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Mitt Romney's Speech Attacking Trump Showed Why Trump Is Taking Over the GOP

The 2012 nominee's remarks were scathing, but omitted his own history with Trump.



In a blistering speech this morning, Mitt Romney, the Republican party's 2012 presidential nominee, attacked Donald Trump—currently the frontrunner to win the nomination in 2016—as a "fraud," a "phony," and a poor businessman who lacks both the qualifications and character to be the GOP's presidential nominee. It was an unusual and perhaps unprecedented blast from one presidential nominee to his likely successor. In choosing to go after Trump now, however, Romney inadvertently demonstrated why the GOP is losing itself to Trump.

Romney's attack on Trump was direct and unequivocal. "If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee," he said," the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished." He ripped Trump for his insufficient economic plans, and for the calamities they might produce: "Even as Donald Trump has offered very few specific economic plans, what little he has said is enough to know that he would be very bad for American workers and for American families." He called Trump a bad businessman who "inherited his business" rather than creating it, and whose bankruptcies have "crushed small businesses." He called out Trump's position on trade and foreign policy, warning that Trump would enter the U.S. into a devastating trade war. He charged that Trump lacks the character to be president, citing Trump's mocking of a disabled reporter and his crude attacks on women. He called Trump a liar, saying that "dishonest is Trump's hallmark," and enjoined Republican voters to "think of Donald Trump's personal qualities, the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third grade theatrics."

In nearly every respect, Romney's attacks on Trump were right on target. Over the course of this campaign, Trump has proven himself to be exactly the boorish, clueless, dishonest candidate that Romney said he is. It was a strong stand against Trump's takeover of the Republican party.

The problem is that it comes far too late. Trump's awfulness and lack of qualifications have always been apparent to one degree or another, and yet the Romney and the GOP sought the support of Trump and played to the people who are now his base anyway.

Just four years ago, during his presidential campaign, Romney stood on stage next to Donald Trump, who had toyed with running for president and placed as high as second in some early polls, and made a minor show of Trump's endorsement.

At the endorsement event, Romney didn't just thank Trump, he praised him for his business acumen and for his grasp of America's place in the global economy.

Here's a representative quote:

"Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the American people," Romney said. "He's done it here in Nevada. He's done it across the country. He understands that our economy is facing threats from abroad. He's one of the few people who stood up and said China has been cheating. They've taken jobs from Americans. They haven't played fair. We have to have a president who will stand up to cheaters."

Romney didn't just passively accept Trump's influence. And he certainly didn't warn, as he did today, that Trump was a dangerous fool who would destabilize and perhaps destroy the Republican party. Instead, Romney touted Trump for his business acumen and insight, saying that Trump understood America's economy and its role in international affairs. In other words, he praised Trump using much the same language that Trump uses to praise himself today, and used Trump in an attempt to further his own political ambitions. 

Romney, like many Republican elites, has now changed his tune, and he deserves credit for speaking unequivocally about Trump's many serious flaws. But Romney and others in the party played Trump's game, and talked Trump's language, for long enough that they helped legitimize it, and allowed it, even encouraged it, to fester and grow.

Yes, Romney is right that Trump is a liar and a boor, a fraud and a phony. But he's a fraud and a phony that Romney and the rest of the GOP were happy to build up and perpetuate for as long as it suited their own purposes. For far too long, the Republican party was a willing partner in Donald Trump's scam.

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  1. Republicans are hypocrites, no surprise there. Why are the party leaders doing their best to sabotage the presumptive nominee chosen by the Republican voters? I guess they really do prefer Clinton to Trump.

    They also made a big issue out of Trump (and Ron Paul before him) being traitors if they ran third party if someone else won the nomination. Now they’re trying to figure out who to run as a third party challenger if Trump wins.

    1. There’s some evidence that trump isn’t being chosen by just Republican voters, but independents and recent crossovers. Didn’t someone post a link that showed states with open primaries resulted in bigger margins for trump.

      1. Yeah, I keep seeing stories about the record turn-outs in the GOP primaries and the pitiful showings in the Dem primaries and the take-away from this is the unenthusiastic Dems ain’t showing up to vote and Trump’s bringing new voters to the GOP. No, dumbass, the Dems are showing up to vote, they’re voting for Trump. And Trump is not winning a majority of the GOP vote, the majority of GOP voters are voting for somebody other than Trump.

