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New Citizen Video Released of Fresno Police Shooting An Unarmed Teen Who Was Lying on the Ground

Dylan Noble, shot at least twice while already wounded and prone on the ground, was killed.


New citizen-shot video was released yesterday of a portion of a Fresno police shooting and killing of an unarmed 19-year-old, Dylan Noble.

Divine in the Daily/Foter

On June 25, Fresno police were investigating a call from a woman who insisted a man with a rifle and camo gear was at a certain corner. While in that area looking, a pickup driven by Noble drove up, tires squealing. The police gave chase to that pickup, and pulled it over. 

Noble apparently got out of the truck and walked toward the officers "rapidly," according to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer in interviews with The Fresno Bee, and allegedly refused to obey when told to show both his hands. Dyer says that Noble placed his right hand behind his back then pulled it out "very quickly."

Noble also, according to Dyer, shouted something about hating his life.

The officers began shooting at Noble, three from one officer's handgun and one from an officer's shotgun.

At least the last two shots were fired after Noble was already shot and prone on the ground.

Noble had no weapon on his person or his vehicle. No such rifle-wielding suspect was ever found. 

Dyer insisted that the prone and shot Noble, in the reporter's words, "uses his left hand to lift up his shirt. He then puts his right hand into his waistband. When he suddenly pulls out his right hand, the officer believed he was pulling out a gun."

Dyer will not name the officers, who he says have been threatened, and they are "either on administrative leave or personal leave time," he told The Bee.

Dyer so far is not willing to release officer body camera video, which does exist; he says he's awaiting the completion of a district attorney investigation. He says the FBI will also be involved in the investigation of the incident.

Noble's family and lawyers held a press conference today, in which they referred to the slain Noble as a "fun loving kid" and deny he was attempting "suicide by cop" and called for the body cam footage to be released.

Video, shot from pretty far away, below, newly released this week. The event starts around 28 seconds into the video.

We see in this only the final two shots, both at Noble whose body can be seen already prone through the bottom of the truck.

Remember, what you are watching here is how the police are dealing with a teen they've already shot twice and who is lying on the ground:


I reported in March on another Fresno police shooting and killing (he died of the wounds weeks later) of an unarmed man, Freddy Centeno, whose garden hose nozzle was mistaken for a gun. The family sued the department.

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  1. I predict suicide by cop.

  2. This was in some news when it happened, but the internet was mostly just mocking the protesters who had “White Lives Matter” signs. This incident is still not included in any stories about recent police violence and he has no hashtag trending. Twice as many white people have been killed by cops than black people this year, according to the Washington Post’s tracker. Until we start getting past the racial aspect, which does exist but not nearly as much as people want it to, we can actually address the problem.

    1. Violence in America is only perpetrated by whites against people of color. Blacks, asians, and hispanics are incapable of racism. If blacks, asians or hispanics do commit violence, it is only because white people, utilising the power of the NRA, put guns in their hands.

    2. There are 7 times as many whites.

      1. And yet whites have a much lower propensity for violent crime relative to their numbers. If you look at the data in terms of which group is more likely to face arrest for homicide, to name one example, the rate of whites getting shot by cops seems disproportionately higher.

  3. What’s going on with the video in the video in the video?

    1. Trying to avoid a copyright takedown by including the original website in the video

      1. Huh, what part of the video was copyrighted? The cell phone video of the shooting?

        1. It’s a guess on my part since that’s a local news station, someone probably sold it to them.

          1. And missed a chance to sell it to a national cable outfit? CHUMP.

  4. RE: New Citizen Video Released of Fresno Police Shooting An Unarmed Teen Who Was Lying on the Ground
    Dylan Noble, shot at least twice while already wounded and prone on the ground, was killed.

    What is it with all this condemnation of police officers shooting suspects?
    They are showing a lot of restraint when they shoot suspects dead.
    At least they’re not over-doing it.

    1. LA revealed how bad it could get: officers shooting people wholly exogenous to an investigation.

      So just be glad they’re shooting *suspects* and not random passersby.

      1. Wasn’t Noble just a passerby?

        1. He was a suspect as soon as they suspected him. Don’t make the mistake of making them have to suspect you, too.

  5. Remember, what you are watching here is how the police are dealing with a teen they’ve already shot twice and who is lying on the ground:

    Remember, what you are watching here is a kid playing dead who could spring into action at any second and mow the officers down before they’re able to react!

    1. They don’t plug more rounds into the kid then the terrorists win.

    2. For all the cops know he could have been on bath salts, crack, crank, ice, angel dust, LSD, PCP, ABC, oxy, fen-phen, shrooms, jenkem, ecstasy, blue uppers, yellow downers, and rainbow parties. Any one of those can cause an otherwise normal person to turn into a drug crazed maniac.

