Election 2018

This Isn't the Most Important Election of Your Lifetime. Not Even Close

Stop freaking out about the midterms.


If you believe that a midterm election in a time of relative peace and economic prosperity is the most important in history or even the most important in your fortunate lifetime, you either are oblivious to history or don't have a single nonpartisan synapse firing in your skull.

Yet it's now become standard for partisans to claim that every presidential election is the most important ever. Seeing as many people view the president as an emperor, perhaps they believe it. That's one thing. But now we have people foisting this insufferable cliche on us for House elections, which happen every two years in every single district.

The 2018 election is "the most important election of our lives," writes a hysterical David Corn at Mother Jones. Prognosticator Charlie Cook explains, "Everybody always says, 'Oh, the upcoming election's the most important since Moby-Dick was a guppy.' This one actually is really important." "The most important election of your life," tweets Donald Trump's spurned bestie Joe Scarborough. "The most important election any of us have voted in so far," declares Joe Biden, who notes that "everything" is at stake in 2018.

"The most important election of our lifetime," says Sen. Cory Booker. And Democratic National Chairman Tom Perez. And New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. And former President Barack Obama.

As anyone who's been paying attention already knows, this is utter nonsense, because 2016 had the most important election ever.

"I believe this may be the most important election of our lifetimes," Hillary Clinton told us. Mike Pence assured America much the same. "Why 2016 may actually be the most important election of our lifetime," a headline from The Hill read. Bloomberg Businessweek agreed. So did The Nation. "2016: The most important election since 1932," declared the esteemed Brookings Institution. "The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime," read a Franklin Graham headline. "This Really Might Be the Most Important Election Ever," The New Republic added.

It really might have been. Though it surely was not so important as the 2012 election, which was "the most important election of our lifetime," according to Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan agreed. "The most important election in our lifetime," Jon Huntsman noted. The highest-rated cable news personality in America at the time, Bill O'Reilly, said the same. This is "the most important election since 1860," Newt Gingrich added.

It seems that "the most important election in the history of the galaxy" is a notion that is mostly, although not exclusively, embraced by those out of power. Take 2008.

"This is certainly the most important election in my lifetime—not just because I'm running," said an unconvincing Obama. Biden, who's in the running for all-time platitude hits leader, explained, "So when people say 'this is the single most important election in my lifetime,' they're exactly right." This was the "most important election in our lifetimes," agreed Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson.

"My fellow Americans, this is the most important election of our lifetime," John Kerry intoned in 2004. John Edwards agreed. Rep. John Lewis yelled the same thing. "The most important election in (our) lives," 74 percent of Americans nodded in an ABC News poll. Bruce Springsteen said so, as well.

The National Rifle Association's then-president, Charlton Heston, described the 2000 George W. Bush vs. Al Gore contest as "the most important election since the Civil War." Rush Limbaugh did him one better: "No question about it. This is the most important election in our history."

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, explained eight years earlier that 1992 was "the most important election in a generation." Robert C. Byrd, still cheering for Democrats in 1988, said it "may be the most important election of (the) century."

Walter Mondale told a crowd in 1984 that his contest was "the most important election of our lives." Ronald Reagan concurred, saying that Americans were facing the "most important election in this nation in 50 years." Nancy Reagan, though, who lived through two world wars and a couple of other major conflicts, thought the 1980 election was the most important election of her life.

As elections go, 1976 was "one of the most vital in the history of America," explained Gerald Ford. Both Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy believed the 1960 contest was the most important. "I believe, my friends, that we are faced with the most important election in the history of the country," said Harry Truman in 1952. Before the 1888 election between Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland, The New York Times claimed, "The Republic is approaching what is to be one of the most important elections in its history." In 1856, Stephen Douglas said it was the most important election since 1800.

And maybe he was right. But this midterm is certainly not the most important election in history—or your lifetime. Unless, that is, you're younger than 2.

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  1. I wish OBL was here to set your ignorant ass straight.

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  2. We had a golden chance in 1996 to put Bob Dole in as President, the most important election of my lifetime, and y’all fucked that up.

  3. Important election? You mean the “choice” between Turdy Poophead and Douchey McDoucheface for Congress critter? *yawn*

    Wake me up when someone other than from one of the stale two major parties has an actual shot at winning. In the meantime, I really don’t care which flavor of authoritarian statist happens to win.

