Donald Trump

Donald Trump Has Now Trashed Religious Liberty, Due Process, Equal Protection, Private Property, and the Bill of Rights

Trump is a disgrace.


Donald Trump is a bigot and a disgrace and it's getting hard to keep track of his seemingly endless attacks on basic constitutional principles. To date, Trump has trashed the First Amendment by calling for the closing of mosques, he has trashed the Fifth Amendment by endorsing unlimited eminent domain power for government officials, and he has trashed the 14th Amendment as part of his campaign to suppress immigration.

Now Trump is trashing the bedrock principles of religious liberty, due process, and equal protection by calling for a "total and complete shutdown" of Muslims entering the United States. Even Dick Cheney, who is nobody's idea of a dove when it comes to the so-called war on terror, is aghast at Trump's bigotry. "It goes against everything we believe in," Cheney told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

To be sure, Trump's brand of overt government discrimination is not exactly unprecedented in American history. There were the notorious Chinese Exclusion Acts of the late 19th century, as well as the shameful U.S. exclusion of Jewish refugees in the 20th century. And of course there was President Franklin Roosevelt's vile and indefensible internment of Japanese Americans during the 1940s.

Ominously, Trump is now citing FDR's misdeeds in support of his own reprehensible call to single out Muslims for abuse. FDR "is a president highly respected by all, he did the same thing," Trump told ABC News. Perhaps it should go without saying, but decent people look on FDR's crimes and recoil in disgust. Trump apparently sees them as some sort of useful blueprint for implementing future acts of government repression.

Just when you thought Trump couldn't sink any lower, he opens his mouth and yet another rancid, unconstitutional idea spews out.

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310 responses to “Donald Trump Has Now Trashed Religious Liberty, Due Process, Equal Protection, Private Property, and the Bill of Rights

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    1. If you plan to defend America, try to make sure it’s still America when you’re done.

  3. The choice will be between the clown and the criminal, with millions ever so eagerly voting for one over the other.

    Space travel can’t come soon enough.

    1. Space travel is already here; it’s just prohibitively expensive for most of us.

      1. I don’t think that getting into low orbit will allow us to escape from the tyrants.

        1. Trump wants to take your law, and take your land, and eventually he will want to to take you where you cannot stand.

          1. But he can’t take the sky from me… can he?

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  5. What’s the over/under on him coming out for quartering soldiers in the homes of civilians?

    1. I think there’s a 50/50 chance of him saying anything, no matter how outlandish it is. In fact, I think he purposely says the most outlandish things he can think of just to get the biggest reaction.

      1. If you’re running for president and you’re not getting a mention or on, every single morning newscast – you’re a fucking loser.
        Say anything.
        Do anything.
        It’s all about the ratings.

      2. Rush Limbaugh thinks it’s just Trump’s grandiose negotiating tactic. Ask for $1000 if you want to get $400 for it. So he’s demanding exporting all Muslims, but plans to get something lower, like fewer Syrian refugees.

    2. What if the homes are owned by Mexicans or Muslims?

      Just kidding, we all know those groups don’t actually own anything.

  6. More! More yokels! More Trump! More rape gangs! More internment camps! MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!

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  7. For awhile I was getting sick of Reason posting Trump articles. But now I realize the problem isn’t Reason, it’s Trump. That guy is saying insane shit and there is really no option other than point out the insanity. I am shocked by the commenters on the Reason articles who seem to think that acts like refusing to readmit American Citizens back into the country because of their religion is a-ok. It is not ok, and it is unconstitutional.

    1. I’m surprised that anyone takes anything the guy says seriously.

      1. Trump is a troll, and through him, a certain non-intellectual style of angry, terrified American is able to feel that they, too, are trolling – trolling the entire system that leaves them feeling so powerless and abandoned. Whether or not one takes what he says seriously is sort of beside the point. He is a small-r republican troll. He is the People’s Troll.

        1. Besides the point or not, and I don’t think it is, I don’t take seriously anything that he says. The guy is looking for the most reaction and exposure with everything he says. And it’s working because people take him seriously. They’re going to feel pretty damn foolish when he gets elected and doesn’t do any of the stuff that he said he would do.

          1. On what evidence are you concluding that he won’t do any of the shit he is talking about? He has long been an impulsive baffoon. Why would that stop when he suddenly has the resources of the most powerful country in the world at his disposal.

            Maybe he doesn’t go and intern Muslims in camps. But do you for a second think he wouldn’t sick the IRS on his antagonists? Do you think for a second his rhetoric wouldn’t increase the divisiveness in this country? When he advocates “Roughing up” Black Lives Matter people as a candidate, it is one thing, but as a president, that would be a catastrophe.

            1. But do you for a second think he wouldn’t sick the IRS on his antagonists?

              So a 3rd term of Obama?

              He already walked back his tough talk on pot. Did you see that? Now he’s saying it’s a state issue thing. Like any sensible Republican would say. Watch him start walking back the rest of this non-sense if he gets the nomination. I don’t take one thing that the guy says seriously. He said some outrageous stuff and he saw it was working. So he said more things. We’ll see I guess, or not.

              1. Do we have any grounds to believe that Trump would actually do something worthwhile with the power of the presidency behind him, or are we just supposed to vote for him because he wouldn’t REALLY deport millions of Muslim citizens?

                Vote for Trump: Not as insane as he looks!

      2. I’m surprised that anyone takes anything the guy says seriously.

        I don’t know that he seriously believes any of this. But there are people that he speaks to that do believe this stuff, and they don’t seem to be as much of a minority as I assumed. And I take seriously.

    2. I’m not surprised at all. The comments in the Reason articles about “the ground zero mosque” back in the day opened my eyes. Many (i want to believe not MOST) of the “Libertarians” around here seem content enough so long as the bulk of governmental tyranny is aimed squarely at The Other, and not them of course. Trump could propose taking guns away from all American Muslims and forcing them into death camps and you’d have hundreds of dumbass Reason commenters praising it as “common sense” and shit. Does that sound like a too much of an exaggeration after the events of this week?

  8. It’s not Trump who’s the disgrace. It’s the pieces of shit who enthusiastically agree with him while throwing away any supposed principles that they have that are the fucking disgraces. Enjoy sinking into total hypocrisy and a complete lack of intellectual integrity, scumbags.

