Anti-Pot Analyst Claims Fatal Crashes in Washington 'Have Risen 122 Percent'

That exaggerates the actual change by a factor of 72.



In a recent essay warning that the legalization of marijuana leads to more fatal crashes caused by stoned drivers, Heritage Foundation analyst Cully Stimson claims "fatal driving accidents [in Washington] have risen 122 percent between 2010 and 2014." If fatal crashes more than doubled in Washington between 2010 and 2014, it would have been a dramatic reversal of a downward trend that had prevailed for decades in that state and across the country. But according to the source Stimson cites, the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission (WSTSC), there were 429 fatal crashes in 2014, compared to 422 in 2010. That's an increase of 1.7 percent. The change Stimson describes is 72 times as big.

What about fatal collisions in which a driver tested positive for marijuana? Those rose from 78 in 2010 to 86 in 2014, an increase of about 10 percent. Meanwhile, fatal crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers fell 24 percent, from 135 in 2010 to 103 in 2014. Total fatal crashes involving alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs fell by about 5 percent, from 218 in 2010 to 208 in 2014.

So what is Stimson talking about? It seems he is referring to the number of drivers in fatal accidents who tested positive for active THC (as opposed to an inactive metabolite) and did not test positive for alcohol or other drugs. According to a 2015 WSTSC report, that number rose from nine in 2010 to 20 in 2014, which is indeed a 122 percent increase. But a 122 percent increase in fatal accidents involving THC-only drivers does not translate into anything like a 122 percent increase in the total number of fatal accidents. 

I'm not sure why Stimson chose 2010 as the baseline year, since Washington voters approved marijuana legalization at the end of 2012 and legal recreational sales did not begin until the middle of 2014. The number of THC-only drivers in fatal crashes rose from 13 in 2012 to 20 in 2014—a 54 percent increase, or less than half the increase highlighted by Stimson. Again, that does not mean there was a 54 percent increase in fatal crashes, which in fact rose by less than 7 percent during this period.

As the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety noted in a recent study, the fact that a driver tests positive for THC does not necessarily mean he was impaired at the time of the crash or that marijuana contributed to the accident. When marijuana use rises in the general population, the percentage of drivers testing positive for THC will rise too, whether or not they are still feeling the effects when they are behind the wheel. Furthermore, the six months of legal recreational sales covered by the WSTSC numbers through 2014 is not nearly enough time to assess the impact on traffic safety.

Still, if marijuana legalization coincided with a huge, unprecedented increase in fatal crashes, that would indeed be a worrisome sign. It's a good thing that did not actually happen.

"The science is clear and unambiguous," Stimson writes. "Pot is a dangerous substance. It is not like alcohol at all." He's right that there's a big difference between marijuana and alcohol when it comes to traffic safety, but he's wrong if he thinks that comparison favors alcohol, which has a much more dramatic impact on driving ability. While marijuana measurably impairs driving performance in laboratory tests, its effects are more modest than alcohol's and difficult to pin down in the real world. That's largely because there's no clear relationship between THC blood levels and impairment (as Paul Larkin, one of Stimson's colleagues at the Heritage Foundation, concedes).

Marijuana legalization could lead to more dangerously stoned drivers on the roads, which could in turn lead to more fatal accidents (especially if the stoned drivers are also drunk, since alcohol and marijuana compound each other's effects on driving ability). Then again, legalization could reduce the number of fatal accidents, to the extent that more cannabis consumption is accompanied by less drinking. Or legalization's impact on traffic safety could be a wash. Contrary to the impression left by prohibitionists like Stimson, it is far too early to say which of these scenarios is coming to pass.

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  1. But drug dealing is a violent crime.

    “Considering all that America knows about drug addiction, only the dishonest or willfully blind can claim that drug trafficking is a non-violent crime. Drug dealing depends on addiction; addicts consume the vast majority of the drug supply; the dealer cultivates users to create more addicts in a murderous cycle.”

    How can you disagree with this sterling logic?

    1. I’m not seeing the violent part.

    2. You’re an asshole. ‘Nuff said.

      1. Go suck Kevin Sabet’s dick. That’s all you’re good for.

        1. He is. Most of us are. But let’s be fair; I suspect that was sarcasm.

          1. I’m not gay but yeah I’ll cop to it.

      2. “You’re an asshole. ‘Nuff said.”

        Why? Because I don’t want the United States to be overrun with the violence of drug use?

