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How Might Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates Deal with Donald Trump as Their GOP Opponent?

Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen speak. Johnson is still waiting for big money that supports small government and the Constitution to look at Trump and come to the Libertarian Party.


It's not a done deal yet, but Donald Trump continues to lead in both states won and delegates collected in the Republican Party's decision making process.

His success has triggered a lot of talk from both the libertarian-leaning and from Party regulars with some dedication to certain supposed Republican commitments to things like free trade, freer immigration, and constitutionally restricted executive power, about third party or independent candidates to rise to oppose Trump come November.

There already is a third party that shares (and extends) many supposed GOP commitments toward free markets and the Constitution, one that is already on the ballot in a majority of states and that could likely end up on nearly all of them: the Libertarian Party.

That Party will be choosing its presidential candidate at a convention in Orlando in late May. I talked this week to two of the leading contenders for that honor, former New Mexico governor (as a Republican), and the 2012 L.P. presidential candidate Gary Johnson, and former TV producer (on Judge Andrew Napolitano's show FreedomWatch on the Fox Business Network) Austin Petersen. (Petersen also launched the libertarian commentary and news site Libertarian Republic.) 

The press contact for a third leading candidate, antivirus software pioneer and international man of controversy John McAfee, did not respond to a request for comment.

Petersen, the underdog, has a well-thought-out coalition building plan for what he calls an "outside coalition" if it's Trump v. Clinton, hoping to pick up any available Rand Paul rump from the Republicans and even "principled evangelicals and populists." Petersen thinks he's uniquely qualified among the L.P. prospect pack on that, since "there is one big issue that divides libertarians and conservatives in which I happen to share views with conservatives, my stance on being pro-life. If I win the nomination I'd be the only pro-life candidate" whose commitment to the issue he thinks is consistent and convincing, despite Trump's current statements.

Along those coalition-building lines, the mercurial conservative media leader Glenn Beck has already communicated to Petersen that his support will go elsewhere if Trump wins the GOP nod. After a joint appearance on John Stossel's show with National Review editor Rich Lowry, Petersen is confident he detected a strong possibility that the magazine would continue its resolute opposition to Trump even if he's the Republican nominee (which doesn't necessarily translate into Libertarian support, of course).

"As a showman, I admire" Trump, Petersen admits. "I think one of the reasons he's doing so well are his showmanship skills, he's tough, he doesn't back down…he's got the old razzle-dazzle." Petersen thinks Trump has successfully sold himself as, if not a true outsider, as the insider willing to pull down the walls of a temple that a sufficient mass of Americans think of as corrupt and ineffectual.

"The establishment GOP ignored their base for so long, people are tired of politics as usual" creating a voting base eager to "watch the world burn, and they don't care that Trump is unprincipled; they might not agree with him on policy but they are so incensed with the Republican establishment."

Petersen sees Trump's opposition to immigration as key to his appeal; he offers as a counter (though not necessarily as something that will convince a hardcore Trumpite) what he calls "Ellis Island" style protocols: security checks, disease checks, and if you pass them you can come in legally.

While Petersen says he's personally not afraid of the word "open borders," he will say that he believes "the president should obey the Constitution and law" and thus wouldn't willy-nilly try to nullify any existing immigration laws. Though he says the president should "have wide leeway in terms of deportation, and only those who actually committed violent crimes" should be deported, and that America would benefit from more worker visas, student visas, and a simpler naturalization process. "It should be simpler to migrate here and work; consumers benefit from free markets in labor as much as in free markets in commodities."

Johnson, like the rest of us, can often only repeat silly things Trump has said in wonderment and be perplexed as to how he's catching fire. How, Johnson wonders, does he expect to build a wall across the Rio Grande? How can he talk up free trade in one breath and then say he'll force Apple to make its products here? "Everything I thought was good about being a Republican goes out the window" with Trump's talk.

