Death Penalty

Maine's Governor Wants to Fight the War on Drugs with the Guillotine

Paul LePage a.k.a. "America's Craziest Governor" is at it again.


Maine's Republican Governor Paul LePage

America's Craziest Governor
Dreamstime/Aaron Priest

wants to impose the death penalty on drug traffickers in the Vacationland state.

In an interview with WVOM-FM radio, LePage insisted mandatory minimums "don't go far enough" and that he believes "people who kill Mainers" should be killed via "injection of the stuff they sell."

To demonstrate how "all in" he is on the War on Drugs, he proposed 20-year mandatory minimum sentences for drug traffickers to "keep them here until they die."

An increasingly emotional LePage added:

I am just appalled at people getting angry at me for making a comment…when they protect these people. And the ACLU, mind you, is the worst organization in the state protecting these people. 

The show's hosts tried to wrap up the segment, but were interrupted by LePage:

What I think we ought to do is bring the guillotine back. We could have public executions and we could even have, uh, which hole it falls in. 

The bemused hosts chuckled at this suggestion, and while beheading is a far more humane method of execution than all of the alternatives currently practiced in US death penalty states, LePage's hysterical drug war rhetoric is consistently disconcerting. Earlier this month, Nick Gillespie noted LePage's concerns regarding out-of-state drug traffickers:

"The traffickers, these aren't people who take drugs. These are guys by the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty," LePage, a Republican, said during a discussion of the state's heroin epidemic at a town hall event. "These type of guys that come from Connecticut and New York. They come up here, they sell their heroin, then they go back home."

"Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young, white girl before they leave," he added. "Which is the real sad thing, because then we have another issue that we have to deal with down the road."

Buzzfeed reported LePage later walked back a small portion of his statement (sort of):

"Instead of saying 'Maine women' I said 'white women,' and I'm not going to apologize to the Maine women for that. Because if you go to Maine, you'll see that we're essentially 95% white."

Later in the news conference, LePage said, "If I slipped up and used the wrong word, I apologize to all the Maine women."

When asked by a reporter at the news conference whether he would apologize to the black community, LePage said, "I never said anything about white or black on traffickers."

LePage, who Politico called "America's craziest governor," had previously boasted of his "robust authority" when in 2014 he unsuccessfully tried to quarantine a nurse returning from Africa after treating Ebola patients, despite the fact that she tested negative for the disease and showed no symptoms.

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  1. Drug traffickers are not coming in and “killing” Mainers, you douche. Some residents of the state you control would rather die than continue to live there. Maybe take it as a lesson.

    1. So you’re suggesting that he extend Madame Guillotine’s mission to include drug users?

    2. It’s Maine, there’s bound to be some people who want enough drugs to forget they live there.

      1. Really, what are you supposed to do until it’s August again, sit in your house and serf the pr0n? Oh noes, the intertoobz is frozen again!

        1. They’ve been getting snow. There’s plenty to do.

    3. I say we impose the death penalty on all republican governors from Maine.

      Hell, let’s just make it on ALL republicans.

      1. Let’s just make it “Professional Politicians.”

        That way we get the Dems too

      2. I second that. “Death penalty for potheads” ought to be the antiabortion and fetus fetishist slogan. They’ll call it a “tough love” crime.

  2. “”I never said anything about white or black on traffickers.””

    LOL, we all know plenty of white gays named Tyrone so clearly I wasn’t being racial!

    1. I knew D-Money referred to my brother all along!

        1. That’s DeMonet

          You have to stand back from him a bit.

          1. And wait for the shake.

        2. That’s DeMonet

          I loved her in Risky Business.

        3. I would let this asshole hold my piss-bucket.

          1. On second thought….

      1. “D” stands for Dartmouth. It is clearly geared toward the Ivy League hedonists.

      2. Look Nicole, when those “people” from “New Jersey” with names like T-Sizzle and Shaquile Ali Shaniqua (who are probably all illegitimate young men who don’t even know their fathers) bring their dope up in order to force our white women into sexual servitude and leave them pregnant, I could be talking about any race. I don’t know why you assume I’m being racist when I never used the word ‘black.’

        1. He clearly name-checked CT, not NJ!

          1. All the heroin does come from CT.

    2. Count De Money!

      DemonAy, DemonAy!

    3. “gays”

      This clearly should say guys. My latent homosexuality comes percolating to the surface once again.

