Police Abuse

Cops Raid Wrong House, Arrest Family, Post Pictures on Snapchat

Merry Christmas from the NYPD


Officers from the New York Police Department raided a Brooklyn home on Thursday, arrested the family living there, and then posted pictures to Snapchat—yes, really—with the caption "Merry Christmas Its [sic] NYPD."

It wasn't until later that the cops realized they had raided the wrong house, and arrested and publicly humiliated the wrong people.

The family, according to ABC-7 in New York, was so upset by the whole incident that they filed a police report and called 911 to report the cops—which, yeah, good for them.

"The worst part was the Snapchats," Kimberly Santiago, one of the people wrongfully arrested in Thursday's incident, told the TV station. "He doesn't deserve to be a police officer. If he does that, what other things he does on the low that nobody knows?"

The ABC affiliate reports that NYPD internal affairs is investigating the wrongful arrests and, I think it's safe to say, completely inappropriate snapchatting.

After posting the first picture of the family in handcuffs, the NYPD warrant squad that showed up to the house at 6:30 a.m. posted a second picture of the inside of the house with the caption "Warrant sweeps its still a party."

A party, indeed.

The fact that the police raided the wrong house makes the story worse, but don't let Officer Snapchat—his name has not been released by the NYPD—off the hook that easily. Even if the cops had arrested someone suspected of an actual crime, it still would be wrong to publicly humiliate them on a social media platform (and still just as tasteless to offer holiday greetings while doing it). If the arrestees had been actual criminals, such cavalier behavior by the officers may have jeopardized the chances of getting a conviction. As it stands, it's like to cost the NYPD whatever amount of money they'll have to pay the family to settle the inevitable lawsuit, and it should also cost at least one officer his job.

It's worth nothing the similarity between posting Snapchats of arrested suspects and the use of fake traffic stops as holiday-themed publicity stunts. If you're not familiar with that second thing, it works like this: police officers will illegally stop drivers so they can (maybe with one officer dressed up like jolly ol' Saint Nick) hand out gift cards or other small goodies. The whole affair is recorded on camera and released for public relations purposes. They're supposed to be heartwarming stories about good cops, but they're actually terrifying abuses of police power, potential violations of the Fourth Amendment, and, quite frankly, just really creepy.

In both cases, the goal is to produce something that will "go viral" on the Internet. That's fine for a bunch of college students who are bored during their winter break, but it is beyond inappropriate for armed officers of the law who are given broad authority to use force against their fellow citizens. There is absolutely no overlap between these actions and legitimate police work, not even if the NYPD hired the people who made Venn diagrams for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

This sort of behavior from police officers reduces other people—people who are innocently sitting in their homes preparing for Christmas or people who are minding their own business while driving down the road—to being mere props in a public relations game. Those other people, by the way, are the people the police are supposed to be serving and protecting, not hoodwinking and humiliating.

Bottom line: on-duty police officers shouldn't be using Snapchat, but maybe they should download Waze—the map app that cops love to hate—so they can find the proper address and arrest the right suspects. When they do, there's no legitimate reason to talk about it on social media.

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  1. Worst PM links ever.

    1. It’s not even links. It’s just a link. One. Boheim doesn’t even seem to get the wronghouse raid and arrests are worse than the fucking Snapchat. At least no dogs, or toddlers, were harmed in this egregious violation of some citizens’ civil rights.

      1. It’s amazing cops still can’t get an address right. Is taking embarrassing pictures part of making sure they get home safely?

        1. Who needs to worry about getting an address right when they can always blame an anonymous informant?

        2. “It’s amazing cops still can’t get an address right”

          It’s because they’re idiots

          “Is taking embarrassing pictures part of making sure they get home safely?”

          It’s because they’re assholes

          1. More specifically, it’s because they’re idiots and assholes who know they’ll face absolutely no punishment for being idiots and assholes.

          2. They are smart enough to never fail to cash a check.

          3. According to the social media giant police, you are using its improperly.

      2. Sadly, wrong house raids have become so common that they’ve become ‘dog bites man’ stories unless they’re so egregiously messed up.

        1. the amazing stat in NYC is that sway raids get the wrong address 10% of the time.

          this is more than the 7% that actually find a weapon.

          but there’s zero accountability. no one gets in trouble over this. so no one is even really trying to fix it.

          1. Unfortunately the US Just Us Dept. is the one who should be doing something about it. This is the kind of thing that energizes Black Lives Matter, and justifiably so. But it seems that few people in government are willing to prosecute other government employees, or even blow the whistle on them.