But Johnson has been on the presidential campaign trail as a Republican in 2012 before leaving for the L.P.  "I was up front and personal with this group he is attracting that believe the absolute scourge of the Earth has to do with Mexican immigration" but doesn't think that those attitudes energize a base you can win with nationally. Johnson says he'd deliberately goof on such rabid anti-immigrant thinking while campaigning as a Republican in New Hampshire last time, talking about building a fence across the Canadian border only to hear "Oh come on, that's not an issue."

"I was a border governor," Johnson would remind such voters of his two terms helming New Mexico. "And when I tell you [Mexican immigration] isn't an issue and you don't believe me….in my opinion immigration is a bogeyman issue made up by politicians that want to scare you."

Johnson says as governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2002, he "asked everyone in my cabinet that interfaced with immigration—law enforcement, the courts, education and health and human services"—and they all concluded immigration from Mexico was not a net cost to the government or the people. He notes how many immigrants pay income and payroll taxes they never lay claim on, in addition to the general contribution to the public good any worker makes with his employers and customers.

Johnson ran for governor with a similar sales pitch to Trump's—the successful businessman who could turn government around. So he understands his appeal on that level. But Trump's policy commitments, Johnson notes, could easily be seen to arise from racism, "and if you are going to vote for Trump, you are willing to take on that label" though he grants most Trump supporters don't perceive their fears about immigration as rooted in race necessarily.

Trump or no Trump, Johnson stresses that the L.P.'s greatest hope lies in getting their candidate into the presidential debates once all the candidates are selected, something he's currently suing over to gain access to what he believes is an illegitimate duopoly. "Even if we are not successful in the lawsuit," Johnson says, " the discovery phase will provide national entertainment when it comes to documents both parties have signed, exclusionary documents to others, and we think the media has also signed on to that."

Johnson admits that running against Trump and Clinton seem like the most promising possible atmosphere for a Libertarian, especially one with successful real-world political success like him.

But, he admits with a chuckle, he thought 2012 was promising as well and "I was really disappointed" in the 1.2 million votes he pulled. His past experience makes him reluctant to predict that running against Trump would be a slam dunk for Libertarians to break out nationally; the apparent emotional barriers to going third party seem weirdly strong in America. 

I press Johnson a couple of times on whether he's been contacted by, or even caught wind, that any big money with some commitment to small government and the Constitution might be prepared to jump ship from the GOP in the event of Trump and go with him. 

He chuckles. "You are obviously asking that question because it makes sense," he says. "But I haven't seen it, haven't touched it. It seems there is a lot of money on the sidelines. I agree with the hypothesis [that he should be able to win such money] but I haven't seen evidence."

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  1. Brian, I frigging love this coverage.
    Shut up and take my money.

  2. How Might Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates Deal with Donald Trump as Their GOP Opponent?

    Rail impotently, like they do against all their other opponents?

    1. Point out that the biggest problems of crime along the and across the southern border are due to the ill advised drug war, a war the LP would have ended over 40 years ago? End Prohibition II, and watch the crime wave end, just as it did when alcohol Prohibition ended.

      1. …then sing the praises of mass immigration and watch the audience walk out en masse….

  3. This shouldn’t be much of a problem for Sen. Gary Johnson (R) . . . . fuck it, never mind.

  4. Thank you for a Gary Johnson (L) article. It’s a nice change.

    1. Gary Johnson (L)

      *Trump voice* L… as in Loser. I bet he can’t even make good deals! /sarc

      1. It’s like you can see the future. Worst part? People will clap to that.

        1. He’s gonorrhea dem the riot act.

          1. Be great is if that were an actual autocorrect.

      2. Gary should challenge Trump to an MMA match and then call him a pussy when he refuses. Then he should say he has a bigger dick and challenge Trump to a measuring contest.

