Police Abuse

Parking Violation


Credit: dave_7 / photo on flickr

Officers from the Jeanerette, Louisiana, city marshal's office stormed into Scott and Nancy Landry's house and pulled the family out at gunpoint after finding a stolen vehicle parked on the street outside the home. The family had no involvement in the theft. Marshal Fernest Martin said officers acted exactly "like we were taught and trained."

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  1. And nothing else happened.


  2. “Martin says the officers responded accordingly, “We did is we were taught and trained as law-enforcement officers and that’s the bottom-line. When you can remove people from the premises, safe and sound and guess what, return them to their home, I’m satisfied with that.”

    You can’t buy comments like this. They’re priceless!

    1. They only attacked innocent people in their own home, be glad the cops didn’t murder them for good measure. Heck, they came up short on their training by not killing the dog.

      Over a stolen car that was parked and unattended.

    2. These are the kinds of jackboots who are caught completely off guard when one of their own shoots some innocent person and find themselves on the wrong side of national news coverage.


    3. Yea, see? Because is in Nazi Germany and N. Korea they wouldn’t have returned them to their homes. “I’m satisfied they are only half like the nazis and n. korean police.

  3. need to go back & shoot the dog…and one of the kids for good measure

    1. Or at least handcuffed the kid in the pool of the dog’s blood as he bleeds out

    2. People need to be taught a lesson for not knowing someone parked a stolen vehicle outside their home.

  4. I don’t get it, why do people hate cops? It’s a complete mystery.

    1. Well, for starters, aside from not shooting a dangerous dog and a perp or two, they left that unattended car unattended, liable to roll away at a moment’s notice.

  5. “Don’t worry, it’s my job to do as I am told without thinking for myself, much like a riding lawnmower. I am quite good at chewing thoughtlessly on all sorts of landscapes. I guess that also makes me a cow.”

  6. “When you can remove people from the premises, safe and sound and guess what, return them to their home, I’m satisfied with that.”

    Perhaps some of you constitutional scholars can chime in, but I believe the above comment was lifted, word for word, from the 4th amendment.

  7. How can you train stupidity?

  8. No flash bang in the baby crib? No bullet for the family pet? No no, your officers did not do as they were taught and trained. Go back and do it again.

  9. And they didn’t get to have fun by shooting someone. Must be the kinder gentler police department.

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