            I guess, next will be the police dressed up as clowns stopping cars and handing out candy while photographing the people for whom they’ve harmed by scaring and delaying them.

      3. Boheim doesn’t even seem to get the wronghouse raid and arrests are worse than the fucking Snapchat.

        Reason TNG will never live up to TOS.

      4. But the snapchat is the new thing in the story.

        “Cops step on own cranks (boring! they di that every other week), proceed to dance, take pictures.”

    2. “Worst PM links ever.”

      Beggers can’t be choosy.

  2. “The family, according to ABC-7 in New York, was so upset by the whole incident that they filed a police report and called 911 to report the cops”

    Talk about overreactions… can we not get a little Christmas spirit and forgiveness here people?

    And: “filed a police report and called 911 to report the cops.” Seems legit.

    1. I come home in the morning light
      My hands are numb cause the handcuffs were tight
      Oh mother dear we’re not the fortunate ones
      And cops they wanna have fun
      Oh cops just want to have fun

      The door’s kicked open in the middle of the night
      My father yells watch out for your life
      Oh daddy dear you know we’re under the gun
      But cops they wanna have fun
      Oh cops just want to have.. fun

      Some cops take a beautiful dog
      And blow him away cause that’s just their job
      I guess I’ll be the one on the run
      Oh cops they wanna have fun
      Oh cops just wanna have.. fun

      1. That’s pretty good.

        1. It’s not very clever, but it took a bit of thought. The reason is that if you sing it like Lauper it scans _exactly_ the same as the original, aside from a deviation in the door line. I should have done the refrain too…

          And of course I think it’s the sort of light-hearted song that might go some way toward explaining the mischievousness of our elves in blue to those not on the force.

          Just as Lauper’s lyric explores the burgeoning sexuality of a young woman, struggling against the constraints of her father’s traditional values, my lyric celebrates (though from the third person, as object rather than subject,) a young police officer’s burgeoning sense of authority and unaccountability, in the face of traditions like the rule of law, honesty, and basic human decency.

  3. Tucker Carlson had was talking to some lefty dingbat who was whining about felons in Florida not being able to vote. Carlson asked him if felons should be allowed to own guns. The lefty dingbat waffled and basically said “uh…um…that’s different!”

    Earlier, he interviewed some dumb cunt who writes for Teen Vogue who doesn’t know what “sovereignty” means.

    1. Honestly, I’m only moderately squishy on second amendments stuff and I’d rather see felons have the vote than have guns. You can do less damage with a single vote than with a single gun.

      Of course I’d like to see the definition of felony go back to what it was a while back (and be amended as well.) And further divided into violent and non-violent felonies.

      For instance, the violent felon questionnaire would be like:
      — Have you ever unjustifiably killed or attempted to kill another person?
      — Have you ever raped or sexually assaulted another person, using a standard a bit stricter than Whoopi Goldberg’s?
      — Have you ever taken another person’s property by force (junior high school shit aside?)
      — Have you ever unjustifiably seriously assaulted another person?
      — Have you ever unjustifiably used the threat of bodily harm to coerce another person (again, junior high school shit aside?)

      I don’t claim to have that list quite right, but you get the point. I don’t think the second amendment requires that we allow people who answer yes to those questions to own firearms. I’m not sure I’d extend the vote to everyone who answered yes, but…

      1. Fuck off, slaver.

        1. Ah, yeah, I meant to add to the list:
          — Have you ever posted a response to a comment on the internet that read, in its entirety: “Fuck off, slaver.”

          Thanks for reminding me.

          1. You sound like you might be the guy who wrote the questions New Jersey’s Firearms ID Card, without even giving us the courtesy of a reach-around.

          2. Don’t mind him. Brochettaward is one of our resident yokels. It’s part of the experience.

            1. Yeah, well- I have actually done the above, so don’t mind me ;). I’m often very quiet, but I’ve been around here for a very long time. I generally like to watch.

            2. I don’t even dip and I only have two boxes of MRE’s I acquired in the Army. I’d be laughed at by yokels.

              Tagore is a Tulpa sock puppet. And a bad one at that.

              1. Indeed.

              2. Why is it that behind every 2A fetishist is some PTSD-afflicted jarhead?
                No wonder the FBI puts all of you on a watchlist as soon as you’re discharged.
                You’re all fkn crazy.

                1. Go fuck yourself. Use a baseball bat with glass stuck in it.

      2. You can do less damage with a single vote than with a single gun.


        1. Plox.

        2. You’re a ploopy.

      3. So we’ll just let whatever Top Men adjudicate those meanings, definitions, and outcomes as they see fit without the “anachronisms” we use today. Fuck what the jury presented with facts had to say.