    1. When did those idiots have a shred of intellectual integrity?

      1. You raise a valid point.

        1. Your mom raises a different kind of point.

    2. There’s a lot of people in the comments who rightly deserve criticism, but a fair point of criticism that can be leveled at Reason is that they have never spoken of Obama, a man who is the sitting President, with terms as harsh as they level at Trump, a man who has (as yet) not won a single election.

      For as much pants-shitting as there is among the “OMG Muslims are gonna kill us all!” crowd, there has been in equal measure pants-shitting by the editors of Reason over Trump.

      1. they have never spoken of Obama, a man who is the sitting President, with terms as harsh as they level at Trump, a man who has (as yet) not won a single election.


        1. “obama is a disgrace”

          There are 4 matches, all in the comments.

          I chose my words carefully. I did not say Reason was not critical of Obama, I said they never speak of him in the same terms as they use for Trump.

          1. Welp, you’ve got them. They didn’t use the same words.

            YOU FRAUDS.

            1. They’re not even in the same league. I’d much rather have dispassionate analysis of both candidates, and I wouldn’t be posting this criticism if this was the first article where a Reason writer shit his/her pants over Trump.

              They’ve had ample opportunity to either make up for the lack of pants-shitting over Obama or to say “hey, we overreacted, let’s analyze this a little more thoughtfully”. No, we get “Trump is a disgrace” as a subhed.

              1. Lazy wording: Obama is not a candidate any more. Which is of course part of my criticism.

                1. Uh, do you think, for even a moment, that Trump might be, oh, I don’t know, about a billion times more famous and infamous than Obama was when he was a candidate in 2008?

                  There’s been no pants shitting over Obama at Reason? What’s the weather like where you are? It sounds like a nice place.

                  1. There’s been no pants shitting over Obama at Reason? What’s the weather like where you are? It sounds like a nice place.

                    No, there hasn’t. And that’s probably a good thing! But why the fuck do they need new Depends every time Trump opens his mouth?

                    1. No, there hasn’t.

                      [Pats kbolino on the head. Backs slowly away.]

                      But why the fuck do they need new Depends every time Trump opens his mouth?

                      Dunno, maybe because he’s the media equivalent of a 48 car pile up on the freeway.? Isn’t shining the light on the raving batshittery of a man, who could be president, a good thing?

                    2. How does “Trump is a disgrace” “shine a light” on anything? Are we now playing the post-modernism game?

                    3. You tell me. You’re the one setting up the rules of the game.

                      But, I’ve tired of this semantic dress up. Play on without me.

                    4. I set up the rules at the beginning, I’m not clear where exactly I’ve been deceptive or manipulative. Obama has “bad policies”, Trump is a “bad person”. It was a rhetorical critique to begin with.

              2. First: I disagree that they haven’t been EXTREMELY harsh on Obama.
                Second: Who gives a fuck? Maybe Trump is getting worse language because, in fact, his actions and stated beliefs are worse?

                Trump is saying very, very dangerous things. When he says that we should deny American Citizens the right to return to the country because they are Muslim, he has gone into a totally different league. Today he was using the internment of Japanese during WWII as an example of good things the US can do, and why he is completely within his rights to start singling out citizens and foreigners just because they have the wrong religion and ancestral homeland.

                We should be using a totally different language to discuss Trump because this rhetoric is far and beyond anything Obama has outright said.

                1. Today he was using the internment of Japanese during WWII as an example of good things the US can do

                  And Obama has shat on practically every Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Where is the substantive difference?

                  1. “Where is the substantive difference?”

                    Those of us who talk politics a lot talk in hyperbole a lot. It starts to be difficult to distinguish the hyperbole from actually dangerous ideas.

                    Trump is moving into the territory of actually advocating rounding up American citizens and detaining them in camps because of their religion.

                    There are times when Obama has done things that people have hyperbolically claimed was *analogous* to such a thing.

                    Trump is actually advocating the thing we hyperbolically compare things we don’t like to.

                    It is important to soberly be able to recognize that distinction.

                2. If he wins the nomination, he will no longer be saying any of those things, because it’s impossible for him to get elected if he does. If he does get the nomination and continues saying those things, then I’m going to have to double down on the conspiracy theory that Trump is a Democrat plant.

                3. Except for the simple fact that he said no such thing.
                  He has said that citizens, who are of that ideology would be able to return.
                  By the way:- It is not a religion. A “religion” that wants to kill everyone who isn’t in theirs is not deserving of First Amendment protection – it falls more into Article 3, Section 3.
                  It is as if “our principles” must be upheld, though it could very well mean our death.
                  Sorry, I will protect the lives of me, and mine, over some ridiculous idea of a suicide pact that someone wants to call “our principles”.

          2. I said they never speak of him in the same terms as they use for Trump.

            That’s probably because, for as bad as Obama is, he’s nowhere near as much of an asshole as Trump is.

            1. I’m totally not convinced that Obama is a less of an asshole than anyone on the planet. Except for Hillary, she’s worse.

              1. No, Hillary is better than Obama.

                By evil:


                For as bad as those two are, I think Trump has the potential to be America’s Hitler. He’s flamboyant, he’s tapped into the public outrage, he’s good at convincing people to agree with clearly immoral concepts, hell, look at the people right here that support his immoral platitudes. The only thing stopping him from starting WW III would be Congress and what do you think the odds of that happening are? He’s the scariest fucking candidate I’ve ever had the displeasure to witness.

                That might sound a little over the top, but that man has no business ever being placed in a position of power.

                1. He sure has a lot of people scared, that’s for sure. I don’t think he’s as scary as most think, but I’ll never vote for him either. I wouldn’t vote for him because he clearly does not understand issues and it’s a very unstable situation as to what he would actually do, he doesn’t really have a political identity that you can pin down. but I still think it would be the most popular things. If enough people wanted Hitler, that’s probably what we get. But I don’t believe that to be true.

                  1. I have to agree with Frank on this one.

                    Trump may not literally be America’s Hitler, and he may change his tune as things get closer to election / inauguration, but the guy’s resemblance to Hitler is a little too close for comfort.

            2. as bad as Obama is, he’s nowhere near as much of an asshole as Trump is.

              I’m not sure about that. It could be that Obama is just much better at hiding his asshole-ishness. Fuck them both to death though.