      3. It would be funny to hear Donald Trump try to play the super-duper-successful businessman against Gary Johnson, since it sounds like Gary Johnson actually is a self-made success story, no “small loan of a million dollars” or government handouts needed: Gary_Johnson#Early_life_and_career

        “While in college, Johnson earned money as a door-to-door handyman.[21] His success in that industry encouraged him to start his own business, Big J Enterprises, in 1976. When he started the business, which focused on mechanical contracting, Johnson was its only employee.[22] His major break with the firm was receiving a large contract from Intel’s expansion in Rio Rancho, which increased Big J’s revenue to $38 million.[23] Over-burdened by his success, Johnson enrolled in a time management course at night school, which he credits with making him heavily goal-driven.[23] He eventually grew Big J into a multimillion-dollar corporation with over 1,000 employees.[24] By the time he sold the company in 1999, it was one of New Mexico’s leading construction companies.[25]”

  5. Along those coalition-building lines, the mercurial conservative media leader Glenn Beck has already communicated to Petersen that his support will go elsewhere if Trump wins the GOP nod.

    Damn, there goes the key publicity-hound, conspiracy-theorist vote!

    1. Alex Jones is a Trump supporter isn’t she?

      (I’ll bet you didn’t know Alex Jones’ real name is Henrietta Baumgartner, and she’s a housewife from Midvale, Rhode Island – don’t bother trying to find it on the map, the Rand McNallyists and Big Map have made sure to keep the town a secret just like Area 51, the soundstage where they filmed the “moon landing” – who invented the persona of Alex Jones to reveal the shocking truth behind McDonald’s Secret Sauce, where the beef really is, and why Heinz insists there’s only 57 varieties. She also has the only known copy of the unaired and covered-up “lost” episode of Lassie where the camera accidentally captured Lassie pushing Timmy into the well.)

      1. Everyone knows that Alex Jones is bill hicks.

        1. I doubt Alex Jones has ever done acid. There is no way he could remain that angry after one hit.

          1. I thought Area 51 was where they kept Art Bell?

            Kevin R

          2. I thought LSD made people paranoid.

            1. You are confusing LSD with weed.

  6. Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer….

    1. Well you know you had it comin’ to you,
      Now there’s not a lot I can do.

  7. Johnson is still waiting for big money that supports small government

    The Big Money is in Big Government.

    1. Not exclusively. For every Bloomberg, there’s 1/10th of a Koch.

      1. micro-Koch?

        1. That would be a decikoch, actually

        2. I mean, the only libertarian-leaning ultra-rich people I can think of are the Koch brothers, Bezos and Mackey. Am I missing anyone? This is as opposed to Bloomberg, Trump, Soros, Adelson, Gates, Musk, Ballmer, Buffett, Allen, and that’s just off the top of my head.

          1. Am I missing anyone?

            Kurt Russell? I know he’s not an entrepreneur, and I’m not sure if he’s “ultra rich” but he’s got to have a fair amount of money, I’d think.

          2. Bloomberg, Trump, Soros, Adelson, Gates, Musk, Ballmer, Buffett, Allen,

            In some ways those people are libertarian, just only for themselves and not for everyone else. Having a shitload of money makes it easy to do what you want without other people interfering with your life and sticking their nose in your business. And when what you want to do is interfere with other people’s lives and stick your nose in their business, why, who’s gonna stop you?

            1. Being libertarian for yourself alone, to the exclusion of others, isn’t being libertarian. There’s no such thing as unprincipled libertarianism, or “utilitarian” libertarianism. Joe Stalin didn’t believe aggression against himself or his property was morally excusable; that doesn’t make him a libertarian.

            2. Buffet and Gates are Democrats. Bloomberg is a Republican. Trump calls himself a Republican now.

              1. Bloomberg is a Republican.

                He was a lifelong Democrat. He ran as a Republican for Mayor of NYC, which doesn’t tell you much more than that he is to the right of Mao.

                He’ll have to pry my big gulp out of my cold dead hands.