        Or we could, you know, change or get rid of existing laws that unjustifiably charge and indict people of felonies. I think maybe not putting people in jail for extended periods for shit that isn’t important might be a better way to go.

        I don’t care what your stance is on the second. It doesn’t matter. The amendment is as written and your opinion is without merit in that discourse unless you wish to propose, endorse, and present an amendment to alter.

        1. You’re a 2A extremist. One day America will come to its sense on guns and you nutbaggers will be relegated to the sidelines fapping to your AK-97s.

          1. And you are a POS slaver. I started a rational response to you, but you started the insults after a rationed argument. You, as a shitty person deserving self emulation to rid yourself of your demons, can’t even retort, rebuke, or rebut a single thing I above said so you resort to trying to just distance yourself from me by inculcating your perpetual hatred of something you just can’t fathom. Moreso, you can’t even admit that you have no ability to address this via actual legal means. You, as a shitbag slaver unworthy of the carbon that dominates your chemistry, resort to the worst of all evils in government today. Since you are dense I’ll spell it out for you. Regulation by fiat is the worst of both of the two laughable parties that rule our so called republic.

            As for being a nut, I’ll take as a compliment since I am defending not just the second but all amendments from the tyranny of mob rule. The slow erosion that you so love will eventually bite you or your children in the ass. Be sure to pat yourself on the back for a job badly done.

    2. I’m liking the Tucker Carlson clips I’ve seen. It’s like there’s a the conservative Fox News version of Space Ghost Coast to Coast thing going on there, only it’s like the guests who are incredibly dense and strange.

    3. Lauren Duca (Teen Vogue) can’t write worth a damn, but … would.

    4. After viewing that I don’t understand why their readership isn’t, like, way huger.

    5. Because political rights are different from civil rights?

    1. Have you made your reservations for Kentucky Christmas? My wife and I are going to do that next Christmas.

    2. OK, so the really weird thing about Taiwan is that it was under Japanese occupation for like 50 years, and became kind of culturally Japanese/native Taiwanese. And then some mainland Chinese people came over and imposed a mainland Chinese culture on Taiwan.

      So you know how when Western things are filtered through a Japanese sensibility they wind up a bit weird? Well, a lot of Taiwanese shit is Western shit filtered through a Japanese sensibility, and then interpreted by some combination of old-school mainland Chinese culture and traditional Taiwanese culture, as modified by the Japanese during their fifty years of occupation.

      In other words, it’s a lot better to just enjoy it than to try to make sense of it.

      1. I really want to check out Taiwan in person some day. The version I get from my wife doesn’t seem to match what some westerners claim.

        Like this “Japanese sensibility” stuff. If she and her mom had their wish, Japan would be filtered through a colander.

        Remember the Rape of Nanking, and all that.

        1. From what I hear, Taiwanese don’t have the same visceral level of animosity toward the Japanese that Koreans and mainland Chinese who had to endure their rule have toward them. (I understand that the Rape of Nanking was pretty bad, but it’s no worse that the way everybody in the world used to act until Western Europe got past the 30 Years War. Remember what Henry V threatened the people of Harfleur with if they didn’t surrender?) President Lee Teng-hui, for example, grew up in Japanese-ruled Taiwan, was educated at Kyoto Imperial University, and “speaks fondly of his upbringing and his teachers and has been welcomed in visits to Japan since leaving office” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Teng-hui). I haven’t figured out whether the Japanese treated the Taiwanese better than the Koreans, or the Koreans just hate the Japanese because they resent having to be ruled by any non-Korean race.

      2. BTW, Chinese born in Taiwan don’t like to be called Taiwanese.

    3. Four months of Christmas season in the Philippines? I feel sorry for the store workers. Not for the extra workload, but for having to listen to the same loop of Christmas music over and over and over again. That nearly drove me insane back when I worked in retail and only had to deal with it from Thanksgiving to Christmas. (Although the jury is still out on the ‘nearly’ part. Mwa hahaha.)

      But four months out of the year? I’d probably blow my brains out by December 1st.

      1. Feliz Navidad!

    1. I would love to see a copcam where they argue with a non-cop drunk failing to follow lawful commands, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer (“Brian, please don’t kick me”, lol) for 25 damn minutes without a beat-down. 9 straight minutes of them telling the guy over and over and over to get out of the car? Yeah, that’s a regular practice, I’m sure.