            3. Trumps the kind of asshole that’s cool with you as long as you can roll with the punches and don’t whine. I could see him being friends with a guy he disagreed with. Can’t say the same for Obama. He really seems to have trouble dealing with people not sucked into his cult of personality (fight with Hillary establishes its not just agreeing with him that gets you in the good graces). Maybe its just personal preference, but I like the first kind of asshole a whole lot more than the second. I can deal with loud mouthed and insulting. I can’t deal with bending the knee.

              1. “Trumps the kind of asshole that’s cool with you as long as you can roll with the punches and don’t whine.”

                Unless you’re not a member of his identity-group, in which case, to the camps with you.

            4. Obama has proven to be a pretty bad leader, and that has probably prevented him from doing more damage on issues like gun control or campaign finance. But Obama also seems more incremental, which is always easier to tolerate psychologically. He at least used to speak optimistically.

              I also think that Obama genuinely wants to try to achieve some generally good ends (I’m not against lowering the incidence of gun violence or expanding access to good health insurance in the abstract). The problem is that his methods are 1) ineffective at best and 2) prioritize other values over liberty.

              Trump? I have no faith that Trump is working towards any type of abstract good beyond getting attention and power for Trump. And he has no qualms playing off people’s worst tendencies.

              So, yeah, Trump is worse than Obama, at least on rhetoric and proposed policies.

      2. I cannot understand why people think “BUT BUT REASON ISN’T ATTACKING OBAMA EXACTLY AS MUCH RIGHT NOW” is some kind of point. Who the fuck cares? This isn’t about Obama. This is about Trump. Why the fuck are you even fucking talking about Obama?!? Do you even understand how asinine this “argument” sounds?

        1. I’ve been around long enough that I am owed some benefit of the doubt here. I am not a fucking Trump supporter, I don’t go around defending Trump in every article, and as far as I am concerned he is a terrible candidate for President who should not be let anywhere near the reigns of power.

          What I am doing is critiquing the editorial decisions of this magazine and the intellectual integrity of its writers. Just as John and other Trump apologists deserve criticism for being opaque about their intentions, so too does this magazine. Why the kid gloves for Obama?

          1. I don’t really understand how you can claim “kid gloves” for Obama. This magazine has written article after article about how shitty he is. But that’s not even the point. You don’t perceive perfect parity in their criticisms of two people, and that’s supposed to mean something? Can you explain what exactly that is actually supposed to mean? And what exactly would you like them to do about it?

            1. Obama has held the reigns of power for over 6 years now. Trump has occupied nightly news for 6 months. Obama gets “bad policy” articles, Trump gets “bad person” articles.

              1. You completely and totally failed to answer any of my questions, and instead are merely repeating the same thing.

                1. You don’t perceive perfect parity in their criticisms of two people, and that’s supposed to mean something?

                  I’m not complaining about a lack of “perfect parity”, I’m saying that there’s nothing even resembling parity and certainly nothing in proportion to what the two individuals have actually done. Trump says bad things, Obama does bad things. The former is horrible, the latter is what, misguided?

                  And what exactly would you like them to do about it?

                  Either STFU about Trump’s horribleness and stick to critiquing what he says or else start talking about how utterly horrible Obama the person is.

                  1. When Obama has talked about his policies, he has been rebuked here at Reason. And if he, for example, talked about collective punishment for Evangelicals I would expect Reason to lose their shit.

                    Trump’s rhetoric has reached a point where he is citing Japanese Internment camps as a useful lesson for dealing with Muslims. If that doesn’t cause a site dedicated to Liberty to amp their response up to 11- far and beyond what Obama has done- then that site is not dedicated to Liberty.

                    1. How many Afghani/Pakistani children have been blown up by drone strikes under the Obama administration?

                    2. And how often has Reason complained about it? A lot.

                      And still, reaction to a “wartime” tactic is different from a person talking about detaining a religious minority here in the United States.

                      The response I keep seeing from Trump apologists is that clearly Trump doesn’t mean this shit. I don’t care. Whether he means it or not, this is outrageous shit to say. It is dangerous, and needs to be vehemently rebuked.

                    3. If Trump declares war on Islam, does that make it safe to intern Muslims?

              2. Obama gets “bad policy” articles, Trump gets “bad person” articles.

                It could just be as simple as the reason editorial staff thinks Obama is a horrible president with bad policies, but not necessarily a bad person while Trump is actually a bad person AND has bad policies (to the extent one could call his mental diarrhea “policies”).

                1. There needs to be a corollary to the iron law “foreseeable consequences are not unintended”:

                  People who do bad things are not good people.

          2. Why the kid gloves for Obama?

            Because Obama is not a fascist.

            I know TEAM RED! knees will jerk at that thought but you are seeing the fascist side of the GOP in full throttle.

            For the socialist side of Dems go straight to Bernie Sanders.

            1. Shut the fuck up you gibbering moron.

              1. When are you and John going to start sucking each others dicks?

                At a local Trump rally?

            2. Poor Tulpy-Poo, so lonely. He wants in on the discussion. Did you put a lot of wear and tear on your Fleshlight this weekend, Tulpy-Poo?

        2. It’s all the same. Not enough of us, even here, are willing to make limited government (or no government in deference to Kentsiarch) our Holy Grail. Instead, we bicker and argue over which proto-fascist is worse or what liberties we want to toss out the window because of the pet issue du jour. If our principal goal isn’t maximized liberty and danged little government, what’s the point?

          1. I think it is the goal for most people. Libertarians will disagree on some issues. That’s what makes us independent thinkers. I don’t see anyone here agreeing with Trump that we should deport Mexicans or restrict the freedom of movement of American citizens, or anything else crazy that Trump has said. Maybe I missed it if they did. But I feel pretty confident that most here don’t agree with any of that stuff.

            1. There was a thread last night you may want to read.

              Freedom is tough, and it can have a high price at times. And it takes hard work. Which is why so many of us concede to the easier path of authoritarianism. It’s so much harder to build voluntary consensus; so much easier just to issue commands.

              1. I was here. But when I arrived, there were already over 500 posts. And I didn’t venture far upthread. I’ve yet to see anyone here advocating deporting millions of people or restricting the movement of American citizens based on religion or other identity.

              2. There was a thread last night you may want to read.

                You don’t want to read it, man. I was there. I saw some bad shit. I did some bad shit. You do not want to read it.

