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Trump's Operation Police State

Trump's proposed violence against families and communities is a recipe for social strife fueled by bigotry.


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If elected president, Donald Trump says he would create a "deportation force" to carry out his pledge to expel more than 11 million people from the United States merely because they lack government permission to be here. "We have no choice if we're going to run our country properly and if we're going to be a country," he said during the Republican debate Tuesday night.

Wrong on both counts.

Of course we have a choice. We can choose not to deport the 11 million individuals, the vast majority of whom have never harmed anyone. On the contrary, they've produced and purchased goods and services, not to mention enriching their communities. And the last time I looked, the presence of those peaceful folks has not kept us from being a country. (If not being a country means there's no government to bomb and deport people, then put me down for that.)

Once again, Trump's words bear no resemblance to reality. We should be used to this by now. He's the Bullshitter-in-Chief.

Fortunately, most if not all of his rivals think mass deportation is an insane idea—not that they're any great shakes on immigration. They all support "securing the border," and I can't recall any of them condemning government sanctions for private enterprises that hire people who lack government papers (E-Verify).

Before continuing with Trump's horrendous proposal, we ought to acknowledge that Ted Cruz also distinguished himself on this issue during the debate when he said, to hearty applause:

I understand that when the mainstream media covers immigration, it doesn't often see it as an economic issue. But, I can tell you for millions of Americans at home watching this, it is a very personal economic issue. And, I will say the politics of it will be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the Rio Grande. Or if a bunch of people with journalism degrees were coming over and driving down the wages in the press. Then, we would see stories about the economic calamity that is befalling our nation. [Emphasis added.]

If, as I've been told, Cruz in his younger years attended seminars on free-market economics, we can chalk up his nativist fear-mongering to sheer demagoguery (or perhaps poor memory) rather than economic illiteracy.

Where is this economic calamity from immigration? If you think immigrants generally and substantially depress wages, see Bryan Caplan hereBen Powell here, and Dave Bier here. Spoiler alert: the leading anti-immigration labor economist says the worst harm is a long-run 4.8 percent wage decline for high school dropouts; gainers include high-school graduates and those with some college education. As an economist friend says, if an unskilled Mexican who can't speak English threatens your job, you've got a bigger problem than immigration. (See more articles here. If you like video, see this.)

But back to Trump and mass deportation. The first thing to note is that it would cost a hell of a lot of money. Ben Gitis and Laura Collins of the American Action Forum write,

Depending on how the government conducts its apprehensions, it would need to spend $100 billion to $300 billion arresting and removing all undocumented immigrants residing in the country, a process that we estimate would take 20 years. In addition, to prevent any new undocumented immigrants going forward, the government would at a minimum have to maintain current immigration enforcement levels. This results in an additional $315 billion in continuing enforcement costs over that time period.

That's not cheap.

More important, however, is that Trump would need a pumped-up police state to pull off the deportation 11 million people, many of whom have been in the country, and integrated into their communities for many years. They aren't walking around wearing patches on their clothing saying, "UNDOCUMENTED." (I should be careful about giving Trump ideas.)

As Rich Cromwell writes at The Federalist, a conservative website, "The great conservative savior who wants to 'Make America Great Again' primarily plans to do so by creating vast new swathes of bureaucracy and swelling the police state."

What will Trump do when targets of deportation take refuge in sanctuary cities and churches? Will police SWAT teams or the Delta Force storm these places? That will be lovely international publicity for the USA.

And think of the violence done to families. Children born in the United States are citizens under the 14th Amendment's birthright-citizenship principle—regardless of what Trump says. (The exception are the children of foreign diplomats.) Trump threatens to deport those kids too, but it's not going to happen. His proposed violence against families and communities is a recipe for social strife fueled by bigotry. Can't you see local vigilantes offering to give the feds a hand? That's some way to make America great again.