      1. Yeah, well, at least he got busted. After doing a bit of googling of his name, it seems that he’s an alcoholic: letting him go would just have set him up of eventually killing someone on the road. He blew something like 0.27 — he’s a practiced drunk driver.

        1. We defeated one of those running for sheriff in my county this year. Sadly he’s still a city cop. Ran his car into the bar he staggered out of. His bros in blue covered it up. Same sept got an mrap this year, town of 30,000.

  4. New York is where RT and Democracy Now and fucking Slate goes to get their people confused and fucked up beyond goddamn reason… a goddamn mess of people representing a gazillionized collectivization of ideal that not a single motherfucker can figure the fuck out and then elex by millio-schwanga some shitty human that was crapped from a collection of shiny bricks hiding worms in eyeglasses and little dicks surrounded by Feynman laughing presents and old wheat spires shit from greek penis holes…. and so this termagant tent makes stammering jewels behind the bench with lifelong walks in the fucking park with no worries and this passes for a goddamn feasible ‘democratic’ state…. well praise your fucking republican slash Nancy Pelosi gods for all the transcendental forefathering you miserable fucks…

    cops are forever the diarrhea of shit laws groped from the assholes of suited politician losers…no way smart men decide to swarm to that nasty craft which bodes ill for the before and aft of cafe times planted in the pretend dirt of civilized gardens.

    1. Yeah, been there.

  5. I want to like Waze, but it’s just led me astray too many times. I’m back to using Google maps.

    1. Waze sucks. Never use Waze.

      1. Bing? I like that.

  6. I just want to say thank you to Reason. I am glad when you post these stories of police abuse. I link these to my Facebook account to hopefully educate both the “cops are protectors and heroes of the community” types, AND the BLM sympathetic “cops are just anti-black RACISTS.” Maybe one of them will make the connection that perhaps government shouldn’t be trusted, and treat it with a healthy dose of skepticism? Probably asking too much.

    1. Can you provide me your address?
      Because I have a single apple pie that I would love to mail to you.
      After this single apple pie arrived at your hill of silent lost dreams where all the badged boys go….
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      the pie eats the cop cum stool and- wait for it-……………………………
      then the entire world just doesn’t give a single goddamn fuck, t double e.

      1. Um, I’m not even sure what to say. Can someone with more AC experience help me out here?

        1. No problem! Here’s what you should do:
          Give him your address
          Do what he wrote
          Send pics/video to him and a copy to me ( I need a Christmas gift for Crusty)

    2. I like reposting the ones of cops going off on white people, and the ones of the cop double standard (like Neoteny’s video above) to show people that it isn’t a racial issue. But a distressing number of people still respond by pointing out crime statistics and that therefore, black people deserve whatever abuse they get at the hands of the heroic police.

      (Fuck Heather MacDonald.)

      1. I love the “next time your house is broken into, call a crackhead” responses, personally.

        1. If the police break into my house, calling a crackhead would probably be better than nothing.

        2. That’s just another form of FYTW.

  7. the millennial edge of this site and the fucking slippery dark oily demons are thick on Reason.
    -not that millennials are not delightful and insanely judicious in a supine sort of way but
    i fear the old head at the top is drifting
    and his wisdom of the hills
    might be narrowing somewhat

    as a long time reader and drugged poster
    of this teleportation system
    i sense the bar is being rebuilt
    by that smarmy capitalist Jon Taffer

    moving in like a groove set by an army of ticks
    on the asshole of a herd of fucking corn-imbibing deer
    Taffer slashes the masses of swarming horror
    dreams with an abandon akin to Genghis right before
    his trip on Avalon mattress lightinings with Sigfrieds girlfriends
    the elephant mavens and their super starcomet beagles, Mister Hotrod and Peak the Boo

    1. Yeah, the thing is that he was a lot better when he was wrote for suck.com anyway, y’know? It is certainly true that I looked forward to his pieces. It’s no wonder you have gravitated here, AC… perhaps when I donated my seed to that cybernetics project I should not have used “Trouble, Right Here In River City” as my spank material. Trouble breeds trouble, right? Sorry about your Mom. I never met her or anything, but I still feel somehow responsible.

      1. And the shame is that you were even more pathetic when you wrote for some one-click blog. If you were smart enough to take responsibility for yourself, you’d have committed suicide by now.
        Fuck off, shitbag.

        1. Hmm- I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    2. Merry Christmas, AC!

  8. OT:

    At the end of November, authorities say, there were nearly 33,000 asylum seekers in Germany just from Tunisia, Amri’s country of origin.

