Watch Matt Welch Talk Immigration Politics on MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes at 8:00 pm ET


Is the GOP losing its collective mind over immigration, or is that mind done lost? I'll be on MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes tonight at 8:00 p.m. to discuss.

Related: Here are the five craziest things Republican presidential candidates said about immigration during the month of August:

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  1. Speaking of immigration… or perhaps emigration, looks like Russia might be hitting the right buttons.…..index.html

    CNN)ISIS on Thursday purportedly released a video and audio statement threatening to attack Russia “very soon.”

    In the nearly five-minute long video, a chant in Russian is heard over visual compilations of old ISIS propaganda and generic video of Russian cities and buildings.

    The video is entitled “Soon Very Soon the Blood Will Spill like an Ocean” and was posted two weeks after a Russian commercial jet crashed in Egypt, killing 224 people. An ISIS affiliate has claimed it brought down the plane.

    1. I’m sure the Rus are totes scared.

    1. Prediction: Smug

  2. OT:

    At least 43 people were killed and more than 240 wounded on Thursday in two suicide bomb blasts claimed by Islamic State in a crowded residential district in Beirut’s southern suburbs, a stronghold of the Shi’ite Muslim group Hezbollah.…..dy6i60p.97

    So full Shi’te v. Sunni? IT’S ON!

    1. Placing U.S. troops in the middle of that shit-storm is a great idea, politicians. Let’s do it!

      1. I played my NPR-for-ten-seconds game the other day.

        They were doing a story on the Middle East, and referred to the Middle East as “increasingly volatile”.

        1. Well, just depends where you place the baseline.

          1. For me, the baseline is 1967, so it’s been getting increasingly volatile since then. I’ll let older folks throw in their perspective.

            1. Worse than Six Day War and War of Attrition? Black September (including Syrian invasion of Jordan)? Yom Kippur War? Lebanese civil war and Syrian invasion and Israeli invasion? Iran-Iraq war?
              1967 is just such an odd year to pick, given its importance.

            2. Diane Reynolds (Paul.)|11.12.15 @ 7:51PM|#
              “For me, the baseline is 1967,”

              Late ’50s:
              Headlines: “Peace in the Mid East”, “Out of Oil in 20 Years”
              Dad: “Bullshit”

        2. referred to the Middle East as “increasingly volatile”

          Well, it’s good to see they aren’t sugar-coating things.

      2. It’s only 50, and they’re special forces! Surely not one of them will be hurt.

        1. If somebody shoots at them, they can just use their light sabers to deflect the bullets and RPGs.

    2. If only they had common sense bomb control.

    3. Beirut had it coming with their imperialism. Jokes on Isis though, all their bombing is actually creating more infidels.

  3. What’s easier to round up: 350 million guns or 15 million ‘grants?

    1. Hire the ims to round up the guns.

    2. Guns. Just make them illegal. They’ll round themselves up.

      Oh wait…

  4. Hi Matt.

  5. We shouldn’t let Welch immigrate.

    1. Matt is a citizen of the World. He’s half French!

      1. Welchois!

  6. C’mon Matt. Go on Fox News and talk about the batshit crazy GOP candidates. Anyone can do so on MSNBC.

  7. Is it just me, or has the quality of our trolls really gone downhill in the last couple weeks?

    1. fuk u kkkochtoopussy!

    2. The trolls were better when Virginia Postrel edited.

      1. They had glamour.

    3. I don’t really pay attention.

      Heck, I’m not even sure you’re not a troll.


      1. When you’re at the top, the only way is down.

  8. OT: I realized the other day that most arguments are about symbols: Confederate flags, Mohamed cartoons, etc. Some famous person will say something offensive and it will be front page news for days or weeks.

    Why do people get so wound up on symbols?

    My guess is as social animals, we perceive threats to our status as being matters of life and death.

    1. Huh? ? you.

      1. I see what Yus did there. Fun fact: the letter feature prominently on this Russian beard tax token.

    2. Symbols are a mystery and a part of our psyche and the universe at large.

      1. Throw in some astronomy and porn, and you’d have an Agile Cyborg comment.

    3. I blame Louis Pasteur, Willis Carrier, Philo T. Farnsworth, Ray Kroc, Sam Walton. No matter how rich, no matter how fat and lazy and stupid your wealth allows you to be, you gotta find something to bitch about.