Keeping in mind that Trump promises to deport the 11 million in less than two years and that bureaucracies are notoriously inept, Michael Strain of the American Enterprise Institute foresees the bumbling detention and even deportation of many American citizens:

Does [Trump] understand how his police state would affect the country? Apart from the obvious ways that have been much discussed — breaking up families; a massive disruption for businesses, schools, churches, communities; potentially turning neighbor against neighbor — Trump's powerful Department of Homeland Security would almost surely end up mistakenly apprehending and detaining U.S. citizens. And probably deporting some of them, too….

It's hard to imagine that pace allowing for the careful deportation hearings that might significantly lower the rate at which U.S. citizens are incorrectly deported, or allowing for care to be taken not to mistakenly detain U.S. citizens in the first place. It's much easier to imagine that pace requiring significantly more troubling, blunt methods — predicting a police state is entirely reasonable — that would be much more prone to mistakes. This timetable also drains credibility from Trump's promise that his deportation force would go about their business humanely.

Using published data on the current error rate—which would surely increase if Trump expanded deportations on such a tight schedule—Strain notes that a one percent error rate would mean that more than 100,000 Americans would be caught in Trump's dragnet. "It eclipses in number the internment of U.S. citizens of Japanese ancestry during World War II," Strain writes. Even a 0.1 error rate would mean thousands of citizens rounded up.

As noted, Trump promises the immigration roundup will be humane. At the debate he lauded the mass deportation (an estimated one million Mexicans, but likely less) during the Eisenhower administration—the shameful Operation Wetback—as the model of humane deportation.

Really? If you want to see how humane Operation Wetback was, consult Yanan Wang's article here. Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans were "dumped" in the Mexicali, Mexico, desert, where temperatures reached 125 degrees. "After one such round-up and transfer in July," Wang writes, "88 people died from heat stroke…. Among the over 25 percent who were transported by boat from Port Isabel, Texas, to the Mexican Gulf Coast, many shared cramped quarters in vessels resembling an 'eighteenth century slave ship' and 'penal hell ship.'" (The terms are from this book.)

These deportation procedures, detailed by historian Mae M. Ngai, were not anomalies. They were the essential framework of Operation Wetback—a concerted immigration law enforcement effort implemented by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954—and the deportation model that Donald Trump says he intends to follow.

Ultimately the case for freedom of movement is not about the U.S. economy. It's about whether people born outside the United States will be treated like human beings or, as Trump proposes, like animals.

But didn't these immigrants violate the law? As the natural-law philosophers understood, an unjust law is not a law.

This piece originally appeared at Sheldon Richman's "Free Association" blog. 

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  1. When Marxists and anarchists (Richman) both attack someone (Trump), it’s a badge of honor and is somebody who I will support.

    1. Yes. Support Trump because Richman doesn’t like him. Or because it’s easier than thinking.

  2. Very na?ve article. Immigration is fine; if we are selective. By selective I mean: clean record, skills and financial independence. Opening the doors to anyone that needs a handout (the majority of illegal immigrants) is inviting economic calamity.
    Also, I find the opening statement “merely because they lack government permission to be here” very sophomoric. Isn’t “lacking government permission” a PC way of saying “breaking laws”? What are the consequences?

    1. “Opening the doors to anyone that needs a handout (the majority of illegal immigrants) is inviting economic calamity.”

      Incorrect. Immigrants are actually less likely to cost the government money than native born citizens. The concept of the immigrant welfare queen is a myth.

      1. No it isn’t. They cost us a ahitload.

        1. Nope. Immigrants are not the drain on the economy you think they are. They cost the US taxpayer significantly less than native born citizens.

  3. Oo a Richman article on immigration…a sure thing to weed out the jingoism in supposed libertarians…

    1. Amd bring out the open borders bullshit in delusional idiots.

      1. Muh Boorrrrdderrzzzz

  4. It’s good to see Reason is consistent with their Hire Only Hacks policy with the hire of Sheldon Richman.

    Sheldon says:
    “More important, however, is that Trump would need a pumped-up police state to pull off the deportation 11 million people, many of whom have been in the country, and integrated into their communities for many years.”