    I thought Tunisia was one of the more stable countries on the Euro-periphery? Why on earth are so many of them heading north I wonder.

    1. all the bitches are fleeing goddamn Islam swords even as Islam swords sow pastures on the rivers of humans
      much like what the fucking Catholics did down the line….
      humans spread shit religions like viruses, man

      the freedom brigades need a goddamn spaceship port just to get us all off the insanity of gods, hells, politics, and fucking history demons

    2. The Arab Spring started in Tunisia.

      1. Where they overthrew a brutal regime of three decades without even a Second Amendment which is, like, the only way to protect against the gubmint.

        1. And I garantee there were a ton of machine guns arms rpg’s there. Things we don’t have.

    3. Until they start accepting returns, nobody should keep accepting their escapees.

      Ah, a new usage for “right of return.” The proggies do not have a monopoly on language abuse.

      1. But only with a receipt. And unopened.

        1. Sounds restrictive. Germany should shop elsewhere for a better defective refugee return policy.

          Isn’t there some sort of consumer protection agency at the UN that governs the right of return?

  9. Surprisingly no talk on the Obama Israel maneuver around here. I’d figure Sheldon would drop everything he’s doing and pen an excited screed that’d already be up.

    It’s funny to me how the media is condemning Trump for his unprecedented use of Twitter to ‘interfere’ in foreign politics before taking office. Funny in a completely predictable way. And they have something of a point, though not as strong of one as they make it. Yet, very little is being said about Obama reversing decades of American policies to essentially poke his finger at Israel one last time as he heads out the door. I don’t know – maybe it’s not a good idea for a president to make large symbolic gestures aimed at showing up allies at the UN. Especially when your own party doesn’t actually support your stance on Israel, let alone the electorate as a whole or Republicans. Seems pretty irresponsible to do this with a month left in office when you had 8 years.

    But, hey, that’s par the course for this guy.

    1. I’m still digesting it. Plus it’s buried under a mountain of articles about Ivanka.

    2. Your fucking entire realization of an event mostly irrelevant strikes the eagles nest with a fire of goddamn bullshit the mother eagle would claw your gaffing limbs off over.

      You also love to utilize the term ‘funny’ a lot and your comment is designed by a bullshitter. and Agile really doesn’t fucking like Trump because time determines results and no one has a fucking goddamn right to love or hate this bitch without his results….

      but…here we have Brochworst and his sandwich of bullshit posting fucking scribbles about shit he reposted from a limpy rag he found in some church brochure in a bathrooom outside of a Massachewie grizzle mill…

      1. How about Broch get really fucking twisted and get real on some hypnosis shit spat from the ass of CNN and FOX
        blend it all up into some real love and hatred of Trump and eat that vortex of sprilling vape wands and then get some goddamn religion called Broch gods and Broch angels….

        1. I think the message here is that you don’t like me. Which makes me sad because you are one of my favorites.

    3. “Surprisingly no talk on the Obama Israel maneuver around here.”

      I’ve yet to find a clear statement on what housing is “legal” or “illegal” and why; everything I’ve found so far is buried under claims of ‘Palestinian State’ where none existed.
      But, equally, it’s hard to believe that an Israeli government is angelic.
      Regardless, if Obo is making a lame-duck statement, it’s a pretty sure bet to be some slimy attempt at ‘legacy’; he can’t get lost soon enough.

    4. Every president since Reagan has condemned Israel building settlements on Palestinian land.

      In any case, all the US did was abstain from vetoing something that does not have any teeth in it in any case. The only thing it does is embarrass Israel a little bit by showing that the US doesn’t automatically have to agree with every crime they commit.

      1. Show me an old map where Palestine existed before Israel existed.

        I’ve seen plenty of old maps, the Jews took a huge chunk out of Jordan, but they never took away parts of Palestine because Palestine never existed.

        1. IIRC, didn’t Jordan give up its claim to Israeli controlled territory around 1988?

        2. Glad to oblige: http://bit.ly/2ipgeEm

          (And now could anyone please show me a map of Palestine that predates the establishment of Israel and that shows Palestine extending way to the east, the way this one does: http://bit.ly/2hCpocX

      2. 1. Every president has also vetoed attempts to attack Israel through the UN. Should we take a look at who sponsored this bill, and who is casting the stones voting to condemn Israel?
        2. The goal here is to increase pressure on Israel through international law and fuel the already retarded protests against their actions.
        3. It goes against American policy that the issue is best resolved by negotiations between the two parties.