      1. That kid could have popped six marijuanas and gone on a rampage.

      2. Or something even newer and more scarier than any of that stuff, because the newest stuff that’s ‘sweeping the country like an epidemic’ is always more scarier than the last stuff. Did I mention I really hate the media?

        1. Media hate is the latest epidemic.

    3. key-rist, when they said the cops shot him while he was on the ground, I figured it was “bang bang falls over bang bang”
      not standing around for a while while he lies on the ground then shooting him again then more waiting and another shot

      That’s just murder, even if you could justify the shots that got him on the ground

      1. It was worse than I expected as well, and I expected it to be very bad indeed.

        It looks like a murder to me.

      2. What are you going to believe, your lying eyes or the danger the cops clearly and correctly perceived?

      3. Why do you hate our heroes? How do you think the others would have felt if one guy got to shoot and the rest of them didn’t? What kind of heartless monster are you? Hater!

      4. The shooter of that video should be very, very happy to be alive.

  6. OT: break from nut punches. I’m talking about the pics, not the article which I did not bother reading.


    1. +1

    2. I actually scanned the text. The stupidity hits you like a White Squall in the very first sentence.

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      i will need 3 drinks just to get over that.

      scan forward to the actual “interview”

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      Bernie was old. But i liked him, you know?
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      I think we need to insert some pics of your tits here, but we can get back to your super deep thinking in like a sec

      1. lol:) zeitgeist huh. wtf.

        1. Kinda feel like Ratajkowski’s zeitgeist time has passed, supplanted by Margot Robbie.

      2. NW: It’s a problematic space where someone is a child but perceived as a woman.

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        NW: Can you give me an example?

        ER: Once I had a teacher, a woman, snap my bra because she was mad that it was showing. She did it in front of the class.

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        NW: That’s so obnoxious. you were both having your bodies shamed.

        ER: I remember going to Forever 21 and buying this ridiculous pink thong underwear because I thought, “That’s what you do, right?” It would pop out, and I’m sure that would bother people. But at the same time it might’ve been a tool that I didn’t understand. Being part of a patriarchal society, it kind of helped me figure out what I was all about.

        1. Remember “Women’s Liberation”?

          Yeah, me neither.

          1. feminist intellectualism. lol.

      3. So after feminists blasted that song and the video and her nude performance for its rape-apologist misogyny, then forgot about it, and now a feminist has rediscovered it, at long last Emily Ratz…jo…kow…ockow…ski… so now she’s now a feminist icon.

    3. Naked woman on a horse is always good.

      1. Too bad that thing about Catherine the Great was probably just an urban legend.

        1. That was horse-on-naked woman.

  7. If cops are allowed to respond to any call about someone with a gun with deadly force, even if that person has done nothing wrong and the complaint includes no crime such as here, then there isn’t much of a right to be armed, now is there?

    The complaint says there was a man with a rifle and camo gear. Which doesn’t seem to actually provide any basis for cops drawing weapons on some other guy who may or may not be the one they were looking for.

    1. I just saw that Castile story. Pigs are out of control.

      1. That one is horrible.

    2. Enjoy your 2nd amendment… I dare you. Go ahead.

      1. Seriously though. If any of you guys have CCW make sure you have license and permit out and held up the window when the cop walks up. No, I’m not blaming the victim. Just trying to make sure you all don’t die so I don’t miss any of you assholes stupid comments.

        1. As a matter of course when I get pulled over, I roll down the window and stick my hands out with palms up. I don’t trust the bastards.

          1. I always have my license, registration, and insurance out and at the window when they walk up. Other hand on the wheel. If it’s dark I have my interior light turned on. I’m not an asshole but usually have that mildly annoyed demeanor going on like I have no idea why you pulled me over but just get on with your peon duties.

        2. Well, Castle told them he had a CCW. Didn’t help him much.

          1. Well he was shot when he was reaching for it which granted is fubar but I’m saying have it out. You usually have plenty of time especially for a traffic stop. Why were all those cops there for a broken taillight anyways?

            1. Gotta fill those quotas somehow. Predatory enforcement.

            2. The problem is that if the cops see you reaching behind your back to pull out your wallet, that also gives them an excuse to think you’re pulling out a gun. That’s why they always tell you that the proper procedure when dealing with cops is to keep both hands on the wheel until the cop asks for your license.

  8. OT: I’m not a War on Religion sort of guy, but this looks kinda bad.

    Although Iowa Code ? 216.7(2)(a) provides a religious exemption, as drafted, the exemption is unconstitutional. Further, the Commission’s express intent to target churches singularly for enforcement, as stated in the Brochure, is an egregious constitutional violation. The only text in the entire Brochure that is underlined and italicized is the limitation that a bona fide religious institution must act according to a “bona fide religious purpose.” Such emphasis highlights the Commission’s intention to not only heavily scrutinize the validity and sincerity religious doctrines of our client and other religious institutions, but also the very legitimacy of the church as a religious body. (emphasis original)

    1. It seems they actually want to force churches to let men who think they’re ladies use the church ladies’ room, and vice versa.