        I think you’re the asshole since you don’t seem to care about the violence inherent to consensual drug use. Prior to alcohol prohibition, there was the violence of people consensually drinking. Then we made the intelligent decision to outlaw booze and everything was peaceful until they stupidly repealed the Volstead Act.

        Do you see?

        1. Might still be too subtle.

        2. I do not recall any violence in Haight Ashbury. The people with guns all worked for the government, dilligently striving to incite people into victimless enjoyment such as would give those agents a pretext for assault, robbery, kidnapping and murder. Volsteadism spawned even worse violence, for WWI servicemen kept their weapons and returned fire lustily. Senator Millard Tydings published “Before and After Prohibition” documenting murders perpetrated by “dry killers” and by 1930 the increase in dry agents and their accomplices being gunned down rose so steeply that such statistics were carefully suppressed. Today people have the option of voting for the Libertarian Party, which is somewhat similar to the non-socialist Liberal Party organized in 1930 to repeal prohibition, religious blue laws and religious totalitarianism in general.

          1. Don’t forget the murders caused by a government that specifically poisoned alcohol with methanol.

            They’re doing the same thing with opioids by putting acetaminophen in them.

            1. And they are still doing it with alcohol.

        3. LOL! smell your joke drunken Irishman!

    3. By assigning a spurious meaning to the word “addiction”–which describes the duress wrought by opiates and their manufactured imitations. Before my disbelieving eyes I have heard the most idiotic assertions bandied about in federal court to make “addiction” apply to Twinkies, junk food, cigarettes (which ARE habit-forming), cocaine (which isn’t), girlfriends 15 years too young and boyfriends 15 years too old… In the fee-hungry jargon of predatory attorneys this is understandable, if not ethical. But when ex-scientists given over to prostitution repeat documendacities as “expert” witnesses to reinforce gratuitous government coercion as the preferable form of duress, something is seriously wrong with the system.

      1. Seems like the biggest problem there is the notion that addiction can excuse behavior.

        People disagree on exactly what addiction means (and “habit forming”, apparently. While cocaine doesn’t cause physical dependence, it most certainly is something many people form habits around). I think it is reasonable to say that people can develop addictive behaviors relating to any pleasurable activity. But that should count for jack shit in court. You are still responsible for your choices and actions.

    4. Illegal immigration depends on desperation; immigrants rely on shady middlemen and dangerous routes to reach the US; the possibility of finding higher wages in America encourages more immigrants to cross over in a murderous cycle.

      1. Exporting fanatical prohibitionism is the surest way to create waves of refugees seeking to escape prohibitionist totalitarianism. Out in the real world, soaked in mohammedan and other coercive mysticisms, there is no Institute of Justice, NRA or ACLU, no Bill of RIghts. Instead there is lots of torture and murder instigated by the National Socialist Heritage Foundation. Women and physicians are imprisoned for pregnancy termination and children enlisted as drug mules and executioners to please the superstitious fancies of the Landover Baptist version of Positive Christianity. These pro-life-after-death ideologues control the Prohibition, Republican, Tea and Constitution parties, all seeking power and cash to make These States and the world a more violent place to die.

    5. but mariujuana is NOT addicting. The fact that possession or trade in this substance has been criminalised is what has driven it underground, and into the “drug dealing” world. Legalise it, it will then “float out in the open” shedding all the underworld, crime, illegal trade baggage. Before DuPont arranged to have it made illegal in about 1930, it was never the problem it is today. It has been made so by government, at the behest of private industry, for the gain of that industry.

  2. Anti-Pot Analyst Claims Fatal Crashes in Washington ‘Have Risen 122 Percent’
    That exaggerates the actual change by a factor of 72.

    Lies, exaggerations, and propaganda are all the prohibitionists have.

    1. Liars, Damn Liars, and Statisticians.

    2. The US Census Bureau figures show Washington’s population rose by 5% 2010 – 2014
      (remove line break for link. Goddam squirrels)

      If the absolute number of fatal accidents rose by only 1.7%, then the rate of such accidents per person actually dropped by 3% over that time period.

      1. I can tell you that in the real world of tracking medical outcomes, there’s “count”, and there’s “rate”, and the only that matters is “rate”.

        Well caught, Aresen.

      2. Nice catch. Well done, and so true.

  3. I heard that marijuana is a lot stronger now than it was back in the day, and that taking just a puff off a joint could kill you.