        Regardless, the actual god damn point, which the anti-Israel cunts are going to gloss over, is that Obama waited 8 years – until he has just one month left in office – to make this move. He knows full well his successor does not agree with it. I don’t consider one month before you leave office to be the best time to try and shake up relations with any foreign country myself.

        1. crufus is just doing a continuation of what we have to look forward to until someone from a Party of his liking is in office.

          It is just like “nobody spoke to a Taiwan official since Jimmah Carter,” therefore nobody else can.

          Just like the glaciers were not receding until the steam engine was built. See? Look at any global average temperature chart that begins in 1776.

          Just like the US invented slavery.

          And the rest of their bullshit.

    5. I gave up asking several threads ago, on other Israel issues, why Richman has not appeared with his take on them.

    6. little is being said about Obama reversing decades of American policies to essentially poke his finger at Israel one last time as he heads out the door

      Actually, disapproving of Israeli settlements in the West Bank is long-standing American policy. (Well, maybe not under Dubya, but certainly under Reagan.)

  10. “Cops Raid Wrong House, Arrest Family, Post Pictures on Snapchat”

    I’m Michael Bloomberg and I think this message is certainly OK, since it isn’t the best but it may keep some kid from eating sugar or something!
    Regardless, it’s the government in ACTION!

    1. Bloomberg is my favourite piece of shit that can’t die soon enough. Hysteria-shilling fuckgroup Everytown dropped $100k, give or take, to try to unseat a NH State Senator for supporting constitutional carry, which was promise-vetoed by the outgoing Crypt Keeper governor. The Senator instead won reelection. Almost everyone is expecting constitutional carry to get ramrodded into law finally after a decade of Democrat governor rejection, to finally join such bloodbath states as Vermont, Alaska, Wyoming, Maine, and Idaho. It’s pretty delicious that Everytown lost $100k, and wasn’t able to get their chess piece to claim this essentially volunteer responsibility.

      1. Shameful that the Live Free or Die State does not already have it. The boldness of that motto seems to have created an over-emphasis on the words “or die” in practice.

        “As such, Mississippi now will join Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas*, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming to become the 10th state to codify the right to carry a concealed handgun without first having to obtain a permit.”


        1. Nutburgers for everyone.

      2. I wonder if this means police departments in NH will be a bit more careful about instigating a raid on a wrong address lest they be shot by the homeowner who would be within his lawful right by self defense?

  11. lines wrung from a precious studious boy wherein all the top dogs planched in the Cali goddamn sun or some shrinky dink DC narrow street crap meeting how to post some last minute shit using our most desparate writer who needs to buy some stocking stuffers and shit….
    it would be nice if this place could figure out how NOT to use actual journalists while incorporating actual use of writers
    that ACTUALLY do not exist on this FUCKING site to pique some goddamn interest on FUCKING occasion aside from the normal FUCKING shit they have been FUCKING posting about since FUCKING 1987

  12. If the arrestees had been actual criminals, such cavalier behavior by the officers may have jeopardized the chances of getting a conviction.

    What country do you live in? I might like to move there. In America however, the land with a qualified immunity doctrine that basically says that if no cop has ever fucked up like that then no cop could reasonably know that that wasn’t allowed? The land of ‘oh that error wouldn’t have had a real impact on the trial so we’ll let it stand with no remedy’? The land where *cops* are only required to know the law *reasonably* well – while the rest of us are supposed to have the full statute book memorized and be up on all applicable precedents?

    Yeah, in that country this would have had no effect on the trial.

    1. I took it to mean it would be easier to get a change of venue for adverse publicity, possibly some loss of control over evidence (though I haven’t got any explicit ideas how), and generally such an egregious violation of *something* (common decency, due process, whatevs) that judges would not be as sympathetic to the prosecution.

  13. Reason is like goddamn Playboy
    on the weekends and forever
    your fucking winds under the basement
    stairs are appreciated by tap-dancers
    on ivy-league teleporters manned by
    noxious nervous shitters

    1. Reading Reason for the articles is like reading Playboy for the pictures. Both have changed, over the years, in similar fashion.

    2. I think I’ve figured it out. Are you Dax Riggs?

  14. God-fucking-dammit. I should have known better than to click on Reason’s obligatory ‘nutpunch pre-Christmas day article’.

    You sadistic twat! Some of us need a little glimmer of hope around this time of year. Personally, I have few remaining immediate family members alive, much less within driving distance for holiday visits.

    Throw a brother a little slice of happiness before the loneliest holiday of the year.

    P.S. I see AC has graced us with his prose tonight. I love you, brother. May you leave us bewildered with your thoughts for generations to come. Cheers!

