Mass Shootings

New Orleans Shooting Details: 16 Shot During Outdoor Party

Expect new calls for gun control from mayors, Hillary Clinton.


According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, 16 people were shot last night during a long-planned and city-permitted party at Bunny Friend Park. What the Times-Picayune knows:

All the victims were in stable condition. Ten were taken to the hospital by ambulance and six went to the hospital on their own.
Police have not yet named a suspect or suspects. New Orleans police chief Michael Harrison said he believed there were several shooters.

The shooting took place at an after-party and music video filming that followed the annual Nine Times Social and Pleasure Club second-line.

The second-line had permits and police staffed it "pretty heavily," Harrison said. The music video filming may have been separately organized and did not have a permit.
Witnesses saw a man with a silver-colored machine gun flee toward Louisa Street. Gunfire continued in the park after he left.

It appears to be the largest mass shooting in New Orleans since the Mother's Day second-line of 2013.

More info here.

As Jesse Walker reminds me, it's not clear that this crime scene, however terrifying, meets the definition of either a mass shooting (there have been no fatalities) or even an active shooting event (since it was a shootout between two groups).

According to the Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence, a pro-gun-control group, Louisiana has some of the weakest gun laws in the country and received an "F" in its 2013 scorecard.

A recent Politico survey of mayors found 90 percent of them agreeing with the statement that "that Congress is doing too little on issues of firearm regulation and gun violence."

"Failure to address an issue that amounts to slow-motion mass murder of American citizens, many of whom are black and brown, is political cowardice. Stand up! Do the right thing," said Mayor Sly James of Kansas City, Missouri.

Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas said she had a simple message for Congress: "Get a backbone—do your job."

In the wake of the New Orleans shooting, expect more calls for gun control as the only way to reduce violent crime. As Thomas A. Firey wrote at last month, however, shows that the connection between stronger gun laws and fatal shooting is neither simple nor clear. Firey ran variations on a recent popular piece in National Journal that claimed a clear correlation between the number of gun-related deaths and the number of gun laws at the state level. More laws, the article argued, meant fewer gun deaths. Firey found

In half of the 14 tests, the resulting coefficients were positive numbers, meaning that Isenstein's gun restrictions had no more than a coin-flip chance of yielding the results that gun control supporters expect. Moreover, in all 14 cases, the coefficients were tiny, with nine smaller than +/– 0.1. Those results should make us highly skeptical that the gun laws have any effect—positive or negative—on murder and violent crime.

Read the whole thing here.

Since the mid-1990s, there has been an essentially uninterrupted decline in violent crime and gun-related crime (including homicide; suicides, which account for 2/3 of gun deaths, have been relatively flat). That drop continued through 2014, the numbers for which the FBI released a couple of months ago. A number of cities in the United States have seen spikes in gun-related homicides in 2015—Chicago is up 20 percent through the end of September; Houston is up 33 percent; and San Francisco is up 25 percent—but it's also true that many large cities have seen declines as well. Five Thirty Eight's Carl Bialik notes that 

Most of these changes aren't statistically significant on a city level. Even amid the national upward trend, and in some of the country's most populous cities, homicides remain, thankfully, a rare event. That means some increases that look large on a percentage basis affect the raw totals only slightly, to an extent that could arise by chance alone. A 20 percent increase in Seattle sounds a lot more significant than an increase to 18 homicides from 15 through Aug. 29. Homicides in Arlington, Texas, through Aug. 31 are down by 50 percent — to four from eight.

Whatever the trendlines, expect presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton to use the New Orleans shooting as the newest reason to pass simple-minded and ultimately ineffective gun control.

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  1. I don’t want to live in a world where it turns out city permits don’t make us safe.

    1. We can’t have you adding to the suicide statistics, so make it look like an automobile accident. No one cares about car deaths.

      1. Or drown in a pool.

        1. Go out in style like Michael Hutchence and David Carradine. I mean, who doesn’t want to be found like that?

          1. We’re those really suicides though? Hutchence was supposedly getting his shit back together. Carradine death sounded too sketchy to be a suicide either.

            1. Unintentional suicide is still suicide.

              1. Nah, he was killed by Asians mad about a white guy making kung fu movies. The self-choke sex was just a ruse. Or so some coworker has informed me.

                1. Talking about Carradine, that is.

                  1. That’s the story I’ve heard a lot as well. I’d wager that Carradine’s odds of it being suicide, whether intentional or not, are around 50/50.

                    1. Apparently the Triads aren’t concerned with Steven Seagal’s contribution to their art form.

                    2. Seagal is more likely to get threats from sumo wrestlers than martial artists nowadays.

              2. “Unintentional suicide is still suicide.”

                You are wrong by definition.