    WRONG. All Mr. Trump has to do is fine employers $250,000 per illegal immigrant working in their employment and what will happen is all of the illegal immigrants will be fired by the end of the week and back in their native countries within two weeks. Any remaining illegals are obviously the criminals and arrests, confinement and eventual deportation will be in store for these fine people.

    He goes on to say:
    “Depending on how the government conducts its apprehensions, it would need to spend $100 billion to $300 billion arresting and removing all undocumented immigrants residing in the country, a process that we estimate would take 20 years.”

    Wrong on both accounts! Voluntary self-deportation will occur within one month as mentioned above at no cost to the taxpayer (besides the cost to roundup the criminal element of course. I don’t see them self-deporting.)

    We currently spend between $200 — 300 billion a year on health care, welfare, schooling, crime, etc. for these illegals. There will be a HUGE cost savings the first year deportation begins.

    Continued below.

    1. (Continued from above)

      I wish I had the time to destroy every sentence you uttered in your piece of lies but I think the reader understands what you’re trying to pull over on them.

      Your crap insults the intelligence of the average Reason reader. Your editors should be ashamed.

    2. I have been thinking something similar. Good post. The focus should be on the economics.
      The challenge is to assert it in a succinct manner. I do think 250k is too much.
      Is 10k more “Reasonable”?

      1. Speaking of economics, the GW Bush regime through its asset forfeiture grabs, caused a 3% increase in GDP seized by the nonproductive hands Adam Smith warned against–inside of 24 months! Small wonder the markets reacted like there’d been a communist takeover. This data has been up for a year on the WSJ blog and is a good argument for voting against the GOP itself no matter which antichoice prohibitionist looter the morons nominate.
        Herbert Hoover’s republican Congress completely reversed immigration in March 1931 and only issued 884 visas to Mexicans that winter–and the Depression only worsened. What crushes the economy and kills our kids are the personal income tax, undeclared wars and prohibitionist fanaticism. The LP opposes both and has earned our votes.

        1. The depression was caused by a lack of Mexicans! You learn something everyday…

        2. You could have scrawled this on the wall with your own poo at the mental hospital Where you are housed, just as easily as typing that garbage.

      2. Samshile — Thank you for the compliment.

        If I was the employer of an illegal alien who was also a good worker, I would be willing to risk 10k to keep my good worker. If the fine was $250,000, I wouldn’t care if he was my best worker and also my favorite brother-in-law, he will be gone as fast as my finger can hit speed-dial.

        I want immediate and complete results.

    3. Why spend any money at all when you can just give them citizenship? Is this a law and order hard on?

      And even if you could round up all the illegal immigrants in the country, what makes you think businesses would comply?…..ed-workers

      $250,000? Do you want to destroy businesses and the economy? Congratulations, you’ve just destroyed thousands of small businesses trying to stay competitive in our cronyist atmosphere by hiring those nasty illegals. smh

      Finally, I would argue from a moralist standpoint that the net force enacted against businesses and illegals outweighs the couple hundred billion a year the taxpayer’s supposedly lose, even though they gain all that money back through the benefits that illegals bring into the economy, and the taxes that they already pay, and the benefits that they don’t receive for it.…..ion-myths/

      Just like the drug war, the war on immigrants isn’t working. Because it creates a black market. Whereas a simple and easy policy would create a system beneficial to both taxpayers and immigrants, we have instead opted for a system that attempts to halt market demand. And that doesn’t work.

      1. Mexico is repealing prohibition. For decades now the entire country has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DEA and its decapitator buddies. We may be emigrating there if they go on to discover the economic benefits of laissez-faire libertarianism! Bolivia booted the bastards out and its per capita GDP went from flat for decades to outstripping that of France. Even communo-fascist Venezuela has a GDP per capita matching that of England now that they’ve told the GOP and Dems to shove it. Once Canada does the same and the US LP manages to get its vote tallies reported correctly, we’ll be over the hump and headed for a new dawn.

        1. ‘Even communo-fascist Venezuela has a GDP per capita matching that of England..’
          Matching = about half.