      And then the stuff about harassment, which I’m sure would never include articulating beliefs someone who wandered into the church finds offensive…

    2. Don’t people attend churches voluntarily without expectation of commerce?

      I don’t understand how they can be regulated as a public accommodation.

  9. Dyer so far is not willing to release officer body camera video, which does exist; he says he’s awaiting the completion of a district attorney investigation.

    If the body camera video exonerated the cops, it would have been released immediately.

  10. Everyone calm down.

    The officers can’t be proved to have intent to kill this guy right ?

    No intent no crime.

    It is so establilshed.

    1. Don’t really need any Hillary snark on this, because this is pretty much exactly how these shootings are ruled and have been for a long time. “The officer reasonably believed at the time…” and “acted in good faith”.

  11. Move on here, nothing to see, the guy wasn’t black. And that is why this shit will keep going on forever, because asshats like Black Lives Matter and race baiters and hucksters like Al Sharpton have made this all about race, which suits the police state and the law and order politicians just fine.

    1. Even some of the world’s copsuckers are starting to get rattled by the current state of affairs. Maybe the needle is moving a bit after all.

      You Don’t Have To Be Black Lives Matter To Support Police Accountability
      An ugly news story breaks, and many people’s immediate impulse is to run interference for the cops. They should restrain it. After all, police are people, too.

      1. I’d love to find a way to get every story like this that gets published here a much wider audience, but how do you do it?

        The media do not cover these stories unless the victim is black.

        The problem is, when that happens, everyone only sees black people get shot. So many people, whether ignorant, racist, or just completely uninformed, want to believe or really believe that only black people are getting shot because they’re obviously out of control and bringing this onto themselves. Why the fuck are Black Lives Matter people too fucking dumb to see this? The entire thing makes my blood boil. I will guaranfuckingtee you, that as soon as people start seeing white people shot like this every day, things will start to change. But until then, I’m afraid that all of us are in much more danger from cops than we are from every criminal and terrorist around, and it will just keep getting worse.

      2. “Policing is an honorable profession. A cop is a person who has volunteered to put his own safety on the line to protect yours. That’s impressive, and we should respect it.”

        Bullshit. Supreme Court sez cops have no duty to protect us.

        1. And they have no intention of it. They intend to protect themselves. And they’ll do so even if they have to find someone with a cell phone that sort of looked like a gun, to do it.

      3. A cop is a person who has volunteered to put his own safety on the line to protect yours.

        Incorrect tense.

      4. The comments on that article, at least the first couple dozen I read, are surprisingly thoughtful. Also, this:

        Samuel Adams Out of the Blue ? 5 hours ago
        For the average NYPD beat cop, two qualifying sessions per year at Rodman’s Neck, approximately 50 rounds. Bear in mind, the standard carry is a Glock with the trigger modified to a 12lb pull versus the standard 5-6lb. Much more difficult to shoot accurately. Guy I know who ran the VIP security unit once joked to me that the only two safe places when the average beat officer is shooting is directly in front or directly behind.

    2. Yeah, as long as the focus stays off of the politicians nothing is going to change.

    3. The sheer volume of white guilt the last couple of days is really pissing me off.

      1. Yeah, like my whiteness and the whiteness of every other honky rose up in a miasmic mist and generated an army of racist cops.

        Especially in those lily-white Republican cities like Baltimore and the rest, where the whites keep electing and re-electing the politicians who empower these cops.

          1. How about this – feel guilty when you do something wrong, not when *someone who looks like you* does something wrong.

  12. On June 25, Fresno police were investigating a call from a woman who insisted a man with a rifle and camo gear was at a certain corner.

    This is why we need common sense airsofter-controls.

    1. Hunters’ Corner?

  13. The New Professionalism looms large.

  14. So another comment on Comey. I’m wondering if the Obama admin isn’t keeping the Clinton Foundation investigation under wraps. He would basically have Hillary and Bill under his thumb. He clears her on the emails, the main focus of the media and public, but can still hold that for sometime. If Comey sticks around into the next administration…

    Who knows what sort of backroom deals have been made. It’s kind of a conspiracy theory.

    Comey’s excuse that the gross negligence clause was only used in 1 other case is entirely misleading, though. The Espionage Act has only been used to prosecute 12 people in its history, and 8 of those were under Obama. Under administrations just didn’t use the law at all. And the Obama administration already set a number of new standards for it. They have no problem doing that when its in their interests to do so.

    The lack of rule of law is even more grotesque with that excuse because it shows their ability and willingness to apply it selectively (which they had already been doing, but it’s more obvious now).

  15. Centeno: ‘the old gun in the garden hose nozzle trick!’

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