oh he’s just targeting me for my political beliefs!” Should that be a valid defense?

                1. Apparently accepting bribes from Ukrainian gas companies is, as long as your dad might someday run for President.

                  Can you think of any prominent Democrat-affiliated figure who has been prosecuted recently for lying to Congress?

                  1. Hunter Biden accepted a bribe?

                    As for your question: nope.

                    1. Yes, Hunter Biden accepted a bribe–what the fuck do you think that job was?

                2. Last time I checked, Congress wasn’t a court of law, so it shouldn’t be a crime to lie to them.

            2. To the government?

              1. It would depend, I would imagine.
                What precisely do you mean that lying under oath shouldn’t be a crime?

                1. Suck my dick statist.

                  1. There we go. The type of answer that I expected to get.

                    1. Well you know what you deserve, no one has ever claimed otherwise.

          2. chemjeffey doesn’t like our Constitutional Democratic Republic or Rule of Law unless it destroys his enemies and helps his Team.

            He’s like a virus. Here to destroy his host from the inside out.

        2. “”Lying under oath could very well be criminal in libertaristan.””

          Sure. But selective prosecutions isn’t.

          1. Remember when the Lefties were glad Roger Stone was indicted so he could turn on Trump?

            Since nobody indicted by Mueller “turned on Trump”, you don’t hear about that in the news anymore.

            If you don’t cooperate in Kubuki Theater the bureaucrats are running, this is what happens.

            1. Cohen turned on Trump. Trump’s wants reelection so badly so he can outlast the statute of limitations on his felony campaign finance crimes.

              1. I guess Trump will just have to get reelected and have President Pence pardon him.

              2. He didn’t turn on him so much as fabricate evidence.

                1. Imagine believing this. I suppose he paid Stormy out of the goodness of his heart?

                  1. No, dumbfuck, the OTHER evidence.

                    Imagine being so ignorant that you don’t know about the laughable shit cohen claimed after he got caught.

                    1. What was laughable about it?

        3. It should only be illegal if applied equitably baby jeffrey.

    2. I’ll excuse him because I don’t see the justice in holding the smaller fries liable to the laws while the big wigs can ignore them with impunity.

      1. It is just a part of the deal. Remember in Goodfellas where a young Henry Hill gets caught and has to go to jail? His mentor Jimmie (De Nero) says, “I’m not mad, I’m proud of you. You took your first pinch like a man and you learn two great things in your life. Look at me. Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.”

      2. I’d accept that type of argument if it were applied consistently.

        Such as:
        “I’d excuse the little guy robbing a bank because I don’t see the justice in holding him accountable while giant megacorps can rob the entire economy blind and get away with it”


        “I’d excuse the penniless immigrant committing welfare fraud to get food stamps because I don’t see the justice in holding him accountable while crony capitalists get corporate welfare all the time through corrupt deals”

        If that’s the case, then welcome to the conversation on the intersection between justice and power.

        But if this is going to be an argument based on special pleading, then I’ll pass.

        1. “If that’s the case, then welcome to the conversation on the intersection between justice and power.”

          Two government figures committing the EXACT SAME CRIME (lying to congress) and only one being prosecuted is different than the examples you gave. Clearly you know that, right?

          1. No he doesn’t know it. Jeff is really stupid. He isn’t bright enough to understand argument by analogy. He really isn’t.

            1. Yeah, Pedo Jeffy is really fucking stupid.

          2. Ohhh, I get it now. You all are accepting at face value the list of people that Trump claimed lied under oath to Congress. You’re just being led around by the nose by the orange baboon.

            Sorry, my bad. Carry on.

            1. Oh and before you start fulminating.

              Did Clapper lie under oath to Congress? Yes he did. Should he have been prosecuted? Yes he should have been.

              As for the rest of them?

              1. It’s so childish. Once they are cornered, usually after 3 iterations of an ever evolving twister of lies and excuses, their arguments either boil down to: yeah he did it but so what, or yeah, he did it, but so did someone else.

                All you Trump guys still haven’t given a good explanation for the 3 different stories told about the Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents. Why did Trump campaign first deny it, then claim the topic was adoptions, then admit it was for dirt on Hillary, once Jr.’s emails with “Dirt on Hillary –Russian government support for Trump Campaign” (Jr.’s response: “I love it.”) in the subject line became public?

