Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Putting Red Light on Amateur Car Racing

Emission regulations that may not even make a dent on climate change.


A "power grab" by the Environmental Protection Agency threatens to crash America's amateur car-racing industry without putting so much as a dent in climate change, warns the chairman of the House Space, Science and Technology Committee.

The EPA's move to regulate emissions on non-road racing vehicles contradicted agency administrator Gina McCarthy's earlier testimony that the EPA did not have authority over non-road race cars and motorcycles.

EPA officials said they are "clarifying" emissions law, yet the Clean Air Act has long exempted non-road vehicles used in competition. The agency has not made a similar move against NASCAR or other professional race circuits.

"The EPA cannot assume powers that Congress hasn't given," Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.), chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, said at an Oversight Subcommittee hearing Tuesday. Smith accused the agency of "unlawful regulation (conducted) without proper notice."

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), introduced a bipartisan bill, HR 4715, to block the EPA's action. Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar is among the co-sponsors.

"The federal government has no place testing emissions at private tracks," McHenry told the subcommittee.

Smith said the "unlawful" regulations "do nothing for health, climate change or the economy" and "could result in billions of dollars in enforcement penalties and significant job losses."

"EPA's actions show that the agency acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner, in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act because the agency failed to give proper notice to the stakeholders that would be affected by this provision," he charged.

Smith said the agency's "backdoor power grab (was) buried in medium- and heavy-duty truck regulations."

Amateur racing interests complained they were ambushed.

"In the table of contents for the 629-page rule, there was no reference to 'Competition Use Engines/Vehicles' or any similar heading," said Christopher Kersting, president and CEO of the Specialty Equipment Market Association.

A petition drive in opposition to the EPA rule collected 100,000 signatures within 24 hours.

The amateur racing industry employs an estimated 1 million people, with direct and indirect sales surpassing $6 billion annually.

This article originally appeared at Watchdog.org.

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  1. Where is Almanian on this?

    1. As his self appointed spokes person,I tell you he wants the EPA eliminated along with the departments of education,commerce,energy,tsa,homeland security,hhs agriculture,dea,atf and others.Best wishes to him.

    2. JW too. He was the one who told me about this.

      1. We need Mad Scientist to weigh in.

  2. Fuck the EPA.

    This has been blowing up the racing community I’m a member of. They’re trying to turn thousands of people into criminals overnight just by owning a modified car that’s used for the track (myself included).

    There is some back and forth about whether or not this applies to the general public, but most people firmly believe this is a HUGE power grab by the EPA.

    I suddenly understand why groups have lobbyists. Rooting for SEMA.

    1. Not into the racing yet, but this could also hurt the off road/ 4×4 people like myself.
      Government is the cars we ban together, Mustang.

      1. I was just thinking the same thing. It hurts way more people than even the article outlines. The video of the oversight committee does a good job of outlining how many people are really hurt.

        Entire communities grow up around race tracks that are supported by the racers coming and going. If those tracks have to shut down because of a lack of business, it impacts entire communities.

        Even car companies themselves offer off road parts for their production vehicles.

        I fucking hate these guys.

        1. And there already innovation in this area. I’m thinking about buying an old 4runner that was converted to run on propane. But no, we probably can’t have that, all those people here making the parts and being productive. Using a better fuel, ha!

          1. Yup. Many of the technologies found in racecars find their way onto street cars to create better mileage, more power, more reliability, etc.

            1. These days its almost the other way round. Take F1 for instance. It’s almost a pure aero sport now with no real application to everyday cars. LeMans adopted existing design concepts for its top class with (as did F1) by requiring hybrid drive trains.

              Maybe the hybrid power plant advances by Prototype racing and F1 will provide some feedback into the general automotive industry.

              1. McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche all have hybrid super-cars now.

        2. Is this a good time to reiterate my plan to euthaniz all the progressives?

        3. “I fucking hate these guys”


    2. This is America, Mustang. And in America, EPA fucks YOU!

    3. They’re trying to turn thousands of people into criminals overnight

      That’s the only thing that this despicable lowlife gutter rat Block Insane Yomomma and his D.C. minions are any good at. Killing jobs and punishing his enemies.

    4. I suddenly understand why groups have lobbyists. Rooting for SEMA.

      So the EPA is just going to be sensible, reasonable, willing to compromise by carving out exemptions for “legitimate” groups and everybody’s happy. Except that now we’ve established the principle that they have a right to regulate and a right to decide who is legitimate and a right to forbid entry into the market. So when they come back wanting to close loopholes, tighten loose restrictions, clarify vague parts of the rules, you can only argue around the edges of what they’re doing – you’ve lost the argument that they have no authority to be doing anything at all. You’ve won a battle and lost the war and the EPA (and every other government agency) knows how to play this game. It’s the same thing with occupational licensing laws – they always grandfather in everybody who might have any standing to sue or even complain, so who’s going to complain that there shouldn’t even be a license to start with?

      It’s like arguing with a child about doing his chores, eating his vegetables, going to bed at bedtime – once you allow him to start bargaining and haggling you’ve ceded the authority to play the “because I said so” card, you’ve already established that your rules are merely negotiating positions. If the kid’s smart, he never asks for too much, just gradually a little bit more and a little bit more, until one day you wake up and realize you’re not the boss any more.

    5. “There is some back and forth about whether or not this applies to the general public,”

      Only by those who think ‘the government is here to help you’. The rest of us know full well that if the EPA CAN stick its nose under the tent, it WILL!

  3. and the 2nd amendment critics scoff at the notion that gun ownership is necessary to curb a tyrannical government!

  4. “The EPA’s move to regulate emissions on non-road racing vehicles contradicted agency administrator Gina McCarthy’s earlier testimony that the EPA did not have authority over non-road race cars and motorcycles.”

    My understanding is that this is why almost all aftermarket exhaust systems for motorcycles are listed as being “for off road use only”. If the EPA gains authority over “non-road” motorcycles, those systems will disappear.

    The Triumph Accessory Mufflers (A9608104) are for off-road use only.


    Those are pea shooters for Bonnevilles. They’re not going off road–ever.

    Go to any website showing any aftermarket exhaust system, and I bet they all say the same thing. They want to put more restrictions on vehicles that are already getting 50+ mpg–because they can.

    1. This is exactly the case. Anything that messes with the closed emissions system, from re-tuning a car to changing the mufflers, will put a person in violation of the EPA’s “clarification” and subject to penalties. They can basically stand at the entrance to any track day or car show (which happens most weekends across the country) and penalize thousands of people for doing nothing but tinkering with cars.