    1. May you leave us bewildered with your thoughts for generations to come. Cheers!

      Amen! Over & out.

  15. Eric is a fine man
    taping lines
    and tapping wells
    in pursuit
    of fineries
    and sentences
    mad with erudition

    But Eric B and his
    seeking ufo self
    is how your site
    digs its way into
    the wanderlust of
    christmas, right?

    The Eric B madness
    cutting, groping, punching
    its fetid, grommeled, and
    lonely fucking stickiness
    into a calling swerving and singing
    tunes whereupon lost and lonely
    boys rejoin?

    1. Down in these bowels
      the song is heard
      herd hear
      and heer

      the call is basic
      yet inconsequential

      somehow the world
      will wend its weary way
      toward Bethlehem

      until then we
      flamingo our way toward
      parrots, dolphins, macaques
      and the rest

  16. hit that refresh all you want , motherfuckers
    and guess what your goddamn soul is left with?
    a GODDAMN Eric Boehm article
    and right before the bears of the night
    whence they ponder your fucking
    lonely front porch
    pawing at the goddamn front
    stoop windows
    and the cat
    up on a tree
    with FUCKING Eric Boehm
    the erstwhile famished
    boy presenting news in
    brickish fashion

  17. hit that refresh all you want , motherfuckers
    and guess what your goddamn soul is left with?
    a GODDAMN Eric Boehm article
    and right before the bears of the night
    whence they ponder your fucking
    lonely front porch
    pawing at the goddamn front
    stoop windows
    and the cat
    up on a tree
    with FUCKING Eric Boehm
    the erstwhile famished
    boy presenting news in
    brickish fashion

  18. shit. that sordid mess above was not supposed to split into a diversion of duplicitous sequences mounted by ghost twins, but, alas in a world of salads it did and so fuck it all to goddamn bulldongs. fuck fingers

  19. If your fucking webworks and accompanying deep earth engines madly producing trite freedom bullshit wands wrung from the pastimes of scribblers trying to eat old sandwishes and comet hotels and beneath their lines a boy shows up called Trigger Hippie you should offer said delish astronaut a plate of drinks, a tall green girl with large boobs, a line of cocaine, and 14 nights on the edge of Jupiter in the belly of a gently floating composite spaceship glowing with Einstein dreams.

    …just a goddamn thought, reason

    1. “If your fucking webworks and accompanying deep earth engines madly producing trite freedom bullshit wands wrung from the pastimes of scribblers trying to eat old sandwishes and comet hotels and beneath their lines a boy shows up called Trigger Hippie you should offer said delish astronaut a plate of drinks, a tall green girl with large boobs, a line of cocaine, and 14 nights on the edge of Jupiter in the belly of a gently floating composite spaceship glowing with Einstein dreams.

      …just a goddamn thought, reason”

      Bless you. In all your manifestations, physical or otherwise(I’m half convinced you’re a pan-dimensional being).

      Despite a common misconception around here I believe you very may well be the kindest soul inhabiting these boards.

      1. He does have a solid core of compassion, respect and love.

  20. all the little winkers and dreamers collab with the dancer sleeper and I wish to fucking Santa dicks this fucking white goddamn page with narrow down its massive whiteness with the night so that lines shitting from the fucking fingtips would get all crazy and shit because the goddamn browser of this network bullshit is so fucking lame and 1987- it is like fucking decades and still this shit sucks and even worse it steals every memory, thought, and scribble and giving nothing in return

    FUCK the GODDAMN internet- it sucks like forgotten space squares… find a square in space. HA! not gonna happen, fucker

    1. obscure moon
      unseen at first,
      clouds before it
      what is its shape?

      one cloud moves
      another takes its place.
      so we see moon
      or Clouds
      I cannot tell

    2. Forgotton space square

  21. And for our late night commenters, I offer up some nature footage, enjoy some unedited footage of a bear.

    1. Expected cute bears, saw mauled cougar. Oh well, I think sweater woman is a pretty cool guy. She eats Calidryl like candy and doesn’t afraid of anything.

      1. I would have preferred to see that go in a different direction. Doppelganger sex would have been more fun.

  22. ?????? ????????????, ?????, or in case you don’t quite get it, fuck off slaver.

    Nobody around here likes your troll ass. You could actually try to make some decent thoughtful points, but no, you are too intellectually lazy to bother to come up with an interesting argument that people might not have thought of before and have to argue against. Instead you just bleat on, spewing shit that a Freshman Philosophy major could easily repudiate.