                Do you all enjoy being lied to? Do you excuse the lying because you think it is for a greater good? Do you see how abdicating the truth could have much worse long term effects than whatever it is you hope Trump accomplishes?

                1. It finally dawned on me. So many of the people here, are really just Trump sockpuppets.

                  1. You two trolls got something correct.

                    There are many sockpuppets, like YOU, here.

                  2. Socks admitting to socking. Jeff agrees with himself. Lol.

                    1. It’s so sad that he tries so hard and utterly fails constantly.

                    2. Now, Jesse, you’re not a Trump sockpuppet. You’re more like a general right-wing sockpuppet.

                    3. Poor chemjeffey. He wishes he could convince people like JesseAz can.

                    4. If I were to attempt to “convince” people like JesseAz does, I would flood the zone with articles from Mother Jones, Daily Kos, and Jacobin Magazine claiming that they represent the unassailable truth.

                    5. Fuck off Mike.

                    6. Another non-convincing troll post from chemjeffey

                2. “Accomplishes”?

                  Haha. But seriously tho, nobody cares. Sucks don’t it?

            2. You are in stupid kid Pedo Jeffy. A perfect drone for the progtard collective.

              You should really focus on harming yourself. Valueless shitsack.

        2. “If that’s the case, then welcome to the conversation on the intersection between justice and power.”

          Not the same thing.

          If an average Joe lies to Congress or the FBI, they go to jail.
          If big wigs do so…they do not.

          Identical crime…vastly different punishment.

          As far as crony capitalism, given that the government LOVES tossing money at big companies in hopes of gaining control, they seldom have to break laws to get the cash.

          1. Roger Stone is hardly an “average Joe”.

            But I am glad that you are starting to see that the typical conservative position of THE LAW’S THE LAW isn’t a terribly moral position. Powerful entities don’t have to break laws in order to commit crimes because they help write the laws in the first place that excuse their otherwise criminal behavior.

            1. Dumb jeff with more strawman. Arent you the one pushing convict trump and co at every bend

              1. Oh, Jesse.

        3. Jeff thinks making a profit is equal to robbery… jeff is a fucking idiot.

          1. Ummm….. that would be a no. Try again.

        4. Libertarians are against victimless crimes, among other reasons.

          And that you think anyone cares about you opinion is so precious.

          1. Libertarians are against victimless crimes, among other reasons.

            So should perjury be legal? Particularly, perjury in court? After all, who is the victim if a person lies under oath in court?

            1. Are we taking a civil trial, where both sides agree to the rules, or a criminal one where it’s done to them?

              Your question belies a gross ignorance of underlying libertarian theory so vast that tutoring you to the point where I could explain that to you is not something I’m going to do without compensation.

        5. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

    3. Look Trump comes from high end real estate based in NYC. It is entirely normal to run that kind of business like a mafia don. You deal with all kinds of shady people including government. Naturally he thinks it is OK because that is just how things are done.

      His what aboutism is true but irrelevant. Most of government is a cesspool. No crocodile tears when the spotlight turns on him and his operatives. The Ukraine thing won’t get far because he is not going to have said the words himself. The implications were obvious “nice country you got there”.

      1. He’s used to the real world……..

        Not fantasyland.

      2. Whataboutism–

        A word coined by leftists to describe the act of pointing out their policie(s) of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ and ‘it’s okay/legal/right when WE do it’ when it becomes so egregious that it can no longer be hidden by allies in the media.

    4. “Basically Trump is tweeting that it’s okay for Stone to commit perjury because there are other people who probably committed perjury.”

      You are just dreadful at reading comprehension. Even when Trump’s tweets come in small sentences. See if this helps: Trump didn’t say it was okay for Stone to perjur himself, but rather it is wrong that all these other people doing the same thing HAVEN’T been convicted.

      Do you see the difference?

      1. Jeff is bad at anything that involves logic. Why he relies on leftist rags to tell him how to think. It also explains most of pathetic sophistry.

        1. He really is awful. I try to tear into him as much as possible because of this. He’s also a lying little shitweasel.

          If there is any karmic justice, he will be raped to death by cartel thugs.