                1. I made the mistake of reading it earlier today.
                  The horror, the horror.

                  1. I too have looked into that abyss. The abyss looked back.

      3. they have never spoken of Obama, a man who is the sitting President, with terms as harsh as they level at Trump

        Trump is extremely vulgar, say what you want about Obama he’s not even close to Trump in terms of vulgarity. For some reason criticizing Trump is like wrestling with a pig. Most of his critics cannot help themselves and at least move toward Trump’s level. We need a better class of critics. I wonder what Cathy Young has to say.

        1. Obama has taken his family on vacations costing the US taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars, has passed into law a bill at his own urging and despite fierce opposition that has set up the entire US healthcare system for collapse, sits in national security briefings like a chump, has spent more time golfing than learning about the massive bureaucracy he is charged with running, and interjects his opinion on national television in issues that do not concern him with regularity.

          How is he not vulgar?

          1. And none of these is as vulgar and outrageous as singling out a religious minority for extremely harsh treatment while waxing fondly about one of the darkest points in American liberty (Japanese internment) next to slavery.

            If Obama is the head of household who lets his house fall apart while yelling at his neighbors and running up massive debt, Trump is that creepy guy who moved in across the street sitting on his porch ranting about race wars and pointing a sniper rifle at anyone walking on the sidewalk. Both suck, but one deserves much more alarm, and that ain’t Obama.

            1. If Obama is the head of household who lets his house fall apart while yelling at his neighbors and running up massive debt

              Jesus Christ, the man is President not janitor.

              1. Maybe he should try for the latter. IMHO, he’s better fitted for that. by reason of competence.

          2. He’s awful. I care a lot more about what someone does than what they say. My biggest fear of Trump is that he’s going to get Hillary elected. Maybe I’m misguided or whatever, but that’s my biggest fear about this election.

    3. What principles? Love or hate Trump but there is nothing he says that isn’t supported by a lot of people. If this country had a problem with going after problematic minorities or alien cultures, it wouldn’t exist. We didn’t wipe out the Indians and incinerate the Japanese in nuclear fire because America is made up of nice principled people.

      The Progs are wrong about the entire history of the country being some big racist conspiracy. But lets not pretend this country and the people in it are not capable of very nasty things if they feel the inclination. If they were not, the country wouldn’t be here or not be anything like it is.

      1. And so what? People may have all sorts of dark fears and urges brewing in their hearts. That’s bad, but a leader who extracts these fears and turns them into action also deserves ridicule. People choosing to lead should understand that leadership is more than just encouraging people burn down their cities- they should be getting the best out of people.

        1. Obama has spent seven years seemingly trying to turn people against each other based on skin color, race, economic class, political and religious identity or anything else that a person can be identified as. And he’s been fairly successful at it. If he hasn’t actually been trying to do that, I guess I’m wrong, but it sure has seemed like it many times.

        2. The so what is Muslims better figure out what they are dealing with and put a stop to the radicals in their communities or they are going to pay one hell of a price. That may not be fair but it is how the world works.

          1. Changing the subject to “is,” when the argument is about “ought” is a common tactic for someone who has lost an argument, but still doesn’t want to concede.

  9. Oh, GOODY! Another Trump article!

    I was thinking of donating more to help hit to objective your missing, REASON, but fuck you for all this Trumptasmic gorp.

    1. It’s the same photos over and over, too. At least they could show more pics with his past and/or curent bombshells.

    2. “Just when you thought Trump couldn’t sink any lower, he opens his mouth and yet another rancid, unconstitutional idea spews out.”


      Starve the Trump derpfire of oxygen, dammitall.

      1. something something stop being such a yokel something something

  10. The old “You know who else…?” is getting less funny.

    1. You know who else thought things were getting less funny…..

      1. The students, after the PC police took over?

    2. Not as much fun with the answer is “almost everyone?”

  11. He’s back!

    1. Shitter’s full!

  12. He probably also thinks quartering soldiers in a house without the owner’s consent during peace time is just peachy too.

    1. After he’s done trashing the third, I hear he’s going after the Ten Commandments. Though, I think he’s rather fond of Commandments 11-15.


  13. Now they are just trolling for clicks. Yeah, we get it, Reason doesn’t like Trump.

    1. Don’t address any of the points they make. Just make a comment about the people making the points. Good Red Tony.

      *pats John on the head and gives him a biscuit*

    2. At least they had a glimmer that the Dem candidate is equally odious, yet somehow collects a fraction of the critical articles, and posted a Hillary article just above this one.

      I never thought I’d miss Cathy Young’s indefagitable pursuit of perfect moral equivalence . . . .

      1. They are not equally odious.
        I loathe the progressive left with a burning passion. But Hillary is not OF the progressive left. She’s not a dangerous radical. She’s a corrupt establishmentarian, through and through.

        Trump however, has taken odiousness to new depths. He’;s a bona-fide demagogue who is unleashing the worst instincts of the worst rabble in the lowest dungeons of the body politic.

        1. Thank goodness HazelMeade is around to tell all those worst-instinct denizens of the lowest dungeon of the body politic what is right.
          We are so lucky that you have such wisdom.

    3. “You fool! Facts bounce right off of him!”

    4. And you’re willing to throw out the Constitution the minute someone says “boo”. We get it, John.

    5. Trump is the troll. At worst, Reason is just the group of journalists that can’t stop feeding him. However, I think yesterday’s terrible policy prescription from Trump is worthy of some frenzy. Restricting the movement of American citizens based on their religion is totally the wrong way to take this country.

      1. Trump is the greatest troll of the internet age. He absolutely is trolling the Washington media.

  14. Trump is telling stupid/scared people what they want to hear. Hopefully they wake up before he becomes the nominee. At this point I don’t know whether I should waste a vote or start digging a bunker to weather out the shit storm that is coming.

    1. Most of Trump’s supporters don’t even know what he’s saying. He said one thing at some point that they liked and actually heard about. I think mostly that he’s going to make Murika great again and get rid of those Mexicans who are taking our jerbz. Seriously, ask one of his supporters about any of the crazy shit that he’s said. They don’t even know about it. His supporters are just as clueless as Hillary supporters. The election is basically coming down to this:

      War on Wominz vs Make Murika Great

      That’s about it. 80% of the American people who actually vote are dumber than shit and don’t deserve anything better than one of these 2 shit heads. The rest of us will just get to suffer along with the majority. Libertarian moment!

      1. This.

        A plague o’ both your houses. They would make worms’ meat of us all.

