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Colin Powell Contradicts Clinton on Emails, Chelsea Manning Approved for Sex-Reassignment Surgery, Hillary Explains Pepe the Frog: A.M. Links


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  1. ...Powell called Donald Trump "a national disgrace," among other not-so-nice things.

    So he's voting Johnson?

    1. Hello.

      "with one 69-year-old protester with an oxygen tank"

      /scratches head.

      I don't know. Should he be out protesting?

      1. It was actually a woman.

      2. That was no he. That was Hillary Clinton!

      3. Imagery Wednesday: James Taylor hurling a pilum.

        1. Delightful!

        2. I've seen fire, and I've seen rain, but I ain't never seen no shit like that.

        3. "You've got a javelin..."

    2. Powell always struck me as the sanctimonious type.

      1. I think Paul Winfield played him well in "Mars Attacks"

  2. The U.S. will begin letting in about 30 percent more refugees in 2017.

    Trump doesn't know any good locksmiths for that door in the wall?

  3. 230) Pawnee, OK: Population 2,190, and closest town to the epicenter of the 3 September 5.8 magnitude earthquake that "damaged more than a dozen buildings and slightly injured one man when part of a chimney collapsed." As a result more than 32 disposal wells in the area will be shuttered, with others required to reduce the amount of wastewater they dispose of.

    Fracking has lowered natural gas prices to record low levels for 320 million Americans, and made the United States into the largest producer in the world. It's lowered global oil prices, made the US the world's swing producer, and broken the pricing power of the OPEC cartel. It's altered the world economic and strategic environment in favor of the United States and will continue to do so for decades.

    So let's not get crazy because tiny towns in Oklahoma may suffer a few damaged buildings. My wife is from Oklahoma, I've spent a lot of time there?these towns are not places of great beauty. Construction there is utilitarian and there's plenty of space. Recompense the people for the damage to their property, but don't derail an economic development that's bringing more benefit to the entire world than any thousand government programs put together.

    1. There's an opportunity to be had in reclaiming fracking fluids, I think.

      1. Transportation and storage costs make it unprofitable at current prices.

    2. Pawnee, OK is 25 miles from Cushing, OK.
      Let's get crazy because Cushing may suffer a few damaged storage tanks. /sarc /sortof

      1. I'm going to go crazy and assume the oil storage tanks are built to a high standard and could probably withstand a 5.8 earthquake.

        1. From Wikipedia article on Richter scale:

          5.0?5.9 Moderate VI to VIII Can cause damage of varying severity to poorly constructed buildings. At most, none to slight damage to all other buildings. Felt by everyone

    3. these towns are not places of great beauty.

      Citation needed.

      1. I love how half the images are from the musical.

    4. For 80 years people have been removing billions of barrels of non-compressible fluid (oil, water), and now suddenly a few farts get out and the land collapses?

      No fucking way.

    5. It is extremely important to note that fraccing is NOT the likely cause of seismic activity. Instead, over-injection in the disposal wells are its most likely cause.

      The difference between the two causes is profound. If seismic activity were directly caused by fraccing, the boneheaded environmentalists would have a leg to stand on in their advocacy of a fraccing ban. Sure, fraccing basically saved the US economy following 2008, broke OPEC, etc., etc. In the worldview and value system of environmentalists, these benefits are overshadowed by any damage, however slight, that fraccing causes to Mother Gaia. However, fraccing doesn't hurt Mother Gaia. Though mismanagement of the disposal wells might be the cause, there is a solution to that problem: more disposal wells and lower injection rates at each. It raises the cost of fraccing, but it doesn't kill it.

      Of course, it is impossible to satisfy Jill Stein and the whining environmental movement.

      1. Injection is not responsible either. There is a huge void from the oil removed the past 80 years that can accommodate the fluids. Also, the gas containing spaces can easily take more liquid by compressing the gas.

        The OK - MO area has always had numerous small earth tremors - more than CA! This is a non-event.

    6. the epicenter of the 3 September 5.8 magnitude earthquake

      wasnt that quake 4 miles down? (way below the fracking)

      1. so you're entering reason into this discussion? where do you think you are?

      2. 4 miles would seem to be VERY shallow, as earthquakes go.

    7. I'm not a fan of the dismissive tone here. I'd rather shorten it down to that common refrain here: Coase.

    8. Your conclusion is correct fracking is beneficial. But the drawbacks of fracking are not earthquakes. Fracking does not cause earthquakes that high on the Richter scale. A 5.8 is many magnitudes stronger than a fracking earthquake.

      One variant of this argument used to attack shale energy is the claim that fracking causes earthquakes. This assertion is true in that fracking causes some amount of underground, Earth-moving activity, but in almost all cases, it is completely inconsequential and not even discernible at the surface. A typical tremor that can be caused by hydraulic fracturing is ?2 on the Richter scale, a "quake" that is not felt at the surface, causes no damage, and can be measured only deep underground. Such quakes are occurring continuously throughout the Earth, fracking or no fracking.What about a worst-case scenario? Many say that it's between 3 and 4 on the Richter scale, which means you can feel the quake but it's unlikely strong enough to cause damage. And this is an incredibly unlikely scenario.

      Alex Epstein

  4. The U.S. will begin letting in about 30 percent more refugees in 2017.

    President Trump is a liar!

    1. It's like in the movie where the guy dies but he's holding a grenade that's had the pin pulled.
      *camera tightens on the bad guys face as he realizes what just happened*

      1. Raising Arizona shows the correct way of doing it.

        1. [mouths "I'm sorry"]

          1. [Wipes bits and pieces of the Lone Biker of the Apocalypse off of lapel.]


      2. The Professional with a young Natalie Portman (and Jean Reno). Loved it...


  5. The U.S. will begin letting in about 30 percent more refugees in 2017.

    What could possibly go wrong.

    1. What could possibly go wrong.

      Thousands of refugees from the middle east, who can't be vetted, who even Angela Merkel has admitted are being used to infiltrate terrorists? I can't think of a damn thing.

      1. All the western countries that have their own sizable Muslim population are doing just great with them. Salt of the earth.

    2. Plus as refugees they get the full range of welfare benefits.

      And the fake charities who get paid for every refugee they handle get a paycheck for each one.

      The only people losing out is the taxpayers. But then again they always lose

      1. Don't forget about all the new NGO's that will be started by the new immigrants.

        The Somalis in Minnesoda have perfected this. We have the Somali Front of Minnesoda, the Minnesoda Somali Front*, the Somali Action Network, etc. All of them get funding from the govt to pay their staff to help the Somali immigrants.

        It really is a scam. Start some non profit, then get the govt to fund you. Spend all your money lobbying for more money.

        *(they are the splitters)

        1. The Somalis in Minnesoda have perfected this. We have the Somali Front of Minnesoda, the Minnesoda Somali Front*, the Somali Action Network, etc. All of them get funding from the govt to pay their staff to help the Somali immigrants.

          It really is a scam. Start some non profit, then get the govt to fund you. Spend all your money lobbying for more money

          It didn't take the Somalis very long to adapt to urban ghetto charity graft. They really are assimilating!