    5. “the Evangelical Right”
      You misspelled “the boogeyman”.

      Evangelical’s on Trump, in a nutshell: “Donald Trump is going to embarrass me every day of the year, but unlike the other side, he doesn’t hate me for my faith, and actively seek to do me harm.”
      Christian’s are just voting for whichever political party is less likely to make their faith illegal. If prog sociopath’s could turn the eliminationist rhetoric down from eleven for a titch, you might drive fewer of them into Trump’s arms.

      1. Evangelical’s on Trump, in a nutshell: “Donald Trump is going to embarrass me every day of the year, but unlike the other side, he doesn’t hate me for my faith, and actively seek to do me harm.”

        Umm, it’s a little more cringey than that.

        On the Jim Bakker Show, he warned that those who opposed Trump and wanted to see him removed were fighting against a higher power.

        “He’s God’s choice. They can try all day long to remove him, they will not remove him. God said, ‘I set him as the president,’ and they can fight, and they can curse, and they can do all that they want; the problem is that they’re fighting against God,” he said.

        So yeah, at least a few of them have moved way beyond “holding their nose” and instead are perverting their own faith in order to accommodate Trump.

        1. Right… Jim Bakker is apparently the evangelical pope.

          Fuck off. You hate these people so vehemently and you don’t even know how Protestantism works.

          This is like saying Lawrence O’Donnell speaks for progressives because he has a TV show. Or maybe Vince Offer would be more accurate, since Bakker’s programs are self-funded infomercials too.

          1. I didn’t say Jim Bakker spoke for all Protestants. In fact I even explicitly said “a few of them” were going all-in in mixing their faith with their support for Trump.

            But YOU were speaking for “Evangelical’s”, did you forget that?

            When confronted with evidence that disagreed with your pleasing narrative about evangelical support for Trump, you just lashed out and started attacking me. Perhaps instead you should re-evaluate your own stereotype about evangelicals. I am sure some of them are as you say, just holding their noses at Trump’s oafishness and voting for the lesser of two evils. But some OTHERS are twisting their faith and deifying Trump in a manner that ought to be appalling to any serious practitioner.

            Here’s another good one:


            “President Donald Trump’s personal spiritual adviser, Paula White, launched a prayer effort alongside other evangelical Christian leaders on Tuesday, offering a prayer condemning the president’s opponents, accusing them of being aligned with evil spirits and using sorcery.

            The White House officially announced last week that White would spearhead the president’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative. Trump and the wealthy televangelist have been friends for years ,and she has been a key religious supporter, rallying her Christian base to back the president.

            Alongside fellow Christian leaders Cindy Jacobs, Dave Kabul and Dutch Sheets, White has launched the One Voice Prayer Movement, starting the initiative on Tuesday with a prayer for Trump. “Lord, we ask you to deliver our president from any snare, any setup of the enemy, according to Ephesians 6:12. Any persons [or] entities that are aligned against the president will be exposed and dealt with and overturned by the superior blood of Jesus,” she said during her prayer in a conference call with other Christian leaders.

            “Whether it’s the spirit of Leviathan, a spirit of Jezebel, Abaddon, whether it’s the spirit of Belial, we come against the strongmen, especially Jezebel, that which would operate in sorcery and witchcraft, that which would operate in hidden things, veiled things, that which would operate in deception,” she continued. “We come against it according to your word.””

            1. You really are a bigot, holy shit.

              1. I’m a bigot for quoting accurately what some evangelicals have said? That’s amusing.

              2. Eternal victimhood of the right on prominent display tonight.

                1. Some of them, like Fancylad here, have this vision in their head that evangelicals had no choice but to vote for Trump, out of self-defense, because they perceived that if Hillary won, she would make Christianity illegal or something. Because in this narrative of the story, the Democrats are the bad guys. They can’t seem to stand being presented evidence of actual evangelicals who aren’t voting for Trump out of defense, but because they have distorted their own faith to justify support for Trump in a Biblical fashion. This doesn’t mesh with the pleasing narrative that so many conservatives have constructed for themselves so of course they lash out in anger.

