Brickbat: You Are Going for a Ride, Grandpa


Martin Brayley /

An Ottawa County, Kansas, sheriff's deputy used a Taser on a 91-year-old man with Alzheimer's at a nursing home after the man refused to get in a car for a trip to the doctor. The man's family says deputies later broke the man's wrist while handcuffing him. He died two months after the incident.

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  1. Why would anybody call the po-po on a nonagenarian with dementia for being uncooperative? Might as well call the cops on an infant.

    1. They’re nursing home workers. I’m guessing they’re getting paid minimum wage to change soiled bed sheets, and not have to deal with elderly dementia patients. If they actually tried to restrain him, and injured him in the process that’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

      Imagine if some 18 year old former HS linebacker working his way through college by washing soiled bedsheets and flipping comatose patients over so they don’t have bedsores tried to restrain a patient. He might do it wrong, since he was never trained on how to properly restrain elderly dementia patients. So the they bumped it up the ladder to the local cops, and let the taxpayers pay for it.

      1. If the place housed dementia patients, then it had someone, qualified somewhere between a laundry worker and a cop, on staff to handle such a situation. Not sure how big a place it was, but such recalcitrance is surely a daily occurrence, and likely an hourly one.

      2. I pity the person(s) who have to care for me in a few years. I wouldn’t want to do it. I’m terrible now, I can’t imagine what I’d be like when all hope is gone and any remaining civility gets flushed away.

    2. Why were the po-po responding to the call to force a grown-ass man to go to the doctor if he didn’t want to go? My guess is that because the guy’s got dementia he’s not considered competent to decide for himself whether or not he wants to go to the doctor – which legally gives him the same status as an infant. They used a Tazer on a guy for not following orders but the only reason they were qualified to give him orders is because he’s not considered competent to decide for himself whether or not to follow orders.

      Seems like that should be some kind of a Catch-22 situation there for the cops, doesn’t it? The cops either had no business telling the guy what to do or, if they claim they did have the right to tell him what to do based on the idea that the guy is not competent enough to be responsible for his own actions, they can’t hold the guy responsible for his own actions and can’t then taze him for those actions.

  2. He says a physical confrontation with officers could have caused more serious injury.

    Yep, those were the only options. Either a compassionate tasing or a good old fashioned beat down.

    1. I _was_ wondering what might be a more serious injury than death, but then I remembered that dismemberment is always an option. At least Grandpa gets to go to his maker intact, right?

  3. Do you anarchists even consider what could have happened to the officer? In my America, this would never happen.

    1. Do we ever!! Although we’ve learned to keep the speculations on the down low.

      1. Are you kidding? We’re already living in Hitlerland since Trump became president, he’s just drone striking everybody, even thought he’s not president and doesn’t own any drones. As far as I know, I kind of accept that he might have a few drones as a rich guy toy. But he probably doesn’t have the drones that send target coordinates to the 7th fleet.

    2. Well, duh… in your America we wouldn’t have let the useless eater spend all that time in a nursing home in the first place. I’m not the only one watching ‘The Man in the High Castle,” right?

      1. I saw the first season, or maybe it was the first two seasons, it was all streamed so I watched episodes back to back.

    3. Do you anarchists even consider what could have happened to the officer?

      Can’t you read? It says right in the story, “He died two months after the incident.” One can only assume that some of the patient’s family members finally dealt out justice.

    4. If we don’t allow our brave officers to taze nonagenarians, think of the anarchy that could follow!

    5. You’re literally worse than H-,….hey!

  4. Morning nut punch. More effective than a double shot of espresso wI think none of the chipper afterglow.

    1. I like to read the Brickbat specifically for that reason. Why? It gets my blood hot, which I channel into yelling at my clients in the gym.

      After a particularly egregious nut punch my morning class participants get the best workout of their lives.

      1. Do you also drink a 24oz mug of raw bald eagle eggs a la Rocky?

        1. A mug of blended orphan adrenal glands, actually.

      2. I guess they’ve been getting fat and lazy since Balko moved on?

  5. Come on, Oliver, you’re slipping. A nut punch, yes, but 2 months later? 91 years old? Why was it even mentioned?

  6. Why the hell would you force a 91 year old man to go to a doctor? At that age, there’s absolutely nothing that a doctor might do that would make his quality of life better.

    1. Whose life are we trying to improve? Surely you aren’t silly enough to try to improve the life of the patient. We’re trying to improve the life of the doctor and Medicare administrators here. If he doesn’t show up we can’t legally take money for services needlessly rendered. Or can we?

    2. So that the doctor could make some money?

      So the cops could have some fun abusing someone who couldn’t fight back?

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