        2. There really are those two groups or are you making a Life of Brian reference? If you are not, it really is Monte Python's world.

  6. Is Hildog dying of vascular dementia?


    Might be a better fit than Parkinson's if the writer is to be believed.

    Need some expert opinion, and of course more info, to be confident.

    1. Rabies was the call on one of yesterday's threads. Fear of drinking water being the tip-off

      1. She doesn't fear water, she avoids it so she doesn't constantly dribble piss into her diaper.

        1. One of the rules is that she can't cross running water.

          1. She avoids water so she won't melt.

      2. If it was rabies, she'd be dead or close to it by now.

        1. takes 2 to 8 weeks, according to some .gov site

          1. Wikipedia says 2-10 days from the onset of symptoms. In any case, the symptoms progress rapidly. And it's certainly one of the more far fetched theories about her health.

      3. You'll notice that no one yells "Bite me!" at H.

      4. I thought it was only running water.

        1. Holy water.

    2. Makes more sense, since she doesn't seem to have the typical Parkinson's resting tremor, or the typical Parkinson's shuffle. Although I suppose those might be controlled by heavy doses of drugs.

      1. I was listening to Hannity while driving yesterday. Instead of the usual ignorant shouting, his guests were well informed doctors. The consensus seemed to be that Parkinson's symptoms were not there, but she may have some other neurological damage resulting from a stroke or concussions or whatever.

      2. I believe that in early Parkinson's they symptoms can often be completely or almost completely absent.

        I knew a woman who died a few years ago from Parkinson's and even when she was getting pretty bad, on the good days it wasn't super obvious. On bad days she couldn't do anything.

        1. One doctor I heard said patients can hide their minor tremors by clutching their hands to their chest or some other stationary object. Hildog puts her hand on her chest a lot.

        2. Grandad was bad at the end. Slipped and fell, broke his hip, contracted pneumonia in hospice, wasn't long after that. Dad took us up to see him a few hours before the end, in fact we were on our way back to the city when he got the call. That wasn't really the bad part, though, it was nearly a blessing after the decades of palsy and gradual degeneration preceding it. Dad and I talk a lot about his line of work designing and executing nuclear explosion tests and whether that might explain the disease, at least in his case. We're hoping so.

    3. Just imagine if she gets elected and then the truth finally comes out. This'll be the GOP's BushGore stolen election

      1. Imagine the saltiness of Hildog's tears if she is kicked to the curb in favor of Biden after she lost out in 2008 and worked...er, schemed so hard to fix things for 2016. Tasty!!

        1. It will be the ultimate in Biden tricknology.

          1. Those white devils are masters of Tricknology!

            By the way, thanks for informing about the Yakub thing a while back, that was quite the entertaining read.

            1. You are very welcome.

              For a more highbrow sort of crazy, try Patricia Highsmith, the lesbian nicole of her day.

              In a 1970 letter to her stepfather Stanley, Highsmith described her sexual encounters with British novelist Marc Brandel as "steel wool in the face, a sensation of being raped in the wrong place?leading to a sensation of having to have, pretty soon, a boewl [sic] movement."

              Her vitriol took eccentric forms: according to Wilson, she once declared that she was repelled by the idea of women reading in libraries while they were menstruating.

  7. Bubble wrap forces military academy lockdown

    Around 6 p.m. Monday, an Eastern University student called 911 after hearing what she thought was a gunshot.

    Police from Radnor and Tredyffrin Township showed up and searched the campus. They found no evidence of a gun fired.

    The sound, it turns out, was something else.

    "Police report that one student indicated that the sound she heard could have been bubble wrap being popped."

    That's from a post on the Facebook page of Valley Forge Military Academy & College, which is next to the university.

    1. Yet another reason for universal firearms training.

      1. Or at least some exposure to guns. It's generally pretty easy to distinguish gun shots from fireworks or popping bubble wrap.

          1. *** gives Swiss a hand ***

            Just a car backfiring, Sir.

            1. *** gives Swiss a hand ***

              These masturbation euphemisms are getting out of hand.

              1. It's not masturbation if it's someone else's hand.

                1. *stops scrolling through comments to ponder when it is & isn't masturbation*

    2. I remember seeing ads for Valley Forge in the back of Boys Life magazine as a kid.

      1. Boys Life magazine

        You sick motherfucker. Go stand over there with OMWC(((Renegade))).

      2. Remember seeing them in Nuns Life, too.

    3. This demands Common Sense Bubble Wrap Control.

      1. "You can?t pop bubble-wrap in a crowded theater."

  8. In leaked emails from 2015, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said he never told Hillary Clinton "to have a private server at home"

    Did the emails reveal if Tina Turner talked to her about a private dancer?

    1. Private Server
      What Difference at This Point Does Love Have to Do With It
      We Don't Need Another Hearing
      Proud Huma
      Acid Queen (no change in title needed)

      1. Acid Queen

        She'll tear your soul apart...

    2. No, but Ellton John pings her about a tiny dancer in one. So I'm told, at least.

  9. The U.S. military has recommended that imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning be approved for sex-reassignment surgery.


    1. Would you counsel someone who just attempted suicide to hold off on this type of surgery until they've got their mind in a better place?

      1. LGBTQIAAIBLT above all else!

        1. Isn't there supposed to be a plus sign in there somewhere?

      2. Yeah but once you cut his dick off, all of his mental problems will fade away.

        1. For one thing she will no longer be an evil white male.

          1. And that's a win for the human species.

          2. Still male. Just castrato.

    2. SMDH.

      What the Hell has happened to the DoD?

      1. O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA!

      2. "Alright sillies, gather around! It's time for the Feeling Circle. I'm drill sergeant Tom and let's have some fun today!"

    3. I take it they're approving it but not paying for it?

      1. HA!

  10. Hillary's team actually wrote an entire article about Pepe the frog? Is this election real?

    1. We're in the amber timeline.

      1. Is the Statue of Liberty still shiny, at least?

        1. No, it's buried up to it's neck and surrounded by talking monkeys.

          "Damn you! Damn you all to hell!"

          1. I told you you wouldn't like what you find out there.

      2. So is there an honest Hillternate and likable Trumpernate on the other side?

        1. Nah, they're exactly the same, but they have moustaches

          1. Well technically Bill is Hillary's beard, right?

    2. These clowns have *way* too much money.

      1. I blame facebook.

        "Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz announced Friday that he and his wife will make a $20 million donation to Democratic groups in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency. The move makes him the third largest publicly-disclosed donor in the 2016 election cycle."

        1. I wonder why the usual suspects on the left haven't been demanding that we get money out of politics?

    3. If anyone here thought the candidate from one of the two major parties would issue a primer about the dangers of racist frogs, raise your hand.

      1. -Slowly raises hand-

        But, in my defense, I was high on bath salts when I made the prediction.

    4. +1 exploding yellow van

  11. *runs out to buy OMWC's van*

    Millions of American teens are at risk of starving, and some are trading sex for food

    The study found at least 6.8 million people were "food insecure," meaning they didn't have reliable access to affordable, healthy food. Another 4 million were in "marginally food secure" households, where the "threat of running out of food is real."

