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Known Drunk Driver-Hating Officer Who Blatantly Shot a Drunk Driver for No Apparent Reason Loses Job, Indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter [UPDATED]


UPDATED: After initial post, I learned that last week Feaster was indeed charged with involuntary manslaughter. More below.

I reported last year about the curious case of Officer Patrick Feaster, a California policeman with a loud public record of being really peeved with drunk drivers, who came upon and casually shot Andrew Thomas after Thomas flipped his truck in a drunk driving incident that killed Thomas' wife.

ep_jhu via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Thomas was struggling to crawl out the window of his truck vertically when Feaster shot him. Feaster neglected to report to dispatch that anyone had been shot, merely referring to a man who (Feaster had just shot, which might explain what followed, but he didn't mention any of that) "refuses to get out" of the truck.

As I reported then, Feaster was at first found not worthy of charges in the incident by Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey on the curious grounds that, as I summed it up, the:

shooting seemed to [Ramsey] maybe not intentional and thus not criminally negligent. (It seemed pretty intentional to me, but those judging police see with eyes suffused with a soft gelscreen of bitter, bitter mercy.) Because [Feaster] didn't shoot him twice, according to Ramsey, that proves merely that Feaster is the kind of officer who pulls out his weapon, finger on the trigger, aims it at someone who represents no conceivable threat to himself or anyone else, and shoots him without meaning to, and that apparently is just fine and deserves no criminal punishment.

Why didn't he tell anyone he'd shot him? He was in shock and not even actually sure he'd shot him!

So, reckless to the point of possible actual insanity. That's fine in a cop. Certainly not worthy of charges.

Thomas died of his injuries shortly after my initial post.

Last week Paradise Post reported that Feaster has finally been relieved of his job, although Paradise Police Chief Gabriela Tazzari-Dineen "could not disclose why Feaster is no longer with the department." 

After Thomas died, D.A. Ramsey reconsidered his initial decision not to prosecute at all, and that investigation, Ramsey now tells the Paradise Post:

 hinges on Thomas' autopsy report. One of the things Ramsey wanted an opinion on was whether immediate medical attention could have saved Thomas' life. Feaster did not acknowledge to superior officers that he had shot Thomas until 11 minutes after the shooting.

UPDATED: Two days after that Paradise Post report last week, Ramsey announced that he was indeed charging Feaster:

The charge of involuntary manslaughter carries a maximum penalty of four years of custody in county jail (a change from state prison as a result of AB109 in 2011). The additional allegation of being armed with a firearm carries an additional year in custody.

The video of the incident, highly disturbing, can be found at this Action News Now story.

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  1. Nope, not a gang at all.

    No offense to the lawyers here, but I really hate when Prosecutors are painted in some great light. They are LAWYERS, period.

    1. They’re lawyers so they’re used to it.

    2. prosecutors are elected politicians, right?

      1. That is some vicious intersectionality there – lawyers and politicians.

        1. I have been the Butte County District Attorney for over 26 years and a prosecutor for 35 years. During my administration, the department has instituted the following special prosecution and investigative programs:

          – Child Abuse Response Team
          – Drug Endangered Children Program
          – Domestic Violence Unit
          – Elder Abuse Unit
          – Bad Check Unit
          – Child Abduction Unit
          – Drug Free Zones
          – Insurance Fraud Unit
          – Welfare Fraud Unit
          – Sexual Assault Response Team
          – Environmental Protection Unit
          – Gang Unit
          – Drug Courts
          – Officer Involved Shooting Protocol Team
          – Child Support Enforcement Unit

          – Statutory Rape Vertical Prosecution Program

          – Hazardous Entry and Arrest Team (H.E.A.T)

          Seriously, is this guy the DA or the Sheriff? Both?


            1. All prosecution should be by victims or their guardians. Government involvement is a conflict of interest when the judges and police are also government employees.

            1. Note there the former police officer – not gonna say you’re full of shit there, Brian, but that bit about Ramsey looking into maybe prosecuting the cop after the guy he shot died? No, Ramsey looked into the possibility of prosecuting a former police officer – he wouldn’t prosecute a current police officer if you put 4 million volts through him. Now that the scumbag’s a former police officer, why, he’s just another scumbag.