      2. Pretty much.

      3. 80% of the American people who actually vote are dumber than shit and don’t deserve anything better than one of these 2 shit heads.

        FWIW, that describes ~80% of the people who don’t vote too.

        Idiocracy is well on its way. I’m surprised Trump hasn’t legally changed his name Hector Elizondo Mountain Dew Commacho.

    2. Thank goodness bacon-magic is around to tell all those stupid/scared people what is right.
      We are so lucky that you have such wisdom.

  15. Donald Trump Has Now Trashed Religious Liberty, Due Process, Equal Protection, Private Property, and the Bill of Rights

    Look, that’s only because the wrong people hate him and his supporters. He totally won’t do any of those things.

    1. That’s what I would pray for if he becomes President – that he’s just saying random crap to get votes and doesn’t mean any of it.

      But you know who else people said that about?

      1. Barack Obama?

      2. Every politician ever?

    2. I agree 100% with that. I think Trump would be a populist president which would of course result in things both good and bad. But he absolutely would not pursue deporting 30 million people because when it comes down to it, that’s going to prove unpopular with a majority of Americans. So yes, I’m worried about what Trump might do, but not worried about doing the most outrageous things he talked about because it’s all about popularity and exposure with him and those things are neither popular or politically tenable.

      1. He would have to get things through Congress. And that is not a given and he knows that. Mostly he is just trolling and also setting the table to negotiate if he is elected.

        1. I should probably be more cautious about saying that. I remember back when Obama started getting the best of Hillary and I started wanting him to win for 2 reasons. Those 2 reasons being Hillary and McCain. I didn’t really take the stuff Obama said too seriously. I honestly thought he was just another politician saying things to get elected. Even during his first term, I just assumed that at some point, especially after the 2010 midterms that he would just do a Bill Clinton and swing to the right and things would get better. But soon after, I became convinced that the guy actually is a rigid left wing ideologue and that he is not capable of compromise. He’s definitely now proved that beyond the shadow of doubt.

          Trump on the other hand, he’s been around a long time and he’s not some mystery like Obama was. He doesn’t appear to really have any type of political ideology, so that’s why I think he’d just be a populist for better or worse.

          1. Trump wouldn’t have Reid and Pelosi to ram everything he wants through Congress. Obama hasn’t done shit as President. To the extent he has it has been because Reid and Pelosi were willing to do it.

            1. He’s set race relations in the country back about 50 years, destroyed the healthcare system, sicced the IRS on his enemies, flew around the world apologizing to tin pot dictators and making us look stupid, focused almost exclusively on gun control and global warming when the economy was suffering. But yeah, besides that, he hasn’t done shit.

              1. Most of that doesn’t mean shit except for the healthcare part and Reid and Pelosi did that.

    3. so he’ll be just like the current president.

  16. “Trump apparently sees them as some sort of useful blueprint for implementing future acts of government repression.”

    It’s not a blueprint, it’s a precedent. Which is why anyone and everyone calling on Obama to use his pen to enact policies that they like should sit down and STFU. You may like it in the short term. But, someone is going to come in behind your “TOP GUY” and use those precedents against you.

  17. Hey Damon, how disgraceful is it that so many on the right support him?

    1. Pretty goddamn disgraceful?

    2. He answered that in the article.

      Hey Jack, how disgraceful is it that you support a criminal?

    3. Re: Jackass Ass,

      Hey Damon, how disgraceful is it that so many on the right support him?

      And he was a big supporter of current Marxian stalwarts like Mrs. Hill-Rod. It only goes to show you that a big number of potential voters are attracted to Fascism, both Republi-rats and Demo-rats.

      1. When I think of Fascist, I think of Mussolini who was a true believer. I don’t think Trump is a true believer. I think he’s a circus monkey.

  18. Reason aren’t dumb either for constantly posting more Trump articles. Look at which articles get the most clicks and posts.

    1. Exactly. They actually had slowed down. For a while they were going crazy on them. I had stopped clicking on them cause I didn’t want to encourage it.

      1. He was like a circus at first, quite entertaining. No one took him seriously. Now, you have to take him seriously because he’s doing so well in polls. Not the things he says of course, but that he might actually get the nomination. And that’s disturbing to a lot of people, including myself. I’m not totally freaking out about it though, but it is disturbing that so many people are so stupid enough to actually vote for this clown.

        1. It is disturbing and sad really. I do think it’s going to be a different story in the primaries though. He may well implode before then anyways.

          1. Maybe the only hope is Cruz. Rand seems to be so far out of it that there’s no room to come back. I hoped for a long time, but I’ve pretty much given up.

            1. I’m thinking Cruz will win Iowa

              1. I’d like to see that. It might take some wind out of the Donald’s sails. And it certainly would be a smack down of Rubio.

                My concern is that if Cruz makes it to the top of the pack, that his religious rhetoric will turn off too many people and doom him in the general.

        2. Thank goodness Hyperion is around to tell all those people. who are so stupid enough to actually vote for this clown, what is right.
          We are so lucky that you have such wisdom.

  19. Heard someone say the other day that his suppoters don’t care what he thinks or believes. They’re just pissed at the establishment and want to throw a rock through the front window. I’m not sure how accurate that is but it seems about right. Unless they want Hillary as their next president they may want to get over it.

    1. That doesn’t sound unreasonable at all to me.

  20. You do realize that Mexicans don’t even talk English. But the Muslims, sneakily enough, do. I smell a rat. A womp rat. Hey, who’s going to see the new Star Wars movie? I hear it’s gonna be good.

    1. A war between the stars? That’s a great idea for a movie!

    2. I’m waiting for Cytotoxic’s review. If he likes it, then I’ll know all I need to know.

      1. Why, did you hear that open borders and bombing the shit out of all other countries forever is the main features of the film?

        1. On matters of artistic taste between me and him, there is no dispute. He’s my anti-taste.

          1. I’m sorry to hear that you are a scat fetishist.

            1. Is that some Canadian thing, like poutine? I’m sorry, but Google Translate apparently doesn’t support Canadian English in Firefox.

              1. I am not a fan of poutine. It’s gross, so I’m sure you’ll love it.

      2. I am the 24K gold standard.

  21. I’ll donate to reason if they promise to cancel “Trump Tuesdays.”

  22. Trump would also “string up” Snowden as a traitor.

    1. He is also a protectionist.

      Worst batch of candidates in my lifetime. And that includes Bush/Kerry.

