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Florida Cops Went to Absurd Lengths to Entrap Man Who Showed No Interest in Underage Sex

Sarasota deputies violated best practices and ethical standards for sting operations.


How do you catch a predator in Sarasota, Florida? You create one.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) is going to "outrageous lengths" to make law-abiding lonely guys into sex offenders. That's according to Noah Pransky, a fearless journalist who has been covering Florida's addiction to entrapment for years.

In September, SCSO arrested 23 men for allegedly soliciting underage girls for sex. Pransky's most recent piece in Florida Politics chronicles the elaborate back and forth between one of those men and a police officer pretending to be a young female. Pransky writes:

In one example from a 2017 operation, SCSO spent two days trying to seduce a 20-year-old man who showed no interest in having sex with a child. Detectives, who posted an ad for an 18-year-old woman on Tinder, matched with the young man and proceeded to swap "getting-to-know-you" texts for more than an hour; only then did detectives tell the man he was chatting with a 14-year-old girl, not an 18-year-old.

Undercover detectives continued to try and talk about sex with the man the next day; he again rebuffed the attempts, but continued the small talk because he indicated he was bored. Detectives then sent unsolicited, flirty photos to the man; a tactic that violates best practices and ethical standards for this type of stings.

The terrible thing about this case is that the sheriff's office is not trying to save any actual kids. It is just trying to get an easy win.

Most parents who worry about predators online are picturing a creepy guy lurking on some kiddie site where he lures unsuspecting youngsters away to a sordid encounter at the Dairy Queen.

But the SCSO folks flip that scenario entirely. They log onto adult sites, claiming to be adult age. It's only once they establish some kind of bond with an adult who went online hoping to find a legal-age companion that they then confess that they are underage.

Normally, the SCSO destroys the records of these stings, preventing the public from understanding the sordid process that produced the arrest of the supposed sex offender. But in the case highlighted above, the 20-year-old man was actually a civilian employee of the SCSO, and he preserved the chat log:

Even though the man never suggested meeting up with an underage child, never brought up sex during their two full days of online chats, and appeared to be a model employee, he was suspended by the sheriff's office following the exchange. He said he was then pressured to resign to keep the episode private.

I would pressure him to keep it private, too, if I'd been as duplicitous as the SCSO:

The chat log reveals detectives willing to dedicate hours trying to build the trust — and romantic interest — of a man who thinks he is talking to another adult, before informing the man that the woman showing him affection is actually four years younger than she had led him to believe.

Detectives "swiped right" on the Tinder profile of the 20-year-old sheriff's office employee, whose profile read, "literally just want to hang with someone and be able to eat and not feel judged." On Sunday morning, May 20, he introduced himself to 18-year-old "Stephanie," told her he was bored at work, and the two spent the rest of the day texting back and forth.

Their small talk covered the weather, life in Sarasota, and dirt track racing. When "Stephanie" said she would liven up the man's slow workday ("I'll stir up trouble for you"), he steered the conversation back to their mutual hobbies.  When detectives suggested talk about drugs, the man steered the conversation back to Sarasota life.

But detectives kept pressing, suggesting they meet up. "Just lookin for a friend to chill with," they wrote the man, then telling him "Stephanie" was only 14 years old.

The pace of the conversation slowed down, but the two continued to talk about work, where they grew up, and a coffee table the man was planning on buying.

Then they sent a fake photo and asked the guy to send one in return. He didn't.

Eventually, they tried to steer the conversation toward sex. "I like older guys … I've never had sex before … I waant," wrote 'Stephanie.'

The mark responded: "You're 14 just relax growing up is not all the hype."

After another day of this aggressive flirting on the detective's part, the 20-year-old cut off the conversation. Had he taken the bait, he could be facing years in prison and registration as a sex offender. Instead, he merely lost his job.

In another article, Pransky profiled a 62-year-old man who did take the bait: Hamid Keshmirian, who went to a site that purported to provide adult escorts. He began talking with someone who claimed to be an adult female, but once a friendship was established, she revealed herself to be 14-year-old prostitute eager to have sex with old men.

The girl was actually a cop. "Deputies went as far as to put a man on the phone with Keshmirian, claiming to be the girl's father, giving permission for the encounter," Pransky writes.

