Brickbat: Who Are You Going to Believe?


security video
Security video

Caldwell County, Texas, sheriff's deputies say Larry Faulkenberry attacked them, knocking a deputy into a tree and injuring him. They arrested him for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, among other charges. But Faulkenberry's security video showed he didn't attack them or even resist arrest. In fact, it showed deputies beating him up. Prosecutors dropped all charges after seeing the video. But so far, none of the deputies involved has been disciplined or charged with a crime. In fact, in a response to a lawsuit filed by Faulkenberry, the sheriff's office insists that the deputies' account of what happened is correct.

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  1. Holy crap, he got swatted by his own son, who called the police and told them he was drunk and waving around a gun.

    1. Damn,the kid was pissed and called the cops? He could have gotten his dad killed.And yes,the cops committed perjury and assault and other crimes.I hope he gets a big settlement and uses some of the money to ship his son off to military school.

      1. Not military school man – you do that if you have a desire to salvage the kid (and get him the feth out of home).

        Put him in foster care and walk away.

  2. He said he installed four cameras a few years ago after his motorcycle parts shop was vandalized.

    “The police suggested a surveillance system,” he said. “If the guy comes back again, you’ll have it on video.”

    They knew video evidence only works against some criminals.

    1. Even body cameras aren’t the whole story. NYT article shows how they can be misleading.……html?_r=4

      1. That’s a pretty nifty little article you linked to. I would recommend the rest of you read it and do the little tests.

        It shows that all those ‘prosecutor can’t tell for certain what happened so cop doesn’t get charged’ stories *slightly* more understandable (at least from a theoretical point of view). If you’re not certain then you *should* err on the side of innocence.

        Now if we could only get that sort of thing extended to us proles.

        1. The man jumped out because he was trying to get away from a bee inside his car. All that flailing had nothing to do with the officer. It was all about the fear of getting stung.

          “‘A bee inside the car’?. Yeah, *that’s* the ticket!”

          1. “Bees! Bees! Bees in the car! Bees Everywhere! God, they’re huge! They’re ripping my flesh off!”

            Tommy Callahan from “Tommy Boy

  3. Cop tripped himself with his own leg whip on an unsuspecting 60 year old. Beeeyooootiful.

    1. Wait… that guy is 47? Must’ve had some rough livin’.

      1. Wow! I’m biologically older than that guy?

  4. It’s so easy to ruin a person’s life,or get them killed with a call to the cops. It would have been evident that the kid was lying but the cops just charged in,Cops didn’t even try to assess the situation any more. That’s how you end up with a dead 12 year old in Cleveland.

    1. You try to decide in a tenth of a second whether the gun is real or not.

  5. ‘Turn around and walk backwards.’ I’ll stand here, you come here and put handcuffs on me,” Faulkenberry said.

    He was asking for it. A clear cut case of failure to follow a lawful order if ever there was one. Then he admittedly swore at the officers, and I bet he said worse than he claims he did. Play stupid games….

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  7. Prosecutors dropped all charges after seeing the video.

    …and utterly failed in their duty to the public by not filing assault and filing false police report charges against the perps.


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