Teen Suing Two Cops for Rape Gets Hospital Visit From Nine Others on Force

The two NYPD officers admitted they had sex with the young woman in their custody but claim it was consensual.



While 18-year-old Anna Chambers was seeking treatment for sexual assault, nine New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers stopped by the Brooklyn medical center where her mom had driven her after the alleged attack.

It was hardly a friendly visit, according to Chambers' lawyers. The two men Chambers was accusing of rape were narcotics officers Richard Hall and Eddie Martins, the Coney Island cops who had pulled over her friends and her earlier in the evening. The officers allegedly forced a handcuffed Chambers to have oral sex with them in the back of their unmarked police van after finding a friends' prescription drugs in her bag.

Their NYPD colleagues came to the Maimonides Medical Center later that night in September in an attempt to bully her into silence, according to Chambers.

"They came with nine cops to intimidate her and her mom, to discourage them from coming forward and reporting the rape and sex assault," attorney Michael David, who is representing Chambers, told the New York Post last week.

One officer allegedly "kept saying to Anna and her mom, 'How do you know they were real cops?'" and told them, "'you don't know what you're talking about. Your daughter doesn't know what she's talking about.'"

A medical exam and rape kit given at the hospital found DNA on Chambers that matched officers Hall and Martins.

The two NYPD officers later admitted to having sex with Chambers in their police van after pulling her over and taking her into custody, but they claimed that (somehow) this sex was consensual.

Both resigned from the police force but pleaded not guilty to a 50-count criminal indictment and are free on bail.

They are also facing a $50 million civil lawsuit filed by Chambers against them and the city. Chambers' lawyer said they intend to add the lead officer who spoke with her at the hospital to the claim.

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  1. Their NYPD colleagues came to the Maimonides Medical Center later that night in September in an attempt to bully her into silence…

    If only there was a law against witness tampering.

    1. Or witness intimidation.


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    2. Silly, how can you obstruct justice when you are justice?

    3. But, Cops are our friends!!!

  2. but they claimed that (somehow) this sex was consensual.

    The sex was so consensual that 9 other officers of the law showed up afterwards to convince her that she had no agency when she consented.

    1. I think they were probably looking for free “handouts”.

  3. Jesus Christ. So is the Prosecutor going to consider charging these 9 thugs with the class E felony that is 3rd degree witness intimidation in NY?

    1. It would be interesting if one or more of them interacted with their union representative in the process of bringing this little fiasco to pass. I’m no RICO expert but it would seem to be a cut and dry case of organized intimidation and corruption to protect jobs/pensions.

      1. Yeah. But sadly I would be willing to bet a couple grand that no matter the evidence the prosecutor wouldn’t even consider indicting them let alone using RICO against the union.

        It does look like a textbook case of intimidation from the info available though.

        Quis custodiet ipsos custodes…

      2. Even if prosecutors were completely willing, using RICO against the Union will be practically impossible unless someone was taping the conversation or they were stupid enough to send an illegal order through e-mail. I trust that most cops are good, but how many are willing to go that far against their comrades? Aside from the betrayal of trust, they risk getting themselves shot.

        1. > . I trust that most cops are good,


        2. … they risk getting themselves shot.

          When this is a real concern, you know your comrades are of the soviet mold; that moment when you realize that birds of a feather flock together …

  4. I mean, nothing gets me in the mood for it like being handcuffed and tossed in the back of a van.

    1. Not even the possibility of a nine-man train being run on you and your mom in a hospital room?

  5. Something about bad apples, most of them are good, don’t generalize…blah blah…

    Long past are the days when it was respectable to be a cop in America.

    1. I thought it was one bad apple spoils the bunch?

  6. they claimed that (somehow) this sex was consensual.

    “Hey, she didn’t bite off our dicks, right?”

    1. She didn’t “say” no. She might have mumbled something…

  7. Seems like the absolute best case for the narcs is that she (sort of) voluntarily traded sex for leniency. Which would still be big time corruption and bribery stuff. And I would contend that actual, freely given consent can’t really happen when someone is in police custody.

    1. Indeed.

      As it turns out, you can’t rape a woman as long as you threaten her with something first.