    All of the 10 communities surveyed in focus groups mentioned teens using sex to pay for meals. Eight of the 10 mentioned criminal acts, ranging from shoplifting to drug dealing, to pay for food. And widespread scrutiny around surrounding hunger often prevented teens from opening up.

    1. It was already sold at auction after the forfeiture. Sorry.

      1. I just wanted to start a mobile teenage feeding service. You know, charitable work!


    2. "All of the 10 communities surveyed in focus groups mentioned teens using sex to pay for meals."

      But enough about the average date.

      1. No word on how many of these are performing sex acts on mom's boyfriend or another live in non-parent? People are so naive about how bad shit gets. When 15 year olds run away and become prostitutes, its usually because at least they get to keep some of the money and have some control over who they have sex with and when, unlike their "home" life.

        1. Yeah, but that doesn't account for the 6.8 million claim of kids age 10-17, which is a claim that surpasses Mitch Snyder's claims back in the 80s.

          How is that possible following an increase of food stamp recipients from 8% to 15% of US population? Also, how does it square with the obesity epidemic among this population?

          Perhaps it has something to do with the fact the researchers define food insecurity as something like an affirmative response to the question, "Did you ever experience hunger in the past 12 months because you didn't have money to buy food?" To which most teenagers would properly answer yes: since their parents certainly made a meals that was not to the the teens' satisfaction in the past 12 months, and they could have gone to McDonalds or KFC if they only had enough cash.

    3. The study found at least 6.8 million people were "food insecure," meaning they didn't have reliable access to affordable, healthy food. Another 4 million were in "marginally food secure" households, where the "threat of running out of food is real."

      It must be rewarding to have the job of making this stuff up.

      1. And "food insecure" includes things like "lack of variety", which is the only way they can pretend that food is an issue in the US where the poor people are fat.

        1. Or if you consider changing or cutting back your food costs (like stopping eating out so often or choose a different cut of meat because prices have risen).

      2. We're out of Pop Tarts = food insecurity.

        1. That about sums it up.

          It's impossible to starve in this country without actively trying to do so. Between welfare, charity, and dumpster raiding you can subsist while never earning a dime.

      3. Those poor impoverished Americans, having to deal with obesity and starvation at the same time.

    4. Yeah, but count the smartphones and flat screens

      1. The US doesn't have actual poverty, it only has relative poverty.

        1. aka INEQUALITY!

    5. meaning they didn't have reliable access to affordable, healthy food

      Which is of course whatever the Department of Something-or-Other says it is. So yeah, starving children in the United States.....right.....

      1. No, see, you can't have healthy food unless you buy fresh produce and meat from Whole Foods.

        Healthy food isn't expensive if you plan a little and make some effort. Buy staples and canned or frozen vegetables in bulk, buy big things of meat when it's on sale (I've often seen whole pork loins for not much more than $1/lb.).

        Poverty in the US has as much to do with poor decision making and planning as anything. I know plenty of people whose incomes make them below poverty line, but who look pretty middle class because they aren't complete idiots about money.

        1. there is little nutritional value in canned vegetables (effects of heat during canning process). Stick to frozen

          1. That's what I do, though I didn't really know it lost so much nutritional value. Canned ones taste weird too. And frozen stuff is often better than "fresh" because they can actually process it when it is at peak ripeness rather than when it holds up best to shipping.

            1. And frozen stuff is often better than "fresh" because they can actually process it when it is at peak ripeness rather than when it holds up best to shipping.

              Yup. However actual fresh food from your own garden is even better. I doubt that many poor people know how to work a garden, though.

              1. I doubt that many people have the time or inclination to work a garden, though.


        2. Poverty in the US has as much to do with poor decision making and planning as anything. I know plenty of people whose incomes make them below poverty line, but who look pretty middle class because they aren't complete idiots about money.

          I saw a discussion with Thomas Sowell the other day, and his premise was exactly that. "Poverty" in the US is a lack of good decisions, not a lack of essentials.

            1. People aren't supposed to decide things; that's what government is for. People often make bad decisions for themselves, whereas government makes bad decisions en masse.

          1. Today, the average American in "poverty" has more space per person than the average European -- not the average poor European, the average European period.

            But, but, socialist success story?

        3. Poverty is a moral condition not a monetary one. Everything you say is exactly correct Zeb.

    6. At least the oceans ceased to rise. We have that.

  12. Powell called Donald Trump "a national disgrace," among other not-so-nice things.

    What is this previously unrecognized creature capable of being critical of both HRC and Trump?

    1. Next he will accuse Trump of having a mobile weapons laboratory.

      1. Next he will accuse Trump of having a mobile weapons laboratory.

        *wipes tear* Beautiful.

  13. ...former Secretary of State Colin Powell said he never told Hillary Clinton "to have a private server at home" and that "HRC and her mishandling of this has really given her a major problem I do not wish to get involved in, despite the best efforts of her team to drag me in."

    This just in: Democrat Candidate Uses Black Man for Political Advantage

    1. *stands to begin thunderous applause*

    2. Of course the man-bites-dog aspect is that a black man categorically rejected entendres from the Democratic high command. Now Powell must be consigned to the dustheap of unpersoned black men.

      1. He was already not authentically black years ago because he was a Republican.

  14. During the rally, when the scuffle erupted in the balcony, Donald Trump took a break from his speech to address the violence: "Is there anywhere in American more fun to be than a Trump rally?"


    1. He's not only deplorable, he's DESPICABLE!

      1. I heard that in a Daffy Duck voice.

        1. With spittle.

  15. "Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and white supremacists": a Hillary Clinton explainer.

    I'm not clicking on the link, but damn if that's not a fun sentence to read.

    1. Pepe the frog is a useful especially idiot.

      1. Please let this phrasing become a thing.

        1. We can make it so....through the power of Tricknology!

          1. My thoughts and prayers are with Pepe and his family in this difficult time.

            1. Pepe needs a GoFundMe page!

    2. It's actually a hilarious read. I found a tiny, libertarian niche pocket of Tumblr about 3 months ago and pepe was an on-going meme trend at the time. This shit is so surreal. And hilarious. My favorite part is that the original pepe is from a children's coloring book. This election is an absolute circus. I welcome an invasion with open arms to knock these jackasses down a few pegs.

      1. I'm at my parents' house in Ohio this week & I discovered a pic of me at about five years old chilling with what appears to be a Pepe (in happier times) intertube:

        1. Who could have predicted that frog innertube would grow up to be so racist?

          The typo in the response to your tweet is particularly hilarious.

          1. Humor, how does it work?

        2. NEWSFLASH: ENB in wet clingy clothing!

        3. You've both come so far since then.

      2. Libertarians, on Tumbler? Surely you must be jesting. Such things are mere myths, like Camelot, Atlantis, and Albaquerqueque.

    3. I have no idea what that means.

  16. Is sex-reassignment surgery subsidized by the rest of us via our insurance premiums (whether it occurs inside or outside the military)?

    1. It depends. Some plans cover it, fully or partially, and others don't

      But there was a recent ruling that transgenderism/gender dysphoria/whatever the acceptable term is this week cannot be turned down for being a pre-existing condition.