      1. [makes secret homosexual recognition signal at Irish]

    4. What do you have against Tyrone Power?

  3. LePage…guillotine…I see what you did there.

  4. I’ve been to Maine – way more than 95% white if you include French Canadians.

    1. Nobody includes the French Canadians, though.

    2. I thought Maine was a colony of French Canada.

      1. According to some friends of mine who used to live there, “French” (i.e. Quebecois) is an insult in Maine.

  5. Even though I disagree with this guy on almost everything, I still kind of love the guy.

    1. Yeah but I wish he was high-on-crack Rob Ford crazy instead of bigoted drug-warrior asshole crazy.

      1. Sounds like he would be the perfect running-mate for Trump.

        1. Did his fingers get caught in the ‘tine?

  6. And I’m sure the hosts applauded him. After all, addiction is caused by drug dealers. Users are just victims of these murderers from Away who bring the poison into the state. It’s not like people use drugs by choice or because they enjoy them. No, they’re forced to use drugs by black and brown people from New York and Connecticut. The blame for overdose deaths lies squarely on the lap of dealers. Users have no agency in this at all. They’re victims.

    At least that’s the bullshit they like to say on that stupid show. GHRT: Morons^2.

    1. the irony is they are same people who use the opposite logic to make prostitutes into victims.

      1. Sometimes, they’re victims AND criminals at the same time. . .

  7. Sure, Mr. Governor. But we need to try the guillotine on somebody first. You should be that somebody.

  8. “Where da’ white Maine wimmenz at”?


    1. No one in the history of this country has ever said that.

      No one.

      1. “Blazing Saddles”, RP said something like that.

    2. Imma take that handle.

  9. If Maine is still 95% white, D-Money clearly isn’t impregnating as many white women as LePage seems to imagine.

    1. Thank God for abortion, I guess.

  10. I blame sarcasmic.

  11. Why do the politicians who actually try to shrink government otherwise always turn out to be authoritarian assholes on criminal matters?

    1. I’ve often wondered that myself.

    2. They “played by the rules” and “did it the right way” in their lives and avoided drugs and rule breaking. It was easy for them and it should be easy for you too.

      Now get off the pipe and be Governor, slacker.

      1. As a fellow inhabitant of the Old Dominion, i have to think that Lee would be infinitely preferable to McAuliffe.

        1. Faint praise, but praise nonetheless. Thank you.

  12. What a dick

  13. If Christie wins the Republican nomination, I think he just found his running mate.

    1. yes you nailed it!

    2. Christie/Lepage 2016 – you’re all going to fucking prison FOR SOMETHING

    3. Doesn’t look like either of them are doing much running.

  14. You know who else called for the death penalty for drug dealers?

    (Hint: there were lots of them, they were all running for president, at least two of them actually got elected. One of them even bragged about his crime bill expanding the death penalty for drug dealers. That was the one with a D next to his name and a wife currently running for president. Too much of a hint? Or not enough?)

    1. Newt Gingrich?

    2. Suharto?

    3. Lee Kuan Yew?

    4. Hitler?

    5. I really now this time!

      Hedey Lamarr!!!!!

      1. That’s Hedley!

    6. Nelson Rockefeller? (Ran for president, was responsible for NY’s draconian drug laws)

  15. we could even have, uh, which hole it falls in.

    Uhm, phrasing!

    On a related note, did anyone else read LePage’s quotes in this post in the voice if Ron Cadillac, or was it just me?

    1. Whenever I read a quote from some fat asshole who has a voice I’ve ever heard, I end up reading it in some weird Frank Rizzo / Tony Clifton voice mash up.

      1. Note: Jerky Boys Frank Rizzo.

        1. Nice save, sizzle chest.

          1. Sure thing nutty ass.

  16. Noggin droppin’ nincompoop can’t stoop lower than carving his own brain out and shitting lobster arms into the steaming rivulets.

    Bureaucracy is a tyranny biome bursting with a paradise of sharp objects and excited hammers and this Republican turdwaffle wandering the towering hills of bloody dungeons spits blueberry-coated brutality with the fiery invective typically reserved for goddamn Sharia law-loving jihadists.

    Political positions seem to be doorways for the middle ages which has a real fucking problem remaining forever trapped in its own set of centuries.

    1. “Political positions seem to be doorways for the middle ages which has a real fucking problem remaining forever trapped in its own set of centuries.”

      Would someone please collect AC’s comments and publish them already? There is so much pure gold in there.

  17. Chopping off heads? Sounds like ISIS is already here. We have met the enemy….

    1. Lorena Bobitt for Governor of Maine?

  18. I wonder how far his suggestion would go if he said it applied to drug users? Dealers gonna sit over the border in New Hampshire and deal and users will get high and “kill themselves” in Maine. First clean cut Bowdoin College kid who is executed and the shit will hit the fan.

    1. LAPD Chief Daryl Gates said “casual drug users should be taken out and shot.”

  19. he believes “people who kill Mainers” should be killed via “injection of the stuff they sell.”

    So he wants marijuana peddlers to have a really good time? Or is having killed someone a requirement?

    1. The governor has heard of all those poor kids who died from injecting too many marijuanas.

  20. Someone in Maine may have a spare wood chipper.

  21. This is what happens when you elect Republicans. See you have a choice, you can vote for Democrats. They might not kill you for selling drugs, but they will tax you to death instead. America, land of freedom and choice!

