Why the USDA Shouldn't Be Buying Up Surplus Cheese

The feds are bailing out dairy producers. Here's why that's a terrible and wasteful mistake.


shelleylyn / CC BY-SA

On Monday, Politico reported that farm "lobbyists have been laboring for months" to try to secure tens of millions of dollars in federal aid for their members, who are struggling thanks to a combination of overproduction and low commodity prices.

We're "pushing both Congress and the USDA to assist producers," said Zack Clark, a lobbyist for the National Farmers Union, to Politico.

In addition to the NFU, those who've been shaking cups in the nation's capital include lobbyists from the American Farm Bureau and the National Milk Producers Federation. The aid they've sought centers on increasing the amount of wheat present in shipments of foreign food aid, expanding loans to farmers, and getting more cash in the hands of dairy producers.

By Tuesday, aid for dairy farmers was already a done deal. All that vigorous cup-shaking had turned into $20 million in USDA purchases of surplus cheese. That's on top of the $11 million in additional support for dairy producers the USDA announced earlier this month.

"That's mad cheese," writes the Arizona Republic's Louie Villalobos.

Mad cheese. And madness.

This news is as awful as it is timely. In fact, it's practically ripped out of the pages of my book, Biting the Hands that Feed Us: How Fewer, Smarter Laws Would Make Our Food System More Sustainable, which is being published on September 15. (Pre-order here!)

In Chapter 2, "'Big Food' Bigger Thanks to 'Big Government,'" I recount the many ways the government generally—and, often, the USDA specifically—wrongly aids and abets large-scale food producers. Examples include USDA farm subsidies, marketing orders, and checkoff programs. But the USDA's habitual purchase of excessive animal agriculture products is one key misuse of agency funds that's often underreported.

Yet for foods like milk that are subject to a tangled web of USDA rules that seek to promote and manage supply and demand, begging for a handout from the USDA in times of low prices or excess supply (or, as now, both) has become the norm. And that begging is often rewarded.

Still, it would be unfair to single out the dairy industry.

"In 2011, for example, the USDA purchased $40 million of excess poultry in an effort to aid large poultry producers," I write in Biting the Hands that Feed Us. "Two years earlier, the agency bought up a similar amount of pork 'to boost America's hog farmers.' […] In fact, the USDA regularly spends millions of dollars each year to prop up animal agriculture producers. In 2009, according to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a pro-vegan group, the USDA spent more than $1.7 billion to buy surplus dairy, beef, eggs, pork, and poultry. Paul Shapiro, vice president for farm animal welfare with the Humane Society of the United States, told me those industries often try to keep government at arm's length, but when they 'suffer from lack of demand, their clamor for government aid is stark.'"

Shapiro's words are echoed by Daren Bakst, a research fellow in agricultural policy with the Heritage Foundation.

"Unlike for other businesses, existing policy seeks to protect farmers from market forces, such as lower prices," said Bakst, in an email to me this week. "When the failed and overgenerous policies aren't generous enough, agriculture lobbies come looking for more taxpayer dollars."

CNN, reporting on the USDA's use of taxpayer funds to buy up some of what it referred to as our "massive cheese stockpile," attributed the cause of our oversupply of cheese to "[i]ncreased milk inventories, higher European exports, low prices, sluggish demand and shifting consumption habits."

In any normal industry, certainly any one in which the free market is given even lip service, these factors would signal producers about the need to change:

Shit. We made too many widgets, and people aren't buying them even at the lower prices we're forced to charge because we made too many widgets? Well, it's time to make fewer widgets, or diversify, or innovate, or all of the above.

"If there wasn't this federal government intervention in the first place that distorts production decisions," says Bakst, "price signals would inform farmers whether to produce more or less of a commodity, which would help to address overproduction."

Who got taxpayers, consumers, and farmers into this mess? Congress, the USDA, many farmers, and the big farm lobbies are all to blame.

More importantly, who can get us out of this mess? Expecting those same farm lobbies, Congress, and USDA bureaucrats to break the wheel is a fool's errand.

Instead, voters and courts may hold the key. But consider, too, that when leading minds at disparate groups like the Heritage Foundation and the Humane Society of the United States agree on an issue like this—and offer the same critique—there exists not just the potential but the grounds for real change.

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  1. The National Fuck U is actually a lobbying group? How appropriate.

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  2. Leave it to the feds to cut the cheese right in your face. And morning all.

  3. CNN, reporting on the USDA’s use of taxpayer funds to buy up some of what it referred to as our “massive cheese stockpile,”

    “We must not allow a cheese wheel gap!”

    1. We have enough cheese to destroy the world 20 times over. It is time to negotiate a multilateral cheese reduction treaty.

      1. Do you want the *French* to win?

        1. I like Iberian sheep cheeses myself. Thank god for the wine and cheese craze.

          1. Sheep Cheese is interesting. I like it better than goat.

  4. Back in the 80s, the small town where I lived didn’t have enough poor people to give the surplus food to, so they gave it to the senior citizens.

    1. Did that when we were growing up. I remember my grandfather, and those yummy blocks of white American. That’s na-cho cheese!

      1. Racist!

    2. Did the muffins have their tops at least?

      1. I think it was mostly cheese, peanut butter, and powdered milk.

      2. + J. Peterman Reality Bus Tour

    3. “Bobby boy stay here while mommy gets free cheese, kay.”

  5. Isn’t it a Velveeta (and similar cheese-resembling substances) stockpile, anyway?

    1. I believe your right. I think it’s in big blocks and made just to sell to the feds.

      1. I’m broke, I’m poor, I want some Government Almighty-provided Cheeze Whizz…

        Now… What kind of Ripple or Mad Dog 20-20, goes best with Cheeze Whizz? And what species of burgoo?

        1. “You got my cheez-whiz, boy?”

        2. Grape and grain.

        3. Unless your cultured,then Boone’s Farm Strawberry..

          1. Does it come in a box?

            1. You need the bottle to throw at passers by.

  6. Baylen should write a book and pimp it in his posts here.

    1. You’d think we’d have heard about any planned book releases. Nothing slated for September from what I can tell.

      1. Hopefully the feds will buy up any overstock remainders of the book.

    2. I bought his book? You should, too! It made my teeth 5 times whiter, put hair on my chest, and now, everywhere I go, EVERYONE wants to sleep with me, AND vote for me! AND give me all their money! BUY THIS BOOK!

      (No, he’s not payin’ me; why do you ask?)

      1. That sounds exhausting

  7. attributed the cause of our oversupply of cheese to “[i]ncreased milk inventories, higher European exports, low prices, sluggish demand and shifting consumption habits

    Rocket science!

    1. I don’t see the low prices at the supermarket.

      1. Then the government’s job is done.

    2. Or,over producing above what the market demands because the government will buy it. Perverse incentives are hard.

      1. Next time I see a slump in demand for construction equipment, I’m going to lobby the government to rent my underperforming assets. Because America!

        1. Shovel-ready stimulus.

  8. John Cougar Mellencamp hardest hit.

    1. People that live in pink houses love government cheese.

      1. Steve Smith|4.15.05 @ 6:24PM|#

        Technically, the Mellencamp clan would still be considered “small farmers”, assuming they didn’t own the same plot of land. That $1.29 mill is being split over a period of eight years, so their total haul from the gov’ment is $162k per year, or $13,512 per ‘camp per annum. Depending on how much acreage they own, that money might not go very far.




  9. I propose that there is no such thing as a surplus of cheese. That implies that we have too much cheese and any sane person knows that you can never have too much cheese.

    Skimming the comments I see two important points; 1) It is a surplus of ‘cheese food’, which is not cheese and 2) the surplus is not reflected in the price of real cheese.

    * generic American cheddar ~ $5 / lb
    most brand named cheddar ~ $7 / lb
    Cheddar aged 12 years ~ $60 / lb
    imported Gruyerre ~ $16 / lb
    imported cheddars ~ $13 / lb

    1. Two of my favorite cheeses are ,Stilton blue and Gloucester cheddar. Give me those and some stout or porter and I’m happy.

    2. “Do you, in fact, have any cheese at all?”

      1. No sir. Not a scrap. I was deliberately wasting your time, sir.

      2. Ah! We do have some Camembert, sir…. It’s a bit runny, sir…. Well, as a matter of fact it’s very runny, sir…. I think it’s runnier than you like it, sir… Yes, sir.” (bends below counter and reappears) “Oh… the cat’s eaten it.

      3. Ah! We do have some Camembert, sir…. It’s a bit runny, sir…. Well, as a matter of fact it’s very runny, sir…. I think it’s runnier than you like it, sir… Yes, sir.” (bends below counter and reappears) “Oh… the cat’s eaten it.

    3. As long as the basket of deep fried white cheddar chesse curds are still $7.99 at The Bar I am ok.

    4. Processed American Cheese Food is cheese. It’s what you get on most cheeseburgers and in grilled cheese sandwiches.

      1. While American “cheese” is good in certain places, it is not cheese. It is cheese flavored vegetable oil.

        1. It’s mostly cheese and other dairy products by law. You can get fancy deli American cheese made the same way only with a lower moisture content. Processed cheese is what you usually want for melting.

          The cheese-flavored oil stuff is called “imitation slices”

        2. I don’t like American Cheese, but you’re wrong about this. See:…..heese.html

          The one thing you _have_ to give processed cheese is that it melts beautifully. I occasionally use a bit of it with other cheeses in order to improve the texture.

  10. Erlich looms large

    For the sticks part of the plan, Rieder proposes that richer nations do away with tax breaks for having children and actually penalize new parents. He says the penalty should be progressive, based on income, and could increase with each additional child.

    Think of it like a carbon tax, on kids. He knows that sounds crazy.

    “But children, in a kind of cold way of looking at it, are an externality,” he says. “We as parents, we as family members, we get the good. And the world, the community, pays the cost.”

    1. Is it too much to ask I enjoy an espresso without this quack-whackoness, Lee?

      “Things like, ‘Oh, I thought we were gonna blow ourselves up in nuclear war, but it didn’t happen. And therefore, just be quiet and have some babies, and, see, everything will be all right,’ ” she says.


      1. “…But she’s a grad student in environmental studies, and the more she learns, the more she questions what kind of life those babies would have.

        In a country where even the idea of climate change can be polarizing and political, Hoskins has never shared that fear until now.

        Meghan Kallman is a co-founder of Conceivable Future. “I can’t count the number of times people have said, ‘Oh, my God, it’s so nice to know I’m not the only person that worries about this,’ ” she says.”

        And yet, when she imagines raising a child, Ferorelli says she can’t help but envision the nightmare scenarios that have dogged her since she first heard the term “global warming” in elementary school.

        “…Rieder and his Georgetown collaborators have a proposal, and the first thing they stress is that it’s not like China’s abusive one-child policy. It aims to persuade people to choose fewer children with a strategy that boils down to carrots for the poor, sticks for the rich.”

        Fucking nutcases. Try and tell me we’re not in a Dark Age with this zaniness. Ga’head.

        Yes, let’s encourage less babies thus threatening economic growth which leads to innovation. Meanwhile Muslim nations continue to have babies.

        Real fucken smart you dumbasses.

        Seriously. I’m starting to get to a point where slaps in the faces and spankings are necessary.

        1. The solution is simple Rufus. Adopt more Muslim babies!

          More seriously, this was my favorite passage:

          Rieder wears a tweedy jacket and tennis shoes, and he limps because of a motorcycle accident. He’s a philosopher with the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and his arguments against having children are moral.

          Americans and other rich nations produce the most carbon emissions per capita, he says. Yet people in the world’s poorest nations are most likely to suffer severe climate impacts, “and that seems unfair,” he says.

          It seems unfair. It SEEMS unfair.

          I’m totes convinced now by the philosopher bioethicist.

          1. Aside from the fact I have no idea what his lousy attire has got to do with anything (by the way, I’m late for a meeting with my tailor), they’re self-serving, faux-intellectual, nihilistic, neo-Luddites. That’s all they are. Care for the world my ass. These are not humanists; they’re anti-humanist.

            And they smell.

            1. Tailor? Singular?

            2. ” they’re self-serving, faux-intellectual, nihilistic, neo-Luddites.”

              So true. But – I am going to have to say I like this flavor of Statist better than most. If only for the inevitable fruits this philosophy will reward us with. Because I believe that while they are plainly no less annoying or any more intelligent the rest of their backwards, inbred, state fellating, uncle fucking cousins, we can at least take some small measure of comfort by reminding ourselves that at least; (in a not too distant future), our genetically and intellectually superior descendants will live in a world free from the risk of interbreeding with any of theirs. This Self Darwin Award School of Progressive Philosophical Thought is absolutely brilliant. Where can I donate to the KickStarter campaign?

          2. The job of an ethicist is to come up with rationalizations for things normal human beings find morally repulsive.

            1. Also, “bioethicists” in particular seem to invariably produce absolute philosophical garbage.

          3. Bioethics. (read: vile anti-human Luddism)
            Philosopher (read: vacuum-headed prattle)

            That’s two strikes right from the start.

        2. the more she questions what kind of life those babies would have.

          Wet blanket alert. I for one am terrified for my kindergartener, she’ll have access to insanely advanced life-conveniencing technology on the cheap, reap the benefits of consumer products made through mass automation, most cost-effective travel and communication technologies ever conceived by man? And the prospect that one day Cape Cod becomes tropical? Sometimes I think People with Malthusian thought tendencies are bored pieces of shit. Go take that rain could to a therapist or something.

          1. Bored and boring. Can you imagine the dearth of imagination or even curiosity to be surrounded by such profound wealth in technological and human capital and come away with the idea that we’re on the cusp of destroying ourselves? They’re standing on the highest mountain and insisting we’re at the bottom of a massive hole.

          2. If the Cape becomes tropical, I guess I’m sitting on a pretty good investment in my house.

            1. But Bangladesh will be half submerged by water if that happens!!!!!!!!

              1. Damnit, who will make my clothes then?!

          3. And the prospect that one day Cape Cod becomes tropical?

            Hello, Nunavut!

        3. Boyfriend: What’s wrong, Laura? You haven’t touched your non-GMO sixteen lentil and kale quinoa salad with Acai berry.
          Laura (Drops fork in tortilla bowl): How can you eat knowing in 10, 15,20, 50, 100 years from now we’re gonna DIE in a big, fiery apocalyptic explosion of climate reality? I mean, does it concern you at all?
          Boyfriend: It does. But…
          Laura: But what?
          Boyfriend: It’s just that…
          Laura: Spit it out, Bradley.
          Bradley: It’s just that you don’t swallow!
          Laura (aghast): I-I…
          Bradley: That’s right…It’s always about YOU, YOU, YOU!
          Laura: No, it’s not! It’s about climate change! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? Climate changes everything! Death is coming very SOON. This TIME it’ll be for TRUE!
          Bradley: You used to be such a fucking whore. What happened to us?
          Laura: Our values have changed. I know fuck for Gaia. I’m sorry you don’t get this.
          Bradley: I don’t. I guess this is it.
          Laura: I guess.
          Bradley (grabs hand made Peruvian duffle bag): Fine.
          Laura: Just go. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t understand the fate of humanity.
          Bradley: Oh, I do. And it is in a sorry state.
          Laura: What’s that supposed to mean?
          Bradley: Perhaps you should look into your irrational fears closer. PLUS I HATE QUINOA! Good-BYE!

          1. Word. Fuck quinoa.

        4. “Yes, let’s encourage less babies thus threatening economic growth which leads to innovation. Meanwhile Muslim nations continue to have babies.”

          That is what they are trying to encourage.

          1. What could possibly go wrong?

      2. You should drink your coffee black, no sugar, like a real man.

    2. That evil fuck Erlich has a worse record in his predictions than your average psychic. Not one single correct prediction in the many decades he has been spouting that shit. He has made his living by confirming the biases of progressives who hate humanity. That’s all.

      Isnt Europe already having a population crisis? He wants them to have less children? He wants them to go extinct is what he wants. What an evil bastard.

      1. To be fair, he’s not the subject of the article BUT he is an evil douche. He even leaves comments on book reviews (e.g The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels) on Amazon where he quickly took a pasting.


        1. Erlich that is. Not you.

      2. Consider the words of the man Comrade Obama hired as his top adviser on science and technology, John P. Holdren:

        “A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to DE-DEVELOP the United States. Resources and energy must be diverted from frivolous and wasteful uses in overdeveloped countries to filling the genuine needs of underdeveloped countries.De-development means bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the global resource situation. This effort must be largely political.”