        1. If that is true, and it very well may be, it is entirely possible that Trump could win the election even if the conservatives stay home all butt hurt, because he attracts more than enough Democrats to make up for it.

          it seems to me the only way the conservatives escape utter irrelevance is for Trump to win the nomination and then lose in November. That way they are allowed to say I told you so and reclaim the party. If Trump wins, they don’t matter. If Trump doesn’t get the nomination, the Trump voters bolt the party and get to blame the conservatives for the loss.

          I think there is going to be a whole lot of butt hurt over at National Review this November.

          1. Or the Dems are doing it to fuck with the GOP in order to get a buffoon nominated so Hillary has a cake-walk in November… Ever consider this?

            1. I’ve considered that, but I don’t think they are. Up until now, Clinton has been too busy trying to fend off Sanders. I doubt either of them or their organizations would be sending potential voters to spoil the GOP primary.

              1. Maybe. It seems we’ll find out soon enough.

              2. Trump is good friends with the Clintons and I don’t think Hillary ever considered Sanders a serious threat until he won NH. Also, Trump won by a huge margin in MA… I haven’t lived there in years and there definitely are some true Trump supporters there, but there are probably a number who intend to vote for the dem in the general election anyway and voted for Trump in the primary just to make it easier for the dem to win.

            2. Yes and that is not what is going on. Trump is a real phenomenon. Whatever you think of him, you can’t deny the crowds and the base of support he has attracted.

              And most people, even Democrats, have lives and better things to do than go and vote in the other party’s primary in some half assed operation chaos scheme. Trump and Sanders both are no kidding populist revolts in the two parties.

              1. Ask yourself this. Have the recent candidates from both parties really done anything for regular citizens, or do they always do what this group, that group, this lobby, that lobby, or this corporation, that corporation really wants.

                Citizens aren’t really represented anymore. Some of them have noticed and are pissed.

                Shit, when you want to burn it all down vote for the guy who acts like a three year old with a book of matches.

      2. If they don’t want open primaries they shouldn’t have open primaries. Trump is winning under the rules in place now, and for some reason the Republican leadership is trying to weaken him so Clinton can win.

    2. The point is that it doesn’t matter if they prefer Clinton or Trump. There is zero chance Trump wins the general election. Even if Clinton gets thrown in prison, as I think she should be, Trump is still not winning. If some combination of attacks and convention judo get rid of Trump, then sure, maybe there’s only 10% chance that Rubio or Cruz or whoever (I hear Bob Dole’s not busy) can win, but it’s still better than Trump’s chances. And it’s less likely to hurt other Republicans running downticket this year, and less likely to damage the Republican party in general in the coming years. Though really the damage has probably already happened no matter what they do with Trump, just like losing to Clinton this fall is probably unavoidable now. Really solid work all around by the Republican brain trust there.

      1. I’m actually not so sure he would lose. I think a lot of people who view him negatively haven’t heard him speak, they’ve heard other people speak about him. And the popular narrative so far is that he is a racist fascist.

        But *if* he shifts the focus of his ire in the general election away from Mexicans and Muslims and directs it at Wall Street and student debt, I could easily see him peeling off Sanders’ non-SJW support. And does Trump give you any indication that he would not shift in such a way? It’s not like his campaign is built on any underlying principles.

        1. I think a lot of people who view him negatively haven’t heard him speak, they’ve heard other people speak about him.

          Have you watched any of his televised rallies? While this might be true, if actually seeing him doesn’t break people the other way, I’m going to have to downgrade my faith in humanity.

          Which is…already pretty low.

          1. If this election cycle has taught me anything, it’s not to bet on the good nature of my fellow citizens.

            1. You are right about most people having not seen him. And all of the pants shitting in the media would work to his favor. Trump has set it up perfectly. He has said all of these outrageous things to get a base of support and get the media and GOP leadership in a panic. So when the country does start paying attention they will expect him to be some crazy, which will make it that much easier for him to look reasonable.

      2. I remember watching from South Dakota as Minnesota lost its collective mind and elected Jesse Ventura.

        This is looking remarkably similar.

      3. I think Rubio has the best chance against Clinton, but I’d give Trump a better chance than Cruz of beating her. Cruz appeals only to the Republican core voters. Trump has crossover appeal to Democrats and independents. And Trump has proven to be a much stronger candidate than anyone thought. The Democrats are still underestimating him if they don’t think he can make mincemeat out of Clinton in a debate.

    3. “Republicansall persons are hypocrites”

      The biggest hypocrites are those who complain of hypocrisy. But if it weren’t for hypocrisy, we’d be at each other’s throats. People aren’t hypocritic enough for my taste.