      Chris Rock: “We got so much food in America we’re allergic to food. Allergic to food! Hungry people ain’t allergic to shit. You think anyone in Rwanda’s got a fucking lactose intolerance?!”

      The same could apply to whatever it is you’re bitching the most about. If you’re hungry, you’re cold, the wolves are after you, and leprosy just caused your feet to fall off, you probably don’t give much of a shit about Starbucks red holiday coffee cups. All this bullshit yapping aint nothing a good plague and a good famine wouldn’t fix right up.

      1. Your answer is better.

        “Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run.”

        Mark Twain

        Like Mt Everest, people complain because it is there.

    4. Symbols have meaning, and it’s the meaning that matters. For the same reason Persian War started when Xerxes sent envoys to Athens demanding earth and water (symbol) and Athenians shoved the envoys into a well to fetch both (another symbol). Despite what the 18th century thinkers hope for, we are not solely a rational species (something Ancient Greeks and Romans knew damn well, despite what Enlightenment tried to make of them).

    5. Because they’re symbol-minded?

  9. So MSNBC also thinks Hispanics will automatically vote Democrat?

    1. What – does the Hillary/Sanders/O’Malley/Chaffee spectrum not suggest “a melting pot of diversity” to *you*?? They’re *steeped* in latino culture. I mean, they know how to do the macarena and everything.

    2. Well, unless they are Cuban refugees, they are almost certainly socialist (never connecting that the reason they had to leave the terrible economy of their home country was socialism). And the Democrats are the closest to that.

  10. I have a question; what ever happened to the Stossel show that was supposed to happen after the GOP debates?

    I feel like someone disrespected the ‘Stache, and someone’s going to have to pay for this.

  11. also = every time i look in Chris Hayes eyes, I see a 5yr old about to cry.

    1. I see a thinner version of SNL’s Pat.

  12. Is Karl Rove still an entity in the GOP?

  13. Comprehensive anything is a bad idea. Hayes likes it because you can hide so many sins in a comprehensive bill of any time.

  14. Trump probably should take the sunglasses off every once in a while.

  15. The monochromatic blue thing leaves me cold. prefer the purple with royal.

    Though Matt’s haircut is razor sharp

    Thank you Matt, for helping us mock trump for a mo’ and get our superior-on.

  16. “Do you want a Holocaust denying 9/11 pedophile as your president? Because that would be pathological.”

  17. All out with Matt Welch. Get out.

  18. No, wait. All In without Matt Welch. There’s the door.

    1. I think that was close enough to 3 minutes that you deserve points for that.

  19. I love the people who have no accent ….until the word “Latino“… at which point they turn on their exaggerated-accent like they’re correcting your order at a mexican restaurant. Like they suddenly roll their R’s if the word has even the faintest, most incidental connection to Hispanic culture.

    My brother does that. He lived in spain and developed a tiny affectation that only kicks in when anything spanish is mentioned.

    1. I do the same thing when I order Smirnoff at a bar.

      1. “I vill haff a Schmnieeernovvvff! Von Ping Only, Vassily!”

      2. You order Smirnoff in a Spanish accent?

    2. He lived in spain

      I can give him a pass – I do the same thing when German words come up.

      But when Americans who have no reason to do it other than showing off how “culturally sensitive” they are… don’t get me started.

      1. “I can give him a pass – I do the same thing when German words come up.”

        Well, yeah, buy you’re a stupid fucking nitwit who constantly says moronic shit.

        ” don’t get me started.”

        Deal. Shut the fuck up forever.

        1. I’m guessing you’re an MSNBC viewer.

          1. Uh oh, I’ve got a heckler! I have no idea why but enh I’ll take it.

            1. Communications, and communicating about communications, can be very triggering. It’s meta, doncha know?

      2. also, most of them have a really bad Spanish accent, more like some igrunt farmboy doing his impresonation of a Mexican for some joke. An even more annoying thing is people who pronounce any unfamiliar word as though it were Spanish: suddenly i is pronounced “ee” and u “oo” and every word gets a penultimate stress. The worst of that is when folks do it to names from the Bible. One time my sister was reading some passage and not only hispanifucked the vowels and the stresses in the names, but she was pronouncing the J’s in any unfamiliar names like they were H’s.