      Example: Have sex with me, or I curb stomp your teeth. See, she consented to have sex with me! You can tell, because the bitch still has teeth.

      The More You Know ?

      1. True enough, also since the Supreme Court has decided that law enforcement is allowed to break the law while enforcing the law, cops can really do no wrong anymore.

  8. That’s a lot of horrible psychopaths who all know each other and have the same job. Must have been a bad day at the apple orchard when they were plucked.

    1. Not so pro-government today, eh Tony?


      1. Seriously. Lucid by his standards.

        1. Tony often has brief periods when his meds are in balance and the stars align, and he posts something coherent and even intelligent. Granted, this is maybe one post in twenty, so it’s easy to miss.

      2. Call me a libertarian who understands that local governments, not just the federal one, exist too, and are actually the more immediate threat to our lives and liberty.

        Or: not a “The South will rise again!” type.

        1. Even when you’re right, you’re an insufferable asshole.

          1. Take what you can get.

        2. Call me a libertarian

          Since when? You’ve been a hard-core leftard for as long as I’ve seen you posting here.


          1. In fairness, he didn’t say he was a libertarian, only that you should call him one. Hey, maybe if enough people call me a racehorse, I’ll win next year’s Kentucky Derby!

      3. Have you considered the possibility that he’s not being sarcastic?

    2. Must have been a bad day at the apple orchard when they were plucked.

      This would make sense if it were the wild west; where the good people of the town might get stuck and just hang a gold star on the next walking corpse that couldn’t run away fast enough.

      Instead, these officers are the best and the brightest. Selected from their peers for their predisposition to uphold and serve and are subsequently highly trained in order to bring their law enforcement skills to a razor’s edge.

      To be fair, given the outcome, I could see how you would confuse such a well-refined and highly-tuned recruitment and enforcement apparatus with blind, random groping.

      1. Or maybe the only reason they even bothered to learn to read is so that they could get a job that lets them rape and murder with impunity.

        1. Which doesn’t change the fact that the system designed to thoroughly vet and reject them failed to do so multiple times and at several levels.

          I hear if you polish a turd hard enough you can see your reflection in it.

            1. Which? Seeing your reflection or Tony’s?

              1. Killer fact: regardless of the facial expression he actually has on, Tony’s reflection always appears to be sneering.

      2. Selected from their peers for their predisposition to uphold and serve

        The primary correlating attributes of which are veteran status, New York state residency, and nonwhite race if the scoring system for civil servants’ exams are of any use as a guide.

  9. If this is all true, NYPD acted pretty much like Mafia thugs and here’s hoping Chambers takes them to the cleaners.

    Fucken scumbag pedo-pricks.

    1. Takes us to the cleaners you mean. The cops will get slaps and tickles.

  10. The two NYPD officers later admitted to having sex with Chambers in their police van after pulling her over and taking her into custody, but they claimed that (somehow) this sex was consensual.

    Social contract, bitches. By not moving to another country and renouncing her citizenship, Chambers implicitly agreed to pay confiscatory tax ratesoffer up her young body in exchange for not having bullshit charges brought against her on the whim of badged psychopaths.

    1. I was starting to feel bad when you called me insufferable, so thanks for confirming what a dumbshit you are whose opinion means less than ass.

      Rhetorically you are letting the rape cops off the hook with this inane bullshit, you realize?

      1. You are absolutely immune to sarcasm? What a treat daily life must be for you!

        Of course, it’s worse than that, because statist nonsense of the same sort is accepted without blinking an eye.

        1. What sarcasm? He is offering up stale nihilistic crap that argues that rape cops are inevitable because of the existence of civilization. Which kind of implies that nothing can or should be done to stop more raping cops.

          1. This is question begging, asshole.

          2. Oh, i see. You’re mad about those times i called YOU a nihilist, but aren’t smart enough to come back with anything more pointed than yelling “government is civilization” with your fingers in your ears.

      2. I’m leaving it up to the DA to eventually let the rape cops off the hook, Tony. Sorry you don’t understand the implications of a monopoly on the initiation of force – you’d think after nearly a decade of commenting here you’d have picked up some aspects of libertarian thought, but that would require an intellectual depth and open-mindedness that is far beyond what you’re capable of.