      1. There’s no use in trying to reason with leftist authoritarians. They don’t care about reason, logic, facts, your rights or anything else except their end goal. And their end goal seems to be to destroy everything that is good since that is what they always wind up doing.

        1. I’m waiting for one of my statist neighbors to turn me in while I’m out in the garage working. I don’t see that going too well.

        2. Apparently they do not care about law either. The Clean Air Act specifically exempts off-road cars from EPA jurisdiction. The EPA knows this. That is why they buried the rule in a 600 ? plus page regulation on an unrelated subject.

          This is one of many examples of the EPA attempting to expand its jurisdiction by stealth, hoping that compliance costs and initial enforcement efforts create de facto enforcement before the courts can get involved.

        3. The end goal is absolute control.

          The happy side effect is destroying everything good.

      2. They can bust anybody on the road with a motorcycle with an aftermarket exhaust now, but this would prevent us from being able to get an aftermarket exhaust at all.

        These regulations seem tolerable at first if everyone can flaunt them. Once they take away the ability to flaunt them, suddenly everyone’s concerned about what the regulations say–but by then, it’s too late.

        1. All of the crazy laws and regulations we have seem reasonable until someone is affected personally by them. This is the problem with our society, no one gives a fuck about anyone else’s rights until it affects them personally, unless it’s the latest political wedge issue that their team has going.

          1. I comment on Jalopnik, a car blog run by Gawker so it has a strong lefty slant.

            Anyway, for years they’ve been on board with the whole electric/autonomous car thing, with increasing regulations, and generally everything that the administration has planned for the future.

            The question I always pose is how they can be car enthusiasts, yet support the systematic dismantling of car culture through regulations. Because the end game of the regulators is quite obviously to outlaw gas-powered and human-driven cars.

            Their argument, hilariously, has always been yeah, the government is going to outlaw gasoline cars and eventually we’ll all have to use autonomous transportation pods… BUT that just means there’s more gas for my track-day hobby car and even more private tracks will open and the market for enthusiasts will explode because everyone will want to get involved once they can’t drive anymore!

            Now, ignoring the freedom of movement implications of being dependent on autonomous cars which cannot operate without a centralized computer network, the assumption that the regulators would simply leave their hobby cars alone was naive bordering on insanity, as was the idea that making it illegal to drive on public roads would somehow lead to a car culture renaissance.

            I honestly don’t know if any of them actually believed that bullshit or what, but when the EPA announced these new regs, whoo boy was it fun to watch them spin. They even tried to blame republicans. Sigh.

            1. I stopped reading Jalopnik years ago for these very reasons. They were more about pushing lefty car agendas than the actual vehicles.

            2. I go through the same thing with progressives that post on Car & Driver. Treasonous scum that they are. The evil ones came out loud and proud when CD started publishing articles about the VW Diesel scandal.

        2. Why would anyone want to show off their regulations?Maybe you mean flout, which means act in defiance of.

          1. Oh wow, thanks for the vocabulary lesson!

            I bet you’re a lot of fun at parties.

            Do you do punctuation, too?

      3. Nobody needs an automobile that does not comply with all EPA and DOT regulations. Nobody needs an assault rifle with more than 10 rounds in its magazine. Nobody needs a 32 oz soda or salt and trans-fat in their food. Nobody needs a foreign bank account.

        We know that all these things are bad for children and, worst of all is the carbon emission of cars going nowhere on racetracks.

        Why don’t you libertarians care about children?

        1. Because they don’t make my car any faster.

          1. They are good at reaching those bolts in tight spots.

          2. Most of these parts don’t make the car any faster. They also don’t make the car fail an emissions test.

        2. http://www.theguardian.com/tv-…..t-top-gear

          Here, this is the show for you.

        3. Because I don’t have any.

    2. Speaking of Triumph – I just put on a set of LED turn signals on my Triple. If anyone knows what parts are needed to get the signals flashing to slow back down to the normal speed (it should be a different relay that’s specifically for LED signals), shoot me a line Agammamon at gmail.

      And for aftermarket exhausts – I have a nice Three Brothers 3-1 on the side (instead of the stock 3-2 on both sides). Loud enough to sound good, not so loud that it pisses off the neighbors.

      1. Need to run in line resistors. I’m doing the same on my fj. I’ll look up the thread.
        found it.
        I used the website linked in page 1 as well, arrived in 2 days, I’m installing tomorrow after work.

        1. ColoraDOOM beat me to it, I was fucking off on Twitderp, checking out Newroz celebrations via the twitterKurds. A happy bunch. And right fucking handy at wrecking shit. Not one complaint of micro-aggression from the Turks, or insistence on a safe space yet. Must be the lack of education in the US system.

          Anyhow, I run LED signals on my, soon to be entirely illegal, flat/dirt-trackers, find that my buds say they’re hard to see in bright sunlight. What did you all go with for brand, type, etc?

      2. Three brothers? Is it better than two brothers exhaust because of the extra brother? I race a Daytona and I’m a smart ass.

        1. Yah – with brothers one is always a deadbeat. With Three Brothers you still get two good ones. And they’re totally not rebranded fakes from china.;)

          Thanks for the resistor link. Its been impossible to tell exactly what I needed as everybody online keeps pointing to a different relay when all that (at least I’ve been thinking) you should need to do is match the resistance of the original light bulb filament. Its not like I’m trying to cut my electric bill by using these lights.

    3. Off road means off public streets and highways. Any vehicle used off road needs no vehicle registration because it never operates on public streets and highways. If it needs no vehicle registration, it needs no vehicle inspection for safety or emissions equipment, and thus there is no EPA restriction on modifying anything on the vehicle.

      For example, in five years, road vehicles will include safety features that prevent tailgating, aka drafting, by automatically applying the brakes and cutting accelleration. Modifying that feature in a registered vehicle will be illegal because it defeats a vehicle safety feature.

      And this strengthening of regulations will create jobs by selling more trucks, car trailers, and cars, plus increase the business of tracks for testing and practicing because cars configured for racing will not be illegally driven on streets and highways, as depicted in the Cannon Ball and Furious movie franchises.

      Yeah, we boomers have taken all the fun out of getting a drivers license and then engaging in street racing like we did as kids, along with drunk driving, killing others in hit and runs, knocking up classmates and then forced into shotgun weddings. Millennials are clearly denied the thrill of teen pregnancy, early marriage, assuming they escape death in a road accident, or not going to jail for manslaughter, so they have far less desire to get drivers licenses and cars.

      1. Shut the fuck up, you muleing whiny bitch.

  5. You rednecks and your racin are trying to kill our planet. You should be placed on trial for heresy and sent for reeducation.