Keshmirian's daughters say their dad had battled depression for eight years. When he went to meet the "girl" on his birthday, September 19, he was immediately arrested and thrown in jail. Two days later a friend bailed him out.

He killed himself that night.

Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight posted about his team's recent successes at catching predators, writing, "I wish I could say these operations were no longer needed but time and time again, even after we make dozens of arrests, these men keep coming back for more."

Someone keeps coming back for more. But is it "these men," or the cops?

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  1. There are plenty of sick people looking for sick thrills in this world. It’s a shame they keep trying to drag innocent people into their sicko games.

    1. Innocent people are probably easier to entrap.

      1. Court records are full of cases where people with sick fantasies had police convince them to fall into a Honeypot or Honeydick sting.

        1. Police would not like to be exposed for creating criminals via Honeypot and Honeydick schemes where the perp was content with staying at home with their sicko fantasies until police officers entrap people and convince them to leave their homes.

          Creating a new group of people abused in prison sexually and then filling up that unconstitutional sexual registry.

        2. That, and guilty people are probably on the lookout for a setup.

          1. The numbers say that most sexual predators abuse family members, not grab kids off the street or have meetups at the mall.

            Where is Sarah Palin Buttplugger to be useful for once and explain how he abuses kids?

      2. It's much easier to create criminals than it is to catch real ones.

    2. These setup being so prevalent actually show that there aren't "plenty of sick people looking for sick thrills in this world".

      How many actual bad guys get caught without the need for a blatant entrapment?

      1. These setup being so prevalent actually show that there aren’t “plenty of sick people looking for sick thrills in this world”.

        If there aren’t, then it’s just a few bad apples running these scams.

    3. These seedy corrupt cops here in LEE county have tried to set me up on several occasions. It has become the "norm" for them to think that they can get away with this. They lie, talk to my neighbors and have even used empty houses to spy on me. They have entered my house illegally. Which I have caught them on 1 occasion and they ran like scared rabbits knowing that it is breaking and entering. They will stop at nothing to create a sting which they use young girls, boys or whoever they got to try to entrap you and make you look guilty. Beware of their tactics. I am literally in fear for my life from these corrupt cops and people involved!!

  2. "I get off on cops role playing."

    1. I'm sure they get off on the role playing too.

  3. The terrible thing about this case is that the sheriff's office is not trying to save any actual kids. It is just trying to get an easy win.

    It's worse than that. If they were really just looking for an "easy win," they'd give up pretty quickly after being repeatedly rebuffed, and move on to find someone who might actually be a threat to actual kids. Instead, this sounds like they view it as a game. Carefully and persistently entrap some poor bastard and it's high fives all around.

    It's sad that the poor guy ended up losing his job, but I'd have to file that under "you should be working for less toxic people in the first place".

    1. The fact that he was a coworker sets off alarm bells. Surely they figured out who he was at some point. And they ended with getting rid of him. Makes you wonder if someone didn't have a personal vendetta.

      1. +1
        He may well have been targeted as a means of getting rid of him in the first place, government job security being what it is...

    2. "Instead, this sounds like they view it as a game."

      Pedo-baiting was a thing back in the day. You'd get some guy to agree to meet you and you'd have him park his car and stand in the middle of an empty parking lot that you and your buddies could see from your window. Once you did it a few times you would get creative and get him to wear a silly hat or bring along some kind of item. We once got a guy to show up wearing a football helmet and holding a football and the added bonus was he decided to wear a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and sandals. He stood there for at least 30 minutes. One guy refused to bring a propane container, but he finally agreed to bring a bicycle. He stood by his car with a bicycle.
      These are the things you do when you're younger if you aren't the type that does drugs.

      1. Have you considered, as an alternative, doing drugs?

        1. That was ages ago. Since then I learned drugs could be just as much fun.

    3. What reason was given for actually firing him?

      1. Interfering with an investigation, maybe?

  4. 1. Florida
    2. Janet Reno.

  5. What happens if you play along and say you'll show up with some pizza and a bottle of soda and then order a pizza along with a bottle of soda to that location? To the police like being trolled back?

    1. You'd be convicting yourself if you pulled that.

    2. You play along - saving all the chat records - and set up a meeting and then contact a different law enforcement agency to show up, making sure to tell them you're pretty sure the girl is being pimped out and if they're stealthy they can probably catch the sex trafficker.