  2. Can we just admit we’re depressed and move on?

    1. Not until we’ve been thoroughly buried beneath a tide of Trump articles.

      1. It’s not just reason, cnn has become all trump all the time.

      2. A quick count of articles shows a full fifty percent are Trump related. What the hell would Reason do without the guy (though I admit this story is newsworthy)?

        1. The title of the next article is “Paul Ryan Talks Economic Opportunity at CPAC, Eschews Trump Mention.

          Yes, reason mentions Trump regardless.

    2. No. If I admit to being depressed, they’ll use that as a pretense to take my guns.

      1. +7 rounds in a 10 round magazine.

  3. “”””attacked Donald Trump?currently the frontrunner to win the nomination in 2016?as a “fraud,” a “phony,” and a poor businessman who lacks both the qualifications and character to be the GOP’s presidential nominee.”””

    So is Mitt going to be invited to write articles for Reason Magazine?

      1. He has a lot oi bylines.

        1. oi bylines.

          Is that supposed to be some kind of ant-Semitic remark? /sarc

          1. Sounds Australian to me. Oi there, mate!

  4. “the Romney”
    Why not “the Trump” when referring to ‘his awfulness’?

    1. You don’t say “the God”, do you?

  5. I used to think Romney was a good man, who could have made a good president had he actually owned up to Romney care, and campaigned hard.

    But considering he said almost exactly the opposite this year about Trump than he did in 2012, it is really hard to believe Romney is anything but a typical establishment guy. It is not like Trump acts any different now than he did then.

    Oh well, even though the world is falling apart, I am still going to try to keep my own personal railroad running for as long as I can.

    1. This reemergence of Romney leaves me wondering whether he and the establishment are weighing a Romney insurgency to take down Trump for the party nomination. This is strange.

      The Republican party seemed never to get behind Romney in the 2012 campaign season. They definitely failed to mobilize their base and troops. This lack of support might well have left us with Obama for another four years. So it’s ironic that they now call on Mitt to attempt to water down the flames of the growing Trump bonfire. Romney has about as much a chance at taking down Trump as he had at taking down Obama. None. And it will backfire.

      These (and more to come, I’m convinced) attacks will only strengthen Trump’s resolve and that of his supporters. The party bosses are merely throwing fuel on the fire they hope to contain.

      Stupid Republicans

      1. These people thought Jeb Bush was the answer. They are retarded. I don’t know any other way to explain it.

        1. It’s almost like they never heard of focus groups. Who thought Jeb had a chance?

      2. People considered Mitt to be a RINO like Bob Dole. I have to admit I considered Dole a RINO at one point, until my eyes were opened and I realized that the real RINO’s were people like Ron Paul. I never considered Mitt Romney a RINO, he’s as pure a Republican as you can get. That’s the problem with having only two parties and a two-party mindset press – a rejection of Trump’s big-government crony-capitalist nanny-statism must mean you like the big-government crony-capitalist nanny-statism of Hillary. What else could loathing Trump posssibly mean?

        1. What else could loathing Trump posssibly mean?

          That you are virtue and social signaling for one thing. Just like liking Trump is doing the same thing.

        2. I wouldn’t call Ron Paul a RINO. More like a true paleoconservative. He just looked outside the Republican mainstream when the neoconservatives took over.

      3. They would never run Romney again, even as an independent – Paul Ryan on the other hand…

    2. These are just the things you have to do & say to be popular, & in a representative democracy (or republic, they mean exactly the same, you can apply the same qualifiers to either) that what politicians have to do. You’d do it too if you wanted to be influential in any organiz’n of such size that everyone can’t know each other well. How could you be popular saying the same thing to everyone all the time, when you have to deal w different people under different circumstances?

      Voters say they don’t want disingenuous, shifty candidates. Voters are lying when they say that, because that’s exactly who they need & want. Don’t take people seriously.

  6. as ridiculous as Trump is, the parade of Big Government Republicans screeching about the absence of his small-govt bona fides is even more pathetic.

    These are the same people who suddenly can’t find anything to cut whenever they get control of congress, and who routinely rubber stamp every excess of the bureaucratic state. We’re supposed to think of Mitt Romney as a champion of principled conservatism?

    1. Exactly. It’s not that I totally disagree with his assessment of Trump, however I don’t need to hear it from a windbag loser like Romney. He didn’t have the balls to call out Obama on his bullshit during their election run but he yells from the rafters about the evils of Trump? Fuck off Romney, and take the McCain’s, Boehner’s, and McConnell’s with you.