    1. You’ve got a choice between someone who is openly hostile to economic liberty while giving lip-service to personal liberty, or someone who is openly hostile to personal liberty while giving lip-service to economic liberty.

      Make a choice!

      Now, God dammit!

      1. I’ve never understood the need Reason has to discourage voting.

        What is the point of these articles?

        And, yes, I’m well aware that David ‘#neverTrump’ Harsanyi writes for the Federalist and that this is just a reprint from there, but if it wasn’t him, it’s be someone else sanctimoniously exhorting the plebs to stay home and sit on their hands.

        Because their vote doesn’t matter, or this election isn’t all that important. Or some other trumped up reason that tends to boil down to sour grapes and little else.

        You all sound like a bunch of sullen spoiled brats. ‘The entire world is wrong because I didn’t get my way’


        1. wrong spot.

        2. America is mostly conservative.

          Reason wants Lefties to win. Reason assumes that lefties are the most mobilized this election to vote.

          Ergo Advocating people to not vote, especially Libertarian voters, might get Lefties a victory.

          1. This doesn’t fit your narrative…

            It seems that “the most important election in the history of the galaxy” is a notion that is mostly, although not exclusively, embraced by those out of power.

            The article is basically ridiculing Democrats in relation to calling 2018 the most important election. If Reason wanted “lefties” to win then they should be jumping on the most important election bandwagon.

            1. Reason has us as an audience. Reason does not want Us to vote Republican or Libertarian. If we wont vote Lefty then they dont want Us to vote.

              Reason already knows that other Lefty outlets are pushing to get the Lefty vote out.

          2. MAGA!

            1. FAGA!

              Every politicians dreams of ways to fuck the public; why should this one be any different?

        3. I read an article about how politicians and media hype every election as the most important election ever, to the point of ridiculousness. The article I read didn’t say anything about encouraging people to stay at home and not vote.

          What article did you read?

          1. The one you have to have the special glasses to see.

  4. To be fair, two years is a political lifetime for congresscritters. If I remember my nigh-school biology class correctly, the larval stage lasts about 20 months before they pupate and blossom into a magical fairy-like creature that flits about sprinkling moondust and rainbows and unicorn poop and then they die somewhere around the second week of November and the grublings start the cycle over again.

  5. You’re right it’s not important. Please don’t vote.

  6. Fear sells, dontcha know?

    1. Yes, fear does sell!
      “Prohibit drugs because if a kid smokes one joint, their whole life is ruined!”

      “Go overseas and get shot in some shithole country, or the commies or terrorists will come here and take over!

      “Give up any right to privacy or personal information, so terrorists won’t blow you up!”

      “Vote for this buffoon right here, because the other team is evil and wants to enslave you!”

      It’s like no one remembers the children’s story about the boy who cried wolf. At some point, people need to start calling out politicians on their bullshit.

      1. Different boys (and girls!), different wolves, every time.

  7. But this time it’s Super Serious! If you don’t elect [team], that Thing You Really Care About will be gone! GONE!

  8. A decade or so ago I fell for the “Most important election ever!” nonsense and voted for one of the majors.

    I still feel dirty when I think about it.

    A lesser of two evils is still evil, and I won’t vote for evil. Never again.

    1. I did the same thing and also feel ashamed. But nowadays I have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Ds and Rs. It’s Ls and write-ins all the way down.

  9. Defeating Hillary wasn’t important? Getting leftists to expose how violent and deranged they are isn’t important? I want to see how Trump deals with the attempted coup.

    1. Trump defeating a Lefty bureaucratic coup is one of the greatest moments in US history.

      If the story of Comey, Hillary, Obama, Rosenstein, Mueller trying to coup the Trump movement does not illustrate how close to the precipice of American Experiment abyss we were, then I guess we dont have many good stories left.

      1. Exactly.

      2. Exactly.

  10. “,,,or don’t have a single nonpartisan synapse firing in your skull.”

    Hey! There was one.

  11. 1820 was the most important election in US history.

  12. Too late. Public life is now all about hysteria, even more important than tribal branding.

    Its the one thing we can agree on, right?

    1. In these troubled times, the one thing bringing us all together is mass hysteria.

  13. I like harsanyi

  14. This is one of the lower stakes elections in a while. The Republicans are almost certainly going to hold the Senate. So, at most it will result in the Democrats having the House but nothing else and really not much power. If the Demcorats win the House, they will spend the next two years going full on crazy but accomplishing nothing except ensuring they lose control again in 2020. If the Republicans keep the House, things will go on as they are only with the Democrats getting crazier but being even more powerless.