                  1. It is so fucking sad that the only people left for you to talk to are your own sockpuppets Mike.

                    1. The hilarious thing here is that I’m reading this entire comment thread for the first time, and don’t have much to say because I haven’t followed the Roger Stone matter. Furthermore, I’m usually skeptical when the Feds convict someone of no other charges beside perjury and obstruction, but no other crime.

                    2. What’s hilarious is how you just randomly show up when you get called out for sockpuppeting even though it’s obvious to everyone you still pretend you’re not

                2. Haha. That’s funny, “Opresso”.

            2. Trump needs evangelicals to get together and pray for his protection from evil spirits, given that he has covens of witches gathering regularly to cast hexes on him:


        2. Haha. Wow. That’s insane.

          But how sad is it that you know that? Just how much time do you spend reading about politicians you intensely hate?

          Damn dude, get a life.

    6. You seem to be okay with chosen leaders being above the law… why brandy?

    7. Politically motivated selective prosecutions are not justice, even if the defendant is guilty as sin.
      The non-prosecution of various and sundry figures on the side of the Left and/or the Deep State show that Trump’s opponents don’t actually take these crimes seriously. And if Trump’s opponents don’t, then why should Trump’s supporters?

  4. Justice!

    /air punches.

    1. I guess Roger is done, eh?
      [cue video of Mike Gravel staring contemplatively, then throwing a stone into a pond]

  5. So, independent of this result, Stone always came off as super weird.

    1. He seem to think offence was the best defense, but he has the offence of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

      1. This is a rugby joke, isn’t it?

        1. Maybe, is that what the Razorbacks thinks they are playing this year?

        2. College football.

  6. I’ve only ever read this site because I like laughing at retards on the internet, but even I’m shocked at how Reason has fully supported these entirely political investigations and prosecutions.

    1. You’re not alone.

      They have yet to question the obvious partisan political bull shit going on. It’s pretty weird man.

    2. reason wont be laughing when process crimes are being used to indict Hillary, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden…

      As Harry Reid found out with the nuclear option in the US Senate, what goes around comes around.

      1. They’ll have all sorts of “libertarian” arguments on why those statists should have been allowed to treat government departments like their personal army.

      2. There probably won’t be any indictments, because prosecutors know you couldn’t find 12 honest jurors in DC.
        And if you tried, you’d be called a racist.

    3. Careful. Not being for political convictions will get you labeled a trump supporter by idiots like baby jeffrey.

    4. “I’m a liberal.”
      -Matt “Welchie Boy” Welch

    5. Any organization not explicitly right wing will become left wing over time.

  7. Process crimes are so justice.

    1. When you cant find a crime… make one up! How telling is it that Weisman couldnt find a process crime on trump.

      This is why libertarians, real ones unlike Jeffx to never talk to the police and lawyer up.

      1. How does one defend Roger Stone without puking? I tried playing devil’s advocate, but it was so nauseating, I had to stop.

        1. Well yeah, we already knew you were a weak debater.

    1. I wonder how many of those crimes the investigators of him committed while investigating him.

      If an investigator is permitted to lie to you, it should not be a crime to lie in return to them.

      1. Prosecutors have literally gone to the supreme court to allow them to lie to defendants as well as retain the right to bribe witnesses by letting them plead down in exchange for testimony against others.

    2. So you’re saying he’s going to get out, become more successful and develop a strange friendship with Snoop?

      1. Honestly, that wouldn’t surprise me.

  8. Nothing like being arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and tried in Washington DC.

    Getting tried for political crimes by a jury in a Democrat stronghold is JUSTICE!

    1. It’s never “justice” to you dipshits when it’s someone related to the GOP (more accurately, Trump) who’s facing it.

      Perjury is not a political crime.
      Witness tampering is not a political crime.

      Being a partisan, cancerous fuckwad such as yourself and those around here like you, should be.

      1. Its political because dipshits like you thought Mueller could get Trump.

        You cannot show Trump has committed any crime, so you dipshits go after wackos like Roger Stone to try to flip him. That didn’t work so you dipshits hold a political trial in Democrat controlled Washington DC. He was even arrested in a political show of force.

        I cannot wait for you and your socks to come back to reason when the same thing happens to Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Brennan…. during Trump’s next term as President.

