Hate crimes

No Rise in Hate-Crime Rate Since 2004

"Hate crimes" suspected to be motivated by racial bias have dropped, but those perceived to be motivated by gender bias nearly doubled.



There was no significant rise in American "hate crimes" between 2004 and 2015, according to a new analysis from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). But the types of prejudice suspected in such incidents has shifted, with crimes peceived to be motivated by racial bias on the wane but those seen as motivated by gender or gender-identity bias spiking.

Despite the now-popular perception that bias-based violence is getting worse overall, "the rate of violent hate crime victimization" in 2015 "was not significantly different from the rate in 2004," BJS reports. And this absence of a statistically significant change "held true for violent hate crimes both reported and unreported to police."

The Department of Justice (DOJ) defines hate crimes as those "that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, gender or gender identity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity."

The new BJS analysis report is based on data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), which relies on surveying a representative sample of U.S. residents, as well as the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) survey, which includes crime reports from law-enforcement agencies. UCR data relies on the DOJ definition of hate crimes, while the crime-victimization survey includes crimes perceived by victims to be motivated by a bias related to race, gender, etc.

About 41 percent of people who reported hate crimes on NCVS surveys during 2003-15 said they filed a police report about the incident, and about 14 percent of these incidents (14,380) were designated by police to be hate crimes. The remaining 86 percent "were classified as hate crimes in the NCVS because the offender used hate language or left hate symbols at the crime scene," the BJS notes.

In 2015, hate crime made up one percent of total incidents reported in the national crime survey. The most common type of suspected bias was based on race (48 percent)—down from 62 percent in 2007. Crimes perceived to be motivated by gender bias rose from 15 percent in 2007 to 29 percent in 2015.

Thirty-five percent of NVCS hate-crime reports in 2015 were perceived to be motivated by ethnic bias, 29 percent by gender bias, 22 percent sexual-orientation bias, 17 percent religious bias, and 16 percent disability bias. The number one indicator of bias reported was "the offenders' use of hate language," according to BJS, reported by 99 percent of those who say they were victims of hate crimes.

Fewer than 1 in 10 hate crime victims reported that the offender left hate symbols at the scene (5 percent) or that the victimization was confirmed to be a hate crime by police investigators (7 percent).

Overall, about 90 percent of NCVS-reported hate crimes involved violence, and about 29 percent were serious violent crimes (rape or sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault). … The majority of hate crimes were simple assaults (62 percent), followed by aggravated assault (18 percent), robbery (8 percent), and theft (7 percent).

NCVS data does not contain info on crimes against businesses, churches, and non-private property. UCR data contains both these crimes and crime against persons and private property that were reported to police. Based on UCR averages, there were 8,370 offenses designated as U.S. hate crimes each year.

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  1. Hate crime math: 2 + 2 = more 4

    1. … more 4 reporting

      … more 4 legislation

      … more 4 outrage

  2. Speaking of crime, what are the chances of this happening in the USA instead of some swampy backwater like Bangkok?


    1. Only happened because he didn’t yell “Fuck the king”.

    2. A more serious answer is that it’s the culture, and I don’t mean Asian or Thai, I mean US cops have made a bed of swagger and SWAT raids and violent reaction to anything less than obeisance when they confront somebody. Not all cops, of course, but as usual, the good cops condone the swagger and violence by refusing to condemn it.

      Cops like having such a bad reputation, and the reap what they sow.

    3. If one night in Bangkok makes a strong man crumble, then a lifetime of it must have an unbelievable impact.

  3. on the wane but those seen as motivated by gender or gender-identity bias spiking.

    The exact same way sightings of child-molesting-satanists spiked in the late 80s?

    1. No, I haven’t been active lately.

      1. Watch out, you’ll get subpoenaed!

    2. Where have all the clowns gone?

  4. This just in: the notion of ‘hate crimes’ is illogical and often recorded based upon the pre-conceived conclusions already reached by the author of these studies. Nominal libertarians hardest hit

  5. Shouldn’t we be widening the net as far as defining hate crimes? I mean, wasn’t what Odell Beckham Jr. did to Lena Dunham basically a hate crime?