      1. I seem to remember some time a few years ago where one police sting operation caught another police sting operation. I couldn't find it in a quick search. Anybody have a link to that?

        1. "undercover agents bust other undercover agents" makes a good search string (remove the quotes is best). Several out there... Here's one:

          Undercover cops brawl after mistaking each other for suspects in drugs bust
          Two officers were injured in the fight

          My comment: They deserve each other! But get my taxes OUT of this crap!

          1. This is exactly the correct way to handle these assholes. Through a secure connection(s), fool the bastards into busting themselves. Next level trolling. Approve.

            Police::self-licking ice cream cones.

    3. As someone who contacts E911 about police violating the law, police hate it and will try to get you.

      If you effectively fuck with police like you mention, expect to make some really powerful enemies.

      1. They'll start with your dogs.

      2. What if you send over a kid that is the age of the fake girl and he says he lied about his age too?

        1. All of these are creative-but-bad ideas.

        2. The kid would be arrested. Procuring an underage person for sex is still a crime even if the perp is underage. If it's a heterosexual encounter the boy is presumed to be the guilty party.

          1. Send a trans-boy

          2. How would they know the boy wasn't the one talking? Use VPN, TOR, and seven proxies. Also, he's just going over to hang out and play Fortnite. He doesn't want cooties. If it actually is a girl his age he will have strict orders to lick all of the silverware, put it back, and then leave.

            1. This comment is so strange, in so many ways.

              1. When I was 14 I did that at a cheerleader's party while her parents were away. It's not that strange once you've done it.
                We also took the steaks from the freezer and then filled it with water. The lid probably froze shut and if it expanded then the glass definitely broke. Wasn't invited, but they were all drunk and seemed happy that we were there. We took pictures of the party with a disposable camera and then put it back in the parent's room.
                I was an asshole back then.

    4. If you agree to meet, you're guilty of "importuning", whether you show up or not.

      1. Tomatoe, tomato.

  6. Detectives then sent unsolicited, flirty photos to the man; a tactic that violates best practices and ethical standards for this type of stings.

    A judge needs to thrown out any charges that arise from this police behavior.

    These Honeypot police tactics violate the very same laws that they are accusing others of committing. None of these guys are messing with kids at all. If 18 is the legal age for majority and that includes sex, then cops should not be able to lie and fake some matchup with an adult and a minor (who is not a minor IRL).

    Obviously, I don't want police using kids as bait but most of these underage Honeypot stings are violating the 1st Amendment rights of Americans to discuss sex. Even if it involves abhorrent sex fantasies. If you think police arrests require actually attempts to travel and meet up with a fake minor, you would be shocked how police actually operate.

    1. That's exactly what happens....

      Except substitute "rubber stamp the plea agreement" for "throw out the charges". And lifetime sex offender registry, all around!

    2. These cases should be easy to dispose of. The defense demands that the prosecution produce the "minor" in question; and when they can't, the judge dismisses the case. No one should be prosecuted for acting in a play.

      1. That's always what I'm wondering. If the perv never actually solicited a minor, what's the crime? I mean if two consenting adults RP an underage encounter, that's not illegal, right?

        Also if the police are sending lewd photos of underage women, they need to be arrested themselves. Regardless, don't be surprised in a decade when it turns out these task forces are filled with pedos who are just finding ways to vicariously indulge their own perversions.

      2. Unfortunately, the law in many states provides that it is a crime if you BELIEVE the other party to be underage, whether the other party is underage or not. This supposed defense would not work in most states.

        1. ThoughtCrime™

        2. In most of these stings, though, the "other party" is entirely fictional and has no "real" age. As I said, no one should be prosecuted for acting in a play.

  7. The Police would have never been the same without Sting and his operations.

    1. That reminds me of a young teacher, who was the subject of schoolgirl fantasy...

  8. If you love somebody set them free.

    1. I should have Policed my own reply and correctly placed it under Leo

      1. I'll be watching you.

        1. Don't stand too close to him.

        2. Don't make me wait

      1. Wanna go down to the Shore? Crystal Shit's playing at the Sand Bar.

      2. If you give a man a match, he will be warm for 30 seconds. If you set him on fire, he will be warm for the rest of his life. 🙂

  9. We need to find a way to attract better people to law enforcement (better temperament, better education, better judgment, fewer authoritarian prudes) and manage them better (better training, more accountability, better oversight).