        “Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations,” wrote Obama’s future science adviser, along with Paul and Anne Ehrlich, “is absolutely essential, if a decent life is to be provided to every human being.”

        1. There has NEVER been a decent science adviser to a president in my lifetime. They’re all Watermelon shitstains, “Precautionary Principle” neo-Luddites, and Malthusian vermin.

          It’s enough to make me want to be a supervillain.

        2. A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America

          Hey dumbass, America is actually better environmentally now than it was in the 16th century.

    3. He says the penalty should be progressive, based on income, and could increase with each additional child.

      He doesn’t even pretend to think this stuff through logically anymore.

      He wants to discourage the smallest segment of the population that is the most capable of providing for the children they do have and have normally had a below average number of offspring (the wealthy) while *not discouraging* the segment of the population that has the greatest number, greatest number of offspring, and requires the most public assistance to care for those offspring?

      And that’s somehow supposed to do ‘solve’ overpopulation.

      And, for the record, I will note that Erlich continues to refuse to kill himself and his family in order to lessen the pressure on the planet.

      1. I watched Kingsman again last night. It’s a very silly film and a hugely satisfying takedown of the snobbish elites and environmentalist misanthropy.

        1. I saw that with low expectations and without foreknowledge of the environmentalist lunacy motivating the villain and was quite pleasantly surprised. Definitely recommend it.

          1. Ugh. Way too much gory violence. The massacre in the church was so much of a leftist fantasy that it revolted me. It seemed like: “Murdering 50-60 people in a church is OK, because they were racists.”

            1. Eh, I like stuff like Cronenberg films (before he started turning out boring tripe like Cosmopolis) so the violence didn’t bother me. I see your point, but for me it was tempered by seeing what was obviously Obama and a bunch of other Top Men get their head-exploding comeuppance after thinking they’d be the chosen ones.

            2. Actually I read that as even more lefty-bashing: yes, they were bigots, as you can expect in much of flyover country, but they were harmless… until the progressive villain flipped the switch turning them into mindless, hyperviolent animals. For their own good, you see.

      2. Agammamon: exactly.

    4. I presume this only goes into effect after the government pension schemes crash.

    5. When the unstoppable force of the progtard who loves guaranteed free shit meets the unmovable object of the envirofascist who knows consumption is killing the planet, they 69 buttfuck and and someone like Elrich is born.

      Because clearly humans are killing the planet. And clearly all humans deserve a middle class life with free health care and college, whether they can afford it or not, just for showing up.

      We resolve the contradiction by making it free, but, yeah, you’re going to have to pay for that. Kids don’t deliver and feed themselves, you know.

  11. It would be much cheaper and easier and more efficient to just give these fuckers a welfare check. All the costs of creating and administering the program are simply a way to deny and disguise the fact that it’s a welfare check so these leeches can lie to themselves about the fact that they’re welfare cases. But that’s exactly what they are and the fiscal costs of doling out the dollars is nothing compared to the moral and social and economic costs of allowing welfare cases to pretend they’re hard-working, productive members of society and are somehow not just entitled to but somehow deserving of respect for their receipt of their welfare check. You’re a fucking charity case and it’s perfectly okay – desirable even – that you feel a little ashamed about yourself and want to work a little harder to stop being a fucking charity case. Being a charity case ain’t something to be proud of so stop telling me I somehow gotta fucking respect and thank you while I hand you your welfare check.

    1. Look at GM, for example. You went bankrupt. That’s the market telling you they don’t want what you’re producing and you’re wasting valuable resources producing it. Stop wasting the valuable resources! Let somebody who can make better use of the resources have them – and you can tell who’s making better use of the resources by the fact that people will actually pay them enough for their product for them to make a profit. And yet government takes money from the businesses that are producing what people want and gives it to the company that’s making shit people don’t want and pats themselves on the back for what a wonderful thing they’re doing – and plenty of people agree with their self-assessment! Oh, look at all the jobs they saved! The jobs they saved are people producing shit people don’t want! You think if GM shut down people are too stupid to figure out they can buy a Ford – obviously a superior product given that they can actually produce a vehicle people want to buy at a price profitable to Ford – and that the increase in Ford sales wouldn’t lead to a lot of those GM factories and factory workers simply becoming Ford factories and Ford factory workers?

      And what’s worse – that government takes money from people who are making shit people will actually pay good money for and gives it to people who are making shit people don’t want or the fact that they’ve convinced people that doing this insane thing is actually a good idea?

    2. I want to subscribe to your newsletter.

    3. I grew up in farm country and calling farm subsidies is a great way to piss off all those farmers. They get livid at the slightest suggestion that they are on the dole.

      You are absolutely right, though, these payoffs are welfare. Nothing else.

      It would serve those fucks right to have to admit that they are no better than the Section 8 rats in the big cities that they rail about all the time.

      The other thing that we should do is condition those welfare checks for them in the same manner that they are always calling for. Have to take a drug test to keep getting them. Can’t spend the money on “unhealthy” food. Or lottery tickets or booze.

      1. if you grew up in farm country,you should be familiar with all the gov’t regulations and restrictions that farmers have to put up with. they don’t have a free market. Gov’t restricts them on what they can and can’t grow,and how much they can plant. I’m totally city-bred,and I know that.
        so,you’re just blowing hot air.

        1. Also, as I am, that by far the greatest portion of the subsidies go to few conected families or the big combines. Most farmers actually work for a living (though not nearly as hard as they used to just twenty years ago–thanks to technological innovations). There was a similar problem with sheepmeat where I lived for a time. The weird thing they noticed was that although they could barley make a living selling it, it was selling for more than ever in the groceries, rather like the cheese thing here. So instead of snivelling to the legislature, a bunch of them got together and set up their own relatively local distribution system, selling sheep directly to consumers. It made sheepmeat cheap as fuck, but still more profitable to the shepherd. It was forty-five dollars a sheep then, and according to my mother they still sell for about sixty-five now. And the shepherds only had to convert a small portion of their operation to manufacturing blackmarket firearms in order to survive.

  12. ITT Tech may go tits up.

    The Massachusetts attorney general sued the company in April, alleging that it misled students about the quality of its programs.

    So, Maura, when are you going to start going after every reputable law school that plumped up its enrollment with Fed-backed loan suckers during the recession, promoting bullshit likely job prospects?

    1. They should put Bill Clinton on the board with a 7 or 8 figure salary and then lobby, lobby, lobby for some government cheese.

      It worked wonders for another school whose name I can’t remember and am too lazy to google.

    2. When are they going to prosecute all the public universities that goaded some SJW idiot into paying six figures for a Ph.D in Gay & Lesbian Studies?

      1. I have a friend who has a degree in Social Justice and Human Rights. We get along as long as we talk about our mutual loathing of Sheriff Arpaio, opposition to the drug war, and music, but looking at her through my heartless capitalist eyes she’s totally unemployable in the private sector and would be deadweight at best, and more likely a walking lawsuit.

        Some folks are just privileged enough to be a student until nearly 30 without ever having to sully their hands with labor, while spending 14 hours a day on Facebook bitching and moaning about the supposed privilege of others, though.

        1. I have a friend who has a degree in Social Justice and Human Rights.

          Couldn’t beleive when I saw that shit on ASU’s site. What a fucking embarrassment.

    1. They keep coming back to this. It’s retarded. It’s annoying this thing about the young writers of today that have no capacity to understand how people thought a hundred years ago and are totally incapable of parsing the simplest pre-1900 sentence intelligibly. Part of it may be what Lewis predicted, that is, that there’d be a disjunction from history when people stop reading old books.

  13. there exists not just the potential but the grounds for real change

    Libertarian moment! Yeah… I’ve been hearing about the destructiveness of this welfare for decades and nothing has changed. Congress, the USDA, many farmers, and the big farm lobbies laugh in the face of anyone demanding change.

    1. IIRC, in the wake of the ’94 GOP House takeover, farm subsidies were being phased out. But then they came back.

      1. Iowa caucuses!!

        Being first, they are way over-valued. Distort politics every 4 years.

  14. Obama wasn’t able to serve as a racial healer because there were just too many racists obstructing him

    But there’s hope, as he gets around to something he totally didn’t have time to do when his party controlled Congress:

    “The administration wants to advance criminal justice reform legislation before Obama leaves office, aiming for a win on an issue watched closely in the black community. But prospects of passage in Congress during an election year are uncertain.”

    1. Obama wasn’t able to serve as a racial healer because he is a racist.

      The vast majority of the time things really are just what they appear to be.

      1. Sounds like something a racist obstructionist would say.

    2. this recent outburst of racism was STARTED by Comrade Obama;
      his “Justice” Dept. sent teams to Sanford and Ferguson,BEFORE their marches and Ferguson riot,to teach “white privilege” and critical race theory seminars in the black areas. He literally instigated these riots and marches.He OWNS them. He hasn’t said any meaningful words to quell their anger and irrationality,instead he subtly (or not so subtly) reinforces it.

  15. Which cheese is made backwards?


    1. That joke isn’t perfect, but it’s gouda nough.

      1. Emmental people about you two.

    2. Boooooooo.

      1. blueeeee

        1. I love those action movies where the hot chick battles against the cheese conglomerates.

          The actress’s name was Pam Gruy?re.

          1. AKA ‘Little Miss Muffet’.

    3. You have a sharp wit.

        1. Your a whiz at this.

          1. I can’t let these jokes sit out in the open too long or they grow Feta.

            1. Or they get deadly like Greg Stilton.

            2. I’m just ‘stringing ‘ you along.

              1. These jokes are becoming a cottage industry.

                1. Face it,I’m creaming you.

                  1. I’m tearing holes in your arguments.

                    1. Sure,run and hide behind Swiss.

                    2. I’ve milked this thread enough,have a cream ale on me. [drops mic walks away].

                    3. Paging Swiss!!

                  2. PHRASING.

            3. You guys have taken this whey too far.

              1. Good grief, will you all stop it?
                You are all horrible muensters.

                1. All of that, and nobody mentioned how cheesy it was?

  16. Why the hell is the Humane Society of the US even included in this article? It’s a lobbying group closely associated with PETA tying to point out farmers not wanting the USDA involved in absurd regulations on animal care. HSUS’s goal isn’t to show the stupidity of the Feds buying cheese, they just want farmers to fail because ANIMULZZZ!

    1. Last I heard, the Humane Society was a non-insane counterpart to PETA.

      1. Safe bet is that the higher the profile of a charitable organization the more likely they are just about the money. The people that do god’s work are too busy to hawk themselves. They spend their money on no-kill shelters instead of millions on television ads.

        1. Around 5% actually goes to shelters. The rest is spent in advertising/salaries. 135 million revenue, 125 million spent on expenses.

      2. No, they’re completely fucking insane. Just not PETA levels of insane.

          1. No, not really, he’s off his meds or something.

        1. They hide it better.

    1. It isnt a tough call at all. The Dean has a right to associate with whomever he chooses. The CC has a right to associate with whomever they choose.

      Easy peasy.

      1. It isnt a tough call at all. The Dean has a right to associate with whomever he chooses. The CC has a right to associate with whomever they choose.

        But then lawyers will lose clients, congressmen will lose opportunities to grandstand, and the grip of the state will loosen every so slightly. Oh, the humanity!

        1. He should offer to bake cakes for the students. That should lock down a 7 figure settlement.

    1. You’re gonna kill yourself, Rich. There will never, ever, ever be a day where a Clinton gets treated fairly under the law. It’s pretty obvious she was engaging in pay to play, but the emails don’t say expressly, “I will give you your meeting if you make a donation to my foundation.”

    2. I’m willing to bet this shameless corrupt twat only gives meetings to people who funnel or launder money into her foundations.

      How any reasonable and sensible American would think this is suspicious willing to vote for her is beyond me.

      These same people probably go on and on about oligarchies. Bunch of sheep. That’s right. You vote for Hillary you’re sheep.


  17. I’m working on a teleplay for a TV pilot. The premise of the show is the adventures of a French cheesemonger who moonlights as a private detective.

    It’ll be called The Roquefort Files

    1. Was was Grizzly Adams’ favorite food?


      1. The problem with these jokes is you have to be 45 or 50 to have a prayer of getting them.

    2. I don’t know if I can take any more of this. What time is it? 9:02 am on a saturday morning. Hmmmm. Is it too early to have a shot? I think it is not.

    3. Magnum Brie Eye?

      1. Versus his mortal foes, the Provolone mafia family.

        1. That program is really pretentious. You’ll only watch it if you’re arty or if you Havarti friends.

        1. Too bad Swiss isn’t here. Damnit. Did it again.

    4. You too?

      Mine is ‘Everybody Loves Romano’!

    1. Why would Stringfellow be jealous. He’d have just blown the mountain up with fake missiles anyway.

      1. There are professional pilots and there are professional pilots.

        1. That is an incredible photo.

          1. Amazing. Looks like what happened in Vietnam happening in Afghanistan in the near future.

            1. Amazing that the helicopter is actually still hovering. If it would have ‘landed’ the building would probably have collapsed. Kudos.

    2. I’m surprised that you, Crusty, of all people would post this link.

      How the hell am I supposed to judge this guy’s actions if they didn’t publish a pic of the 44-yr old woman he saved? I’m guessing she must have been as hawt as sick owl shit if a guy was willing to get in his chopper and save her, but it really is just a guess.

    3. This is not the first time in recent memory a private crew has not been allowed to intervene in a rescue situation in Romania, reports

      In October 2015 in the Mures area of Transylvania, a helicopter was stopped from trying to retrieve the victim of another serious accident on a ridge.

      Before I go calling this person a “victim of a serious accident” I’d have to know – is this an experenced climber who, despite taking the normal experienced-climber-type precautions, had something unusual go wrong or is this the sort of “unfortunate accident” that happens mostly to stupid people? Getting killed doing something stupid isn’t necessarily an accident, let alone an unfortunate one.

    4. Okay this dude has some serious balls, skills, and luck. That was amazing.

  18. OT: In a federal mandate for waste, envelope lobby reveals Washington

    Mutual funds were lobbying for more freedom when it came to mailing prospectuses ? those exhaustive, bulky, trash-can-bound explanations of the contents of your fund. In short, the funds wanted to be free to make electronic delivery the default, while allowing investors to insist on paper delivery. This is an obvious common-sense reform which would save whole forests of trees.

    Consumers for Paper Options fought back. The group warned that changing the default from paper to electronic delivery would “Confuse potentially millions of investors who suddenly stop seeing important printed fund performance material from investment firms.”

    “Ask Congress to stop the SEC from impeding access to paper-based investment materials,” the group’s website blared.

    This is almost laughable: A D.C. lobbyist forming a sham “consumer” protection to fight for federal rules requiring more paper and envelopes be wasted, while getting paid by the envelope lobby

    1. “This is an obvious common-sense reform which would save whole forests of trees.”

      David Friedman argues otherwise: You want trees? Use ’em. We have a lot of cows because we eat them.

      1. Sure, but I also want fewer postal workers.

      2. Always missing in the ‘don’t use paper and spare a tree’ is the fact that most paper comes from trees grown as a crop specifically to make paper. Your loose-leaf isn’t coming from old-growth forest, folks, but tree farms.

        As P.J. O’Rourke once wrote, it’s equivalent to saying ‘save the corn.’

        1. A lot of people get that impression from Hollywood–Avatar, Captain Planet, whatever. In my neck of the woods, you see pines planted in rows for hundreds of miles and the trucks going into the paper mill so we don’t suffer from that illusion. Nonetheless, a paper copy does probably use more resources than an electronic copy, hence the reason the company wants to switch, to save money.

          1. Nonetheless, a paper copy does probably use more resources than an electronic copy, hence the reason the company wants to switch, to save money.

            Agreed, and this is a very compelling reason to go electronic over paper. Having everything on paper means enormous amounts of space needed to keep files, cumbersome transmissions as opposed to clicking ‘send’, and a zillion other reasons that make electronic documentation vastly superior. I just wish people would use this as the reason to go digital rather than some moronic ‘save a tree’ concept.

          2. I grew up in an area that did extensive logging, when there was still a lot of logging of public lands. Even then, there were commercial tree farms.

    2. What’s the Rule # for the fact that there’s a lobby for everything imaginable?

      1. The Zeroth Law – if it has ever existed, someone is lobbying for government money to support it.

        1. Dear Government,

          Please use someone else’s money to help me stay in business and to destroy my competition.


          PS Here is a little sumthin for your reelection campaign

  19. And it’s a worldwide problem, esp. as applies to milk products. It’s been said for a long time that the world is awash in surplus butter & cheese. It’s like all the gov’ts are burning fuel & wearing out xmissions by running the truck to maintain a certain position on the side of the hill.