    1. I have a 4wd,shotguns,hunting lab and kill animals,what am I chopped liver?

      1. Another rat fucking bagger who wants to kill our planet, no doubt.

        1. Only some of it,the tasty parts.

      2. . . . hunting lab . . .

        Who knew Jedidiah was a college student.

        Or is that a backwoods euphemism for meth cooking?

  6. OT: Warmer Winter Brings Forest-Threatening Beetles North

    Have you no shame, global warming? I am calling for a War on Beetles.

    1. This is going to require a huge new bureaucracy. And you rat fucking baggers never seem to realize why we need new taxes.

      1. An invasion in New England could mean a repeat of what happened in New Jersey and on Long Island, where state agencies were caught off guard, officials say.

        “We’re still scratching our heads and asking why we didn’t find this sooner” on Long Island, said Robert Davies, New York’s state forester. By the time they had discovered the infestation, he said, it had ballooned to 10,000 acres. (They have since contained the infestation to about 8,000 acres.)

        They just need a bigger budget.

      2. An invasion in New England could mean a repeat of what happened in New Jersey and on Long Island, where state agencies were caught off guard, officials say.

        “We’re still scratching our heads and asking why we didn’t find this sooner” on Long Island, said Robert Davies, New York’s state forester. By the time they had discovered the infestation, he said, it had ballooned to 10,000 acres. (They have since contained the infestation to about 8,000 acres.)

        They just need a bigger budget.

        1. The environazis always want nature to run it’s course, except when it doesn’t suit them. Remember how a fungus killed off all the chestnut trees? And people consider this a bad thing. Have you ever had one of those things in your yard? You don’t want to.

        2. More fire wood..

          1. Collect all those damned spiked balls first and make a cannon to shoot them at your statist neighbors.

    2. Oh,I thought you meant VW Beetles.Well,it’s chilly here,gonna put another log in the wood stove.

    3. No mention, of course, that the two winters prior to this year were freezing cold and had record or near-record snowfall levels. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

    4. Since John and George are already dead, only two bullets are needed at this point. Then no more Beatles.

  7. OT: Transparency in the Drone Wars

    The New York Times bravely calls for the White House to be more transparent in their murder-droning.

    1. That document, which should be made public, could reveal details about how the government picks targets, defines combatants and seeks to avoid killing innocent bystanders.

      eeny, meeny, miney, *BOOOM*. “Heads Up!”

    2. The New York Times bravely calls for the White House to be more transparent in their murder-droning.

      More accurately = they want greater transparency for the *next president*, so that they can complain about it and call them monsters if they’re not hillary.

      1. What the NYT is calling for is nothing less than the Rule Of Law – but a Rule Of Law that applies only to them and not to us, which is a contradiction in terms. Once you champion the principle of the President doing what needs to be done when what he’s proposing advances your agenda, you’ve forfeited the right to complain of the principle when what he’s proposing sets back your agenda. You’re the ones who argued against a blind and impartial Rule of Law, you can’t argue for it now.

        1. you can’t argue for it now.

          Why not? Arbitrary an capricious is exactly how laws and rules are supposed to be applied. You learn that in civics classes.

        2. “The power you give the government to do unto others will be used to do unto you.”

  8. “The EPA cannot assume powers that Congress hasn’t given”

    That’s cute.

    1. Right? “Oh who could have seen this coming?!”

    2. You mean like the DEA?

      1. Among many others. Another good one is “the president cannot assume powers that Congress hasn’t given”.

  9. Watching the video…go to hell Mr. Beyer, whoever you are.

    (I am not making a threat, so fuck off)

    1. That was clearly a micro-aggression, turn yourself in.

      1. Had you said “go to Hell” that would have been a threat. Hell is an actual place.

        1. And clearly, any random person has the power to consign others there by merely stating so emphatically.

        2. Washington, D. C.?

  10. Semi off topic: I read the occasional libertarian POV auto-related column at ericpetersautos.com. (discovered it via Lew Rockwell).

  11. I think it’s very apparent that all of these alphabet soup agencies have now become, thanks to the Obama administration, nothing more than a bludgeon for petty bureaucrats to use against their political or personal enemies.

    The leftists are going to be overjoyed when the Donald uses the same out of control bullshit to punish them.

    1. That’s the impression I’m getting from the video. The individuals who are in support of the EPA’s abuse of power are clearly nothing more than thugs that are determined to destroy rights. They’re not even bothering to hide it.

    2. This didn’t start with Obama. It may have gotten worse, but it has been going on since the agencies began. It’s the nature of power.

      1. Well, it’s gotten a hell of a lot worse under Obama, using the IRS to go after political enemies. The left finally got their messiah elected and then they just gave up the whole premise of being liberals. They’ve totally abandoned even the basics of individual rights like free speech. They’re not only apathetic about free speech when it gets in the way of their statist goals, many of them are now openly hostile to it.

        1. many of them are now openly hostile to it

          At least we have friends in the western world such as the UK to show us how much worse it’s going to get.

          1. Most Brits don’t even know this is happening in their own country. I remember there was some article on the Daily Mail a while back and I was on the comments. It was about the USA and some statist bullshit that was going on here. Hell, it’s so every day now, it’s hard to keep track. Anyway, this British guy, he was really happy he lived in UK because none of this crazy shit goes on there. Then he was off to the pub to drink a few pints.

            I’ve found that most people outside the US are not nearly as political as what we are. They don’t much like thinking or talking, or even knowing about this stuff. Football is fun, pints are fun. Politics is boring.

            1. We (libertarians) are outliers. Most Americans couldn’t give a shit about politics either.

              1. They’re abscesses with sorts, singing contests on TV, etc.. Nothing more important than bullshit most banal.

                1. ‘Obsessed’…..but I guess it works both ways.

            2. His country puts people in jail for “hate speech”. Guess he’s OK with that.

              1. He doesn’t know about it. He thinks this crazy stuff only happens in Murika. Most Europeans think that the USA is a wild west wasteland where everyone drives around in Madmax machines shooting each other, women and children dying in the streets, while the KKK and white supremacist groups lynch up the poor peaceful people of colorz, all the while giant corporations run 24/7 sweat shops where the few fortunate to escape the lynching are enslaved.

                Seriously, it’s fucking comical. All of them now think that the Donald is going to take over the USA as the reincarnation of Hitler and declare WW3. Well, fair enough, Reason writers are pushing this scenario just as strongly as the MSM.

                1. I can’t wait until all these holier-than-thou countries ban Trump from visiting.

                2. Europeans are idiots. Just a bunch of fucking foreigners. Not even Canadian.

              2. In the UF a local pol was jailed for quoting a Churchill speech because it was deemed hate speech.

                Orwell would be proud.