    1. Maureen Dowd ate 20 times the recommended dose of pot candy and kind of freaked out a little so we should ban it

      1. If it saves just one boring, menopausal gasbag, it’s worth it.

        1. From a panic attack.

          1. How dare you speak so insensitively about people who suffer from panic attacks! Reason really needs to establish a safe space!


            1. Reason is my safe space.

              1. That is a great bumper sticker!

                *** quickly copyrights it ***

            2. I have great sympathy for people who suffer from panic attacks. But if your panic attack is caused by a weed overdose, the answer is probably not to take weed anymore (or in more reasonable doses) and not to assume that your experience is typical.

      2. Why should other people suffer because she’s an idiot with her head up her ass?

        1. Middle aged women are the backbone of America. If they become dope fiends or get schizophrenic from weed overdoses, our society will not survive

          1. Plus our white wumen will start having sex with dang forners which against the Bible

            1. Needs more “negroes and jazz.”

              1. Reefer makes darkies thinking they’re as good as white men.
                Marijuana and jazz causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negros..

        2. woosh!

        3. You may want to go get your sarcasm detector re-calibrated before you make an even bigger ass of yourself than you already have.

          1. He’s just grumpy cause his dealers been out of weed for a few days.

    2. It’s sad to hear that so many people back in the day were getting shitty weed. I used to get ass kicking weed back in the 80s every bit as strong as what is out there today.

    3. I heard it is the preferred food of the Grey whale, and that this has led to a scarcity because those whales eat SO MUCH of it there is nothing left for the casual user…….


  4. “…Heritage Foundation analyst Cully Stimson …”

    Ah yes, the Heritage Foundation. It must be one of those “extreme right wing, libertarian” think tanks I’ve heard so much about

  5. Seems like an important piece of information is missing here. How many drivers on the road are stoned (or have measurable amounts of active THC in their blood)? And how many sober drivers caused fatal accidents. For all we know from this data, drivers with THC in the blood may well be safer drivers than the stone cold sober.

    1. If previous studies are any guide, then THC impaired drivers do have fewer fatalities than sober drivers to account for.

      1. Yeah, driving at 10 miles an hour is less likely to cause a fatality.

      2. I believe it. I’m much more likely to find myself not paying attention at all to driving when I’m not stoned.

      3. It’s the same sort of counter-intuitive logic that inclement weather, like blizzards, will yield you fewer traffic fatalities because it changes people’s driving behavior.

      4. It’s the same sort of counter-intuitive logic that inclement weather, like blizzards, will yield you fewer traffic fatalities because it changes people’s driving behavior.

  6. When you are dealing with numbers in or near the single digits, using percentages to talk about them is almost always a clear sign that you have an agenda.

    1. +1 dipshit pharmaceutical addict Patrick Kennedy, and his butt buddy Kevin Sabet. May they both rot in homosexual hell. Or something like that. Satan’s barbed dick, etc…

      1. Hoping for a millennial Lee Harvey Oswald.

  7. Even if it were true, so what? I don’t care how the cotton will get picked after we abolish slavery, the abolition of it is all that matters here.

  8. I’m sure they’re much more actively looking for the thc connection than they were before so the study is no doubt total bullshit. That said, if you’re stoned, you shouldn’t drive.

    1. Penalties for using a smartphone while driving should be equivalent.

    2. Just as Christians believe slavery kept Africans still enough to make it easier to Christianize (and occasionally rape) them, so men with guns the government pays to go out and coerce people for victimless use of comparatively safe enjoyables BELIEVE everything they are paid your money to believe. That’s the way faith works. If faith relied on evidence the way science does, it wouldn’t be faith, right?

  9. Has a study been done of where alcohol and marijuana are consumed?
    I would guess (only a guess) that a lot of alcohol is consumed in bars, while marijuana is smoked in the home.

    1. People rend to want to stay home when they get high, and go out when they get drunk.

    2. prticularly in Washington, where smoking ANYTHING in bars is illegal, to the point they even closed down all the hookah bars that served ONLY non-tobacco and non-cannabis “things” to smoke. So, no, no one is toking up at the local. Drinking up, yes, toking, not.

  10. Stoned drivers should be fed feet first into the woodchipper. Reluctantly, of course, and after careful consideration.