  20. Good riddance!
    “Sen. Boxer’s ‘farewell tour’ a thank-you to California”
    Yep, thanks to the suckers who pull that D lever in CA; where else could a block-head like that stay employed for 24 years?
    “The triumphs include the effort by California politicians in 1995 to prevent portions of the green enclave at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge from being sold to developers. On Friday, she also pledged to see whether there’s a way in her final months in Washington to find federal money to help pay for a cloak of new parkland that would hide automobile tunnels near Crissy Field.”
    My goodness! Keeping housing prices high and bringing home the pork! What more could you ask of a low-watt politico?…..187684.php

    Does the dullest knife award now pass to Hank Johnson?

    1. It’s funny how “developer” is almost synonymous with evil to many people – people who sit in luxury townhouses and eat dinner at posh bayside restaurants.

    2. She never should have been elected in the first place. Back in 1992, there was a very electable, smart, moderate Republican running for that seat, Tom Campbell, who would have defeated her easily; she was thought of as far too liberal in a state that still had ample voters on the right. But in the Republican primary, some loudmouth bombastic talk radio guy from LA, Bruce Herschensohn, got enough support from the Orange County crowd that he narrowly won the Republican primary. He was probably unelectable on his own (mostly just being a well-known populist who shot his mouth off all the time, sound familiar?) but then the Boxer campaign publicized the fact that he was known to go to strip clubs, and then Boxer trounced him in the general election.

      And then it was no problem for her to be re-elected multiple times after that. California loves to vote for its incumbents.

      1. And now, our wonderful state election system guarantees that for the Senate seat in November, we’ll have a choice between 1) a leftist Democrat and 2) an even more leftist Democrat.

  21. Hot TV presenter wears wonderful shirt. I’ve seen teenage girls wearing, “Father fucker” Tees in Harajuku, but not on TV.

    1. Lady, you on TV camera! You take shirt OFF, quick now, before you embarrass us!!!!

    2. I am outraged, and I demand she take that shirt off right then and there!

  22. The USDA Is Blowing Your Cheddar on Surplus Cheese: New at Reason

    These masturbation euphemisms are getting really cheesy.

    1. “You got smegma in my cheese!”

      “You got cheese in my smegma!”

      Hmmmm… We might have somethin’ goin’ on here… Not sure what it is…

  23. my best friend’s mom makes $74 an hour on the computer . She has been without work for five months but last month her payment was $19746 just working on the computer for a few hours. find more information …

  24. Locally, I keep getting more laughs at the slo-mo implosion of Ilhan Omar.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is no way she will lose the election or even be prosecuted for marrying her brother in order to get him into the country. The local rags will cover for him, but it will be nice to see that she starts as big of a joke as her predecessor is.

    The best reporting is some small local outfit. They have found the brother – who hasn’t admitted to shit – and asked him why he would post an instagram pic of Omar’s infant daughters tagged as his nieces if she wasn’t his brother

    The local Dems must be sweating and wondering how they will spin this fiasco.

  25. “farm lobbyists have been laboring for months to” hide behind politicians and rob people at gunpoint if they resist being robbed to benefit special interests that can’t manage their businesses.

  26. So today is my first day home alone watching our two month old baby. I’ve started messing with my mother-in-law by sending texts such as “how much coffee is too much for a baby? She loves the stuff!” My mother is the next target, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. “I’m going to the liquor store – the baby is safe at home because I’ve stored him in the laundry hamper.”

    2. “What is a good self-tanning lotion for the baby?”

      “Why? She looks a little pale…”

    3. “Is it OK to smoke around the baby?”

      “The baby loves soft pillows and blankets in her crib!”

      “Just a little drop of vodka eases gum pain.”

      1. bourbon for gum pain, not vodka!
        my parents told me they did that for baby me in the 1960s.

        1. I got scotch. But it was the 1950s, so….

    4. “The baby looks so cute when it sleeps on its stomach.”

      1. “Awe, look, she’s buried under a blanket.”

    5. Ok I’m going with “I’m running to the liquor store, baby will be ok home alone for a while I’ve put the cats in her room to keep her safe.”

      1. The cats will steal the baby’s breath, you know.

    6. I was a stay at home dad for a year. Two months is pretty easy; feeding, napping, feeding, napping. Plus they can’t go anywhere so all you have to do is plop it somewhere and binge watch the X-Files.

      1. She never naps more than 20 minutes every few hours. But she sleeps 10 hours a night so….trade offs I guess

    7. Thanks all!

      1. “The Pampers package says they’re good for 10-12 pounds, but after about 5 pounds the smell gets too bad – should I have to be changing the diaper almost every single day?”

        1. LMFAO

    8. “Just got back from Baby’s first chiropractic adjustment – way louder cracks than I expected”

    9. Hey Grandma! Look, I made pangea out of its fontanelles.

    10. When you’re all like, “Hey, I’ll just leave my baby on the bed while I run into the other room to grab something, nothing bad is gonna happen,” don’t.

      1. so *thats* how you got that flat spot on your forehead. huh.

    11. I would suggest that you come to grips with the reality that no one really cares about your kid and the fact that it is consuming your life doesn’t mean it matters to anyone else in any way at all.

      1. He’s babysitting, yo.

        dial the douche-knob down by about 75%

        1. You first.

          And he’ll appreciate the honesty, you know it and so do I.

          1. I doubt it. the jokes were pretty good.

            1. Hey look, something totally unrelated in every way, to what I said.

              Did my response really knock you so far off kilter that a total non-sequitur was, all you had?

              Guess so.

              1. is english your first language?

                1. Stick to giving people shitty fashion advice.

                    1. Yes I’m your mother.

                      Too bad being coherent isn’t as easy for you huh?

                    2. Live blogging the Dunning-Kruger effect isn’t working in your favor quite like you think it is.

                      Then again, feature, not a bug.

                    3. Hey look, its the sad fucking sock you resorted to.

                    4. This Brevity is the soul of twit.

                    5. I’ve had abortions with more class.

                    6. Not Gilmore sweetie. I’m not anyone’s sock. I’m just a dude from Mpls who thinks you’re trash.

        2. If it were any poster whose handle I recognized, I’d say it was sarcasm.

      2. Pretty sure Acedroman (first time for me to see that handle) isn’t here to get actual baby sitting advise. Do you? If so, you shouldn’t be on the internet.

        1. Whew, good thing I didn’t give him any actual babysitting advice then.

          1. No, you didn’t. You just shit all over him for posting what was clearly a joke. I assumed you were being protective. You were just being a dick. My bad.

            1. “No, you didn’t”

              Then why did you ask me if I did you fucking retard?

              Oh, you were just being a dick. And a hypocrite.

              1. You sound familiar.

                1. You sound familiar.

                  Golf clap.

                2. You sound like you’re so wholly concerned with others opinions of you that you actually attempt to discuss your educational credentials on the internet.

                  Then, when you realize no one cares and it makes you look small and silly, you resort to screeching like a fucking idiot about Cosmos in all caps, in a sad attempt to gain the acceptance your painfully embarrassing attempts to argue from authority don’t win for you.

                  1. Really, really familiar.

                    1. I don’t doubt it, your failings are clear and you can help but repeat them, I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve had them pointed out.

                      It may be the first time it has so obviously bothered you though, as your inevitable response proved.

                      DOCTOR warty. Lol.

              2. Thanks for being the personification of one shitting into their own hands and clapping. It is adorable.

                Who is this crusty old cunt anyways?

                1. “mplspolitics|8.27.16 @ 1:07PM|#

                  Thanks for being the personification of one shitting into their own hands and clapping. It is adorable.

                  Who is this crusty old cunt anyways?”

                  Wow. You really resorted to a sock. How fucking sad.

                  1. Now that I’ve made one of you sad pieces of shit resort to the socking you claim to hate (Gilmore obviously) I’ll take my leave.

                    I actually have shit to do that matters, unlike you pathetic loser bitches.

                    Complaint now and prove me right.

                    1. Lol. The paranoia runs deep with this cum juggler.

                      I’m not anyone’s sock. I mainly lurk but had to login to let a cunt know that they are, in fact, a cunt.

                      The illusory superiority is quaint if not disturbing.

                      Don’t forget to take your chlorpromazine.


                    2. Jesus fucking Christ you’re as delusional as you are retarded.

                    3. Hahaha. This is awesome. You’re pants shitting based an a woefully wrong assumption.

                      What am I going to do with all this power??

                    4. Many people feel paranoid about how they smell “down there” ? you are not alone! The truth is, every person with a vagina has their own signature scent, and if you have a sexual partner, your partner probably doesn’t mind it a bit. At the same time, if you’re feeling a little insecure, then it won’t hurt to make sure that you’re covering all of the bases when you wash your vaginal area. You deserve to feel clean and confident.

                    5. Step 4: Wash your perineum. The perineum is the area between your vagina and your anus.

                    6. Step 1:

                      Lather up a washcloth or sponge with some mild natural soap and warm water. Avoid using soaps with heavy perfumes, or gels or antiseptics, which may throw off the balance of healthy bacteria and irritate the sensitive skin around your vagina.

                      Did you know? The actual vagina (the inner canal) is “self-cleaning” and doesn’t require washing; soap is likely to irritate the vagina if you try to use it on the vagina itself. You don’t need to wash the vagina, just the area around the vagina (the vulva), using a plain, unperfumed soap, using the steps that follow.

                    7. Step 2: Clean the folds around your clitoris. Use your fingers to pull your labia away from your clitoris. Gently wipe the skin on both sides of your clitoris with the washcloth.

                    8. Step 3: Wash your vulva and your vaginal opening. Also, clean around your bikini line.

                    9. Or just skip all the mplspolitics steps & plop down here


                      It probably won’t clean as well as soap, nor even better than plain water, but it’s safe to masturbate with.

                    10. Maybe the baby talk triggered this person’s emotions? Maybe this person is unable to have kids, can’t get it up, or something like that. Maybe they felt angry about the conversation and just had to butt in to ruin the fun out of jealousy……….

                    11. There is something very “barren wombish” about him…

                    12. Maybe they’re right and you’re a bitch.


                    13. Its not me, dude. I don’t care about you enough to change my @(#* handle.

                    14. I actually believe you.

                      That person seems genuinely unhinged, and you’re a cunt and a moron, but you’re at least sane.

                    15. And now the projection. You are fucking precious.

                    16. Then stop using my name, please.

                    17. I call alcoholism, self-loathing, hated of people who have a stable family, and a desperate need to deflect the guilt he feels for a lifetime of destructive selfishness. Or, you know, maybe he’s just a dick. Take your pick.

                    18. Are you analysing me or Hi Gilmore?

                    19. Our friend Brevity. The indentation makes it unclear.

            2. Whoa this got out of hand and I apologize

              1. Don’t, I was fuckng around with you its the thread cops who should own up.

              2. You needn’t apologize for anything. Shit poster came in to shit post and was simply served his own medicine back.

                Hi Gilmore, you are projecting. Go find somewhere else to be an asshole.

                1. Projection…That term sounds familiar.


                    how does it feel to be a caricature?

                2. “served his own medicine back.”

                  You’re right, for some inexplicable reason, Frank, you decided again, as you so often do, to heap shit upon a thread.

                  You’re right, you absolutely did out shitpost me.

                  Great job, thread cop

                  1. Frank? Now your paranoia has latched on to another imaginary target? And again? This is the first time I’ve interacted with you.

                    But hey, you’re totally the sane one.

                    Change out your cum sock for a fresh one and have mom bring you a cold Mountian Dew, you’re in for a long day son.

                    1. Come on Frank even warty sees it.

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                      “you’re totally the sane one.”

                      At least you can admit that much.

                      How does it feel to be lord of a heap of shit Frank?

                      A heap of shit you both whine loled a bitch about, then make even shittier?

                    2. Please rephrase your incoherent screed in the form of a sentence.

                    3. Please learn to read better Frank.

                    4. I read just fine. Whine loled a bitch about isn’t in my lexicon. That’s your problem, not mine.

                      Here. Go play.

                    5. And yet you asked for clarification of basic language.

                      Is this what you meant when you said id have a long day?

                      Meticulously explaining to an old man he’s making a fool of himself?

                    6. Whine loled a bitch isn’t basic language at all. It’s an even less coherent sentence than Yahoo Serious Film Festival.

                    7. That’s the kind of thing a bitch who doesn’t understand basic language would say.

                      Like you, for instance, Frank.

                      I so love that I’m going to point out this thread to John, and he’s going to club you over the fucking head with it forever.


                      Protest more now, Shakespeare.

                    8. After all the crying you did about wasting people’s times with a thread talking about a baby – you’re little whinefest is several orders of magnitude larger than the whole baby thread.

                    9. Forget it, it’s Tulpa-town.

                    10. Fucking wow.

                      So, y’all, I saw Ghostbusters, and Girl Ray was freaking awesome. Too bad the movie had other people in it.

                    11. I’m thinking I should see Hell or High Water tonight. Anyone see it?

                    12. No, but thanks for mentioning it. it looks great. Reviews (that matter) also very positive.

                    13. I’m a sucker for movies that Nick Cave scores.

                    14. I’m a sucker for “arty heist film”

                    15. Western landscapes, manly desperation, ruminations on violence, heist. It really promises to check all the checkboxes.

      3. Feelings = hurt

  27. What’s sad about this as a small family owned dairy farmer in America (60 cows) I only get $14.25 per hundred lb.’s of raw milk sold. That’s with the milk leaving my farm averaging 4.1% butter fat, 3.3% protein and 5.63% other solid’s.
    The milk companies then take all the components out of the milk to make ice cream, 1%, 2%, whole milk, cheese’s, butter and milk powder. Another way to look at this for simpler math is per gallon that leaves my farm raw with all the components I am making roughly 0.82$.
    Out of that $14.25 per hundred or 0.82$ per gallon I must also pay all the shipping to get the feeds into the farm and then all the shipping to get the milk to the milk processors. Which then I have no control over what they do with the milk and what the raw milk is made into, or the price they get to sell it for. My price is set based on Boston, Mass being the center of the country with trucking fees based on trucking it to Boston. Also the federal government sets the milk price based on the Chicago exchange. Therefore this 20 million the government is spending will mean absolutely none of it will end up in my pocket in the end. National Milk Producers Federation which is not made up of any dairy farmers but rather larger milk companies, like Kraft, hood, DFA, Dean foods, etc., will pocket the 20million and there share holders.

    1. If I was paid even a fraction of what they charge in the stores for dairy products I would be a happy person, but I have seen it over and over again as the dairy farmers pay for milk goes down the price in the stores keep going up.

      The most recent farm bill included a section called the MPP program, this program can cost anywhere from 100 for basically no coverage to $8500 for a farm my size. Basically what this program does is its insurance that you get to insure you can generate a income. Its like saying in September of each year you have to decided what it cost you to live the following year, then you buy the insurance you need to make sure you might be able to make that much. Here is a example lets say you work for 11.25$ a hr. you need 15$ a hr so you buy this insurance to make the difference from 11.25-15$. Yet there’s a catch you have market forces, all the sudden what you thought you were insuring for 15$ per hr is really only insurance for 5.00$ per hr. What do you do then???? you still have to pay your bills. That is in the farm bill.

      1. The reason the milk price crashed is partly because Europe decided to massively increase production, but also because the dollar has gone up so its cheaper to import milk from other countries without the quality laws, and inspections that we have to comply with in the us. The last reason is Crimea that tiny place that Russia annexed, because of European and USA sanction’s, Russia banned all western dairy product’s. Therefore the American dairy farmer is paying directly for the policy’s of Washington without any thought or care by anyone. Lets face it we don’t make up enough of the population to give a crap about we are just dumb farmers right. Plus its easier for people from the cities to blame things on us that we have no control over or benefit from.

        I would go organic but can’t bring myself to lie to the American population because is all about the money not the animals well being, my cattle have access to pastures 24/7 even in the winter if they want to go out for a run there more then welcome in the spring and summer there normally out grazing on the green grasses, if its hot out you will find them in the barns with cool fans, in the winter they will be in the barns where its warm and nice. I also don’t plant gmo plants just a normal hybrids.

        Don’t judge the American dairy farmer based on bias articles and what you think the facts are, do the research, visit farms, talk to them, we are not bad people, and willing to chat if your willing to listen to reason.

        1. Here’s prime examples of what us in the dairy industry have to deal with;

          Lawyers will get all the money from this one and the same thing is happening again nothing will change in the end and just a small amount of there profits they made over that time period.