              1. And now I’m an update? Is that a euphemism for “easy”?

            2. Nope, I missed the more recent developments in relying on the earlier report that was brought to my attention today. The post has been updated with new headline to reflect not just his firing, but his charge for involuntary manslaughter. Thanks for the correction.

              1. *narrows gaze*

                That sounds like something Tulpa would say.

                1. You would know.


          2. WHERES DA HUMANE TRAFIKKING TASC FARCE?!?!?eleventy!?

      2. But the prosecutors and judges elections are funded 100% by police unions and FOP to rule in there favor.

    3. The problem with prosecutors isn’t that they’re lawyers, it’s that they’re GOVERNMENT lawyers and the system is set up to benefit those who win big sentences and have high conviction rates.

      Prosecutors don’t want to find guilt or innocence – they want to convict you, unless you’re on the Government Team, in which case they want to come up with excuses not to charge you.

      1. 2015 was a record year of innocent victims of prosecutorial misconduct, being released from the for profit prisons. How many prosecutors went to jail for false imprisonment and corruption ? Don’t forget who funds elections for prosecutors and judges. Police unions and FOP so they rule in there favor. Rigged!

  2. This psychopath is the exact type of person attracted to the job of police officer. So this is what you’re going to get. Incentives matter.

  3. “Tazzari-Dineen said she could not disclose why Feaster is no longer with the department. She cited the state’s “Police Officer’s Bill of Rights,” which she said prevents the department from releasing the outcome of the internal affairs investigation.”

    Literal WTF

    1. Of course. Why would the public have the right to know the legal status of a public servant, sworn t protect them and whose salary they pay?

      Police Officer’s Bill of Rights, indeed. I’m not asking for the man’s SSN or home address…I’m asking for information about how a government official performs the duties I fucking pay him for!


      1. What would normally be a criminal matter becomes an employer/employee dispute governed by union negotiations. Brilliant, no?

  4. As a retired police investigator, I can say that was cold blooded murder, plain and simple. Stuff like this is why I retired as soon as I hit my time. On a different note, any libertarians live near the Alabama gulf coast? I live in Foley, would like to network with some like minded folks.

      1. “You’ll Never Catch Me Copper!!!”

        (*raises foam beer-cooler in salute, and peals off into the swamps in my monster truck, firing shotgun in the air)

        1. You been hangin’ with Florida Man, haven’t you?

      2. Curses, foiled again!

      3. inorite… obvious Tulpa sock puppet.

    1. First time visit Crimson Alliance?

      Some of the commenters here network and many of the regulars have been around for a decade or so. I think I have been around 8? years…7? Hell, I am so hair brained these days it could be ten for all I know.

      Stick around a while and let people get to know you ( around here that means cursing, name calling, being pilloried for every tiny mistake, etc. ) and you will grow to love it. It does take a special kind of asshole to fit in.

      1. Seconded.

        Oh, and

        Up yours!

      2. Thanks Suthenboy. I’m a former republican who had an epiphany. I read Stossel’s “Give Me a Break” and had my libertarian moment. I’ve been reading Reason a few years but not one to comment much. I’ll try and give more imput from now on… bastards.

        1. Fort Walton beach here in lower AL

        2. Have I mentioned I like Stossel?

          1. I remember you saying you even trimmed your pubic hair to match his mustache. Truer love doth not exist.

        3. I’ve been around for like six years but I’m always three hours late to the now dead threads.

  5. Last week Paradise Post reported that Feaster has finally been relieved of his job, although Paradise Police Chief Gabriela Tazzari-Dineen “could not disclose why Feaster is no longer with the department.”

    He [probably had that Farrah Fawcett poster on the inside door of his locker and a female officer complained. That’ll get you fired far quicker than murdering someone.

  6. “Now that the man Patrick Feaster shot died, after the officer didn’t inform anyone else of the man’s injury for over 10 minutes, the notion of possibly prosecuting Feaster back in play.”