        2. Another idiotic comment from you.

      2. Cato — You’re funny, but hopefully not serious. You say: “$250,000? Do you want to destroy businesses and the economy?”

        We have tens of millions of AMERICANS without jobs and 50 million people on food stamps. A $250,000 fine for corrupt employers hiring illegals will ONLY result in these same corrupt employers releasing these law-breaking illegal immigrants so they can go back where they came from opening up these same jobs for unemployed Americans. This is something called LOGIC. A word I’m sure you’re unfamiliar with.

        You dribble on with:

        “Finally, I would argue from a moralist standpoint that the net force enacted against businesses and illegals outweighs the couple hundred billion a year the taxpayer’s supposedly lose?.”

        I assume from a “moralist standpoint” you also believe we should release bank robbers since the “net force enacted against” these bank robbers result in the breaking up of families. Using your lack of logic, this ‘war on bank robbers,’ just like the drug war and the war on illegal immigrants isn’t working because it creates a black market. (are any of the readers actually buying your horse shit, because you’re not fooling me!)

        Obviously you are not a fan of obeying the law. I don’t even know how to respond to a thought process such as that except to say you can’t be this fucking stupid, can you?

        1. Jobs aren’t zero sum. If keeping people from outside of an area out reduces unemployment, then states with high unemployment should keep out people from other states.

          Your bank robbers allegation fails to take into account the fact that immigrating is a peaceful act whereas robbing a bank is not. There is no victim in immigration. There is when someone is robbed.

          1. MSD62581 — You say:

            “Jobs aren’t zero sum. If keeping people from outside of an area out reduces unemployment, then states with high unemployment should keep out people from other states.”

            This is not a very clear sentence but I will endeavor to decipher it and respond anyway.

            There is one HUGE difference in the scenario you have set up. THE ILLEGAL ALIENS BROKE OUR LAWS! What the fuck don’t you understand about this. But no, you want to reward these lawbreakers who are not even citizens of our country.

            Most bank robberies are committed with a note! And if you really think ILLEGAL immigration is a peaceful act go tell that to the families of our Border Guards who have been killed attempting to secure our borders by these ILLEGALS.

            And if you think there isn’t a victim in ILLEGAL immigration (Why do you continue to refer to this as immigration? Are you insinuating the African man who applied to immigrate to our country 10 years ago and is still waiting is of the same category as ILLEGAL immigrants who break our laws to get here?) then why don’t YOU pick up the $200 – 300 BILLION dollar tab these illegal immigrant cost the taxpayers in health care, welfare, schooling, crime, etc.

            Isn’t there ANYONE here at Reason with at least 2 brain cells they can rub together that can refute ANYTHING I say?

            1. You are dead on accurate.

            2. Why is it that the government makes so much immigration illegal? Who are these illegals hurting? No, immigrants are not prone to violence. Native born Americans are more likely to commit crimes than immigrants are. And why is it that people are put on waiting lists for 10 years? Seems to me that’s a problem regarding our government and not the immigrant. Finally, immigrants are not the drain on society you think they are. Immigrants are actually less likely to use government services than native born Americans.

              Your anti-immigrant rhetoric is based on outright myths that can be easily refuted by actual facts. Funny that you have ignored facts while at the same time thinking that you are intellectually superior.

              1. MSD62581 (Is that any relationship to MS13, the violent gang in Los Angeles? Am I corresponding to a gang member?)

                You ask, “Who are these illegals hurting?”

                Well, Why don’t you ask the parents of Kate Steinle “who these illegals are hurting.” They will tell you his name is Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal alien who was deported back to Mexico 5 times because of his 7 prior felony convictions. He is accused of shooting and killing Ms. Steinle on a pier in San Francisco.

                In an article by Alan Gomez in USA Today he writes:

                “Supporters of the Trump theory have been pointing to data from the U.S. Sentencing Commission that found undocumented immigrants account for disturbingly high levels of violent crime. While they represent just 3.5% of the U.S. population, undocumented immigrants represented 7% of federal prison sentences following convictions on charges of sexual abuse, 9% of murders, 12% of assaults and 30% of kidnappings in 2013.


