Brickbat: Just Don't Do It


Police brutality
Iaroslav Horbunov /

Former Paterson, New Jersey, police officer Ruben McAusland has been sentenced to five years in prison for drug dealing and assaulting a hospital patient. Video shot by the cop's partner showed McAusland striking a man in a hospital bed hard enough that blood sprayed onto the bed. A second video shot by a security camera showed McAusland and his partner attacking the man as he sat in a wheelchair in a waiting area of the hospital earlier.


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  1. VEry nice article!

  2. Let’s be honest, it’s the drug dealing that really got him noticed by superiors, not the assault on a guy in mental health crisis.

    1. Yep.

  3. easier to assault when they’re sitting or lying down? pass the word

  4. Maybe he owed him money from a buy. Can’t let these people skate . On another note , if you to stupid to know you on video , your too stupid to have a gun a badge.

    1. Soooooo….like 99% of law enforcement? Bureau of Labor Statistics records a full 10 points lower in IQ amongst police than the average American citizen.

  5. That’s one brave mother fucking cop. He could have just as easily received medals for valor for beating that terrorist in the wheelchair.

  6. So the partner was “just following procedures” so he’s not facing any punishment for the assault right.

  7. McAusland also sold a large amount of drugs to a cooperating witness between October 2017 and April 2018, including heroine, cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana, authorities said.

    Not enough to get you arrested, or even fired.

    McAusland is then seen putting on a pair of hospital gloves and striking the patient in the face so badly that blood immediately spills on the hospital bed.

    Gets you sent to jail, after a year of paid vacation (I’m guessing). Check. Good to know where the line is.

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  9. Holy shith those dudes are baaaaad news.

    They just wanted to get home, right?

  10. Just watched the video.

    I hope that guy gets what’s coming. What a piece of worthless shit.

    One of the cops can be seen fucken smiling. And that smirk later on just before he slapped the guy on the bed.

    Like I said….I’ll bite my tongue about what I hope he gets coming.

  11. Doesn’t he get credit for the restraint he showed in not shooting the guy or tasering him in the balls?

  12. Nice to see all those “Cops of Color” helping the downtrodden. Affirmative Action works, that white f’er got his ass beat

    1. They’re keeping their heads down in Uncle Tom’s cabin on the other side of the thin blue lie.

  13. BUT… NOT a hate crime!

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