    1. That was intended towards Tulpa, not Boehm.

  23. Leftwing loons: North Carolina no longer a democracy, rated below the likes of Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran. Reasons cited? Voter ID laws, trannie bathrooms, something about women that I can only assume relates to abortion, and gerrymandering.

    My favorite comment?
    “You might have a case if they didn’t have a widely-respected specific rubric with specific, measurable criteria by which they arrived at this judgment.”

    It’s all very specific and comes in chart form, you see. See you obviously can’t question it.

    1. Talk about your fake news

    2. I’m fairly certain the black state legislators in NC wield more power than they would have in Cuba.

  24. I think we all need some national healing, and that should start with Taye Diggs beinfor featured in more A-list movies.

    1. It’s a crime he’s not a bigger actor.

  25. I’m going to take a wild guess here, that this entire incident involved drugs? I mean was supposed to involve drugs if the dummies could have went to the right address. Just end the war on drugs already.

    1. What kind of monster believes their lying eyes over the words of a brave police officer?

    2. I don’t know if the dismissal of these charges was the right thing, but after all the grand-jury-bashing in Reason, let me point out that this case was dismissed by a judge at a preliminary hearing, which Pennsylvania prosecutors can use in lieu of a grand jury.

      If the decision not to prosecute had been made by a grand jury, this would be cited in support of abolishing the use of grand juries in cases involving police use of force. But here there *wasn’t* a grand jury, and the case was *still* dismissed prior to trial.

      1. Two judges tried to get these charges dropped: a district judge (a position whose candidate doesn’t need to have a legal background to be elected) who failed, and this judge, who succeeded. Whether prosecutors appeal has yet to be decided, as far as I know. They did refile the charges after the DJ’s initial dismissal.

      2. I don’t think a Grand Jury declining to indict a cop makes for a very good argument against the existence of Grand Juries. I don’t know what people think the alternative is going to be, but it won’t be any better on the “indict a cop” front.

        1. That’s what I’ve been trying to explain.

          Meanwhile, look up the case of Maria Hasankolli, the (non-cop) woman in Connecticut who’s been facing trial for over a year now because she overslept when her kid walked to school. Nobody gets brought to trial in Connecticut by a grand jury indictment, so Hasankolli’s ordeal is strictly the fault of judges, not grand juries.

          Even for people with no love of grand juries, how can the US Supreme Court’s “selective incorporation” policy be reconciled with our traditions of liberty? The Supremes think they get to pick and choose which parts of the Bill of Rights bind the states. Until 2010 they said the 2nd Amendment wasn’t binding. They can overrule that holding with enough lefty justices.

          Under Earl Warren, the Supremes went through a “fairness for defendants” phase and incorporated most of the Bill of Rights (most of which involves criminal procedure, after all). Before that it was hit or miss. And they didn’t incorporate the grand jury requirement, probably because many leaders of the criminal defense bar don’t like grand juries. And the reason they don’t like grand juries is because of certain statutory characteristics of the grand jury, like broad subpoena power, secret evidence, the absence of the defendant from the grand-jury room – all of which can probably be reformed if necessary, without abolishing the grand jury’s role as a shield for the suspect.

          1. They can overrule the *McDonald* holding with enough lefty justices.

            1. Why do I care? Well, for one thing, Reason has climbed aboard the grand-jury-bashing bandwagon.

    3. It would have been different if he were a drunk-driving cop. See above.

  26. Even if the cops had arrested someone suspected of an actual crime, it still would be wrong to publicly humiliate them on a social media platform (and still just as tasteless to offer holiday greetings while doing it). If the arrestees had been actual criminals, such cavalier behavior by the officers may have jeopardized the chances of getting a conviction.

    You mean like Giuliani did when, as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District back in the 80s, would bring the TV cameras with him as he arrested people at their offices (for charges that were later dismissed)?

    1. Or like Rangel did, going door to door against licensed pharmacists alleged to be pill-mill operators?

  27. Good thing for the police they aren’t black, the media will almost completely ignore this story.

  28. FOI get their names and address post em to the net

  29. I’d probably be dead, because there ain’t no way someone’s kicking in my front door without getting a face full of lead.

    1. That was my thought as well.

  30. If he does that, what other things he does on the low that nobody knows?

    For every abuse you hear about, be confident there are 100 others.

    1. But that is often the argument used when jurisprudence requires a finding of not guilty but jurors (and others) vote guilty none-the-less.

      “He wouldn’t be here if he didn’t do something.”

      BTDT. On a jury no less. One that was as racially divided as the trial itself.

  31. The clever hacker will devise an app that tracks cops’ body cams.

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