      1. It makes you wonder if Trump is really much of a big government guy at all. If he were, these clowns would love him.

        1. C’mon, John. Seriously? You could make the same argument about R’s vs. D’s (Replace “It makes you wonder if [Democrats are] really much of a big government [group] at all If [they] were, these clowns would love [them]. See how that works?

          No, They hate each other because this is a giant game of control, and if the Donald has the control, all of the bigwig R’s lose their control.

          1. I am not serious. And you are right. They hate him because he is not one of them. That is what it all boils down to. Power. If Trump were President someone else might get in on the gravy train.

          2. that is what it is about they want to maintain control and if Trump wins he may actually do something and to do it he will have to bring in new people who will do the job since those they have not. they want to protect their little world of false arguments against the libs to make it look like they are working when they never do anything but pass more onerous laws to prove they did something.

      2. This comment sums it up most accurately-fuck the establishment that let things get fucked up-well said SoCal Deathmarch.

  7. “He called out Trump’s position on trade and foreign policy, warning that Trump would enter the U.S. into a devastating trade war. He charged that Trump lacks the character to be president, citing Trump’s mocking of a disabled reporter and his crude attacks on women. He called Trump a liar, saying that “dishonest is Trump’s hallmark,” and enjoined Republican voters to “think of Donald Trump’s personal qualities, the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third grade theatrics.”

    Trump couldn’t have written a better advertisement for himself.

    Of the people who support Trump, many support him for the reasons Romney is saying he should be opposed–and because it’s people like Romney that are saying it.

    Yeah, they also support Trump because people like Romney call him a liar.

    Trump couldn’t have bought better advertising.

    1. it’s like a death blow. to Trump’s opponents. I’ll bet Mitt thinks people were voting FOR him in 2012.

    2. Romney’s audience isn’t the dumbass Trump voters. They’re not going to be swayed by anything. He’s trying to stem the flood of Republican politicians who might feel like they should endorse Trump.

      1. Why would a politician on either side care about what a loser nominee who will never hold office again have to say?

        I am trying to think of what greybeard in the Republican party has the kind of juice to get people to listen. I am hard pressed to come up with one.

        1. Why would a politician on either side care about what a loser nominee who will never hold office again have to say?

          Because they want him to save them in Cleveland.

          1. By getting nominated and losing again and losing badly?

        2. “I am trying to think of what greybeard in the Republican party has the kind of juice to get people to listen. I am hard pressed to come up with one.”

          I think that’s why they settled for Romney.

          1. And McCain is reinforcing his argument through the press. That’s really gonna convince Trump voters to have second thoughts.

        3. They’re trying to wake up Reagan as we speak.

      2. I think politicians like Romney and his ilk are the one’s that Trump voters are pissed about. This rant probably helps Trump more than hurts him.

  8. When I heard that a few people were floating the idea that a brokered convention could select Romney as the Republican nomination, I wish I could say I was shocked. But that is when we have come to expect from the Stupid Party.

    1. That is such a stupid idea, that I think it might just be possible that they will do it.

      A quick aside, the stereotype used to be (at least in the late 60s, early 70s) of the idealistic Dems who were just too naive to deal with the organized old white Reps sitting in their libraries with brandy and cigars plotting which minority children they were going to fuck with that week.

      But it really is the opposite. The Dem machine is a completely amoral group who literally don’t seem to care about their supposed “ideals” (except maybe a few like Bernie, who might actually be true believers), while the Reps seem like they are completely clueless.

      1. Their ‘true belief’ is that they should have power over everyone–for their own good, of course.

    2. I hear Bob Dole’s available.

      1. George HW Bush. He could run from his hospital bed.

        1. JEB! Because it was supposed to be his turn anyway until Trump pushed him in a puddle and stole his lunch money.

        2. Caitlyn Jenner has my support.
          Xi’s the One!

  9. Reason sometimes tries to put a “libertarian spin” on their anti-Trump posts but most of the content is from the exact same talking points script of the other establishment hack mouthpieces.

    1. He has no experience governing!

    2. Not really surprising. There really isn’t a libertarian media. Nor a conservative or liberal media. There is only The Media, presenting a liberal, conservative or libertarian face as the occasion demands. And Trump is a one man Mediafest all on his own.

      1. The Media (with a capital M) NEVER presents a libertarian face. I wouldn’t call it conservative either, unless you define conservative as defending the status quo, which happens to be liberal, as in pro-government intervention on any issue.

      2. Not really surprising. There really isn’t a libertarian media. Nor a conservative or liberal media. There is only The Media, presenting a liberal face no matter what the occasion demands.