  7. “One of the things Ramsey wanted an opinion on was whether immediate medical attention could have saved Thomas’ life.”

    Here’s another thing on which I think they should get an opinion: Is the guy dead because the cop shot him?

    (prosecutor: “yeah, sure, technically, but it was an accident and could have happened to anyone, and I certainly wouldn’t prosecute a civilian who accidentally shot and killed a drunk driver.”)

    1. Hmmm, this story from 2014 is interesting:

      A drunk driver killed a guy’s two kids. Shortly afterward, someone shot and killed the drunk driver. Prosecutors accused the bereaved father, but the defense managed to raise a reasonable doubt: The shooter could have been someone *else* with a beef against the driver.

    2. I’m sure Thomas ultimately died from lack of oxygen to the brain.

      1. Officer Feaster seems to be doing alright despite that affliction.

        1. Well, he has the excuse of not having a brain, so oxygen is optional.

    3. I didn’t see an accident. I saw muscle memory draw, shoot, holster. I am pretty sure but not certain that it was an attempted double tap. One of the shots missed. I also saw him policing for his brass.

  8. Paradise Police Officer Patrick Feaster…

    Can’t touch his toes, nor his keister
    Shot his load on on a country road
    Like a horny bunny
    a week from Easter.

  9. Explain to me exactly how Feaster is not in prison.

    He’s a fricken murderer.

  10. #drunklivesmatter

  11. Oh my God, from the original story:

    “As the commanding officer suggested an investigator return to Canteena and try to find out if Thomas had been shot at the bar, Feaster revealed that he may have shot Thomas.”

    Sweet! Apparently I can shoot someone, then by like “my God, how did that guy get shot!?!?,” then when cops go to investigate I can sheepishly admit that I “may” have shot him! At that point, the DA will agree to drop!

    1. Granted cops aren’t used to hitting a target with only 1 shot.


    Also from the original story:

    “Ramsey said the evidence in this case shows the shooting to be accidental, and possibly negligent, but not criminally so. “This shooting is not justified, but also not criminal.””

    Question: how can a shooting which is not justified, also not be criminal? Surely if you shoot someone in an unjustified manner, that is the very definition of a crime.

    I am also pretty sure we have negligent homicide statutes for situations where someone negligently shoots someone to death on accident. Just saying.

    1. Does the DA ever recall reading the words “depraved indifference” I wonder?

    2. I’m no fancy lawyer but that shooting was ABSOFUCKENLUTELY CRIMINAL.

    3. We really are living in some sort of Kafkaesque nightmare universe. There are states in this country where it’s legal to have sex with a 17 year old, but if you take a picture of the naked 17 year old you just had sex with, they can convict you for possession of child porn. So for the purposes of penetration she’s an adult, but for the purposes of nude pictures she’s a minor – and you’ll get a few years in prison and a lifetime on the sex offender registry for taking a naked picture of someone you’re legally allowed to screw.

      Meanwhile, a cop can shoot a man who is crawling out of a wrecked truck and the DA will claim that this is ‘unjustifiably negligent’ but also not ‘criminal,’ apparently by using a bizarre definition of negligent homicide that only applies to cops.

      1. We really are living in some sort of Kafkaesque nightmare universe.


        The intellectual integrity of the entire judiciary is entirely corrupt. From the local small claims court judge all the way up to SCOTUS.

        Already there is a lot of fretting over who the next SCOTUS appointee is going to be. It doesn’t fucking matter. The Republic of the US is history. We will someone who either outright sucks like Roberts, or kind of sucks like Kagan.

        Your robed fuck can tolerate the legal penetration vs. felony photo porn dichotomy you speak of without the slightest fucking bit of cognitive dissonance: None.

        1. Your local robed fuck……

        2. Wrong. It does matter. Gun rights and free speech may hang in the balance. There are different degrees of bad.

    4. “Ramsey said the evidence in this case shows the shooting to be accidental, and possibly negligent, but not criminally so. “This shooting is not justified, but also not criminal.””

      Sounds like an argument I might have made (and may well HAVE made) when I was a public defender and my client had no real defense.