            3. ^
              My ex best friend for 25 years, but I got sick of this “They don’t much like thinking or talking, or even knowing about this stuff. Football is fun, pints are fun. Politics is boring” I thought he was bright, maybe savable but no…..I has a sad.

              1. at Hyperion

            4. Give ’em Rule Britannia, gassy beer and page three
              two weeks in Hispania and Sunday strip tease
              Meanwhile, the fist Jesus said, “I’d cure it soon
              “Abolish Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.”
              The other one’s out on hunger strike,
              He’s dying by degrees
              Tell me, how come Jesus gets Industrial Disease?

        2. Yeah. Leftists are hostile to liberty of any sort. People need to be controlled. People must ask permission and obey orders from their betters in government, or else it will be anarchy. You won’t know what people might say, do, buy, sell, invent, or anything else. All of that must be controlled. Progress must come from government, not the masses. And by government I mean their government. When the other team does it then it is absolutely terrible. But when they do it we are riding the road to utopia (or more accurately, paving the road to hell with good intentions).

          1. No, they’re all for abortion and gay marriage. But it’s not because they care about those things. It’s because those are the political wedge issues handed to them by their masters. If the masters tell them to hate gays tomorrow, they will do it without question.

            1. OK, two things. But other than that my statement is still true.

            2. Precisely. It’s like progressivism is like a political Walmart. Abortion and gay rights are loss leaders to get morons through the door. Once in, they try to up sell you to a comprehensive Marxism plan. Sure, not everyone buys in, but some do. That’s how they roll.

          2. And of course, nobody has any right to complain about these dictates because they come from the government, and the government is a perfect embodiment of The People. If you criticize the government, you’re an autocrat who wants to subvert the will of The People!

            Of course, this principle can be quickly suspended whenever a non-Democrat does something.

            1. Do you vote? If so then you must approve because you participated in the process, and if not you have no grounds to complain.

              Heads they win; tails you lose.

              1. I reject the premise that if a person doesn’t vote they have no grounds for complaint.

                If a person pays taxes they have every right to complain how that money is used whether they voted or not.

                1. I was being sarcastic.

                  Seriously though, I vote only for entertainment purposes. I can accurately guess the outcome of an election by taking the inverse of my ballot. If I vote for someone, they will lose. If I vote against a bond, it will pass. Same with voter initiatives. Yet supposedly I live under a representative government. It doesn’t represent me in the slightest.

                2. You have every right to complain, whether you vote, pay taxes, live in the country, live out of the country, have any vested interest whatsoever, etc,etc…Now some complaints are gonna have a larger impact than others, but bitching about anything and everything is as natural a right as one could conceive.

    3. Congress spent years granting unlimited and unaccountable authority to the alphabet agencies. We can thank the phrase “the secretary shall” in laws for regulatory overreach. Obama merely took advantage of the fact that many laws are nothing more than mini Erm?chtigungsgesetze, ceding legislative authority to the Executive.

    4. I don’t think this is at all a left/right thing, it’s just the way bureaucracies work. As long as doing what the President wants suits their agenda of ever-increasing power they’ll do it. As I’ve said before, the Boston cop who got into trouble for saying “If Obama doesn’t have to follow the Constitution why should we?” got into trouble for speaking the truth and thereby raising an uncomfortable question: If the President isn’t bound by the Constitution, how can the executive branch agencies be bound by the Constitution or, more importantly, by the President? And if the head of the EPA isn’t bound by the Constitution or by the President, how can the regional assistant deputy director be bound by the head of the EPA? It’s a free-for-all power grab at this point – you get whatever authority you’ve got the balls to grab and the men and guns to hang on to.

      1. Show me that the agencies vote 50/50 Dem/GOP and I might believe you. They don’t. And the EPA is basically just NRDC, FOE, WWF, and Greendeath’s government enforcement division.

        1. It’s one thing when Congress writes a fuzzy law – but here they wrote one that said, “You may not do X” and Obama says, “Hey, let’s do X”

          When the court strikes it down all the proggies will be whining about the children dying because of the bought and paid for justices on SCOTUS.

  12. At least the EPA has the common courtesy to give us the overreach around when they…

  13. I signed the petition. Fucking EPA. They also threatened two local classic junkyards so badly that the places went out of business and crushed their inventory. I’m talking things like Fiat 1100TVs and Shinoda mustangs getting crushed. Fucking EPA assholes.

    1. Wait. Something fishy’s going on. The petitions missing a bunch of signatures. Including mine.

    2. Remember when the dipshits (Obama admin) decided to have millions of perfectly good cars destroyed by handing out tax payer money to get people who couldn’t afford it into new car loans? There’s no shortage of idiotic shit this administration has pulled.

      1. I weep for the classics that might have been.

      2. I decided that government had gone completely insane when it outlawed the use of words like “Light” to market cigarettes.

        1. That and when they outlawed the importation and manufacture of the international symbol for a great idea (incandescent light bulb).

          1. I haven’t been arsed to do the research, but I’ve seen where somebody’s come up with a much more efficient incandescent light bulb and is now in the process of trying to get the permissions to market it – suggesting that incandescent bulbs themselves were outlawed, not merely inefficient incandescent bulbs. IOW, the usual bureaucratic top-down one-size-fits-all micro-managing regulations that dictate how efficiency is going to be achieved rather than simply setting some efficiency goal and letting the markets decide how to reach the goal.

            Doing things the smart way of course only takes a few people a short time to come up with a simple outline of the goals whereas the stupid way takes hundreds of people months to come up with several thousand pages of comprehensive minutiae including all the lobbyist-funded carve-outs so I know why it’s done the way it’s done, I’m just whining and complaining about it.

  14. “Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), introduced a bipartisan bill, HR 4715, to block the EPA’s action. Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar is among the co-sponsors.”

    Let the record show that we are past the point where “administrative law” has evolved from the laws actual legislators enact, and are now in the realm where legislators feel that they must actively draft legislation in order to block the unelected bureaucrats from imposing their own rules/laws upon us.

    1. Why do you hate congress critters? They’re just ordinary folk. New legislation is fun! You can stuff all sorts of crony handouts for your friends into it!

    2. This is what I noticed as well. They’re introducing a law to stop an unelected bureaucracy from criminalizing people. I’m sure this is common but someone else said it well, it’s hard to notice until it affects you personally.

      I know this has been happening for a while, but people shouldn’t have to depend on a vote by politicians and bureaucrats to determine if they’re criminals or not.

      1. Seems like a lawsuit would be the proper avenue to fight this overreach. If we have to pass a law in every instance like this, there will be no trees left (and, ironically, global warming will accelerate!)

      2. What congress needs to do is stop passing laws that grant regulators unsupervised authority in the first place. The fact that they have been doing this for decades enables the overreach we have now.