        1. What you’re calling a “liberal face” — as per your silly simplification of the original pre-FTFY quote — is the proven preferred face of consumer capitalism. This is what socons are incapable of grasping: that free markets are antithetical to social conservatism, with social progressives facing their own corresponding irreconcilables.

          Everybody’s full of shit.

          Including you. Including me.

          Let’s face the music and dance.

          Maybe the United States deserves Trump, who is exactly the kind of candidate you’d expect a system structured on such incoherent and cognitively dissonant political sentiments to produce.

    3. Can Libertarians not be vehemently opposed to a political candidate? If Libertarians echo the same concerns and sentiments as Team Red or Team Blue have they sold out? The moment one stops being us, they become them?

      1. Sure. But why is this libertarian outlet pushing so hard vs. this particular candidate?:

        1. The Wall. Because there’s long been a sector of the libertarian movement in the USA that wasn’t for practically all immigr’n to be legal, Reason has made it their special mission to convince them otherwise.

        2. Trump is uncouth. He’s not bloggers’ type.

        3. Trump is popular, & anything popular must be bad, unless it’s some small, distributed biz like food trucks, Uber, computer program development, or intellectual property piracy.

        4. He’s seeking the Republican nomination, and because libertarians have been trying to stake out our own territory for almost half a century, they have to work particularly hard to distinguish themselves from “conservatives” or Republicans even as one or the other has drawn relatively closer to them. CATO used to try even harder at that than Reason. Trump is especially a threat against that effort, because his success would demonstrate that you needn’t be any kind of doctrinaire “conservative”, or even to have much in the way of formal ties to Republicans, to succeed in the GOP.

  10. Second article I have read that used the adjective “blistering.”

    We know that Hillary’s people could demand journalists to describe her speeches as “muscular.”

    Did Romney demand “blistering?”

    1. Maybe they meant blustering and it was a typo.

  11. You people didn’t watch the speech did you? Romney had the answer for Trump but you all missed it. The whole speech while you were busy listening instead of watching, your ears were paying attention to Mitt – but your eyes were looking at that back-drop. Hinkley. And you didn’t notice it, did you? Yes, you did – you just don’t know that you noticed it. See, Romney can play that HypnoWizard shit, too. Hinkley’s the guy to rally behind, Hinkley’s the one who can stop Trump.

    1. Who is Hinkley?

    2. Hinkley didn’t sop Reagan.

  12. My God, are you says that Mitt Romney is flip-flopping on what he said a mere 4 years ago? Well, this is news

  13. So the reports are right (from Roger Stone) that the Koch brothers are going to try and bring back Romney to defeat Trump?

    Good luck with that, haha. If Romney entered the race now he would do worse than Jeb! did.

    1. That would disappoint me. I realize that in recent years they have been casting their lot with the Republicans instead of trying to support a third party, but of all the people to get behind…Romney?

    2. The beauty of the Romney plan is that Romney doesn’t have to be submitted to the voters. Just make sure Trump doesn’t carry a majority of delegates into the convention, then get Kasich, Rubio and Cruz to agree to take jobs in the Romney Administration.

      1. Cruz VP, Kasich Defense, Rubio State?

  14. Not just the “Stupid Party”, but the “Disingenuous Party”.

  15. The long and short of it is that the GOP would rather have Clinton in office than Trump. Trump is a liability to the party’s current dominance and they would rather exist in opposition to Clinton (who presents all sorts of things to campaign against) than be forced to support Trump.

    1. I think a lot of them would Lee. But I don’t think it has anything to do with Trump being a drag on down ticket Republicans. I think they would rather have Hillary in office because it would allow them to continue to put up token resistance while avoiding any responsibility for the state of things. A President Hillary allows them to continue to steal while telling their supporters “there is nothing more we can do”.

      1. Trump would be a 1000 ton drag on all republican candidates, which makes me think that he is actually working for Hillary to clear the way. Why else would he be as obnoxious and offensive as possible except to guarantee her victory and make sure that the opposition is permanently disabled? The down ticket candidates can try as hard as they can to distance themselves, but the fact of the matter is that there will be a massive anti-Trump turnout that will definitely throw the senate, and possibly the house, to the dems.

        1. I don’t see why that would be the case. All of the polls show that he would be at worst as competitive with Hillary as Romney was with Obama.

          Suppose it is true that Trump can’t win and come election time he is down to Hillary by five or ten points. People would realize that and split their tickets to make sure the Democrats had adult supervision.

          I think Trump is a phenomena of his own. The idea that he would give the Democrats Congress is just bullshit put out by the party elites.