      This coming from a prosecutor it is mind boggling.

      1. I thought they would find the shooting to be criminal, and possibly negligent, but not accidentally so.

        So much for brains.

  13. It would be interesting to see how Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey prosecuted private citizens who had occasion to use a Concealed Carry weapon if only to draw and exhibit one.

  14. OT: The Libertarian Moment comes to Kenya: Kenya’s government is defending Uber against Nairobi’s taxi drivers


    Fun quote: “We are in a liberalized environment and those who offer competitive services must be protected,” Macharia [Kenya’s transport minister] said. “Uber operators and their clients will be protected.”

    Hey Macharia you wouldn’t happen to be interested in forging US citizenship and running for prez would you?

    1. +1 Our Lady of Patriotism Hospital

  15. Updated! I was relying on local news report from before the better news. Feaster HAS now been charged, with involuntary manslaughter. Details in updated post.

    1. Apparently they are operating with a different definition of “involuntary” than the one the rest of us use.

  16. Why didn’t he tell anyone he’d shot him? He was in shock and not even actually sure he’d shot him!

    “‘I was in shock’ ….. Yeah, *that’s* the ticket!”

    1. You’d think it would be pretty easy to check. Look for a hole. He should be doing that as part of the first aid anyway if he was a decent man, let alone a decent cop.

  17. OT:
    “Judge: Apple must help US hack San Bernardino killer’s phone”
    “A U.S. magistrate ordered Apple Inc. on Tuesday to help the Obama administration hack into an encrypted iPhone belonging to one of the shooters in the December attack in San Bernardino, California, in a first-of-its-kind ruling that pits digital privacy against national security interests….”

    OK, we have a pretty certain ID of the perps, and that would suggest a warrant should be easy to come by, but turning that over to the feds means they then have the ability to fish at will.

    1. I wonder how Apple can even comply, if the phone is truly wholly encrypted with a passphrase unknown to anybody but the owner. I’ve done that to my phones and computers since the first day possible, for that very reason.

      Or is it an earlier iPhone, or does it use some lesser encryption option? The very fact that it’s gone past the warrant stage and into court suggests Apple literally cannot comply. It makes me mighty suspicious of grandstanding ulterior motives, such as showing how desperately they need to ban encryption.

      1. Hmmmm … I see another article speculating that the FBI is demanding Apple disable the auto-wipe after too many consecutive login failures, so they can brute force their way in. Apple is naturally pretty reluctant to even admit they can do that.

  18. Good thing they didn’t find any pot on him or he’d be up for some real time.

  19. The manslaughter charge was the culmination of several weeks of work involving legal and
    forensic experts engaged by the District Attorney’s Office while waiting for the Thomas autopsy.
    Before Thomas’ death, as was previously noted, no criminal charges were possible under the
    California law of assault as the firing of Feaster’s weapon had to be shown as conscious, willful
    and intentional. Instead a frame-by-frame analysis of the dashcam video from the former officer’s
    patrol vehicle indicated the officer was “surprised” by its discharge. This included the facts the
    discharge was seen occurring while the officer was in mid-stride; and that he flinched his head
    and did a “stutter-step” when the gun fired. As noted by the California Supreme Court, absent a
    willful and intentional pulling of the trigger, even reckless conduct does not constitute a
    sufficient basis for a charge of assault, even if the assault results in an injury to another.

    The real criminal here is the gun. Good things these public servants tirelessly worked to discover that. We can all breathe fr- well, not free exactly, not free as such, but I’m sure we’re all breathing a little easier now that our faith in our system has been restored.

  20. More OT:
    Pretty sure I earlier linked a claim the EPA will prohibit the “conversion” of street-driven vehicles to competition vehicles.
    Well someone queried Snopes and they claim “Mostly False”

    Yes, the EPA is not specifically banning “conversion”, it’s banning modifications to any EPA-mandated part of the car (like most everything that makes it run, and now [tied into the ECU] various suspension/transmission controls). And the EPA is obviously retaining the ability to define “conversion”, but Snopes says it’s mostly false, ’cause the EPA is a bunch of nice folks and they wouldn’t enforce it!
    You folks hoping for driverless cars? You think the government might not choose this day to disable cars in X area? Well, there is still swamp in Florida…

    “The Civil Rights Act Is Not A Quota Bill”
    “A SMALL coterie of opponents to the Civil Rights Act of 1990 have sought to advance their cause by labeling the act “a quota bill.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The act does not mandate quotas. Nor does it even encourage or authorize the institution of quotas as one of the remedies available to victims of discrimination.”