                As you can see, while illegal immigrants make up just 3.5% of the population, they represent 7% of federal prison sentences. That refutes your unproven theory that “Native born Americans are more likely to commit crimes than [illegal] immigrants are.

                You claim my “rhetoric is based on outright myths that can be easily refuted by actual facts.” Please, show me one fact. You can’t.

                1. Um, no. Those are my initials and my birthday. Sorry to disappoint you.

                  Anyway, here are some numbers proving what I am saying. A new report from the Immigration Policy Center notes that while the illegal immigrant population in the U.S. more than tripled between 1990 and 2013 to more than 11.2 million, “FBI data indicate that the violent crime rate declined 48%?which included falling rates of aggravated assault, robbery, rape, and murder. Likewise, the property crime rate fell 41%, including declining rates of motor vehicle theft, larceny/robbery, and burglary.”

                  In addition, according to an IPC paper, “for every ethnic group without exception, incarceration rates among young men are lowest for immigrants.” http://www.immigrationpolicy.o…..similation

                  Another 2008 report by the Public Policy Institute of California found that immigrants are underrepresented in the prison system. “The incarceration rate for foreign-born adults is 297 per 100,000 in the population, compared [with] 813 per 100,000 for U.S.-born adults.”…..imeJTF.pdf

                  Glad I was able to provide you with some real facts.

                  1. MSD62581 — I am traveling currently but I look forward to refuting the shabby documentation you posted above. Check back in a couple of days.

                    1. You’re not traveling in an undocumented way are you? Did you tell the host government you were coming?

              2. You are completely full of shit.

            3. Your logic and measured pragmatism have no place here amongst the open borders kooks!

              1. Your supposed logic includes myths and the refusal to accept uncomfortable truths about immigrants.

  5. Unregistered guns? Illegal! Unsafe! Intolerable! Round ’em up and get rid of ’em!

    Unregistered people? Meh, they’re just undocumented and the vast majority are harmless.

    1. Team Blue would spare no expense to get rid of unregistered guns.

  6. Trumpi s a crony,a blow hard,He hates free trade poliy and sees the economy and trade as a zero sum game.He believes every deal has a winner or loser whether it’s trade,buying a house,opening a business or going to the store.He’s a fucking joke.Govenment expanded with the tsa,homeland and 10’s of thousands of new border control,look what that got us.Evereything he talks about is increasing government,spending money and increasing wholesale prices for most people.

    1. He’s also your next President. Get over it.

      1. DonFromOuterSpace can see the future, apparently.

        1. Artmis — Who is your choice to be president?

        2. He can clean up, what with London and Irish bookies laying 9 to 1 odds against Trump on

      2. Nope. He’s the idiot that guarantees we get stuck with another Democrat for four more years.

        1. Curt — Who is your choice for our next president?

  7. She calls it rape, sure. But should I be put in jail, merely because I lacked permission to be there?

    1. “Your honor, it’s just a misunderstanding. I merely lacked permission to penetrate her asshole”

  8. Trump is like a more charismatic Nixon.

    And that is really bad.

    1. What political party elected Nixon? The Moral Majority? The bombing of Cambodia, Laos, ‘Nam, Grenada, Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yugoslavia and Yemen?

      1. Go back on your meds.

    2. Cato — And who is your candidate of choice to be president of the USA?

      And please name someone who has at least a 5% chance of actually being nominated. Then watch me destroy him in front of your very eyes!

      1. Me? Restrict my options to mindless looters? I vote for platforms that will change the laws. How do you imagine the income tax made it from the Communist Manifesto to the US constitution? How do you imagine the prohibition amendment made it from the ramparts of mystical fanaticism to the Constitution of the United States, backed by infinite federal firepower? Idiots vote for grinning clowns. Folks familiar with the facts of history and able to understand the second derivative of a simple function use spoiler vote counts and actually change the laws, by pressuring the dolts in front of the teevee cameras. Which do you imagine they care about: what you think or how you vote?

