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Hakeem Olajuwon? Go Play Ball Somewhere Else. Beardy McTerrorist? Come on in!

Matt Welch talks about Donald Trump's inanely authoritarian Muslim border policy on Kennedy


Last night I appeared on Fox Business Network's Kennedy to debate the practicalities of Donald Trump's curious proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States. The other panelists were Jedediah Bila and Gavin McInnes, the latter of whom was wearing a "Make America Great" button. Things got contentious:

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  1. “Beardy McTerrorist? Come on in!”

    Wait, he wasn’t on the “no fly list”?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. There is nothing after “things got contentious.” Is there supposed to be a video or something?

    1. I see a video of Trump with a horrid facial expression.

    2. Note the timestamp on my post. This was a phantom post that briefly appeared around 3:40 PM and then disappeared until just now. The original, phantom, post had no video.

  3. Is “Contentious” French for “Gavin Shits His Pants”?

    1. No, that’s “*in*contentious”.

      1. hiyoooo

        I think “incontinentious” might have been better but its the thought that counts

        1. Incontinenia Buttocks

    2. Did it turn into the same level of shouting and pants shitting again? Last time he and Kennedy got into it and it was Hannity-level bad with the talking over everyone and being shouty and stupid…

      1. He said, verbatim = “Trump is crass, and rude, and irrational, but that’s what we need right now… We need Hate”

        He then went on to say that any complaints that “trying to keep out muslims” is both impractical (people can just lie) and not to mention treats perfectly innocent people (*the proposed Hakim Olijuwan, everyone’s favorite muslim) like Terrorists…. are simply “Academic” and “Hypothetical” and SO WHAT if there’s some “collateral damage”…. we don’t want another Bombing!!

        (as though the proposed measure by its very existence means, “No more bombing”)

        I suppose by his own logic, simply rounding up and deporting every single muslim in America is equally practical and clearly a good idea by virtue of its equal offensiveness and obvious lack of practicality.

        1. Pretty sure the ascendancy of Trudeau is driving assholes like this guy insane. He wants to live out his hateful power fantasies vicariously through the Trump-mania.

        2. It’s really remarkable how this string of incidents has completely unraveled a whole bunch of people. I mean, these loud shitheads can’t possibly seriously be spending actual time doing the cowering under their bed that is suggested by their tone and arguments. Can they?

          1. Oh their tone isn’t about cowering in place. They want A Great Leader to live out their authoritarian power fantasies vicariously. Trump is perfect for them.

  4. Is Gavin McInnes that dumbshit from ‘Rebel Media’?

    1. If you don’t know who he is explaining would take too long. He’s Canadian, and holds (somewhat) exaggerated views mostly for the sake of Entertainment Value, with maybe 10-20% sincerity behind it. He writes interesting articles about Trannies

      1. Then he’s the dumbshit I thought he was.

        1. He’s one of those Twitter dorks.

      2. “He’s Canadian, and holds (somewhat) exaggerated views mostly for the sake of Entertainment Value, with maybe 10-20% sincerity behind it.”

        Except for the Canadian part, isn’t this Trump too?

        1. Trump is probably more like 50%-60% and he’s not as funny as Gavin

          1. So…negative funny?

  5. Do I really have to choose between

    “The only problem with the mmigration system is that it isn’t open-borders enough”


    “Screw the Mohammetans, throw them out and shut down the mosques”

    This is actually one of those issues where the truth is in the middle.

    Be selective in choosing immigrants, students and tourists. Particularly people who’ve been in known war zones.

    Recruit more and more Muslim allies, not just fence straddling “moderates.”

    But don’t piss off the entire Muslim community and confirm ISIS propaganda a bout us being muslims’ persecutors.

    1. But the problem isn’t people who have been in war zones.

      The problem is ultimately Islam. On the one hand, it doesn’t separate religion from politics. A large chunk of muslims want Shariah law.

      On the other hand, it justifies really nasty treatment towards non-muslims. Slavery, essentially. Look at all the sex slavery gangs in the UK for instance. There are trials going on now.

      That has nothing to do with terrorism, but everything to do with Islam.

      To the extent that not all Muslims are problems is the extent that not all Muslims are good Muslims. We need to continue that trend by attacking and criticism Islam in the same sense that Christianity has been criticized and mocked.

  6. “Hakeem Olajuwon? Go Play Ball Somewhere Else.”

    Matt, I hate to break it to you but Hakeem retired some time ago.

    1. Shabazz Mohammed is the new Hakeem Olajuwon.

      1. In that he is almost as good at basketball as a 52-year-old Olajuwon.

  7. So that Gavin McInnis is some kind of troll right? I mean if the farcical vapidity of his arguments wasn’t enough to tip his hand, it’s pretty clear from his facial hair that we are not meant to take him seriously.

  8. I still have trouble believing that people are taking Trump seriously. Anyone who is at all clearheaded figured out that he was an idiot the first time they watched “The Apprentice”. If you aren’t bright enough to figure out what is going on with a handful of game-show contestants making a lemonade stand, you certainly aren’t bright enough to run the government.

    I’ll give him this much though, he certainly is entertaining.

    1. He’s done us a huge credit by revealing that a large number of conservatives are every bit as racist and ignorant and stupid as Liberals made them out to be.

  9. Matt Welch is the primary reason I threw of few of my few bucks to Reason a few days ago.

    Thanks, Matt.

    1. “a” few, that is.

  10. Lets jsut roll with it man and be cdone wit hit.

  11. I never even knew Jebediah and Gavin were running for the God’s Own Party nomination…

  12. Of course Beardy McTerrorist is going to lie at the border. But you know who can’t lie to come to the United States? The Saudi Prince coming here for his nose jobs and his hookers.

    Close the door on the Muslim Elite and they’ll drain their own swamp right quick.

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