    1. You should be be into a woodchipper feet first. After your extended family.

      1. After the corpses of your ancestors.

        1. Who all belonged to the SS or Soviet Communist Party.

          1. Basically, fuck you. I heard rumors that you performed analingus on Robert Mapplethorpe.

      2. Thank you for demonstrating the kind of bullying that supports this propaganda. Now, best for everyone to ignore it and keep commenting. In fact, why not engage the bully in playful banter? That strategy has been known to extend the lives of the victims of genocides by several months in some cases.

        1. “People” like you should be executed just to purify the gene pool.

  11. I won’t drive if I’m stoned. Just won’t do it. Not because I’m afraid of getting into an accident, but because I’m afraid of getting lost. I’ll miss a turn and keep on driving along until I look around and don’t know where I am. Meanwhile everyone behind me is getting irate because I’m driving under the posted limit. No thanks.

    1. Back in the day, a bunch of friends and I went to one of their cousins houses who used to grow it. They had garbage bags full of weed. After quite a bit of partying we headed home. Went the wrong way for an hour and a half which we figured out when we saw the state line. We just laughed. I’m not really sure that the girl driving wouldn’t have done that anyways though:)

    2. I’m pretty sure I’d fall asleep at the wheel. It’s what I do whenever I smoke.

      1. I’ve always had at least 1 “weed-narcoleptic” friend. Never understood it. It got to the point where i’d insist they just don’t, because i was sick of having them fall asleep in the middle of a conversation/concert/dinner.

        1. It’s not super pleasurable, I’ll be honest. The last incident ended with locking myself in my car and falling asleep for a few hours until it had worn off.

          Been meaning to get up to Denver and try a few “boutique” edibles. I don’t know what I’ve encountered in the wild, so it would be nice to know whether different strains really have a different effect on me.

          1. I found that they do. If you are nodder, try out one with a high sativa content, like Super Lemon Haze or Super Silver. Those make me alert and happy.

              1. Alpha anything. Alpha cow, apha blue.
                Awake and hyper.

            1. try out one with a high sativa content


              I’m not disputing that, i just find it odd. I always thought it was the Indicas that were more ‘uppy/peppy’ and the Sativas that were more “sooooo relaxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

              I always had a strong preference for the neon-green Humbolt county northern lights stuff myself.

              1. It might affect different people differently, but that’s the general parameters that most go by now. And of course, there are very few pure strains, most are hybrids.

                Grape Ape vs. Super Silver, for example.

              2. Most people seem to have the opposite reaction. Sativas are more energetic, Indicas more sleepy/stoney. That’s been my experience.

              3. Most people find Indicas generally more likely to give you couch lock, while a Sativa is more likely to give you energy.

                If it works opposite on you, that’s the way to go. Different people react differently.

              1. +1 for Durban poison, the original sativa ? supposedly, anyway. An excellent strain in any event.

          2. Edibles are consistently no bueno for me to accomplish any task. My body just squirms and then I want to take a nap. I don’t get the appeal.

    3. I agree with one caveat, long drives. The secret is don’t get stoned and then drive. Get stoned while you drive! Your body will already be acclimated to the driving activity and the thc will make you focus and enjoy the task of driving much more. Be caffeinated too.

  12. Speaking of car accidents. Here’s a interesting set of pictures from the Daily Fail.

    Classic crashes: Incredible black and white photos show the chaos on roads in the early days of the automobile with beautiful vintage motors smashing into trees, careering into canals and plummeting off bridges

    Pictures, displaying nature of life behind the wheel for Americans during the 1930s, were taken by Leslie Jones
    Jones was a photographer for Boston Herald-Traveler and built up vast collection over an almost 40-year career
    Compelling snaps are now being digitized by the Boston Public Library in order to preserve them for generations…..idges.html

    1. And I thought Reason had no editors. Cars don’t “career” into anything and the devices that stop cars aren’t called “breaks”.

      1. Ugh!

      2. Well, it is a tabloid. Such publications aren’t known for being insightful and well edited. More like big headlines, lots of pictures, and sensational stories.

        1. You won’t believe what happens next.

      3. Ahem. There is more than one meaning to “career.” Look it up.

      4. “Career” is used correctly there.

        1. I see. Apparently, “careen” is more common only in North American English.

          1. I’ve never heard career used that way either

      5. the Daily Mail is a Brit rag. In England, cars do not “careen” off the motorways, bridges, etc, they “career”….. and I read his post four times and did not find the word “breaks”. Perhaps YOU are due to take a “break” yourself……

        1. To be fair, a quick browser text search matches no less than 2 instances of “breaks” used (incorrectly).

    2. The stash of pictures, displaying the precarious nature of life behind the wheel for Americans in the 1930s, were taken by Leslie Jones, a photographer for the Boston Herald-Traveler newspaper.

