Brickbat: Caught on Video


Baggie of drugs
Johanna Goodyear /

Prosecutors in Florida have dropped 119 cases involving Zachary Wester, a Jackson County sheriff's office deputy under investigation for planting drugs on people he stopped. And Christina Pumphrey, the prosecutor who brought her concerns about Wester to the sheriff's office and her superiors, has resigned saying the prosecutor's office retaliated against her for blowing the whistle on Wester.

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  1. I can see why people are so enthusiastic about the rule of law.

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  2. “Ms. Pumphrey was a rookie prosecutor who was in over her head and failed to follow the directions of her highly experienced supervisors,” he said in a text message.

    She was warned about the deputy going in, which means the entire office knew, including State Attorney Glenn Hess, quoted above. The directions she was given were obviously to not spend so much time looking into something they all knew was happening and to stop queering their easy plea agreements.

    1. This is why I say there are no good cops, because it defies reason to call the other cops and all those prosecutors and even the defenders “good” when this went on for two years. All it took was reviewing body cam footage — any of them could have done it. No excuses for too much of it — how long would it take — a few minutes for each arrest?

      There are no good cops.

      1. There may be a few good ones, but they tend to end up like this prosecutor: either they get disgusted and quit or else get driven out for doing what’s right. Otherwise you’ve mostly got just the actively bad, and the passively bad who excuse and overlook the actively bad.

  3. One bad apple.

    1. Actually, I think it’s the whole damned tree.

  4. Prosecutors care about convictions, not justice.

  5. and I cannot help but wonder if this might have been caught sooner if more time was spent thoroughly reviewing our cases by both the state and defense but also by the court.”

    Who would have thunk putting in the required work at ones job was a job requirement?

  6. “He deserves to be in prison,” she said. “He put people in prison. And I’m not saying they were all innocent because they weren’t. It’s as if he stole things from people. He did it in a roundabout way. But he stole people’s livelihood. He stole their freedom. He stole their credibility.”

    He deserves the sum total of all of the sentences that have been handed down to the people he planted shit on. Fuck that guy.

  7. Is this a case where we cheer the dropping of charges or are angered by it?

  8. Another case of 99% of cops making the other 1% look bad.

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