    1. better temperament, better education, better judgment, fewer authoritarian prudes

      Unfortunately, most libertarians aren't interested in that job, gecko.

      1. The solution is to hold police accountable for violating the law, including entrapment, with stiffer penalties. I'm talking jail time, not paid leave. Cops will be less likely to accept these roles in these types of stings if they face the consequences themselves.

    2. Do you think posting something rational on one occasion is going to make all of our other authoritarian and ill tempered comments any more believable?

    3. And so I quit the police department
      And got myself a steady job
      And though she tried her best to help me
      She could steal but she could not rob

      1. As I recall:

        Mean Mr. Mustard sleeps in the park,

        Shaves in the dark,

        Tryin' to save a bob...

    4. How about instead of hoping for better humans to come along we just limit the police's power.

      1. He literally thinks is's about getting the right people in power.

        1. Kind of like how Monty Python figured out how to rid the world of all known diseases.

    5. "(better temperament, better education, better judgment, fewer authoritarian prudes"

      You'd have to reduce law enforcement agency staffing by 90% or you won't find enough qualified candidates by those standards.

      If you reduce their authority to order people around arbitrarily and introduce real accountability, they will at least attract fewer sociopaths/psychopaths/petty bullies.

      1. How much could we reasonably reduce law enforcement if we reduced the stupid laws we make them enforce? It might not actually be untenable.

  10. Where exactly do the cops get those pictures of 14 year olds that they're sending out? Do they just take photos of their own kids, or is there an actual 14 year old prostitute out there who's being blackmailed into providing the photos?

    1. It is obvious; they are blackmailing their own children.

    2. They're CG.

    3. "Where exactly do the cops get those pictures of 14 year olds that they’re sending out?"

      From the kiddie porn websites being run by the feds.

  11. Back in those days before dirt, when dinosaurs roamed and Yahoo! Chat was king, I remember being relentlessly harassed by some posters with profiles that said they were minors. Instead of being a dick I was polite, and that was interpreted as an invitation to say something stupid. Didn't work. But only in hindsight do I realize they were probably cops.

    1. 16. There are NO girls on the internet.

      1. Good one.

    2. I remember those. We used to try to convince them that you could make a hot tub if you threw two hair dryers in the bathtub.

      1. I used to tell them F4 unlocks something special.

        1. Ctrl-F4 that is

  12. Pigs gotta oink.

  13. My problem with the current form of entrapment is that it only applies to the police - a tip to me that something is wrong as it is a law and not simply an ethical standard for the police.

    Rather than question the problem here at all, Reason simply accepts the current standard.

    That standard also seems to be when the government does something wrong then the crime or evidence is thrown out rather than simply enforce the law.

    The idea that one crime should negate another is absurd to me.

    1. No victim, no crime. No minors were harmed or potentially harmed in these stings.

      1. Unfortunately, the law in many states provides that it is a crime if you BELIEVE the other party to be underage, whether the other party is underage or not. This supposed defense would not work in most states.

        1. And the reverse -- believing someone is age of consent, even if they aren't (which may even involve being shown a fake ID from the person providing consent) -- isn't a defense.

  14. So there are so few murders, assaults, rapes, robberies and vandalisms in Sarasota that cops can spend their days in front of computers pretending to be 14-year-old seductresses?

    1. Shouldn't they assign that sort of desk work to their civilian employees?

    2. They probably got a federal grant for it which required a dedicated office, equipment and 6 officers plus a supervisor.

      1. And a pint of Jack.

  15. Wouldn't it be easier to just walk into some place and arrest someone at random?

    1. What makes you think they don't?

  16. You had me going there, and then you tried to pull the wool over our eyes with an actual pedo who went to meet a girl for a sexual encounter despite being told prior that she was 14. Glad he did the world a favor and took care of himself.

    1. I think a lot hinges on what "reasonable doubt" means. There was no minor, so he didn't actually try to have sex with a minor. Whether he would have or not if there had been an actual girl there is not certain. I would still have what I would consider reasonable doubt there.
      I also question whether wanting sex with young but sexually mature teenagers makes you a pedophile, but that's another debate.