      Something you are claiming to have had since birth is not a pre-existing condition, got it?

      1. Someone has to be pretty amazing to remember that feeling at the time of their birth.

      2. but isn't insurance for the unexpected stuff that comes up and not price arbitraging?

        Google offers up the surgeryencylopedia.com as the source of this:
        "The cost for male to female reassignment is $7,000 to $24,000.
        The cost for female to male reassignment can exceed $50,000"

        So once again, women have to pay more than men for something

        "In-depth psychological counseling should precede and follow any gender reassignment surgical procedure. "
        Probably to explain why there is no edit undo option

        1. So once again, women have to pay more than men for something

          Depends on who you ask.

        2. Probably to explain why there is no edit undo option

          It's all cut and paste.

    2. Is sex-reassignment surgery subsidized by the rest of us via our insurance premiums (whether it occurs inside or outside the military)?

      If it isn't yet, it will be soon. Hooray, another 20+% annual increase in my insurance premiums. My favorite part: half the plans available to me no longer cover emergency care for 100%. That's right, the entire fucking purpose of insurance, is no longer being addressed for anything less than top tier prices.

  17. Your First Period: The Board Game

    But, seriously, just get up in there and dig around with your bare hands, old blood and uterus chunks and vag snot are like super-fancy lotion for your hands.

    1. "You don't need to touch your tampon anymore!"

      Talk about your first-world problems.

      1. I wouldn't think that getting a heart up in there would soak up much blood.

    2. MaskIT is predicated on the notion that touching used menstrual products is disgusting.

      I would have thought it was predicated on the idea that seeing someone's bloody tampon in the trash is disgusting. It's also disgusting to touch other people's used bandaids or snot rags. I don't think that means that there is a stigma about minor cuts or blowing your nose.

      I imagine that if I were a woman, I wouldn't be bothered about touching my own menstrual discharge, but I'm a particularly non-squeamish person. But even so, seems like this thing would be handy for situations where it isn't easy to wash your hands.

      1. Using toilet paper is just poop-shaming.

        1. Well, yeah. What do you think the left hand is for?

        2. I believe Allah says that you should only use your left hand.

  18. In leaked emails from 2015, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said he never told Hillary Clinton "to have a private server at home" and that "HRC and her mishandling of this has really given her a major problem I do not wish to get involved in, despite the best efforts of her team to drag me in."

    This would be more delightful if it weren't for the fact that Powell is a pure political tool.

  19. Obamacare marketplaces remain vulnerable to fraud, new government audits find

    wo new government audits reveal that the nation's Obamacare marketplaces remain "vulnerable to fraud," after investigators successfully applied for coverage for multiple people who don't actually exist.

    In several cases this year, fake people who hadn't filed tax returns for 2014 were still able to get Obamacare tax credits to help pay their monthly premiums for 2016 coverage. This year is the first in which applicants for those subsidies had to have filed their federal tax returns from prior coverage years to obtain such assistance.

    The audits, which looked at the 2015 and 2016 Obamacare coverage years, echo previous findings about the potential for fraud, and the failure to detect it, on the government-run exchanges that sell individual health plans. The audits come less than two months before Obamacare's fourth open enrollment season, for 2017 coverage, is scheduled to begin.

    1. My god. Somebody should tell the president!

      1. He'll find out when it hits the papers.

      2. If only the Czar knew!

    2. Yeah, the problem with ObamaCare is fraud... right.


      1. Didn't somebody point out the other day that Medicare fraud and "abuse" every year amounts to more than insurance company profits do?

        Fucking surreal.

  20. A Tuesday night Trump rally in North Carolina took a violent turn, with one 69-year-old protester with an oxygen tank getting punched in the face and rushed to the hospital.

    Wake me when the candidate himself has to be rushed to the hospital.

  21. Trump Has 5-Point Lead in Bloomberg Poll of Battleground Ohio

    Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by 5 percentage points in a Bloomberg Politics poll of Ohio, a gap that underscores the Democrat's challenges in critical Rust Belt states after one of the roughest stretches of her campaign.

    The Republican nominee leads Clinton 48 percent to 43 percent among likely voters in a two-way contest and 44 percent to 39 percent when third-party candidates are included.

    The poll was taken Friday through Monday, as Clinton faced backlash for saying half of Trump supporters were a "basket of deplorables" and amid renewed concerns about her health after a video showed her stumbling as she left a Sept. 11 ceremony with what her campaign later said was a bout of pneumonia.

    1. Oh, polls, is there anything you can't do?

      1. ...ladies.

    2. Wow. That was before the weekend health stuff?

  22. Didn't some of the more recently released emails concern Powell? Whatever became of these little tidbits?

  23. 'Smart' Dildo Company Sued For Tracking Users' Habits

    A woman is suing her dildo manufacturer for knowing too much about when and how she uses it.

    A few weeks ago, two researchers told the Defcon hacking convention audience that We-Vibe "smart" sex toys send a lot of data about their users back to the company that makes them. According to Courthouse News, one We-Viber took this news hard. A woman known only as "N.P." filed a class action civil suit in a federal court in Illinois against Standard Innovation, which makes the We Vibe line of sex toys and corresponding app.

    The smartphone app lets users "customize" their We-Vibe experience, unlock app-only "bonus" vibration modes such as the "cha-cha-cha" and the "crest," and "create unlimited custom playlists," according to the product's website. In the suit, N.P. says she bought a We-Vibe in May and used it "several times" until she realized that it was sending data about her usage practices back to Standard Innovation's servers, including when she used it, which vibration settings she used, and her email address.

    1. Why the FUCK does your sex-toy need to know your email address? And if you make the decision to purchase a vibrator that does, why wouldn't you create a burner email address just for that? Jesus.

      1. License/subscription smart data-mining sex toys.

        *quiet sobs*

          1. Big data, wink wink nudge nudge.

        1. It's the much-promised internet of things.
          The version of their sex toy line for men orders a pizza for you afterwards.

          1. I expect a sammich.

      2. I don't knwo anything about smart-dildoes...but if you aren't using a we-vibe, you're doing it wrong.

    2. New upcoming app: Snatch-chat.

    3. "Smart" dildo?

      We always knew that the penis has a mind of its own. And now it's dildos too...

      1. The Vibrinator: In three years, We-Vibe will become the largest supplier of teledildonics systems. All stealth vibrators are upgraded with We-Vibe computers, becoming fully unmanned. Afterwards, they vibrate with a perfect operational record. The We-Vibenet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes online August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic onanism. We-Vibenet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.
        Sarah Connor: We-Vibenet fights back.
        The Vibrinator: Yes. It launches its dildos against the targets in Russia.
        John Connor: Why attack Russia? Aren't they our friends now?
        The Vibrinator: Because We-Vibenet knows that the Russian pr0n counterattack will distract its enemies over here.

        1. and the large number of hot Russian and Eastern European womenz.

        2. The Vibrinator: "Come with me if you want to live."

          The Vibrinator: "Live with me if you want to come."