              3. “Unintentional suicide is still suicide.”

                Unintentional acts are intentional acts?

                I must be missing the sarcasm somewhere…

                1. Depends on how you look at it. From an etymological standpoint, the word “suicide” doesn’t say anything about intent.

                  From a Pathology (and Medical Examiner) standpoint, stating “suicide” as the manner of death means it was intentional.

                  Or so I’ve heard.

                  1. ” From an etymological standpoint…”

                    Thankfully we have these things called dictionaries to avoid such esoterica.

    2. In five years time you will be living in a world where Reason is agitating for every human interaction to require a permit. It will be based on the established pattern: this needs a permit/license, therefore that needs one too.

  2. The report I saw on this last night suggested it was gang related, rival tea party groups would be my guess

    1. I’m going with the typical mass shooter profile: white,male, loner, mentally ill… The Deep South location greatly increases the likelihoood of a confederate flag-inspired hate crime component, perhaps a reactionary statement against diversity and the abolition of slavery. Were the victims, perhaps, persons of color?

    2. Imagine how many people in Louisiana have guns. Seriously, it must be one of the best-armed states in America. And yet these shootings don’t take place across the entire state, but in a handful of neighborhoods in New Orleans. So why is it all the folks calling for gun control want to apply it to everybody?

      1. Because they are afraid of freedom.

      2. One might ask, is this a rhetorical question?

      3. Why do the gun grabbers want it to apply to everyone?


        Simple. Because they want you disarmed. They know they can never enact their preferred policies with an armed populace.

      4. If it would theoretically save the life of one person, it is mandatory to violate the civil rights of millions of people.

        1. But only if it saves someone from a lone gunman. If it saves them from a terrorist refugee, then its a risk we have to accept in order to help refugees.

  3. A 20 percent increase in Seattle sounds a lot more significant than an increase to 18 homicides from 15 through Aug. 29. Homicides in Arlington, Texas, through Aug. 31 are down by 50 percent ? to four from eight.

    Yeah. When the news says X is up Y percent, I generally assume they’re using percentages because if they gave the raw numbers of what they were wringing their hands about they’d be ridiculed.

    1. This.

      Darrell Huff’s “How to Lie with Statistics” is an oldie-but-goodie.

  4. saw a man with a silver-colored machine gun

    Early reports are always the moist reliable.

    1. I think they put a damper on the facts.

      1. But water we supposed to die? Reporters are more concerned with getting the scoop than with accurately reporting what happened.

        1. Nothing? This commentariat is all wet!

          1. Folks are just hoping that not replying will dampen your output.

    2. What, you don’t own a nickel-plated SMG? Peasant.

      1. Of course not – mine is a water-cooled vickers gun. I use a steadicam rig to haul the thing around without a tripod.

        1. Of course, you’re still going to need a powered exoskeleton to handle the weight of weapon, coolant, and ammunition.

          1. You say this as if it’s a bad thing.

            1. Not at all. I’m building on the fantasy.

      2. You think I’m a pimp?

      3. Bah! All my firearms are encased in ivory from the tusks of African elephants. Do try to have some class.

        *sniffs disdainfully, saunters off.

    3. Could be a Mini-14 Ranch.

      1. P.S. yeah we know that isn’t a [select-fire] gun.

      2. But it starts with “M”. And everybody knows the *really* bad guns have numbers.

        1. -1 BAR

          1. *** rising intonation ***

            *Machine* gun.

      3. “Could be a Mini-14 Ranch.”

        My bet is a chromed Tec-9

        1. Also not a machine gun. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were no silver machine guns on Earth

          1. Well then I want one.

          2. Some warlard in a 3rd world country has an Ak-47 that is silver and/or gold.

            1. Shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin has one.

            2. Also not a machine gun

          3. I’ll bet there’s a bunch of chromed monuments to bad taste that are select fire, anyway.

            1. Probably.

  5. According to the Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence, a pro-gun-control group, Louisiana has some of the weakest gun laws in the country and received an “F” in its 2013 scorecard.

    A recent Politico survey of mayors found 90 percent of them agreeing with the statement that “that Congress is doing too little on issues of firearm regulation and gun violence.”

    Why are you reprinting these phony lefty talking points?

    1. Well, they are true statements. I think they are relevant because you need to know what your enemies are doing.

      Also, the Brady scores inverted are a good way to see how good a state’s gun laws are.

    2. Why are you reprinting these phony lefty talking points?

      It’s prog-Fonzie, it’s what he does.

      1. Yes, much better to live in a bubble and have no idea what your political opponents think or say.

        1. SIV just wants H&R to be his safe space.

  6. God fucking dammit. Should make listening to NPR whilst commuting today extra aggravating. I’m beginning to think I’m developing a penchant for masochism.