          3. Mark Cuban. But he loaned out his arena to Trump….

    2. This.

      The reality is that the best chance the Libertarian Party has at getting votes is getting a few hundred thousand people (preferably not the neighborhood kook) to put up yard signs. That doesn’t cost much money – a lot less than buying blipverts on TV. And for a party that just can’t get noticed, yard signs achieve the ‘hmm. a normal person who I know is gonna vote L. Maybe its an alternative to ‘lesser evil’.’

      Big money ain’t gonna do squat except demand a quid pro quo for what they are buying. That’s the truest statement by Trump.

      1. I’d put one up in front of my apartment.

        1. Everyone in Boulder would be like “whaaaattt?!!”
          /the snail

        2. It would be a great internal organizing slogan for the LP candidate.

          A million votes in 2012. A million yard signs in 2016.

      2. The problem is getting ENOUGH people to put up those yard signs.

        So clearly the thing to do is buy more than you need and repeatedly put the signs into other people’s yards during the night. Target foreclosed, unoccupied, and for sale buildings especially, and hit up the common area of condo complexes. Less likely to get them taken down that way.

        1. There really is no need to cheat. Everyone who voted L has already crossed the ‘lesser evil’ and the ‘why bother’ line. All they need is to be convinced that their vote is multiplied when they tell others ahead of time how they will vote rather than simply pull a lever in a private booth on the day.

          And the point of legitimate yard signs (where the person who put them there lives there – not astroturfing bullshit) is that every one of them can turn into two or three more if any of your neighbors lean libertarian (the supposed 25% or so of electorate) and walk their dogs by your yard. Knock on door, friendly conversation, where’d you get the sign blahblah, here I’ve got an extra one if you put it up blahblahblah.

          The downside is that committed local D’s and R’s will resort to dirty tricks (mostly stealing them but who knows) once the yard signs start to work. But at least then you know – its working. And I suspect most D/R aren’t really that committed since they’ve just bought the lesser evil crap for so long they don’t really care anymore.

      3. We tried that for Ron Paul in 2012 in California. He got 4%.

        1. 4% was the national margin of difference between Romney and Obama too and would have been the margin of difference in 4 states.

          Two election results of 10% and 5% by the Free Soil Party is what killed the Whig/Dem two-party system and realigned it into the Dem/Rep system – with the Free Soil issues becoming the focus of both parties.

          You don’t really have to win the election to win the election. But yeah – it’ll probably take more than 4%.

          1. Ask Mike Hihn about when he was the vice chair of the Dakota Territory Whig Party.

            1. Thanks, but I think I will pass.

  8. big money that supports small government and the Constitution

    Dog whistle for KKKoch Brothers?! Because I’m told they will go for the biggest racist in the race (insert Irish 2016 slogan here).

  9. Will the Koch brothers support the LP this year?

    1. They give money to Reason, maybe we’ll get some more articles.

    2. Looks like they’re planning on opposing Trump:…..pose-trump

      1. Koch is the puppet-master behind Mitt Romney, I caught one of their minions here in the commentariat the other day floating a “purely hypothetical” trial balloon as a “what if Mitt Romney entered the race as a big ‘told ya so’ to the last 4 years of Obama” to see how us Kochservatives would react. But if Koch are the ones who elected Obama last time, I’m not sure why they would now be running against him. (Koch did elect Obama didn’t they? I mean, Koch money controls everything and Obama won so they must have been the one behind Obama, right?)

      2. You’d think one of them might run… again.

  10. Well, Brian, I expect they’ll deal with it by massively losing the election, as per usual.

  11. Libertarian Moment!!!!!

      1. Yes?

  12. “I talked this week to two of the leading contenders for that honor, former New Mexico governor (as a Republican), and the 2012 L.P. presidential candidate Gary Johnson, and former TV producer (on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show FreedomWatch on the Fox Business Network) Austin Petersen.”

    Holy shit, Austin “clickbait” Petersen is a leading candidate for the libertarian party presidential nomination? He writes the equivalent of Libertarian Buzzfeed.