            1. If you’ve only got 60 cows, you should look into doing some acting work. You know, the heart-string-tugging ads they do about farm policy where they hold up the salt-of-the-earth family farmer as the typical farmer that the policy is helping? That could be you – because people don’t realize that Dwayne Andreas and ADM (and Cargill and Con-Agra and Kraft, among others) with their multi-billion dollar agricultural operations are the biggest welfare whores on the planet and that’s really where the money’s going.

              1. Why would I want to be in an ad for them? There policys are to benifit them, there share holders and ceo. It’s a crock of shit there lines about what they do to help the small farms.
                Reality is you do what you can to cut costs, skip a payment here and there if needed, when price goes up pay down debt and put into savings and get ready for the next down cycle.
                Another option is sell to a mega dairy neighbor because there so deep into the banks that the bank won’t let them fail just keep loaning them money.
                Lastly I might just consolidate with another farm my size to take advantage of the price breaks given to larger farms while continuing to diversify into maple syrup, and beef productions while selling as much directly to consumers as possible.

                Waiting for the policy to help you will get you a nice bankruptcy. Bottom line

                1. I respect dairy farmers who produce crate raised veal. Tastes much better than that tough red pen raised stuff.

      2. “If I was paid even a fraction of what they charge in the stores for dairy products I would be a happy person, but I have seen it over and over again as the dairy farmers pay for milk goes down the price in the stores keep going up.”

        I suspect this is why dairy farmers in California and elsewhere are motivated to sell raw milk through various health food stores.

        What exactly stops you from selling straight to the public, be it raw milk or something more processed you make yourself? Is it regulation? Lack of scale? Liability? Something else?

        1. What exactly stops you from selling straight to the public,

          Pretty sure anyone who does over $500K in revenue as an ag producer is subject to the FSMA (food safety modernization act) which would ban that.

        2. I think its actually pretty illegal to sell raw milk straight to consumers. Reason’s covered the *raids* that have been done on sellers and dairies that do that.

  28. If my money is gonna be spent on cheese no one wants, whether I like it or not, can’t I at least get some cheese out of the “deal”?

    1. I’ve actually had government cheddar before. They send it to old people, who can’t afford to eat dog food.

      Eating those giant blocks of government cheddar isn’t its highest and best use, much better to use it as building material for a vacation home or something.

      1. It’s good for making a really gooey mac n’ cheese.

  29. “WASHINGTON (AP) ? Seven months after a federal judge ordered the State Department to begin releasing monthly batches of the detailed daily schedules showing meetings by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, the government told The Associated Press it won’t finish the job before Election Day.”

    Imagine that!

    1. If Hillary wins, do you have any idea how many former Clinton Foundation appointees it’s going to take to keep all those emails, subpoenas, freedom of information requests, etc. from being released?

      It’s going to take an entire new staff of people just to keep track of it all!

      And she’ll be generating new requests as soon as she does anything, too. She’s going to need a whole new cabinet level position just devoted to suppressing information about her back room deals and goings on.

      They should call it the Department of Transparency.

    2. I imagined I already read that earlier in the comments. :-p

      1. Scooped again?!

  30. Last night i glanced at this article titled, “What Is the Alt-Right?”

    If you weren’t 100% sure they were just ‘racist-fascists’ papered in the Vdare-inherited faux-intellectualism…. well, just read the comments.

    they’re a riot. I love the way they use roman names and litter their conversation with all their in-group terminology (which they are constantly sighing and explaining = “@#)*(&$@ JEWS, dummy!”)

    I’m pretty sure that 99% of their steez isn’t really even ‘political’; they’re only interested in the state insofar as it can be used as a tool for *cultural* control. Despite their pretense at being the master race, they’re generally not very bright. they seem convinced Rothbard wuz on their side because he ‘might have been sorta racist too‘ (“he made fun of schindler’s list!! what more proof do you need!”). They also don’t seem to think Milo is actually their standard-bearer; whatever he is, its some ‘third (4th?) thing’. It seems they’re a bit like scientology – where there’s a large mass of people at the bottom who’ve “just joined” aren’t really permitted/expected to understand how batshit crazy the leadership of the movement is, but are needed in order to provide them cover/appearance of popular acceptance.

    1. I treat everything I read online like it’s a Tulpa sock. It almost comes down to an epistemological question. If there were no alt-right, there are a lot of people that would love to see one created. How much are people being manipulated by (?). I’m no where near the front lines today, but even back in the day, I never met an openly racist person. If these people are for real, all I can do is SMDH and soldier on. Are they really there in mass numbers, spread across America? I’ll defer to you guys on the ground.

      1. How much are people being manipulated by (?). I’m no where near the front lines today, but even back in the day, I never met an openly racist person. If these people are for real, all I can do is SMDH and soldier on. Are they really there in mass numbers, spread across America?

        I think they’re sincere, and there’s not a lot of them, but probably more than there are actual libertarians.

        most people are not “political”. at least in the sense of, =

        “i’ve read lots of political philosophy and understand the differences and how they have applied to systems of governance and legal theory, etc”

        90% of the public isn’t interested in politics on that level. 90% cares about ‘being in the In-Group’; and of that 90%, maybe 30% engages further in some “mastery of the rhetoric of the in-group”. they can spout the shit all day, but when it comes down to self-examination and compare/contrast their own ideas w/ others? they don’t have the tools. *(the example of rothbard was clarifying – they don’t really even *care* about ‘the other stuff’, as long as he hit the right ‘racial’/identitarian buttons)

        I think the left’s insistence on calling everything racist has made the word meaningless. they still prefer their euphemisms (“human biodiversity”, “identitarianism”, etc), but i think the alt-righties, like their Vdare predecessors, have managed to excuse their own racism as the product of ‘logic’.

        1. Compensating for rational ignorance with confirmation bias. See, I can do the in-group rhetoric, too. Thing is, as awful as they sound, I don’t trust the picture of the alt-right I’m getting from the media. What is it? Is it Milo? Gavin? It’s such a new grouping that I can see some scumbags coming in an filling it with racist shit to tarnish it. Maybe it truly is a bunch of racists. How the hell would I know? I’m not going to support them just because they hate the people I hate, but I will keep an eye out for infiltration tactics. Paranoia seems warranted.

          1. I don’t trust the picture of the alt-right I’m getting from the media.

            Oh, neither do i. and they are wrong in general

            See it like this = the milo/gavin types are cosmo-alt-righters.

            Taki mag has a few characters who provide the alt-right cover from the ‘intellectual’ angle, but they’re not really on the same team at all… & Brietbart seems to me to be merely concerned with the tactical-political stuff, and not the ‘ideas’. They’re more just “all things vociferously anti-left” and not just Alt-right. The media will lump them all together and call them all nazi racists, when its not quite accurate. *(even jim goad’s schtick isn’t so ideological)

            the “ideologues” are the people @ Radix, Counter-Currents, “Therightstuff”, AmRen. The actual self-nominated “alt-righters”

            Do you think a scan of Reason articles would teach you (much) anything about “hardcore libertarians”? yes, lots of real-libertarians read Reason. but you would be hard pressed to “make” someone libertarian just by digesting the stuff you read here. see what i mean? Same distinction.

            1. That’s a pretty good digest. Of course anyone that disagrees with me is wrong, but… Holding off on judging the alt-right, especially in terms the left is throwing at them, seems prudent for now. A leader will emerge eventually, especially if Trump loses, and we’ll see what mischief they’re up to.

          2. Thing is, as awful as they sound, I don’t trust the picture of the alt-right I’m getting from the media.

            Sure, you’d have to be an idiot to trust them. And I guarantee you ‘alt-right’ is going to become the new ‘neo-con’, i.e. a term broadly used that no longer has any meaning.

            But they’ve been around for awhile, and their ‘philosophy’ is very focus on race. White identity drives their ideology. Alt-right is largely about how it’s not Western or Enlightenment ideas, but European ethnic and racial identity that drives our societies forward. Those races from outside of the European continent (and most of the alt-right classifies the Jews in such a fashion, as foreign ethnic minorities with a disproportionate amount of wealth and influence in Western societies) are unable to improve or develop along Western lines due to their very essence.

            The Prussian, for example, wrote a very long anti-racism Q&A post discrediting a lot of the claims made by ‘scientific racists’ of the alt-right.

            1. Was aware of Jared Taylor, but I usually just cruise on by that crap when I see it. Interesting read. Thx.

            2. I guarantee you ‘alt-right’ is going to become the new ‘neo-con’, i.e. a term broadly used that no longer has any meaning

              That’s probably right. And i expect libertarians will probably get tossed in with them. (haven’t there been some cases where they’ve already done that?)

              agree with your summary about their thing. I first encountered them @ Vdare back in the early 2000s and still think they owe their roots to the people there.

              1. Libertarians are already tossed in with “neo-liberal”, which seems to have replaced “fascist” as the catchall “I don’t like your philosophy” pejoriative.

                1. “neo-liberal”, which seems to have replaced “fascist” as the catchall “I don’t like your philosophy” pejoriative.

                  In the case of the alt-righties, ‘fascist’ is embraced by many.

                  1. which seems to have replaced “fascist” as the catchall “I don’t like your philosophy” pejoriative.

                    As Gilmore’s link shows, the top comment lists nationalism, authoritarianism, a social safety net, autarky and state dictated morality as their core beliefs. They are fascists. They are just, ironically, more internationalist than the Nazis of old, claiming a joint European racial identity rather than proclaiming the supremacy of the Aryans or the Anglo-Saxons or what-not.

                    1. the top comment lists

                      FYI, that’s just what Disqus does when you link to a comment in a thread. it puts it on top.

                      but it still wasn’t really ‘cherry picking’.

                      there are other people there making the same points, and debating whether they should “allow” the people who openly embrace neo-nazism to be included in their ranks. If that link goes through correctly, there is an entire thread there between the ’embrace nazis’ and ‘mock-the-nazis’ camps.

                      If you sort those comments by “best”, you can also see a clear hierarchy of their obsessions.

                    2. If you sort those comments by “best”, you can also see a clear hierarchy of their obsessions.

                      I.E. THE JEWS DID IT.

                      Every time I see a Neo-Nazi or Alt right group proclaiming their racial supremacy and pure-whiteness I just want to start doing genetics tests. One of those idiots claims you have to be of ‘full European ancestry’ going back to the 1700s. I wonder how many of them have former black slaves or Jews as ancestors. And it’s funny how traditionally maligned white groups get to coast off of the achievements of others in identitarian politics. I mean, if I was to form a stupid white supremacist group based off of European cultural and technological dominance it sure as hell wouldn’t include the Irish.

                    3. it’s funny how traditionally maligned white groups get to coast off of the achievements of others in identitarian politics.

                      yes. You have the offspring of Oklahoma trailer-trash preening about their fondness for Roman sculpture and German philosophy. And they still somehow think they’re so different and superior to some Negro-yokels in Harlem who assert lineage back to imaginary Egyptian dynasties.

                    4. if I was to form a stupid white supremacist group based off of European cultural and technological dominance it sure as hell wouldn’t include the Irish.

                      (narrows gaze)

                      Now you gone and done it, aint ya.

                    5. Not to get too serious into this, and I haven’t read the book, but “the Irish people’s critical role in preserving Western Civilization from utter destruction by the Huns and the Germanic tribes (Visigoths, Franks, Angles, Saxons, Ostrogoths, etc.” already makes me question its historical validity.

                      Because OBVIOUSLY the only thing the Germanic tribes ever did was loot and pillage and destroy Western civilization. They certainly didn’t revitalize areas long neglected by the decaying Western Romans, repair and improve infrastructure, fund intellectual institutions in their territories and culturally shift Europeans towards a more ‘freedom oriented’ mindset.

                      such as the misrepresented nature of the Germanic takeover of the Roman Empire

                      Least someone mentions it.

                      These holy men, according to Cahill, “single-handedly refounded European civilization throughout the continent.”

                      Because the Dark Ages happened and Eastern Romans kept all their texts to their secret selves. *head to desk*

                    6. If you don’t want to read the book, watch the (similar) doco

                      beats bashing straw-men.

                    7. I’m familiar with the ‘Celts saved Europe/Britain’ arguments, and I’m not a fan. They’re about as bad as the Anglo-centric theory the documentary criticizes when it comes to ignoring every other major (and more often, more important) cultural influence from the continent. And, to be completely honest, a lot of it really comes down to the English being extremely unwilling to admit how heavily Frankish culture influenced them due to later cultural rivalry. I’m already wondering about that documentary because their view of post-Roman rule Britannia and pre-Christianity Ireland is really, really questionable when compared to period sources.

                      The ‘not include the Irish’ was more of a general jab at historical Anglo-Saxon views, not an honest belief. Now if the Celts want to claim to have made the modern world…maybe.

                    8. i care nothing for the debate other than how it clarifies that the Alt-Right conception of “European ‘White’ Culture”-as a monolithic entity is a complete myth.

                      well, that and the “irish saved civilization”-thing was useful to fuck with the Brits i worked with.

                    9. I’m just disappointed they still use ‘Arabic’ numerals and not Roman. What, your glorious European master race is going to use a numeral structure made by filthy Hindus? Or is this one of those dumb racialist theories that make Indians ‘honorary whites’ because of Indo-European languages?

      2. Are they really there in mass numbers, spread across America? I’ll defer to you guys on the ground.

        my impression is that there are a lot of young people who have grown up seeing the “Right” in America as being nothing but a spineless blob that does nothing for its ostensible constituents.

        there’s a lot of truth in that. there’s also the fact that the GOP hasn’t had any fucking “ideas” since Reagan. or, maybe ideas haven’t mattered since Reagan.

        I think a lot of the support the alt-right gets is because there’s *no other genuine alternatives* to counter the left. And libertarians have fucked this whole thing up enormously, imo. i doubt a mag like Reason would ever have been the center of any coherent political movement …. but i think that ‘classical liberal’ ideas have been very poorly marketed in general. I think there was an enormous missed opportunity in the wake of Bush admin, particularly with the early incarnation of the Tea Party. But libertarian types basically dislike hobnobbing with yokels, and so let the momentum for a “new right” become hijacked by a bunch of racist-fascist retards.

        1. I never understood the hatred Yokels and Paleos get from libertarians. My ideas are more radical than most libertarians, but I’d support anyone who is pushing against any of the following: increased regulations, market and monetary manipulation, military adventurism etc. The timing certainly is bad for a resurgence of classical liberal ideas.

          1. I never understood the hatred Yokels and Paleos get from libertarians.

            Middle and upper class urbanite elitism methinks. Many of the ‘cultural gatekeepers’ (think Reason writers) of modern libertarianism come from a cultural and economic class that treats those ‘below them’ with disdain or pity at best.

        2. I never understood the hatred Yokels and Paleos get from libertarians. My ideas are more radical than most libertarians, but I’d support anyone who is pushing against any of the following: increased regulations, market and monetary manipulation, military adventurism etc. The timing certainly is bad for a resurgence of classical liberal ideas.

        3. libertarian types basically dislike hobnobbing with yokels

          Are you defining “libertarian types” as those who denounced Ron Paul and declared him to be politically beyond the pale over the newsletters?

          I don’t think those people are comfortable identifying as any kind of “right”

          1. Are you defining “libertarian types” as those who denounced Ron Paul and declared him to be politically beyond the pale over the newsletters?

            I denounced ron paul and his newsletters*. And i’m not one of the people who i think ‘have problems with yokels’.

            so i guess no. My point was more that libertarians don’t really do ‘outreach’ among types like this guy, even though he’s ostensibly on the same team.

        4. Looks like you made a new friend, by the way.

          *Glances upthread*

          1. “new friend”

            Old loser. The ‘stick with the fashion’ was a Bo-tell.

            1. The constant ‘hi gilmore’ responses to everything is more reminiscent of Mary than Bo/Tulpa.

              1. (shrug) “Psycho-loser”-tell, then.

                1. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell who’s trollin, except for when it’s shreek, then it’s too easy since he’s retarded.

              2. Indeed. I think they may both be back.

        5. I think there was an enormous missed opportunity in the wake of Bush admin, particularly with the early incarnation of the Tea Party.

          Until the so-cons and the “keep your hands off my Medicare” types took over the Tea Party.

          1. Yeah, it only lasted about 18 months before it became a shit-show.

    2. Radix is Robert Spencer. He may be alt-right but he isn’t THE “alt-right”

      1. “”He may be alt-right but he isn’t THE “alt-right”””


        but I’m not actually doing any deconstruction of anything he actually said = i’m looking at the consensus of the people in the *comments* of that post which was nothing except 2 video adverts for his brand of Alt-rightiness.