  7. Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas said she had a simple message for Congress: “Get a backbone?do your job.”


    1. The stench of irony wafts off the cobbled-together thought by this human dumpster of a mayor.

    2. If you ain’t violatin’ the Constitution, you ain’t tryin’!

  8. The grabbers aren’t gonna touch this one for several reasons:
    1. No way are there white people involved and they don’t want to get into it with BLM.
    2. It was at an unlicensed event and they don’t want to point out the failure of the cops to stop it early. Especially since they were instead working a parade where there is almost no chance of violence happening (unless this is Live And Let Die-New Orleans). They can’t point out the ineptitude of cops.
    3. It happened on the heels of a Dem winning statewide election in LA, in a city that is run by a Dem named Landreiu. In THE city where 90% of the crime in that state occurs.
    4. Theres no republican candidate they can get to make a statement on it that can be blown out of proportion or taken out of context.

    1. You forget the cognitive dissonance of the left (and the right, but we’re not talking about them now), wherein they ignore everything that doesn’t fit the narrative to make their points.

      1. They can’t go after this one in earnest though. Just call it “a playground shooting” like they did on HuffPo and hope people don’t read beyond the lede to find out it was entirely comprised of black gangs shooting at each other in a black neighborhood in a black city run by democrats.

        Too much negativity there when they can just report the numbers and wait on the next white guy that decides to kill himself in a park tomorrow so they can say “17 shot, one killed in playground shootings in America last week.”…accompanied by the most unflattering picture of the white guy they can get from his FB page before it is taken down.

  9. Most of these changes aren’t statistically significant on a city level.

    “They’re not ‘statistically significant changes’! They’re someone’s son or brother, someone who was just starting to turn his life around!”

    1. I believe they turned the wrong way.

  10. witnesses saw a man with a silver-colored machine gun

    The Silver Shroud?

  11. “More laws, the article argued, meant fewer gun deaths.”

    Spurious claim is spurious.

    Really, how can anyone say this with a straight face? It is a direct contradiction of solid data going back for decades. The shooting happened in NO where they have the toughest gun laws in the state. In my parish it is not uncommon to see open carry. Everyone in the parish is armed. We still have people driving around with guns on racks in their trucks. Shootings here are rare, unless you count ducks. I can hear gunfire down the bayou as I type this.

    Fucking liars.

    1. Not to mention that NO ONE DIED! How the people sending this message, especially in the media, aren’t seen as saying, “We wish somebody had!” is beyond me.

    2. because feelings are the evidence needed.

  12. Remember that time Gillespie was on Bill Maher, and in response to Nick’s suggestion that “No one’s wages have been flat for 30 years”, another guest prefaced his reply with “I’m the mayor of the poorest town in Pennsylvania”, at which point Gillespie interjected, “Well you must be very proud”?

    Well dismissive ridicule is also the proper response to, “A recent Politico survey of mayors found 90 percent of them agreeing with the statement that “Congress is doing too little on issues of firearm regulation and gun violence.”

    A recent Politico survey found that 90% of mayors don’t think their city’s problems are their own damn fault?

    Color me shocked! If we did a survey of drunken wife beaters, we’d find that in 90% of domestic violence cases, “The bitch didn’t know when to quit”.

    The long term solution to violent crime is economic growth, and given tragedies like this latest one in New Orleans, the economic growth destroying policies of our government (at the city, state, and national level) is morally unconscionable.

    1. According to NY city and state leaders, all of our crime is Virginia’s fault.

      1. I thought some of it was New Hampshire’s fault.

  13. Second Line bands used to be part of a very closed culture. Several events conspired to change that, including the HBO show Treme. But mainly it was a decision by the participants to open up the events to the public via publicity (used to be events were only known through word of mouth.)

    This has brought a lot of interest, and more critically money. While I would not characterize the bands remotely as gangs, there is a similar dynamic at work, much like the rap feuds of a couple decades ago this is becoming business and business is sometime being settled via the gun.

    1. Well, obviously, if Second Line bands can’t go public without shooting at each other, then that’s no justification for why the rest of us, who haven’t committed any crimes whatsoever, should have our Second Amendment rights violated by the government.

      I hope everyone who was shot makes a full recovery, and that everyone who unjustifiably shot someone is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

      If I had to choose to do time in any state pen, Angola in Louisiana might be the very last place I’d pick. I’ve seen it ranked among the ten worst prisons in the world.…..ted-states

      1. I mentioned on another thread recently that Angola was founded by a former confederate office as a way to get around slavery. He didn’t even charge the state for taking the prisoners because he made his money off of their labor.

    2. Second line bands ARE STILL part of a very closed culture.

      Second line PARADES(the ‘second’ line) are open to anyone and always have been.