    It is all a big meh.

    1. The shitshow will continue either way. But the house does control the budget, so I think Trump with a Dem house will do more damage, given Trump’s love of big spending, and his eagerness to placate dems who want him removed. He obviously doesn’t care about principles and just wants to get re-elected in 2020, so look for him to sign every single payer healthcare, childcare, and free college, bill the dems send to him. Nixon did a similar thing and was re-elected by a landslide.

      1. If I could muster up some fear and outrage, that would be my main concern.

    2. In some ways, this may be a more important midterm than we’ve had in a while. Certainly not “the most important eva!”

      If the Dems get the House–which they probably will–they will likely attempt impeachment on Trump, beginning the unraveling of the American Republic. Once we hit the point of “I don’t like the results of the election, so we’re going to undo it by force” we will start down a similar road to Rome and the procession of coups by the Praetorian Guard.

      That said, you’re pretty much right on about the rest. The Dems will go full-on crazy, and likely alienate the middle more than they already have. And without the Senate, the attempts at impeachment will be mostly for show. So in that respect, there is hope.

      1. Since there is no rational or convincing basis to impeach Trump, I don’t think the Democrats doing it will be the unraveling of the Republic. It will just turn the public off like the Republcans doing it to Clinton did.

        And I am starting to doubt they are going to take the House.

        1. The fact that it has no rational basis will be the beginning of the end. You’re right that it will turn off the public, but it will set the precedent of “We don’t like the results so we can try to rewrite them”. Which will give more legitimacy to the next attempt.

          That said, I have a pretty negative view for the long-term life of the Republic anyways. Going off of The Fate of Empires we’ve probably got ~30 years left before it dies.

          1. Yeah, we’re pretty borked. There just aren’t enough people in this country anymore who believe in the IDEA of America. And the things we’d have to do to fix shit are unpalatable, even to somebody like me who thinks it would be worth it, so we’ll probably never get around to it… But if we do it will be because a full blown civil war has broke out. The one solace I have is that the right will win that 100%. Line towing conservatives in the US certainly have their flaws, but I’d rather be bitching about pot being illegal than the government taking 80% of my money or whatever with the lefties!

  15. This is an important election, just like election 2016 was.

    The USA was near a tipping point where Lefties and RINOs were so dragging down the USA that armed insurrection to overthrow the Socialists government was fast becoming the last resort.

    Trump brought us back from that precipice. He will only have 8 years as president to rollback as much as he can. Trump still has RINOs, Lefties and the MSM fighting to keep the Socialist parts of our system.

    This election will break the Democratic Party even more and they should fracture where only Socialists, SJWs, and other wackos are left. Its also one step closer to getting the GOP the 2/3 state Legislature requirement to hold an Article V Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution.

    1. Helter Skelter!

      1. Okay Charlie.

        Please give us a blow by blow when you run around having your cult kill innocent people to start the race war.

        1. You’re the one advocating for armed insurrection.

          You live in Georgia, which is a short hop to Florida.

          ….You’re the MAGABomber!

    2. Maybe a touch overly dramatic, but not far from the mark.

      If Clinton had won, the INSANE shit she would be trying to do right now… It probably would have had the right in the USA on the verge of armed insurrection. The half + of this country that kinda believes in the idea of America is getting pretty fucking tired of this shit.

      I still think there are better than 50/50 odds we’re going to have a civil war in the next couple decades. Perhaps far sooner. The only alternative is to allow some secession of some sort, which will release the pressure by allowing people with different opinions to go their own way. I still opt for California, Oregon, and Washington up to just north of Seattle being cut loose. We can keep a west coast port by building out something north of Seattle, and the commies can have the rest of the west coast. It would rebalance things nicely at the national level, especially after self sorting of people happened.

      If that don’t happen, a shooting war is almost certainly coming. Unless the right wing somehow completely dominates the left politically without shooting… But that seems impossible too. So it’s probably just civil war time soon.

  16. Good luck in getting the stupid-ass Obama leftards not to freak out, because even they now are beginning to realize that the “big blue wave” they talked themselves into for the last several months isn’t actually going to happen.

    1. I know… If it ends up being a red wave, which isn’t impossible… Their freaking out will be EPIC. I hope to see lots of ACTUAL crying again, like happened in 2016. I was SO happy watching progtards literally cry because Trump won. It almost brought a tear of joy to my eye… But I’m a man, so I don’t cry!