        1. This.

          If you’re going to create an agency like this, you have to set clear limits on them, and if the agency wants to do anything outside of those limits, then they need to get majority of congress approval for it.

          Otherwise, you get what we have now. The agency will become a cause in and of itself. It’s goal will always be to expand it’s own power and budget through any means necessary.

          We should immediately close every one of these agencies and then decide which of them, if any, we really need and if we do need one, start over again and set strict limits on their power.

          Some of them, like the EPA and FDA were probably good things at one time, so long ago that none of us can remember. Some of them, like the DEA should just be killed off for good.

          1. I don’t think the FDA and EPA should exist either. Why shouldn’t lifesaving medicine be as easy to get as recreational drugs? As for the EPA, they are just anti-humanity.

      3. If a person has a low spot on their land, even if it’s your back yard, the water that gathers there is now under federal control due to bureaucrats and the clean water act.

        Have a water garden in your backyard ? The Federal Government is in control of it should it come to the attention of a Federal bureaucrat.

        If that Federal bureaucrat doesn’t like the idea of your son dating his daughter, or that you vote differently from him/her, or maybe you smoke and he/her thinks that’s disgusting, you’re SOL.

        1. I’ve personally had two instances where a government bureaucrat made my life hell for a period of time.

          I tasted sweet salty tears of delight when one of the went to prison for affordable housing program fraud. She got into bed with the fellow African American home builder who got all the contracts to build the affordable housing even though he had never built a house before he was awarded the contract.

          All affordable housing programs are rife with cronyism fraud and is usually funneled through local Democrat political machines. IMHO

    3. The only way you’re ever going to stop the slide is by putting rogue government employees in prison.

      I really knew it was over when Lois Lerner and her boss skated scot-free. They had those slimebags dead to rights.

      1. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. the queen of all corruption is now the leading candidate for the democratic party nomination. That’s how low we’ve fallen.

      2. Domestic I also consider that a watershed event as far as my awareness of how for into the looking glass we have fallen. Government employees actually telling Congress to fuck off and that they of the Bureaucratic class no longer have to answer to elected members of Congress.

        It’s not limited to the IRS either as we have seen at least one State employee do the same.

    4. Rep. McCarthy should be sending a letter to the head of the EPA:

      “We already passed a law saying you can’t do this, and now you are trying to do what we explicitly prohibited you from doing. You will appear in front of us tomorrow to tell us why we shouldn’t be throwing your ass in jail for contempt.”

  15. I’m sure this has been posted and discussed here, it’s old news, like 5 years, but Obama is just really creepy.

    Here this guy wants to make it very difficult for doctors to give pain medication to patients who need it and wants them ‘trained’. Trained? Really? These guys have been to 8 years of medical school and you want bureaucrats training them on how to do their job? What a piece of shit.

    Obama’s new war on drugs

    1. He’s just going off his experience in school?0

    2. But don’t you know that doctors are mindlessly under control of Big Pharma and will happy prescribe poison to their patients in exchange for free Carribean vacations? They need to be trained to think correctly and resist brainwashing!

      1. …happily, not happy…

    3. I could swear Reason had an article about this within the past week.

      1. Wait, I thought this was the only article not about Trump this year… guess I haven’t been around enough.

    4. This stuff pisses me off maybe more than anything else Obama has done. Anyone who advocates this should have to suffer a painful ailment without pain meds. Unfortunately the people who advocate this tend to be the types to whom the rules don’t apply.

  16. I can’t wait until the EPA starts regulating vehicle design based on the fact that more aerodynamic vehicles get better mileage and lower emissions. It will be a bright new day when we’re all driving identical Priuses.

    1. Fuck your taste, comrade. Car factory 7 does good job of design.

    2. Most people want to drive an ugly overpriced car, they just don’t know it yet. They’re waiting for comrade numero uno to tell them, for their own good.

      1. Oh they won’t tell them directly. They’ll just start “clarifying” regulations and slowly forcing manufacturers to fit a given design scheme. Given the number of vehicles that look the same these days, I would be shocked if some form of that isn’t already happening.

        1. Nobody needs 27 different kinds of cars anyway. There are children starving in this country.

  17. Menckenesque trolling?

    1. its not really ‘trolling’ when you’ve been repeatedly caught and jailed for fraud.

    2. Alan Abel.

  18. OT. I finally gave in and commented on a bernie fan Facebook friend. They were talking about the $15 min wage and not being able to afford rent. They dismissed out of hand my idea of not withholding income tax, eliminating the payroll tax (that just left the boss with more) and getting rid of zoning and mandatory low income kickbacks. More homes, prices drop. Less taxes, 13 bucks goes a lot further.

    Name calling happened immediately

    1. Of course. They can’t possibly imagine anything that doesn’t expand the state, let alone the opposite.

    2. Did you tell them that affording rent will be a bit more difficult without a job?

      1. I did say “the real minimum wage is 0”
        And the army already has “free college”.

        I could hear the wooshing sound through my monitor

        1. I wouldn’t call the GI Bill free. More like deferred compensation.

    3. http://cafehayek.com/2016/03/40540.html

      Here’s a mental experiment (one that I might have offered, in some form, in the past): suppose that Pres. Hillary Clinton or Pres. Bernie Sanders ? displaying to the public her or his courageous opposition to poverty ? cites the stat that Ben mentioned and then proposes that government outlaw part-time work. “Because every worker should be able to live decently upon his or her earnings,” proclaims the president, “and because working full-time enables a worker to earn more income than that worker earns when working only part-time, it shall hereby be the law of the land that every worker must be employed full-time.”

      I’m pretty sure even the most ardent supporter of the minimum wage would balk at such a proposal. But why? What’s the difference between minimum-hour legislation and minimum-wage legislation? If government dictates that each worker shall be paid no less than $X per hour, and if this diktat has no effect on workers other than ensuring that no worker is paid less than $X per hour, what reason is there to suppose that if government dictates that all jobs shall be full-time jobs that this diktat have any effect on workers other than ensuring that all workers will now be employed full-time ? and, hence, that the number of people living in poverty will fall?

      1. Yeah because college kids and stay at home moms never want a part time job to earn a little spending money.


        Leftists are stupid. Sky is blue. News at 11.

      2. They have an easy answer for that. Some people want to work fewer hours, but nobody wants to be paid less per hour.

        Leftists would definitely support making it illegal for a full-time employee to be cut back to part-time against their will.