    Yes, hate crimes are definitely on the rise.

    1. wasn’t what Odell Beckham Jr. did to Lena Dunham basically a hate crime?

      It wasn’t basically a hate crime, it was literally a hate crime.

    2. She apologized for that, so it’s all good.

    3. Most things Lena Dunham does is a hate crime against women.

  6. Something nobody ever has the balls to point out about hate crime studies: black people are disproportionately likely to commit hate crimes. It’s been like that for at least a decade.

    Look at table 10:
    Blacks were 37.7% of offenders and whites were 34.3%.

    “Whites and blacks accounted for a similar proportion of violent hate crime offenders. ” despite there being 6X more white people in this country.

    Black people were 14.5% of race-based hate crime victims, pretty close to their population size. The race breakdown actually pretty closely matches the population breakdown.

    Until people are honest about these statistics, we’ll never have an “honest” conservation about anything.

    Also, “Hate language” constituted the only evidence in 98.7% of hate crimes.

    1. Also, in the print because it didn’t fit in any graphs, it says

      “This was an average of eight hate crime homicides per year in the United States during this 12-year period”
      Page 8

      So Muslim terrorists kill far more people than hate crimes. Why is fearmongering about Muslims bad but fearmongering about hate crimes good?

    2. So the colorblind thing is literal then?

      1. Everything is black and white.

      2. Yes I am literally colorblind. All I did was point out direct numbers and lines from the report. These numbers demonstrably shut down all of the prevailing narratives about “hate” in America, which I believe is the most tolerant country in the whole goddamn world.

        We have 330,000,000 people in this country. There is no epidemic of hate or violence in this country, and I hate people who try to make it out that way, especially when the actual statistics rebuke nearly all of their main narratives.

        I’m just trying to have the “honest conversation” everybody’s always claiming to want.

        1. America, which I believe is the most tolerant country in the whole goddamn world.

          I think you are right about that. It’s crazy that people think otherwise. It’s especially funny that people seem to think that Europe is better. Even with all their hate speech laws and stuff, casual racism is incredibly common there. There may be more hard core racists in the US, but they are the fringe of the fringe in terms of political or social acceptance.

          1. I think you are right about that. It’s crazy that people think otherwise.

            I read an interesting article within the last couple of years that looked at this from a sociological perspective.

            It argued that in the US, as in contrast to Europe, “racism/bigotry” has completely crossed the line into “deviant behavior.”

            The result of this is that, culturally, Americans “see” it everywhere and call it out and condemn it wherever they think they see it.

            Europe, in contrast, hasn’t yet developed this attitude, and casual racism, as you say, is common in Europe in a way that is striking and weird to an American.

            There then emerges this strange dynamic where Europeans see the US as being positively plagued by racism because everyone in the US is constantly shrieking about it, while there’s widespread belief in both Europe and the US that racism is not as much of a thing in Europe. And this despite the really obvious ghettoization of non-European populations in Europe.

            1. You have engaged in unapproved thought. That is a hate crime. You are ordered to report to Camp 42 for re-education.

        2. …and I hate people… Criminal!!

          But in seriousness, you are right. The SJWs have somehow taken over the narrative of “polite” society and have removed huge areas of discussion from the table. No nuance is allowed. No good-faith disagreement is allowed.

          And as for the people who support this nonsense, it’s virtue signaling all the way down.

        3. These numbers demonstrably shut down all of the prevailing narratives about “hate” in America,

          I think you and three friends would have to use these numbers to literally and physically beat a mentally-handicapped person on Facebook Live to even begin to overcome the din on this narrative for a period of time between 1 wk. and 1 mo.

        4. Where did you get the notion that anyone [especially any one who would need to hear it] wants anything to do with an “honest conversation” about anything.

          It’s all about the narrative. What fits, and what doesn’t.

