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When Social Justice Education Is Mandatory, But Math Is Not

Diversity courses are required. Math, not so much.


Vling / Dreamstime

At the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, studying "social justice" is a prerequisite for graduation.

Students are required to take two diversity courses, according to The College Fix. One of the purposes of these courses is to encourage students to "create change toward social justice," according to UMass-Amherst's website.

The College Fix is also reporting that Wayne State University, a public university in Detroit, has abolished its college-wide math requirement. At the same time, faculty at the university are proposing a mandatory 3-credit diversity course.

If students would rather study diversity than math, that should be up to them. And for some students who want to become social justice activists, the former sort of classes is probably more important. But it really does seem strange to make the study of math less of a priority than the study of narrow left-wing activism. Is the purpose of college to equip students with useful skills, or to brainwash them?