    4. “Name calling happened immediately”

      Ha! Hell, I’ve been unfriended and blocked by at least three people over a few day period about the time Scalia died/ Flint happened (Possibly more. I tend to avoid FB during an election cycle aside from messaging rarely seen old friends) for having the audacity to point out a flawed and misinformed viewpoint. I didn’t swear at them or use personal insults during my rebuttal but that mattered not.


      As I’ve aged it really has hit home that many people I liked grabbing a drink with on occasion are nothing more than overgrown children. Good riddance.

    5. Or move to a town where they can afford rent.

      Or apply for a job that pays more than the one they have now.

  19. I had an insight some time ago: I do not believe it would be possible to come up with a rumor about the EPA’s next new initiative so outrageous that people would not believe it. If somebody came to me and said the EPA was proposing to ban indoor flush toilets to conserve water, I’d say, “Yeah, it sounds like something they’d try. I can believe that.”

    1. I’m reminded of the time I posted here about the local department of health running anti-vaping ads. Only, auto-correct turned it into “anti-camping”.

      People thought they really were running anti-camping ads.

      1. Jesus, with lions and tigers and bears everywhere I would think so.

  20. Just as an example, there are thousands of street legal Mazda Miatas being raced on any given weekend all summer long. Is the EPA going to show up at Elkhart Lake with their asshole sniffer and start handing out $25k citations? I’d like to think they’d be lynched on the spot, but they wouldn’t.

    1. Trans Am series? American Iron? Entire competition series are built around the very thing the EPA is trying to ban.

      1. Minis. Triumph.
        Autocrossing subarus and e30’s
        What the fuck are they thinking

        1. I feel like a lot of people don’t understand just how far reaching this really is. A lot of people see “racecars” and think it doesn’t affect them. The amount of local businesses that rely on these racecars is massive. That trusted mechanic where you bring your appliance to get to work? Decent chance he or she’s supporting the racing industry in some way, and bringing the EPA hammer down on him or her would be enough to ruin their business.

          1. There are a lot of off road mechanics and shops here.

      2. Get rid of the progtards. Then this all goes away.

    2. They’d show up with their SWAT teams, so lynching might be difficult.

      1. 12 SWAT, 800 racers, fans, friends, and family with guns. SWAT take a dirt nap.

  21. My first question to Hillary in a debate would be about guns, my second question would be about this. Goodbye south.

    1. Here’s what my next questions would be about:

      Email server


      Email server

      Email server


      Email server

      Email server


      Email server

      Email server


      Email server


      1. Some variation on why did you lie to the American people about…

      2. I would make her support of bombing Libya the first and last questions I would ask her.

        1. I’m be throwin that in with Benghazi…

    2. My questions:

      1. When was the last time you drove a car?
      2. When was the last time you shopped for groceries?
      3. When was the last time you went through a TSA checkpoint?
      4. Could you tell us again how you understand the lives of ordinary people?

  22. I signed that petition. And i’ve never been on a racetrack in my life. I enjoy the whole car-modding culture on a completely vicarious level.

    What surprises me is the range of publications that came out saying, ‘Fear not, nothing is wrong, all is well’, suggesting that a mere ‘clarification’ of law is nothing to worry about, despite the implications of the rule suddenly treating competition vehicles as non-exempt, when in the past they have been explicitly exempt.

    And Kenric Ward should consider that the rule affects far more than the “racing” industry. It also has huge implications for the $30+ billion aftermarket autoparts industry, as well as many billions tied up in tuner-shops and other peripheral businesses who rely on a very vibrant market in the US for car-tweaking.

    1. The SEMA rep in the video actually does a very good job of expounding on the entire industry and every peripheral business attached to it (the trailer manufacturer that builds the trailers to bring these cars to the track, the auto shop that specializes in prepping these cars for the track, the tire manufacturer, the brake manufacturer, the gas stations nearby, the restaurant and hotel industry where racers stay, etc etc.).

      1. exactly

        When legislators say there’s ‘nothing to fear’, its usually some really really horrible shit that is going to hurt lots of people.

    2. “I signed that petition. ”

      How did that work for you?

      1. Yeah! Look at Gilmore employing his right of petition! What a fucking loser, am I right?

        1. “What a fucking loser, am I right?”

          No, just signing a petition makes him a winner regardless of whatever happens with the EPA.

          1. What is it you say you do here?

            1. Just pointing out lame, ineffectual responses to some really really horrible shit that is going to hurt lots of people.

              1. You have a better option?

                1. No. If this petition doesn’t work, then nothing will. Having signing a petition we might as well forget about the whole business until the next horrible shit comes down.

                  1. You are the incarnation of the Platonic form of argumentum ad odium made manifest in flesh.

                    1. Insulting me isn’t going to make GILMORE’s protest any more potent, is it? Still, good of you to step up and defend this lout, more than he’s willing or capable of doing for himself. Why not put your heads together and see if you can come up with an effective way to deal with the horrible shit?

              2. So, beyond a lawsuit, can you recommend a more effective and non-violent response?

                  1. I already brought up the concept of a class-action law suit, which is more of a contribution to a productive discussion than anything you have done. One could also organize a campaign to lobby Congress into introduce a bill. You know how that works, right?

                    1. “which is more of a contribution to a productive discussion than anything you have done”

                      Congrats on out-productively discussing me on the issue. When GILMORE’s petition fails, and sorry, it’s all but inevitable, maybe he’ll take your advice.

                      Wouldn’t know how to introduce a bill if my life depended on it. Don’t do youtubes either.

                1. Violent responses can be good things.

          2. Is the origin of your petulant whinging that people shouldn’t be allowed to petition their respective governments or that people should only petition causes with which you agree?

              1. Despite what your mother may have told you, your extra chromosome doesn’t provide you with an extra amount of wit.

  23. Holy shit, that Road & Track writer Gilmore inked to is either a fabulously gullible retard or a paid spokesman for the EPA. I couldn’t get all the way through that excrescence.

  24. From that link:

    When was the last time you saw a track day, LeMons race, hillclimb, drag-strip meetup, or any other amateur racing event broken up by Feds?

    That’s exactly the point, you cretin; they have not yet, but wish to, in the future.

    1. This. I’m not looking forward to a federal checkpoint when I go to the track a couple times a month.

  25. Speaking of the EPA, anybody buy a gas can lately?

    1. I don’t want to talk about it

    2. I saw a dude filling one up yesterday. He didn’t have it on the ground. Not very S-M-R-T.

    3. I blew my tax refund on woodchippers.

  26. Here- have some anguished handwringing with your mimosas.

    In the 21st century, greater and greater wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. And a significant number of those hands are snapping up investment-worthy contemporary art. Much of the art in these competing, market-vetted private and corporate collections is being consigned to museum premises. Aggressively shaping themselves into this new dynamic, museums have, in turn, adopted corporate strategies: relentless expansion, user-friendliness, slick advertising.