          The only thing that would give the Democrats Congress is the Republicans fucking Trump at the convention and all of his supporters, who are a solid 25% of the party, walking away from the party entirely. That would cause a no kidding bloodbath for Republicans. And that of course is exactly what the Stupid Party wants to do.

          1. There are several GOP senators already vulnerable in swing states (Mark Kirk in IL and Pat Toomey in PA come to mind) and voters don’t tend to split their tickets anymore. This happened maybe 40 years ago and voters are a lot dumber now. More likely that Hillary will rev up the base with promises of more free stuff, especially for the women, if they give her a dem congress to work with.

            1. I don’t think Hillary is revving up much of anyone. Regardless, if the Republicans fuck Trump, at least 15 to 20% of their base will walk away and refuse to vote for anyone. That would be a much bigger disaster than anything nominating Trump would cause.

              And Hillary is going to rev up the single woman free shit and abortion brigade no matter what. It is all the Democrats have. And judging by the turnout so far in teh Democratic Primaries, the free shit bandwagon seems to have shot a rod.

              1. Um, Trump’s free shit bandwagon is doing great.

                  1. Who will give away more free shit? Trump promises it for everyone it seems, whereas Hillary promises it only for selected target demographics. Trump’s pile is much bigger.

            2. My anecdotal experience, NoVa, is that party line balloting is down from a generation ago. A lot of people use to just tick the box that said “I vote for every Dem (or Repub)”. I don’t think that is happening as much, but like I said: anecdote.

              1. There was a WaPo article from last year on “The Remarkable Decline of Spilt Ticket Voting” with some interesting data. I tried to link to it but it won’t let me.

                1. Facts? This is H & R, man! We don’t do facts.

          2. I general I don’t think coattails is/are a phenomenon at either the state or federal level, if they ever really were one. People don’t go out of their way to give somebody they’re voting for at the top of the ticket help in the legislature from the same party. But what they do do is, when they’re voting against a regime, they’ll vote for the opposite party at both the top & down-ticket. So that may make it seem coattails exist.

      2. thats the whole point they are happy with their position and they don’t want it their happy boats rocked

      3. Plus she’s more of a neocon than Trump is.

    2. I’ve thought of the same, it makes total sense-if the republican establishment believes it’ll be worth enduring 4 years of Clinton as opposed to Trump bulldozing the party to shreds.

  16. The only way Romney could gain my respect would be to put a bounty on Trump’s head.

  17. Save us Romney-Wan, you’re our only hope.

    /Princess Priebus

  18. No one cares what Mitt Romney thinks about anything.

  19. Trump fits perfectly in the GOP schmuck parade right after Romney and McCain, neither of whom ever claimed to be for limited government. You could add W in there too, although he at least paid lip service to it…

    1. No shit. The question is why do they hate him so much. Whatever the reason, it sure as hell isn’t because he favors big government.

      1. a “fraud,” a “phony,” and a poor businessman who lacks both the qualifications and character to be the GOP’s presidential nominee.

        None of these things are about big government. But keep going with that talking point.

        1. a “fraud,” a “phony,” and a poor businessman who lacks both the qualifications and character to be the GOP’s presidential nominee.

          And all of those things are true about at least 20 people I can name that they would love to have as a nominee. I love how you of all people have developed all of this faith in the integrity of the Republican Party. After years of being accused of being a Team Red Shill, I am seem to be the only one on here who doesn’t take the Party leaders at their word.

          1. I have no faith in the integrity of the Republican Party. But go ahead and keep glossing over behavior like mocking people’s physical disabilities in front of cheering crowds, because some other guy some time in the past did something bad.

            1. It is not about Trump Nikki. It is about these people tolerating and encouraging everything they claim Trump is and now acting like Trump being that way is some kind of big deal.

              1. Wrong. It is about Trump, and the fact that you’re willing to write off his utterly nasty and cruel personal character just because you’re pissed at the GOP establishment.

                1. Two words Nikki; John McCain. Do you realize how big of an asshole he is? None of them had a problem with him.

                  And even if Trump is worse, he is no worse than the Democrats. How can you say that Trump is worse than Harry Reid or Pelosi or even Obama? You can’t.

                  1. Which part of your comment makes what Trump does okay? Or are you just continuing to write off his utterly nasty and cruel personal character just because you’re pissed at the GOP establishment?

                    1. Which part of your comment makes what Trump does okay?

                      It doesn’t. It does, however, make these people hypocritical assclowns for claiming it matters after tolerating so many people who were as bad or worse.

                      For the second time, this is not about Trump.