        1. Are you trolling? Or are you really a blithering idiot like this?

  9. The IRS knows who are and who aren’t legal when the tax returns come in each year, they know which SS # are stolen and which are not, they know the addresses of those who use, unused or stolen SS #. The IRS doesn’t care because one reason is they want the tax money.…..immigrants

  10. Trump Perot wants to not import Syrians. He just threatened to shut down internet media… but as long as this mag is abt the GOP, I’m waiting for the Reason article showing which GOP candidates are good compared to him.

    1. I’m waiting for you to post something that makes sense, I suspect I’ll be waiting longer than you.

      1. All I know is what I see in the news. Trump on Fix youtube said exactly that. So, Lord, which better candidate did you name?

  11. No libertarian should favor illegal immigration. Sorry, but the illegal immigrants want to expand the power of the state and benefit from entitlements. If allowed to vote, they vote democrat for this reason. They do not pay taxes and therefore are an additional burden on those that do. To the extent they produce and consume, they are an artificial driver on labor and pay. If you can hire an illegal immigrant to work for less why would you hire a citizen? Market forces are being irrationally driven by illegal immigrants. I would prefer that if the state does have laws that it enforces them.
    Finally, the United States was at its finest a country based on western european principles. To the most extent legal immigrants have adopted these principles. Latin illegal immigrants have not melted into our culture, they do not adopt the formal language or culture.
    I am firmly against an enlarged state. But where the state does have legitimate functions I fully endorse the state. Protecting the borders is a legitimate function of government. If Trump is willing to protect our borders, more power to him. This is not an anti-libertarian position.

    1. ” illegal immigrants want to expand the power of the state and benefit from entitlements”

      But they are not eligible for entitlements. Immigrants cost the government far less than the average American.

      1. They start getting free shit as soon as they cross the border and get checked into one of those resettlement camps. Including tranny’s immediately start getting free hormone therapy. That shit started in June.

        1. Pretty sure that’s a very small percentage of immigrants. My point still stands that immigrants cost the American government less than native born citizens.

    2. You don’t have to “favor” illegal immigration to support alternatives to “deport ’em all”.

    3. No libertarian should favor illegal hemp or fugitive slaves either. The law is the law, and you can look it up in the Supreme Court Dred Scott decision. Deport them all down the river, ice flow to ice floe, anchor babies and all!

    4. ” Sorry, but the illegal immigrants want to expand the power of the state ”

      When you import people, you import their politics with them.

  12. Bernie Sanders Youtube Poop has finally arrives. Starts slow but it gets better.

  13. Another good article. Thanks!

  14. All governments are scams.

    There are _NO_ government solutions to _anything_, including the free movement of labor [i.e. “illegal” immigration], regardless of whether its a Trump “solution”, or some other scam artist’s “solution”. [Sanders, Carson,Clinton, Bush, Paul, Rubio etc. etc, ad nauseam.]

    Never have been, never will be.

    The immigration “problem” is directly caused by government- it/they will never solve it, fer chrissakes 🙂 .

    The Dictator Syndrome

    One of the most freedom- damaging beliefs you can have is the belief in the necessity, and the effectiveness, of government and of your political involvement – to supposedly “improve” your own life and the lives of others .

    This “unfortunate” mental state is what is known as “Dictator Syndrome”:


    Fact: for fundamental, entirely unchangeable reasons, government solutions can never work, therefor, as an individual you will _never_ enjoy a freer life for yourself until you completely see through/ reject the “drug”, “religion” [ or whatever else you want to call it] known as “political activism” or “political involvement”, in its entirety.

    Regards, onebornfree.
    Personal Freedom Consulting:

  15. The only people to blame are the criminals that come here illegally. Saying they are not to blame is like saying a burglar isn’t at fault when caught in the act.
    Without a structured and enforced immigration policy, the country will further disintegrate.
    What kind of an idiot takes the view that just anybody can just walk into the USA at will and start demanding benefits and rights that are for citizens. How can any country be that stupid and survive?
    Take a trip along the border and see first hand what these so called “good people” have done to the environment.
    Anyone that supports ILLEGAL immigration is brain dead, and maybe should put their address out there for illegals so they can come stay at your house.