    To some degree, the museums have benefited, at least financially. Urban museums that have mastered these strategies most successfully are crowded places ? destination brands; busy, event-driven entertainment centers. But as generators of life lessons, shapers of moral thinking, explainers of history, they no longer matter, because they’re not asking people to look for any of that.

    Oh, the horror.

    1. I’ve had my fill of derp for today I think.

      *starts day drinking*

      1. It’s more morning drinking at this point, at least in my neck of the woods. NTTATWWT.

        1. I can drink when I’m awake.

    2. Making Museums Moral Again

      What he’s actually advocating in the piece is making Museums “political”. and ending corporate donations to public-museums so that they are 100% funded by government, who in turn would assert controls over exhibits.

      he’s a fucking moron. the NYT will publish pieces like this partly as a sort of steam-release valve for the the hard-left. The NYT people couldn’t be deeper entwined in the crony politics of the arts institutions. They prefer their billionaires and their cocktail parties to some anarchist leftists making polticial statements about “the Moral Ecology of Gentrification”

    3. That purpose only exists in your head, Mr. Cotter. The word “museum” basically originated as an euphemism for “Lord Haverton of Wessex is a batshit insane horder.

    4. Could this guy be any more up his own ass?

  27. anybody buy a gas can lately?

    Don’t get me started.

    I use plastic milk jugs.

  28. 1. When was the last time you drove a car?
    2. When was the last time you shopped for groceries?
    3. When was the last time you went through a TSA checkpoint?
    4. Could you tell us again how you understand the lives of ordinary people?


    Remember when Bush I was relentlessly mocked for being fascinated by the bar code reader* at the grocery store?

    *I think that’s what it was.

    1. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was clear that he hadn’t been to a grocery store in a number of years.

      Neither has Hillary. The foundation pays for her personal chef. It’s “charity”.

      1. To be clear. The claim that Bush had never seen a scanner was false. The media’s relentlessly pushing that lie is unfortunately a fact of history.

        That was 35 years ago; it would be nice if Snopes was as willing to debunk the leftist lies of today.

        1. it would be nice if Snopes was as willing to debunk the leftist lies of today.

          You mean like this?

          1. With all the leftist lies floating around, if that’s the best they can do, it’s pretty pathetic.

      2. Yeah, I remember that bit about Bush being so out-of-touch he didn’t know what a basic supermarket scanner was at a trade show – without anybody questioning what a basic supermarket scanner would be doing at a trade show or thinking that just maybe if this thing was being shown at a trade show that maybe it was something new and not a basic supermarket scanner at all.

      3. NYT caught lying – film at 11.

    2. The bar code reader in question was a then-new technology that could read torn bar codes, which had been a PITA in the past.

  29. Eat shite man $hitty!! GO GO MAN U

    1. Da fuck you talking about

      1. “MAN U” is short for Manhattan University IIRC so he’s obviously excited about whatever game they’re playing.

        1. Manhattan University IIRC


      2. The well-known millennial troll is also a soccer troll.

    2. Too bad they can’t both lose.

      1. Too bad they can’t both lose.

        You mean Playa and Dyers? Yeah, agree.

        1. Doyers. Fucking keyboard.

        2. If by “Playa and Dyers” you mean “two teams of 11 spoiled brats in Manchester” then sure.

          1. I care not for communist sports.

            1. Heh, soccer is probably the most ruthlessly capitalistic pursuit in Europe.

      2. This. So much this.

  30. Why do you NEED a race car?

    1. Is this a serious question?

    2. The leftists will eventually ban everything that people don’t need (cars, food other than bread, drink other than water), with exceptions for government bureaucrats, because we need to attract the best and brightest to those positions of course.

    3. exactly the problem,the socialists (communists) want to be the ones who determine people’s needs. If they think you don’t need something,they’ll work to control it,then move to restrict it,then ban it.

      Consider the words of the man Comrade Obama hired as his top adviser on science and technology, John P. Holdren:

      “A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to DE-DEVELOP the United States. Resources and energy must be diverted from frivolous and wasteful uses in overdeveloped countries to filling the genuine needs of underdeveloped countries.De-development means bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the global resource situation. This effort must be largely political.”

      “Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations,” wrote Obama’s future science adviser, along with Paul and Anne Ehrlich, “is absolutely essential, if a decent life is to be provided to every human being.”

  31. 20 hour brisket done.

    I’m going to spend the rest of my cooking time running various vegetables through this with seasoned rice vinegar.

    I’m still going to end up with beef poisoning, though.

    1. mmmmmm, cucumber-milkshake

      1. Cucumbers, bean sprouts, napa cabbage, carrots….

        Anything that tastes good with sweetened vinegar.

        I need the roughage. This beef isn’t going to just digest itself.

        1. If you like vinegars, check-out Lindera Farms – they are all great, but I love cooking with Spicebush.

          1. Interesting. Thanks.

            I’ve made my own pineapple vinegar for chicken, but I hadn’t though of trying it with honey.

            I found a spiced coconut vinegar at the Saigon market. It was almost too much. A few drops is overpowering.

  32. As an example of the sort of thing that i think is marvelous about American car-culture….

    …check out this video series of a BMW-enthusiast who decides to try and build a track-car for $900.

    I stumbled across this a year ago, and ended up following his progress with great interest. The level of knowledge the guy shares is stunning. The actual build is only a half-street/half-track project, but i think it provides a glimpse into the kind of experiences which EPA, if they had their way, would attempt to regulate out of existence.

    These ‘backyard build-projects’ are sort of a small subgenre on YouTube, and you can find people from every corner of the country or from every economic bracket engaged in similar projects.

    1. And it’s beautiful. Home builders projects are everywhere.

    2. I’m sitting in my garage wrenching on my truck and car at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s overwhelming rage or sadness that they might be banned. I’m trying to figure out how to keep them underground if I need to.

    3. Thanks GILMORE that was awesome. Reminded me of my SCCA days and building my own engines and transmissions.


    Be sure to watch it from the beginning. It’s awesome.

    1. I prefer pro-motives r1 front engine mini. But binky is amazing.

  34. Better link

    All the episodes.

  35. Mark my words. These regulations will be carried over to all other engines in short form. The EPA has absolutely ruined diesel engines for the construction market. Modern 2 strokes have a third the life expectancy of their predecessors. Small gas engines are plagued by ethanol. The list goes on and on.

    1. Just run ethanol free fuel in the small engines. Just search ethanol free gas. it works wonders in small engines. So much easier to start. That is what i do with my lawn tools.

      1. My small engine mechanic tells me to buy aviation fuel, but other people tell me that the octane content will do harm.