                    2. For the second time, this is not about Trump.

                      Yes, it is about Trump, because people like you are enabling…Trump. You have some kind of beef with people like McCain and Romney and that has led you to back a nasty person and bully for whom you are constantly making excuses.

                    3. I backed McCain in 2008. So, I really can’t see how I can now claim that I won’t back a bully.

                      Regardless, do you not understand what the word hypocrisy means? And even if you do, why can’t you understand that it is possible to attack these people for their hypocrisy without defending Trump?

                2. I’m not writing them off. Nasty and cruel is exactly what I’m looking for!

      2. It’s because they aren’t making any money! Nobody is giving money to the RNC so they are full board trying to destroy him.

        1. How is Trump causing people to stop giving the the RNC? I am not saying you are wrong. I just don’t understand how it would work.

          1. Actually, I think the consultants and miscellaneous professional apparatchiks are driving a lot of the Trump hate.

            He is whipping their asses with a campaign model that doesn’t require them. He isn’t just overturning their rice bowl, he is taking a big steaming dump in it.

            And the elected politicians do what these consultants tell them. So, if the consultants hate Trump (and they have to), then their mouthpieces will pick up the refrain.

            1. I imagine that dumb ass who ran Jeb’s campaign and pissed away $120 million is not a big Trumpster.

  20. Romney knew it would backfire. He did it intentionally. Why? Because he wants the drug war because it helps his business – Bain Capital – which is deeply invested in heroin treatment centers that are sprouting up all over Massachusetts. Blocking the border will ratchet up the drug war which will bring in new patients seeking treatment for ‘addiction’. Note how Trump always inflames the rhetoric on that. They are working together on this.

    1. Where do the lizard people figure into this?

      1. And the JOOOOZ!!!1!!!!!!!111!!!! They’ve got to be involved somehow too.

        1. No, you’re right. I’m sure he just wants what’s best for the country.


      1. “Bain Capital?the Romney-built private equity firm that extracts wealth from humanity with the alacrity of an anteater jamming its many-hooked oral proboscis into a lush ant colony?is always looking for profitable trends in the markets. And America’s profitable trend today is: hard drugs.”

        Bain Capital Has Seen the Economy’s Future, and It Is Heroin Addicts



  21. “Yes, Romney is right that Trump is a liar and a boor, a fraud and a phony. ”

    Would anyone in the (D) ranksever call Hillary out this way? Because it seems to describe her too.

    1. No, most are delusional about how bad their party has done over the past eight years. The fact that the news is wall-to-wall Trumpage is only reinforcing their smug belief that things will play out in their favor (and very well might at this point). Wait until they lose the presidency, then they’ll look around, see that they have record lows in the House and among state governors, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth will begin.

      1. Who isn’t ‘delusional’, other than you?

  22. Flip-flopper calls someone else phony. Silver-spooner mocks another’s inherited luck. Establishment wonders why they’re not connecting. Validates Einstein’s ideal insanity and tries same thing again. Recycle until convention.

    1. We are going to bring out a hedge fund manager whose father was a CEO of a major auto corporation to explain how a real estate developer doesn’t understand the interests of the common people.

      You really can’t make these retards up.

      1. Well, maybe they were counting on how well Mitt connects with the average GOP voter. He’s such a motivator when it comes to campaigning, right?

        1. It is amazing how utterly clueless they are. They picked the guy that every Republican has been three wondering why he didn’t go after Obama to launch a vicious attack on Trump. And they wonder why the public things there is just one big party in Washington.

    2. Ooooo man, look out, the establishment is really bringing out the heavy hitters now.

  23. “I could have said Mitt, ‘Drop to your knees’ and he would have dropped to his knees.” — Trump.

  24. misogyny

    Cripes, I wish conservatives/libertarians/Republicans would stop blithely adopting the SJW worldview when they want to attack someone. It’s not “misogyny” for Trump to attack a few specific women. It’s also not “racism” to oppose Islam or mass illegal immigration. And no, Trump is not a fascist, at least no more than Hillary and Bernie and Obama are. A term that applies to everything means nothing.

    If you’re interested in promoting liberty, stop adopting the bullshit group-rights views and terminology of the people who want to destroy liberty. You are playing into their hands.

    1. Do you still think Trump will beat Hillary?

      1. Yes, I still do. Most people aren’t even paying attention to the election yet. They won’t until after the conventions. I think Trump will clean up his act a bit, reduce his negatives, and get much of the GOPe to come around. I think that all the possible/likely black swans hurt Hillary: economic downturn, terror attack, migrant turmoil in Europe, illegal alien crime etc. in the US. Her health is extremely questionable: I think her people forbade the press from seeing her board a plane because she has trouble climbing stairs. Even if Justice doesn’t indict her, someone in the FBI will leak that it’s recommended.