  17. I’ve never understood the need Reason has to discourage voting.

    What is the point of these articles?

    And, yes, I’m well aware that David ‘#neverTrump’ Harsanyi writes for the Federalist and that this is just a reprint from there, but if it wasn’t him, it’s be someone else sanctimoniously exhorting the plebs to stay home and sit on their hands.

    Because their vote doesn’t matter, or this election isn’t all that important. Or some other trumped up reason that tends to boil down to sour grapes and little else.

    You all sound like a bunch of sullen spoiled brats. ‘The entire world is wrong because I didn’t get my way’


    1. I read an article about how politicians and media hype every election as the most important election ever, to the point of ridiculousness. The article I read didn’t say anything about encouraging people to stay at home and not vote.

      What article did you read?

      1. The same one you did.

        From my comment–

        or this election isn’t all that important

        One can write and extend a point, sarc.

        Around every election these articles come out. The one about how your vote actually doesn’t matter. The one about how this election isn’t the most important evar. The ones about how you shouldn’t be swayed by ‘tribe’ unless it’s some third party tribe. There are several types.

        Politicians and media hype elections to get people to go out and vote..

        What is the purpose of the articles that hype the reverse?

        What is gained by discouraging voting?

        1. All the article says is that the hype surrounding elections is nothing short of ridiculous.

          It then lists off a bunch of examples.

          It doesn’t say people shouldn’t vote. Doesn’t even imply it. It simply ridicules those who claim every election is the most important election ever. That’s it.

          1. Here, let me say this simply.

            Around election time, Reason prints articles that discount the importance of an individual vote, or discount the importance of an election, or discount the way we vote, or the fact that two parties dominate or any number of a whole host of things that appear to undermine the entire concept of voting at all.

            This is one of that type of article.

            Are you still with me?

            I used it as a jumping off point to pose my question, namely, “What is the point of these articles?” and “What is gained by discouraging voting?”

            I don’t know why understanding this eludes you so, but I hope this helps you to grasp my comments.

    2. At election time, no one’s vote matters. But somehow Trump is a threat to the Republic and all that is right and good. If elections don’t matter, then politics and politicians don’t matter. Reason needs to figure out which it is and stick with it.

      And Harsanyi is just an elitist who will likely never get over Trump making such a fool of him. Harsanyi assured the world that Trump would be destroyed in the election. When Trump won the election, Harsanyi was certain that Trump would be the most dangerous President ever!! Meanwhile Trump has accomplshed a ton of things that Harsanyi claims to support and whatever you think of his policies, there is no rational case that he is any worse than the prior two presidents let alone anything clsoe to what Harsanyi claims he was going to be. If Harsanyi had any shame, he would feel foolish and perhaps do some self reflection about how he could be so wrong. Since like all of these selt appointed intellectual betters Hersanyi has no shame and is incapable of self reflection, he just rants and raves and sees what might stick.

    3. Look, at least unlike most who work here at Reason now, Harsanyi is the real deal. As in, he gives it to both the republicans and the democrats in equal measure.

      He’s not one of these lying fugazi asswipes who says that Obama deserves no blame whatsoever for the trillions of dollars of national debt accumulated during his eight years, or anything else for that matter. That ought to count for something, no?

    4. It’s reasonable to expect citizens to vote in elections even if they aren’t “the most important in their lifetimes.”

  18. As the power of the government increases the importance of who controls that power also increases.
    Therefore each election truly is more important than each previous election….

  19. Dems seem to be touting two themes as to why this election is so important: Republicans are going to take away your healthcare, and if RBG dies they will name another hard-right SCOTUS who will take away women’s rights for generations to come. If any of that were true, then their claims about the importance of this election would also be true.
    Fortunately, it is only fear mongering fund raising tactics. The Republicans have their own tactics too.

    1. Both of those things are hopefully true.

      The Lefties are on the run now. Enough Americans have decided that Lefty bullshit has got to stop and will vote anything but Lefty.

  20. It’s a choice between holding the line at mediocrity (Republicans) or handing power to nuts (Democrats).

    I don’t think it’s an existential matter, though one can only know this in hindsight.

  21. This election is about virtue signaling your # resist or flaunting your MAGA boner. The only votes I plan to cast are for the Libertarian US senate candidate Matt Waters, and our friend who is running for school board. Otherwise, I would stay home.