        I’d stick by my point that the glue binding the alt-right together is the Vdare style ‘identitarianism’ (read: ‘Racism’), ….and their “political” interests are basically paper-thin, being more interested in using govt as a cudgel for cultural demands.

      2. This guy here provides his own summary =

        Sassenach ? a day ago

        The core tenent of the alt right is White nationalism/ethno-nationalism. We believe that European countries and their diaspora deserve homogeneous societies with no non-Whites whatsoever. Anything less will result in the extinction of the White race in the long run due to inevitable miscegenation with non-Whites. Brazil is a fine example of what White countries will turn into if they are not returned to homogeneity. A rootless, degenerate, Euro-Negroid-Amerindian mixed people under the hegemony of Jewish cultural, political, and monetary power.

        Just as integral to the alt right is the JQ or “Jewish Question”. Jews historically and currently have been disproportionately represented in positions of influence and usually use this to degrade White gentile culture. Indeed, much of the current plight of Europe and America can be attributed to the machinations of the Jews, who are usually behind immigration legislation like the (((Hart-Cellar))) Act and promote racial mixing in the media.

        These two things are essential to being considered “alt right”. We aren’t kosher civic nationalists that are a part of some “liberty movement”. In fact, we despise libertarianism for the most part and wholly reject contempory “conservatism” as it fails to conserve anything of worth.

        There’s another one that basically says “the point of the state is to defend der Volk

    3. I don’t think there’s enough anime profile pics in those comments to be considered sufficiently alt-right.

      I uphold that the alt-right are the product of insecurities of various young men in response to social justice and white guilt. They’ve spent most of their lives in a culture where they’re general unhappy and constantly demonized by people who often are wealthier and better off than they are. Eventually they embrace the identity of ‘horrible white oppressor’ that is cast upon them because it gives them a chance at solidarity and to justify a worldview where their opponents are evil. So it’s not the white people’s fault that America is in decline and all these social changes are happening, its the Jews and the negros and the etc.

      1. I uphold that the alt-right are the product of insecurities of various young men in response to social justice and white guilt.

        I disagree because i saw a lot of this brewing in the Vdare world back during the Bush admin.

        the internet-troll yunguns might be into the Alt-rightie thing for the “nowhere else to go”-bits, but there are enough people who have been on the “ideological” side of it for long enough that it isn’t the “product” of those young insecure men reacting to the oppressive left. This stuff was already there for them to find.

        1. Yes, you have your Derbyshire racial supremacy theorists and your Carlyle followers before that, but I think the core alt-right identity comes from the lumpenproletariat of the social justice age latching onto these ideals in response. The movement is gaining momentum outside of traditional groups specifically because these young men have access to it through the internet and are desperate for some kind of identity.

          1. I think the core alt-right identity comes from the lumpenproletariat of the social justice age latching onto these ideals in response.

            I’d agree that the motive for its *growth* is certainly that. the stuff was already there pre-packaged for them, tho.

  31. I picked this book out of my unread book queue. I don’t remember if I heard about here or somewhere else. I look forward to reading it.

    1. They can’t actually print the story?

  32. Deaf dancer

    Antoine Hunter just wants to be heard and understood. Born completely without hearing in his left ear and hard of hearing in his right, Hunter, who’s now completely deaf, gravitated towards dance to express himself. Now, as director of the Urban Jazz Dance Company, Hunter’s work as a dancer and deaf community advocate inspired him to organize the Bay Area Deaf International Dance Festival.

    I know a deaf guy who swing dances. He dances by feeling the beat.

  33. When will libertarians realize that dairy/ag subsidies are NOT about subsidizing producers? They are about subsidizing landowners in order to keep those asset prices rising and thus protect mortgages. It is about protecting CAPITAL. Yes there is often overlap in returns on ‘production’ v returns on ‘land/capital’ for long-established farmers who have paid off their mortgages/equipment and aren’t expanding. But for any ‘new farmer’, the function of the subsidies is to create barriers to entry in what is a very capital-intense business (like all grain-based ag).

    It is the same generational/Ponzi cronyism that has pretty much become the sole driver of our post-industrial ‘service’ economy. We are all going to earn our income by selling real estate to each other and rely on increasing prices to pay off incurred debt – or become servants of those who benefit the most because they already ‘have’.

  34. Good news, everybody!

    Police confronted by a combative criminal show some restraint and merely use pepper-spray to subdue and arrest the scumbag instead of putting them down in a hail of gunfire, so I guess there’s some progress in getting cops to dial it back a notch on the use-of-force issue.

    (I’m sure there’s some cop-hating assholes that might want to make an issue over the fact that the scumbag in question is a frail little 84-year old woman, but I’ll bet they’ve never been confronted with split-second life-or-death decision-making situations like these brave heroes so they need to just shut the hell up..)

    1. Bitch had it coming. If she didn’t want to be pepper sprayed she shouldn’t have raised a criminal!

    2. Come on man, she was hobbling right at them, what were they supposed to do?

      1. Have you ever seen what an elderly woman hopped up on bath saltz can do with a walker? Good, err, spray, by the heroes in blue.

        1. As everybody knows, most crazy old ladies are cat ladies, and the last thing you want is to have a whirlwind of razor-sharp teeth and claws called down on you. These heroes were rightly fearing for their lives, and did the right thing.

          1. he last thing you want is to have a whirlwind of razor-sharp teeth and claws called down on you

            I would have actually paid money to see that.

        2. A documentary on the strength of grannies.

    3. “This is a very important issue. There is a lot of missing information out there.

      Then fucking release it already. Of course, you shits only release the body-cam/dash-cam footage when it makes you look good.

      Meanwhile, over three weeks ago I posted a story about two cops running down a woodchuck at a cop-organized golf event at a public golf course. As far as I can tell, there’s no new news, presumably because the other police don’t want to have to arrest these two guys and are trying to push it under the carpet. When the police look bad, stall, stall, stall.

  35. Haven’t we seen this story before? The dinosaurs eventually went extinct?

    1. Ok, the dinos didn’t have boat loads of tax payer dollars and hordes of lobbyists…

  36. When I was living in fly over country, in a mostly agricultural region, there was a map online where you could see who had received farm subsidies from government and how much it actually was. If I remember correctly, there was a guy just a few miles northwest of me who had received more than a half a million dollars in subsidies. That’s one hell of a gig if you can get it.

    1. But it started to make sense to me why the big farmers in that area were so wealthy. I couldn’t conceive of how corn could be worth that much money. Maybe not growing corn is worth that much, I don’t know. But all of these guys owned lots of equipment, had multiple pole building, a few of which I saw were filled with vintage collector automobiles, boats and lots of other man toys. Some of them even had airplane hangers and landing strips.

      1. the amount of money kicking around in ad subsidies is no @*()#&)@ joke. some say “$20bn annually”. I think its more like between $50-100billion.

        the Dept of Ag spends $150bn a year. I think its probably a fair rule-of-thumb to assume that 2/3 of any govt agency is devoted to “handouts”, and the rest is a split between self-dealing and “actual stuff that provides some utility”.

        You can do a bottom-up analysis that will get into the same rough ’50-100bn’ territory as well.

      2. Living in fly over country now, I can say there are not only direct payments, that I am not sure anyone here gets, but indirect subsidies as well. They grow mostly sweet corn here. The farmers offer such low wages for picking, $10 hour last I heard, that they say no locals will take the jobs which last 3 to 4 months. So they bring in temp visa workers. A good hearted pro immigration lefty group felt bad for these workers, got themselves a nice fat government grant and built housing for the workers. Now the workers, who bring there family’s, why that is allowed I don’t know, can live in subsidized cheap housing. The good hearted group manages it using fed grant money, and the farmer gets his cheap labor so they can sell a dozen corn for 4 bucks and not cut into profit, or raise prices by having to pay a higher wage that would attract local labor.

        1. Where I lived, no one picked corn by hand. It was thousands of acres tracts and I think most of the feed corn was used for subsidized ethanol production. There were ethanol facilities springing up everywhere. I still own my place there and my neighbor is growing sweet corn in the field behind my lot, it’s only about 15 acres. Not sure how they harvest that, I’ve been gone for 10 years. All I know is that my daughter who lives in the house now gets all the sweet corn she wants for free, given to her by the neighbor. I sort of miss it, except for the wind storms, shitty winters, mowing 10 acres, and nothing to do but look at corn.

          1. I heard a story on local NPR a few years ago where they interviewed the largest producer here. The story was very derogatory toward the locals as being a lazy bunch of lazy useless fucks, so they had to bring in visa workers. He claimed they have to pick by hand because the corn is, “fragile”. His tone pissed me off, so I did some research, and they do have machinery for sweet corn harvest, but why invest in that when the government will subsidize your labor force with housing, and other benes. If there are children in the house, CO is very generous to the point of child birth being covered by us state taxpayers. This is my whole issue with most libertarians views on open borders. I would be all for it if the labor market was a real free market but it is not. Nor is any other market for that matter. I find that most people who are all out in favor off open borders have never worked in an area that is effected by immigrant labor. I was a carpenter for years. I liked the work, and I was good at it, but carpenters wages basically have not moved since the 70’s thanks to an oversupply of labor. Some of which is illegal making it tax free for the employer. Luckily, I moved on to a more lucrative profession. Well, at least I had until the price of oil went in the shitter. If it doesn’t come back, I might be picking corn next summer. Gotta brush up on my Spanish.

            1. Yeah, when people say the illegals are only doing work that Americans won’t, I reply “no, they’re doing work for wages that Americans won’t accept.” And, the wages have gone up for framers since the 70’s, but not at The same rate as inflation.

              1. My first construction job as a do all grunt, including framing, was for $10 an hour in 1984. My last job as a finish carpenter and cabinet maker for high end custom homes in the multi-million dollar range was in 2006 and I made $15 an hour. (I did allot of other things in the between years as well, and not all carpentry)I have just heard other carpenters say the wages are essentially the same as the 70’s. I have not actually looked up the statistics.

                My point was, if we had real free markets they would work themselves out. But we don’t. So promoting open borders/mass immigration policies benefits only those making money on cheap government subsidized labor, and the leftists who revel in the stench of their own smugness because they care so much. There is no shortage of labor in the US. If we want a welfare state so the bleeding hearts can feel good, we should be at 1930’s level immigration numbers. And that is what existing law allows for if they enforced it.

                1. Oh no, I agree with you. I work in the trades, and have witnessed first hand the wage depression that a labor glut has caused. I was just pointing out that, technically, carpenters aren’t really making the same pay per hour as they were in the 70’s. But I agree that, after adjusting for inflation, carpenters are making less than they were when I started in the industry (late 80’s/early 90’s).
                  Also, 10$ for grunt work in the 80’s= not bad, $15 in 2006 for custom cabinetry=real depressed wage. Even though an unskilled immigrant has no possibility of doing custom cabinetry work, the glut on the unskilled labor side has also depressed wages on the skilled labor side, simply because customers don’t understand the difference between skilled and unskilled carpentry. (For those reading who may not be clear on the difference: framing a house, if laid out by skilled labor, can be done by unskilled labor. Custom cabinetry takes years to become good at, and can only be done well by skilled labor, or what used to be called “craftsmen”.)

  37. A suburban Chicago terrorism suspect charged with attempting to bomb a downtown bar sincerely believes that fantastical lizards, Freemasons and assorted other shadowy figures are out to get him, so he is mentally unfit to stand trial, a judge concluded Thursday in a rare federal ruling.

    Last i checked, large swaths’ of the “Black Internet” are rife with crazy-as-fuck illuminati-ramblings. Its not exactly a huge leap for generations of evangelical Christians to turn to calling jews “lizards” and insisting that the Banks and CIA are using population-control on them.

      1. I will concede that they killed Michael Jackson. He was an experiment gone wrong. And *perhaps* they also control Jay-Z via Beyonce.

        But i think more than that is just crazy talk.

    1. Well, there is Mr. Lizard….

    2. Sounds like David Icke stuff.

      The queen is a lizard.

      The lizard people run the world by way of the Illuminati.

      Icke writes whole books about the Lizard Illuminati.

      Oh, and in terms of formal logic, just because some nutjob tried to bomb a bar in downtown Chicago doesn’t mean the world isn’t secretly run by the Lizard Illuminati.

      P.S. The whole Dr. Who reboot that introduced Billie Piper to the world was obviously a take on Icke’s Lizard Illuminati theory. I’m surprised he didn’t sue them for copyright.

      1. I wasn’t interested in simply mocking Illuminati-ramblings, so much as noting that “widely held beliefs in stupid shit” are now – in a first – being seen as grounds for being “incompetent to be tried” by a Federal Court.

        Out of almost 500 terrorism-related cases tracked by the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School in New York, director Karen Greenberg said this was among just a few where judges declared a terrorism suspect mentally unfit

        Now… its entirely possible (and i think its probably the case) that he’s crazy AND coincidentally uses his illuminati stuff as the medium for his crazyness. But the article doesn’t really distinguish between the 2. It suggests that merely believing this stuff means you’re incompetent.

        Which of course makes one wonder why “Islam” or any other religion is treated any different.

        I don’t personally think believing crazy shit makes you mentally-incompetent, FWIW. Just noting that how the case is being presented raises some interesting questions about when certain ideas are seen as so-irrational… that no sane person could believe them. And yet this guy’s “super crazy-ideas” are actually shockingly common, so much so as to be a running-internet-joke.

        1. Yeah, see my comment below.

          Just because you believe in conspiracies or that God wants you to suicide bomb somebody doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be held accountable for genuinely violating someone’s rights or perpetrating violence.

          To me, a legitimate insanity defense means that you didn’t understand that what you were doing was hurting someone–and so mens rea goes out the window.

          Everybody that’s got a rationalization for why they hurt somebody, no matter how crazy, probably falls short of that defense to my eye. The guy that killed his best friend because his best friend slept with his wife and the guy that bombs a bar because of the lizard Illuminati both have their rationalizations.

          It isn’t about how crazy their rationalization was; it’s whether they knew they were hurting somebody.

        2. Coleman said Daoud’s mental state has deteriorated since previous exams found him competent

          And it’s entirely possible that he’s pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

    3. I should also say this about “black people”.

      They’ve been overwhelmingly convinced to support Democrats so thoroughly, that when the police are held unaccountable for abusing them for being black, they line up to ask for help from very Democrats who hold the police unaccountable and who are under the control of and on the payroll of the police unions.

      I put up a link yesterday that showed that there are three Republicans out of 51 members of the NYC city council–and all three of then have been endorsed by and supported by the the city’s police union–which makes the NYPD’s union better represented on the city council than the Democrats.

      I’ve linked to the same thing in Chicago in the past–the only Republican alderman on Chicago’s city council gets endorsements and money from the city’s police union. Meanwhile, the Democrats are all put in office by the Democratic machine that runs the city–the city’s police, fire, public school, and public employee unions are what we’re talking about when we talk about that Democrat machine.

      I’d draw two pints from this.

      1) If black people don’t believe in a conspiracy to keep the police unaccountable for racism (among other things), they’re nuts.

      2) Just because they’re wrong about the nature of the conspiracy, doesn’t mean there isn’t a conspiracy.

      1. What I don’t understand is how the race baiters run out and intentionally make police abuse and legal system abuse, all about race, thereby 100% ensuring that nothing will get done about it, and entities like black lives matter eat this up and ensure their own defeat. I remember earlier this spring when there was a big protest in Baltimore against police brutality and lots of people were showing up until some black lives matter folks starting telling people that whitey wasn’t welcome. Before that it appears most of the protesters were actually whitey. The problem is not whitey and the GOP, the problem is that people need to stop being so dumb and easily manipulated.

        1. You don’t understand how? Or you don’t understand why?

        2. The cases that make the new s often aren’t as representative as they should be, but the frustration BLM and others feel isn’t about the cases in the headlines.

          Just like the LA riots weren’t about Rodney King. They were about Darryl Gates, his SWAT tactics, the racism the black community suffered at the hands of the LAPD every day, and the frustration that were was no way to change things and no one to be held responsible.

          The Rodney King case caught people’s attention because somebody finally got something on video, and they thought that if only people knew what was going on, maybe there would be change.

          It’s the same thing with the headlines BLM gloms onto today. It isn’t about any particular case. If African-Americans disproportionately suffer because of the Drug War–because of their race–it’s understandable if they don’t blame the Drug War as much as the racism.

        3. This is how legitimacy breaks down. “No justice, no peace” is about the end of legitimacy. If the Democrat controlled city council can’t do anything to hold these cops accountable, and the prosecutors can’t do anything to hold these cops accountable, and the courts, and the juries, and catching it all on video can’t do anything to hold these cops accountable, then it’s burn baby burn.