    1. ” someone queried Snopes and they claim “Mostly False”‘

      Yeah, ars technica also said as much, but as with all things regulatory… i’m never willing to accept the ‘face value’ interpretation of the “Intent”, and will always, always, always assume the Worst Possible Most Cynical Underhanded Long Term Unintended Consequences are inevitable, guaranteed, and certain to be far worse than i can possibly imagine.

      And why not? Its true of almost every other rule people like the EPA implement.

      1. This is the same Ars Technica which wet their pants recently over the inevitability of robots destroying jobs and economies. They never met a climate warning scare they thought too strong, and regularly pee themselves over anything proggies pee themselves over. Pretty sorry for a tech website.

    2. I remember when they were mandating expensive spill-containment “moats” around farm storage tanks for hazardous liquids like fuel and chemicals and so on and somebody noticed that the definitions included liquids which contained oils – which would technically include milk. When the dairy farmers insisted the language be changed to specifically exclude milk storage tanks, they were told not to worry, the rules obviously weren’t going to be used to include milk as a hazardous liquid! When the farmers chuckled along and said “yeah, but no, seriously, much as we trust your word, we really would rather have that down in black-and-white in the rules”, they suddenly got real defensive and fought in court to not have to exclude milk because, you know, just because the law really, really didn’t mean milk, it might someday mean milk and they really didn’t want to take that option off the table, because they did after all have the right to make it mean milk if they wanted to, even though they totally didn’t want to and never would.

    3. I think they mostly just want to push CA’s carb horse shit nation wide, though I could be wrong. People just bribe the smog shops to ignore the aftermarket intercoolers, etc.

  21. And even more OT: Looks like some folks hope Bill shows up before Hillary.

    “Hookers 4 Hillary: Dennis Hof’s ‘Bunny Ranch’ workers form political group ahead of Nevada caucus”
    “Taylor Lee, a 26-year-old former cake decorator from Houston, has worked at the Bunny Ranch for six months. She told The Guardian that she’s happy to have health insurance to pay for anti-seizure medication.
    Lee, however, confessed to having divided loyalties. While the thinks Clinton would be an “excellent candidate,” she said she would be caucusing on Saturday for Bernie Sanders.”

    I’m a guess Ms. Lee is a ‘former cake decorator’ since cake decoration didn’t make best use of her ‘talents’, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

    1. He’s got a billboard for his Bunny Ranch near here, and I think a lot of upright uptight citizens about had a stroke. Full bar! Cigar bar! and the only picture is of him (I suppose) smoking a big cigar.

  22. (looks around)
    Hmm, side walks seem to be rolled up here…

  23. Long time commentor, first time reader here. da@buttecounty.net if anyone wants to send an email to the psychopath known by Mike Ramsey. I sure did.

    1. “Long time commentor, first time reader here.”
      That was either a typo or the most brilliant thing I’ve read in the comments section.

  24. Even if the first shot was accidental (and I so doubt that) not telling them that he had been shot for 11 minutes is second degree murder. When cops are strung from the lampposts in the revolution and they ask why, the crowd will say “Because you saw this and did nothing”.

  25. Pig deserves the electric chair.
    Everyone else who first looked the other way should be the ones who get away with only going to jail.

  26. For some reason, a number of internet viewers have criticized the responding officers for not tending to Darien Ehorn, 23, as she lay on her stomach on the pavement after being thrown from the vehicle and being crushed by the vehicle rolling over her.

    In the press release from the district attorney. It seems like a certain someone who eventually must run for re-election was stung by the viral dashcam footage’s international outcry.

  27. Worthless P O S hope he rots in jail.


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