    1. Hmm slave or caged? Hey at least we get to choose!

  22. The philosophical underpinnings of our founding and of the criminal justice system is lost on most of the population and nearly 100% of the political class. How we have managed to last this long is a mystery to me.

    LePage isnt fit to be dog catcher or garbage collector.

  23. Someone was binge-watching Wolf Hall over the weekend!

  24. From his Wikipedia entry (among other things, lots of other things):

    “LePage has vetoed 182 bills as Governor, which broke the record of 118 set by Governor James B. Longley. Most of LePage’s vetoes have come since 2013, when Democrats regained control of the Legislature from the Republicans. Democrats overrode 20 of LePage’s vetoes. Five of them, including an override of the 2013?2014 state budget, came in the 2013 session of the Legislature, while 15 came in the 2014 session. In the 2015 session of the Legislature, LePage had 14 more vetoes overridden as of June 11. That number is expected to climb as LePage has promised to veto every bill sponsored by a Democrat, regardless of its merits, in retaliation for the rejection of his proposal for a constitutional amendment referendum to eliminate Maine’s income tax. If he does so, LePage would be on pace to break Gov. James B. Longley’s record of having 64 vetoes overridden in a single term. LePage later expanded his veto threat to all bills sponsored by all legislators in order to force needing a 2/3 vote on them for passage. He stated that he feels it is the only way he can “get the most representation that I can for the people of the state of Maine” and that Democrats had convinced Republicans to sponsor bills to get around his initial veto threat.”

  25. He forgot to call out negro jazz musicians. I’m sure it was just a slip.

  26. So… he thinks drug dealers should be beheaded. Sounds suspiciously Sharia-y. I know a certain governor that needs to be on a terrorist watchlist.

  27. Why does the phrase, ‘batshit insane’ occur to me?

  28. Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage America’s Craziest Governor wants to impose the death penalty on drug traffickers in the Vacationland state

    So he and Thomas Friedman are birds of a feather.

  29. I just can’t understand how anyone supports the death penalty for anything but murder or perhaps particularly horrible rapes. For anything else it is just insanely disproportionate.

  30. It’s not really much of a war. Wait until the druggies start shootig back. Would be over in a few minutes…

  31. Yes, because Prohibition worked so well, we should keep it going. How about the Guillotine for crooked bankers and nutty politicians. They kill more people than drugs do.

  32. is he muslim!! nuts r nuts…………..

  33. It would zero the recidivism rate of dealers.

    1. read “defending the undefendable” about drug dealers. his point is the only reason a heroin habit leads people to crime is because prohibition drives the cost ridiculously higher than it has any right to be (it’s a fucking plant extract), making an otherwise law abiding life impossible (unless you legally earn an improbable amount of money). that’s what leads to crime, not the addiction itself, and the more drug dealers the cheaper drugs (in this case heroin) would be. hence the drug dealer is actually a hero in that he or she improves the life of the addict in a way no drug warrior ever has. im not sure this proves his point, but he looks at doctors from long enough ago they could prescribe themselves (or otherwise get their hands on) inexpensive opiates, and there are plenty of recorded instances of doctors who were horribly physically addicted to heroin, but nobody aside from close friends knew and they did their jobs just fine.

  34. the guillotine was supposed to be a more humane way of killing the bourgeoisie than other methods of beheading that existed at the time (gravity’s a little more reliable than people). and it was, it’s got a bad name for no good reason. i dont think anyone ever spent significant time in covulsions before dying on the guillotine

  35. Boy I thought Hitler was wacked by just gassing jews and outlawing smokers………..this governor makes EUGENICS look good compared to his radical ideas.

    Look up eugenics and Americas contribution and how it forged Hitlers own agenda in Mein kampf.

  36. The Saudi approach is to treat the users medically and executed the drug dealers. This is the only way to solve the problem.

    1. Solve what problem?

  37. I do advocate for a return of the Code Duello

  38. So Arizona’s not the only state with batshit-crazy elected officials. Somehow I don’t find that very reassuring.

  39. So? George Daddy Bush in Billings Montana, July 20, 1990: “And when I say fast ? we need habeas corpus reforms to stop the frivolous appeals that are choking our courts. And final ? I’m talking about fair and constitutionally sound death penalty provisions for these major traffickers.” Papers of the Presidents (Bush, 1991 Book II 1036-8)
    George “Holy War” Bush at a Republican Party Fundraising Dinner in New York July 24, 1990: “And Republicans ? and this is a big one nationally ? Republicans want murderers and drug kingpins to pay the ultimate penalty, and liberal Democrats don’t. In Washington, we argue that those who sell drugs are selling death, and we propose that drug kingpins reap what they sow.” (Bush, 1991 Book II 1063-1064) The Presidential Papers are searchable online.

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