          I understand that logic. It’s in the Declaration of Independence. First you did this to us, and then you did that, and then you did this and that, and at some point along the way, a straw broke the camel’s back–and now it’s no justice, no peace, Georgie baby. We complained and complained and complained and you didn’t do anything, so fuck you, fuck your institutions, fuck your whole government, oh, and by the way, we just hanged your officials and shot your soldiers in the face.

          That’s baseball and apple pie stuff right there. I have ancestors who are buried in a Revolutionary War battlefield, and, yeah, I’m proud of that.

          1. It’s pretty clear that you and Hyperion are going to be gobbled up by the lizard people and won’t see it coming until it’s too late.

            1. Don’t forget, lizards don’t chew, they swallow you whole, head first.

              1. Check back in a little while, it’s gonna take me a while to bang it all out.

  38. When and where can I get some government cheese? I can remember when my parents were getting gov’t cheese and powdered eggs,back in the ’50s.

  39. Speaking of paranoid idiocy

    Standing before several dozen students in a college classroom, Travis Rieder tries to convince them not to have children. Or at least not too many.


    Adding to that challenge, the world is expected to add several billion people in the next few decades, each one producing more emissions.

    In fact, without dramatic action, climatologists say, the world is on track to hit 4 degrees Celsius of warming by the end of the century, and worse beyond that. A World Bank report says this must be avoided, and warns of unprecedented heat waves, severe drought and serious impacts on ecosystems and “human systems.”

    Back in the classroom, Rieder puts this in less technical terms: 4 degrees of warming would be “largely uninhabitable for humans.”

    People dumb enough to believe this crackpot should definitely be discouraged from breeding.

    1. Neo-malthusianism?

      you can refute the shit over and over but it just keeps growing back like mold.

    2. From the World Bank Report:

      It is my hope that this report shocks us into action. Even for those of us already committed to fighting
      climate change, I hope it causes us to work with much more urgency.
      This report spells out what the world would be like if it warmed by 4 degrees Celsius, which is what
      scientists are nearly unanimously predicting by the end of the century, without serious policy changes.

      So…science…with an agenda

      1. Unanimously predicting? I see.

        The watermelons (more radical agitators) have become as mendacious as the gun grabbers.

    1. So not woke

      1. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

        It would be ‘selfish’ for me to not turn my job playing the “smashing-into-people-game” into a platform for my personal political views.

        Got that? if he only used his ‘free time’ to grandstand and make a stink, it would be…. selfish. He is OBLIGATED to turn football games into a forum for solidarity-signaling.

        Imagine broadway actors stopped their performance mid-song to give a lecture on our Supremacist society. People would clap! because pointing out the obvious, that all this shit is *actually just self-promotion*? Is just so not woke.

        1. *footnote =

          yes, the national anthem is itself a stupid injection of nationalism into pro-sports which probably doesn’t belong in the first place. But the “product” of pro-sports is just a consequence what consumers demand. I’m not sure playing along w. the NFL’s ‘Murica-fetish is somehow forcing players to endorse a racist police-state or something.

    2. They shouldn’t even play the national anthem before sporting events.

      1. are you going to demand congress pass a law banning it from stadiums?

        i tried to pre-empt your point just above and to the right of you there

        If you don’t like it, you can always abstain from attending professional sports events. tho i doubt an attempt at wider-embargo would be any more popular or have more effect than the above guy’s “protest”.

  40. You should have kept some of your parents. If it was the same stuff my Grandma got in the late 60’s early 70’s it would have kept. I heard on npr, yesterday maybe, that this 20 million payoff is going to food banks. Hit up your local soup kitchen.

  41. More:

    For an American, the total metric tons of carbon dioxide saved by all of those measures over an entire lifetime of 80 years: 488. By contrast, the metric tons saved when a person chooses to have one fewer child: 9,441.

    Another student asks: “What happens if that kid you decided not to have would have been the person who grew up and essentially cured this?”

    Again, great question, says Rieder, but the answer is still no. First, the chances are slim. More to the point, he says, valuing children as a means to an end ? be it to cure climate change or, say, provide soldiers for the state ? is ethically problematic.


    1. “Here’s a provocative thought: Maybe we should protect our kids by not having them,”

      So by that logic, could I have smothered my ex-wife in her sleep and declared that I did it for the climate? I could have saved the world from probably 60 years of her polluting the planet with carbon.

      1. I mean because I would never smother my son, so it would be like reparations for our selfish choice to have a child.

  42. Get woke!

    “Not everybody is gonna like my pranks,” she said. “This was to show what homeless people go through and how people treat them. People get mad, of course, but I will continue to do it until they wake up.”

    1. Yeah, if it’s one thing homeless people do every day, it’s sleep through some slef-righteous asshole releasing a swarm of crickets and worms on a subway.

  43. Rolling Stone- now with more second hand anti drug hysteria

    There’s nothing remotely natural about flakka. The pharmaceutical name for the designer drug is a-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone ? otherwise known as a-PVP or alpha-PVP ? a chemical compound originally synthesized in the 1960s. The Drug Policy Alliance calls it the “second-generation bath salts.” Flakka comes as a foul-smelling white or pink crystal that, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, you can snort, eat, inject or even vape. Like bath salts, the substance is packaged in plastic bags or vials and labeled “not for human consumption” or “plant food.” You can buy it online or off the street.

    They should just stick to rumors about pregnant singers.

  44. Heading to Black Rock City in 24 hours or so. Because I’m a fucking troll I’m bringing some campaign bumper stickers of everyone’s favorite candidate. Any requests or suggestions for how to abuse such a powerful force of trolldom?

    1. If you mean GayJay you’re dead to me.

  45. Revolutionaries, all of them, have common methods. They aim to put in place their own system and in order to do so must tear down the existing one. They do it by fostering divisiveness, strife and mayhem…dividing people into groups and setting those groups against each other. Eventually the existing system cant deal with the increasing chaos, gets overloaded and collapses. The American revolutionaries did it exactly the same way as Mao, Lenin, Ceausescu, Hitler, the French Revolutionaries, the Spanish revolutionaries, Chavez, Pol Pot…all of them. Thats just how it is done. Sew divisiveness, set groups against each other and overload the system. Hell, Saul Alinski wrote an instruction manual on it.

    Not all revolutions have the same ends. Our revolutionaries were overthrowing an unjust system, in their minds, and replacing it with one based on principles unlike any revolution before or after. They were wildly successful. All of the other revolutions, not so much. All revolutionaries rhetoric is similar too and they all claim to be seeking ‘freedom’ and the welfare of all. In our case that turned out to be true…mostly, but in every other case ‘freedom’ turns out to mean the jailing and shooting of anyone seen as a threat to the power of the radicals that grab power.

    1. Our revolution gave us the Bill of Rights. Every other revolution has given the reign of terror.

      “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know what no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”

      Orwell forgot about George Washington, who as far as I know, is the only man in history who seized power unwillingly and for a limited time.

      1. And this brings me to the present subject – Black Lives Matter.

        A little googling gives me these headlines:

        Black Lives Matter; Produced by George Soros – Your News Wire

        COZY; BLM leader live in home owned by Soros’ Open Society board member – The American Mirror

        Hacked Soros Memo; $650,000 to Black Lives Matter – Brietbart

        George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action – Washington Times

        Black Lives Matter cashes in with $100 million from liberal foundations – Washington Times

        You can go on all day with this stuff, and it aint just Soros, there are a lot of them. That fucking old Nazi is just the number one bag man. And as to the last headline, they aren’t liberal organizations, they are a hodgepodge of radicals. There is nothing liberal about them.

        1. BLM is just one of many radical organizations whose goal is to create strife and divisiveness. That is why you see them behaving the way they do. They antagonize people who were foolish enough to think they wanted their solidarity and support because of their race. They are the radical racist agitators acting on the stage that the Jacksons and Sharptons set for them.

          They don’t give a shit about black lives. They don’t give a shit about police brutality. They are radical agitators whose goal is to set people against each other. They are tools of people who want to sew strife and divisiveness.

          1. When did Eddie hack Suthenboy’s handle?


            George Washington, who as far as I know, is the only man in history who seized power unwillingly and for a limited time.
            See Cincinnatus

            1. I am simply trying to point out that BLM is in no way an activist group on the behalf of black people’s well being. They are just radical agitators.

              1. Also, that made me laugh.

          2. I highly recommend Thomas Sowell’s 2015 “Wealth, Poverty and Politics”. It is Sowell so make sure you have a free weekend, or if you have a full day free you can be sure you will not put it down until it is read. It only took me a few hours.

            It is a treatise on why some societies are more successful than others laying out the flaws cultural, social, and political that hold some back and qualities that set some forward. In a way it is a handbook on how to create the optimal society or, if you are Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, how to exploit every single one of those flaws to destroy one.

            In reading about all of those flaws it occurred to me that the left, or statists if you prefer that term, are always nagging, gnawing and picking at every one of those flaws in attempts to exacerbate them. It is remarkable really.

            Cankle’s speeches are nothing but that; attempts to exacerbate the worst qualities of society. Picking at scabs. Obumbles has been the same way and will until the day he dies.

            1. This is how I see a Clinton presidency –


            2. Thanks for the recommendation, I just ordered it on Amazon. I love Sowell, and it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten one of his books. The Vision of the Anointed is one of my all-time faves.

              1. You pay for books? Bejeebuz, I’ll bet you pay for movies and music, too, and software.
                Information wants to be free, man, it wants to be free.

            3. It’s tough to go wrong with Sowell. I’ll but that book on my to-buy list. Thanks!

        2. “That fucking old Nazi is just the number one bag man.

          Calling Soros a Nazi isn’t only absurd; it’s incorrect.

          Soros was a Jew in Hungary when the Nazis took over. His father thought his son’s best chance to survive was to hide him in plain sight. His father had a non-Jewish friend who was a Hungarian government official, and that family friend agreed to pass little George off as his own non-Jewish son. That official, the one who was passing George Soros off as his own son, was used by the Nazis after they took over Hungary to identify local Jews. The Nazis used that official and told him to write a letter to every Jewish family in his jurisdiction telling them to gather all of their belongings and arrive at such and such a train station at such and such a time. The Hungarian official that was providing him cover told George to deliver the letters personally–since all the Jews knew who he was–and the official told little George Soros to tell each of those families that if they showed up at the railroad station as ordered in the letter he was delivering, the Nazis would certainly kill them all. By all accounts, that is exactly what George Soros did.

          Meanwhile, at the time, George Soros was 14 years old. Calling him a collaborator for undermining the holocaust is evil.

          1. I am familiar with Soros’ story. I will grant that one point…but, after all I wrote you take issue with a single insult to a guy who fits to a T the overarching theme?


            1. *nervously wipes sweat from brow*

              I am glad I didn’t call him a cunt.

            2. Other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

              Your single “insult” was smearing a Jew for what he did * to survive the holocaust. There are two problems with that.

              1) None of us are in any position to condemn Jews for what they did to survive the holocaust.

              Jews are not to blame for the holocaust. Nazis are.

              2) *What Soros did was in no way collaborative with the Nazis.

              All of this betrays a massive lack of understanding of Soros and what he’s his Open Society Institute are all about.

              And I have a hard time pointing out to other non-libertarians how and why he and his institute are wrong when people on the right keep incorrectly smearing him as a Nazi sympathizing Jew.

              1. I conceded Ken. Lighten up.

                *You know who else was a Nazi sympathizing Jew?

                1. Hitlerstein?

                2. Right, so in the meantime, . . .

                  Am I supposed to treat the argument that black people wouldn’t care about being abused by the criminal justice system because they’re black–if it weren’t for Soros–any differently than I should treat the argument that I wouldn’t care about Obama squandering my future paychecks on Wall Street and the UAW–if it weren’t for the Koch brothers?

                  Because I see those suggestions as one in the same in that they’d both flunk a freshman logic exam for the same reasons.

                  1. “…black people wouldn’t care about being abused by the criminal justice system because they’re black–if it weren’t for Soros–…”

                    Whut? If it came out like that I apologize, I never meant to say any such thing. I was not referring to ‘black people’, I was referring to Black Lives Matter.

                    I said BLM are not interested one whit in black people or police brutality or the abuses of the drug war etc. They are radical leftist agitators in the same way that watermelons are radical leftist agitators that don’t give half a shit about the environment. Soros, that cunty son of a bitch, funds and encourages a lot of these radical groups that are agitating for the sake of tearing down our civil society. I never said none of that would be happening if not for Soros, I said there are plenty of others. Listen to a Cankles speech. That cunt goes right down the list of radical leftist causes designed to do exactly the same; destroy civil society. Same goes for that cunty twink Obumbles.

                    1. “I was not referring to ‘black people’, I was referring to Black Lives Matter.”

                      What difference does that make?

                      Progressives weren’t talking about everybody either. They were saying that if it wasn’t for the Koch Brothers, the Tea Party wouldn’t care about Obama squandering their future paycheck to reimburse banks for their losses on Wall Street.

                      It’s the same thing!

                      “I said BLM are not interested one whit in black people or police brutality or the abuses of the drug war etc. They are radical leftist agitators in the same way that watermelons are radical leftist agitators”

                      If you’ve come to this conclusion because of their funding, then you’re off your rocker.

                      You seem to have fallen for some identity politics horseshit you’ve picked up elsewhere that doesn’t even stand up to light criticism. Because other people don’t agree with you about tactics, emphasis, or causes doesn’t mean they don’t care about what they say they care about.

                      P.S. Just because some socialists dress themselves up in green environmentalist clothing doesn’t mean that real environmentalists don’t care about the environment either.

                    2. Just because some socialists dress themselves up in green environmentalist clothing doesn’t mean that real environmentalists don’t care about the environment either.

                      Who cares what “real environmentalists” think when the fake ones have all the power?

                      If the sierra club insists that stopping the keystone pipeline is more important than an issue like…i donno, helping prevent forest-fires by increasing preventative-burns?… then who are we supposed to treat as the “serious, real” environmentalists? The largest, best-funded groups are completely full of shit, and more interested in partisan politics.

                    3. “If the sierra club insists that stopping the keystone pipeline is more important than an issue like…i donno, helping prevent forest-fires by increasing preventative-burns?… then who are we supposed to treat as the “serious, real” environmentalists?”

                      My issue has always been their opposition to fracking for natural gas, the distribution of which has driven down CO2 emissions because burning natural gas (lower priced) releases about 40% less CO2 into the atmosphere than burning coal to produce the same amount of energy.

                      Why would they oppose the solution?!

                      Actually, having spoken to some people, they’re aware of that apparent contradiction. Their point is that the long term solution to CO2 driven climate change isn’t to find new and inexpensive sources of CO2 to blast into the atmosphere. Anything they do to keep more of it trapped in the ground for longer is a victory to them–if they’re taking the long view. In other words, their goal isn’t to lower the rate of CO2 emissions this year or next year or next decade. It’s to lower the amount of CO2 the human race ever releases into the atmosphere.

                    4. Personally, I think their insistence on keeping CO2 in the ground hurts their political support. If the price of energy spikes, people will turn their backs on the environmentalists. I think their strategy is self-defeating, in other words . . .

                      Point is, just because environmentalists are wrong about something or wrong in the way they go about things–doesn’t mean they don’t care about the environment. It just means they’re wrong about something.

                      The NAACP used to support the drug war as a means to keep drugs out of their community and to hopefully root out gangs. They were wrong about that. They’re wrong about a lot of things. But they care! They eventually changed course on that. They’re all for legalization now.

                    5. Their long run seems terribly short-lived since natural gas is no long-forgotten secret.

                    6. If you’ve come to this conclusion because of their funding

                      Or they’re being funded because of the bent of their activism. There’s nothing especially compelling about BLM in terms of achieving anything realistic or pushing sound policy, and racial hucksterism is already thoroughly played out.

                      No, they’re raging incoherent at an intractable problem, and that’s what makes them a credible beneficiary for someone who isn’t terribly interested in seeing problems solved.

                    7. Here are protestors who chained themselves in and staged a protest at the headquarters of the NYPD police union.


                      That’s not incoherent or intractable.

                      They’re probably the only ones who understand where the problem is!

                      Why waste your time at City Hall when the City Hall works for the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association?

                      We need more of that in this country.

