Terror Semantics, the AR-15 McGuffin, Runaway Aboutism, and the Clinton/Trump Follies: Working Through Orlando on The Fifth Column

Your favorite libertarian podcast tackles the nation's deadliest mass shooting


Le Fifth Column nouveau est arrivé! This morning, the triumvirate of Kmele Foster, Michael C. Moynihan, and myself chewed on the big story of the week, focusing on, among other things:

* The furious, occasionally baffling battle over the semantics of the phrase "radical Islam."

* The serial misidentification and demonization of the scariest looking of the murder weapons.

* Hillary Clinton's contention that "we cannot contain this threat. We must defeat it."

* Donald Trump's conspiracy talk.

* The extremely heavy lifting this week performed by the word about.

* What very many idiots wrote about the shooting.

Listen right here:

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