      3. So the colorblind thing is literal then?

        Yes, all goats are colorblind.

  7. crimes peceived to be motivated by racial bias on the wane but those seen as motivated by gender or gender-identity bias spiking

    Does this mean women, or men who want to be women, or women who want to be men, are in danger?

    I’m scared you guys.

    1. Isn’t equating gender bias and gender-identity bias a hate crime?

    2. Consult your intersectionality scorecard.

  8. Funny how the lead paragraph, provided by the Assoc. Press to my local newspaper this morning, says “Most victims of hate crimes don’t report them to police, according to a new study that advocates say reinforces fears that the Trump administration’s tough rhetoric and policies will make more people afraid to come forward.” It goes on to say that there were 250,000 hate crimes each year between 2004 and 2015 but “more than half went unreported.” So the Bureau is just guessing at the number of “hate crimes.”

    1. The vast majority of these crimes were mean words and “verbal assault”, which is an oxymoron.

      1. Either an oxymoron or redundant.

        Is it supposed to mean “I’m gonna kick your ass faggot” which would be an actual assault (if an actual immediate threat). Or just saying cruel things?

  9. what of Friendly Crime?

    1. You mean like secretly drugging a person with rohypnol so they forget what you did to them?

      1. secretly drugging a person so they forget what *they* did…friendly-like

        1. Oh. That’s just classy and respectful.

      2. It spares them the trauma. The thing with the chocolate and wooden spoon will leave lasting scars.

    2. what of Friendly Crime?

      It’s covered under Title IX.

  10. I’m glad that, as a white man, every time I’ve been randomly beaten with a lead pipe my attacker has been completely calm and dispassionate. They never make any slurs or anything to ruin things. They just smile calmly and break my shins.

    1. As someone pointed out above, according to the statistics, blacks disproportionately commit hate crimes.

      1. I’m glad that’s the take away from my shit posting.

    2. The Girl Scouts have their reasons.

  11. Funny. I read another news source that tried to claim hate crimes are on the rise because most hate crimes are not reported. I wonder if that was bullshit…

  12. This is somewhat surprising.
    I’d have guessed the victim class would have simply kept changing the definition to keep ‘hate crimes’ as the ‘#1 rising crime!!!’.

    1. It’s not for lack of trying, I’m sure.

  13. Pointing out the lack of rise in hate crimes is in fact itself a hate crime.

    1. If the statistics cited are correct that blacks commit disproportionately more hate crimes than hating hate crimes is a hate crime.

  14. Hate crimes are almost certainly underreported.

    The Department of Justice has estimated that nearly 260,000 hate crimes were committed every year between 2007 and 2011. But the F.B.I.’s annual total of hate crimes nationwide typically hovers around 5,000. The F.B.I. count relies on voluntary reports from local law enforcement agencies, many of which choose not to report their data. And hate crime laws vary from state to state; five states have no hate crime laws at all. As a result, thousands of hate crimes every year are probably missing from official statistics, making it harder for law enforcement to fight the problem and for the public to understand its true scope.

    ** 2016 was a horrible year for anti-Semitic hate crimes. 2017 is much worse.
    ** 2017 U.S. Anti-Semitic Incidents Spike 86 Percent So Far in 2017 After Surging Last Year, ADL Finds
    ** 2016 Hate Crimes Against Muslims in US Continue to Rise in 2016
    ** 2017 Report: Bias, Hate Crimes Against Muslims Spike
    ** 2017 Hate Crimes In The Trump Era Increasingly Go Unreported
    ** SPLC Has Seen Rise In Hate Crime, Domestic Terrorism Attacks : NPR http://www.npr.org/2017/05/27/…..sm-attacks

    1. What are you going to believe, actual fucking DATA or the DoJ’s “estimate” based on the SPLC?

      1. I think this stuff actually fools a lot of otherwise smart people. They’re skeptical when the American corn growers association says corn syrup is healthier than sugar, but can’t make the same connections with this stuff.

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