        And here’s another one–I mention something that contains a word that the other person doesn’t know, and he has me repeat it several times, trying to understand what I meant (apparently assuming it must in fact be something he does know but that I’m saying it wrong or he’s hearing it wrong). Finally I end up spelling it out, and he catches on that I’m actually saying what I meant to say, and it turns out to be word he just isn’t familiar with, for whatever reason. Then, if it’s anything vaguely similar to some more common English word, he comes back with, “Oh, you mean X,” and I have to say No, I don’t, I meant what I said, and then inevitably explain the meaning of the word (For some reason, almost no one is willing to stop someone up front and say, “Hey, I don’t know that term. What do you mean by it?” I do it all the time, which is probably why I have a slightly larger vocabulary than most.).

        1. And if it is something he can’t pretend is me fucking up a common English word, he comes up with a new pronunciation for it based on his interpretation of what the spelling should indicate (For instance, replacing my pronunciation of Z in a German word with the usual English value of the letter) and repeats it back to me every time I say the word, like he’s correcting me, even if he has no fucking idea what language it’s ultimately from or what in hell he’s talking about. And guess what, the people that do this are the clever ones, the ones I can stand talking to. The majority never even get that far, and practically cover their ears and scream nonsense if anybody ever says anything that might possibly expose them to a new concept.

    3. I remember back in the good old Sandinista days, the NPR folks would nearly break their tongues saying “Neeka RAH wah”, but they would still pronounce “France” to rhyme with “pants”.

      1. It is so ridiculous… especially since this signaling is only possible when the name is spelled the same way in both languages.

        Howcome we don’t hear NPR reporters using the correct form “dee shvights” instead of Anglo-centric “Switzerland”?

        1. Nobody says “dee shvights” because it’s Suisse for cosmopolitans. Still I cannot confirm that this is the reason all the Swiss agreed on writing only Suisse on their bobsleighs.

    4. I sometimes do that, but only to tease my mom who is the only person in our family who can’t roll their R’s.

  20. lol US Politics, best politics money can buy!

  21. Other MSNBC derp: oil train derailments near nuclear missiles?! PANIC!…..bomb-silos

    I don’t see how it could damage the missiles. Those silos are solid.

    1. Oh, and a great way to reduce the threat of derailments would be to BUILD A PIPELINE!


        … which nobody cared about when it was actually used, but suddenly became SUPER IMPORTANT when the connection to Canada, which had nothing to do with eminent domain, was declined by the State Department.

      2. But what if they build the pipeline straight into the silos?

    2. Look, see, oil trains derail in N. Dakota, fill up silos with Canadian dirty oil, that shit shorts out the electronics and stuff. Ba da bing, unilateral nuclear disarmament. Obama is playing 7-dimensional chess for world peace, yo. KEYSTONE DECISION EXPLAINED, BAGGERS!

      1. You people are no fun. I blame Eugene.

        1. Watch out or you might get fisted by Eugene.

          1. More like fisted of.

      2. Yeah, but he missed Putin’s 9th-D yellow submarine:

        “‘Secret’ Russian nuclear torpedo blueprint leaked”
        “The system developed by St.Petersburg-based Rubin design bureau includes nuclear submarines carrying long-range torpedoes, which could create “extensive zones of radioactive contamination” that would make enemy coastal areas “unsuitable for military, economic, business or other activity for a long time,” the document said.
        The channels later removed the footage, which was shot during a meeting on Monday in Sochi.”…..d-nuclear/

    3. Most silos are located 20 plus miles from the mainline that transports Bakken crude….and yeah they are in big holes. A buddy had a contract to paint their interiors back in the 70’s. And he liked crank and beer. He bought the kegs for our underage keggers and no background checks were done then either.

    4. My guess is that is not a silo…I’ve hunted pheasants near them and there really is nothing above ground, they are not anywhere near highways or railways. It’s probably bullshit.

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