        1. Individual-1 most certainly committed crimes.

          1. She admitted on TV to mishandling classified information.

            The Video Defense About Her Emails Hillary Clinton Never Gave

            1. Who’s talking about Hillary? We’re talking about Roger Stone, Trump’s 6th (or is it 7th) associate to go to prison for felony crimes.

              I challenge you to not say “…but hillary” or “…but Obama” for a single day.

              1. Why would anyone but a partisan care that he brings up Hillary?

                God dude, it’s like you don’t realize you’re doing it lololol

            2. Poor troll. He wants a reply so bad.

        2. Let’s be honest. Stone’s trial and conviction are in part payback for him going after the Clintons in the past.

      2. process.

      3. Being a partisan… such as yourself and those around here like you, should be (a political crime)”.

        Criminalize political dissent against the establishment, huh. How very “libertarian” of you.
        Well, you’re certainly fulfilling the prog stereotype.

      4. Hey Jason, do us a favor. Show us one instance of us ever supporting process crimes you ignorant fuck.

  9. Finding Roger stone guilty is like being found guilty during the process of investigating the mysterious appearance of Gay Frogs.

  10. Looters will be looters, and the initiation of force and fraud are what distinguish them from the party I vote for. That one hyena has been attacked and torn open… make that two hyenas… by others of his AND HER pack is totally unsurprising but kind of entertaining nonetheless. It’s kinda like European politics of the 1930s–or 2019, for that matter. May the worst parties lose.

  11. They probably should have held off convicting him until after January, 2021.

    1. The Democrats know that Trump will likely pardon everyone possible after he wins reelection.

      1. Why wait? Pardoning people for process crimes would help his re-election chances.

        1. It will be funnier after Trump win reelection?

  12. conviction for lying to Congress is a First Amendment violation.

    1. +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    2. Unless you’re a member of the executive branch, you shouldn’t even have to acknowledge the existence of Congress much less be required to speak to them, and even much less be required to take an oath to tell them the truth.

  13. See ya, ratfucker. I wouldn’t count on Dear Leader to bail you out, Roger. He only does what’s good for him and you aren’t. Have a nice time dying in prison.

    1. The dying might not be the worst part. Given Stone’s personality, the living in prison might be rough, courtesy of the other inmates.

      Stone’s tips on cellblock attire should be interesting.

  14. What’s sad is that all of the criminals in the Hillary administration are still seeing plays and eating fancy food in NYC, while Roger Stone is going to be shitting in a community toilet. So sad. It’s like Deep State 6, Dear Leader 0 now.I’M SO ANGRY AT THE DEEP STATE. IT’S TIME TO HAVE A SHOOTOUT WITH A FEDERAL BUILDING NOW!!! AAARGGGHHH!!!

    Trump’s 2016 campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, is in prison after being found guilty on charges including fraud.
    Manafort’s deputy on the campaign, his longtime business partner Rick Gates, is awaiting sentencing after agreeing to cooperate with investigators and pleading guilty to a conspiracy charge. Gates was also part of Trump’s inaugural team.
    Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn is awaiting sentencing for having lied to federal investigators.
    Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen is in prison, serving time for charges including lying to Congress, fraud and campaign finance violations — charges in which he implicated Trump.
    A foreign policy adviser on Trump’s campaign, George Papadopoulos, was convicted of lying to investigators and served time in prison.
    Stone was convicted by a jury of lying to Congress, apparently to protect Trump as part of the Russia probe.

    1. Fuck off Tony.
      Your schtick won’t work if immediately above you’re saying something completely different because you forgot to change socks.
      At least OBL is consistent when he mocks you.

      1. That’s not me, but I am interested in you clarifying your position. Is it your position that a vast number of Trump’s associates are in prison or going to prison?

        What if he was black and had a (D) after his name? How would you feel about the scenario then?

        1. “Fuck off Tony.
          Your schtick won’t work if immediately above you’re saying something completely different because you forgot to change socks.
          At least OBL is consistent when he mocks you.”

          Read bro.

        2. Then the Resistance would be racist?

        3. If the republicans had gotten a bunch of Obama people arrested and convicted on process crimes you’d be ignoring everyone here yelling that process crimes are bullshit charges, wait till the conversation died down or moved to a different article and then accuse us all of being Republican shills.