        1. The implications of a monopoly on legitimate force is that we are freed from anarchy, in which everyone can legitimately initiate force for whatever reason they choose.

          Instead of contributing to a discussion about how to root out imperfections and corruptions in the system, you simply shut your brain off and blame your ideological boogeyman as you do for every other problem in the world.

          1. I didn’t ask for a demonstration of intellectual shallowness, but thanks for giving one anyway, i guess.

            Step 1: burn that strawman
            Step 2: read some minds
            Step 3 (optional): call everyone who doesn’t find your vacuity compelling an idiot

          2. Bullshit. Polycentric law is how common law came to be. In the middle ages, the Crown had little or nothing to do with disputes among the common folk, and they instituted their own courts to resolve them. Occasionally there were royally created courts to hear the same kinds of cases that common law courts had been deciding for centuries. They all competed for business. The best won.

            People know how to organize themselves without violence/monopoly government. We don’t need authoritarians like Tony to tell us what to do or how to do it.

  11. I’d like to congratulate ENB for using a photo of the cops who had sex with a handcuffed woman rather than the victim’s picture (gleaned from Facebook or some such place), but for all I know, in this case, necessity may have been the mother of ethical convention.

    1. You can’t wait for the baby otter rape article.

      1. Alleged otter rape.

        1. ^^^
          Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

  12. All nine of them wanted to make sure she was alright. Holy moly, TReasonn!

  13. Mayors and Police Departments love nothing more than a court case proving they engage in Blue Wall/Code of silence. See Anthony Abbate and how Chicago rushed to settle it .

  14. The fact that these cops thought that visiting a witness would be a good idea is how detached from reality most cops are.

    Anybody but government employees would have been arrested for witness intimidation.

    1. Government is here to help. Government loves us. Tony assures us so. Whatever mysterious reasons were behind this behavior, it was surely for the greater good. Remember, as bad as cop rape is, at least it’s not anarchy.

      1. Government is civilization, decentralization is chaos, The Purge is a documentary, and all of human nature was definitively mapped out by Thomas Hobbes in 1651.

        1. But you are, are you not, endorsing a form of government that does not have a monopoly on the use of legitimate force? Which, according to my dictionary, is no form of government at all, since that’s the entire definition of a government. So if not anarchy, what? How do we maintain anarchy or whatever it is you call it? How do we prevent people from seizing power? Nobody will be mean to anyone because everyone will be free and unicorns and lollipops and blowjobs?

          1. Did you finally admit that government in its most base form is force? It took a long time to get here, but let me be the first to congratulate you on this step. Just six more to go (we don’t have as many as AA).

          2. I have long detested the idea that government has a monopoly on the legitimate use of force. To think this is true is simply reprehensible. First off, aggressive force is never legitimate, no matter who is exercising it. Secondly, the right to the defensive use of force is the most basic and universal of human rights. If you do not have such a right, then all other rights are conditional and ultimately meaningless. If you choose to surrender this right, you are effectively declaring yourself an eternal child, perpetually dependent on the mercy and benevolence of others. As a wild-eyed libertarian, I naturally respect your right to make such a choice, but I do not recognize any right for you to give up my rights.

            Now, if you want to argue that ceding a monopoly on retaliatory force to government makes for a more peaceful society, you might be able to make a convincing case. If the (inevitably self-interested) victims of aggression are left to decide when retaliatory force is legitimate, we risk getting locked into a self-perpetuating cycle of vendetta. The idea that involving a (hopefully disinterested) third party in such decisions will result in more just and peaceful outcomes is the only even remotely convincing argument I’ve ever heard for the legitimacy of government.

          3. > So if not anarchy, what?

            ANARCHY, now, bitches!

  15. The two rapists deserve everything they get, but the bigger issue (from a societal standpoint) are the nine that tried to protect the two. We could clean up law enforcement to an acceptable level in no time if not for all the cops protecting each other.

    All nine should be fired and lose their pensions. Make that the standard punishment for cops protecting bad cops and they’ll stop doing it.

  16. Were the officers (either the ones having sex or the ones visiting the hospital room) on the clock?

  17. Pigs gonna be pigs

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