                    8. Super. They’ve dug themselves deep into a political hole and when they start lighting fires, the only shit left to burn is going to asphyxiate them. Why is this admirable? American revolutionaries benefited from a tremendous continent of potential expansion, coupled with enemies of our enemies and something resembling national unity. What does BLM have to offer except a new political class operating a new racial scam promising a new generation of black politicians exploiting black poverty? It’s fucking pathetic.

                    9. 1) Addressing the true cause of the problem is real progress, and the fact that the police unions negotiate sweetheart contracts with city council members who depend on them for endorsements may be the primary reason why rogue cops are shielded from accountability.

                      The fact that they protested the union itself is real progress. Why bother with the city council when they can go after the people the city council answers to?

                    10. 2) The American revolutionaries didn’t start out with anything resembling national unity.

                      They Loyal Nine, or the The Sons of Liberty, as they later called themselves, were somewhere between something like bomb throwing anarchists and riot inciters. They propagandized British soldiers overreacting to being antagonized by mobs–like in the Boston Massacre–(a tactic every Black Bloc uses today, by the way). National unity didn’t come until the Crown overreacted to the Boston Tea Party–a protest action that involved the willful destruction of other people’s property.

                      Once something like national unity arrived, rabble rousers like the Sons of Liberty were mostly pushed aside so the adults could take over–adults like Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, Adams, et. al. But without the rabble rousers, there may not have been an American Revolution. We might have stayed in the commonwealth until, like Australia and Canada, we got fed up with being used as cannon fodder after the First World War.

                      3) I don’t think revolution is the ultimate objective of BLM. I think they want their rights respected by the police, and I think they want the police held accountable when they violate black people’s rights.

                    11. “Or they’re being funded because of the bent of their activism.”

                      I’ve made this point myself in the past.

                      When fracking was in the news, being against it would drive donations to groups like the Sierra Club, so opposing it to drive donations made a ton of sense–from that perspective.

                      If you listen to people around here long enough, you’ll hear some complain about why Reason doesn’t cover this or that issue from one perspective or another, as well.

                      I’ve seen people lambaste everyone from Bailey right up to Gillespie for not being libertarian enough–when their takes are already perfectly libertarian–it’s just not an especially popular take among libertarians at the moment.

                      One of the qualifications for Reason’s recent editor search stated that the candidate would need to get along with Reason’s online community–I feel sorry for that person already. But if Reason hired people to cover certain issues because they covered them in a certain way that was pleasing to subscribers and donors, I’m not sure that would mean Reason didn’t really care about real libertarianism.

                      I think that would be just profit maximization and smart marketing–even if there really is more than one libertarian way to look at, say, association rights.

                    12. Are things so different for the Sierra Club? I doubt it.

                      If we can get phony libertarians to give more money to Reason, then that’s just great. Yeah, if phony environmentalists give money to the Sierra Club, they probably think that’s great, too.

                      . . . not sure that makes them phony environmentalists.

                    13. What difference does it make? C’mon Ken, you are smarter than that, I know damned well you are because I have seen it more than a few times.

                      It makes a difference because BLM doesnt represent black people. They don’t give a shit about blacks. You missed the whole point of my posts.

                      It isnt just about their funding, it is about their tactics. They are plainly following and age old, dog eared playbook. It is plain as fuckin’ daylight. It hs happened a hundred times and they are trying to pull that shit here.

                      I am drunk, I am going to bed. We will take this up later again Ken.

                      Also just for fun…cunt cunt cunt cunt.

                    14. I never said or implied ‘if it wasn’t for Soros’. Cunts like Soros are not in short supply. See: Obumbles and Cankles.

                    15. “It makes a difference because BLM doesnt represent black people. They don’t give a shit about blacks. You missed the whole point of my posts.”

                      I grok your point–I just reject it on its face.

                      It’s like saying because John Stagliano financed Reason, the people here only really care about porn.

                      It’s ridiculous on its face.

                      It’s almost as bad as saying that blacks aren’t really the victims of racism. Just because we don’t like some people’s solutions doesn’t mean the problems aren’t real.

                    16. “It’s like saying because John Stagliano financed Reason, the people here only really care about porn.”

                      Reason has a stated mission and their actions are generally consistent with that mission. It is entirely plausible that Mr. Stagliano would have an interest in Reason’s success. It would be ridiculous to think that people here only care about porn, but not ridiculous to think that the people here and Mr. Stagliano have an interest in freedom of expression. His funding of Reason would make perfect sense.

                      BLM has a stated mission but their actions are not consistent with that mission. Not just inconsistent with that mission but contrary to it. Their rhetoric and their actions are clearly aimed at inciting and inflaming racial division, exacerbating the problems with police / community relations. Looking at the individuals in that organization you will find a lot of ranting about the evils of white western capitalism and their desire to bring down the system. It isnt that I don’t like their solutions or that I think the problems aren’t real, its that BLM is actively making the problem worse.

                      I don’t know if BLM is a child of Soros’ or if he saw a useful tool and decided to use it but Soros’ funding of this organization only makes sense if he and they have a common interest.

                      I guess we have to agree to disagree.

        3. Once Soros’ father found a farm with a family he trusted to hide them, George Soros and his father survived the holocaust by hiding from the Nazis and living in a barn. After the war, Soros traveled to the UK, studied philosophy under Popper, made a billion applying Popper’s ideas for trading, and founded an organization to undermine fascism as it emerged wherever it was–but especially as it emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe, reflecting his boyhood hatred for fascism as he suffered it as a Jew under Nazi occupation. He named his organization The Open Society Institute in homage to Popper to fight fascism everywhere.

          Hardly the behavior of a Nazi.

          His critics focus on his having passed out those letters as if it were somehow tantamount to collaboration–but that’s horseshit.

          Regardless, if you can’t debunk a Jew who survived Nazi occupation without smearing him as an antisemite, then your counterarguments against his positions must be truly pathetic.

          1. Ever heard of the Mont Pelerin Society?

            “The Mont Pelerin Society (MPS) is an international organization composed of economists (including eight winners of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences), philosophers, historians, intellectuals, business leaders, and others committed to their understanding of personal and political freedom.[2] Its founders included Friedrich Hayek, Frank Knight, Karl Popper, Ludwig von Mises, George Stigler, and Milton Friedman.[2] The society advocates freedom of expression, free market economic policies, [and] the political values of an open society.

            Popper wasn’t exactly a libertarian, but if the intellectual differences between Popper and the other cofounders of MPS could be overlooked by that bunch of rabid libertarians, then he’s close enough for me.

            And to whatever extent Soros is wrong, he’s wrong regardless of what he did to survive the holocaust.

              1. How did he go from being a refugee to having enough capital to invest along Popper’s ideas to become a billionaire ?

                1. Just to be clear, he applied “Popper’s ideas” to investing; Popper didn’t have ideas specifically about investing.

                  Soros got a job as an analyst; outshowed his peers, was given a portfolio to manage, outperformed other portfolios, attracted a lot of attention because of his performance, attracted investors, went out on his own, and outperformed, not only other funds–but the S&P 500 . . . year after year after year.

                  . . . something hardly anyone can do.

                  That’s how most superstar investment managers make their names. It was easier for smart people to do that before Obama remade Wall Street in his own image.

                  So, anyway, Soros invested his money wisely.

                  Buffett did more or less the same thing (totally different philosophy) starting with a position at a failing textile company.

                  The guy I was always impressed with (being a commercial real estate guy) was Sam Zell. He started out by managing a 15 unit apartment building.

                  Soros’ story is probably most impressive–considering that he started in his teens dodging Nazis and living in a barn.

                  I’ve managed to generate some nice opportunities for myself, too, over the years. I don’t have as much money as Soros or Zell, but there’s still time.

  46. Washington Post is shocked to learn politicians use tragic events to promote themselves and their ideas.

    Shocked, I tell you. Also, outrage.

  47. Trump here blitzes past the normal considerations of propriety and rhetoric to squeeze a chain of thought into 140 characters: Someone is dead, which is tangentially related to part of his scattershot arguments on race and crime, and therefore this bolsters one of the quivering poles supporting his wobbly pitch to black voters. That’s the utility of the life of Nykea Aldridge as far as Donald Trump can see it.

    I eagerly await the Post’s take on any comments by Gabbie Giffords or Michael Bloomberg regarding the death of Nykea Aldridge.

    1. I see Don Cheadle is outraged that Trump would politicize her death. I am sure if I google it I will find he has similar outrage about the politicization of Michael Brown’s death and Obumbles and Hillary’s politicization of every shooting death ever, even small children.

      1. Let’s not forget Obama’s would-be son, Trayvon Martin. Boy, that little interjection sure helped things.

        1. It did exactly what it was designed to do.

          1. President Gary Johnson will exercise his presidential powers to kill George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson in a drone strike. Wayne La Pierre too, if William Weld reminds him to.

            1. SIV, go find Winston and bore each other to death.

  48. On my way to pick up some Greek food I decided to give some guy named Mark Thompson a whirl one station up from Patriot radio.

    They were talking about racists, the KKK, wealth and how it all related to Trump.

    Some assertions:

    They acknowledge the Democrats had racist KKK members BUT. But, they soon become repented like Byrd who tried to make good. All the un-repented migrated to the Republican party. Ergo, despite its roots in the Democrat party (accepting this position is accurate) the GOP are the racists now!

    Listening to liberals talk about business, finance and how wealth fits into it is quite painful. I stand by my belief, as a whole, the left are vapid and superficial where business is concerned.

    They kept saying, in attempt to prove Trump isn’t as rich as thought (which is probably true), he owns his assets in name only and that other people actually have the money.

    Thompson also said (along the lines of) ‘Trump is not wealthy’ and you must prove to him otherwise. He gets to make an unsubstantiated claim and demands others prove him wrong. Sweet gig that.

    1. They are vapid and superficial with regards to economics because they don’t understand it. For them it is mostly a zero sum game, thus all the theft and cronyism.

      For all the talk about the Nazis I never heard much about their actual economics (probably because it is so far left and would ruin the ‘Hitler was right wing’ canard). The nazis were nothing if not cronyist. That was the entire basis for their economy, doling out contracts to favored individuals. The same for the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, etc etc. For all their talk about equality…

      As bad as Trump is or can be, I don’t see him being able to get away with the kind of rampant cronyism that the left has been up to for the last 8 years (think the green boondoggles).

    2. All the un-repented migrated to the Republican party. Ergo, despite its roots in the Democrat party (accepting this position is accurate) the GOP are the racists now!

      No idea who Mark Thompson is, but this position is one that has been the general stated conclusion of academic research until fairly recently. I’m not saying it’s correct (I have no idea – not my field of study) but Thompson is mostly likely drawing on what would be defined as academic conclusions. It’s only been in the last 5-10 years that a counter-argument has emerged.

      Sorry I can’t give you any sources: I remember this from grad school about 15 years ago. Not an area I stay up to date in.

      1. Like this guy?

        “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

        ??Robert C. Byrd, in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS), 1944[13][20]

        United States Congress and Senate (D) 1953 – 2010

        Simply look at the soft racism practiced by the dems today and you will have the answer.

        1. Byrd was so racist he couldn’t even bring himself to capitalize the word Negro.

        2. A Massachusetts Democrat decided to lecture me on how Republicans are terrible. Somehow, racism came up. I pointed out Robert Byrd. He said, “Democrats are different down in West Virginia! Not like us!” Unfortunately, before I could point out that Ted Kennedy praised Byrd, the guy went off on some other topic that Republicans are terrible about. I didn’t bring him back to Byrd because he was digging himself into another hole.

          1. Ask about Senator JFK and the minimum wage.

        3. Yeah, I know, I’m not agreeing. I’m just saying people like the Thompson guy Rufus referred to are pulling their stuff from academia not pulling it out of their butts.

          1. True, but that doesnt mean it didn’t come out of someone’s butt.

    3. But, they soon become repented like Byrd who tried to make good.

      Odd how he confused Thurmond with Byrd.

    4. They acknowledge the Democrats had racist KKK members BUT. But, they soon become repented like Byrd who tried to make good. All the un-repented migrated to the Republican party. Ergo, despite its roots in the Democrat party (accepting this position is accurate) the GOP are the racists now!

      One of the (many) revisionist histories which the left rely on is the idea that the “Civil Rights Act” was some kind of turning point which instantly flipped evil racists from the side of Democrats to Republicans – because everyone knows the GOP was super-friendly to racists.

      The argument is that after the Civil Rights act, southern whites were so angry at being ‘betrayed’ that henceforth they ceased voting for democrats, and ‘flipped red’

      Except….. that everything about that argument is wrong. not just in ‘concept’ but in detail.

      more republicans supported the civil rights act than democrats (House = 80%/60%, Senate = 80%/70%.GOP/Dem) Democrats retained control of southern states legislatures until the mid-1990s, and most state governorships until about 2002. A bit odd that a ‘backlash’ took 30+ years?

      The so-called GOP “southern strategy” – making race-based appeals to white southerners – was hardly some decisive political ‘flip’, but rather a strategic move which helped win a few presidencies in a period after LBJ had implemented The Great Society Money-Handout.

      1. A lot of this happened when the Dems delivered a gift-wrapped package of alienated voters at the Republicans’ doorstep, and the Republicans were rational enough to accept the gift which was offered.

        Back then (I don’t know about today), many traditional Democratic voters were alienated by race-baiting, America-bashing, abortion-mongering, and all the rest.

        Remember when “raising culture-war issues” was a sinister plot by Republicans to distract attention from the economy?

        Now with changes in the electorate, the Dems figure that *they* can get votes out of culture-war issues. I mean, it’s not as if they can boast about how great the economy is!

        Strangely, we aren’t hearing from the people who said how wrong it was for Republicans to focus on “culture war” issues. Or else they’re saying that it’s totally cool when Democrats do it.

        1. “I mean, it’s not as if they can boast about how great the economy is!”

          But they do. Obama saved America from the greatest recession, the markets are awesome, unemployment is great, he slowed down deficit spending, he saved GM (what was the chant? GM is alive and Bin Laden is dead or something?) and so on.

          1. Hmmm…OK, then, it’s almost as if they have backup arguments in case their economic message doesn’t work.

            “Yeah, we can quibble about your insurance premiums and the workforce participation rate, but…look over there! They’re trying to take away your birth control! And they’re oppressing LGBLTs!”

    5. I saw your stories on last night’s thread. You should post more.

      1. You liked them, eh? Yeh, those moments were kind of charming.

        Plenty of people do and often ask to hear them.

        My buddy has been to Europe many times but he swears those four days we had were one of the most memorable because of my cousins. Plus he was in love with my cousin’s daughter – who was/is, to put it mildly, hot. Thus adding another layer to this enjoyable plot.

        1. I’ve been to Europe a few times. No interesting stories. I enjoyed the trips and had a good time, but nothing really fun.

          1. nothing really interesting like those stories I should say.

  49. My wife likes MMA and so we’re watching two chicks fight and not having seen a lot of this with women I’ve got to ask: Is it always this boring? Hardly any fighting at all and what was there had poor technique and not a lot of aggression behind it.

    1. Yeah, it’s mainly catty remarks and not going to each others’ parties…

      is the kind of sexist joke a sexist would tell.

    2. You spoke too soon. Fuck yes, Page. Fuck yes.

    3. You want to watch chicks fight? Watch Joshi

      1. Too intense.

        Olympic pillowfighting for me.

        Assuming that’s an event.

        1. Everybody’s waifu fightin’!

      2. I don’t know about all that…this is pretty hard to beat:

        1. It’s hard to enjoy that, witnessing that waste of so much good Jello.

          1. Go to bed Eddie. Yes, I just told you to go to your room.

            1. Fine, enjoy your pre-versions.

              1. Enjoying watching finely formed young adult females in motion, squirming around in jello, is a perversion?

                I guess I am the biggest pervert in history, and proud to be so.

                1. This is what NPR means when it talks about Americans wasting food.


    4. That’s because they’re too old.

      As the Thais know, if you want brutality, you have two 12 year old girls fight in the ring.

      1. I don’t get the appeal of that at all.

        1. I mean, as my wife tells it, the appeal for her was that she felt fit, strong, and could defend herself. An added bonus was that knocking someone to the ground in the ring felt good. However, she added the fact that “getting punched hurts”.

          1. Muay Thai is a great art, probably the best striking art. Hitting Thai pads for three rounds is pretty exhausting! Does your wife still train?

            1. Does your wife still train?

              Unfortunately not like she used to. She had a really bad motorcycle accident when she was 19 which, among other things, left her with a hole in her skull. She’ll still do bag work and stuff like that, but she can’t spar.