          And yes, if the Republicans had managed to get any Obama person on bullshit process charges and lying to Congress I would be right there calling it out.

    2. So two un-paid parking tickets and a late book return to the library?
      Pretty pathetic even for a shitstain like you.

  15. Process crimes

    LOL. You birds are fucking hilarious. Try threatening a potential witness and see where that lands you.

    1. witness to what?

    2. The witness who said he never believed he was threatened?

      1. Yes, your team (as you obviously see them) are both criminal and ineffective. So what?

        1. Lol he didn’t do it, but he did it. You’re so fucking stupid Jeff.

  16. It’s pretty obvious here that Trump has politicized the DoJ to the point where they’re going after Trump’s enemies on totally bogus charges. I haven’t yet figured out how exactly prosecuting Stone proves the point, but I’m working on it. Still not holding my breath that Barr and his IG pitbull are going to drop that bombshell report with all those indictments exposing how the Russiagate hoax went down.

  17. Lying to Congress should be illegal only when it becomes illegal for members of Congress to lie to the public.

    1. +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    2. Repeal Congressional immunity?
      Their right to lie with impunity?

  18. This reminds me of that old episode in Cheers when Sam Malone was in that feud with the restaurant owner upstairs. Sam was getting his ass kicked, and eventually stole the doormat. He ran out of the building yelling, “Hooray! I WIIINNN!”

    1. Pucker up Mailman!

  19. Senator Ron Wyden: “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?”

    James Clapper: “No, sir.”

    Senator Ron Wyden: “It does not?”

    James Clapper: “Not wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect, but not wittingly.”,_2013

    1. Yeah that’s pretty awful. Clapper should be in prison.

    2. chemjeffey is so brave to demand that kind of swift justice for perjury violations.

      *except Hillary, Bill Clinton, Lois Lerner…

      1. He got demands it after the statute if limitations expire for Democrats. Hes using his mike schtick here.

    3. And keep in mind that Wyden had warned Clapper the day before that he was going to ask him that question because Wyden knew the answer, Clapper knew the answer, and Wyden knew Clapper knew Wyden knew the answer.

      1. Wyden ith a puththy bitch

        1. Wyden is only one of the few Democrats who actually makes a stink about civil liberties on a regular basis. But no please, go ahead and trash him while continuing to throw your support behind Donald “take the guns first, due process later”, “I love eminent domain”, “let’s make it illegal to burn the flag” Trump. It says way more about you than it does about Wyden.

          1. Cry more Mike.

          2. It really doesn’t.
            Its hilarious that you got so triggered by me making fun of his lips though

            1. *lisp

              DAMN IT!

    -House Democrats

    1. Why as a matter of fact, yes. I did just blow in from Stupidville.
      -Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

  21. Let’s cut to the chase.

    Does this make impeachment more likely, less likely, or about the same as before?

    1. Oh who knows.
      I guess it depends if Trump pardons Roger Stone.

      If he does, then Democrats might add that to the articles of impeachment or something. Then we’ll have another layer of clown show to discuss around here.

      1. Besides your posts you mean clown?

      2. Um…
        How could a presidential pardon be included in articles of impeachment?

    2. Who cares if the House impeaches.

      Trump WILL NOT be removed by the US Senate and WILL win reelection.

      1. Then it will be fpgame in with his enemies. The coup is failing. We need a Night of Long Knives to clean out the Democrats.

        1. Night of the Woodchippers.

          1. You guys boast and bluster a lot for people who have been getting curb-stomped by your betters throughout your deplorable lives.

            Carry on, clingers.

            1. Your mom called. She said don’t come home if you don’t have the rent money and that cough syrup you stole from her.

            2. Let’s see–in my dad’s lifetime we’ve got
              Kennedy/ Johnson

              That’s 11 to 8, Artie–same as your mom’s testicles.

          2. +100

    3. About the same as before, his trial has nothing to do with the current impeachment.

  22. With a trial in the District of Communism,what else was to be expected?

    1. He could have not committed crimes in that jurisdiction, you know.

      1. No, we saw that happen and he still ended up here.

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  24. Good, that what happens when you sell out your country for a nickle.

    1. Supporting the left is selling out your country.
      Roger Stone did none of that.

  25. So where’s the pool on how long before Trumples pardons him?

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