    I know Johnson is probably going to get the nod again, but it’s a total embarrassment Petersen is even being considered.

    1. +Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root

      1. To be fair, freedom is kind of a crackpot theory.

        1. Something something… extremists… mumble mumble… lunatics…

          1. You missed “ultra right wing”.

            1. Dammit! I knew I was forgetting something.

            2. Yeah. I get that from an English buddy.

        2. Yeah. I wish i could just be reasonable, and go along with the beauty contest for high-functioning control freak psychopaths that is electoral politics, like everyone else seems to.

    2. Is Peterson’s platform bad? Or are you just disliking some of his articles? Click bait sucks, but it’s pretty much how the internet works at this point.

    3. This One Weird Trick for a Third Party Victory Will Amaze You.

      1. does it grow my penis 9″ longer too?

  13. nice to see an article about the libertarian candidates. good sign that trump is getting people to think about it, or just wishful thinking? probably the later, but still early enough for hope.

    i think gay john has the best chance, Petersen seems reasonable, McAfee gets on the list for notoriety. the other 9 are nice people, but would not get far if you were looking for someone who could theoretically get elected if Trump and Hillary turn enough people off to go for option 3. (that’s the big if)

    1. good sign that trump is getting people to think about it, or just wishful thinking?

      For what it’s worth, although I supported Johnson in the GOP primary, this may well be the first time I vote Libertarian in the general.

    2. Trump could push the LP to 2% this year. Reagan pushed the LP to 1%.

  14. I think Reason should start really supporting 3rd party because Democrats don’t like Clinton but don’t think Sanders can win. The majority of Republicans are sick of the Neocons and the non inclusiveness of the party heads. This is the perfect time for libertarians to show they probably more appealing to the vast majority of Americans

    1. Expect a long string of Hillary votes to “stop Trump at any cost” when the Reason staff explains their votes. Plus, it’ll be historic, like their Obama votes in 2008.

      1. Indeed; rich and powerful people will be falling over themselves to do everything they can to put Hillary in the White House, just so they can immortalize themselves for electing the first woman president. The history books will speak of how they fought a great fight and “defeated the Great Misogynist Donald Trump to shatter the glass ceiling.”

        This election is over. Best start thinking about 2020.

  15. Would really appreciate more articles like this, but who am I kidding…it probably doesn’t bring the revenue.

    1. Compare the number of comments on this to the number on the various Trump articles. Comments = page views = money.

      1. We can solve that! Quick everyone, let’s fight over what level of income tax is ok.

        1. No, if you really want the comments to go through the roof:

          Chicago Deep Dish is the best pizza!

          Mexicans, weed, and ass-sex!

            1. Yes I’m circumcised, why do you ask?

          1. Chicago Deep Dish is a very fine meal. I’ve had Uno, and the Lou Malnati version, and other
            pies from less famous places.

            It just isn’t, y’know, pizza.

            Kevin R

            1. Deep Six Pizza is the best.

        2. Income tax? Zero. None.

          Other taxes are open to debate.

        3. Off hand, I’d say 0 percent. If that won’t fly, how about an Alternative Maximum Tax of 10,000 dollars. Pay that much in a year and you’re in the clear — withholding stops, and you don’t need to file any additional details.

          1. There’s no need for taxes in Libertopia.

  16. Johnson is still waiting for big money that supports small government and the Constitution to look at Trump and come to the Libertarian Party.

    And I’m still waiting for Amber Heard to show up at my door and offer me a BJ and a fuck.

    Something tells we’ll both be waiting a very, very long time.

  17. With Rand Paul out the only choice left is the Libertarian Party.

    1. Amen brother.

  18. LOL…what “might” they do?

    1. Jack
    2. Sh*t

  19. Thanks for posting this article. Please Reason, make more like it.

      1. Thirded, Fuck the GOP clown show

  20. I really hope that lawsuit sees some success. Even if all it would end up doing is letting a 3rd Party candidate get asked one question for every ten asked to the Dem and Rep candidates that would still be far more coverage than 3rd parties get now. Also, please Reason, run more stuff like this. Republicans and Democrats get enough coverage. Start promoting the LP and the LP candidates. Especially in elections for offices besides the office of president. If we want the Republican Party to go the way of the Whigs, we need to promote a replacement to make that happen.