      The snapper, who worked for the Herald from 1917 to 1956, took hundreds of photos, capturing destroyed motors in the aftermath of often fatal crashes.

      It’s a cool set of images, but they act like this was some sort of bizarre hobby. Most local newspapers were obsessed with car crashes back in the day, under a “if it bleeds, it leads” philosophy that was most ceded to local broadcast news when the AP and UPI services started to make up most of the photos run in a newspaper.

    3. That’s AddictionMyth when he’s sober.

    4. All I know is it’s a good thing the automobile was introduced in a saner regulatory climate. If they had the “precautionary principle” bullshit back then, I have no doubt they would have banned cars. And airplanes. And trains. And…

    5. That crazy bastard crash-tested cars himself!

  13. there were 429 fatal crashes in 2014, compared to 422 in 2010. That’s an increase of 1.7 percent. The change Stimson describes is 72 times as big.

    Calculations by Teen Talk Barbie:

    Math class is tough!

    1. Population in WA State
      2010 6.744mil
      2014 7.062mil

      4.7% population increase. Traffic fatalities actually didn’t keep up with population growth, meaning per capita traffic fatalities were down.

  14. I drove very stoned once, It took a long time to get where I was going and I drove up in the yard and parked behind the guy’s house for paranoid reasons. And I forgot to go to the store, which was most of the reason we left where we were getting high in the first place. And then I fell asleep on his couch and woke up covered in Frito crumbs.

    1. Good times

      1. I had to stop getting high with those guys. They liked to turn the TV to static, put on two strobe lights at different blink rates and listen to ragas at ear-splitting volumes. I just wanted to get a little high, not be a subject in some sort of fucked-up experiment.

        1. At first I thought ragas was a typo, until I looked it up. Man, that doesn’t sound fun.

          1. They were sweet guys, but always took it a little too far when you just wanted to chill. Very fond of the very stoned, very drunk philosophical arguments that disappeared up its own ass very quickly, but then continued for three more hours. The worse one was free will vs. determinism that last until dawn.

            And there was a pet ferret that only came out from under the couch to bite people.

            1. Why does anyone have a ferret. I had a buddy who had one. The thing would bite down hard on one of hus toes when he was sleeping. Speaking of toes, I remember a stoned evolution discussion about whether our little toes would eventually disappear since they serve no function.

              1. That little motherfucker bit me right on the Achilles tendon once. Sitting on the couch was always a crap shoot, because you wouldn’t see it for two weeks, get complacent, and then it would attack.

                One of their more successful night was when they recreated the ending of Manhunter with strobe lights and the 30-min version of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.” I peaked during the drum solo and it was… interesting.

                1. edit: 17 min. album version. derp.

                2. I would be making ferrot jerky at that point:) I hope the recreation stopped short of fire and gasoline:) We used to like to drop acid and head out into the woods somewhere.

              2. We’ve just got two recently. They spend most of the day sleeping in their cage, and we let them out to play twice a day for an hour or so. We don’t tolerate biting, and scruff them if they do. They don’t have the run of the house either. We fence off a room for them to play in while they’re out. Because we have two, they play mostly with each other and require less human interaction. They’re a lot of fun. But they poop a lot. Lots of cleanup. They will probably be our last ferrets.

            2. I had some friends in college who were relatively novice stoners. It seemed like every night they were trying to “take it to the next level”, which was pretty funny as I had pretty well explored every level of getting fucked up in high school.

        2. They liked to turn the TV to static, put on two strobe lights at different blink rates and listen to ragas at ear-splitting volumes.

          Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

        3. I had a roommate who liked to do weird shit like that when we dropped acid.

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  16. Don’t worry. AddictionMyth would lick the crumbs off your balls.

    1. And out of the crack of your ass the next day.

      1. So, AddictionMyth go to some other asshole religious fanatic/ anal retentive website and post your stupid bullshit there. No one wants to read your statist/Stalinist/Nazi propaganda here. Go fuck yourself.

      2. So, AddictionMyth go to some other asshole religious fanatic/ anal retentive website and post your stupid bullshit there. No one wants to read your statist/Stalinist/Nazi propaganda here. Go fuck yourself.