  22. It doesn’t but I am torn between wanting to see the Democrats who have been talking about being the real majority and screaming at clouds losing for lols and the promise of sweet sweet gridlock.

  23. I have never bought into “this is the most important election ever” rhetoric. All elections are important. This is a more important midterm election than usual, because of the need to have at least one House of Congress under Democratic control to put a check on an incompetent and delusional President. But the rhetoric coming from some Democrats is hyperbolic.

  24. Hey, anything you can do to tamp down enthusiasm on the right, I’m for.

    For those of us actually paying attention, this election is pretty important, if the goal is protecting individual liberty. Republicans want to consolidate one-party control of government on the federal level and in as many states as possible, and we can be assured that, when and if they do consolidate that kind of control, a period of corruption, expansion of state power, and erosion of individual rights will follow. That is the strategy, that is the goal. What makes 2018 so important in this regard is: the looming retirements of one or more left-leaning SCOTUS justices; the 2020 census, which has already been subject to partisan manipulation, and the related redistricting battles; the large number of state legislatures already within Republican control, putting Republicans within stone’s-throw of amending the Constitution unilaterally; and a number of presidential maneuvers Trump is keeping in the back pocket until after the election.

    If you want to know the outcome of the Mueller investigation – whatever it turns out to be; if you think the president should be subject to meaningful congressional oversight and constraints; if you believe that our economy should not be manipulated by a president doing favors to well-connected companies and industries; you need to vote against the Republicans in 2020. If not, get used to living in our own version of the Turkish model.

    1. Other than depriving you of the right to have someoen else pay for your sex change operation, what rights do they evil Republcans plan to take from you?

      1. Only suffrage and equality under the law. Well, probably more.

        1. Just get your f’n ID already.

          1. And make sure that your ID, birth certificate, and voter registration spell your name the exact same way. And make sure you fill out those cards they send you to make sure you still live where you say you live. And make sure you figure out how to get to the polls on a workday, particularly if they keep closing them down for, y’know, “budgetary reasons.” And make sure you don’t try to register by letting a third party organization fill anything out for you or mail it in on your behalf. And….

            1. Doesn’t seem all that complicated, if 137 million Americans figured it out last time.

            2. SimonP|10.26.18 @ 2:24PM|#

          2. Anybody who is too incompetent to have some form of legal ID, DOES NOT deserve to be voting.

            Universal suffrage is a bullshit idea in the first place. That’s why the founders DID NOT have universal suffrage, and neither did any other government with democratic elements. Morons are not qualified to vote, and their voting is largely responsible for the destruction of the nation.

            But requiring ID to vote is so incredibly easy, that anybody who can’t figure that out DEFINITELY shouldn’t be voting.

        2. A bakery or floral shop is not a courtroom. Leave people alone you authoritarian proglodyte.

      2. Freedom of assembly (by expanding riot and conspiracy-to-riot criminal liability for protests that result in property damage); freedom of speech (by pushing the limits of “material support for terrorism” laws, a now-acknowledged exception from the First Amendment); rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures (through expanded reliance on civil asset forfeiture (encouraged by Sessions’ DOJ), mandated “back doors” on our devices, expanded authority under the PATRIOT ACT, and so on); birthright citizenship; right to equal protection under the law.

        I mean, those are just a few of the explicit constitutional rights that Republicans have their sights set on. When it comes to things like privacy rights (i.e., right to abortion, contraception, or consensual sex), economic rights (Trump’s economic agenda is all about picking winners and losers), or voting rights, the Republicans are coming for those, too.

        1. “I mean, those are just a few of the explicit constitutional rights that Republicans have their sights set on.”

          You’re 10 years and one political party out of date, but that’s about par for your bullshit.

        2. There’s small slivers of truth in like 2 of those things… All the rest are either fever dreams, or they’re GOOD things.

          People who riot and destroy property, and can be identified, shouldn’t get in trouble? Fuck off! Birthright citizenship? Also a horrible idea, that almost no other nation on earth has. We SHOULD end it. It would actually be a large step towards allowing more people to come work here on work visas, which could be a good thing.