              1. I only do light sparring. Getting hit in the head is not good for you, no matter who you are.

        2. doesn’t seem much different to me than 1980s elementary-school football games. I still don’t know why anyone did it. they put equipment on 10yr olds who then ran headlong into one another while people cheered. it was probably mostly for the laughs of drunken fathers.

          at least these 12yr old girls look like they have actual *skills*. The pink one throws mad knees. the blue one seems to have the better boxing skills (or at least i see her throw more). I think its cool to teach kids how to fight. better that than training them to be victims.

          1. The pink one throws mad knees. the blue one seems to have the better boxing skills

            Mongkunpet Rawai’s (pink shorts) father owns the gym that sponsored the exhibition.

          2. Hey, I coach those 10 YO footballers!

      1. It was super satisfying to see Rousey dominate Correia and then a few months later just as shockingseeing her lose to Holm.

    1. Throw them in prison, but don’t fire them…instead, dock their pay and give it to the victim.

      1. Or they can pay back the victim from the money they make in the lucrative field of roadside rock-busting.

  50. Jewett Williams update

    “Thomas Desjardin, a special assistant to Governor Paul LePage of Maine, helped bring Williams out of the shadows. Research by Desjardin, an author and expert on the 20th Maine, led to Oregon death records that placed Williams at the insane asylum….

    “Maine officials initially did not know whether Williams had descendants in the Hodgdon area. However, a group of six siblings came forward with documentation that showed they are first cousins of the soldier, three times removed. Those siblings ? three of whom live in Hodgdon ? will be involved in the burial.

    “Tanya Marshall Pasquarelli, an amateur historian from the town, helped broker the connection between family and state. The memory of Williams had not disappeared completely from family lore, she said, but not much was known about the young soldier and his subsequent life.”

  51. The MSM is shameless

    “Indiana’s Once Controversial Religion Law Shakes Bad Image as It’s Put to Use for Good

    “Last year as governor of Indiana, GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence signed into law the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act which many experts said ostensibly denied rights to the LGBT community.

    “The law was tweaked to help prevent discriminatory practices by businesses ? but is now being used to help minorities gain religious freedom protections.

    “The Indiana American Civil Liberties Union cited the law, among others, when it filed a lawsuit last week against the Boone County Sheriff’s office over their refusal to serve halal food to a Muslim inmate….

    “The state law is shaking its previous bad rep and being used for what religious freedom laws are typically used for ? helping religious minorities, said Richard Garnett, a professor of law at Notre Dame Law School….

    “Last year, the ACLU used the law to fight a state law banning sex offenders from attending religious services in churches that house or are near schools? saying the ban violates their right to practice religion.”

    (Of course, the article doesn’t mention who signed the federal version of this bill in 1993, though it quotes Hillary criticizing the Indiana bill)

    1. To sum up:

      Conservative Christian business owners: Evil

      Convicted sex offenders: “minorities” entitled to “religious freedom protections.”

      1. Picking scabs. Pouring sand in the gears. It’s what they do.

        See my tedious series of texts starting around 5:26. Also, ignore Ken.

    2. I assume that the line for Rastafarian converts is several miles long.

    3. “Sure… uh… yeah, this is halal.”

      How hard is that?

  52. Really? It took me hours to wade through these comments, and the monster at the end of the book is me?
    You people make me irrationally angry.
    And, yes, I said “you people”, so what, you wanna fight about it?

    Is what I wanted to write after reading the Gilmore and dumbass argument, followed by a discussion of the alt right that seemed waaaaay too informed, and Eddie’s “phoning it in this weekend” links.
    But, happy Saturday, all you reprobates!!!!
    Also, you know who else… what was the article about again? Oh yeah, you know who else ate cheese?

    1. Stalin. It’s always Stalin.

      1. Did I get that right? What did I win?

        1. Cheese.

          1. A sharp, white cheddar will do fine.

            1. White!?!?!?!

              1. Not as bad as this race traitor cheese. This fucking cheese is da bomb.

                1. Seriously, though. If you haven’t had a Snowdonia cheese, run to your local white privilege food store and get some.

            2. Oh yeah. Cheese is wonderful. And cheddar? Oh yeah. Cheese is wonderful.

    2. Since Joseph McCarthy was a Wisconsin politician, he probably ate cheese at public events.

      1. Ever been to Wisconsin, Eddie? Really pretty state. Some of my dad’s litter-mates moved from Chicago to Wisconsin, and many summer vacations were spent in that state.
        I like the people, very good looking blonde white Scandinavian folks. Muggy in the summer, but a lake every three miles to swim and fish in. Brutal in the winter. I mean B.R.U.T.A.L.
        If you go, make sure to take a boat tour through the Wisconsin Dells.

        1. Thank you, perhaps I shall.

          1. Go in the fall. I can’t remember where you are, maybe you’ve got spectacular trees at home. Colorado is a starkly, awesomely beautiful state, but we don’t have the diversity of trees that make other states so colorful in the fall.

        2. How any of you freaks and reprobates live through weather below twenty on five or more consecutive days, I’ll be damned. Seeing temperatures under freezing once or twice a week is enough of a chore.

    3. The mouse that came in my house last weekend?

      *The cheese was a trap. Never forget, if it seems to good to be true, it is*

      1. Peanut butter works soooo much better in mouse traps than cheese. Don’t waste your cheese.

        1. I had two cats, Stinky and Blinky, for about 20 years. I inherited them from an old girlfriend. They were inside cats and so I never had mice in the house. It was a painful 20 years. They had good care, good food, shelter etc so they never got sick and never seemed to age. I thought it would never end.

          Stinky got his name from his habit of always running to the cat box and laying down a 5 pound stinker the instant you sat down to eat your supper. Blinky because he had an eye infection as a kitten.

          The main problem was the cat box. Blinky was beneath having to touch anything to do with the cat box so he wouldn’t get in it. He would perch on the side and try to make it work until he figured out that it was easier to perch on the side with his ass hanging outside the box. I tried to toilet train them, on the actual toilet. I almost succeeded. In other words, I failed.

          My wife complained constantly about the location of the cat box. It was never in a good place. “Let’s move it here! Lets move it there!” I finally explained that it is a box of shit. There is no good place in your house to put a box of shit. Just leave it alone.

          So, we cared for them until the bitter, stinky end. Now I refuse to have an inside cat, thus mice show up occasionally.

          1. I inherited an outside cat when we bought this house. Her name is Adolf because of her white face and very Hitlerish black mustache and extraordinarily hitlerish looking black hair on the top of her head. She lives on the front porch and my wife refuses to call her Adolf, opting instead for the colorful and imaginative name ‘Front Porch Cat’.

            Adolf, aka Front Porch Cat, has a cat house with a heated pad and a bowl of food she can eat at her leisure. This has made her lazy. Last week I noticed a small amount of wall insulation on the porch underneath her cat house.

            “What the hell Adolf? You let a mouse come in the house, drill a hole in the wall right under your heated cat house??”

            This is not the first time this has happened. Adolf is a bad cat.

            In the past when I notice evidence of a mouse in the house I would put a dob of peanut butter on the floor just inside the foyer from the garage, the garage being my smoking area. If I am up late, like tonight, I smoke just inside the garage with the door open and the peanut butter ten feet in front of me.

            1. It is dim and very very quiet. I read on my iPhone and keep my BB gun on my lap. It normally only takes about ten minutes. Poor little things.

              I don’t know what I am going to do about Adolf. Damned useless cat.

              1. keep my BB gun on my lap

                normally only takes about ten minutes

                Poor little things

                I don’t know what I am going to do about Adolf


                1. Are you nuts? I already know how that turns out.



                    But you don’t know how hunting rats turns out?

              2. Adolf came with the house? As in the previous owners of the house didn’t want to take her along? Someone died? Or she was a neighborhood cat HQd on that porch?

                Useless? Can’t she just be a nice petty-pet? She probably thinks the mice are your pets too.

                1. Previous owner left her. Yeah, just a nice petty-pet.

    4. the Gilmore and dumbass argument,

      For the record, i said like TWO THINGS. how was i to know it was going to turn into mary’s alternate-personalities screaming at one another?

      1. At least you did have it stalk you for more than 7 hours.

      2. And this, Gilmore (glad you changed your handle back), is why I love fucking science. Because, obviously, this situation can only happen if the multiverse theory is correct. No way you can have that many trolls on a Reason thread all at once.

  53. A public service announcement: Gymbooty is on instagram now. For some bizarre reason, his tumblr doesn’t load anymore. Probably not safe for work.

  54. Border Patrol siezes $3,000,000

    Border Patrol agents in California hit a jackpot this week in terms of cash seizures: $3 million.
    For the agency that deals with border security, it was a major intercept of smuggled cash. The Border Patrol noted most of its past seizures has been in smaller amounts: $300,000, $51,000 and $43,000.

    “This is one of our larger cash seizures,” said Ralph DeSio, spokesman for the San Diego office of US Customs and Border Protection. Normally, he said, the big figure reported is the value of confiscated drugs.


    1. Are they commissioned? Or just on quota?

    1. That guy is going to have to find a very unique woman when he grows up. I suspect his early dating experiences are going to be somewhat troubling.

      Whatchawannabet Mom is one of those chicks that has her clit wired directly to her nipples?

      Amazing how I can know so much about someone I am not acquainted with just from 15 seconds of video.

      1. That guy is going to have to find a very unique woman when he grows up. I suspect his early dating experiences are going to be somewhat troubling.

        Something like this?

        1. (It’s a running skit and I’m shocked I can’t find the whole thing on youtube, doubly so since I watched the entire series on youtube… but the basic premise is applied to many more equally cringeworthy scenarios, up to Jane and Harvey being wedded at the alter, and Harvey suddenly taking hungry… well, you get the gist, but the priest asks Jane whether she takes Harvey’s hand and so on, and she looks back at the horrified crowd and spies her father violently shaking his head No. Funny!)

    2. Woke up, got to the office and decided to see how the thread turned out. Oh boy, I thought. What a mess. Then get to the bottom and see a 3 (?) year old breast feeding on a magnificent rack while he waves a credit card in the air. Thread totally redeemed.

      1. Oh, that kid is much older than 3.

        That’s what a diet of breast milk and vegan food will do to you.

      2. Wait. 8?

          1. 675309?

              1. Thought he SFd it. Guess my phone just decided it I shouldn’t see it. Now the link works. Unfortunately.

            1. And that isn’t even the most disturbing vine of the bunch. FML. Actually, FYL HM.

              1. I’m just here to educate.

                1. You are here to distract us. I am on chapter two of the CxG video series. Thanks a lot, man. As if I didn’t have enough shit to go through.

    1. I am very fond and very skeptical of it. I do recall very vivid episodes from my yute, but I also think I may have been an easily distractable kid, and that voice that young teachers use, especially the women, is very sensual. Maybe there’s a maternity side to it, maybe it’s just the firing of pre-pubescent sexual urges, I have no idea. But listening to this girl do her spiel really does send a few tingles up my spine.

    2. B

      Its a case of DPPE = Dumb People Pathologizing Everything.

      1. *pathologizes GILMORE pathologizing dumb people pathologizing everything*

        1. ^lashing out due to abandonment issues.

    3. ASMR

      This is exactly how Dr. ZG (then Dr. PG) duped and seduced Dr. Groovus. A silky seductively speaking Slavic Siren, I had no defence against her Bene Gesserit powers of imprinting during our session of, “Playing Patient.”

  55. Dumb anecdote: of all the places I typically drive around spanning from south-central NH to roughly south of Portland, ME, cars are generally devoid of current presidential candidate bumper stickers except for Bernie Broette Lexus SUVs and Bernie Bro Priuses (srsly Prius drivers are either maddeningly slow or excessively pushy tailgating speeders with no middle ground). I think I have only seen, at parity, one Hillary bumper sticker myself, and heard about a dude with a Trump sticker. Remarkably light TEAM bumper sticker prevalence for a presidential election year.

    in terms of my neighborhood and town, while still light, it’s overwhelmingly Trump yard signs, and I noticed one house that put out like 8 Johnson and Johnson/Weld yard signs a few days ago. Absolutely jack shit for Hillary yard sings after the one old Hillary supporter house pulled their signs subsequent to that wikileaks DNC drop. In 2016 the body politic is strong in apathy. Apathy 2016. Mega Gridlock 2017 pls!

    1. If it wasn’t for Johnson, I’d have a sign up that says “Exhume Goldwater 2016!”

      I won’t go into the details now, but I could give a hundred good reasons why Goldwater’s corpse would be a better President than either Hillary or Trump.

      Just for starters:

      Reason #100: Goldwater’s corpse has never accepted money from foreign governments.

      Reason #99: Goldwater’s corpse has never abused the eminent domain process for his own enrichment.

      Reason #98: Goldwater’s corpse remains unconflicted on the issue of association rights–he’s in favor of them!

      1. Reason whatever – you can play fun “Weekend at Barry’s” games with Goldwater’s corpse.

      2. I am with you!

        Goldwater’s Corpse for President!

        Unquestionably an improvement.

    2. A neighbor in northwestern NH has a black lives matter yard sign. That’s like causal appropriation or something? If you live in new Hampshire, your life doesn’t involve any black people.

    3. A neighbor in northwestern NH has a black lives matter yard sign. That’s like causal appropriation or something? If you live in new Hampshire, your life doesn’t involve any black people.

  56. Heard you stooopid mammals were going on about me of all things…

    1. I’ve always wanted to know – does every lizard have the surname “Lizard”? Wouldn’t that be confusing?

      1. What the quark happened to this thread? It’s a three ring Circassian here

        I’ve always wanted to know – does every lizard have the surname “Lizard”? Wouldn’t that be confusing?

        Not for reptiles, Eddie, who rely on their Jacobson’s organ to differentiate b’twixt friend and foe, scaleyskins and smoothskins/hirsutes. I’m confident Mr. Lizard is packing a mighty effective Jacobson’s organ…

  57. So Yahoo news has a story about local French governments defying the courts on their stay on the burkini ban. That’s not the interesting bit.

    The comments are overwhelmingly anti-muslim and in support of the ban. Upvotes on anti-freedom rants are running 15:1 over downvotes. None of the top comments reflect the libertarian view.

    I’m really surprised at this. I didn’t think this would be a tough one for Americans. Government officials telling you what you can wear? Regulating that you have too much clothing on?

    What happened to the individualist ethos? When I was a kid, any redneck worth his salt was playing Lynyrd Skynyrd while wearing a rebel flag bandanna. Not because it was racist, but because “fuck you, I’m a rebel and I’m gonna wear the rebel flag” And hippies were wearing the american flag. Not because “hell yeah, America”, but because “Fuck you, I’m a rebel and I’m gonna wear the American flag”.

    We didn’t have school uniforms. Any time an administration tried to control what kind of T-shirts people wore, we all got pissed.

    But now…. “Hell Yeah! Tell that pudgy mom to take off her top! We don’t want no Muslim women wearin’ no long sleeves!”

    We have well and truly lost our way- and it isn’t just our government with its crazy overreaches. The people are apparently leading the way. The ‘libertarian moment’ is illusory.

    1. In the abstract I see what you are saying. We do not however live in the abstract. In reality, Muslims are making themselves extremely unpopular. If anyone should hate the radicals, it is the non radical Muslims who are going to end up suffering if the radicals manage to force a war of civilizations.

      1. It isnt just the radical muslims that are trying to force it.


    What amazes me about these stories is not that they happen but that the people involved are willing to humiliate themselves in the media. Who says to themselves “I dumped my fiance for some Jamaican con man and the thing to do now is let the Mirror hold me up to the nation as an example of a stupid whore”?

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  61. Quantitative Cheesing lol.

    I don’t have too much of a problem with this; I believe they originally wanted $150 million. The problem that a lot of agricultural producers face is that they compete on the international market as well face fairly great inelasticities, ex: If there’s a shortage you can’t just raise a bunch of cow overnight. A lot of it is factors too outside farmers’ control, ex: our agricultural products are some of our largest exported goods which get hurt when economic decisions are made to have a strong dollar or a foreign currency, ex: EUR or GBP is weakened right now. When you have governments interfering with markets..and you always will as its inevitable, not least as governments control interest rates, mint currencies, etc., you’re going to have situations like this. On the upside, the government can usually put food to good use, or in the case of something like cheese which can be stored in most cases, this action helps ease out the ups and downs of the market, ex: the government, if it so chose, could hold on to sell at a later date and likely turn a profit.

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  63. Don’t I remember reading that Agriculture is supported because of a State of Emergency declared almost a century ago.
    But aren’t Emergencies temporary? If it’s lasted a century then how can it be a state of emergency? And all that’s needed to rescind that support is to declare the Emergency over.

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