        1. Fucking squirrels. At least they’re smarter than Addiction Myth. So is every other rodent on earth.

        2. Wanna piss off a prohibitionist? Tell the DemoGOP to shove it and vote Libertarian. The Constitution was amended to include the communist income tax and supertitious prohibition amendment back when BOTH of those looter parties TOGETHER got a smaller fraction of the vote than the LP commands today. Put your money where your mind is.

  17. Drugged driving statistics killed my mother.* Some might argue that that’s merely anecdotal evidence of the dangers of unregulated drugged driving statistics, but try telling that to my dead mother. Oh, that’s right, you can’t – because she’s dead! You heartless bastards are here arguing the finer philosophical points of the use of drugged driving statistics and here’s my poor mother dead and getting deader with every passing day just because we refuse to do what’s right. How long does my mother have to be dead, how many dead mothers will I have to have, how many of my dead mothers will I have to show you before we decide to do something?

    *Technically, it wasn’t the drugged driving statistics that killed her, it was a heart attack. And it was forty years ago. But I’m sure if she had known about the drugged driving statistics it would have contributed to the stress that led to her heart attack if she stressed over them to the point where it caused a fatal heart attack. So even if my mother were alive today, she’d still be dead. Or she would soon be dead if she were alive today, on account of the fact that, you know, she’s sealed in an underground box and nobody could hear her clawing at the lid and screaming to be let out. But you’re missing the point!

    1. +1 Marilyn Monroe if she were alive right now. And fuck you AddictionMyth.

  18. “”The science is clear and unambiguous,” Stimson writes. “Pot is a dangerous substance. It is not like alcohol at all.” ”

    When you’re talking about drugs that cause lots of traffic fatalities, it’s pretty retarded to behave like alcohol isn’t the primary culprit. Let’s compare deaths from boozing to deaths from weed and then decide which is more dangerous.

    1. Let’s through in domestic violence stats while were at it. Also lets compare the ending of stories that start with “We were drinking…” to those that start with “We were getting high…”.

      1. “Here, hold my beer” vs puff puff pass.

        1. Watch me jump the swimming pool with my tractor versus let’s order pizza.

          1. You must have hung out with some boring-ass stoners. In my youthful, care-free days it was more like “let’s jump off of this water tower into a tree” or “let’s break into the weird crypt in the old church in the middle of the night”.

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  20. Neither pot prohibitionalist nor gun grabbers seem to know shit about the object of their hatred. The ignorance and obsession is astounding.

  21. Also, if this statistics was intended to be an indictment of marijuana legalization, it is incomplete. More information would be needed with regard to the driver’s marijuana usage. The researcher would have to investigate the driver’s past marijuana use.

    If the driver were a marijuana user prior to legalization, then there is no reason to believe that driver would have been THC free but for legalization. Also, did the driver obtain the marijuana through legal channels or through the black market?

    If a person were a marijuana user prior to legalization, and purchased the marijuana through illicit channels, then there is no reason to believe that this outcome would have been any different in a marijuana-prohibition alternate universe. All of that is must also acknowledge the fact that an increase of eleven instances in a data set of hundreds of millions of possible outcomes is hardly statistically significant.

    1. I’m going to bet that the vast majority of people driving stoned now would have been driving stoned with or without legalization, and probably were before legalization. If legalization changed anything, I would think it would mean fewer stoned drivers since DUI enforcement for weed was stepped up.

  22. Are all drug warriors power-worshiping, manipulative, sociopathic liars?

    Or is it just seem so?

    And to note: “Charles Douglas “Cully” Stimson (born June 13, 1963) is a former American career appointee at the Pentagon. Stimson was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs. He resigned February 2, 2007,following a controversy about his statements on legal representation for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.”

  23. Most traffic accidents are caused by ignorance of high-school physics. “Requiring” one passing grade in that will do more than all the bans and bluster–if the idea is to reduce accidents rather than enforce sumptuary laws.

  24. The sad part….

    Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institution?a think tank?whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

    The conservative limited gubmit types who support the drug war are akin to the liberal pro-choice crowd who support socialist security.

    1. yeah, this guy is an outlier. Perhaps also an outliar as well.

      He does not fit the mould of that outfit very well. He’s got an agenda to promote.

      In any case, he desparately needs to bone up on his skills with statistics, and likely, writing for accuracy as well.

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