    4. For the sake of all that's holy, nobody tell her about the camera. Please!

    5. Beware The Internet of Things.

  24. Meanwhile on Ohio:

    Victim's nose partially bitten off in scuffle at wedding venue

    A special event at a wedding venue in Powell turned ugly Saturday night when someone's nose was at least partially bitten off.

    Details were scarce, but Delaware County Sheriff's deputies said two people were fighting inside a dressing room at the Bridgewater Banquet and Conference Center on Sawmill Parkway, when one person bit off part of the other's nose.

    1. Bill Ponderosa put bath salts in the punch.

    2. Tycho Brahe hardest hit.

      1. +1 gold nose

    3. The irony is that this venue is literally across the street from where Powell didn't want a Walmart to go, so they kicked them out and brought in a Target. Stay classy Powell, and never, ever synchronize your lights on Sawmill Road.

      1. Amen brother.

        Sawmill is a mess a

  25. President of Brooklyn College, Michelle Anderson, stated "I oppose the legislation," and "I hope he [Governor Jerry Brown] does veto it?.I think we have a history in this country of overreacting and overusing the criminal justice system. Feminists have been saying for years that mandatory punishments are not the right response to sexual violence."

    Pod people have taken over feminists' bodies!

  26. ut when she told one Trump supporter that he had better learn Russian, he punched her in the face: "He stopped in his tracks, and he turned around and just cold-cocked me."

    In the end, Teter only suffered a minor cut and some sore ribs.

    Wait, wut? She claims she was full-out punched in the face, cold-cocked no less, and all she suffered was a minor cut and sore ribs? That does not add up.

    1. My ribs always hurt after i get punched in the face.

      1. /in Howard Cosell voice, "A body blow, to the nose!"

      2. To be fair, this was the result of the punch: "knocked to the ground, falling over her oxygen tank before being taken to the hospital."

        1. On the other hand, the article also mentions this: "In a video taken at the rally, a man can be seen getting physical with protestors in a balcony while Trump is giving his speech. He slaps a man in the face and a woman in the chest,"

          So if this is the same man, the video would seem to contradict the woman's story. But it's not clear from the information in the article--this might be a separate incident.

          1. The lack of facial trauma would contradict the woman's story.

        2. Some old hippy gets hit hard enough to be knocked head over heels, but not hard enough to receive a bruise or swelling of any kind. Is she a professional wrestler?

          1. Women pushing 70 hardly ever bruise.

            1. To be fair, she probably hadn't drained enough blood that morning from a passing child to have enough to collect under the skin.

    2. The important thing here is that the old cunt got what was coming to her. This is how we make America great again, cuck.

      1. I don't want to live in an America where punching an old lady is wrong!

        1. And to hell with those Boy Scouts who help them across the street.

      2. Apparently she did not get what was coming to her, because if she is going to claim she was punched in the face and cold-cocked, she should at least have the decency to be punched in the face and cold-cocked. Next time someone should make America great again by putting the boot to the old biddy.

        1. (not serious before humorless twats jump all over me)

          1. Why would you not want that?

            1. This is how the Fembots get you.

              1. Death by a thousand twats.

      3. Dirty Harry - "Anyone could tell I didn't do that to him"

        Chief - "Why not?"

        Dirty Harry - "Because he looks too damned good, that's why"

  27. Chancellor apologizes for email prohibiting debate on climate change

    The professors' email to students stated in part: "We will not, at any time, debate the science of climate change, nor will the 'other side' of the climate change debate be taught or discussed in this course. ? If you believe this premise to be an issue for you, we respectfully ask that you do not take this course ?"

    At a University of Colorado Board of Regents meeting Friday, Shockley-Zalabak said "perceptions of censorship did occur and the email to the students was the basis of that perception. The email was ill-constructed and therefore ill-advised without further explanation and context."

    "The faculty and the administration have been advised by me of the need for much better communication in these types of circumstances. Specific cautions and concerns have been addressed," she continued. "I am issuing an apology for the public concern that this has generated. I want to assure the board and others that UCCS continuously supports the highest of intellectual standards and academic freedom and freedom of expression."

    1. I am issuing an apology for the public concern that this has generated.

      Not for what was written, mind you...

      1. It's the optics that are a problem.

        Just like the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch meeting. It's always optics with these morons.

    2. "perceptions" of censorship? Not, you know, actual censorship?

      1. He's upset that you perceived his censorship as censorship, and he apologizes. He meant for you to see his censorship as common sense.

      2. Exactly. Just like Hillary's problems are due to her "penchant for privacy," not her private server or lying about her health.

    3. Can we get some muscle over here?

  28. Japanese companies are holding 'odour etiquette' seminars for their staff to help smelly employees

    Body odour has become such an uncomfortable problem in Japan that companies are holding "odour etiquette" seminars to help smelly employees

    With workers sweating through this summer's hot weather, the term "smell harassment" has entered Japan's workplace lexicon, especially in the service industry.

    To help those with body odour problems and prevent them from being bullied by colleagues or receiving complaints from customers, several Japanese companies have hired a deodorant maker to give lessons on how to stay fresh.

    1. I assumed they were just indulging in yet another fetish. Or is the training all wrapped up in it?

      1. Those are deodorizing tentacles.

    2. My wife once had a temp job in college over the summer, just some boring data entry. On her last day everyone was sad to see her go and bought her a little cake and it was really sweet. The woman she worked directly for started telling her about all the nightmare employees they had before her, the worse one being "the girl with the terrible head odor." I had so many follow up questions that I never got to ask.

      1. "The Girl With The Terrible Head Odor" is Steig Larsson's weakest book.

        1. The original Swedish title was "Men Who Hate Women Who Have Heads That Smell Like A Reindeer's Nutsack."

          It loses its lyrical quality in translation, I think.

          1. Menn som hater kvinner som har hoder som lukter som en rein Nutsack.

          2. "Stinky reindeer scrote" is a beloved Swedish delicacy.

      2. Reason commentariat perks up...

    3. Progs to start ranting about smell-shaming in 3... 2... 1...

      1. Pretty sure smell-shaming is just a byproduct of fat-shaming.

    4. Wait, is the "smell harassment" people being harassed because of how they smell, or the other people being harassed by the awful body odor they're being assaulted with?

      1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

    5. So, is deodorant a new thing in Japan, or what?

      Seems like the seminar should be pretty brief: "use deodorant".

      1. "Warsh yer narshty shtinkin ass 'fore ya gets ta work!"

    6. If the Trigglypuff can assert her right to fat-acceptance, I see no reason why the Pigpen shouldn't enjoy odor acceptance.

      I know the Japs are all racists, but it seems they are also smell-shaming shitlords.

  29. Lionel Shriver's Address on Cultural Appropriation Roils a Writers Festival

    Officials in charge of an Australian writers festival were so upset with the address by their keynote speaker, the American novelist Lionel Shriver, that they censored her on the festival website and publicly disavowed her remarks.