        1. I can’t see how. The higher octane increases the flash point of the fuel not much more. It’s used in higher performance, higher compression engines because it’s less prone to damaging pre detonation. Any spark plug will be hot enough to fire it.

          1. Likely more carbon buildup over time. Of course if you run hot enough it won’t be a problem.

            1. Maybe, but higher octane shouldn’t have much impact on that. A fuel air mix that isn’t stoichiometric, or blow by would.

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  37. All I can say is that these people will be gone soon and good riddance.

    1. To replaced by people with the same insanity but a different focus.

  38. I want to coin a new word–unless someone has already done it. The new word is Regislation and it’s legislation by regulatory agency.

  39. So, nobody has commented on the cultural aspects of this. This is pure contempt for those flyover country people.
    Oh I’m sure there are plenty of gear heads on the coasts, but I’ll bet not a single one works at the EPA. I’m convinced that there is a large amount of snobbery involved with this, and probably an inaccurate stereotype of racers and off-roaders as right wingers. “Bubba wants to spend his weekends racing and going to monster truck rallies? Let take the things they enjoy away from them, just to punish Bubba , because you just know that Bubba votes Republican and is a racist.” Not saying that’s an accurate stereotype, at all, but I bet that’s the view held by the asshats at the EPA.

    1. I don’t doubt that for one second. If they spent even one weekend at the track it would probably blow their mind just how diverse that group of people really is.

    2. That’s just them demonstrating their devotion to tolerance, inclusiveness, and equality. Anyone who disagrees with a tolerant person is intolerant, and must be shunned. Such people shall be excluded by inclusive people, because inclusive people do not tolerate intolerant people. This makes tolerant people superior to intolerant people. Tolerant people are equal to each other, and everyone else is inferior.

    3. I think maybe that’s reading into it a little bit (tho no doubt there’s probably some people involved that certainly see this as “fucking with their enemies”)

      more likely is that some lower level jerkoffs came across a some isolated examples of people putting tractor engines in off-road vehicles and decided that there needed to be “clearer rules” for a narrow category of engine transfers…

      …. and as it got passed up the food chain, that someone along the way realized it was an opportunity to enlarge EPA authority and bypass the ‘race engines’ exceptions. Basically = to find an area where they normally had no jurisdiction, and just *assume it*. More work means more budget means more problems to solve. All bureaucracies seek to expand above all else.

      I don’t think its the ‘culture’ thing so much as just “power”. But i don’t doubt that they also probably underestimated the pushback because they so poorly understand American car-culture

      1. Yeah, God forbid someone puts a Kubota engine in an old jeep to drive around camp.

      2. This thing is actually very transparent. It is an attempt to eliminate the automotive aftermarket industry. Any modification to any emissions component on any car or engine that was originally designed for use in public is now illegal. That includes the PCM. That includes any performance tunes. They will put the burden on the manufacturers of the components that allow the ability to modify cars. When they are gone, modification of cars will be all but impossible for average enthusiasts. It will also be lethal to SCCA, NASA, NHRA, etc., this so called rule change is lethal to grassroots racing. Make no mistake, these are not unintended consequences. This is that fundamental change you heard about.

        1. that’s also why they’re trying to force everyone to electric cars; they’re impossible to modify. you can’t get more HP out of an electric motor than what it’s designed for,or it won’t last very long,it will burn up. the batteries are another limit.
          With a gas or diesel fueled car,there’s always more energy available that can be coaxed out of the engine,and the engine itself can be modified.

    4. It’s just so funny to contemplate how it’d’ve been telling people 60 yrs. ago that hot rodders would some day be stereotyped as right wingers.

  40. EPA officials said they are “clarifying” emissions law…..to include flatulence

    1. We need common sense fart control.

      1. I hope not. My lactose intolerance will land me in prison of they do that.

        1. Right?
          Also, cow flatulence is actually a large contributor to greenhouse gases, so we will have to regulate how much steak is allowed.

          1. You may be kidding, but that has been proposed.

            1. They’ll get my steak when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

  41. To label this behavior as a “power grab” is comical. This is cherry-picking niche groups to single out and punish, ala’ the coal industry, gas, oil, and now, what? NASCAR fans?

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  43. RE: EPA Putting Red Light on Amateur Car Racing

    The masses are not here in Amerika to have fun.
    They are here to serve their obvious betters who enslave us all.
    We’ve had this discussion before.

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  45. RE: EPA Putting Red Light on Amateur Car Racing
    Emission regulations that may not even make a dent on climate change.

    Emission regulations may not even put a dent on “climate change,” but that’s not the points here for restricting amateur car racing.
    The points here are: There is to be no fun in the People’s Republic of Amerika, it is the government duty to control the masses from enjoying life, and my favorite reason for putting a red light on amateur car racing, (and yours!), fuck you, that’s why!

  46. This agency needs to be defunded and let each state handle their own environmental needs.

  47. Fuck the EPA, they have NO authority to make laws, or impose their BULLSHIT on ANYONE…PERIOD…

  48. you folks need to read this book;

    Unintended Consequences by John Ross,a must-read. it’s about firearms,but also applicable to this automotive situation.
    then you will understand this statement;
    “it’s time to feed the hogs.”

    if you can’t find a copy to buy,try your local library,or used book stores.

    the whole book in PDF;

  49. This is what happens when you delegate legislating to the executive — the legislature has to waste its time fighting the agency it empowered to carry out its will. Pathetic.

  50. How about a Constitutional amendment stripping federal agencies of the power to compose regulations. All regulations and operating guidelines need to be specified in the legislation.

    Combine that with amendments limiting legislation to a single issue and to a maximum bill size.

    Then reset every federal agency from scratch and let them build from the ground up.

    Congress would be so busy just legislating regulations for essential services one subject and 10 pages at a time they wouldn’t have time for too much other mischief.

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  52. When an administrative agency moves to regulate an area that is explicity exempt, exempt by precedent and declared by members of congress as exempt then the agency heads are personally taking upon themselves to take lawless action. Why are the people of the United States having their representatives take the time and money to make law to reassert the old law? What’s the point of the first laws’ exemptions if it carries no weight with the administration? If the administration can do this with the only repercussion being that another law will be made, how can they ever be expected to obey any law they personally disagree with?
    There has to be a way to pierce the veil of immunity in some of these cases. The servants should always fear for their lives and fortunes when they are empowered to wreak havoc on citizens. Any other way, like the one we are currently laboring under, has put the government ahead of citizens.
    This is where I miss the old time independent grand jury that investigated on its own power and indicted on its own sense of common law. That was, I think, the intention of it; a check wielded by the people against government malfeasance and corruption.

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