Don't Let The Donald Steal Christmas

He'll put the merry in and take the cheer out


Christmas may have survived secularists, but can it survive Trump? During his victory lap around the county, he has been proclaiming to ecstatic throngs that he'll

Jim Gill

make America say Merry Christmas again. I note in my column for The Week:

[B]orrowing a page from Bill O' Reilly's book and publicly shaming businesses that he deems aren't paying sufficient obeisance to Christmas. (O'Reilly, incidentally, believes that replacing "Merry Christmas" with "Happy Holidays" is a part of a "secularist-progressive conspiracy" to advance such nefarious ends as legalization of narcotics, abortion on demand, and euthanasia.) For example, Trump has constantly slammed Starbucks for redesigning its cups to emphasize a generic holiday — rather than one with an explicitly Christmas theme. He's even threatened to evict the coffee shop from his hotel and has encouraged his fans to boycott it.

But this will only put the "merry" in Christmas at the risk of taking the "cheer" out.

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