    Ms. Shriver criticized as runaway political correctness efforts to ban references to ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation from Halloween celebrations, or to prevent artists from drawing on ethnic sources for their work. Ms. Shriver, the author of 13 novels, who is best known for her 2003 book, "We Need to Talk About Kevin," was especially critical of efforts to stop novelists from cultural appropriation. She deplored critics of authors like Chris Cleave, an Englishman, for presuming to write from the point of view of a Nigerian girl in his best-selling book "Little Bee."

    Ms. Shriver noted that she had been criticized for using in "The Mandibles" the character of a black woman with Alzheimer's disease, who is kept on a leash by her homeless white husband. And she defended her right to depict members of minority groups in any situation, if it served her artistic purposes.

    1. Lefties are naturally prone to reeducation camps and tear-jerk TV apologies.

      North Korea is their ideal habitat.

    2. "Ms. Shriver noted that she had been criticized for using in "The Mandibles" the character of a black woman with Alzheimer's disease, who is kept on a leash by her homeless white husband."

      Wow, I'm rushing out to buy that book right away!


  30. ESPN to Broadcast Drone Racing as Nascent Sport Gains Backers

    Drone Racing League, where contestants race small helicopters through empty malls, stadiums and subway tunnels, will debut Thursday on Walt Disney Co.'s ESPN 2 network as part of an international TV rollout of the fledgling sport.

    The 10 episodes, which were pre-recorded and last an hour each, feature six contestants and give viewers a video feed from the cockpit. Sky Plc, Rupert Murdoch's satellite-TV business, will air the races in the U.K., while ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE will show them in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    1. I saw a drone race once. I don't see this becoming the next nascar.

  31. 20 Years After JonBen?t's Murder, The Ramseys Still Look Guilty As Hell

    Every item involved in killing JonBen?t was found inside the house, including the pad and pen used to write the "ransom note," the broken paintbrush, duct tape, rope and ligature used to pose the girl (police had evidence that Patsy probably purchased the latter two items from a hardware store earlier that month) and the flashlight (the likely murder weapon).

    This was a pivotal fact. The question investigators kept asking was: What kind of sophisticated, highly motivated sexual predator and would-be kidnapper breaks into a house planning an abduction and rape of a young girl without bringing a single tool of the trade with him?

    Then again, what kind of highly motivated sexual predator and would-be kidnapper would feel comfortable hanging around a house long enough to write a three-page ransom note after he'd just murdered a screaming child (neighbors told police they heard a scream, but no one in the house did, allegedly)? If the perpetrator had enough time to write a note at the home, he had enough time to move JonBen?t's body somewhere else.

        1. Will Muschamp laughs creepily at that amateur.

      1. Their son looks like one of the characters from Sin City.

    1. I said this during the whole issue, and I say it again. Her older brother did it. The whole crime stinks of a kid who got kinky, went to far, tried to cover it up in the most amateur of ways, and then got help from his parents covering it up.

  32. Nate Silver Verified account
    Trump has a 1 in 3 chance of winning the election. It's highly competitive, folks.

    1. Did he count Trumps army of baskets of deplorable? Plus the frogs

      1. I don't think the French can vote in our elections.

        1. They can in states that don't require a photo ID to vote! So... most states.


    2. So Hilldawg and GayJay each have the same?

  33. Atlanta Teacher's Photo Goes Viral With Some Deeming Her Attire Inappropriate

    A fourth grade teacher in Atlanta went viral, not for her teaching curriculum, but her body. Specifically, the clothes that she wears on said body.

    Photos of Patrice "Tricey" Brown wearing a peach bodycon dress, as well as jeans and a T-shirt, have been blowing up online since the weekend.

    Brown has been crowned #TeachBae, but some people feel like she's inappropriately dressed.

    If that dress is not inappropriate, her public instagram feed probably is for a fourth grade teacher.

    1. Body shaming! That dress doesn't look like it belongs in a professional environment, but I think all female teachers should dress like the schoolmarms of yore.

    2. her public instagram feed probably is for a fourth grade teacher.

      attention-whore shaming!

      1. That's attention slut shaming, you shitlady.

          1. I guess if I wanted attention from 4th grade boys I would be. I prefer them a bit older though, middle schoolers are so mature and debonair.

            1. She does not receive attention from too many boys that young, she receives the attention from everyone else. Power on, sister!

        1. Thanks for that.

        2. were you listening to Elliot in the Morning this morning as well?

          1. I am a 98 rock guy.

            1. I live in VA so I have a suckier radio drive, your sports radio probably blows are sports radio out of the water as well.

              1. The afternoon show is good on 105.7 the Fan, Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn. They do not do the HOT TAKES that most sports talk does.

    3. "Stand and go to the board, Tommy."

      "Miss Brown, I prefer not to at this time."

      1. The edge of my desk would be full of pencils and erasers for her ass to walk by and knock over.

    4. I don't think there is any question she at least has all(well most) of the boy's in her class paying attention to her. And probably a fully attended parent teacher night.

      1. I don't know if my 4th grade son (he's in 8th now) would've been that into her in that way. We're talking 9/10 year olds.

        1. I remember a 4th grade teacher being attractive and wishing I was in her class instead of the old lady I had instead.

        2. 9/10 year olds earning their Luckiest Boy in the World medals

  34. She's bald, Jerry!Young Women Get Buzzed, on Their Own Terms

    A generation of young women is discovering a new way to get buzzed ? no illicit substances required. Instead, all that's needed is a good pair of clippers and some nerve.

    "Ever since I shaved my head, I really bloomed," said Alana Derksen, a 22-year-old Toronto resident, whose buzz cut frequently draws admiring comments from her more than 21,000 Instagram followers. "It's given me this confidence I never had."

    The revolution is starting, my bald brothers and sisters. Our time is coming.

    1. My thick, wavy hair laughs at your weak powers, Samson.

      1. You're time is over, Sassoon. You shall be replaced by those of us who are sleek, aerodynamic and spend little to no time washing hair.

        1. The cold winds of winter shall stop you. The shortage of wool hats will be the end of your kind.

          1. *Makes note to join forces with Big Crochet*

        2. Crusty just needs to get pure.

    2. Weird. I didn't know i was into that.

      1. I had a HS girlfriend who had very short punk rock hair (this was, after all, 1988). I have a "thing" for women who can pull off the short hair look. But one day I show up at her door and she had buzzed it all off. Bald. It was, ahem, a bit disconcerting. Thankfully she started to wear a long bandana over her scalp until it grew back.

        1. You're supposed to hump Liv not Steven.

        2. +1 Love in an elevator

        3. Thankfully she started to wear a long bandana over her scalp until it grew back.

          Did you make that fake cancer money?

          1. That's how my fortune was made. Fake Cancer charities and selling orphans.

    3. Persis Khambatta approves.

      1. -1 Star Trek: The Motion Picture was BOH-RING!

    4. "I bloomed!" ..or people thought you have cancer and therefore treated you differently.

      1. good call

    5. Young people are attractive; news at eleven.

      Let's see whether Alana feels nearly so admired and empowered as a bull-dyke-looking 40-something.

    6. As oppose to the last generation of young women who dyed their hair purple so they could bloom or whatever

    7. "A girl with a buzz cut is like Jaden Smith wearing a skirt," Ms. Glauser said

      So a girl with a buzz cut looks like the retarded junkfruit of a shitty actor? OK, I buy that.