    1. If we can get a single debate with the lp candidate vs trump and Clinton, we could get a lot of people to not just dismiss the lp without thought. It would go a long way.

      1. It would certainly give people a tangible reason to dismiss the lp.

        1. That’s an improvement

      2. Bring back the League of Women Voters running the debates then. The Commission on Presidential Debates are nothing but a Dem/Rep gatekeeper.

      3. And you have to wonder the kind of dirt McAfee has on Trump and Clitdong, id love to see their dirty laundry aired on national TV at the debates

  21. Seriously, wasn’t there a Libertarian debate this weekend? I was expecting Reason to at least report on it. Nobody else has.

    1. The big debate is on April 1st I think. Stossel’s show.

      1. Which part of that falls under “April Fools!”, the debate or Stossel’s show?

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  23. I mean, I won’t lie, part of me is like, “The alternatives so far are Clinton and Trump. Surely, SURELY, a Libertarian candidate can get, what, 5% of the national vote? I mean, Donald Trump, for crissakes!” But another part of me is terrified that the answer is, “No, he can’t, because the overwhelming majority of people are mouthbreathing windowlickers and will vote for whoever says ‘Free ponies!’ the most.”

    Also, Reason, please let’s have more of these articles. I hear enough about Trump and Hillary elsewhere.

    1. I think your windowlicker (whatever that is) guess is probably the correct one.

        1. Every time I see the phrase I’m reminded of a local shop that has (or had…think it closed) 2 monkeys in a cage at the front glass. Went by one evening, and one of the monkeys was obsessively licking the front window pane.

          1. I think you are supposed to swallow window pane.

    2. Another answer: “Voting 3rd Party is really just voting for the Democrat/Republican. You may not like Clinton/Trump, but would you rather Trump/Clinton win?” People have been well trained to ultimately put party over principle.

      1. Ask them: “would you rather force both looter parties to change their stupid platforms?”

    3. And people still fear wasting their vote, even when their vote doesn’t matter in the slightest, and would be much more powerful if they voted and gave a third party candidate they agree with an eye-catching total.

    4. “free ponies for most” – this has not been a very successful campaign so far for Vermin Supreme

  24. Promise to make the wall higher than Trump’s wall?

    1. Apparently Trump has never heard of a tunnel or the ocean.

      1. My wall will extend a mile underground, like the one on Under the Dome.

      2. Apparently neither have his voters.

      3. Or a ladder.

  25. I don’t see how someone pro-life can call themselves libertarian. They want the government to violate the property rights of the mother.

    1. An unborn child is property? Or where you being sarcastic?

    2. Something about the government being instituted among men (and women) for the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Doesn’t life come first?

    3. Almost nobody is 100% in-line with their claimed ideology.

      1. Almost nobody is 100% in-line with their claimed ideology


    4. Why I Am a Pro-Life Libertarian by Stephanie Slade…..e-libertar

  26. Start making more money weekly. This is a valuable part time work for everyone. The best part work from comfort of your house and get paid from $100-$2k each week.Start today and have your first cash at the end of this week. For more details Check this link??

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  27. Libertarian party? What about the children?

  28. They would probably walk up to Donald Trump, shake his hand, and then give him a good swift kick in his crotch. Game set match.

    No really, it’s all academic. The libertarian moment is gone. They can say what they will, but Hillary and Donald aren’t going to notice.

  29. Hope they get attacked by Trump?

    If he ignored them it would prove their insignificance.

  30. Democracy is two nazis and a Jew voting on who’s paintings will be confiscated by the state to fund the already voted on invasion of Poland.