    2. Did he say that? I’m not surprised. Nothing he says now will surprise me. I don’t believe any of it.

  23. I think Trump actually believes he can slap a 25% tax on imports.

    Bernie Sanders is also opposed to Free Trade.

    Hurry and and pass the TPP, Congress! One of these idiots might win.

    1. And so begins Shreeky’s warm up to support Hillary. Just go ahead, lick those cankles, we know you want to. You won’t say anything bad about Hillary. What does that remind me of? There was someone else…

    2. The free trade law we needs is the immediate ending of all quotas, subsidies, and tariffs.

  24. If we all agree that Trump is no good and very bad, can we get back to our regular programming? I mean, even Emmanuel Goldstein only got 5 minutes a day.

    1. I only like one major party candidate–Paul–and could maybe tolerate Cruz. Pretty much the rest can go hang, with Clinton, Trump, Sanders, Bush, and Rubio all being appalling in one way or the other.

        1. If you’re being serious, there’s a problem. He’s not running.

          1. He’s not running, and he would at least be an amusing coda to the American experiment.

      1. Same here. Cruz is the only real alternative to Paul. The rest are all horrible. Some are more horrible than others. Hillary is in her own league of horrible.

        1. Fiorina should get some consideration.

          1. I’m wary of her, though I don’t despise her. Carson, too.

            1. Carson is way too stupid. Fiorina can at least pretend to be competent.

              1. She’s good on 2nd amendment, pretty unknown on most, and well known war monger.

                1. Your use of the term ‘war monger’ has deprived it of all meaning.

  25. Can any supporter of prohibiting those on the no-fly list from purchasing firearms explain what problem that they have with Donald Trump?

    1. I don’t think you’re likely to find anyone here who thinks that a no-fly list should even be a thing.

      1. Or the republican party, or the communist party, or the democratic party, or the econazi party… but we do realize that there is a sucker born every ten seconds, and that those parties will use those suckers to vote us into slavery if we just sit like idiots and wait for it to happen the way the Russians and Germans did.

  26. I have a modest proposal that I believe should unite everyone on this board. A few weeks ago Gary Johnson came out strongly against sharia law. Many commenters liked the distinction between Islam and Sharia. So, how about banning immigration of anyone who supports introduction of Sharia law in the US? It is the best of Gary Johnson’s and Donald Trump’s proposals combined.

    1. What happens if they lie?

      1. Same thing that happens if they lie about anything else on the visa application form — deportation. At least that’s how the system is supposed to work.

        1. That’s gonna require some kind of follow-up, though, if you expect to catch them before they act on their beliefs.

    2. I love it.

      Shira Law is almost equivalent in legitimacy in Islam as the KKK is to Christianity.

      1. Exactly! The hundreds of thousands (quite possibly millions) of people who have died at the hands of Wahhabi Islamists in the past few decades are nothing next to the crimes of the KKK!

        1. No. there acts are not scaled equally. Obviously the Islamic thing is far far far worst. But the legitimacy that both groups claim is BULLSHIT…in my opinion.

          1. But the legitimacy that both groups claim is BULLSHIT…in my opinion

            Are you a Muslim, a scholar on Islam, or have more than a few actual Muslims told you this? We need some fact checking here.

            1. I’m simply an atheist that equates freedom of religion to freedom to play golf.

              Religion doesn’t merit in any way any constitution protection or economic favoritism.

              1. Failure to answer a simple question. So you’re saying you don’t know jackshit about Islam or what Muslims think, but you feel somehow the authority to post here about what they think?

                1. Shira law in Islam is similar to stupid laws in Judism and christianity.

                  You are asking me to compare mavel comic book heros. It is ALL FAKE and a BUNCH of Bullshit.

                  1. No. Let me try once again to make you understand the situation. You are saying that most Muslims reject the idea of Sharia and that it has no legitimacy in the religion. I’m asking you how you know that?

                    Sharia is all fake and a bunch of bullshit? Really? Are there not entire countries that exist under Sharia law, or did I just dream that?

                    Maybe you should look at this:

                    Countries with Sharia law

                    Now, let me remind you where we stand in this debate. You’ve said Sharia law is bullshit, has no legitimacy and is not recognized by most Muslims. I’ve clearly shown some evidence here that you are wrong.

                    Now show us some proof of what you said, or admit you’re full of shit.

                    1. My mistake, I miscommunicated and I appologies.

                      I say Islam and and componet along with Judaism and Christianity is ALL BULLSHIT.
                      ALL COMPONENTS of ALL RELIGION is BULLSHIT.

                      I did not mean to articulate that Most Muslims reject the idea of Sharia Law.
                      Any person that refers to themselves as Muslim, Christian, etc…ARE THE EQUIVILANT of children that believe in Santa Claus.

          2. Neither you (AFAIK) nor I are Muslims.

      2. Where’s your data on how many Muslims advocate Sharia. Isn’t it part of the teaching of Islam? I’m just asking, I know too little about the topic to make statements either way.

    3. Gary Johnson did something other than twist his lace hankie and whine that the DemoGOP were slinging mud? (Cognitive dissonance error 420)…
      I get it! You mean the Gary Johnson libertarian in Austin, not the Gary Johnson gutless republican in New Mexico. Gary has a lot of good ideas and has helped the Travis County LP tally the highest vote counts and candidate densities in These States. But where does Trump come in? What voter is FOR replacing the First Amendment with the Koran?

  27. I’m getting rather concerned that Trump is the Corbyn of the GOP. If so, Labour and the GOP both have a future filled with devastating election losses.

  28. Trump has done one better:

    – he has exposed to the world that racism is ALIVE AND WELL in America
    – he has exposed that 1/3rd of the red-state republican whites are stupid, callous, racist, etc.

    There are people that support Trump quietly. His constituency is bigger than it appears.

    You ask me? He’s partners with Hilary to destroy any opportunity for a Republican to get the Presidency in 2016.

    1. Your last quote there is a legitimate theory in my humble opinion. I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist for bringing up the possibility, but I don’t really know why it is necessarily a conspiracy. In politics, things have become so corrupt and incestuous, that I don’t know why someone would question what they do, no matter how low and depraved it might sound to anyone outside of the political class.