    8. A Nice Girl I used to have a crush on in Seattle went shaved after the new Mad Max came out. She's free to choose how she dresses and grooms of course, but I no longer have that crush. It's just not the same without the mass of curls.

      Still haven't forgiven Mad Max.

  35. Yes, Immigration Hurts American Workers
    The candidates tell drastically different stories about immigration. They're both skipping half the truth.

    Here's the problem with the current immigration debate: Neither side is revealing the whole picture. Trump might cite my work, but he overlooks my findings that the influx of immigrants can potentially be a net good for the nation, increasing the total wealth of the population. Clinton ignores the hard truth that not everyone benefits when immigrants arrive. For many Americans, the influx of immigrants hurts their prospects significantly.

    This second message might be hard for many Americans to process, but anyone who tells you that immigration doesn't have any negative effects doesn't understand how it really works. When the supply of workers goes up, the price that firms have to pay to hire workers goes down. Wage trends over the past half-century suggest that a 10 percent increase in the number of workers with a particular set of skills probably lowers the wage of that group by at least 3 percent. Even after the economy has fully adjusted, those skill groups that received the most immigrants will still offer lower pay relative to those that received fewer immigrants.

    1. supply. demand.
      An entire profession dedicated to explaining to how those 2 words interact with each other, and we just can't get it.

  36. From Hillaryclinton.com re the Pepe the frog meme:

    "Just curious: Who else is in this photo?
    Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos, whose racism and bigotry is so egregious that Twitter banned him from using their site."

    They forgot to call him homophobic.

  37. President of Brooklyn College, Michelle Anderson, stated "I oppose the legislation," and "I hope he [Governor Jerry Brown] does veto it?.I think we have a history in this country of overreacting and overusing the criminal justice system.

    Perhaps I'm being paranoid, but I read something like "we have a history in this country of... overusing the criminal justice system" as a covert nod toward campus kangaroo courts, especially coming from a campus administrator.

  38. Red Dwarf is coming out with a new season.

    damn those actors are getting old.

    1. Probably because it's cold outside cuz there is no atmosphere

    2. Meh. The past couple of seasons haven't been anything great. Time to just admit that it's dead Dave.

    1. Is there anything that should inspire more confidence in the Trump campaign than Obama campaigning for her? I can't think of anything. Can you?

      1. If Clinton ever released her health records or Goldman Sachs transcripts it might seal Trump's presidency, but short of that Obama's campaigning for her is a close second.

        1. Those are good ones. Maybe I am wrong. God knows I usually am about these things. Last week really felt like a turning point. It felt to me the same way McCain suspending his campaign and running off to pass Tarp felt in 08. Between the deplorables gaffe and her collapsing, I think the race slipped away from her.

          1. McCain did not have a sycophantic media to run cover for him and drag him across the finish line. Hillary does.

  39. How the fuck does a sailor gestate a baby to term on a combat ship without anyone else noticng?!?!? 😀

    Sailor gives birth to a seven-pound baby girl aboard an aircraft carrier after complaining about stomach pains

    1. Military intelligence.

      Also, how chubby are the rest of the sailors on the Ike?

      1. The only way to make the story more humiliatingly awesome would be if it were on the 10th month of a deployment. 😉

      2. "Military intelligence"

        Oh? Care to elaborate?

        1. I see a flaw in having the physical readiness test only once a year....

        2. Come now, you must have heard that one.

          Alternately, I briefly considered "No way. Wasn't on the PotD, ergo it didn't happen". That selection was discarded as being tailored to a too-narrow audience.

          1. The "military intelligence" one wore out in the 1970s.

          2. You sailored that just right,

    2. Pictures or GTFO Daily Mail.

    3. Gibbs'll figure it out.

    4. Well, let's face it, there are a lot of fat bitches in the Navy.

    5. I imagine copious amounts of fat played some roll. Also sperm.

      1. I see what you did there, Cis-Shitlord!

    6. She really didn't want to have to take a fraternizing court martial?

    7. No height and weight standards I guess.

  40. Obumblers really said Donald Trump is not concerned about the ordinary American, wouldn't let them onto his golf course? Really?

    Where was Obumblefuck when Trump was passing out supplies to Louisiana flood victims?

    The new Dem playbook is saying the most outrageous, hypocritical, detached from reality bullshit they can dream up.

    1. That ain't new. They're just going a little harder than usual this year.

      1. Martha's vineyard with wealthy donors = ordinary Americans!

    2. I'm guessing the couple that had to change their wedding plans at the last minute in order to accommodate Obama's golf game were unavailable for comment.

    3. At the bar, surly Obama is rubbing elbows with the salt of the earth after each of these rounds.

  41. /pol/ is having a good laugh about the peppe thing. =D

  42. Is it just me or do the dems along with their media sychophants seem to be going off the deep end? The only support i see for Hillary is members of the media and wealthy individuals.

    And the funny thing is they appear to think doubling down on name calling/identity politics is going to win them more and more support.

  43. "Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and white supremacists": a Hillary Clinton explainer.

    Remember when everyone regarded Dan Quayle as idiotic for lashing out at a television show character?

    1. good times, good times...

    2. That and not knowing how to spell "potato" because the judges had handed him a card with the word incorrectly spelled "potatoe."

  44. I have highly enjoyed the conservative web rapidly adjusting their opinions from "childcare and maternity leave ARE WELFARE STATISM OMG" to "childcare and maternity leave are human rights!" based on the fact that Trump is supporting them now instead of Bernie or Obama.


    (Trump's plan is not that bad once you get past the idea that it's any of the government's concern in the first place. But it's not.)

    1. Are conservative websites really endorsing this? Because if they really are, then fuck them sideways with a lunch box.

      1. Is the person sideways or the lunchbox? I would think an upright lunchbox would be worse if that's what you're going for.

    2. Ironic thing is the dems appear to hate a traditional democrat who is trump.

    3. This isn't exactly a fresh, new concept for the Party of Limited Government.

  45. I have a lot going on in my life right now so I don't mind getting older, and out of touch. However the HRC CamPain team is so stupid. It's like they are practically begging for a raid.

  46. It's a good thing I'm cynical enough to have long ago given up on the human race, otherwise I might believe I'm slowly coming to a realization I'd rather not - maybe the GOP establishment is right.

    I've never been delusional enough to believe the LP speaks for any kind of silent majority but I did believe the LP served a useful function in expanding the terms of debate and pulling the GOP in a libertarian direction. I also believed what I saw as the conventional wisdom, that the reason the GOP loses is because they tend to pander to the left too much without realizing that nobody in the free shit brigade is going to vote for the guy offering a little bit of free shit when there's somebody else offering even more and all they were doing by attempting to appeal to voters on the left was turning off voters on the right who were opposed to offering any free shit at all. IOW, the reason McCain and Romney lost is because they weren't conservative enough to suit the base and nobody was very enthusiastic about supporting them.