        3. Birthright citizenship is actually not a thing

          Anchor Babies

  25. I just want to see Trump’s tax documents.

    1. Those are filed under Communist Manifesto, Plank 2. Take a look at the Nixon media subsidies while you’re in there.

  26. Finally! A voice of Reason with full context! Rats are swimming from the Kleptocracy to the LP. Every loss of a State Legislator seat costs a gang of looters close to 90 grand a year plus the chance to retire at 50 with a huge pension to gratefully funnel part of back into the soft machine. The mystical lodges, klaverns and temples of voodoo convulsions no longer spew forth mindless believers. The communist parties providing the heat ending for lay parasitism are also withered relics incapable of inspiring much more than a 2-Minute Hate. Nineteenth-century mercantilism and communism are obsolete, but will spare no amount of screeching to call attention AWAY from the 20th-Century post-Nuremberg party of non-aggression. Let them scream. There is an OFF button on the telescreen.

  27. It’s the most important election in the same way that the next WWE Smackdown will be the championship to end all championships.

  28. “It would be very important for Democrats to retain control of the Senate. Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if the Republicans win the Senate. It’s really important,” she said on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Nancy Pelosi September 2014

    “Civilization as we know it today is at risk in this election. We have to win,” Pelosi responded. “We have to win.” Nancy Pelosi, July, 2018

    I predict whatever happens civilization will again be at risk of ending in 2020. The apocalypse seems to occur on two year cycles.

  29. “More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads.

    One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness.

    The other, to total extinction.

    Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”

    –Woody Allen

  30. But if *they* win, then they’ll just spend too much money and increase the scope of government!
    It is super important!

  31. 2016 might really have been though. We had a chance to stop the fiscal disaster, by electing a 2-term governor who would have balanced the budget in 8 years, and didn’t do it.

    1. As big a goober as he was, and as blatantly wrong as he was on some stuff, GJ’s policies would obviously have been way better than Trump or Clinton.

      The problem is, if he HAD won… He wouldn’t be getting anything done. He doesn’t have the juice to get congress to do what he wants. The media would DESTROY HIM, like they do most Republicans too, because he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to them like Trump does.

      But if he somehow magically got everything he wanted, it would be sweet, even with some of his bad ideas.

  32. In My Opinion The most important election year in recent American history was 2010.


  34. YES, politicians hype EVERY election as the most important EVAR! This one is probably not that important… UNLESS there is a Red Wave, in which case it could become very important. But any realistic scenario, it won’t matter much.

    But anybody who says that NO elections are more important than others… Are you retarded?

    1860, if Abe Lincoln had lost… The US might not have ever had a civil war. The ripple effects from that are INCALCULABLE. It mattered… A LOT.

    1932… We might not have an extra couple tens of trillions in unfunded liabilities had that commie FDR not won the election. We ALSO might not have got involved in WWII, or certainly not as early as we did. MAJORLY important election.

    And lots of others had single major event things too. Stuff like when certain amendments to the constitution were the major issue of the day, or when we were having the gold/silver monetary battles.

    Lots of them have had major effects over time.

    1. Now, 2016 WAS another big one.

      I really do think the US is on the verge of being beyond saving in the next decade or so. We’re really already beyond it being EASILY savable… But we might be able to salvage something that is at least somewhat like America.

      If over the next decade, the Dems controlled all 3 branches of the Feds, America would be 110% DONE forever. Never to return, barring violent civil war and political cleansings.

      If Clinton had won, we’d be that much further along. Trump kind of put the brakes on things, but hasn’t really fixed the fundamental problems we’re facing. But even putting on the brakes is pretty worthwhile, and getting somebody Trump like was about the only thing that would have put the brakes on things.

      I don’t know that this mid term matters much… But I do think how the next 2-3 election cycles plays out will determine if America turns into a socialist police state, or perhaps limps along as a watered down version of what America was supposed to be.

  35. I don’t know how historically important in the long run this mid-term election will be, but I am becoming increasingly hopeful that tens of millions of Democrat heads that exploded in 2016 at the Trump victory and have slowly regenerated will be exploding again in less than a fortnight.

    Sooner or later the effort of regenerating new heads and trying to fill them up with thoughts, whether almost sane or completely crazy, will be beyond their available psychological energy.

  36. Every election is important. But some are more consequential than others.

    And those who choose not to vote are, in their own way, expressing themselves politically whether they or anyone else realizes it or not.

  37. The presidential election of 1789 was actually the most important in history, at least until 1792.

  38. Technically, you’re unlikely to know what was the most important election of your lifetime until afterwards, in retrospect.

  39. Ross Perot, to bad he didn’t win.

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