        I think Trump’s support is understated, partly for “shy Tory” reasons. E.g.: Brett Easton Ellis’ recent tweet about a dinner party in West Hollywood where a majority of the table said they would vote for Trump but never admit it publicly.

        See Scott Adams’ blog and this by Rod Dreher.

        1. I’m guessing you’ve had no takers for your cash bet, but would you be willing to do a Loser Leaves Town bet?

          How about this – I say Hillary beats Trump, you say Trump beats Hillary. If I’m wrong, I’ll quit commenting here in December 2016 and won’t return until December 2017. But if you’re wrong, you have to stop commenting here in December 2016 but can return in April 2017.

          Would you agree to this? I will if you will. And I’m still giving you “odds” because I’d have to leave for an entire year, but you’d only be gone for a few months.

          1. Hmmm, interesting, but the stakes are too high, and I have no desire to stop you from commenting.

      2. I do. Hillary is just as vulnerable to Trump’s inside-the-OODA attacks as Jeb and every other career politician.

        And that assumes she makes it to the general. I am far from convinced she will.

      3. I think Trump would beat Hillary, (but I’m still bearish on either of them getting the nomination). Look at Democratic vs. Republican turnout in the primaries. Those “new voters” that came into the fold in 2008 and 2012 weren’t Democrats, they were Barry supporters. Democrats haven’t performed well on a ticket without his name on it since 2006

  25. I saw Trump’s reply news cast. He just had the Republican establishment for lunch and he had fun doing it. the more they trash Trump the more they prove the point that its about them and not those who vote them in. At least Trump is talking about the voters and not demeaning them for liking him. I think Trump has one over more people even MSNBC noticed.

    1. Trump is masterful at baiting people into attacking him, when he has his ambush ready to spring. I do that professionally, so I recognize it when I see it. He is so far inside their decision loop their heads are spinning.

      Now, granted, outsmarting the Republican brain trust ain’t exactly rocket surgery, but still. . . .

      1. he’s so master full that ever news station covered his full response. more free press for Trump.

    2. Yeah, that plus the constant media coverage are all but guaranteeing his election. With each “Trump must be stopped” headline, his supporters and people who are sick of Their Superiors at the GOP looking down their noses at their constituents, get more fired up.

      What’s amazing is how clueless the insiders are about it. Lecturing their base about how stupid they are for liking Trump isn’t going to win them to your cause.

      1. There is some research showing that whichever candidate shows up the most in Google wins. Search “google effect elections”

  26. Trump is the man for the job. The other guy that run before, “What is his name” Is a looser.

    1. C-

      The “looser” bit was too much.

  27. What is wrong with the people deciding who they want for their president! How is Rubio and Cruz any better than Trump? They speak nice? Can you see them in negoitiations with Iran? or Mexico and China? Neither has any accomplishments other than voting up or down and that is not enough for me when we have a candidate that has actually worked hard all his life and accomplished so much to make the country better. Only a total idiot would prefer Rubio and Cruz to Trump. Do you really want a nice dead beat who never insults anyone or an accomplished, really smart businessman who has created more jobs than anyone who ever ran for office. Even alot of Democrats are switching over to Trump, perhaps they are out of work and want someone who knows how to create jobs by getting them back to the US versus the establishment who does not seem to care. Remember, the lobbyists are those companies that are leaving the US and don’t want to pay any price for doing so like a duty on products coming back into the US. China has a 15-20% duty if you want to ship your product there. Rubio and Cruz never talk about this because the corporate lobbyists fund their campaigns. Wake up, America! Wake up Reason Mag, don’t show your ignorance.

  28. His speech reflects the fear that the insiders have of losing their sinecures.
    If Mitt had been this passionate and vociferous in attacking the record and performance of his opponent in ’12, he might now be running for re-election, and The Donald would be a non-issue.

  29. Flattery between bigwigs & organiz’ns is a fact of life. Have you never been involved with an organiz’n that honored somebody you couldn’t stand? You know, like giving hir a plaque at a dinner? Have you yourself never flattered someone in the hope of some personal gain in return? It’s just mutual back scratching, nobody takes it seriously, so why should you?

  30. Republicans be Republicans. Circular firing squad anyone?

  31. I have found a loophole that can stop Donald Trump even if he wins the nomination:

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