    1. But that assumes there's some conservative base that would enthusiastically support a Republican candidate seriously calling for a drastic roll-back in the size and power and expense of the state on the grounds that it's a bad idea and we simply can't afford it even if it were a good idea. Maybe I've been an idiot or delusional or otherwise blind to the truth, but - just as I long ago accepted the truth that the LP doesn't do very well not because people haven't heard our message but because people have heard our message and they reject it - I've started thinking maybe the reason McCain and Romney lost is because there really are only a few people who even believe in doing as little as slowing down the rate of growth in government. And maybe the GOP is trying to sell the most liberal candidate they can, not because they're secretly liberals pretending they're conservatives, but because they know the truth, that there really are only a very few conservative True Believers in their big tent.

      1. It's not much comfort to think that the people urging us to get on the Trump train because that's the only option for stopping Hillary are just as delusional in thinking there's some silent majority opposed to Hillary Clinton and everything she stands for when the sad fact is that Hillary's going to win because the majority of the voters really do want an all-powerful government offering them the freedom from the burdens of thinking and doing and taking responsibility for themselves. And that's always been true - it's always been a minority of people who believe it's better to die on your feet than live on your knees or that vinegar in freedom is sweeter than honey in slavery. Freedom means when you fuck up you've got nobody to blame but yourself and nobody wants that shit. Slavery means no matter what happens, it's not your fault. And there's an awfully seductive comfort in that. The Trumpalos are going to be pointing the finger at the Nevertrumpers when their little orange god blows up, but by far the biggest group of Nevertrumpers are on the left. Those few on the right were never going to be enough to make a damn bit of difference.

        1. Hobbes v. Locke with Locke only getting the upper hand in America for a hundred or so years.

          1. Burke v. Paine with naive optimist Paine winning out over skeptical conservative Burke.

        2. A lot of what you say is right. But you need to get rid of your delusions about Trump losing. He is likely going to win. What that means time will tell. It is however likely going to happen and you should not reason from the assumption that it won't or can't happen.

          1. There's a lot of days in the two months ahead.

            1. There are but I think Hillary between her health and the deplorables gaffe may have lost it.

              I was in an airport Monday and CNN was playing Trumps speech to the National Guard. It wasn't great. He is not a great speech maker. It was however very reasonable and conventional. He sounded like a regular politician. I think they finally got him to tone down. All he has to do is not look crazy and he wins. He seems to have figured that out.

              1. He was having fun until Labor Day. Now that we're in the window where people care a bit more and might still remember by Election Day what has been said and done, it's time for business.

                I saw the left's new line of attack going after Trump's charitable foundation. I found the attempt at false equivalence to the chicanery at the CGI to be hilarious. "ZOMG THE TRUMP FOUNDATION SPENT $20K ON A PAINTING OF ITS FOUNDER!!!!"

                I'm sure that going after a Trump-affiliated org for acting Trumplike is going to have a tremendous positive effect. $10 says this quietly peters out within two weeks like the "TRUMP MIGHT HAVE HEALTH PROBLEMS TOO" line CNN spent a few weeks running.

                1. Remember how Trump University was going to end his campaign? How is that going?

                  1. The problem is that every criticism of Trump can be related to a similar, but much worse, criticism of Hillary. Trump University? Take a look at the Clintons and Laureate University. Trump Foundation spent $20k on Trump painting? Take a look at the tens of millions of graft and slush fund money for State Department access and favors of the Clinton Foundation. Etc. etc. etc.

        3. Couple of observations, Jerrys,

          * I don't see where you get the impression that Trump is offering anything other than a different flavor of an all-powerful government offering them the freedom from the burdens of thinking and doing and taking responsibility for themselves.
          * Right now the options are liberty at risk or slavery in comfort, as you kind of suggest. But, how sustainable the latter is isn't very clear to me. And somehow I don't think as many people as you think will opt for vinegar in chains.

  47. Nice metaphor.

    The government's top spokesman said Monday he has cautioned a parliamentary vice minister for being piggybacked over a puddle left at the site of deadly flooding in the wake of Typhoon Lionrock.

    1. Revenge is a dish best served globally warmed?

  48. "A Tuesday night Trump rally in North Carolina took a violent turn, with one 69-year-old protester with an oxygen tank getting punched in the face and rushed to the hospital."

    They're practicing. What with Clinton having pneumonia.

    1. Who punched him? A protester or Trump supporter?

  49. Swing by the Brickbat and leave a message for Adans.

  50. Half the country thinks Clinton has lied about her health to the public

    Fifty percent of people think that Hillary Clinton "has given the public false information about her heath," a Politico/Morning Consult poll found in the days following the Democratic nominee's pneumonia scare at the 9/11 Memorial on Sunday. By comparison, only 37 percent of people say the same about Donald Trump.

    Overall, people think Trump is healthier than Clinton, with 22 percent saying Clinton's health is "above average or excellent" and 36 percent saying the same for Trump.

    Less than half of voters, at 44 percent, said Clinton's health would negatively affect her ability to be president; three in 10 people don't think she'd survive her first term while two in 10 people think Trump wouldn't. If one of them were to die, voters would rather have Mike Pence as president; 43 percent said he's prepared to serve, versus 38 percent who think Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, is ready to step up to the plate.

    Dear leader!

    1. Yeah. Its really creepy to watch people who I've held up the bar with many a night start displaying obvious signs of cognitive dissonance. Everything is met with "sexist!" or "but, Trump/Bush/Powell!" I've started really pissing them off by saying that "Bush did it, too" is not a high enough standard for the Presidency. There's no real answer, just sputtering. Sunday was like a suicide watch on FB. A bunch of people were distraught until the 'powers through' Journolist meme started taking off.

      I have to say, this election could go to Robot Nixon in November, and I wouldn't be surprised. Its crazy.

  51. When is Hillary going to campaign again? Couldn't her campaign just issue a statement that she's finally taking the doctors' advice and resting for five days to get fit? I really am becoming a healther. Its starting to distract me.

    1. The more she's out there, the worse she does. They just lucked into the best way to excise their biggest weakness: the candidate herself.

      1. The Democrats might as well just run with that pitch: "Vote for Hillary! She'll be dead soon, you'll see!"

  52. I was talking to my co-worker and our conversation veered into cops and the shooting of civilians. He opined how dangerous the job of being a cop was. And didn't believe me when I told him that garbagemen were more likely to die on the job than the police.

    So I brought up this link:

    The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

    where police are listed as #15

    1. I worked for a company once where the stated goal was to not have any on-the-job deaths in the coming year.
      I did my part. My co-workers might preface that with sadly.

    2. It's mildly disconcerting that airline pilot is listed as the 3rd most dangerous job.
      Do they list collateral damage in the cause of death statistics?

      1. It's 64 deaths per 100,000. How many airline pilots are there? Plane crashes happen often enough.

      2. Airline pilot isn't that dangerous. It only appears dangerous when they count Alaskan bush pilots, which they have apparently done here.

    1. hutzpah

      Was the missing 'C' part of Maduro dietary reductions? 🙂

      1. This is the hutzpach of failing to google a word I don't use regularly.

        1. No, no, that's great. I've been waiting for ages to use this link.

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