    2. There is nothing racist about superstitious brainwashing. Organized mysticism co-opts parents as assistant programmers and can turn Eskimos, Indians, Africans, Aryans or Asians into suicide-vest sacrificial collectivists. The same kind of insanity that turns Carson, Rubio, Cruz and Rand into girl mutilators regardless of DNA loading does the trick for moonies, moslems, republicans and democrats. Even wannabee libertarians are susceptible. This is about death-worship, altruism and mind-control, and the way they undermine those Constitutional Amendments built around freedom as opposed to coercion.

  29. I think it’s pretty clear that Trump will say whatever will keep him constantly in the news. He knows damned well he can’t halt Muslim immigration to the US, but he can definitely say he’s going to. And since the latter appears to benefit whatever it is he’s trying to accomplish, it’s hardly shocking that he’s saying it.

    1. I think as President he may be able to do something via E.O.

      Maybe not US Citizens that are Muslims, but he can stop the refugee, h1bs, etc.

    2. He has a much better chance of doing that than some of the other crazy shit he’s said, like deporting millions of people. But nothing he says can, in my opinion, be taken at face value.

  30. Again: there should be no question that Hillary is preferable to Trump as president. She is a vain crook, and a whore. That’s bad but not that outrageous compared to what America’s had before. She is a weathervane, and we can steer her if we are the ones who blow. She’d also be up against a GOP congress.

    Trump is an out and out fascist. Oh sure he’s ‘faking it’. How people know that for certain I have no idea. Even if it’s just an act, I have no reason to believe he’d quit it if he won. Why stop what works, especially when you have a GOP congress that can go along with you?

    Trump has done us all a favor: he’s revealed that a very very large number of conservatives really are every bit as stupid and racist and worthless as liberals/proggies have made them out to be. They are an untermensch that needs to be scraped off the shoes of American politics.

    1. On behalf of all liberals/proggies, I accept this award for recognizing what conservatives are all about.

      1. You are not a liberal. You get no points, will be given no awards, and may Crom Dubh have mercy on your soul.

        1. I’m a very left-leaning libertarian.

          1. What does that mean?

            1. It means “you don’t get your ponies, but I get mine”

    2. Eh.

      On one hand, Trump is clearly crazier than Clinton on just about everything except foreign wars (where he is rather dovelike, compared to Clinton)

      On the other hand, Trump is SO crazy that almost all his blatantly offensive anti-liberty ideas have been illegal and unconstitutional, with literally no other politician supporting his positions. I don’t see his brand of evil actually getting things DONE. The courts and the legislature would shut down his crazy-stupid ideas on immigration and Muslims.

      Clinton, on the other hand, stands a good chance of acquiring bipartisan support to more aimless wars. The Republicans will go along with her wars all the while complaining she isn’t warring hard enough, and the Democrats (who are only anti-war when a Republican is the one waging the war) will fall in line as well.

      So the choice to me looks like the choice between a bloodthirsty warlord and a buffoon whose ideas on what to do involve doing things outside of his presidential power.

      Trump is a worse human being than Clinton (which is truly amazing in and of itself) but I’d rather see him as president simply due to the fact that his evil would be fought AGAINST by both parties rather than having both parties follow his evil. The evil with bipartisan opposition is probably a better choice for the presidency than the evil with bipartisan support.

      1. Well said. Except the part about Trump being a worse human being than Clinton. I don’t know how anyone could think that. Hillary has blood on her hands, she’s partially responsible for thousands of people being murdered and displaced in Syria and Libya. Including being wreckless when some embassy employees were murdered in Libya and then trying to cover it up with a bunch of lies. What has Trump done that makes him worse than that?

      2. Hugo Chavez wasn’t supposed to get his way either. Take the lesser evil.

        Besides, Trump is so unstable and bizarre he may just start a war on a whim. MAKE MERIKA GR8

    3. Meh.

      Chaotic evil vs lawful evil.

      Personally, I think our system rewards lawful evil more than chaotic evil, so I’m more down on the prospects of liberty under a Clinton than a Trump, but they’re both bad.

      1. Like I’ve said before, you really don’t know what you’re getting with Trump. But you know exactly what you’ll get with Clinton and it’s 100% bad.

        1. Like I said below, you’re willfully ignoring Trump’s positions.

        2. Clinton is a corrupt plutocrat. But Trump is downright evil – a fascist, an openly narcissistic blowhard, who advocates objectively evil policies, and would be no less corrupt than Clinton, when you think about it.

    4. So, Hillary will bomb the shit out of other countries and open the borders, right? Well, you’re definitely right about half of that stuff anyway.

    5. She also has personal ties to islamists, which is like a candidate with nazi buddies in the late 30s. Absolute no go. If it’s Trump and Hillary, I’ll vote LP or not at all.

    6. Trump has done us all a favor: he’s revealed that a very very large number of conservatives really are every bit as stupid and racist and worthless as liberals/proggies have made them out to be. They are an untermensch that needs to be scraped off the shoes of American politics.


      1. “untermensch”?

    7. She’d also be up against a GOP congress.

      You’re assuming that Trump won’t drag down the GOP Congressional candidates.

    8. So… name three DemoGOP candidates that do not favor mystical government control over trade and production. That is what fascism actually means.

  31. It scares me to see that libertairans will support trump over clinton.

    I hate them both too. But Trump will bring shame and hardship to this country and will be a bigger divider that Obama.

    What Trump says is True. Obama is a great Divider. But not due to Obama’s actions…this is due to the RACIST Callous, and stupid people in the red-right-wing conservative movement.

    1. No one here supports Trump. Not that I know about anyway. I haven’t heard one person say that. But there isn’t anything about Trump or anyone else on planet earth that can make Hillary look good in comparison. She’s the most corrupt low down scoundrel politician in American history.

      1. I am not saying that Libertarians Support Trump. I am saying that given a choice between the two, Trump is a terrible choice.
        I am not a fan of Hilary. But if I have to,I’ll not vote for Gary Johnson (as planned) and will vote for Hilary over Trump.

        1. But if I have to,I’ll not vote for Gary Johnson (as planned)

          just stop it dummy.

        2. Voting for the lesser of two evils is a race to the bottom. Voting for evil of any sort is the only way you can waste your vote.

    2. I would not vote for Trump or Hillary on a bet. I am only embarrassed at the number of DemoGOP infiltrators here frightening the noobs into forgetting that a libertarian vote changes ten times the laws as any other. Hitler and Stalin haven’t changed. Today there is an alternative, and THAT is a big change.