      1. There weren't real minors in TCAP either, yet all those convictions stood because men stated explicit intent to have sexual interactions with minors. They then acted by driving to their homes, bringing condoms, beer, pizza, etc. It's kind of like saying you're going to kill someone and bringing a gun to their home. Just because someone stopped you before you could pull the trigger doesn't mean you were just minding your own business and happened to show up.

    2. I am nonetheless bothered by this: should it be the police's role to pressure someone until they *finally* give in and do the very thing that they've been pressuring for all the time? Should we be lying awake at night, concerned that there are people out there, who would do something evil, if pressured into it, but who never actually get around to it, because they aren't pressured to do it?

      If the person doesn't bite, why continue to push it? Why not go on to the next person, the one who's *eager* to participate in such behavior?

  17. RICO anyone? They are spending large amounts of pubilc money to entrap people who are NOT seeking out the sort of activity they claim these marks are after.

    The two-response question closing the article is THE operant question.

    The coppers are the perverted ones. They are abusing their "authority" along with the public trust. THEY need to be busted.

  18. The legal theory behind these cases is 100% thought crime. First it must be established that the perp was predisposed to do whatever it was, and just needed the physical opportunity. If there's no evidence that the perp was so predisposed, then entrapment is assumed and the case invalid. Then it has to be believed that the perp who just goes to meet such supposed person also believed she was under age, and that the encounter was intended to be sexual rather than just, you know, talking to a cute kid. And all this in the absence of, not only a victim, but even a potential victim, because it was a faker all along.

    The fact that anybody gets in trouble under such circumstances says that the belief is widespread and may be justified that if the law wants to fuck with you, then regardless of your lack of guilt, they fuck with you — that even if you beat them, you lose. Like Amadou Diallo, or like the other New Yorker around then who was leaned on by undercover cops to supply them with the drugs they thought he could supply. If the cops want you to supply them with narcotics, you'd better dig some up somehow, because once they've fingered you, if you don't, you're dead.

    1. First it must be established that the perp was predisposed blah blah blah

      Fuck all that. No one should be convicted of a "crime" against an imaginary victim at all, ever. This type of entrapment should be completely illegal.

      1. It should be. But some states passed legislation specifically allowing it (saying something like "actually or believed by the person to be a minor under the age of" whatever).

        1. What happened with the SCSO employee is entrapment. Some guy with a thing for young boys or young girls agreeing to hook up says he'd do it in a heartbeat if he had the opportunity. It's called predisposition.

  19. Union workers manufacturing work for union workers.

  20. The true perverts here are the police. Here in my little town the police officers are widely known to solicit sex from underage girls in exchange for leniency.

    1. It's not just your town.

      But think of it. If you are a pedo, what better job than being on a police task force to catch pedos. Not only do you get to RP your fantasy, but you get access to all kinds of child porn and real stories which play out your fantasy, too.

      So as bad as your patrol cops may be, I'll bet these task forces are much worse.

  21. I'd like to see a class action lawsuit on behalf of all these people entrapped by the police like this, whether the trap worked or not - it is the only way it will stop.

  22. A decade & a half ago I was hanging out on a Hungarian dating site (the then LoveBox). A 'girl' shows up in the common chat who's 13 according to her page. So I make a remark about senior kindergarteners being allowed to chat. 'She' starts to get flirtatious & makes a remark about how well developed she is. I wrote (in the open, visible by all): "if you're so well developed, tell us: what's the age of consent in Hungary?" (It was & is 14.)

    'She' immediately shut up & disappeared.

    1. America has become a very puritanical place.

      Most Americans would not be around if it werent for our 14-18 year old ancestors having sex and creating the endless generations of Americans we have today.

      Not saying times cannot change and age of maturity be raised to 18 or whatever but making sex offenders out of 17 and 18 year old having sex is insane.

      1. America has become most HYPOCRITICAL! Sex permeates video games, song lyrics, prime-time TV, commercials, etc. Sex sells and yet people just love criminalizing sex in every way imaginable!

  23. I wonder if the guy who killed himself did it with a gun? If so he wouldn't be considered a gun statistic according to libertarians!

    1. ...nor would he if he hanged himself...
      The pointlessness of your comment vexes my ability to suffer fools gladly...