  31. . But Trump’s policy commitments, Johnson notes, could easily be seen to arise from racism, “and if you are going to vote for Trump, you are willing to take on that label” though he grants most Trump supporters don’t perceive their fears about immigration as rooted in race necessarily.

    Hey, Johnson should write for Reason. He already has the proper attitude – bend over when people call you a racist.

  32. Oh no, another opportunity for libertarians to salivate over Gary’s Johnson. Oh no, another libertarian who makes people think being libertarian is just about weed. Ron Paul was great for liberty. Gary Johnson is for libertarianism like pocket protectors are good for getting attractive women. Enough Gary Johnson already.

    1. Agreed, in the current state of the world its a John McAfee that’s going to win the popularity contest that is the presidential race, hes the only candidate that’s actively fighting the government spy apparatus that’s left in the game at this point. when it comes down to it GJ is a politician, Petersen is a fucking republican dipshit, and Darryl Perry (most ideologically pure) is a few libertarian presidencies ahead of his time, and even though hes my favorite, I know he would be destroyed by the oligarchs. After listening to the debates i’m convinced on McAfee

  33. I was one of Johnson’s 1.2 million votes in 2012. To call it disappointing would be an understatement. First, I was sure that we’d pull more support than that. Second, I was sure that with the economy in the crapper for the entirety of his first term, there’d be no way possible for Obama to win a second term.

    (showing just how horrifically bad of a prognosticator I am, I also predicted that the economy just had to recover during his second term – no matter what he did in office. I also predicted loudly and often that Trump would never get any votes once the real primaries started. I also, also predicted that Rand Paul would be in the race for the duration, if for no other reason than to promulgate his ideas and build his brand. As you can see, I’m horrific at predicting political things. )

  34. Holy shit! Has there ever been a more manchurian candidate than Marco? He reminds me of Eyes Wide Shut. Jeb is NIck Nailor. Ted Cruz is Tom Cruise. Donald Trump is Sydney Pollack. Ben Carson is the hooker with aids.
    John Kasich is her roomate.

  35. I’m a New Mexico resident. Lived her during Johnson’s tenure. He was pretty freaking amazing. Only time in my life a major politician was effective. Dramatic spending cuts, deficit went to surplus, and by the time he left the state was widely seen as the most business friendly in the nation (a title it quickly lost under Bill Richardson, who followed).

    He’s got my vote, and I bet he gets 5 – 7% this year, which would be the best showing the Libertarians have ever had.

    He’d get 20% or more if conservatives weren’t so loony about illegal immigration.

  36. Also lol Chris Cristie is the costume store owner. LOL.

  37. Stewart and Cyto you exemplify the tradegy of knowlege. Why cant u just be stupid and watch E channel. All your talk about good government which includes freedom and low taxes makes my head hurt. What are the Kardasians doing?

  38. Rubion’s master is that dud in the red mask during the orgy scene. Which was awsome totally awesome.

  39. if Rand Paul had got the nomination I might have voted.

  40. But lests be real. Reagan was bread on libertarianism. Goldwater was trure. Grover Cleveland no one remembers except us. This shits been going on for 150 years, No one ever gets convinced, You only get undergrad econimic majors. Then u get bussiness school. But all business school is to protect business. Cuz we want to make money and politics matters. But only to get people to agree with u.

  41. Donald Trump is an arrogant asshole. However he has a plus. He upsets everyone of the elite. Not just politicians but the commentariat. He insults all the people that need insulting. He is clearly a facist. He doesnt even hide his mo. Ofcouse i never vote so just leave me the fuck alone.

  42. Business can somewhat live with a facist. We cannot live with a socialist.

  43. trump is the legacy of Pat Buchanan

  44. its called paleo con

  45. the theory is nationalism socialism combined with tradition. This is not Trump’s opinion. But this is kinda what everyone knows. This is why the david duke stuff is coming up.