  32. “here isn’t anything about Trump or anyone else on planet earth that can make Hillary look good in comparison.”

    Then you aren’t paying attention. She hasn’t come out for mass deportation, internment camps, mosque shutdowns, and Smoot-Hawley 2.0.

    1. No, you are clearly not paying attention when I say over and over again that I don’t believe anything Trump says and I absolutely do not believe that he plans on doing any of it. I’ve been saying it since the beginning.

    2. Here you go, whinny boy… Trumps got something for you…


    Look at this fucking fascist.

    1. Yep. And Trump is actually pretending to be a fellow birth-forcer and back-alley girl-mutilator too, the better to fit in with God’s Own Pro-life-in-prison party. Judging from the reaction here, this is probably the first time in history a politician ever lied to a bunch of looter morons in an attempt to hustle votes. Once Rubio takes the lead Trump will suddenly hate libertarians and call for a George Bush death sentence for medical marijuana pushers for at least a week. I vote libertarian, so don’t come crying to me…

  34. Article rather long on fulmination, short of reason, historical facts and Constitutional understanding. Suggest author take a couple of days to cool off and do homework, then try again. In the meantime, readers may be interested in reading James Taranto’s “Best of the Web” column for today.

  35. “Donald Trump is a bigot and a disgrace…”

    Yeah, and those are his best qualities.

    1. ..and still way preferable to the rest of what God’s Own Prohibitionists have to offer. But none for me, thanks.

  36. So basically, the best argument people have for voting for Trump over Hillary is that Trump won’t REALLY do any of the fascist shit he says he’s going to do.

    I hate to Godwin the whole discussion any further but isn’t that EXACTLY what people said about Hitler and Mein Kampf? The intellectuals didn’t take him seriously because they figured he couldn’t possibly be that crazy, and then after the holocaust they were like “WTF, he said exactly what he was going to do, and even wrong a book saying exactly what he was going to do, and then we’re all surprised that he did it? ”

    In other words, Vote for Trump, because he doesn’t believe any of the crazy shit he claims to be for!

    1. In other words, Vote for Trump, because he doesn’t believe any of the crazy shit he claims to be for!

      Well that is the argument for Hillary as well. And I recall Kerry Howley using that to defend Obama.

    2. You’re also the one who said that Tspiras didn’t believe what he was saying either.

    3. Everything here looks copied from the Rubio-pushing–I mean Trump-bashing–over on the Dilbert website. But since you insist on bringing up Germany’s most popular Positive Christian politician with a 90% vote count, anyone seeking a copy of Mein Kampf in languages other than German fill find a full palette on mohammedan, moslem, muslim, islamic, sharia websites. Mohammedans clearly see religious conservatives as the fellow altruists they can count on to come around to National Socialist theories that selfish stock-exchange jewry is to blame for all earthly woes. Allah’s worshipful are certainly investing oil money in the christian propaganda that worked for them from 1933 through 1945.

  37. Da t’ing is, islam is NOT a religion. They keep calling it one to try and force us to blindly accept their ways. Even if we call it ine and extend “religious freedom” to them, thewir unbending adherence to sharia law, demanding they get to live under it whilst within our borders and forcing it upon any others they can, is contrary to our laws and ways. They use their sharia to justify things like honour killings, abuse of females, forcing their dietary and “uncleanness” standards upon the rest of us, intruding upon every area of our lives, refusing to allow us to adhere to our own religions. Stop making it an issue of “religious liberty” and wake up. Did you not learn anything from the “incident” in San Bernardino? THAT was driven by their “religion”, and will not be the last such incident.

    1. Until they figure out how to separate the “good” muslims from the ones that want sharia, they all should be kept out, and the ones, here, kept under intense scrutiny. This should have been done on 9/12/01.
      You are right, Tionico, it is not a religion and certainly not deserving of the religious protection enshrined in our First Amendment.
      That deals with keeping a watchful eye on them and their mosques.
      As for not letting new ones in: the Constitution doesn’t protect non- citizens outside the borders.
      An awful lot of people, here, need to read what the document, actually, says and need to look up the definition of “fascism”.

    2. I recall when folks insisted communism “wasn’t really” a religion. The objective truth is that all irrational superstition is anti-life, hence anti-freedom, and that goes for NSDAP, GOP and Jimmy Swaggart christianity, Mao and Pol-Pot socialism, Lenin and Stalin communism, all mohammedanism and whatever other altruist brainwashing meme seeks the initiation of force to impose a deontological dictatorship. The error I see committed here (of all places) is misinterpreting the First Amendment, which only protects the “free exercise” of religion. Putting jews in extermination camps (christianity), putting everyone in death camps (socialism) and murdering everyone who doesn’t kowtow to Mohammed (islamism) are all coercive and directly violate the “free” in both the First and Second Amendments.

  38. I sure am glad to know mohammedans never single anyone out for abuse. Let’s press for importing some Manchurian Candidates, South African Klan impersonators and Christian fascists as long as we are spending column inches yelping about that mean Donald Trump kicking sand in poor little Mohammed’s face.

  39. Why everyone in the world has the same rights as American Citizens?

    I like it..

    Now as far as paying for it.. since so many “Senior Editors at Reason Magazine” support the proposal and all agree that “Donald Trump is a bad Person” we can look to them to fund this operation … in advance of course. right?

    Do you suggest we arm the actual peoples of Europe (The ones that have been there more than a 1000 years) so they can resist global tyranny of the Trans-nationalists, crony capitalists.. and their allies the Islamofacist financiers and their Foot Soldiers? Ok .. it’s your plan I’ll be quiet…

    Then what’s next? The US military to really invade the Middle East?.. End Slavery, Ensure women have the right to vote and no longer constitute 1/3 of a Person under what are the current laws in most places there?..Insure they may go without their Burkas or a male relative where they choose… and end religious persecution against Non_Muslims..

    Um Will we will be forming an alliance with Russia as they seem to be already going down this path beginning in Syria.. Well it’s your plan .. ok…I am still listening..I’ll hush … sorry..

    What? this was not the subject…. not relevant to your point?

    Uh… you were talking a bunch of nonsense anyway Trump bad…blah, blah blah…so I thought I might be able to seagway:) your silliness into something related but productive..

    No need to thank me… Just trying to help..

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