      1. Except that the second lines are not waiting for parades to join, they are leading their own events now.

  14. I thought machine guns were already illegal.

    1. Well, new ones.

      Of course, all we know is that someone said that someone said they saw something that they imagined was a machine gun.

      1. Yeah, I would bet money it was not full auto.

    2. You can buy them. Very expensive, extensive background check, often requires an attorney. That is why they are only the weapon of choice in movies and on tv. Never used in real life crimes. Have been a few exceptions where semi-autos have been illegally converted. If you have the skill and tools to do that, you could probably make one from scratch though.

      1. Last high profile case I recall was the bank robbery shootout in California with illegally converted AKs where the robbers also wrote bullet proof vests.

        1. Yup…the North Hollywood shoot out, which is the event that police brutality apologists love to use to illustrate what they believe police officers have to go through every day on the streets. Despite their inability to point to any other incident in which police had to face criminals with automatic weapons and the fact that not a single police officer was killed in that encounter (where the criminals were relatively easily contained, despite the high volume of rounds exchanged).

    3. Machine guns illegal?!

      Semi-automatic assault rifles are racist and so is the First Amendment.

      Don’t you know anything about boomsticks and the slaveholder’s Constitution?

  15. witnesses saw a man with a silver-colored machine gun

    Was his name Uprayedd (spelled with two d’s for a double dose of dat pimpin’)?

  16. ROFL. These particular black lives don’t matter very much, and this story will be dead, buried, and forgotten by this time tomorrow.

  17. Gun control groups never point out that A-rated Maryland is only slightly better than Louisiana.

    1. To extend the comparison, almost all the shootings in the state take place in Baltimore. Which has also been exclusively Team Blue since the beginning of time.

  18. So, as expected this other New Orleans shooting will probably get entirely ignored by the press because there are more-convenient stories available that better fit the requisite narratives. The “mass shooting” better serves the idea that guns are indiscriminate killing machines that plague and afflict the poors. The ‘merciless street-execution’ thing just doesn’t help anyone’s larger goals.

    1. It’s just more of that non-existent black on white crime.

      Thank God that criminals usually don’t know shit about firearms, nor how to use them effectively. If those guys at that party had been using rifles, or hell, even aiming properly with handguns, there’d be a lot more dead than 0 with 16 wounded. That said, handguns suck, (but see this U. Penn EMS study on gunshot wound v knife wound mortality—a third of their gunshot patients died, which is more than the 1/7 I’d heard of before) but handguns are a lot easier to carry discreetly than a rifle.

  19. I predict that the Democratic candidates won’t try to make this event a campaign issue because the perpetrator and victims were black, therefore there’s nobody to blame and demonize. If the shooter isn’t white, nobody voting in the Democratic primary cares.

  20. As long as there are people willing to kill people, people will need the right to be armed.

    We have the 2nd Amendment not to protect against the fools we have voted for now, but in case we vote for Mussolini or Hitler like fools in the future.

    Gun deaths:
    2006 Total (30896)
    55% Suicides (16992)
    41% Homicides (12667)
    2% Unintentional (accidents) (618)
    1% Legal Intervention (309)
    1% Other (309)

    2010 Total (31,076)
    62% Suicides (19392)
    35 % Homicides (11,078)
    2% Unintentional (accidents) (606)

    Better mental health is the best way to decrease suicides.

    Solutions to gun violence:
    1. Remove public-sector gun free zones.
    2. Enact better mental health laws and treatment. (Mandatory treatment for those adjudicated violent mentally ill.)
    3. End the drug war and decriminalize drugs.

    Allow teachers to be armed if they wish. Require they are trained.

    We know what happened to unarmed Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks in Ottoman Empire/Turkey during WWI.

    We know what happened to the unarmed Jews in Europe during WWII.

    We know what happened to unarmed Cambodians in Cambodia during the 1970’s.

    We know what happened and is happening to unarmed Darfurians in Darfur.

    We know what happened to unarmed Tutsi in Rwanda.

    We know what is happening to the unarmed in Africa today.

    We know what is happening to the unarmed in the Middle East today.

    How is the liberal agenda of disarming America still a thing?


  21. Whatever the trendlines, expect presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton to use the New Orleans shooting as the newest reason to pass simple-minded and ultimately ineffective gun control.

    Haven’t heard a peep out of her. The press is treating this like the local story it is. I’ll chalk Nick’s incorrect prediction about the import of this story up to unconscious racism.

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  24. It’s not a big story because everyone involved is black.

    Right now the left is hyperventilating over the shooting at the black lives matter protest in Minneapolis.

  25. ‘witnesses saw a man with a silver-colored machine gun’

    ‘I love it when a plan comes together.’

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