    1. These days only about half of illegal immigrants “come here illegally”. The other half overstay their visas.

      That said, you can support alternatives to “deport ’em all” without “favoring” illegal immigration.

      1. If we just stopped issuing visas, illegal immigration would be cut in half.

    2. Gosh.. there is nothing quite as convincing as an argument whose premises are all conjugated in the future tense.

  16. This kind of nonsense is exactly why I will never be a libertarian. At least not a libertarian as you people espouse. I don’t give a damn if some fat Amerindian slob gets arrested as she walks to KFC and is detained for a couple hours until her family or friends can bring her birth certificate or the feds can locate it in their database. She is lucky her parents were even allowed into this country to give birth to her in the first place, and not turned away at the border, or imprisoned for a few months under horribly inhumane conditions and then sent back, which is exactly what’s done in Mexico and most other sane countries in the world. And all throughout history.

    I am white and I have an American accent so I will never be a target. Therefore I don’t care. And no, there is no ‘slippery slope’ argument to be made here. The deportation force nor anything like it will ever darken my door.

    This country was founded by and for British and Dutch peoples and was meant for Germanic peoples only. The 1965 Immigration Act should have never been passed. And as long as non whites are coming here in droves, they should just be lucky to be here, period. If they get stopped every now and then that just comes with the territory, doesn’t it now? If you think you have it bad here as a brown person, try going to China and not being Chinese, or going to any country and not being of the native majority stock.

    Third world immigration will ruin this country.

    1. See? National Socialism is alive and well among proponents of Positive Christianity. Herbert Hoover, whose regime wrecked the economy, spoke of Prohibition in terms of “building a new race.” Hoover’s ancesters were German and he froze US collection of Germany’s occupation fees after the surrender, then blocked Allied efforts to collect reparations payments provided in the European treaty of surrender at Versailles with his “moratorium on brains.” Thanks to Hoover’s Republican Party, Hitler was swept into power and Germany could afford armaments to make the world safe for altruism.

      1. I am neither a national socialist nor a positive christian. Jeez talk about jumping to conclusions! I don’t belong to any fringe wacko group at all. I am just a normal person who believes exactly what 99.9% of people believed in this country and every western country up until about 250 years ago with the advent of free market economics a la Adam Smith. It’s called being a paleo conservative. Basically a modern day conservatism but more extreme and embracing the tenets of protectionism, racism/ethnicism, and sexism. Exactly what all our ancestors have believed since time began, and what non westerners still believe to this day. So, pretty much the opposite of some fringe nut job group. Nice try though.

        1. The initiation of force to solve all problems is two doors down. Lots of people get the address mixed up and knock on the wrong door. Nobody cares why you want men with guns to kill a few people to intimidate the rest into doing what you want. It suffices that gratuitous violence is the first thing that comes to your mind. But take heart. There are all kinds of popular and coercive political parties offering what you want. Your admiration for China policies, for instance, suggests you might enjoy communism. They are altruistic and coercive, and conservative as all get-out.

          1. Is there someone we can call to come get you? A caregiver of some kind? Did you wander off and end up in a public library? I’m guessing your meds are wearing off and you found a library computer with Internet access. Your comments appear to demonstrate an escalating detachment with rationality and reality.

  17. I am becoming more and more libertarian as I read what its thinkers and writers have to say. But this open borders stance is absolutely insane. Whites do not have the natural and necessary racism/ethnicism that is inherent to all peoples, its parallel inherent to all species of the animal kingdom. We have had it beaten out of us by 60 years of mass media brainwashing. Racism is good as it keeps outside groups out of a society, and should they get in anyway it prevents them from interbreeding with the homegrown stock. This helps to preserve those unique and good qualities present in every population. Opening the flood gates to every group in the world spells disaster. Hierarchies of sexual attractiveness will arise, with east Asian women at the top for women and Bantu men at the top for men. Eventually every white man will breed with an east Asian woman and every white woman with a Bantu man and the white race will cease to exist, and with it who knows what all unique contributions and characteristics which will never see the world again.