    2. Of course, if he hanged himself, or jumped in front of a semi, or self-immolated, then anti-gun zealots would't care one whit about his death. After all, it's not a gun statistic, so it doesn't matter.

      Incidentally, Libertarians don't overlook the people who shoot themselves to commit suicide. Libertarians merely look at the incident, and ask "How would any gun law have stopped this?" The answer is "It wouldn't", for two reasons: first, because the person typically has *many* other ways to commit suicide, and second, because *most* gun suicides are committed by people who have owned their guns for a *long* time, and thus, have satisfied all the conditions for owning guns *long* ago.

      I would add a third thing: getting arrested for a felony isn't exactly a good way to keep your guns around -- when you're charged with a felony, *usually* the police remove them. If he committed suicide with a gun, it was either (1) a gun that the police didn't find when they initially searched the guy's home, or (2) a gun from a friend, or perhaps something he was able to get via an acquaintance -- but nonetheless required illegally.

      1. Still,
        we should ban scary black guns...
        No! Wait!...
        All 'fully-semi-automatic' guns!
        That way, we would no longer have gun fatalities, or a need for gun fatality statistics!????????????

  24. This is really fucked up. I suspected many of these stings were entrapment. These cops are worse than pedophiles themselves, destroying people's lives. And they're usually not catching any real pedophiles. 14-18 used to be a common age for marriage and having children, the norm. This norm has changed but human biology is the same.

    1. Of course. There is nothing pathological about adult men being attracted to sexually mature adolescents. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to act on those feelings, but the idea that men who have those feelings are a distinct group from "normal" men is just wrong.

    2. Another point: PEDOPHILES ONLY LIKE THE LITTLE ONES WHO HAVE NOT YET GONE THROUGH PUBERTY. THEY LIKE THE LITTLE 10-YEAR-OLDS AND YOUNGER. So what are the odds of a true pedophile even being interested in a post-pubescent teenager? They're netting hebephiles (11-14-year-olds) and ephebophiles (15-17-year-olds). Hebephiles like the ones that are in early puberty. Ephebophiles like the ones that are totally post-pubesecent, but still under-age.

  25. The biggest mistake they made was firing the employee. If you want to keep someone quiet, you give them a huge promotion.

  26. I wonder if the guy who killed himself did it with a gun? If so he wouldn’t be considered a gun statistic according to libertarians!
    مشکلات دوران نوجوانی

    1. Meh. If he committed suicide by rope, then he's not a Gun Death, and thus, of no interest for people peddling gun bans.

  27. Our own military has been conducting these types of stings for at least the last 4 years. Instead of pictures of girls they use pictures of twenty year olds and just confuse horny soldiers, sailors and airman into thinking they are women, not underage girls.
    The military has convicted MANY of these people for “attempted child sex abuse” as they consider “lewd language to a child” as child sex abuse. There needn’t be a child, they needn’t even show up for sex. A “child” in the UCMJ is anyone up to 16. Then they can hand these numbers over to congress and tell them they are doing something about sex assault and abuse in the military. There was one Air Force airman who was entrapped while he was deployed because Air Force OSI asked him to send a dick pick and he did. That person will be forced to be on a sex offender registry possibly for 25-life. In Florida the sex offender registry is the worst. The culprit is Ron Book and his crooked attacks. We should get rid of the stupid registry, it is mostly used a political move and for crooked cops to treat people like trash.

  28. I should probably add these facts also- you have literally no rights in a military court, it’s basically a kangaroo court in which you are guilty until proven innocent. Juries do not have to be unanimous. Judges have been known to silence the defense and only allow the prosecution to state their case. Everyone on the jury is in competition with you. Commanders are in the know of the cases and often tell everyone around them to avoid and convict the “troublemaker”.
    There is no justice in military justice. This needs to stop somewhere.

  29. Lesson from this ~ if someone is trying to get you to do cocaine, won't stop trying to get you to use it, even starts to toss little baggies of cocaine on to you, don't then pretend to take some just to shut them the eff up. It is a copy trying to get you for possession with intent to distribute and the use of an illegal substance.

    1. That's one of the few situations where I would suggest calling the cops.

  30. half of the chicks on line are underage, the other half have the clap. Only fuck the ones with penecillin perscriptions

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