  46. bottom line, one again. Someone evil will be in the white house. What are u gonna do about it?
    i will do nothing

  47. whatcing them, maybe i dont want a leader.

    Maybe i can choose how to lead my own life.

    im probably a bad example. They have to shame.

    Let that be a lesson. Thoughtful introspect people loose. Bafoons win elections. Why participate?

  48. Youre vote means nothing either way. However if u vote u are consenting to be governed,

  49. libertrarians dont vote

  50. ‘How, Johnson wonders, does he expect to build a wall across the Rio Grande?’

    Same way they can build a wall across the Colorado River. Divert the water for agricultural use, say near Big Bend, then imbed a soda straw in the wall for any bit of seepage that makes its way to the border. Easy peasy.

    I like Gary, I think he had a lot of potential. I think he was a good governor, might have been a real libertarian asset in congress. I voted for him in 2012. But this year, as a CEO of a marijauna marketing company, he wants to run again??? Terrible optics. Gary, I hope you achieve great things in your business venture, and make a butt-load of money. Maybe even have an impact on fighting the drug war. But as the libertarian party candidate for president, I just don’t see it as helping the cause. I think it will hurt us, and sorry friend, I won’t support you. Others may feel differently, I’m just saying what I think.

    1. anyone who would not vote for him because of the marijuana business would never have voted for any libertarian candidate. the war on drugs is one of the few consistent and clear policy points we have, that also has a chance of becoming law.

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  53. I am hoping on a McAfee win for the LP primary for the following reasons;

    If GJ succeeds in getting the LP on the debate stage for the 2016 Presidential debates the best positioned candidate for utterly destroying the reputations of Clinton and Trump is John McAfee, if you wanna know what Clinton wiped from her servers or all the nefarious dealings of Trump, hes going to be the guy who can come up with (most likely already has) the damning evidence against them. GJ will be a politician, which may have worked against a percieved establishment candidate but will not work on a battlefield against The Donald, IMHO the LP needs someone who can out Trump the Trump

    John McAfee is right about the need to redefine how we are hiring our technical experts for the nations cyber-security (currently we hire clean cut relatively intelligent college majors and he would replace them with actual experts no matter where they were found) because even if no one wants to admit it, we are at the start of the Digital Age of humanity, we need someone with the knowledge of what that means in a position to organize our society to represent that.

    The dude has been through some shit, seen some shit, and lived to tell the tale. Hes light-years beyond the current crop of candidates in life experience and hes admittedly dosed before (which is a prerequisite for executive powers in my book)

    feel free to disagree, i just wanted to promote who i feel is the best candidate

    1. i think McAfee might have drawn more people in a different political environment, but trump is already sucking up a lot of the “i want a crazy outsider” vote. he also never has a chance of actually getting elected, no matter how far you stretch the hope. not holding out hope that any libertarian candidate could win, but GJ seems like a more plausible option. with the people who are ready to rebel against the GOP, if trump wins, his being a former politician is an asset, not a liability. remember, the people not interested in experience or track records are already pretty locked in on trump. the dems who could theoretically swing away from Hillary for her issues are also less likely to be attracted by a billionaire with McAfee’s.

      GJ is not perfect, but he does seem to be the most electable. the biggest liability is the pot related business… where most of the country agrees with libertarians… but the people who will not vote for him based on that, would never vote for a libertarian at all.

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  55. While the Libertarian Party is the only party that is rooted in liberty, its vision is incomplete and focus misguided.

  56. ‘I was going to be president – then I got high, then I got high, then I got high’ – Gary Johnson

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  58. RE: How Might Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates Deal with Donald Trump as Their GOP Opponent?

    How about a debate with Comrade Bernie, Hitlery and the spoiled rich boy, Trump.
    Oh wait.
    The little people are not allowed to debate the duocracy.
    Otherwise this country might turn out to be free and fair after all.
    We can’t have that now can we?

  59. Apple could offer to match any fines and expenses forced on it with donations to libertarian candidates.

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