    1. With friends like these…
      Sara, the Green party, named in your honor, defends national and international socialism on new, improved grounds of environmental purity, instead of that tacky old racial purity. They actually beat the LP in some 17 Texas counties this last midterm Senate election. I’m certain the econazis’ll be thrilled to have your support. Also, the GOP and Dems both hate foreigners and will gladly tell you anything you want to hear, trust me.

      1. I am not a member of the Green party nor the Democratic party and I disagree with about half of what modern day Republicans espouse. I am a paleo-conservative. Get it straight, please.

        1. Kewl. I look vorwaart to reading the Paleo-diet Party Platform. The NSDAP platform of 1920 has a lot to say about deporting foreigners. And talk about popular! They landed 95% of the votes in Germany for close to a decade. You should try reading some whack job stuff you advocate without troubling to inquire whether it’s been tried and found wanting. The dustbin of history is huge. Bernie’s supporters think Lenin was one of the Fab Foursome.

      2. No one trusts you. Nor should they.

  18. But long before that all the richest and best prospects for husbands will get themselves an east asian wife, leaving white women behind to pick from the dregs and leftovers, just look at Mark Zuckerberg’s new bride, and likewise for white men second to Bantu men. A hierarchy in terms of IQ will arise. Ashkenazis with the highest IQs in the world will take the best white collar jobs, leading every industry and profession and field, and having disproportional influence as a result. Bantus with their low IQs and higher testosterone counts than any race giving them a more daring devil may care personality, will take to kidnapping and robbing whites and northeast asians for money. Whites and northeast asians will live in gated communities and use bodyguards and small private armies for security at all times, and the nation will look like a mix between Brazil and Back to the Future II.

    Libertarians say that once welfare is ended then those low IQ ethnicities won’t be able to cut it in America and will go home, but first of all welfare in this country will never die, second of all welfare should be ended BEFORE borders are opened, and third they will stay here anyway, because living in a dump in America and robbing and kidnapping whites and northeast asians is far better a life than starving in a mud hut in africa or mexico.

    1. Why would I necessarily be interested in an Asian chick over a hot, big-titted, Caucasian blonde? Are you saying they will become plentiful?

      1. They will become more plentiful and being asian will automatically give them an extra 50 points in most men’s sexual analysis. Perhaps you will find a hot white girl to marry but your white sons or white grnadsons or someone down the line will eventually mate with an asian or half asian chick, or a black or hispanic or SOMEthing other than white. Cuz whites will be a tiny hated that is preyed upon for robberies and kidnappings and there just won’t be enough whites around for them all to marry each other, nor would they want their kids to be part of that tiny hated minority.

        End all non white immigration, and send the illegals back asap.

  19. Had America kept its good healthy racism and its Germanic peoples only immigration policy and ethnic majority (all but two of every single American president was of British and/or Dutch ancestry) then I would be all for open immigration for any white Germanic person in the world who wanted to come and go as they pleased, after screening for communicable diseases, schizophrenia, and communist or muslim sympathies. But in the state we’re in now, we are not ready for open borders!

    Kick all illegals out and place a moratorium on immigration now!

    1. See? Send men with guns! What a novel and original idea!

      1. Yeah, you’re damn right you send men with guns when your country has been invaded by 30 million people. In the case of rape, robbery, murder, child molestation, or invasion, you send in men with guns! Its a no brainer!

  20. How may other GOPoliticians, besides Trump, have said on camera that they “like” libertarians?

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  22. So now enforcing the law against illegal (and often murderess) aliens is engaging in “police state tactics. ?
    Sheldon seems t have a tough time convincing anyone that removing people who have no right to be here
    amounts to NAzi-like behavior. Sheldon, too bad you are not an illegal. It would be nice to see a jerk like you kicked out of the country.

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